Gerlinde Mantey Declares Independence

Welcome another Indie Scientologist from Germany!

Hi, welcome!

My name is Gerlinde Mantey, I’m living in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and I’m a Scientologist since more than 30 years, staff member and public; the last years off line because I saw a lot of things that just shouldn’t be. My FSM wanted me to move up the bridge and I had no feeling to do so – not with all the arbitraries that were thrown in. Then I got Debbie’s email and started to confront the truth. It was like a trip through hell. My whole existence got in real danger, for a short while I wasn’t able to move the body anymore when I realized the crimes of David Miscavige. But the way out is the way through.

In 1980 I had the first contact to Scientology, went on staff in a Msn. shortly before Ron’s departure. 1988 I became a staff member in a Cl. V Org, Flag trained Cl. IV Auditor (Intern sup Debbie Cook), Qual Sec, KTL/LOC training at ITO (during the KTL evolution I helped the lead C/S ITO in c/sing the teams of the planet for some weeks) and delivering these courses in the Cl. V Org. 1994 I went off staff, freeloader. Then I worked for the Translation Unit EU about 4 years. After paying the freeloader-bill I went back on course as a public, doing some Golden Age of Tech courses and Solo 1 again, and helped the OT-Committee. On Solo 1 I bogged this time. It has become too literal meanwhile. Recently I compared the Solo 1 check-sheet from 1979 to my pack from 2003 and it missed the HCOB 13.10.1979 „Conceptual Understanding“. Now it made sense to me that it has become so complicated that I dropped the course in confusion. No idea what the supervisor wanted me to accomplish. I guess, I never had made the high literal standard.

To be on staff was the most beautiful time of my life; to audit the biggest adventure and the KTL the most wonderful and awesome thing and changed my life completely! But, that being on staff is just nice and smooth – you don’t believe that when you know the scene, right? I went through some things the hard way. Guillaume Lesevre helped me once, full of theta. But any single story is unimportant in relation to what DM does with Scientology and Scientologists as a whole, connected with driving individuals (and Scientology) out of existence, one way or the other.

During the last years I first only noticed things, which on first glance made no sense, were bad indicators or just plain, ice-cold rip-offs:

  • Important data disappeared in „Introduction to Scientology Ethics“: „If you cut off a half of a dynamic, you cut off a half of every dynamic“(Chapter Ethics, Justice and the Dynamics). This was not very helpful for someone who had to handle staff members, to keep them in the condition of being slaves.
  • Continuous work-over of the material, one was then forced to buy it over and over again.
  • Huge waste in design of material and presentation of events, at the expense of Scientologists who should have spent the money for their spiritual freedom (not to forget the fundraising for which they wasted their bridge).
  • A public had a stroke after being back from OT VIII.
  • Years ago the state of Clear was suddenly cancelled on many; I know some of them who had to get a lot of auditing to find out at the end, their State of Clear had been cancelled wrongfully. No more money left to do the OT-levels or in apathy; ridge on the bridge.
  • The more the public become antagonistic re. Scientology because of the rip-offs, the more and harder they were being regged (1,1). This became so bad, that almost each event was being used to reg, even the LRH Birthday-Event. Causing bad repute to hinder people to come in.
  • The CCRD is being blocked with wilder and wilder arbitraries thrown in, to be paid by the individual. The auditing-expenses make it almost impossible for the most to move up the bridge further after all that.
  • Creation of a „Dangerous environment“ at the IAS-Events, to key people in with shocking pictures in order to make them pay.

Indirect impact of the cynical, inhuman leadership of David Miscavige:

  • Org-staff members were denied the right of custody by the youth welfare office, after they were forced to be fulltime-staff member and couldn’t care for their children anymore. Disregarding the damage to the family, it is also a shame for Scientology.
  • Ethics was being applied excessive like „you came in, you must be guilty“. Then the „Ethics-Rundown“ started, with nothing valuable left over from the person, and fully out-gradient.
  • Instead of applying ethics as necessary to young students to bring them back on course, it was an end in itself. Students were with the Ethics Officer over weeks; would they have been allowed to get through their courses, they would have become cause over the situations in life by their training.
  • Within 7 years 3 new org-staff members died (two young men and an older woman) while on ethics-handling or shortly after. I heard that even though I was offline, so there could be even more.
  • The progress of a co-audit-team was stopped for more than one year because one of the auditors (he even got dead-filed) was not willing to be ripped off himself by a broke business-partner, so that the business-partner could be regged further.
  • The OTC was just to fundraise for the Ideal Org; an OT VII and I handled ARC-breaks in the field, which brought longtime off-liners back, even with their meanwhile grown up kids. We were bullied out of the OTC.
  • To get offline-public back into the org and to cooperate, they were terrorized with several phone calls each day and threatened with ethics-actions if not willing to support.
  • Publics were made to spend money for the Ideal Org almost up to their insolvency by using their overts, which is extortion in the first place.
  • An assumed crime was used to reg the person up to almost insolvency of the individual concerned.

