John Brousseau

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice has published a comprehensive interview with John “JB” Brousseau, see JB VV interview, part one, and part two.   JB told me that he was impressed with Tony’s ability to get all that level of detail out of JB and communicate it in such an un-embellished fashion.  It is quite a story.

For those who were not following the blog in mid 2010, we covered JB’s escape from the Int base directly to my home in Texas.  We also covered the extraordinary measures Miscavige took in hunting down and attempting to apprehend JB for re-imprisonment before he could speak:

Mission to re-capture JB fails

To LRH he was JB

JB – Going Mobile

PI’s going after JB

JB manhunt in Los Angeles

146 responses to “John Brousseau

  1. “..”It was atrocious. People were getting busted out of RTC and sent to the OGH all the time. You had to admit that you were a Suppressive Person. And you had to admit that anything you had ever done in your life was crap. Then you could reeducate yourself as a real human being. That started with stupid courses on stuff like personal grooming, how to tie your shoes,” he says…”

    Can you admit you are a suppressive person???

    • Oh yeah, in RCS you can! It’s one of the basic tricks to make criminals. Once you’ve lost your self respect, it doesn’t matter what you do, so you can do anything. The other trick is making others commit overts on a daily basis to keep them from ever regaining their self respect and act human again. Every successful Mob Boss, CIA trainer, Kingpin, Religious Tyrant, and Bankster uses those mechanisms.

  2. Jean-François Genest

    JB is a classy person indeed. Very good interview and very specifically detailed. I hope the “news world” and current Scientologists, under the radar or not, will take notice of all he did for TC, for free, and at the expense of Scientology parishioners and others.

    • My paternal grandmother, Antoinette Brousseau, turns 100 years old next September 7. JB and I might be genealogically related :-)

  3. I just read part two. Quite a damning piece against David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology.

    I did notice however that toward the end of the article JB slights the Indies as a group by saying, “I’m not going to drag all this shit around with me.” It makes me wonder… does he still consider himself a Scientologist?

  4. Hell of a story, and a clinic on how to leave Int – with a pile of incriminating pictures. Well done, JB!

    On a side note, I am pissed off at Tony O. I am really glad he did a great job with this story, but I am pissed Tony is so single-tracked with it comes to Scientology, and yet he has no idea what it is. I am referring to this article:

    This guy reports on Scientology for, what, 10+ years and he is surprised that people go whole track when they are audited? I mean this is such an incredible miss I am, frankly, dumbfounded. How could you not get this unless you were so enamored with the weird that you took NO effort to understand the subject of your ridicule. In the same article he references the “proof” Inside Edition did “debunking” the e-meter.

    I am astounded. This is like writing about Christians for 10 years and not “getting” that they believe Jesus was resurrected.

    To me, Tony has descended to the level of a useful idiot. I am happy he did a great job on JB’s story, but he has no credibility with me in any other way when it comes to Scientology. He doesn’t even try.

    • martyrathbun09

      Media will be media.

      • Understood, but I’m not letting Tony off so easily. He has a huge career stake in Scientology, and he really should know something about what he is reporting. Someone covering the Vatican should know Catholicism very well (even if they are not Catholic) and someone covering Wall Street should know Wall Street.

        It is one thing for a reporter to be an idiotic about a subject for a one-off article to make a deadline, but article after article for years on end – I’m sorry, but Tony should be better informed.

        I will give him one thing: At least he knows the story is really the crimes of the Church. That is his “major.” His “minor” is that Scientology/Hubbard/the E-Meter/Whole Track is crazy/a sham/BS. The good news on this is that once Mr. David Miscavige is out of the way and the Church in reform mode, he will leave it alone. In other words, he won’t spend ink attacking the Indies.

    • Grasshopper, a person who hasn’t tasted an orange is not really to blame for not knowing what it tastes like.
      It really takes the willingness to learn, auditing, having a sense of spiritual adventureousness to experience things of a spiritual nature.
      And if people don’t have that, so what?

      We don’t know things until we know them. And not knowing something is not something to blame people for.

