The Waterkamps Declare Independence

Gerhard Waterkamp and his family are living testament to the power of the Code of Honor.   They stood up to the German government and now they are standing up to its latest alter ego – corporate Scientology.

The Waterkamps

I was born and raised in Germany in a roman catholic family. At age 14 I cognited that the Roman Catholic church was in the majority not a spiritual organization concerned with the advancement of the spiritual aspects of humanity, but an organization with the purpose of controlling populations. There were a lot of good Christian people in the church and I loved some of the monks in the Dominican order I where I served as an Altar boy and ran youth groups for the church. But really, the church was just there as a control operation. So I forfeited my life in heaven and exchanged it for an eternity in hell – at least that is what my priest told me when I told him I was quitting his operation. I hurt my mother as she was a strong believer in catholic doctrines and I am sorry for that.  But it was more important to me to act on my principles and convictions than to take heed of other’s feelings, not to mention threats of eternal fire and other scary stuff. As a young kid in postwar Germany you were still very directly confronted with the horrors of war and the holocaust. And there was one question on my mind: How in the world could good and decent people stand by when their jewish neighbors were put on a transport and killed? The answer eluded me for more than 40 years.

But that was it for me on spiritualism. My mind was set, it was all a fraud. On a vacation trip 1979 in Portland Oregon somebody dragged me and my girlfriend into a building, made me fill out answers to 200 questions and then sat me down to look at a graph. Oh boy, was I screwed up. The lady looked me in the eyes and said: “you are a spirit”. I just went, ‘hey stay away from me with the ghost stuff, but what do you have to fix this screwed up graph?’ She mentioned the Dianetics book and wanted to sell me one. 1980 back in Germany I finally bought it and read it in 3 days. I was fascinated. This guy Hubbard understood everything I had read from Wilhelm Reich, Erich Fromm and what I knew from my dabbling in some of the eastern philosophies and Baghwan/Osh.  Not only that, this Hubbard guy was able to operationalize the data so you could do something practical with them. I was hooked.

I joined Scientology and the Bremen Mission as part time PRO (Public Relation Officer). There was this huge misconception about Scientology in Germany and I wanted to do something about it. So I went to all the public enemies of Scientology in the area, introduced myself, explained what Scientology is and left my card in case of any questions. That was 1980 and the world was good. I did auditor training in the mission and the grades and Scientology changed my life for the better. I married, brought my wife into Scientology and she became a very successful course supervisor in the mission. There were no PR issues in Bremen and the Bremen Mission was the only one recognized with a special non profit status. No attacks, we just had a good time; quite an untypical picture for Germany at that time.

Gerhard and Sabine back in the day

I really enjoyed the tech just a few things were off. If there would be such a thing as an insanity meter (like a Geiger counter just counting insanity particles) there would be an interesting phenomenon. The higher you went up management lines (not public or tech lines), the more insane it became. This thing would start with a quiet happy humming in the Mission over to a sound of a male cat in heat while in Hamburg Org to an outright concert of a dozen foghorns in Kopenhagen. These sea org recruiters that came to the mission were plain nuts and the IAS regges borderline violent insane. I experienced the slaughter of Wiebke Hansen, whom I knew very well when she was ED of Hamburg Org. David Miscavige made a draconian example of her and most was kept from public, but I knew her and people very close to her well and saw much of the bloodshed.

I loved the tech and saw it work; the nuisance of Scientology management was something one had to put up with. Nothing is perfect. So I issued a personal restraining order for all IAS regges and ignored recruiters. My wife and I went up the bridge to OTVII and I did my L’s, trained up to NED auditor and some OEC. We did Clear to OTVII at FLAG. Again I loved the tech, but the management at FLAG was insane. I was at the level of CFO for large corporations at that time in my career and the PR situation in Germany got really catastrophic (and worsened from there). Federal government officials at minister level told the German industry they should not have Scientologists in management. The stuff that was going on would make a witchhunt look like a stroll in the park. It was enough to read the Dianetic book to get fired from a job of some importance as happened to a trainer of the German Olympic fencing team. The hysteria in Germany grew wild. All fueled by a grossly misbehaving church and interested parties like the German Verfassungschutz which faced dissolution when the wall came down and they were in urgent need of a new enemy image to justify their existence, or Ursula Caberta a politician who saw this as a vehicle for her own self importance and getting taxpayer funding. I had the opportunity to befriend another big name critic in Germany much later. Renate Hartwig had written several anti Scientology books and was one of the most influential critics of her time. When I talked with her we found out the Verfassungschutz works even dirtier than OSA. No kidding – it is possible- but she wrote a book about that after we came to know each other and stopped her attacks on Scientology.