LRH had not wanted anything of all this. And it is not what I agreed to, when I came into Scientology, nor do I agree today. I’ve read the long list of SP-declared people, also high ranking Auditors and long-term Scientologists, and a lot of other crimes of David Miscavige, see It is fully and entirely unbelievable that Ron was working with so many SP’s, the percentage is reversed, and it is impossible that highly trained auditors who fought through such a hard training in order to make people free, could be SP’s at all. Rather none of them. LRH: It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are amongst the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings. Their will to do, their motives, their ability to grasp and to use are superior to that of any other profession.”  Wasted capability, LRH’s group eliminated; trained, dedicated and able beings hindered to free others.

The physical and mental abuses, trapping, kidnapping, duress, injury, extortion are criminal offences, even more inside a movement that pretends to make people free and able. The leader of the church is not a social person, he is a criminal. He has been declared SP twice; one time see:

I left the CofS beginning April 2012 and made this known the Cl. V Org, the AOSH EU and my friends, also some befriended Scientologists in Facebook and the Senior Chaplain FSO (some more to come), and I also told the reasons why. I did not leave Scientology and never will.

I would be glad to meet you here as a free and independent Scientologist.


and so on, and so on…..

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  1. Hello Gerlinde, So proud of you for confronting this and doing the right thing. Your story is very similar to mine. In fact, once I go public, I believe you will remember me as we were at the ITO together on the KTL/LOC evolution. You have my postulates for an incredible, well-deserved future!

  2. Beautiful announcement. Congratulations, Gerlinde. You’ve shown great courage and wisdom. Enjoy your new life. You will find real friends here as well as the potential for all the goals you had when you came into the church.

  3. David St Lawrence aka oldauditor

    Congratulations on breaking free of the cult.
    Your life will be very much easier now and you will recover the gains that have been denied you.
    Let me know if I can help you in any way.

    David St Lawrence

    • Tory Christman

      Congratulations!!! Great job on getting out of the Cult.
      Yes, your life will be much easier and more fun now that you’re done
      with the actual suppression. Take your time, and enjoy
      each day. My love, Tory/Magoo

  4. Welcome. I am so pleased that you are now out of the Corporate Church of Scientology.

  5. Welcome Gerlinde!
    What a beautiful write up!!! Thank you:-)!

  6. Welcome, Gerlinde! I like your observations, many of them had not been voiced before. One day “leaving the church” will be so much “the thing to do” that even those who cannot think for themselves will leap on the wagon to go with the consensus. LOL

  7. Welcome Gerlinde.
    .As LRH said; “Never regret yesterday, life is in you today and you make your tomorrow”
    Your example will help others find their way and move forward as well. Well Done.

  8. Gerlinde,
    Danke for your courageous stand! You are helping to make True Scientology strong!

  9. Welcome Gerlinde!!
    We welcome somone of your stature to the Indies!!

    There are a lot of new groups sprouting up around the world, so don’t give up hope of using your auditing skills.

    You are VALUABLE!!! Dm’s loss is our gain!

    I didn’t know that a section of the Ethics Justice and the Dynamics reference had been altered. That is evidence of dm’s guilt right there. Altering the tech.

    I wish you a speedy recovery from the realization that all is not well. But we have a new chance here to make things right.

    • Gerlinde Mantey

      Thanks Tony! Yes, the section of Ethics, Justice and the Dynamics has been altered, at least that one sentence is missing, but not the whole chapter as I mentioned. It is still there. It was too late to correct it.


      • Thanks for the info.
        It’s very significant that he removed that sentence.

        • Gerlinde Mantey

          It is corrected now by Marty.
          Yes, as a Qual Sec I got in trouble once when I wanted to help a staffmember to get his dynamics in. He was ordered to apply the condition of “Enemy” on being the …(post-title). But he was in a normal condition – just negligence of his other dynamics pulled him down on his post.

