Shreff Sets Flag MAA Straight

For having protested David Miscavige’s systematic distmantling of the church 0f Scientology, Mark Shreffler is now being subjected to a systematic black PR campaign by Scientology Inc.  Mark is actively challenging accusations about him to his friends emanating from Flag (Scientology Inc’s “mecca”).   A letter he recently sent to a Flag MAA (Master at Arms – the Ethics Officer) evidences just how deep the rabbit hole of falsehoods goes in corporate Scientology.  It also sums up very accurately how Miscavige has decimated Scientology Inc.

AO FSO MAA (Slavka)                                                                      August 2, 2012

Mark Shreffler



Dear Slavka,                                                                                              


The latest rumor is that the “dead agent” handling used at the FSO for my friends regarding me is that “Mark’s questions were answered but he did not like the answers he got.” This puts everyone on the wrong scent, and many will not recognize the smell because they are trusting and honorable people who would never think that their most trusted terminals in the church would lie to their faces.  Yet, they remain hung up at Doubt. How can an OT with 38 years of highly commended service suddenly go postal and walk away from his friends and colleagues, refusing viable answers to his questions?


Of course the implication here is that I am the one who needs the correction and not the squirrel activities I have been reporting and trying to address. 


I’ve realized, with these “r-factors” you have given to my friends, the degree to which third party has been used as a “management tool.”  OSA personnel are quite expert with this device. Their normal operating basis seems to be, from what I can determine, deception.  This is to such a degree that I’m actually concerned about them personally.  It’s like continually postulating trouble!


It causes the actual problems to persist as these lies entered in to the scene make impossible an as-isness of the dilemma.


It is made easier for you, I suppose, by the fact that my friends know that if they call me on the phone to get my side of the story, they’ll be punished for doing so and be driven to huge amounts of expense and dev-t.  You threaten their lifestyles and family harmony, and they forget what Ron went through to make the tech available to all of us.


DOUBT formulas are clearly no longer allowed in our church.  People with questions must accept what they are told by their MAAs, and anyone with the temerity to communicate outside of those parameters is quickly throttled back in to line with sec checks or goldenrods.  “Not being happy with an answer” means the doubt was not resolved, and the notion that one must settle for whatever he is told is fundamentally repugnant to any being applying a standard Doubt Formula, and would only be accepted by a robot.


There, by the use of force and the intelligence of an SP, goes the Church of Scientology.


I did not take the questions I presented you in 2011 lightly, and I really would have noticed if they were answered.  It was not in my mind that it would take more than a week or two to handle, and I certainly did not anticipate that I would be walking away from a 38 year career as a gung-ho and highly commended member of this group until I discovered there were no answers for these management aberrations to be found in policy, and no willingness on the part of my terminals in the church to even inquire as to why these outpoints remained unhandled.


So, please, repeat for me if you would the answers I was supposedly given to the following questions:


  1. LRH      said that the “make-break point” of org expansion is 5.4X.  This figure was the foundation of the      Birthday Game which was giving LRH the only thing he wanted for his      birthday:  church expansion.  He did not want new buildings or people      to increase their level of membership in some unaffiliated gung-ho group.      My question to you was:  “What org      in the world that was here 30 years ago is 5.4 times larger today than it      was then?  How many orgs have      achieved this expansion rate? If your answer is “ZERO”, how can we explain      these proclamations of “unprecedented expansion?”  WHAT is expanding, exactly?  And to what does “47 times the expansion      of any earlier time” refer?  What      happened to LRH stats? I don’t recall your answers to these questions.
  2. What      are the STATS of the church from 1985 to 2011 on an annual basis on First      Service Starts, WDAH, Pd Comps and GI?       How many CL 8 auditors have been created over those years, and what      is the trend? I did not get ANY stats from you or any of the terminals at      OSA after hours of conversation and many requests – yet this is an essential      part of the doubt formula.
  3. How is      it that COB does “International Events” every few months and, in so doing,      bypasses the entire command structure to relay information to the      rank-and-file that SHOULD be coming to them from their local executives      (and thus maintaining the command lines and empowering them)?  This is obviously in violation of the      policy DANGER CONDITIONS, RESPONSIBILITY FOR DECLARING and drives the      lower echelons in to continuing Non Existence conditions.  These events also disperse the attention      of our congregation to the four winds and AWAY from their local      scenes.  They alter the importance      of the one-by-one nature of Scientology, and the vital need to put most of      our attention on bringing NEW people in to the church for services, per      PROPORTIONATE MARKETING.  How are      these “INT EVENTS” justified when there      is not ONE policy that supports them or explains their value – quite      to the contrary.  This is a      continuing and Titanic management faux pas.
  4. Why      have my reports since 1992 on the squirreled nature of the FSM program been      ignored?  If  “the whole purpose of the field staff      member program is to help increase the number of new people contacted,      disseminated to and gotten on to the bridge,”  (FSM SERIES #1) how is it that the      entire program has been hijacked to the TOP of the bridge, gutting the      lower echelons of their public?  Why      have I gotten many sec checks and a comm ev  [which fully vindicated and commended me      but ignored utterly the squirreled FSM program] for just writing these      reports when millions in fraud have been reported and the flow of new      people on and up the bridge brought to a standstill, and the pay of staff      members from FSMCR eliminated?  How      can such obvious crimes that unmock our front-end groups be committed and prolifically reported with no      interest or action from management?       I don’t recall your response to these queries. 
  5. I      mentioned to you the fact that the OCA that LRH used at Saint Hill is not      the squirreled version used in the Church today, and that the results of      these different versions vary dramatically.  This is a game changer because this test      is a fundamental tool used in div 6 and div 4.  It allows us to MAKE CONTACT with the      public with reality.  It gives us prediction and allows honest      evaluation and correct programming so the public is winning at every      turn.  Because people are not      trained in the use of this tool but are ordered to simply read off      computer printouts, trait-by-trait,       they have no familiarity with the test or with the fact that it is      not the same profile LRH used at Saint Hill and to which he refers in      Policy.  The results rendered today      set up our Div 6ers for wrong indications on their new public, and wrong      case programming for C/Ses.  This guarantees un-standard results      which are puzzling because people do not question their measuring tools!      This opens the door for squirreling the tech. How can such a huge      alteration occur and it not be corrected – after innumerable reports on      the matter?
  6. Why      are there no Basic Books in most of the libraries in the United States      even after our management promoted that this job was “DONE!”  Anyone can check this because all public      libraries are listed on the internet, including what books they have and      which ones are being checked out and in what volume.  This was my FIRST question to you when      you asked “did you write this up?”       Remember? I don’t recall your answer to this question. You clearly      did not have one – and assume like many others that “everything is OK and      that this, too, shall pass!” 10’s of millions of dollars worth of books…      vanished. How did this occur, and what is being done about it?
  7. Why is      the hallway at the Sandcastle lined with photos of people who have given      money to the IAS, but no photos of people who have achieved the two      purposes of orgs and given blood and years to the task of clearing people      or opening missions or auditing people?       (I understand that these photos have recently been taken down, but      I wonder if the off-Source purpose they represent has been removed as      well?)  I don’t recall your answer      to this question.
  8. What      policies create and drive the IAS?       It takes many millions from the congregation of the Church of      Scientology (to say nothing of the distraction it creates to the attention      of our group) and yet has no oversights.       This is the elephant in the room.  It is, by what I can determine, a      renegade operation that has ZERO representation in policy but is      apparently simply a money pit to be used in whatever arbitrary fashion is      required by management. Where does all the money go that is paid to the      IAS?  What policy governs it?  Who is in charge of it’s      disbursement?  It is not controlled      by the Church of Scientology and does not go through the FP Committee of      the Church.  If the church public is      only dwindling since the “founding” of the IAS by Yeager and Miscavige,      how is its existence justified? Where is it in writing that LRH had any      knowledge of this group’s formation or purpose?  I don’t recall your answer to these      questions.
  9. How      many members are there in the IAS?       This is an important number because one cannot do service in Div 4      without being a member.  We hear      numbers of Scientologists “in the millions,” but all I can document is      less than 40,000 worldwide – and shrinking.
  10. Why      does management promote that there are so many “new orgs” when in fact      they are just new, subsidized buildings, and the “old orgs” they replace      are not used any further?  The field      has not expanded: only their org’s expenses have expanded.  How is this beneficial to the actual      exchange of Scientology with the world? Who is going to pay the bills for      these buildings when the delivery of the org cannot support it? As this is      falsely represented as being supported by LRH, does it not invalidate the      workability of his actual policies and thus demean the image of Source?  I presented a stack of policies that      invalidate the conduct of the so-called “Ideal Org” project and was shown      ZERO references that justified it.       Did I miss something here? 
  11. You      will recall the Rollback you gave me regarding my answer to the query of a      friend in Australia concerning the Ideal Org project.  You asked me where I got these ‘enemy      lines’ and I showed them to you in OEC Vol 7.  That ended the rollback, of course, but      I wonder if you pulled the string further to get to the real heart of that      matter – that the Ideal Org program was in contravention of that policy I      cited to my friend?  The one who      started the Ideal Org program, in fact, is the enemy you seek with your rollbacks!
  12. Who      actually OWNS the Ideal Org real estate that is purchased?  The Church?  CST? What is the policy that governs      this?
  13. The      promotion for these Ideal Orgs and the IAS is taken off the page of VERBAL      TECH PENALTIES when LRH cautions against the use of brief paragraphs out      of context without saying from which policy the quote was taken in order      to make it appear that LRH is in      support of the program when, in fact, he is clearly opposed to it. I      provided evidence of this but there was no reply to this question that I      recall.
  14. Where      is it written that LRH put David Miscavige in charge?  Where is the structure of church      institutions (CST, RTC, CofS and so on) published so we can all see the      command structure and org board of our management bodies and understand      their relationships? 
  15. Where      are the people who run these activities?       I know that Guillaume was made “ED INT for LIFE” by LRH, but we      never see him anymore. The WDC? Where is Heber?  Mithoff?       Eastman? Wilhere?  And where      is Diana Hubbard?   Did you answer      these questions?
  16. How is      it that “Command Intention” and LRH Intention are taken to mean the same      thing when they clearly are NOT?       How is it that I have friends who have been declared for being      concerned about issues raised in Debbie Cook’s letter – before she was declared?  When was it decided that concern for our      survival as a group became a suppressive act?  When did communication become a crime in      our body? Did you answer these questions, and I just missed it?
  17. How is      it that one whole issue of our FREEDOM magazine was mailed out to the      readership of the St. Pete Times proclaiming that one of our senior      executives was documented as having beat up, on 40 separate occasions,      other members of the crew?  This      issue of FREEDOM was devoted to throwing the entire church management      strata, the Church of Scientology, the religion of Scientology and LRH      under the bus in order to protect one person: David Miscavige. The rest of      our “International Management” were apparently standing around bearing      witness to these beatings. They even allowed themselves to be videoed by      the press professing the innocence of Miscavige and the guilt of his      lieutenant. Did anyone have the idea that the IMPORTANT thing is to show      Scientology, Source materials and LRH were not involved in this psychotic      demonstration of PTSness, and then use the incident to educate the world      on the effects of suppression and the need to be constanty alert and      constantly willing to fight back?        After all, this “handling” by FREEDOM was a MISTAKE of Tsunamic      proportions.  These only occur in      the presence of suppression.  Was      there an investigation done?  The      protection of Miscavige was the ONLY important factor in this entire third      dynamic engram.  Did you address      this question with me, Slavka – because I certainly recall the look on      your face when I brought this article to your attention – and the fact      that the entire magazine was used not to promote Scientology and the      Church and LRH but to white-wash the results of PTSness at our highest      levels.  Lastly, if the lieutenant      was guilty of these beatings as was admitted in the FREEDOM mag, was COB      not aware of this behavior?  To      believe this we would have to think that COB is either incompetent,      stupid, or deaf, dumb and blind.  If      he was aware of it and did nothing to stop it,  he needs some time to think for a couple      of hundred years before he does A to E.       In either case,  NOTHING WAS      DONE, and this engram continues.       What a mess.  I don’t recall      your address of these issues with me except to ask “Who is in your ear?”      as though I have an evil Leprechaun on my shoulder.  ANYONE can see this stuff, and what      manner of person would NOT want something done about it?
  18. If our      management is as unethical as all of these things suggest, is it rational      to assume that the tech and the admin in our church are IN?  Do you have an answer for this?  Has it not occurred to anyone that      people actually like Scientology – Ron’s Brand – and stay away in      droves from squirreled activities?       How many in the church would leave it if they did not have children      or businesses that would be affected? I, myself, have concerns about      bringing people in to this atmosphere – and this has been my purpose for      the past 38 years! And how many NEW people are turned off by what they      THINK is Scientology when it is only the unchecked dramatizations of a few      PTS executives – and the PTS congregation that permits it to continue?
  19. We      have an opportunity here to educate the world,  but instead we turn on each other and      play the “who can we bankrupt first?” Game.  Why?