There was no differentiation (as there is now) between Scientology as a religious philosophy and Scientology as an organization. So as a public who participated in Scientology as a path of spiritual enrichment you were automatically branded with all the hysteria created against the church. I hoped (as it often turned out), that when people knew me and my family, they would recognize that the hysteria is not true and I hoped I could get some credit for good work and by setting a personal example.

Oh gee, was I wrong. 1995 a few weeks before I was to be announced the CEO of a 5000 person division of a large multinational manufacturer, the roman catholic church finally got even with me for deserting them as an altar boy. A roman catholic priest got a hold of a FLAG magazine listing my wife and me as OT VI completions and passed it to my employer. A few days later I was escorted by security out of the building. The owners wrote me a letter stating how disappointed they were, as per their own words, I had been one of their most energetic and productive executives and how in the world could I do it to them to be involved in Scientology.

Shortly thereafter the German Verfassungsschutz contacted one of my sisters with an offer: Work with us against Scientology and all is forgotten and forgiven.

Darn it, principles and convictions can be such a bitch.

Here I was, without means to support my family, publicly ousted as a bad guy and practically blacklisted from management positions in Germany. But here comes fate in the form of the US government to the rescue. We won the green card lottery! Next we were going through medical exams, background checks and other fun activities to be finally able to enter the US legally and permanently in August of 1996.

The Waterkamps come to America

When I had a job and money I got calls every day from the church to give money. When I was destroyed and still stood by my religion – silence. There is one individual though I want to thank. Maria Robb, she gave us our first job to get started in the US. She and her husband are nice and very decent people, too bad they are not looking. Maria, if you read this, if you ever need help, you have an open invitation, I owe you one.

From 1993 to 1996 I audited on OTVII and felt in1996 I was done, but Flag was again in turmoil and the C/S did not know what to do. I guess they were working on the re-release of OTVII at that time. I also noticed increasing outpoints with the church.There were falsehoods wherever you looked. I gave $45,000 starting in 1993 for Super Power because Bruce and Charmaine told me they needed the money to finish the building and release Super Power in two years’ time. I saw the importance and wanted to help. I visited Bruce about 7 years later and when I asked him why isn’t Super Power released yet he enthusiastically told me that COB is now involved and redoing and redesigning the whole interior and there will be wonderful statues. He clearly ignored the blank look on my face and definitely discounted the good state of my memory as I vividly recalled him telling me the urgent vital need for the money to release Super Power 7 years earlier. The statements of the church and the actual facts were just not adding up. 10,000 on OTVII makes no sense with the delivery model that everyone has to show up every 6 months in Florida. But the delivery model makes a lot of sense if you want a steady stream of prospects you can knock over for money. While the OT materials are downloadable with a Google search and are public domain, a pre OT had to go through a ever more complex procedure of locks and allowed locations for the materials for “security”. With the help of Murphy’s law this will lead either to paranoia or sure liability assignments, because the lock of one of the snappers on the briefcase in the locked cabinet in the locked office of the locked house was not locked. Oh boy, people in such a liability are an easy job for regges. As my favorite DofP and Reg the late Hy Levi said in the Truth Rundown. “It is all about the money.” Once you understood this, a lot of the insanity made sense.

I could tell hundreds of observations I made during 1988 and 1996 at Flag. I spent more than a year there, but it all adds up to this: The statements made by church officials do not match what is done.

During this time I was at a great point with OTVII and I had to rebuild my life in the US. I figured I would focus on that and all will sort out for the good, just give them more time. I hate to admit how wrong I was.