  10. one of those who see

    Hello Gerlinde!!! Thank you for your wonderful write up. Welcome to freedom!! Well done on confronting the truth. Scientology, The Bridge and so many highly trained Auditors, Supervisors and Case Supervisors are thriving out here in freedom.

  11. I am glad you escaped too. Hopefully you’ll the other halves of your dynamics back …! (little joke)

  12. Welcome out, Gerlinde! Very Well Done on the write-up. I remember working beside you in the CS office at the ITO, as you say, in the Key to Life Course project in the early 90’s.
    Your write-up speaks well for especially we who were tech-trained, working our guts out day after day, 362 days a year, for little or no pay, willingly, because of the life-changing wins we were seeing from the tech such as the KTL, and yet, increasingly through the 90’s and beyond, witnessing the corruption from management, led (we now know) by David Miscavige, which had resulted in twisting our beloved tech by misapplication “south”, and the disillusionment and actual deaths of too many.

    The GOOD news is that, thanks to you and others of us saying “NO!” to Scientology, Inc. – more and more of us are delivering REAL Scientology every day, outside, as it was originally intended by LRH, and getting and giving those life-changing wins again.

    I think your testimony can only add to that trend, and to the demise of that hideous, lurching monster- Scientology Inc., as the public is exposed more and more each day to its crimes.

    The tables of the money-changers in the Temple are being overthrown, by the wrath of those who insist on the truth.

    Ich freue mich auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen mal wieder, Schulter an Schulter. (I look forward to working with you again sometime, shoulder to shoulder.)

  13. Thank you for this clear declaration of independents. So cool to see another veteran from the european field leaving the corporate Church and leaving the suppression of David Miscavige behind! Makes me wonder what he will do when there’s nobody left to suppress. Sooner or later this will be the case …

    • “Makes me wonder what he will do when there’s nobody left to suppress. Sooner or later this will be the case …

      Well, I think he will buy some extras, background actor and will suppress them, money is there in abundance.
      But makes me wonder what he will do, when also the money is gone ….. :-)

  14. FCDC Class of 74

    Welcome to the group that you were meant to be in, the one it felt right to join in the first place; the Indies. ARC Bill

  15. Welcome Gerlinde, thank you for your write up and info. It is great to see another tech terminal break free of the DM suppression.


  16. dear Gerlinde,welcome to the sunshine,its your basic right to do so.
    Article18.:Everyone has the right to freedom of
    thought,conscience and religion;this right includes
    freedom to change his religion or belief,and freedom,
    either alone or in community with others and in public
    or private,to manifest his religion or belief in teaching.
    practice,worship and observance.:

    A.R.C ERIC

  17. Gerlinde, Congratulations and welcome to the indie field. Glad to have your voice added to the chorus. DM and OSA, are you listening?

  18. Great to see you out in the sunshine Gerlinde! It’s amazing how natural disinfecting sunshine which shines it light on dark corners can improve life!

  19. Hi Gerlinde!!! We already had the pleasure to talk and get to know each other. Well done and welcome :))))))

    • Gerlinde Mantey

      Hi Ziba, thanks for being my friend and bringing me through this process to a life WITH Scientology! :-D :-D :-D

  20. Welcome Gerlinde, wonderful writeup., You really did a great job of chronicling your sincere contributions to Scientology in sharp contrast to the crimes of Miscavage and the CO$.

  21. Hello Gerlinde, a big welcome and congratulations! Your write-up and declaration are very well received, and certainly do align with numerous others’ write-ups re; the corporate church. More and more these days people like yourself, those dedicated to LRH, are seeing the real truth. Thank you for your contributions to us.

  22. It dont come easy,Gerlinde

    • Gerlinde Mantey

      Yes Eric, this was it, exactly. OMG!!! But now I’m back on the bridge and this time it as easy as it should be! :-D THANKS!

  23. Thomas Schäfer

    Hallo Gerlinde,
    sehr schön. Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja beim nächsten Indie-Treff!
    (Maybe we meet at the next indie-meeting)

  24. Welcome Gerlinde. may your life be filled with love and happiness. So happy to know you are free! Nice writeup.

  25. Welcome Gerlinde, and thank you for your writeup! I remember you from the HKTL evolution at ITO, the TU, and am glad to see you are still active in getting standard tech applied. Great to have you as part of the group!

  26. Lovely, human write up – well done on taking this stand. German Corp Scientologists (the few left) will, no doubt, one day thank you. They should anyway. When people of obvious character such as yourself do the decent thing and walk out I am always reminded of Jesus’ allegedly saying from the cross something like “forgive them for they know not what they do”. They will hiss and boo and unfriend you from Facebook and generally throw their toys out the pram, but you are doing them the best favour you could by showing integrity and honesty – and deep down in some weird way they know it too.