I had many other questions, but I think any Scientologist would have these and would agree that they need to be fully confronted and resolved.


Please stop telling people that “We answered Mark’s questions but he did not like the answers.”   You KNOW this is a lie and it is beneath you.   I implore you to find out for yourself the answers to these questions and let me know what you discover.


You showed me the reference about how an SP becomes one – where a period of stress at the hands of the SP is followed by the person taking on the SP’s valence.  You were showing me this reference as regards Debbie Cook to explain “how she became suppressive.”


I asked you – and I mention this as the last unanswered sample question in my collection – which person it was who’s valence this long-time, highly trained and decorated Sea Org veteran was first suppressed by and who’s valence she later assumed.


WHO were YOU talking about? Did it not occur to you that perhaps the SP who suppressed her and who’s valence she allegedly assumed is still in the church?


Is it a truthful thing to say that by pointing these destructive but actual things out that Debbie Cook was displaying suppressive characteristics?


My own contention, of course, is that after the wars with the IRS in the 80’s and the battle with that band of suppressives, the “war” was actually not over as COB proclaimed. Our own management strata was completely stressed out and actually took on the valence of the SP IRS personnel. It’s just a theory, but there is substantial evidence to support it.


A review of the policy PTS PERSONNEL AND FINANCE would describe what is happening in our church today, and the need for the gargantuan PR machine that was put in place to cover it all up.


It’s all very fixable, but won’t be as long as the insane are running the asylum.  Hence, the growth of the Independent movement  – most of whom have shed their PTSness and ironically are more Scientologist than many of the uniformed reps running around.


In any case, this would seem to me to be an important investigation, and might open up the door for a handling or two.




380 responses to “Shreff Sets Flag MAA Straight

  1. Scientology, the “New Natizism” and we all know how well that worked. To the programed few, and the scared, look around you, if you can. Come out of your chains! Grow a brain and become a thinking and rational person again. LRH is rolling over in his grave/do you blame him. Little Hitler is an embarrassment to himself and the ones he represents. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. or the one…..even the fictionalized character Spock knew this, but DM, it’s all about the needs of the ONE! Let this raving psychopath go off on his own. Maybe he could take a sabbatical in the desert…………by himself………….without anything or any one…………………..Peg

    • “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. or the one”

      Cringe. The heart of the 3rd dynamic engram, IMO. Who takes precedence, the individual or the group? I believe G. Edward Griffin answers it best:


      This is the second concept that divides collectivism from individualism. Collectivism is based on the belief that the group is more important than the individual. According to this view, the group is an entity of its own and it has rights of its own. Furthermore, those rights are more important than individual rights. Therefore, it is acceptable to sacrifice individuals
      if necessary for “the greater good of the greater number.” How many times have we heard that?

      Who can object to the loss of liberty if it is justified as necessary for the greater good of society? The ultimate group, of course, is the state. Therefore, the state is more important than individual citizens, and it is acceptable to sacrifice individuals, if necessary, for the benefit of the state. This concept is at the heart of all modern totalitarian systems built on the model of collectivism.

      Individualists on the other hand say, “Wait a minute. Group? What is group? That’s just a word. You can’t touch a group. You can’t see a group. All you can touch and see are individuals. The word group is an abstraction and doesn’t exist as a tangible reality. It’s like the abstraction called forest. Forest doesn’t exist. Only trees exist. Forest is the concept of many trees.

      Likewise, the word group merely describes the abstract concept of many individuals. Only individuals are real and, therefore, there is no such thing as group rights. Only individuals have rights.

      Just because there are many individuals in one group and only a few in another does not give a higher priority to the individuals in the larger group – even if you call it the state. A majority of voters do not have more rights than the minority. Rights are not derived from the power of numbers. They do not come from the group. They are intrinsic with each human being.

      When someone argues that individuals must be sacrificed for the greater good of society, what they really are saying is that some individuals will be sacrificed for the greater good of other individuals. The morality of collectivism is based on numbers. Anything may be done so long as the number of people benefiting supposedly is greater than the number of people being sacrificed. I say supposedly because, in the real world, those who decide who is to be sacrificed don’t count fairly.

      Dictators always claim they represent the greater good of the greater number but, in reality, they and their support organizations usually comprise less than one percent of the population. The theory is that someone has to speak for the masses and represent their best interest, because they are too dumb to figure it out for themselves. So collectivist leaders, wise and virtuous as they are, make the decisions for them. In this way, it is possible to explain any atrocity or injustice as a necessary measure for the greater good of society.”

      Extract from

  2. Thank you, Mark, for this kick-ass report. I have no doubt that it will be re-route and unfortunately Slavka will not see it personally. The good news is that others will!! Several people have asked me, “did you report your concerns on the ‘proper’ channels?”. Your report here clearly demonstrates what a piss in the wind that action is.

    You are such a remarkable man and so dedicated to helping others improve the conditions in their lives. It is wonderful having you here on the team for right.

    • My dear Yvonne,

      Thank you so much for your post, and as usual you have duplicated this action completely. I have been peeing in the wind for so many years my uniform is a fisherman’s slicker!

      I am no longer concerned about the future of the church. I will press my reports but in the end it is not the TRAIN but the TRACK that is important. Any train can get you down a track – but there is only one track to OT.

      I am now concerning myself with the TRACK. Once I find a viable one that is completely KSW and effective, I will engage with it and start funneling people.

      Jees, it’s like the Underground Railroad we ran back before the Civil War!

      Freeing Beings is the game, and I know you’re with me on this one!

  3. From ~The Creed of Scientology:

    Definition of Creed:

    any system, doctrine, or formula of religious belief, as of a denomination.

    any system or codification of belief or of opinion.

    an authoritative, formulated statement of the chief articles of Christian belief, as the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, or the Athanasian Creed.

    the creed. Apostles’ Creed.

    The Quote from LRH:

    “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.” ~LRH

    Does anyone think that the “church” follows their own Creed??

  4. Mark, thanks for sharing this collection of clear-eyed, thoughtful questions with us. These are exactly the sorts of questions that every Scientologist should be asking of church management, and they should continue asking them until the church provides the answers.

    The irony is that of all groups, one would think that Scientologists would see these outpoints, and demand answers. The fact that they aren’t, indicates just how much force has been applied to keep the members from utilizing the tech of their own religion – which contains every tool necessary to resolve those outpoints.

    Is this the very height of madness or what?

    I don’t know. Perhaps one needs to see what’s going on in the church from an exterior view to see how incredibly insane it all is. Lord knows, it’s pretty tough to put it all together when you’re still on the inside, because you’re agreeing to not inspect all of the available data that could help explain it.

    Great post. Hope you put it up on your blog.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      Thank you, brother, for your post. Once again, you and I are birds of a feather. You don’t flyfish, do you?

      I won’t post this on my blog as I want to keep that free of this sort of news. My blog is about introducing people to possible solutions, and everyone already has enough problems without taking on the ones we have with our church!

      You ever get through New Mexico?

      • Hi Mark,
        I’m more of a fry fisherman LOL

        Makes sense that you’d reserve your blog for answers and solutions. There’s been so much attention put on the problems with the church already. Yes, we all have to take responsibility for whatever part we played in the collapse of the church, but at the same time, we have to move forward and begin building the new model that will replace it.

        I’m afraid I don’t get out as far west as New Mexico these days. I’d like to, though. I was just watching a program about that state. Got some beautiful country there.

  5. Mark’s letter is great for anyone hung up at doubt or sitting on the fence. It will have no impact on the MAA unless, of course, she’s already starting to question things. The MAA isn’t going to answer Mark’s 19 questions and why should she. The group she’s in, Miscavige’s cult, doesn’t operate on LRH so why answer the questions. They operate on Miscavige’s dictates.

    Here’s the thing. The only thing Scientological about the RCS is that they own the name Scientology. That’s it; there’s nothing else. LRH admin & ethics policy have been trashed along with the tech. It’s the Cult of Miscavige although it doesn’t use his name. They consider anyone who has left to be suppressive to them and you know what, they’re right. Anyone who is for Standard Tech is suppressive to Miscavige’s cult. Scientology and Miscavige are polar opposites. Debbie Cook’s outing them in her letter and on the witness stand was suppressive to Miscavige’s cult. Get it?

    Anyone who has been declared SP from the cult should wear that declare like a badge of honor. Forget the IAS mumbo-jumbo levels. I can think of no finer award/reward/honor than to be declared suppressive by people who squirrel LRH’s tech.