On another note I am a strong believer in human rights. So I went to Leisa Goodman the human rights director in the church in Los Angeles and told her: “If the Church is so for human rights, why don’t we do anything against the human rights violations in Germany?” Six weeks later Leisa came back and we started working on several media projects. During this time I met Mike Rinder and Heber Jentzsch on many occasions. We met Tommy Davis, Isaac Hayes, John Travolta and Chick Chorea when we testified in front of a government committee about human rights violations in Germany. And I am grateful to all of them for this. It is my fierce conviction that no government has the right to  the prejudicial treatment of an individual based on his or her membership – or perceived membership – in a certain group or category as the German government is doing.

Heber with the Waterkamp girls

My oldest daughter became involved in Youth for Human rights and was named President for this organization. One day she came home and said she had resigned from it because she felt she was used just as a puppet and her role was just fake. She did not want this as it felt like a lie.

Time went by. My daughters both went to Delphi LA and graduated form 8 and took off to college. Which brings us close to present time.

John Travolta and the Waterkamps Advocating for Human Rights

In January I read in a German online magazine that Debbie Cook had written anemail. Anyway, it was about time to pick up my spiritual path that I had postponed in the hope the insanity would be finished and I would have a smooth ride. So I started to check up where the church is. Of course over the years I got hundreds of calls to buy the basics, do this, do that but I told them I do stuff when I am ready and that is all I have to say. So here I am reading the different websites and oh my god, it has gotten much worse. In 1996 the church was more misleading than really flat out lying. When I watched the Truth Rundown I knew first hand what was true and what wasn’t. And everybody on those videos gave their viewpoint correctly and gave the truth. I then read the statements of the church and they were flat out utter lies. Denying the undeniable. I saw the church had completely lost it. Not because of what the critics said, but in the responses of the church. Freedom mag had become solely hate pages s consisting of character assassinations. I was used to Leisa Goodman and Andrew Milne who cared about facts and while I felt they were under undue pressure at times, would never turn this kind of garbage out that the church put up on their websites.

So I started more thorough research. Anybody can write stuff on a website, it was time for independent verification. Just one example of what I discovered. I found out and got it first hand how the church had taken a friend of mine for over $100,000.00 in sec checks, because he had mentioned critical thoughts about David Miscavige. And the church did not stop there. They were in the process of breaking up his family after 40 years of marriage. Daughter turning on father, wife turning on husband all in the name of the church. It was heartbreaking to see how the church was degrading decent human beings into being scared, robotic and confused individuals. The wife had done OTVIII twice and was in complete obedience to the church and treason to her husband of 40 years, all just because he could not take the treatment he was given any longer. The family had agreed for 4 years not to talk about Scientology matters so nobody could write knowledge reports about each other. Here is the hammer, they are a field auditors group highly trained in PTS SP tech and did nothing else in their day to day life than Scientology.

While the tech that I studied was designed to bring about spiritual freedom, the current church uses it to make slaves. They want control, they need obedience and to own you so they can own your money. I am not as highly technically trained as others, but I can observe the products the church puts out these days. After 4 months I came to the conclusion the church has morphed into a fascistic organization that destroys lives. The final end product of this church is enslaved individuals, destroyed families, destroyed relationships: in short, destroyed lives. I saw this over and over and over during my research. It was not the exception, for anybody having temporary gains there were 10 disasters. The church arbitrarily applies policy where it fits their purpose to cover up their crimes. There is no honest application of green on white or red on white anymore.

So I knew what was coming, when I sent a request to Flag and other Scientology organizations for a return of my unused money. They can live with the fact that I talk to Marty, Mike and Karen. They cannot live with the fact that I want the money back that they owe me per their own policy.

Which brings us to present time. This morning the rumor mill started and the facebook police went into action:

“Sorry to tell you Sabine Waterkamp got declared a few days ago. I have unfriended her and also blocked her on Facebook. I suggest you do the same.

 Any questions? Call Daniel, Chief MAA at Flag, (727) 423-1269. That’s how I learned of the sad event.