    • Beautifully said. “and deep down in some weird way they know it too.” That is the hope, that they will sooner or later (and they will) hear the voice inside that says ‘this isn’t right’.

  27. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    Hallo Gerlinde

    Schön dass Du berihtest.
    Europa scheint aufzuwachen !
    (seems that Europe is awakening)

  28. At some point those that comm lag and wait and wait and wait will be the true down stats of the free church of Scientology.

    The ones that leave first and have the guts to say what they see are spear heading this reformation.

    The last one to leave the cult turn off the light please….

  29. Greetings to all of the brave people who post and comment here. I am not a Scientologist. I am a Zen student. Yet like you, I, too, am a seeker. That is what we have in common. We are seeking tools and teachings to understand more about who we are, where we came from, and how to live our lives most positively. I began following the liberation movement of Scientologists when a friend announced that she was moving to Clearwater, Florida to be on staff at the headquarters. She felt Scientology had exponentially advanced her understanding of herself, and released her from lifelong low self-esteem. I saw the difference in her and she was living her life with tremendous openness and enthusiasm after two years of Scientology study. She was a seeker, too. And she found what she was seeking in Scientology.

    Last year when I read Janet R.’s book, ‘Inside Scientology’, and then began to research more about Scientology history and the root of what LRH believed, I started to look at the Church as a corporation and one that clearly has abused not only its people, but its root from LRH teachings. I am tremendously sympathetic to the people who have gained so much from the practices and studies, but who are now seeking again to
    understand the criminality of DM’s actions, and the destruction of Scientology at his hand. While I understand that when one is on the inside of Scientology they are not reading criticisms of DM but I have a question that I don’t think I’ve seen addressed, not until the Paul Haggis article. Namely, do regular people who engage in Scientology NOT look at or research all the available evidence against DM before they commit, or before they get on the program? I wish someone would dive in on the topic. Where is the outrage of the sane Scientologists when they read about the evidence for the kinds of abuses of power described? TC has free will. He could login to the Internet and do the same kind of research that Janet R. did in her book ‘Inside Scientology’. It’s not enough to say that TC is brainwashed by DM. TC is an intelligent high-functioning person and I haven’t read why he isn’t examining the mountains of evidence available. I don’t mean to ramble, but I just can’t get my head around how high-functioning and intelligent people are still defending DM and his leadership of Scientology. Any insights or comments welcomed. And I wish all of you the best as you make your new path towards liberation.

    • Robin,

      Believe it or not, it’s because ones prior wins (positive experiences) have been so extraordinary with Scientology auditing, the philosophy, etc., that the notion that “the guy at the top is a lunatic” is just beyond believability. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s easier to think “oh, the media has bought into lies”, or “the problems are isolated” etc. etc.

      David Miscavige really orchestrated a doozy of a takeover — abusing and concentrating on certain policies, he was able to hide the most important details from all of us. To such a degree, that even the closest “lieutenants” at the time were not aware of all the details. Until once they got out. He had us all convinced that he was “Ron’s chosen one”, and then after Ron’s death, he (Miscavige) slowly manipulated the situation to make it impossible for anyone to counter or attempt to remove him. Despite the prior system put in place by LRH for others to do so, if necessary. (See

      So that’s the short answer. Corporate Scientologists just don’t believe it. Or at least they have convinced themselves that they don’t. I think more and more now are starting to wake up to the fact that something has gone awfully wrong. In my case, it took hearing the firsthand reports from Marty, Amy, Jeff, Steve, Mike and many others (at the St Pete Times, “Truth Rundown”), before I actually just leveled with myself and said “these guys aren’t lying”. The evidence was just too overwhelming.

      But the truth is, I wasn’t even looking for the data. I just stumbled upon it in what appeared to be a positive news article in the LA Times on Scientology in 2009. The article was about a recent Scientology ad, and the author loved the ad. But then he happened to mention some recent “bad PR” for the CoS, with “top leaders leaving” and that was new news to me. So I checked it out. Not too much later, I was getting a CoS refund, and looking for an indie auditor.

    • …do regular people who engage in Scientology NOT look at or research all the available evidence against DM before they commit, or before they get on the program?