  6. Great letter Mark! Very well put. Sadly Slavka has little IQ to work with. What she does have is devoted to making her book sales quota and avoiding spending all night cleaning toilets. Slavka is a simple hungarian, who joined the SO young and has a very limited knowledge of the world around her. She is representative of the new breed of SO members. Gone are the Class VI’s and Class VIII’s and OECs, None are being made and those that were made are either SP declared or laying as low as humanly possible. Now we have semi-literate Hungarians who have been personally trained by RTC staff on how to invalidate and introvert people that express any deviation from the party line. RTC runs special training for MAAs (Sea Org ethics officers) and security staff. They are trained and run directly by RTC. Their training includes simple or basic LRH Ethics courses but then outside that they get “special training” direct from RTC staff which revolves a lot around pushing people around and intimidating people and how to punish effectively. With all the “special” training, they do become good at it. RTC musters them up after hours and makes them endure cruel punishments, and then makes them cruelly punish others as part of their “training”. It’s hard to understand at first, how ethics officers and security staff could be treated so viciously. Finally I understood that to make the problem is how to make stupid but more or less decent people act in a cruel and out-of-valence way requires that you first place tremendous duress against them. Then you use the threat of this duress to make them act cruelly to others. Once that is accomplished you now have a complete out-of-valence ethics officer or security guard who will on their own lie to other staff and inflict vicious punishments without further orders. Just so you know who Slavka is and why she might by lying her ass off to try and damage and hurt you. When you think of her, think of her in training, hungry and bone tired, heavily restimulated, crying herself to sleep for a few hours on a dirty floor. She came from poverty and could easily be returned to it. She will never be allowed deep Scientology training. Such people are the rank and file of the Sea Org. It is FOR them that I will fight as best I can. Not against them. Your letter reflects this – Kudos to you for standing up for some real ideals. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing.

    • Hello Roy,

      It is a cruel device that takes the dreams of spiritual freedom and then mocks them. This should not occur to anyone, and I would have this undone. Talk about de-compression! Can you imagine when these guys are released? They will need a hand, and mine will be there for them.

      I heard today that Leona Fine and her husband Mike routed out of the SO. Apparently Mike has some sort of bone cancer. I have no other details, and no advice to offer them except to start with a complete and thorough PTS handling. How, in the SO, can one name his SP if it is one of the so-called “good hats?” What a pressure cooker games condition.

      I wish them the best.

      • HOLY SMOKES — Leona and Mike were/are dear friends of mine. Until I left in 1993 and until the time when SO were not allowed to “hang out” with non-SO – Mike and Leona would spend leave time or weekends with my ex and I. We treated them to a weekend at The Ritz Carlton Laguna Nigel.

        I’m heartbroken about Mike. Do you have a way to contact him or where he might have gone? Miami?

        ON the positive side — I learned that Cheryl Liccardi Ronhaar has NOT passed away but is ACTIVELY the ARCx auditor in the CW area and might travel elsewhere.

        She’s still obviously IN but at least she’s NOT DEAD.

        BTW – your write up is wonderful. Glad that you managed to step back enough to really really see how unfixable the current scene is FROM inside the bubble.

        NOW — if Al Ribisi could just please please do the same. He was my first senior and as a result my memories are long and fond.


      • I can’t imagine there being another Mike & Leona Fine. If it’s the same I met them in Miami in the early 1990s. He was the WISE Charter Committee. She’s Italian. They had 2 sons. They were both OT 8. I only had a few brief encounters, but ran into them at Flag in 1993 or so when Leona was having a handling for cancer. I believe I heard she had been to the ship. I later learned she didn’t make it and much later that Mike also had a similar fate. While I’m not 100% certain on this, I know they haven’t been around Miami for years. The very last thing I heard was that the 2 sons were quite antagonistic.

    • “Their training includes simple or basic LRH Ethics courses but then outside that they get “special training” direct from RTC staff which revolves a lot around pushing people around and intimidating people and how to punish effectively. With all the “special” training, they do become good at it. RTC musters them up after hours and makes them endure cruel punishments, and then makes them cruelly punish others as part of their “training”.”

      I’m very sickened by this. Isn’t the MAA there to gently assist one get their own ethics in on themselves? This “special” training helps MAA’s do this, how?

      • This training of employees you describe, looks more like a training for jailers than a training for employees of a church or any other spiritual organization. It explains a lot. I understand that in the RTC people get the worst kind of military training possible. This would probably be an insult to the military – sorry.
        It looks to me that Stalin or Mao would have liked to have a training centre like this. It is really unbelievable.
        So the RTC is in heart of what is going on in Scientology?

    • ¤ Source:
      • Gender: Feminine. Usage: Slovene, Croatian. Meaning & History: Feminine form of Slavko
      • Gender: Masculine. Usage: Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Medieval Slavic

    • Roy MacGregor,
      You’ll get a better understanding of how “more or less decent people act in a cruel and out-of-valence way” reading Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo.
      Stanford Prison Experiment:
      Book: The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil:

      • The “Stanford Prison Experiment” and it’s findings are *not Science* as Dr. Zimbardo’s paper was completely destroyed during the Peer Review process with multiple fundamental flaws being cited – the chiefest of which was this: Dr. Zimbardo directly intervened in the “experiment” to influence the “guard” roleplayers to behave as he expected of them – instead of remaining a neutral observer and just documenting what took place.

        This “experiment” has never been repeated by any qualified researchers for verification of the results, either. All the “Stanford Prison Experiment” *really* proved is that a college instructor can get a bunch of desperate students (paid research “volunteers”) to do pretty much what he wants them to for money.

        Michael A. Hobson
        Independent Scientologist

        • martyrathbun09

          Regardless, it sheds a lot of light upon the upper levels of the Scientology Inc Hierarchy.

        • Dear Mike Hobson,

          Thank you for your comments.

          Thanks to your post, upon reading my post, I realized I could have been more polite (I’ll remember next time I post) and write something like “Nice cognition! I think you may expand your understanding …” instead of “You’ll get a better understanding …”.

          I would like to clarify some points.

          ¤ Roy MacGregor had a nice cognition about Co$, and I wanted to help him to improve his cognition. I gave him some references so he could analyze them by himself.
          I think it would had been more appropriate if you just showed the related links so anybody could read them and put Dr. Zimbardo’s findings in the appropriate perspective.

          > “Dr. Zimbardo directly intervened in the “experiment” to influence the “guard” roleplayers.
          The same happens in Co$ where the upper level is influencing the lower levels. So, I think this is a good reference.

          > “Dr. Zimbardo directly intervened in the “experiment” to influence the “guard” roleplayers to behave as he expected of them”
          Even though Dr. Zimbardo intervened, and had influence, I did not see that he had such a strong influence on the results.

          > “This “experiment” has never been repeated by any qualified researchers for verification of the results”
          Related experiments have been done with similar results. E.g.: telling people to give increasingly bigger electric shocks to experimental subjects (of course the shocks were not real, but the people giving them did not know it).

          > ”All the “Stanford Prison Experiment” *really* proved is that a college instructor can get a bunch of desperate students (paid research “volunteers”) to do pretty much what he wants them to for money.”
          Would you please clarify how you get this deduction? Paid research “volunteers” = Bunch of desperate students.

    • > “She came from poverty and could easily be returned to it. She will never be allowed deep Scientology training. Such people are the rank and file of the Sea Org. It is FOR them that I will fight as best I can.”

      Roy MacGregor,
      I wish there were more people like you! ♥

    • I cannot help but think that RTC is the place where ‘little’ SP’s or sociopaths are made, or clones of Mescavige. This is something for a horror movie.
      It is worse than I thought. My god.

  7. It’s probable it’s worse now, but even in 1989, a true doubt formula wasn’t really a doubt formula if one side involved the CofS, because the CofS (in my experience) would require that you use THEIR data for the other side. Of course, that’s inherently a violation of the doubt formula.

  8. one of those who see

    Was on the phone with Largo Paris 69 the other day and he just blurted out a brilliant phrase: “Stop Declaring The Scientologists!.” it was so simple and expressed the Insanity in the Church so perfectly I had to post it. For how many decades has The Church of Scientology been Declaring SCIENTOLOGISTS Suppressive!!!! Wonderful, theta people, Clears, OTs, Auditors, C/S’s, Disseminators, Sea Org, Staff Members & FSMs. Nuts, absolutely Nuts.

  9. Mark,
    Fantastic write -up! The format, as a letter of questions to the MAA, I believe would really communicate to many people. I hope you add it to your blog.
    One of the buttons pushed by the brainwashed minons (also known as Flag MAA’s), when bringing to their attention any off-policy actions of the church is this: “Did you write up knowledge reoprts on what you observed?”.
    You know, if you see some out ethics stuff in the church, you’re “supposed to” apply KSW and write it up…but inside you know its really a pointless endeavor and will only lead to more problems and sec-checking.
    So, later if you mention the bad points you observed to someone they ask you: “Did you write it up?”. And really this is just an effort to introvert you, to stop your continued observation of the bad points. I guess the idea is that you’ll say “No, I never wrote any knowledge reports about the out ethics I witnessed.” and somehow, because YOU never wrote it up, YOU now become/became complicit, and so, feeling like you’ve become part of the problem, (you have your OWN overt of omission: NOT writing up the out-ethics) and so this “cognition” (I am to blame, too) will stop you from pushing forward with getting the bad shit corrected.
    I know, for myself, I witnessed many, many out-ethics activities by executives in the church, many of them Sea Org Execs. I saw first hand direct violations of LRH policy. But I rarely, if ever wrote them up.
    Instead I went off muttering to myself and usually wound up scrunching my eyes until I came up with some way of looking at things so that I was at fault, that it some fucked up part of me that was the problem, never our fearless leaders.
    I have great admiration for you, Mark, and your due diligence of the comm cycles with the MAA. I wish I had had the balls to do the same, or the ability to pull my head out of my own ass long enough to be able to confront what was, and not let myself be introverted and distracted from confronting, head-on, the multitues of out points…
    And there is always some tiny, tiny thread, of question or doubt there: “What if I HAD confronted this shit head on?” Would the end have been any different for me?
    Well, your write up answers that question!!!!!
    NO, I would have been declared an SP even faster!
    Because I did not confront these questions head-on my departure from the church was a long drawn out affair, I KNEW something was wrong, I kept making excuses, until the out-tech and crazy shit was so much that I left, still thinking it was “me”. It took me years to destimulate enough to see things straight.
    Your letter to the Flag MAA is perfect. It lays out the obvious questions that ALL Scientologists SHOULD be asking, along with the “answers” they will receive and the end result…declared an SP.
    I believe it will help many people.
    It has helped me.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Andy!

      Man, you’re one of my heroes of many years! I recall the tenacious quality you brought to everything, and a die-hard attitude that had me laughing on more than one occasion. It’s great to have a comm line with you again.

      While reading your post and your comments about my balls I realized that I don’t have balls, actually. What I have is a willingness NOT to be in the church that equals my willingness to be IN the church. Or anything else for that matter.

      The notion of being declared, for me, was NEVER an issue. It’s not something anyone can hold over my head or extort me with. Hell, I’ve been declared a couple of times before. Those who declared me ended up being declared themselves!

      I have a very independant and lovely daughter who is always on my mind – but if I am declared she is still my daughter and the love of my life, and she has a beautiful husband and children and her husband’s family are everything a father could hope for. So I’m OK!

      I hope this is a helpful observation for you as it just helped me to understand my puzzlement with your question about my balls.

      Mind you, I do have balls, but I just never considered they were on the table. My spiritual eternity is on the table, and I have not given ANYONE the right to determine that. NOBODY but me.

      I KNOW that if I do the right thing and get expelled, it will be no problem. I will be back.

      I KNOW that if I screw something up and get declared – OK, I’ll do A to E and I’ll be back.