ML, Sandee”

The irony is this this email is sent around to our friends by Sandee Ferman. Sandee was fired from Delphi Academy a few years ago because she was involved in massive fraud by falsifying statistics at Delphi Academy for years which brought the school to the brink of disaster. The church has to use known frauds these days to do their dirty work.

As expected nobody from the church has informed us.  They are too cowardly to confront us. Nobody has shown us any declare, no committee of evidence, nothing. Hi Freya, if you are still at OSA and read this our fax is 818-951-7352. You should send us at least a copy so we know what we are accused off.

Now get this, when Sandee was asked for more information this is the response:

Daniel, Chief MAA at Flag, reports they connected up with unfriendlies and started speaking out against the Church. They also requested refunds. It was pretty clear to me. I just got off the phone with him. I gave you his cell phone number.

But I got even better; the church called the step father of Jake Leistra, a young man who was the boyfriend of my youngest daughter. We took him into our house for some time and helped him also financially, while his parents were giving him in his own words no money at all.  He ate our food, slept in our guest bed, drove our cars and got any support we could give. We even took him on occasional vacation trips paid for him no questions asked. When he had to move his furniture we carried it with him and let him use our cars. So his stepfather, who does not support Jake with any money at all (Jake’s own words), tells him we were declared and sends him to AOLA.  Jake went to AOLA and got a SP declare shown and reports back to my daughter that the declare states Sabine and I are talking to undesirables and that I asked for a refund of unused money on account. Oh, by the way, they not only showed him this declare, they showed him the disconnection policies and worked him over. After that,  Jake (like a little spineless marsh mellow), rolled over and made himself a doormat. He called my daughter on the phone telling her he needs to break up with her because her parents are declared. The church even breaks up girlfriend and boyfriend, and robs a young man of the opportunities for a better life.

Chick Corea: Wake Up! Your little helpers in arms in the fight for Human Rights are having their own violated by your ‘church’ at this moment

So here it is, the church confirms on official lines, that when they are asked per their own policy to repay money that they hold for parishioners they pull out a declare to avoid paying it. It is all about the money. Not to mention they confirm they have a disconnection policy.

Not that I care what the church does. The church has less moral authority than the gopher in our front yard to assign me anything. I do not give notorious liars and suppressives any importance. The church has proven through their own hate websites and their many documented crimes against human beings, their corruption of Scientology technology with the effect of destroying and suppressing human beings and their constant blatant violations of policy that they are in treason to LRH, the goals of Scientology and all of mankind.

I am a Scientologist and I stood up for my religion against discrimination in Germany and I will stand up for my religion against a suppressive group like the current Church of Scientology. I am an independent Scientologist.

But I need to thank the church for helping me to answer the question I had on my mind for 40 years. How could Nazi Germany and the Holocaust happen?

Obviously you need to put up a higher purpose, like saving the aryan race or saving the planet. A lot of good, willing people will come and really help with this positive goal. Then you put them into a pressure cooker, military drill, sleep deprivation and work them really hard. Next you make it a crime to receive any other communication than the one approved by dear Fuehrer and work them even harder, then you shoot some of them for the just and good cause (to save the aryan race or the planet or whatever your item is) or just beat them up publicly to instill fear. And you keep that up for some time and everybody who says “wait a minute” is sent to the death camp or RPF and you end up with a group of robots that stop thinking and do the most incredible things like killing other human beings just for a different opinion, race or skin color.

To my friends still in the church: It takes people with spine and knowing the price of freedom to prevent this from happening.

My beautiful and wonderful wife of 26 years, Sabine, who went with me through all of this, claims number 357 on the Indy 500 list and I’d like to be 358.