      Robin, that would probably be quite true of those curious about Scientology today, because of the internet, and the widening crack in the fortress door that holds in corporate Scientology’s secrets. I can guarantee you, that the numbers of new people coming into Scientology, has decreased tremendously over the last few years, due to the virtual explosion of damning information out there.

      Many of those who are commenting on this blog, have been Scientologists for decades. When a lot of us came onboard, there was little in the (dinosaur) press to dissuade us from reaching for it. Think back to the times prior to 1990 – before the advent of the ‘information superhighway’. It was quite easy to come in, do a few basic courses, get a little entry level auditing, and your life could be changed in miraculous ways. For those of us who began even earlier, it was even easier, and more affirming.

      Understand that the issues we speak of here, most specifically related to the era of David Miscavige’s absolute control over the religion, began sometime in the early 80’s, and proceeded to worsen and intensify as the years rolled by. Such is the power of the true and unaltered tech of Scientology, and the strength of the community, that it took DM a couple of decades to beat the religion of Scientology and it’s adherents into total submission, rot, and collapse.

      By the turn of the millennium, the church and LRH’s true tech, were dead for all intents and purposes. It was all replaced by an evil, predatory, corporate totalitarian system, that bore no resemblance to the simple, workable spiritual technology, that had uplifted so many, many thousands of people around the world. Gone too was the dynamic, happy, and energized spirit of the group Ron had created.

      It was at this point, that so many Scientologists began the slow and painful journey of losing hope for their religion and its goals. Ask any of us, and most will tell you that the process of emancipation was long and arduous for them. It was made especially difficult by the fact that most of us had tacitly agreed (at some point) to shut our eyes and ears to every negative report about the church. It’s pretty hard to make sense of what’s going on, while you’re wearing self-imposed blinders.

      I would agree that there was a time in which most of the negative reporting about Scientology was simply godawful smears and general nastiness, but in time, that changed. While we weren’t Looking, a bona fide psychopath had taken over the reins of our church, and virtually destroyed all that was good and decent about it, and now real whistle blowers were spreading the word outside the church about it. As each beaten down person finally reached a point at which they gave themselves permission to Look, the scene began to change.

      This is the current scene that you’re witnessing now. Hundreds upon hundreds (possibly even thousands) of practicing Scientologists have left the church in increasing numbers, recently. Funny thing is, it all looks very black until a person gets on the other side of that razor wire. When they do, the sun comes out, and the angels sing, because real Scientology, and their true group is right here.

    • Unfortunately TC is hypnotised and can’t look nor inspect certain things. On many fronts he acts very sane and is tremendously able and popular but he is blind in other area’s of his life. The mechanism is simple. Once you have committed an overt against a certain terminal or subject, you tend to distance yourself from it and justify your action and try to make the subject less to make yourself right. Thus you’ll commit another act of transgression against that subject and make yourself believe it was the right thing to do. Of course the subject hits back and you hit back and so on, into the dwindling spiral until you totally convinced yourself that the subject is very bad and you’re very good to fight it. Now, any evidence that’d make you wrong and the subject right won’t be inspected, let alone accepted as it would make all your (very damaging) actions very wrong. TC has given a lot of $$$ and PR to Davey and thus Davey can’t be wrong as that would make TC just about the worst man in the world, the kind of man he has been fighting his whole life against, his greatest fear of ever getting to be the effect of, which, of course, he is the effect of.

  30. Welcome Gerlinde.

    “But any single story is unimportant in relation to what DM does with Scientology and Scientologists as a whole, connected with driving individuals (and Scientology) out of existence, one way or the other.”

    Wow, talk about succinct truth. You rock!

    I appreciate your public stand and am sure you’ll enjoy the friendship within the indie field.

    Vic K.

  31. Hi Gerlinde, great write-up. You have a sharp eye for detail. Maybe “Obnosis” is your middle name? It is indeed depressing when the realizations first hit. I am so glad you pulled through that! Happiness lies ahead.

  32. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Brava !!!!
    Europe is rolling…….
    Some great awakening is happening.

  33. Great write up, Very Very Well Done !

  34. We are happy to have you, Geraldine, among Scientologists who love Scientology but don’t love what it has become in the COS. Thanks to Marty too, for his work on presenting this blog daily or nearly daily. While I prefer to have my attention on delivering wins to students and pcs, this newsletter fills the need for “encouragement”. We don’t want true Scientology to die out, and we don’t want to feel that “nothing can be done about” the evils DM has introduced. We know that Justice is moving along, in process and that like the Ides of March will steadily reach the end of David Miscavige’s rule.