      I KNOW that if the people handling me are squirrels and do not KSW and have other dramatizations of out-ethics, they CANNOT have good tech or admin so why would I want to be in that group anyway? So I’m OK!

      I know, in other words, that Scientology is the game where everybody wins.

      God, I love being a Scientologist. I’m honored to be your friends and the friend of anyone who stays on this track – or who loses it from time time doing some crazy thing but then getting it out of their system and getting on with the game of OT.

      So any way I look at it, I’m OK. YOU”RE OK. We are ALL OK. This does not take balls. It takes a willingness to lose them.

      Let’s talk soon!


    • When I was public at the Celebrity Center in LA in 1999, that was the time I was newly discovering the alterations and deletions of the “L. Ron Hubbard Library” versions of the books versus the “By L. Ron Hubbard” versions, both of which I had copies.

      After I wrote up my Knowledge Report of the 9 entirely deleted chapters of “Scientology: A New Slant On Life” out of the new version, I ran this by to an old veteran “safe” terminal I knew at CC, and showed and told him about my new discoveries. He told me, “Wayne, don’t report this! You will bring a hell down upon you from RTC.” He scared the hell out me. He was scared for me, too. So I didn’t. I thought I’d be able to handle this “oversight” from within. It was then, I knew I was in a suppressive regime. Shortly thereafter, I quietly left the “church” after finishing KTL with my girlfriend.

      But then I made it a mission of mine to through and compare all the “by L. Ron Hubbard” book versions, to the “L. Ron Hubbard Library” versions, and posted my findings of RTC squirreling on the Alt-Religion-Scientology (ARS) and Alt-Clearing-Technology (ACT) newsgroups.

      I wonder how many times this discouragement of Public writing up Knowledge Reports and sending them up the lines, comes from corporate Staff? Are there GI stats there to be protected for the Org, and there’s fear yet another Student will be taken off course due to an “ethics” cycle caused from a questioning Knowledge Report who’s questions are unsafe?

      (Perhaps now you know why I favored the alias of “Safe”. :))

      • Safe,
        Just took a quick look at your site. Are these books comparisons available there?

        • I’m trying to recover my past work doing this. I have on 9 missing chapters on NSOL, the Introduction to Scientology Ethics, and the 3 missing Study Tapes. You can find out about it here:

          Realize in 1999, corporate Scientology went after my real name behind my alias of “Safe” after I wrote an article called something like “The 274 errors, misdemeanors, crimes, and high crimes against the Church of Scientology”, and then I listed them right out of the squirreled L. Ron Hubbard Library ethics book.

          So corporate Scientology fraudulently obtained a subpoena to force AT&T to reveal my real name so they could shut me up with a threat of a lawsuit. They falsely claimed I was infringing on their copyrights.

          This abuse by the “church” and even AT&T made the news. You can read my story here;

          Corporate Scientology’s ruthless fear tactics worked. I realized how the Church of Scientology hammers on one so hard BEFORE one even has time to appropriately respond.

          “Dan Leipold, an attorney who was advising Safe, said that AT&T had not given him reasonable time to respond to the subpoena while still protecting Safe’s identity.

          “AT&T didn’t seem too enthusiastic to file objections or to stall this for even a couple of days,” Leipold said. “If I had two weeks to deal with this I could have gotten everything done nicely.””

          Their evil scared the hell out of me so much, I completely stopped voicing my opinions for the next 11 years. Until recently.

          Thanks to Marty, I feel much safer speaking out again. Marty has done MUCH to help create a safer environment for all NAMED and IDENTIFIED people to voice their opinions without feeling fear in doing so.

          Marty, I can’t thank you enough for this. Thank you!

          • Thanks Safe. I’ll be delving in to all this!

          • My server is now under a very heavy DDoS attack. So for now, you won’t be able to access my site. It’s down. Tech is on it now to figure out where this is coming from.

            • Update: Everything is back up. It wasn’t any virus or anything. It was an attempt to overwhelm a specific IP with too many connections. I wouldn’t put it past the “church” doing this, though I can’t imagine my site warrants enough of their attention to try to take it down.

              IF it is you, “church”, nothing you do will permanently take it down. It’s stupid and futile to even try. You will get caught, and it will be exposed in the media creating another stupid foot-bullet you seem so good at doing. I’ve got the best tech guys around to trace the source.

      • Wayne,

        “New Slant on Life” was changed several times through the 60s and 70s. It has always been a collection of LRH essays that were meant to be pertinent to the times. So that’s ONE book I personally don’t mind seeing change over the years (I have several printings in my own collection starting with the first 1965 edition).

        On the other hand, a location which has ALL of the changes in the books and lectures over the years, especially after 1986, would be a very useful resource I think.

        • I’m glad you have the 1965 edition. It includes the vital chapters on Freedom and Communication. As you can check yourself, the following chapters of New Slant On Life are missing from the 1988/1990 “L. Ron Hubbard Library” version produced after LRH’s death.

          1. The Reason Why
          2. The Conditions of Existence
          3. Myths of the Mind
          4. The Man Who Succeeds
          5. On Death of the Consciousness
          6. Accent on Ability
          7. Freedom vs Entrapment
          8. The Human Mind
          9. Communication

          For me, it’s intolerable and unacceptable to make any changes to LRH works which were done after his passing. It clearly couldn’t have been authorized. (Of course, David Miscavige could claim that the spirit of the man labeled LRH was talking to him telling him to delete these important chapters, or perhaps those damn SP stenographers “forgot” to include these 9 vital chapters in the “L. Ron Hubbard Library” version.)

          What’s also intolerable to me is for changes to be made without Scientologists being notified of those specific changes, WHY they were made, and source and proof of authorization to make those changes.

          IMO, it is being “reasonable” to think this is OK to do. Clearly, it’s out-KSW.

          Unless corporate Scientologists minds have been too nullified and dumbed down, knowing that alteration and deletion of LRH’s works has been done, alone, should be enough to wake up corporate Scientologists enough to really look as to what is really going on. IMO, not enough emphasis has been done with this.

      • Li'll bit of stuff

        Thanks for sharing some of your personal travails, and also interesting to hear how you took it upon yourself to do some immense work in the book comparisons, too!
        The postings you did should prove invaluable, in time
        to come, when the religion thief & corrupter is finally
        brought to reckoning, which can’t be too far off now.

  10. Excellent write up – powerfull

  11. Mark you be the man! Your knowledge and background and experience in LRH Tech is so far superior to most Scientologist (in or out of the SO) it would put most into questions about what is happening IF they just read your comments on this blog.

    I am sure that many will forward your comments to others that should have the opportunity to read such a well laid out list of “questions”. People that do not read this blog, but still believe.

    I admire you for your very long term unwavering commitment to Scientology and your steadfast positions on trying to turn this mess around.

    Thank you for all that you have done and are continuing to do.

    Ken Schick

    • Hi Ken!

      GREAT to hear from you, and I really appreciate your words. having seen the feedback of so many excellent people I am very encouraged that I did the right thing by posting. I think we are spending too much time on all this crazy shit, but there are people who really need to have a handle on things and I forget that I was one of those a few months ago! So I posted in the hope it would help, and from your feedback and Yvonne’s and so many other friends, I’m feeling a fishing trip boil up in my innards!

      I want to know when you and Y are heading North in the hope we could hook up. I’m out of the country soon for a week, and then back for some other forms of mischief.

      When are you going?

      Thanks again for posting, my friend.


      • Shreff, I don’t know that “we are spending too much time on all this crazy shit”. For me, the accumulated unaddressed outpoints over the years were driving me nuts because there were no answers to be had, and the ones I did have were mostly lies. Little by little the information and viewpoints I have read here have clarified things for me. That has been most valuable, and my favorite thing to do when having my morning coffee (and when I take a break from work, and…….) is to check in at Marty’s blog.

        That said, I am also seeing the future taking shape here, and and failed purposes being rekindled. It looks to me like we have the beginnings of something like the very successful mission network of the 70s being built. I’m sure that there are many of us who are reorganizing our lives to be part of this future. In the meantime, Marty’s blog gives us a chance to find out “whatever happened to Shreffie” and lots of other people who each have their own stories to tell.

        • Li'll bit of stuff

          Simple, my exact sentiments, in every respect!
          And it simply goes without saying, that if this
          degree of duplication IS possible, through the
          written comm relayed across a blog, what does
          that say for the UNDERSTANDING possible???
          Marty said something similar in his 2012 New
          Year message, in terms of things just getting
          better! All tone 4.0 stuff, for sure! Pure Shreff!

  12. Well I got my Declare today. As I have not actually heard from anyone in an org it follows the random pattern of insanity that is going on right now. I have received not one piece of communication prior to today. No KR’s, no warnings, no comm ev; nothing. I didn’t get a Golden Rod, phone call, email, letter or text.

    Way to go COS.

    To add insult to injury my FSM seems to have known prior to me as I was defriended on FB by him two days ago.

    Up to this point I considered myself lurker. Hanging on the sidelines seeing what will transpire from this mess. Hoping that it will sort out. This proves to me that the COS is not applying even the slightest piece of ethics tech. When I was on the EPF I remember going over and over the ethics book clearing words on the ethics gradients. How does one go right to Declare without any kind warning.
    Look out for my doubt formula. Now I can complete it

    • EXSO, I assume this was a “double secret” declare? Did they even say what you were declared for?

      • I got HCOPL 7 March 1965 RB. Issue 1 Revised 8 Jan 1991. That states (reissued 4 november 2001 to correct the date of this issue. This PL was originally issued 7 March 1965. When revised in Dec 1965 the Mimeo typist erroneously altered the date of the PL to the revision date of 23 December 1965).
        This is an alter is of the HCOPL in my green vols.

        Then I got:
        Continued membership in a divergent group.
        Continued adherence to a person or group pronounced a suppressive person or group by HCO
        Failure to handle or disavow and disconnect from a person demonstrably guilty of suppresive acts.
        oh and the killer
        Engaging in malicious rumor mongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to Safeguard a position.
        Oh and then a generalization:
        Violation of KSW.

    • Lurker 2.0!

      Hey man, now you stop lurking and just hang out in the open. It is truly weird that you had no other gradients, but stranger things have happened!

      We’ll be looking for that announcement, dude.

    • I truly empathize and understand the extreme level of betrayal you’re likely going through right now. I’m so sorry. Everybody here has experienced this, too, I’m sure. IMO, this venue here is a fantastic way to heal. I consider it one giant group auditing session. I think you’ll find the same.

      I can hardly wait for your doubt formula, if you want to post it here. Welcome to the group of individuals here I consider the real Scientologists, who are now free and independent! :)

  13. Wow, Mark.

    Those are some very insightful and penetrating questions that you ask there. You would think that anyone reading them – no matter how PTS, would at least come up to “look” on the Know to Mystery scale and start identifying and duplicating the outpoints themselves.

    Sadly, however, this game we are playing appears to be more diabolical than it appears on it’s face.

    The person to whom you sent the questions is named Slavka (female slave).