      If he was more pro Scientology it’s possible that his reporting would not carry the punch it has.

      Appreciate the “twack” accross Miscaviges face and let the rest go.

  5. JB,

    Thanks for the narrative. You are one cool cat, and a he** of an artist, craftsman and executive. With you gone, the church is indeed “dead”.
    I wish you and your family a bright and successful future.


  6. JB, I am very happy for you and your new life, family and prospects. Your story always intrigued me and it was great to have all those extra details filled in with your VV interview. I really admire your talent and analytical abilities.

  7. Amazing story. Fills in and dovetails with other data. I hope someone is seriously writing the screenplay. Heartbreaking to read about Mary Sue.
    As to one of the links, why does it require a WordPress login to read “PI’s going after JB”? So strange that Davis was waiting for him in Texas, after all John went through to evade.

  8. JB, your daughter is beautiful! That was a good read and one that I’ll be reading again. I hope they piss you off again so you’ll release some more photos ;)

  9. threefeetback

    I assume you keep at least occasional tabs on this blog. Having known you for several years, you are a class act, true blue, and meet your own description of ‘just a regular dude’. Great job on getting out your matter-of-fact story out. The Third Dynamic noose around the anti-Hubbard’s neck is getting very, very ….. TIGHT. You out-created the prick, up close and personal, like few others. Pardon my lack of semicolons, and best wishes on your current and future adventures.

  10. JB,
    You are an incredible guy with an incredible story.
    My wife guesses that you still have quite a bit of ammo on dm. I would have to agree.
    Thanks for getting the word out and helping those still trapped within.

  11. I remember JB and Sinar and a couple more who breezed through the EPF at Clearwater course room, on their their way “over the rainbow” in 1979.

    What a strange period that was, with the old Commodore’s Staff Aides and Flag Bureaux staff being top management, while LRH was off.

    There was a power vacuum that went with LRH, and the admin structures struggling to carry on.

    That 8 years was about as tumultuous (up and down) as any in Scientology history, 1979-1986 when LRH died.

    There is just so much incredible depth to the history of the movement that plays into everyone’s stories.

    So great to hear JB’s story.

    Even though I’m not a Scientologist, I was one involved with admin for so long, it just never goes away out of my brain.

    JB exemplifies the Service policy letter, his motivations were clearly for service to the movement (which got so warped by Miscavige, leaving was the obvious choice).

    LRH in Volume 0, page 512, said in 1971 SERVICE policy letter:

    “….Certain it is that degradation is inevitable when the Right to Serve is interrupted or denied.”

    “It is worth thinking about in relation to happiness.”

    All the execs in the hole status, are being degraded by being denied their right to serve.

    That most astounded me in my various sort of visitor times at the Int Base (1983-84, sporadically 85-87, 89-92, then 94-96).

    It was astounding to see people who were not in it for the money, being so randomly mistreated and who really were doing it for just like JB lays out.

    Anyways, just making the Int Base staff restudy t OEC Vol 0, would instantly reform the movement.

    Scientology’s solution is written all over even the green volumes, if they just got a chance to do it.

    LRH’s hopes that RTC would succeed in enforcing KSW has been a failure.

    Miscavige is playing all the negative keys on the LRH policy piano, over and over, degrading and violating the RTC charter.

    JB is one of the dozens of unheralded Sea Org members who should’ve been awarded Kha Kahn.

    Awards and rewards are gone and when Miscavige finally goes, since LRH wrote what he wrote, those left, will turn to LRH’s writings.

    The big Miscavige lesson, is don’t let a Miscavige do a takeover, but instead take the time to build WDC and Exec Strata, and make the Int Management Exec Council work.

    it just takes time.

    Years from now, when Scientology gets through the DM phase, they likely will be tiny, but they have a huge long runway of LRH’s writings to follow to rebuild..

    Avoid Miscavige like domineering individuals, is the biggest lesson long term Sea Org members ought learn, from this Miscavige dominated era in Scientology history.