If you want to contact me directly you can email me at

Gerhard Waterkamp

BONUS addition – Gerhard’s letter to the Flag MAA:

Open letter to Chief MAA Flag Land Base

Dear Daniel, It came to my attention that you started to dramatize your PTSnes on my and my family’s communication lines. First I want to alert you to the fact that I as a Scientologist resign from the Church of Scientology as said church has abandoned the goals and the creed of Scientology as laid out by L. Ron Hubbard. I am in full support of the religious philosophy of Scientology but the current Church of Scientology demonstrates through their actions on a daily basis their disdain for the tech, policy and basic human decency and should not be allowed to have the word Scientology as part of their name. You are sending local operatives to contact friends and acquaintances of me and my family and spread vicious lies about us. I sent your operative Sandee Ferman a cease and desist notice and if this is not immediately complied with I will file in court against her and the church civilly for harassment and start also criminal proceedings. I also demand that you immediately cease and desist in all activities directed against me, my familiy, my business, and my business and social relationships.  In the event that you choose not to cease and desist, or in any other manner, choose to retaliate against me, or any of my business associates, including vendors with which I have done business, I am prepared to protect my legal rights to the maximum extent permitted by law, including a civil action and a request for punitive damages. Secondly any Tortious Interference with prospective economic advantage of mine or with contractual relationships of our business with clients and vendors entitles me to economic losses, and damages for mental distress and since I can prove malice on your part I will also be entitled to punitive damages.  I am fully aware that you and your agents are in contact with one of my business associates spreading lies about me and will monitor the situation and if you do not stop the tortious interference I will put your and the churches ethics in on that. Since FLAG does not have enough ethics and decency to respond to justified and on policy refund request, but elects to start a smear campaign against me and my family, this constitutes willful infliction of emotional pain for which I will have to obtain damages as well in a separate lawsuit. Here is a suggestion, before you end up in the RPF of the RPF because in your PTSnes you are currently screwing this up beyond belief: apply correct ethics for a change. Put in Ethics at Flag, so that FLAG as an organization applies the refund policy correctly and ethically as laid out by LRH in HCOPL 23 October 1963, REFUND POLICY. Do the same to CCInt and the Super Power project. Bruce and Charmaine obtained fraudulently funds from me with the help of outright lies and deception. I am not interested in a fight with the church. The church has made itself completely and utterly irrelevant for me personally and for society as a whole. With their predatory regging practices, outright PR lies to cover up their crimes people are defecting in droves. Your church is more a laughing stock than anything of importance. No wonder it ranks in polls in the US in reputation even under radical Muslims.  Fighting the church is a waste of time and energy and attention units. Fighting the abuses and crimes committed by this church though is necessary to keep an ethics presence and control your dramatizations. You may not know this. I fought side by side with the president of the Church of Scientology Heber Jentzsch against abuses and human rights violations of the German government and gave my career to protect my religion. Do not make the mistake to think I let the church get away with abuses against me, my family or my business.  The church put my friend Heber Jentzsch into the hole and he failed to look through the lies and deceit put up by David Miscavige and his enablers. I am still defending Scientology this time against an abusive and corrupt church against the enemy from within. So get your ethics in and handle your PTS situation and get ethics in on this cycle. Pay me the money back that is owed to me and stop this nonsense. That is your job and what LRH expects from. Not to instigate smear campaigns, that is what crooks are doing. If you want to check out of the Sea Org and its insanity I will help you to get your life together.

ML Gerhard Waterkamp

Also: Check at 3:25 for Gerhard’s statement at US Congressional hearing at this link: Congressional Hearing on Germany v Scientology.

248 responses to “The Waterkamps Declare Independence

  1. Thank you for telling your story.
    1.) As to the German Government and their actions, differentiation is not their strong point. This is not a strong point of governments in general. To differentiate between the purposes and accomplishments of the Tech and the crimes of the “members” was apparently beyond their abilities. Yet, any intelligent dealing with the subject required such differentiation. The opposite of differentiation is called A=A, things are treated as identical which aren’t.
    2.) Back then, I was involved in the matters concerning Antje Victore. In fact I was the one who designed that letter from a draft by Antje and Kurt. I was not informed that it would be shown to others for writing similar letter to support Antje’s project. And I didn’t knew that it would be used in such a large scale. It was labeled to me just as a personal favor for Antje.
    I have asked myself recently myself how it came that I did this and found an answer in very strange place: An auto-biography of the commander of the Auschwitz concentration Camp. Before the most monstrous actions had been undertaken by him, there was one gradient: The recognition of the concept of a “dangerous enemy”! Only after that concept had been indoctrinated again and again this commander considered it first “necessary”, then more and more “normal” or even “good” to kill by the thousands.
    3. The above two points combined do the trick. By not differentiating between specific incidents and making them a generality, a picture of a “dangerous enemy” can be created. This permits simple minds to perceive some black/white, good/bad proposition. And after such a “fight” can be started. The pattern is the same for both sides. It is employed for making wars.
    And this is how I came to participate in actions strange to my nature.