    • Slavka:
      • Gender: Feminine
      • Usage: Slovene, Croatian
      • Meaning & History: Feminine form of Slavko
      ¤ Source:
      • Gender: Masculine
      • Usage: Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Medieval Slavic
      • Meaning & History: Derived from Slavic slav meaning “glory”.
      ¤ Source:

      • Someone deleted my post.
        Maybe it seemed my etymology of “slava” as being “glory, praise” is wrong because of the link Scott C. posted.
        But this etymology is the origin of the word before the slavic people were catched as “slaves”. This is the origin of the slavic meaning.
        Slovo in the most slavic languages (incl russian, polish) is used in its original meaning “word”. Slava “praise (by words)”.

        So the derivation of the word “S(c)lave” (in german Sklave) and its changed meaning occured afterwards.

        See also Scotts link:

        As far as the Slavs’ own self-designation goes, its meaning is, understandably, better than “slave” it comes from the Indo-European root *kleu-, whose basic meaning is “to hear” and occurs in many derivatives meaning “renown, fame.” The Slavs are thus “the famous people.” Slavic names ending in -slav incorporate the same word, such as Czech Bohu-slav, “God’s fame,” Russian Msti-slav, “vengeful fame,” and Polish Stani-slaw, “famous for withstanding (enemies).”

    • Hi Scott,
      I think a reasonable strategy is to stop paying attention to that game once you have made a decision in doubt, and just get on with more constructive games. I agree with you that the church today is like a Gordian’s knot, and will finally come unraveled when everyone lightens up about it. The we can fix it or just get on the right track and leave this train behind!

      • Common sense Mark! You gotta know when to fold ‘em.

        • Off-topic here, but Kenny Rogers’ bassist is long-time Scientologist, Chuck Jacobs. Chuck’s brother, Dan Jacobs is a reknowned jazz trumpet player and many-time winner of the Auditor of the Year award back when he had his own field practice. I played in bands with Dan before I got into Scn and did not even know he was a Scientologist. Chuck also helped me record some demo tracks. Both great guys.

          Alas, Dan and his wife Myrna seem to have unofficially disconnected with me. I noticed that I can no longer post comments on either of their Facebook walls, but it shows that I am still friends with Myrna. (sad sigh)

          I sure wish they would see the light and join us outside of Plato’s Cave.


          • Off topic can be good! That is interesting actually. I wrote songs for Andre’ Moore’s demo tapes when he was producing for Motown in L.A.. I even wrote a rap tune!

            It’s My World

            The girl on the sidewalk begged to be free.
            I stood there looking at blood on the street.
            “Just let her go” I said to her man. He said,
            “Mind your own bizness, run while you can.”

            “But I can’t leave her hurtin, give her some space.
            We gotta do somethin to fix up this place.”
            When the doctor stood looking with out any care
            her man downstairs waiting, cried in despair.


            They keep on telling me to look the other way.
            They keep inviting me to forget about my way.
            Why should I care? Why did I dare? Why was I there that day?
            Cause I own this place.
            I own this place.
            Even if I am a little girl
            this is my world.

            The baby was crying on a December day.
            He was only in diapers as I stood on Broadway.
            “Just get her help” I begged the police. He said,
            “The mother’s on dope and she don’t speak English.”

            “Don’t leave that baby inside this hotel,
            we need to do something to handle this hell.”
            The case worker talkin without any care
            But the baby was warm when I left him there.


            I’ll tell you a story that happened to me
            I was in New York City only sixteen.
            “You’de better keep living” He ordered me back.
            “I won’t let you die, you’re livin in fact.”

            He made me believe in some other hope.
            Got me to give up the needle and dope.
            The man had the power to make me believe
            I had a good reason to wake up and live.

            He kept on telling me
            “Don’t look the other way.
            They’re gonna keep inviting you
            to forget about your way.

            You’de better care, You’de better dare
            to make a better day.

            Cause you own this place
            you own this place

            Even if you are a little girl

            ………..This is your world”.

            Also spent a lot of time sleeping on the couch at Electric Lady on St. Marks Place in New York . We may have crossed paths with some of the same people. I went to go see Kenny Rogers in concert in New Jersey when I was 23. All of my friends thought I was lame so I had to go alone. Also had to go see Lisa Minnelli and Peter Allen alone.

            The off topic was refreshing. Thanks Nance.

            • Li'll bit of stuff

              Nancy & T.O.,
              I can clearly see a renaissance on the horizon, when ALL
              artists of every hue, including ourselves, will again freely
              practise what we inherently do best——-CREATE
              With a renewed certainty & zest, fully in the glare of the
              bright, open sunshine,we may again share the freedom
              of spirit, that makes realized beingness so special.
              ML, Calvin.

      • Thanks Mark,

        Yes, I agree. That’s why I don’t even bother engaging the church anymore. To me, the entire key to clearing the planet is to get enough people up and out the top (Training and Processing) so that their spheres of influence overlap. At that point, the Fourth Dynamic Engram can be audited out.

  14. Mark,
    Thanks for standing up and being counted. Your questions are pertinent to the reality of the church today. If there is any chance of saving the good in the subject, it will be because more people like you do stand up.
    You have made a huge difference and we are truly grateful! Thanks again, love, Laura and Mike Wilson

    • Hi Laura,
      I agree that we all need to take a stand, and it’s quite easy after the formulas are fully done. What a relief!!

      I’ve very happy that you guys are winning.



  15. Mark — I guess the real irony of this is you asking for statistics should be greeted with “We thought you would never ask. Of course, look at these, we have graphs and information on our incredible statistics, as much as you want.”

    Because you KNOW, that if those statistics existed, the very ones you are asking about, they would be being shouted from every rooftop.

    You would see exploding graphs by the dozens and rousing videos showing REAL people in the orgs bursting at the seams (the obviously staged shots filled with extras).

    You would see the hundreds and thousands of OTs manifesting themselves (rather than avoiding regges and otherwise hiding).

    You would see the IAS promoting the massive number of members they have around the world — in fact, I believe their numbers are shrinking.

    And my oh my, you would never hear the end of it if there actually WAS a new org (just one….) in amongst this unprecedented, massive, straight up and vertical expansion that has been going on for decades under the guidance of the most supreme commander pope on a rope.

    Oh, be sure, you and everyone else would be having this information rammed down your throat with details and specifics (don’t forget the excruciating detail POB will engage in when he feels he is on strong ground — remember the “Basics” briefing?) rather than the unverifiable, incomprehensible vague generalities that are foisted off at every event — “more people being introduced to the tech now than at any time in history and 50X the decade previous to then.”

    States are irrefutable. It’s why there is so much policy written about them and why the Doubt formula says to examine the STATISTICS.

    It is also why Miscavige has made an art form out of phony “stats” and propaganda by redefinition of terms: “Square footage = expansion”, “new building = new org” — and then SHOW those things. Because there is nothing else to show. The “statistics” of the RCS are strictly how much money can be sucked in and how much MEST can be purchased and displayed. It’s a sorry state of affairs for the organization that is supposed to provide Dianetics and Scientology and all that they offer.

    So glad to have your voice adding to the chorus — singing a song that is gaining popularity by the day. And a song that can even be heard inside the walls of Miscavige’s sand castle.

    • Assumed Identities are not Identical. Hey! When’s the last time anyone ran HC lists?

    • Hello Mike!
      Your sage words are a blessed relief as this issue on stats has been at the center of my rant with HCO and OSA for the past year, and what you say is very true: if we were actually producing these stats they would be tooted from the rooftops.

      I was so tired of the game-show mentality of these so-called “International Events” that could not do anything BUT bring about Non Existence in lower echelons. It is transparent.

      The Manchurian Candidate re-visisted. I was reminded of a ride I took once in Disneyland called “INTO the ATOM!” that was guaranteed to introvert the hell out of anyone who rode it. It was the time I realized that amusement parks are implant stations without the electricity. Just like INT events.

      Which raises another, more onerous, matter: there is no intention of creating these stats because it is no longer the game in the church. The game of creating auditors and making real OTs is a fiction that they don’t even pay lip service to any more. This is my opinion, but in my gut I think that game is over. I don’t see it happening, and I see no enthusiasm anymore for CLASS 8 and other accomplishments that used to get us all excited.

      My interest, frankly, is in salvaging as many pieces as possible from that game. Like the “Great Escape” movie where they dismantled the barracks to build tunnels to get people OUT and on to the right track.

      I’m really happy that you posted, Mike. I hope you’re doing well and that you’ll check out my blog and give me a piece of your mind.

      • Thanks Mark. I will surely visit your blog — what is the url (it will benefit others to have it posted here too).

        I have done a lot of postings and comments on this blog concerning the stats and events and the scam of the Ideal Orgs. It really is a master sleight of hand that Miscavige has managed to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes. They actually believe that this is the “greatest period of Scientology’s expansion ever” in spite of what is in front of their face. They buy smoke and mirrors and illusions because they cannot see the omitteds.

        I don’t think we have ever met, but I know a lot of people that speak so highly of you. And from reading what you have written, I know why.


        • Hello Mike,
          The blog is
          That is the “URL” I assume… I’m pretty new at this new fangled stuff.

          You and I.had one brief encounter at a New Year’s party at the Boneventure in the first year of the Power FSM program. I was one of the recipients and was invited to the INT party afterwards. Man, that was a party!

          It would be a pleasure to meet you again in quieter circumstances. Talk about questions! I’d have about a million for you. And we know a lot of the same people in Australia, I’m sure.

      • “… I realized that amusement parks are implant stations without the electricity. Just like INT events.”

        At least amusement parks are fun! You don’t have to make yourself scream “Hip hip, HOORAY!” if you didn’t really have fun.

        And no one forces you to ride on the rollercoasters.


    • I had to laugh when I was presented with the Mike ‘n Marty DA pack at the AO, they had about 6 or 8 actual stat graphs in the pack. This was to “prove” that the org was expanding like mad. But all of the numbers had been removed!! I just smiled to myself, knowing exactly where they stood on the subject of truth.

  16. Against the tide

    Each year, the editors at 24/7 Wall St. identify 10 American brands most likely to disappear. This year’s list reflects the brutally competitive nature of certain industries and suggests what can happen to companies that fall behind in efficiency, innovation or financing.

    The website takes a methodical approach in predicting which brands will disappear before the end of 2013, based on the following criteria:

    A rapid decline in sales, contributing to steep losses.
    Disclosures by the parent of a brand that it might go out of business.
    Rapidly rising costs that are unlikely to be recouped through higher prices.
    Companies that are sold.
    Companies that go into bankruptcy.
    Companies that have lost most of their customers.
    Operations with rapidly withering market shares.

    The above is a news item on the web re Brands most likely to disappear. I would say Corp Scienology fits at least some of the criteria for disappearing. At least the first and the last two items on the list.

  17. LatinAmericanMX

    I thought Mexico was the only country where the completion of the Library Donation campaign had been false reported. I am a reader since I was 10 years old (and while I was on the Sea Org at LATAM they tried to take it from me by making fun when I would read anything that was not from LRH, but I would keep doing it anyway even if I would need to hide to avoid the jokes on me or the penalties given, following the pattern of Flag) so I love libraries.
    I am a regular user of 3 of the biggest libraries in Mexico: Jose Vasconcelos Library, also regarded as the biggest of Latin America; the Biblioteca Central of Ciudad Universitaria UNAM, the main library of the most important university in Mexico and for spanish-speaking countries as well as the main source of books for the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature of the same university, and the Biblioteca Mexico, which is one of the oldest and most renowned libraries of Mexico.
    In none of these libraries I have been able to find the Basic Books, and I have looked for them since they reported Mexico City as a completed target.
    I remember being asked for more money for audiobook donations and so for, but there is no way I’m giving them a penny any more.