  35. Hello Gerlinde. Great write up. Great to have your voice and presence among us.

  36. Hi Gerlinde! Happy Birthday out of the womb!
    Disturbing news about your local area. Disturbing because I know the Church and the people in it now, do not see anything wrong about it all.
    What they will view as wrong, is the fact that you made others aware of it, and that you will no longer contribute to it.
    That is very disturbing.

    Thank you for not contributing to these very low conditions.


  37. David Miscavige is guilty of “Menticide”

  38. *** WOW, … welcome Gerlinde! ***
    What a great and straight INDIE declaration!

    Thank you for your contribution and your willingness to look and think for yourself.
    Big, old EU ist coming. :-)

    Many Greetings
    Vielen Dank für alles

  39. There is a well put together update and recap of events from the blog post several days ago – – on Steve Hall’s site:

    • Thanks Sinar, actually it’s not just a recap — the media do not know that Alexander Jentzsch was also raped in the Church in 1996, when he was only 12, by a 40-year-old while Alexander was toiling away cleaning toilets in the Sea Org at Flag, basically assigned to full-time slave labor when he should have been in school. The incident was covered up and not even the parents knew about it.

  40. Tom Gallagher


    This song is dedicated to you and all the other indys. Welcome and thanks!

  41. Gerlinde,
    I loved your write up and the link to DM’s declare – I hadn’t seen that one…amazing.

    ♥ Thank You!

  42. Gerlinde Mantey

    Thank you, friends, for your wonderful responses! I appreciate very much to be here and with you. What a honor!

    Much love

  43. Dear Gerlinde, welcome to the most theta group in the universe! We are all fully awake, or waking, and we are proud to have you here with us. Thank you for your excellent letter. The coming weeks will be an exciting time for you as you come to realise that you are now truly free and able to help without interruption, by using standard tech. You are also free to read any book, watch any TV show, read anything you want on the internet, communicate to anybody you wish about anything you wish. You will find out who your real friends truly are, and some will be wonderful surprises! You will probably find that 95% of all the comm you get will be tremendously encouraging and helpful. There are more active auditors out here than inside!! The list of people who are declared is the Who’s Who of the some of the most fabulous people in the world and you will find that the communication out here is very real and alive with no other fish to fry. Welcome!!! Love Wendy Honnor, Tasmania, Australia

    • Gerlinde Mantey

      Hi Wendy,
      thank you very much! Yes, the last months I got in contact with some of the declared and most fabulous people worldwide and I’m so proud to be with you all!
      I’ve seen you in Stuttgart right after 9/11, Wendy, and it is fantastic that you are also free. That is quite an effective blow to the enemies of Scientology, the CofS!
      Much love

  44. Congratulations on your announcement, Gerlinde! The simple truth you wrote will help others as well. Thank you.

  45. Gerllinde, Thank you for lending your support to keep Scientology working. You now stand among very strong Independent Scientologists in Germany and across Europe — no doubt you will meet some old friends and some new friends soon! I was very lucky last year to go to beautiful Hamburg and the people I met were incredible. I wrote three blog entries that you might find applicable if you haven’t already seen them. I mention it because the government of Germany knows they have friends with each new Independent Scientologists.

    • Gerlinde Mantey

      Hi Steve,
      yes, I have found some very strong Indies, old and new friends and I enjoy it very much. Great that you were in Hamburg! :-D
      I’ve read a part of your blogs and will continue, Thank you! Yes, the government is not that bad and in a little while I will give an interview too.


  46. Jean-François Genest

    :-) Marvelous ! Congratulations !

  47. Well said Gerlinde and some great points I hadn’t seen!

  48. Welcome Gerlinde,
    Excellent write up. I experienced this too, on the other side of the world. What you, I and other Indies experienced is the same as those that are still “in”, the difference is, we are taking responsibility for the suppression and recognizing that actions like mass cancelling of the state of Clear is not Scientology at all. It is nothing that LRH would ever do. Instead it is a suppressive and squirrel activity intended to cave in Scientologists. This activity is headed up and directed by a suppressive person: David Miscavige and assisted by his suppressive RTC gang of thugs.

    Again, welcome Gerlinde. Your courage and perception are recognized.

  49. eileenclark101

    Welcome, Gerlinde!! Enjoy your freedom and new life.

  50. Hi Gerlinde!

    How’s our Indie Scientologist Facebook buddy?!

    Great write-up. Thank you for taking responsibility and letting the world know where you stand!