    I guess religion history scholars will want to see just how strong LRH’s admin auto pilot rebuilding writings are, and what will happen.

    Pat Broeker at LRH’s funeral is correct, and what he said is so important, were I in Scientology top leadership (nerd advisor).

    Pat’s point is the tech is what LRH left Scientologists. There’s no replacement for LRH. It’s the tech and admin, and Int Coord Council, with RTC just only doing minimal tweaking and letting WDC and Exec Strata do the strategic stuff.

    The LRH funeral event and Pat’s cautions ought be relistened to, by scholars taking note.

    Thanks so much JB!

    Chuck Beatty

  12. To Marsha Friedman: It’s sad w/ Mary Shaw. She’s was as tough as nails when she had to be but beyond that you’re absolutely correct…Mary is a very capable, sweet, caring individual. As I mentioned above it was heartbreaking to see her toiling with grunt work when she has so much to offer and to contribute but yet it’s all being thrown by the wayside. I have a feeling someday she’ll see the light. Just by people reading what’s been posted here I’m hoping postulates are flowing for her to find her way out! She deserves OUT and a better life!

  13. Amazing story Jphn. DM is certainly the anti-Hubbard..I have a feeling you have many more pictures. I would love to see them.
    I have to ack you for your incredible skills with your hands. You are a true artisan. And you know the tech of mowing a lawn, for christs sake!!!!!!

  14. “JB told me that he was impressed with Tony’s ability to get all that level of detail out of JB and communicate it in such an un-embellished fashion.”

    Auditor Tony Ortega is Auditor


  15. John Brousseau has got to be one of the most noble ex-Scientologist that I have ever had the privilege to read about!

  16. Two things:

    (1) Reading this reminds me of how pathetically naive S.O. members were around the time I was in (1988-1989) about the goings-on “uplines” as it was called. It sounded like such a rarefied existence, a “dream” job … unbeknownst to us, it was more like a “nightmare.”

    (2) (very slightly off topic): I am “out” from under the radar now, and maybe Marty will have something further to say about that soon.

    Simi Valley (yes, that is my real name)
    #356 on the Indie 500 List

    • I knew a girl whose last name was Tree, and her parents named her Mary, and you can guess the middle name they wickedly gave her: “Christmas”.
      Her dad’s first name was Jack, and I think his father started the tradition and gave Jack the middle name: Pine.

      Anyways agreed.

      If you want to know how Scientology’s group dynamics compares to other religions, there’s a lot of comparisons in religious apologist scholar writings.

      We in Scientology with our echelons are not alone in these types of insider outsider and knee jerk respect for the top ranks (who out of our sight are treated to seance hazing Muscical Chairs battleball games).

      My hindsight advice, is WDC and Exec Strata have to go to college, as part of their training, and study other cults’ bad behavior, and study religion history, and humanities, and comparative theology, and steer Scientology away from religions’ mistakes, and away from cult behavior.

      Studying LRH’s ideas I think is not enough.

    • Hi Simi,
      VWD for getting out from under the radar and joining the Indie 500 list. I look forward to hearing your whole story. As you can see, Marty has been up to his eyeballs on breaking news and it seems to be getting harder to squeeze in a personal item because of all the cult coverage. But I have a feeling you’ll be on soon.

  17. Just finished part two.

    My God! John Brousseau, thank you. I know you’d probably say, “thank you for what?” Thank you for telling the story.

    I’m not a Scientologist anymore but I think my obsession with researching all this information has done a few things for me.

    1) The crazy dark shit that happened just before and after Ron died was not all his doing. Maybe none, I’m still not convinced that Ron had at least some indirect responsibility for creating systems of militarization and black ops. That being said, I have resurrected within myself a more kindly view toward him: warts and all.

    2) That the real evil shit came from and is coming from Miscavige. He is a true textbook sociopath.

    And Marty, man you have quite a load to carry. Thank you for being on the good guys side.

    I’m looking forward to the day when the stories we hear are about people learning about life, the soul etc.

    Auditors, you have a lot of work to do to turn this around.