    By the way, I loved the way you questioned the right things. Let me know if you get any answers.

    • Latino!

      Thank you for the post, amigo.

      I love libraries, too, though I don’t frequent them anymore. I have wondered why our entire LRH library has not been downloaded to an iPAD, as I read everything anymore in a digital format and with today’s state-of-the-art there is plenty of room.

      As to the answers for my questions, I did resolve them but not in a way that would be given Issue Authority by church management. I went to the Internet for most of it and the rest I cobbled together from friends on orgs staffs around the world and from obnosis.

      It was an ordeal because the church has been my ally for 38 years, and suddenly I was being treated like an enemy just for asking questions. At one point a friend, Dan Koon, told me they were planning all the way up the lines how to “handle me” and they were concerned I was going to “resign from the church.” I went in the next day to the continuing series of OSA interviews and brought that up as the first point: You may be concerned that I’m going to resign from the church. I will not. You will wish that I did if you do not answer my questions, because I am not going anywhere. But these questions are.” That was in July 2011, and here are the questions today – unanswered by the church but, happily, I have made peace with them.

      Good luck with your Bridge – which I hope you are pursuing!

  18. Thank you Mark for standing up. I sense and really understand the significance of your pronouncements and actions.

    Us, as Human Beings, will continue to “wake up” until we realize we are something so much more. Thank you again for hammering that eternal reminder.

    Perhaps we’ll have a conversation that complements that one circa ’75 or so at the Cincinnati Mission on Jefferson Avenue.

    Yeah, it changed and improved my life in ways that cannot be simply written without a long winded session. None-the-less, I consider you a Scientological Hero.

    Please don’t blush……………

    There are real heros and you are one of them. I’m temporarily star-struck having met one of them. In short, thanks for everything you are doing and I could go on.

    If it were iin my capacity, I’d assign you a condition of power. However, if there’s one higher, it would be Kha Khan.

    I’ll cut this short.

    Thanks Mark!

    • This is to be from Tom Gallagher.

    • Hi Tom,
      Boy, these words have been fermenting for many years, and go down like the finest wine. Thank you, brother. And I remember that building and location with affection, and the crew we had there grew in to some real champions. Thanks for the memories, pal.

  19. Ahhh, another strong shoulder to these wheels. Boy, is it nice to read your letter and your reponses to these comments. Yessiree. Very nice.

  20. Shreff is obviously an extremely cool and VERY aware individual. To say nothing of his virtually four decades of contributions in the dissemination and delivery of Scientology. As to the MAA he addresses, well, I would say there will be no change in the way the CoS operates in this regard no matter what. This is because the WHOLE ETHICS SYSTEM as set up in the 1960s STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN! The proof of this is quite simply the product you see before you. NO ethics officer or MAA had the character or confront to ever recognize or deal with the rise of Miscavige. That’s because the WHOLE SYSTEM in Dept. 3 is set up/colmpletely geared to protect and defend the power in the church from ever being challenged by anyone. The “recourse” in policy is just for show, it is a sop to the masses, a disguise that one ONLY has the recourse that the power at any time decides is in its interests to give. Dept. 3 is there to keep the folks in line and kick out and defame anyone who offers ANY real dissent to the power in the church. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY. Miscavige has just kept the ball rolling. And he has been smart enough to do it with teenagers and/or other extremely “influence-able” folks who either know nothing about Scientology or are deathly in fear as a tone level. And NO ONE opposed him. Hello Heber, Yager, Guilliame, you alleged “OTs” …… The system itself is an oppressive and sick one. And then there’s the whole system of “informing” that was set up, all the different “reports” one has the duty to write as an obligation to the third dynamic. How much do you bet that none of this system (or just the bare minimum needed to handle true suppressives on the 3D) will EVER be applied by Independent Scientology. Thank you Mark for once again exposing this sick, fascistic system and how EASY it is to be taken over by the Hitler Youth and their leader. Qual? Don’t make me laugh. If the top “OTs” in Scientology have absolutely no confront or ability to deal with any type of evil and are so easily co-opted to agree (yes sir, we will walk into the Hole for you, because we have no minds of our own and are incapable of saying no to you) how do you expect the “Correction Division” to act? Of course, it hasn’t. A COMPLETE collapse of the whole Scientology admin system. A house of cards when push came to shove and there was a REAL challenge. Right before our very eyes. Yeah, nice buildings and money. And Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were able to steal money and build things too.

    • Hi Joe,

      I’m with you, brother. You’ve obviously chewed on this bone for awhile and I’m glad to see your conclusions. I’m amazed that it took me so long to see it, but then I am only recently arrived from the graveyard of the not-quite-dead!

      I actually think our future is a LOT more interesting than our past has been!

      I hope to see you in it!


    • Theo Sismanides

      Joe, good observations, however I don’t think any system can think by itself. So don’t blame Admin for what Thetans didn’t do.

      The actual problem is Ethics level and as we know it this has to do with Tone Level. High Ethics would be High Tone individual. So in my opinion we have been going through a test and the test has been how do you deal with Suppression from within especially when such suppression is found at the top of the org board. And it looks like we failed to deal with this.

      Now, the latest solution IS to go out, away from the suppression and handle it from a distance. So the Indie Field has assumed the post of Keeper of Tech in Dept 21 and other hats. The only difference is that the KOT and the other hats are being performed outside the Organization. Reports keep going in now and they are targeting the right terminals and people feel safe and insist on putting ethics in. So not everything is lost and yes the system is working when there is SOMEONE There. And now there are some someones Here. Really are for the first time after so many years.

      • Hi Theo, I enjoyed your observations.

        There is a hue and cry about “handling things from within,” but handlings always require a comm cycle and when these get stuck on a one way flow, sometimes it requires a POP to break the circuits and get the flows going again. That’s my limited experience, anyway.

        I think, too, there is a bit of a sur fac war going on wherein people get more in to making themselves right and the opponent wrong than they do making progress towards any useful result. This is the lack of a real Qual.

        For this reason I think anything that snaps us in to PT is probably a justifiable therapy. I think I’ll make myself a tee shirt with “SNAP OUT OF IT!!” written on the back. And I think there should be more importance on the track than on the train. – which is to say more value on the accuracy and standadrdness of the steps to OT than on the vessel that gets us there.

        The history of this evolution we are experiencing will be fascinating to see, and I’ll bet dimes to donuts we’ll find a reference that Ron wrote fifty years ago that precisely nails it!

        I think we as a group will arrive, eventually, at a gooey center that does not take itself so serious but in a very casual manner and with highest ARC ruthlessly adheres to KSW.

        Focus will be on local delivery and independant control that is monitored by sane and trained Qual personnel who will provide correction services to the associated groups and who are known for their ability to GRANT BEINGNESS.

        Jees, this sounds like something more out of HG Wells than LRH!

        I’m interested to hear your return on this.


    • Wow! What a fascinating pull-no-punches statement! No concern about being politically correct, here! lol. I appreciate that. And I appreciate you were allowed to say what you know and feel, here. :)

  21. Mark,

    This write-up is brilliant — your logic, undeniable. The out-points are blaring — distribution of “Freedom” to St. Pete Times readership, the epitome of stupid!

    It blew charge for me and no doubt it will help others who share the same thoughts and questions you raised.

    You’re amazing, so damn smart, and I have tons of respect and admiration for the efforts you’re taking to spread the truth!


    • Hi Marsha!

      Your help has been invaluable, my friend. Thank YOU for that, and I look forward to some sort of collaboration up the line.

    • Hi Marsha! Just wanted to say HI :) It’s Kelly from Clearwater Mission, out since 08. Hope you and Steve and all the kids are doing great. Miss all the people I don’t see any more out here. But I’m doing so much better now!!!

  22. Awesome write-up! Thanks for sharing it here where it can be seen far and wide. No sane person could read that and not cognite that things are very, very wrong in the corporate church.

  23. Theo Sismanides

    Communication on such matters now is possible.

    Going to a safe place and speaking up.

    The Indie Field, the mighty Internet as the new means of human (fast) communication all this make up for DM’s fall.

    Reason prevails again in Scientology. It was not like that ten years ago. A long of time has been lost and we underestimate ourselves in what we can do. I am being told to concentrate on Greece and myself when I see all those people around me who can do something about it. Like Mark. So I will keep on encouraging my 3rd dynamic to get even closer to each other and do things together.

    Mark, thanks for coming out, thanks for stating your questions, sticking to them and demanding a decent answer.

    Though we are not using much Force or much Intelligence we use enough Free Theta to fight this battle. And though I can understand how people became reactive to any idea of uniting, organizing and working together (something that only LRH could have gotten them to do and DM undoes it big time), I will insist on saying that ALL of us can push forward and do it. Each one to the degree he/she can perform certain actions.

    One by one people are leaving the church and coming to the Indie Field so they can take a breath of theta. This is the admin decompressing era I guess.

    Thanks again Mark.

  24. Mark,

    E very brilliant and astute write-up! It is my first choice of a write-up to show any inquiring mind.

    I know you addressed it to an AO MAA but you no doubt were reaching out to those who actually would take your questioning to heart.

    I was twinned for a while with an ex-Coachman MAA on the RPF and got some insight into their life at the FSO. They are all young – under thirty and most started in their teens.

    They were all trained under the direct supervision of the D/IG MAA and RTC Reps.

    They regard the RTC reps as semi-Gods.

    From what I could derive it seemed very apparent that from 1995 onward DM intentionally only wanted very young people to be posted as auditors and MAAs – those who had no prior experience of LRH tech the way it was. All while slowly getting rid of old-timers who knew how it was when LRH was running things, except for those old timers who donated amply and were willing to bow down to DM.

    Any MAA is supposed to be a PTS/SP specialist, trained in every nuance of PTS/SP technology, condition application, etc., but instead, the new breed of MAAs are personally instructed and the material interpreted for them by the very people who they would find have suppressive characteristics if they were truly applying and understanding the tech they so carefully studied.

    Most MAAs are just young people with good intentions. They have been trained up to become bitches and bastards but that’s trained in and not inherent and most of them as people are probably nice people, as I have no doubt even the MAA you’re addressing is like.

    It is a pity the very people who should root out suppression from an organization have been indoctrinated into protecting the real suppressives while rooting out the real productives.

    Your intelligent and well-worded questioning will have good impact among the Scientology community as it gets spread!

    Thanks for doing this, Ulf

    • Thank you, Ulf.
      As unsettling as your description of MAA training is, I found it aligns well with my own observations working with HCO at FSO. There were certain MAAs they would not think of putting me with because I was considered “volatile.” Slavka has an excellent comm cycle and a wonderful beingness, but a narrow “band width,” if you catch my meaning. The degree of her naivte was unsettling because I always knew that to get my questions addressed I would have to see someone far more senior. It s like her tool box was limited.