  51. Welcome “out”, Gerlinde! Thanks for an excellent write-up.

    Each one out with a well thought out letter widens the road. It is getting to be a superhighway.

  52. This is a very good announcement!
    Congratulation and WELCOME Gerlinde!!

    Eugene Francoeur

  53. A big warm welcome Gerlinde! There are so many treasures to be found in life outside the church… Enjoy them all!


  54. Hi Gerlinde !!!!

    Paul Schofield from Sydney Org here !

    Yes I was also there in FSO doing the Interneships when Debbie was Senior Interne Sup. I remember you well :)

    Welcome to the so-called “Dark Side” – you are indeed among friends again!

  55. Great write-up! Great news!

  56. Li'll bit of stuff

    Gerlinde, What a refreshingly bold, detailed and hard-hitting
    announcement! Congratulations on doing such a great job!
    I have always respected Germans for being tough and very
    disciplined, and I can see you exemplify these qualities.

    Of course, LRH, our mentor, simply told us this;

    ” More than anything else, all l I’m trying to do is teach you how to look.”

    He succeeded, since we are all here to prove it, right,Gerlinde?

    Welcome to your Scientology cyber home MOUALH, where
    we’re thrilled to have you aboard, not only to add some fire to
    the ” 31 FACTORS ” of Marty’s blog, but to share with this
    community more of your intriguing revelations. ENJOY!!!

    Calvin B. Duffield.
    Durban, South Africa.

  57. Dear Gerlinde, I am very happy that you found your way here, and especially happy that Marty has provided a place to connect with a great variety of non-cultists, whether indie-scn, ex-scn, non-scn, etc. Welcome to the world where you are free to think and decide for youself.

    An aside to Marty: thank you for allowing those of us who are exes and nons to be a part of this wonderful and brave community of indies. I do believe it is good for all of us to share and discuss our experiences and viewpoints.

  58. Welcome home, Gerlinde! We’re so glad you made it out, and into the sunshine of freedom!

    I know you from our Facebook group, so I know you’ve already begun to spread your wings. That’s even more apparent to me now, after reading your excellent write-up.

    As Cynthia said above, your write-up is going to help others find the same truth and release that you have. Thank you so much for standing tall. By doing so, you’re providing a powerful example for others to do so, too.

  59. Hi Gerlinde. We’ve met on FaceBook, but I didn’t know all this about you. What an excellent write-up. Thank you for sharing it here.
    Consider yourself lucky to never get Black tech run on your case on OT levels. You can easily get onto OT levels in the Indie field and because you are so well trained, it will be a piece of cake for you! :)

  60. Warm welcome Gerlinde.
    Congratulations and high fives.
    Your bullet points have a lot of laser precise facts.
    I have German journalist who works for Der Spiegal who
    might want to interview you. Please Email me on this

  61. Congratulations for seeing the TRUTH with your own eyes and mind.
    Doyle Brunson
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  62. Willkommen in Freiheit liebe Gerlinde!!
    Thank you for your great write-up – many will follow you to the bright side of live :-) :-) :-)

  63. Welcomeme. Gerlinde I am not sure if you would have remembered me in Tours Munchen and also in Copenhagen AOSHEU I some how recall you /Its great to see you out and your write up was very very warming. I wish all success/ if your intrested to get in touch marthy has my email

  64. Congratulations Gerlinde on taking the leap. You’ve got your life back now and can proceed with any & all auditing and training that you wish. The stops are off.

  65. New topic at Tony Ortega’s blog…many comments from Karen de la Carriere. KABC channel 7 in LA carried the story of the investigation into Alex’s death last night. Tony has the clip up.

  66. Welcome Gerlinde. Welcome to a very large, ever growing, Indi community of REAL friends. Great to have you with us.

  67. Gerlinde – welcome to the world where you can be and just remain an honest being. The theta beings continue to leave the dark side. Your write up shall help others to see the light.

  68. Wilkommen Gerlinde,
    Many of your points I personally experienced. Loved your write-up as it reminded me of some of the reasons I can no longer support the corp church. Any further support to that devil is support toward destruction of humanity.
    Your technical expertise will be greatly needed in the years to come. At present, seven billion souls need to be freed. Miscavige will be last on the list. He can rot on an isolated island in hell until that time. You are one of the leaders. Good job on finding your way toward freedom.

    “constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back”

  69. Excellent! Please send out the 10,000 e-mails. Delivering an effective blow one e-mail at a time!! PLEASE SEND THIS OUT! It really makes so much sense to all lurkers and OUTEE “wanna be’s”. They are afraid – but they KNOW! The truth will set everyone free!!