    The solution to all of that consists of looking and differentiating. And then making up your own mind about the matter at hand and of being alarmed when a “dangerous enemy” , “dangerous situation” etc. is presented that contains one or more generalities.

  2. Wow, what an incredible story and we are proud to call you Independents!

  3. What a wonderful post to wake up to! Welcome Waterkamp family!

    Gerhard, I love the way you put the RCS on notice that you will sue for interference with your business. Getting the RCS to back off of interfering with people’s livelihoods, whether it is individual lawsuits or class action lawsuits or just the bad PR of exposure that gets the product, will remove a method of suppression for all of us.

    Thank you for your announcement. I am sure it will be another very effective blow.

  4. Gerhard – Thank you! What you write demonstrates your integrity and your inherent goodness. Welcome to the world of true freedom as a being. I understand the scene with disconnections, families torn apart, etc – all only to appease the suppression of freedom of thought.

    Your detailed communication will help others to see that not only is there light out there but that the universe is not all black and bad and they have nothing of eternal value to lose to by stepping out and interacting in the game of life.

    For me, reading your message was a great way to start the day!

  5. Wonderful declaration. Incredible Code of Honor points. Your letter to the MAA is a total standout of attack against a machine long gone insane. To quote from that little known Refund Policy you referenced, “The more thetan you have present, the less policy you need.” (Great PL BTW!) You and your family are true Thetans!

  6. Gerhard,
    What a kick-ass letter to Daniel (Chief Flag MAA)! I do hope you planted a seed of the possibility of leaving in him. Hopefully, you will hear from him and he can accept your generous offer of help.
    You and your family have been through so much. At the time of each break or change we buck up and get through it, all in the name of the church.
    But when you add up the breaks and the sacrifices they are an amazing story.
    I am so pleased you and your family are together AND out!!!
    All the best to you!

  7. To Waterkamp family – what a powergroup of thetans. Thank you very much for all you have done in Scientology to help this planet become a better place. You sacrificed a lot but you did it for your fellow man. If, for one, appreciate it. You are heros in my book. And Dr Faust – let’s see your story or STFU.

    ML Tom

  8. Theo Sismanides


    Great write up! Loved all of it and I welcome you too to the Indie field. A big hug from Greece!!!

  9. Gerhard,
    When people like you are declared the universe has turned upside down. Welcome to the universe of David Miscavige.

  10. George M. White

    “It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once. Slavery has so frightful an aspect to men
    accustomed to freedom that it must steal in upon them by degrees and must disguise itself in
    a thousand shapes in order to be received.”
    David Hume: “Of the Liberty of the Press” 1742

    May all beings be free and happy!
    George M. White

  11. Fantastic write-up Gerhard. Once again RCS loses another of its best and brightest.

  12. Gerhard and Sabine;
    Excellent write up! Your courage and integrity I am certain will be followed by many many others.
    Thanks for leading yet another path of Freedom.
    I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.
    Very well done and well said

  13. Gerhard,
    Amazing story and well written. The abuses of Corp Scientology exposed, yet again, and the unyielding integrity of a man and his family to not bow to it’s criminality and insanity.

    As long as there are OT’s like Gerhard and Sabine the world stands a chance.

    It has been my great pleasure to meet you and Sabine over good food, excellent company, engaging conversation and a pretty good German beer. :D

    Tim Swanson

  14. The idiot Church just ousted 2 of the most wonderful people alive. They are literally ousting so many wonderful social personalities, it just never ceases to amaze me.

    “At age 14 I cognited that the Roman Catholic church was in the majority not a spiritual organization concerned with the advancement of the spiritual aspects of humanity, but an organization with the purpose of controlling populations.” That took a lot of confront to see that at age 14 and eerily simimlar to what the CofS has turned into now, completely the opposite of what Hubbard intended.

