Casablanca Is Prepared to Deliver

Having spent most of this year working on de-fanging the beast – largely uncompensated and nonetheless rather successfully –  we are gearing up for delivery once again.  We are prepared to deliver the entire Scientology grade chart.  We are particularly ready to assist those who are interested in moving on up from their corporate Scientology experiences.  If after having read What Is Wrong With Scientology?,  and understanding the need or desirability to evolve and transcend from Scientology Inc, you are yet still feeling somehow held back by masses or energies or some dots that just won’t connect or disconnect, we can assist with the process of overcoming those barriers.  That goes for anyone at any level of experience with the ‘church’ or the subject of Scientology.

I am particularly interested in working with those OT VIIs (comps or people who have audited substantial hours) and OT VIIIs who recognize their gains but also sense there are other dimensions  of concern that advanced spiritual awareness makes perceptible.   In my view there is no reason to abandon the skills you have worked to achieve.  Rather than invalidate them, think instead of honing them toward handling those zones to which your intuition leads.

Those interested in real Scientology and transcendence beyond where corporate Scientology can take one, give us a holler at to schedule.    We are now scheduling the month of September through the end of the year.

Sunset at Casablanca

141 responses to “Casablanca Is Prepared to Deliver

  1. Wonderful news Marty. You do such great work in whatever you do.

    You deliver an abundance of survival to all of us on your lines, and in return you deserve great prosperity for yourself and your family.

    • Speakin’ of which, I just read that wonderful Original OT VII win from one of yours Trey. Yippeeee!!!! Booo Yeah!!!!!

      • *** Dear Marty! ***
        I would like to say also THANK YOU for everything you have done and continue to do for us and for the Scientology philosophy.
        I think words can’t describe all this.

        You are right Jim L., amassing wins delivered by Trey.
        I like them too.

        Wish you all the best, man.

        Viva la Casablanca! :-)
        PS: by the way, your book is great and quite easily comprehensible for not native english people too.

  2. Great news Marty & Mosey !! You are an inspiration and guiding light indeed !!

  3. Marty, I did that too, reading it with the eyes of a non-Scientologist.
    I very much felt it works for them, too.
    And I often imagined Ron reading it… nodding… smiling…

  4. That is so fantastic! YEE HAW! Delivery is what makes things happen, and makes the world a better place! PUT ME DOWN FOR THE FIRST AVAILABLE SPOT YOU HAVE!!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME, INCLUDING YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT IN GETTING MY SON BACK!

    • P. S. Please e-mail me at at your earliest convenience! Also, thanks for all your help and support. The information and courage I got from your blog allowed me to get EVERY DIME BACK FROM ADVANCED PAYMENTS WITH SIX DIFFERENT ORGANIZATIONS, INCLUDING FLAG, THE FREEWINDS, FREEWINDS ACCOMODATIONS, CELEBRITY CENTRE INTERNATIONAL, AUSTIN ORG, AND HUBBARD COLLEGE OF ADMIN!

      • Min, I would have paid addmission to see or hear the conversation to Austin! Wonder where they came up with the money to refund it? Probably borrowed from Day org.
        PS: SO glad things are going your way!!! Congrats again on everything!!! :)

  5. Marty, I really do appreciate and admire your combination of confronting a certain disgusting cult AND helping individuals. Seems like a recipe that can’t be spoilt even by the cult’s Office of Sick Attacks.
    May you flourish & prosper !

  6. After reading here and scanning over Casablanca Tejas, I find a sentiment of serenity and confidence emanating and something like – the work was free… again.
    It is amazing what you accomplished all (what Picanin listed so well). I’m glad that you can go on now with your endeavor and delivery.
    Marty and Mosey, I wish you all the best and a peaceful time – and thank you for it all. :) – Karola

  7. Another Layer

    Well, this is just wonderful news! Thanks again for all you have done (and are doing) to make it safe out here in the real world ;).

  8. Would you be willing to take on pcs? I’ve been on an LRH reading binge lately, but am weary of getting involved with the CoS.

  9. Marty,
    I am in very happy that you have defeated miscavige.
    Your blog has provided inspiration and information.
    You are now the leader of scientology and Texas will welcome
    those who formerly travelled to Clearwater, Florida.
    Your sunrise is grand because miscavige can’t
    block it.
    My completion of the original OT8 in 1988 on the Freewinds is a
    sufficient ending to my scientology career.

    May all beings be well and happy!

    George M. White

  10. One of my fave posts ever. Cheers to the Indies! — Mike

  11. Marty, it is great to know that there is a real Bridge all the way up.

  12. Joe Pendleton

    Best wishes Marty for great success and wins for yourself as an auditor and for the folks you audit and consult with.

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