      One SO exec from another country, an old acquaintance of mine, remarked that my questions were “above the pay grade” of the crew at FSO, But their product is finishing people on 7 and how can you do that if you have these questions unanswered?

      It was all puzzling for me until I realized, that it was not their intention to handle me, it was their intention to CONTAIN me. That’s when I realized the game was over and that I would never see the top of the Bridge at FSO.

      OT is not about containment. I don’t know what it is about, but for me it is NOT about containment. It has something to do, however, with a blemish-free code of honor and with an infinite TR0.

      That should put me in the ballpark, anyway.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Ulf.


      • Mark, your comment on infinite TR0 very much indicates to me. Maybe not as an absolute about OT, but as nearly as can be attained and always progressively steadily approached. i think that potential of infinite TR0 would include the ability to confront anything, the ability to deal with anything, the sense of one’s own beingness AS a being with one’s own viewpoint and the right to it. Also of course a confidence in one’s ability to postulate life. And a great amount of ARC and caring for other beings. That’s why I am so disappointed in folks like Heber, Yager, Leserve, etc. It’s not because I’m such a sterling or in ethics being or better than they are, because I’m not. It’s because I want to attain the above beingness and I thought I would (and I joined staff 42 years ago) and this whole inability to even recognize someone like Miscavige, much less confront or handle him and what has happened to the church has been a huge and bitter disappointment to me as a Scientologist about what training and processing really means. But I think there is a future for the goals I have stated and a lot of the hope for that is due to the inspiration and work of people like you and Marty. Keep up the good work and the communication. What you do and say and your ARC is greatly appreciated by many.

      • Excellent comment Mark.
        I realized this too while on OT7. I thought being cause over life included being cause over my church.
        So in my attempt to be at cause over my church and realizing that they wanted me to be an effect, I resigned and then got at cause over my church and cause over my life too!

        • Just saying that I remember sharing with a fellow OTC member on the level that I never felt so much at effect as while at Flag. I didn’t really know the writing was on on the wall then. She told me to just keep auditing but Flag doesn’t let you just audit.

      • Thanks Mark,

        There were several ex-MAAs on the RPF and each one was personable and factually quite intelligent, but, as you said, had a very “limited bandwidth.”

        Your old SO exec friend was right. Sadly however, you would probably get more answers out of your MAA than anyone at Int/OSA.

        I had a similar turning point when I decided to leave, but it wasn’t exactly containment, which I do fully understand in your case. For me it was realizing that I had to be and think a certain way to “succeed” within the Sea Org/Church. I joined the SO and Scientology for that matter mainly because of the tenets about self-determinism and thinking more freely and all demonstrable factors, real ones, were going in the opposite direction.

        People were trying to tell me that I was deluded but that is hard to convince someone who just thousands of hours of FPRD and TRD. No I had seen truth and that wasn’t acceptable so I left.

        I am not OT, but I do believe that a being cannot be stronger than the ultimate Code of Honor, so your own description rings very true. If one naturally and inherently applies the Code of Honor, one is power, in all positive aspects of that word!

  25. In the last analysis until Miscavige is removed from the self styled position he holds and the church is restored on track as LRH intended, there will be no case change with regard to the church other than a continued deterioration.
    Arguing with minions and yes men (or women) who are obviously in total effect of DM is a waste of time. His does not practice scientology. His minions do not practice scientology. No one at that level practices scientology. Why are there?
    One needs to handle the source. A continual persistent overwhelming demand for Miscavige’s removal as violating church tenets, the philosophy and any other charges is what is required. Here we have the only route for man researched and presented in this universe and it is ok for one evil intentioned being to suppress it! I don’t think so!
    Miscavige should be forced to resign.

  26. FreedomFromYouIn2006

    My husband has always had a good word and a grin whenever he brought up “The Shreff”! He really did always think of you as a hero, and someone to look up-to. I can see why he thinks this! Thank you for this intelligent and clear-as-day analysis of the current C of S. Looking forward to seeing what else you have to say.

  27. Shref,
    Wow, wow, We blew so much charge reading your letter. Thank you! Thank you for caring about LRH and Standard tech! That is really what it gets down to when one becomes an Indie, demands for standard tech, LRH’s tech. The stuff that changed our live’s and what we wanted to get to the world. The stuff that is being squirreled by ALL of those in the current “church”. Those that are unknowingly commiting overts on LRH because they are to PTS to look. There is a state worse then blindness, that is thinking you see when you don’t. Your letter will go viral.
    Kat and Jerry Brady

    • “The stuff that is being squirreled by ALL of those in the current “church”. Those that are unknowingly commiting overts on LRH because they are to PTS to look. There is a state worse then blindness, that is thinking you see when you don’t.”

      Kat and Jerry,

      I couldn’t agree more. Corporate Scientologists are severely PTS. So PTS, they take on the colors of an anti-social personality (SP), being in treason against Scientology and all Scientologists (in and outside the CofS, totally unknowingly.

      As far as I’ve been able to tell, there is actually only ONE true sociopath (SP) who claims to be a Scientologist. Of course, that is David Miscavige.

      (IMO, sadly, even Ron was vulnerable to being PTS, too. He wasn’t infallible.)

  28. Your questions say, you are not alone. So many people thought they were a messed up case or it only happens down here in my little world, I must have misunderstoods, I must be bad, wrong, etc.
    No, it is NOT YOU. Wrong Why.
    I love it!

    • It’s wonderful you have a blog, Tara. The more people exposing the crimes of David Miscavige on their websites, the more opportunities it creates for corporate Scientologists to wake up. Your rather innocent and benign url of may attract corporate Scientologists who may not otherwise go to a site which has markrathbun in its domain name. Very smart, girl! :) Thank you!

  29. Great write up Shreff! While there could be plenty more, here are a couple more questions I would add to your expansive list:

    20. What happened to the TRs?
    21. What happened to OT?

    These two questions summarize the overall “gutting” of SCN – from bottom to top.

    Re TRs (at the bottom): To start, there is no longer an HAS (Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist) course. You know, that great course in the 60’s and 70’s that everybody did when they came in – that many went exterior on! And these incredible TRs, especially OT TRO and TRO, really made Scientologists! And we had a public boom like no other because of them!

    Now there is just the newly “gutted” HQS (Hubbard “Qualified” Scientologist) course. OT TRO has been replaced with a Meditating-like “be there,” that has no CONFRONT attached to it. (That’s right, since 1992 “confront” has actually been taken out of OT TRO! It is no longer “Be there and Confront,” but rather just “Be there”…). Now, one is supposed to just sort of meditate and BE there to a major stable win. Then after somebody has a “win” after 10 minutes or so (no time limit – and also how can one qual someone in just “being there?”). It’s like PC (politically correct) feel good TRs!

    From this inititial bastardization, they move onto TRO – Confront. And now this incredible TR is NOT done to a MSW (major stable win), but just for some hours. So now we get a “feel good” kinda TR flow where somebody can do a couple hours of skating through the most basic fundamentals in SCN – and then whew! – it’s onto TR1.

    Oops, did I miss something? What about TRO Bullbait. Nope, didn’t miss it – it was taken out too! There’s no bullbait on HQS!!! I shit you not!

    I could go on, but this minimally is why I call the bottom of the Bridge “gutted.”

    Re OT (at the top): There is much on the net about the EP of OT 8, missing processes, altered sequences, dropped out whole levels, as well as multiple forms of OT levels, and no further OT levels to come (for one source, see Marty’s book for more on that) and finally, too much/many sickness and deaths of OT themselves in the corporate SCN arena. No wonder it doesn’t truly produce OT.

    A final note on corporate OT. Miscavige can’t have OT, much less truth. If there was indeed a further OT line-up, he would screw it up so it wouldn’t/couldn’t work. Just like he’s been doing with Super Power: it probably wasn’t that it didn’t work all these years; it probably/actually worked too well! And lil Davey couldn’t have that – he’s just got to dumb things down (right to his level!).

    Clubbed seals can’t go OT anyway – it takes an OT to be one :)

    • Roger from Switzerland Thought

      and OTTR0 for example in the VM Hanbook doesn’t exist anymore it’s now called TR0 with closed eyes. No OT anymore just a body that closes it’s eyes and tries to be there ?????.

      • RFST, I never saw that. Wow. They couldn’t take it out of the bulletins (way too much LRH!), but I guess they found a way to strip it out otherwise. So now the score becomes “Meat body 1, OT zero.” Sickening…

        • And yet a further fact about how diabolical the usurpation of the tech has become, LRH amended in ’78 the original TR bulletin
          (Training Drills remodernized from ’71). He said that this change was to replace all issues in all packs and checksheets. Further he stated, “THESE TRS ARE DONE EXACTLY PER THIS HCOB WITHOUT ACTIONS OR CHANGE.” Yet in ’92, the following bastardized heading found its way onto this very bulletin:

          “Reissued 7 July 1992 to correct the purpose and training stress of OT TR-O. When the bulletin was reissued earlier, OT TR-O should have been corrected per LRH data to clarify that on the drill the student is to simply “be there,” not “be there and confront.” This correction was erroneously missed and is being rectified now.”

          What LRH data (hidden data line)? Who authorized this change (and didn’t have the balls to say it either!)? All in total violation of something that, per LRH, was never to change again!

          And to make matters worse, the HCOB (joke) referred above (should probably be called “MCOB”) has virtually disappeared from all courses etc., replaced by the “original” (LOL) it formally replaced (revised 5 July 1978), with no disclaimer as above, and “confront” totally taken out of OT TR O!

          In other words, the corporate alterisers are now reissuing altered bulletins (and I imagine much much more), as the LRH “originals” with no reference at all to their alterising!

          Boogles the mind!

          It would be great if, somehow, somewhere and sometime, a full comparison summary could be made available on the net of exactly just what and how this criminal has perverted SCN piece by piece, tech by tech, issue by issue, so as to make it unworkable! Friends of LRH was a good start. But Corporate bastardization has gone way further now!

    • OMG, 2cents. I’m speechless. Though I shouldn’t be surprised after knowing what I know, now.

  30. Charlie Sweeny

    Excellent list of questions, Mark! Yeah, I saw the writing-on-the-wall in 1995…after I comp’d my Class IV Academy training at SFO…and split then when Debbie Hurtado and Janet Meinsma were attempting to reg me for the ‘Auditor Update Service’ (read: precursor to GAT). VWD on achieving Escape Velocity! Still remember you from when we worked together at SF Msn on
    Sutter. :-)

  31. Shreff,

    I’ve figured out a way to get this comm of yours to the MAA into the hands of some our mutual best friends who are themselves big time OLs. It’s time we rescued a few of our old buddies, don’t ya think?

  32. Hey Mark – your post landed on the blog, on the same day and with the same precision as Curiosity’s landing on Mars. You and Curiosity will kick up some dust for sure, but I think Mars will yield its secrets long before the RCS will. It is a truly valid exercise, though, to blow the charge and move on up. You have so much heart Mark. Its a very, very cool thing about you!