    Please anyone still in this dangerous church, please start thinking for yourself. If these guys (excuse me, Independents) can do it you can!

    If you all ever have an LA get together I know of one heretic that would enjoy it. I promise to be nice re Ron :-)

    Thanks Marty for the delivery system of this info.

  18. Jethro Bodine

    Great story, fills in lots of holes for me. Glad to see JB is now out and doing well. The way out is the way out.

    • martyrathbun09

      Actually it is the way through – there was a lot of “through” omitted in the media account.

      • Jethro Bodine

        OK, but ultimately there was no way to fix the scene at the Int Base and no way (corporately) to remove Miscavige from within the church, and so leaving was the only logical choice. I think there are some people like Heber who are still at the Int Base who feel they still need to get “though” some thing, like a BS ethics handling that drags on for years and years, e.g. the RPF, the “Hole”, etc. And of course, there is still the infamous “come back so you can route out standardly”, which turns into a multi-year ethics program, if you can escape at all.

  19. Good job JB on getting your story over to Village Voice. I’m happy LRH had you as a friend. But I was surprised to hear that Int base execs were allowed to watch Anderson Cooper’s 4 part TV special as you say a conference room was set up to watch it in Building 50. I thought SO were not allowed to watch this kind of thing on TV or the internet. It seems to me like all Int base staff would have blown if they were allowed access to such. Can anyone else clarify this for me please?

    • martyrathbun09

      They weren’t. Ortega’s misup. The people who were interviewed (Jenny DV, et al) watched it.

      • I don’t think Jenny DV was too bright on that mission. You have to think with the fact if you are appearing on the Anderson Cooper Show you are appearing before his many, many, fans. What does she do? Attack him in front of his fan base. What was she thinking, that the show was all about her? Jeff Hawkin’s former wife was frightening with the sneer and her hate for him OOOOooozzzed across the screen. Why did David have to hide behind the former wives of his accusers in itself was telling . He would not come forward to deny the claims. That translates into = guilty ’nuff.

      • Marty, Thanks for clarifying.

  20. Does anyone know if Miscavige sees these articles of late e.g. Village Voice, etc. Just curious if has a group that keeps tabs on the media and alerts him to them. Thanks much.

  21. JB, just saw this last night and read both parts straight through. It was nice to get a time track of events from a very unique position. You certainly weren’t the typical SO member.

    I had to laugh at the fishing trip with DM. I’ve never heard of anyone going psychotic over fishing. As a young girl, I caught my first fish at Idylwild. Seems the fish just liked me because I didn’t have to wait at all…my secret was I used Velveeta cheese as bait and a stick for a pole. All the other fishermen kept trying to trade their poles for my stick but I wouldn’t give it up and caught enough to feed the family dinner. My grandfather was awesome and cleaned them up and cooked them right on the BBQ. Great pleasure moment!

    I also found your observations spot on regarding treating people well results in success and am glad you chose to follow your heart over DMs crushing orders to berate them.

    You look great and happy with your new family. Much continued success for you in the future!

  22. The JB story part 1 & 2 was a great read. What a great skill set and unique LRH perspective. I’m thinking JB was probably one of the guys that built the Roman Aquaducts system or some other incredible construction projects in a past life. I love the stories of the guys that decide to leave and just walk out the door. No blood from climbing the fence or failed attempts. JB decided and then left and there just wasn’t too much they could do about it. I wonder how it went for the recovery team when they got back and reported to Miscavige that the operation recover JB was a complete and utter failure?

  23. Pingback: Miscavige: The “Only One” Maximus*

  24. burnedbutnotbitter

    My husband and I both read the whole Village Voice interview with JB together. Whew! I hope it stirs up so much attention, the FBI reconsiders.
    I do want to comment that JB is probably not interested in the Independence movement because he never did get alot of training and auditing–some of the best benefits of Scientology. Plus he’s decompressing. He really is the ultimate Mr. Fix-it though. He could probably McGyver himself out of a locked box.
    I don’t think DM can replace him!

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