  70. Hi Gerlinde – Great write up. I also experienced that shock you spoke of when you saw Debbie’s email. In fact I did not receive Debbie’s email from her directly, nor did the person who told me about it. The fact that it is out there has made some of us go and look – and I still give ongoing credit to Debbie Cook for her courage. I wish you the very best because your purpose is honourable and it shows!

  71. Gruess Dich Gerlinde,
    Excellent write-up. Especially appreciated the data missing in the Intro to Scn Ethics book!
    Great to see you head a new wave of German Scientologists leaving ‘prison’. Wonderful to see another translator and auditor out. There is a LOT to do.
    Mach’s gut!

    • Gerlinde Mantey

      Halllooooo Greta!
      Thanks and we will get in contact. I’m glad that you are as an Indie too!


  72. Gerlinde, you seem familiar. Have you worked at CSI on Hollywood Blvd around 2010? I had a briefing up there with some great folks from different countries, but I don’t recall who exactly.

    You mentioned something about creating a “Dangerous Environment” which I would simply call Fear Mongering. The continuous emphasis on the gloom and doom in the world was something of a great concern to me from the very beginning as even before I learned about “postulates,” I understood that what we put our attention on, grows.

    I actually think this was one of the main reasons if not the reason for the massive collapse of global economy and social turmoil back in 2009 and through the past few years. You have a lot of powerful beings in Scientology with anchor points spanding the globe (I know mine do once in a while). You have all the SO’s and beings doing OT levels handling other dynamics. In that comes all the fear mongering, validation, and implanting of postulates of world destruction and mass hysteria along with scare of the psychs taking over the government. This is on top of all the reverse Scientology processing which Marty goes over in his book. And so what did we get in the past fews years of “unprecedented expansion?” We had international bankers proceed to take over entire countries; we had mass hysteria in the form of protests and police brutality all over the world (along with intensifying drug cartel violence and other such ills); we had the psychs take over the government passing mandatory healthcare (you can only imagine what is to follow down that pipeline unleass it is repealed), and of course we have a progressive collapse of the Church of Scientology – all as postulated! This is like an “Anti-Christ” phenomena happening in Scientology.

    I also had another win reading your letter. I know fear mongering is one of the main characteristics of an “aberrative personality” (bulletin “On Human Behavior”), and it suddenly dawned on me why I could not seem to make up my mind regarding David Miscavige, but really the church as a whole now reeks with anti-social and aberrative personality characteristics. I never dealt with DM in person, but I can only conclude that the subordinates and the organization at large is in valence (and quite thoroughly) of its leadership as usually the case with most groups and organizations. Anyway, that is exactly what it said in that bulletin (don’t have it on me right now) that an individual gets stuck in a “maybe” trying to make up one’s mind about an aberrative personality because such is full of paradoxes and contradictions. This could not have better described my overall experience – it’s just nothing but contradictions everywhere you go, and you get stuck unable to make a decision. You look at the bad and all the good keeps on invalidating it; you try to stick with the good as your stable datum, but all the bad continues to break it. It has been a very confusing situation, and I bet that there are a lot of folks out there sitting on a sideline stuck in a “maybe.”

    • Gerlinde Mantey

      Hey LTC,
      thanks for your comment and I’m glad that you had a win!. No, I was not at CSI (but on Hollywood Blvd. last year for hollyday ;-) and at ITO 1990. I’d like to communicate with you in FB, hope you are there too.


  73. Welcome and well done. Guillaume Lesevre helped me, too, and if he were not being squashed and suppressed and incarcerated (I was heartbroken to see him not looking well at all), Scientology would be well thought of because Guillaume Lesevre knew the purpose, the theta. He duplicated and could have theta in others. There is a reason he had a line to Hubbard as ED Int. Now we see, now we know, the criminals have usurped the body of work by trademark, but they are doing themselves in. And now we just deliver. And have fun. And better conditions. And help others. And ourselves. And jump like dolphins for joy, and know that joy is power. And serious blustering arrogance is the inversion of “cause”.
    Welcome Gerlinde!

  74. I personaly can vouch that Guillaume Leservre is a good person at heart And I certaintly recall him being positioned to ED INt.I also worked with him whilst he was CO FOLO EU He did a very good job/

  75. Gerlinde Mantey


    it seems that “” has been hacked.
    You can get more info on:
    and in German:
    On this pages you can find much more links to many other sites.


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