  33. Mark
    Wow! Just WOW! You know I read this originally yesterday right after it went up. I went back and reread it again today. I have no comment that has not been posted already.
    I just want to tell you this:
    Your courage and persistence regarding this gives me a huge amount of admiration for you. It makes me even more proud to be part of this Group with guys like you Mike, Marty and the many others.

    PRICE OF FREEDOM, constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back.
    There is no other price. (AHMC-1, 6012C31)

  34. Mike I goofed on my name. Please take the y out. Should be freeatlast.
    Give me a call sometime, Lets get together

  35. Mr Shreff,
    Well done for maintaining your integrity and speaking out loud and clear!!
    People like you are the people who REALLY helped Scientology become part of mainstream society in the old days before the Church of Crapology.
    Take a bow!
    I am an old timer (1968-1981) fully trained and practiced in OEC, FEBC, DSEC, HEJSC and I truly know what I am talking about. In my days as a Flag Evaluator, when we had Scientology booming around the world with hardly any bad press, I knew or met many people like you. What we used to call the Field, from the point of view of us Flag Org Managers/ evaluators, was what was making Scientology accepted by people from all walks of life, an acceptance that was utterly destroyed by Mr David Miscavige, beginning in 1980-81.

    In my opinion, these poor deluded people who have been appointed to be Ethics Officers/MAA’s have absofuckinglutely NO IDEA of what Ethics means, never mind what ethical behaviour is. If they did, they would promptly walk away and join the people who do know.

    But the most shocking thing to me is to see the OTHER poor souls (many of them fairly intelligent people who put themselves in the hands of these deluded (and not so intelligent) people) to get their “ethics” “handled” by these ignorant, mostly illiterate individuals who should really be called David Miscavige Law Enforcement Officers. Not MAA’s or Ethics Officers but DMLEO’s.

    Once again, well done for your action and I hope many of your friends will follow.


  36. Mark,
    You’re a Rock Star! :)

  37. That’s a great bunch of in your face questions for any RCS terminal. I dare say any one of them would blow a gasket in the first two sentences. Their ability to confront what is actually in front of them is pretty sad.
    I got out in the mid nineties, their weird alteration of the tech line up (squirrel co-audits and intro services) even before GAT pretty much emptied my academy. It was the strangest gut wrenching sensation seeing all the glitz & glamor poured around in that group, yet no products. It takes a lot of sweat to make an auditor, especially in Qual.
    My only question to the Church is and always will be – where are the auditors? Buildings, money, promises & robots don’t audit.

  38. A radical question?

    Ive been following this blog with great interest since the Debbe Cook stuff kicked off at the start of the year and have developed a real resect and affection for many of the folks who post here.

    From that base, I would like to pose a perhaps radical question – but one that has been recurring in my mind for a few weeks:

    What if all you great, talented folks who have left CoS, REALLY left it – and devoted all your energies to creating the new better world that you want, refusing to be drawn back into the dysfunctional mental and emotional quicksand that you have left?

    I’d really welcome your thoughts

    • When we do put our attention back on the church, it is because of our love and compassion for those still under David Miscavige’s influence. Our leaving the church did not diminish our love for our fellow staff, veteran Sea Org crew members, and friends and family still in. Although we ourselves are now safe, it would be like leaving our dying on the battlefield. I woke up, and do not despair of others doing the same – with our help.

      • Beautifully stated and ‘exactly’ Michelle.


      • Athena8, I very much support your concern for those still organisationally ‘enslaved’, for the value in having an assorted bank of eye-opening reference material for whenever a person is ready to look and for the need for a decompression period.

        But given the degree of dysfunctionality experienced, i’m wondering to what extent repeatedly re-visiting that sick world, is mentally and emotionally helpful.

        • It is called “as-is-ness,” elsewhere stated as “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

  39. Hi Shreff, Great post. You know, my own theory about how it all went south is something like this: Perhaps it was some event, like the 1963 FDA raid on the Church, that caused LRH to “bypass habits and normal routines” or even abandon handling the external scene the same way we would handle a pc in session: using the Scientology principles inherent in the Auditor’s Code. And then the Danger Condition was never ended and normal routines never put back into place.

    As I think about it, what was it that really made Scientology great but the greatness inherent in the Auditor’s Code? What a concept! The pc could say or do anything and elicit no reaction from the auditor, but standard TRs.

    It brings one back to the original confusion — can a group defend itself from attacks and yet maintain that code?

    Once they got into a rut of dirty tricks (evil intentions) toward attackers, they piled up overts until eventually DM stepped in and staff went from being PTS to SP by adopting DM’s valence.

    In short, my general theory is that the Church went PTS, then eventually SP. There is really no reason on earth why the organization had to be a cult. But it sure is today.

    It’s like the prior confusion the Church faced was “how to stop attacks.” The stable datum (policy) it adopted was to use dark tactics against them and bingo — the Church rapidly became suppressive themselves. An interesting area for exploration might be can anyone use what might be called such “dark arts” (for lack of a better name) without becoming suppressive themselves? I think this is something we as a group really need to explore.

    • “my general theory is that the Church went PTS, then eventually SP.”

      Great post, Thoughtful and your point deserves a LOT of attention.

      My take is Hubbard went PTS, which never got handled (we must remember, this is just an acronym for “potential trouble source which means what it says), and he created policies which created yet more trouble. Can one imagine the chaos of PTS leadership? At the time, Ron was the source of the trouble, and took on a few anti-social characteristics that weren’t in the individuals best interest. This led the congregation (church) into being PTS, too.

      Of course, with nearly everybody PTS, including Ron, this led to the vulnerability of being suckered by a true sociopath, David Miscavige. His 1.1 specialty apparently duped even LRH. With Ron gone, DM took any “PTS policies” (questionable policies Ron wrote when he was PTS) to the extreme. Eventually, church members unknowingly took on the “winning” valence of the SP, David Miscavige, as he was the new “leader” for the “church”, and the group became unknowingly suppressive.

      I know the critics of Hubbard think I’m too easy on LRH who believe he was a sociopath too, and that Miscavige just “took over” leading the suppression. But Scientologists know damn well Hubbard was NOT a sociopath. He meant well. LRH was a man, too, and vulnerable like all of us. He apparently succumbed to the suppression by SP groups, and eventually an individual sociopath, David Miscavige. Fundamentalist Scientologists who’ve put Hubbard up as an idol (practically worshiping LRH) have difficulty imagining that such a Being could succumb to suppression, and I’m sure this idea is not popular to them.

      During Hubbard’s duress, as Marty wrote in his book, policy became nothing other than POLICE enforcing PROHIBITIONS. I quote:

      “no matter how one dressed it up, Scientology policy created and required a force that one would have to be in utter denial to characterize as anything other than the POLICE enforcing PROHIBITIONS (italics in the book), so as to protect good people from other people presumably dedicated to EVIL”

      Marty continues to write, “I am quite aware that these views will be condemned by many Scientologists, corporate and independent alike.”

      So you know Marty, I agree with you 100% and I don’t condemn your view at all. You’re spot on, IMO. Like you wrote, “to ignore or deny Hubbard’s empowerment of such treatment and behavior is tantamount to condemning Scientologists to repeating a history they are systemically required to remain ignorant of and yet perpetuate.”

      I can hardly wait for your “history book” as a scholarly explanation of how things went south, by a respected top standard-tech auditor (such as you), is sorely needed! You got a new fan. :)

      • It has also occurred to me, “What if Ron created this entire incident intentionally as a living lesson in how to take oneself out from under tyranny by applying Scientology to do it, knowing full well that the ending outcome of it all would be truly independent, free-thinking individuals?”

        Once we’ve figured out how to get out of one tyranny, we clearly know how to handle other tyrannies, such as 3rd dynamic government tyrannies. Then, and only then can we handle 4th dynamic. Could Ron have had this much forward thinking?

        Whether it was intentional or not, this is what I believe the outcome of all of this will be. We truly will have the ability to take on planetary suppression, and the goal of Scientology can finally be achieved, a world without war, criminality, and insanity. That’s why I got into this deal.

        • Very interesting discussion. One question I’m trying to answer is “When did Scn become serious?” (e.g. chronically below 2.0) I’ve read accounts from the 50s and early 60s and it seems like a totally different scene, much more like an adventure, somewhat loose, but uptone. At some point the whole endeavor became deadly serious.
          There are several milestones that stick my attention:
          1) The formation of the Sea Org
          2) The publication of KSW #1
          3) The release of Ethics Tech (and subsequent abuse)
          Each of these seemed to usher in new levels of seriousness, and in many ways made doing Scn more difficult.

          Point taken on the FDA raid, hadn’t thought of that.

          Just a viewpoint…

  40. “The confessional is used today to pound beings in to boxes that comply with certain dimensions.” -SCHREF. well put.

  41. Such a fantastic writeup and responses to others Mark. You are very inspirational and know the tech so well that anyone in doubt would really have to think hard about staying in let alone the ones not in doubt – after reading what you write and questions so many of us have had as well. Awesome is all I can say. I think if you keep posting like this you will have an army of followers coming your way.

  42. After reading all the posts may I conclude that Scientology as a church has been taken over by another cult? I mean literally taken over. Like a cancerous tumor. Then it is about to kill its host and at the same time itself.
    Sorry if I sound a bit naive (never having been in the sea org myself). It makes me think of the Islam religion (for a part) being taken over by the Islamists (the terrorist party). They even have a certain military training (RTC of ethics personnel) in common.
    But the picture of a terrorist cult having taken over the church suddenly struck me as true. And could explain a lot. It happened to other religions in past and present.
    In that case the Independent movement and others have a huge responsibility.

  43. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the ref check in OEC Vol 7, it is very helpful..

    Notwithstanding all the other alter-is, off policy and out tech
    application, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed the
    complete bastardisation of the Code of a Scientologist in CSI’s latest
    FoT compared to the original HCO P/L 5 Feb 1969R . This is
    without doubt one of DM’s biggest mistakes for it cannot be hidden or
    denied what his game is. Only the 3rd precept is as LRH wrote.
    All others are either missing or alter-ised!

    All the best

    ‘ack (shortened from hacker an old nickname from my teens)

  44. Journey Continued

    I have been off travelling for a while and have only now had the great pleasure of reading your words Shreff. Not only does your communication get straight to the point on some of the major outpoints within the current Church scene but it is written in a wonderful style, with your panache making the reading all the more pleasurable. Through your communication you bring us full circle back to where we began – the game of building a better world.

    It was only some months ago while reading a train of thought expressed on this blog, that I had a bit of an epiphany. From the perspective of theta and mest, the trap we enmesh ourselves in, often on a regularly basis, is to put too much attention on the problem. Be it: running from it; avoiding it; fighting it; or fleeing from it, we to varying extents interiorize into and become the problem. All one needs to do is to be bigger than the problem and hey presto .. no problem.

    You definitely radiate across great distance that you are much bigger than the problems of Corporate Scientology. Have a great game.

  45. I’d like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in wtiting
    this blog. I’m hoping to view the same high-grade blog posts from
    you in the future as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own website now ;)

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