Simi Valley

Back in the day (New York City in 1978), Scientology was fun. The org sold “How To Choose Your People” and “Miracles for Breakfast” by Ruth Minshull in the bookstore alongside the LRH books. There was no RTC. As students, we wrote weekly “Reports to Ron” and the S.O. 1 line was in place: we could always write to Ron. As a public, I felt that I was undertaking some wonderful adventure. I looked forward to coming to the org for study and for just hanging out.
Fast forward to 2011: the adventure had long since died. In its place were a whole string of arbitraries, nagging questions about apparent wrongnesses with no answers in sight, endless “events” and cutthroat regging. For years I had known that something was terribly wrong but it was only on New Year’s Day 2012 that I finally saw the light, thanks to Debbie Cook’s email.In my years with the C of S, I did a short stint in the S.O. until I was thrown out, did some training and got up to Solo NOTs on the auditing side of the bridge. In the past dozen or so years I experienced many health issues which I attribute to Reverse Scientology, courtesy of the Flag Service Org; however, recently I was lucky enough to treat with an alternative health care practitioner who helped me restore my health.There have been many fine writeups on this blog and elsewhere from other former C of S members detailing the abuses and off policy actions – Luis Garcia’s comes to mind as a great one – so I am not going to attempt to reinvent that wheel; I will just enumerate a few lowlights of my S.O. career and my experience as a Flag Solo NOTs public.In my mercifully short S.O. career (1988-1989):I was human trafficked to another country (and got out of there after four months by hatching an escape plan);
I had become engaged to a S.O. member who was posted at the Int Base, and when Church management got wind of that, they immediately intervened and the engagement was broken off. This was typical 3rd Party – I was told negative things about my fiancé and he was told negative things about me.
At one point I requested a Comm Ev to correct some things that I perceived as injustices. However, when the Comm Ev met, it somehow morphed into a disciplinary Comm Ev, accusing me of things that I had written up in a previous amnesty (which, per policy, is ancient history and not actionable).
A few of my experiences as a Flag public on Solo NOTs:

The incessant sec-checking of Solo NOTs public has been discussed at length on this blog and other sites. You had to be sec checked coming and going, literally: upon arrival and when leaving. It created a paranoia and was a terrific way to use up auditing hours on account. You always had to have a “pledge intensive” in place, i.e. an extra intensive of auditing paid for and ready to be used at any time.

In late 1993 or early 1994, when I had been auditing on Solo NOTs for a couple of years, I reached a point where I believed I had completed the level, so I made a trip to Flag to verify this. When I got to Flag, I was not even put on a meter to check anything. I was simply told that I had not audited as many hours as LRH had audited on Solo NOTs, so therefore I couldn’t possibly be complete on the level but needed to continue auditing. Fortunately, I soon ran out of money and “fell off” the level in December 1994, never to return.

Interesting note: in approximately 1999 or 2000, a Flag staff member told me that there were over a thousand public who were mid-Solo NOTs but off the level.

Now I’m looking forward to joining the party!

Simi Valley
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  1. Hi Mad C. Your mail dosn’t seem to work. Try me at

  2. Hey Simi! Great to see you here. We’ve been ’round the same insanity block many times when at Flag together. I remember all the difficulties you had. (as did I) Fortunately, you got away a lot earlier than I did and, I take it, thankfully did NOT do the Golden Age of Torture. (arrggghhh and double gag me with a spoon). Do well in your new life!

    Sherry Many-Katz

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  4. Hi Simi Vy.,I remember how to choose your people I bought one from Asho in 77 and I loved reading it. I join the S.O. in 1977 and stayed until 82. I went back home to Simi cause I did not like the living conditions at the Hollywood Inn. I no longer live in Simi Vy. and I’m no longer a scientologist but I’m so much wiser now and see through cons and lies that Hubbard had to give but good people some times fall short and may they to see the light and truth ( for the truth shall set you free) and Hubbard did not write that first.

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