    Welcome out of hell!

  15. Gerhard,
    Thanks very much for sharing these details and making it even clearer how the third dynamic went astray.
    Quite of few of my friends don’t bother to keep up with recent news on blogs like this. Their attitude is that they are done with it and couldn’t be bothered anymore with anything about the “church.”
    My viewpoint is that all of this data from each and every person who is taking off the blinders and refusing to co-operate with the squirrels in the church is vital data.
    All the data adds up to fully informed people who will be able to ensure we don’t have similar slides into oblivion in the future.


  16. *** Dear Gerhard, Sabine and beautiful family, ***

    WOW, UAU, WOW!!!
    What a story,
    what a life,
    what a powerful couple
    and family you are.

    My deepest admiration goes to you ALL.

    You inspire and you give others power and courage.
    Through your way of life and actions taken then and now,
    you always remain the creator of your own future.

    Auch wenn ich nicht die Ehre gehabt habe euch kennen zu lernen, Ihr seid Helden in meinem Buch.
    Herzliche Gruesse aus Deutschland.
    Vasile :-)

    DM here is something for you:

    …….. almost to nice for you, DM.

  17. Gerhard Waterkamp wrote : “10,000 on OTVII makes no sense with the delivery model that everyone has to show up every 6 months in Florida.”

    Since about 2002, there are about 150 OT7 attestations a year. This means more than 60 years to reach the target of 10,000.

    I built a graph of OT6, 7, 8 attestations from 1982 to 2011 in order to handle my own doubts. The condition is danger or below, over a 30 years period. I could send it, but I don’t know how to post pictures here.

    • The numbers dont lie and the delivery model is flawed.
      60 years to get 10,000 ouch !
      Factor in the scotch consumption of D.M and he will be
      on his third liver for that event.
      Your graph of OT 6,7, and 8 comps from
      1982 to 2011. Find a way to email that to Marty
      and we will party in Casablanca.

      Well Done Gerhard

  18. Gerhard,
    I loved reading your write-up and letter to the MAA. There’s nothing quite like reading the words of someone who has total certainty of his position with no doubt or PTSness attached.

    You can be sure the MAA, OSA & Miscavige have received your message. I bet they back off now. After all, bullies don’t like to be called out.

  19. Hi Gerhand and family!
    High-five!!! :)
    No wishy-washy fuzziness here…..
    Your life force and integrity are strong and clear as a bell. I’d not be surprised if that Flag MAA would get knocked off of his chair and I truly hope this is going to happen. After all, HCO opens the mail……

    Your comparison between the Co$ and the gopher in the front yard will stay with us. It’s too darn good to just be a momentary expression.
    Indeed, once one’s decision is taken and it has been communicated why bother giving them ANY attention units or resisting them. We certainly don’t want to become ‘them’. Instead it’s full steam ahead to create what LRH intended we create, freeing people with training and auditing.

    Thank you for that fresh breeze!
    Ich hoffe, dass Du die Deutsche Version bald am ‘’ fuer die Deutschen Indies veroeffentlichst.
    (I hope you publish the German version soon at ‘ for the German Indies).
    It all helps to move things along in the right direction…..

  20. As the corporate “church” of Scientology continues though time to shrink and succumb, only the most stupid will be left standing in the end. Their weak foundation will be run by complete die-hard idiots where any form of Scientology will be completely unrecognizable to the intelligent.

    Only chaff will be left. The wheat will be gone.

    Chaff; (Definition 2)

    Something comparatively worthless

  21. Gerhard wrote:

    “If there would be such a thing as an insanity meter (like a Geiger counter just counting insanity particles) there would be an interesting phenomenon. The higher you went up management lines (not public or tech lines), the more insane it became.”

    This is a remarkable statement because it is true: The Cult of Scientology exponentially increases in insanity as one nears the top.

    The entire Church of Scientology culminates in a zenith of staggering, screaming, hitting, choking, punching, steroid-eating, scotch-swilling, unaudited insanity known as David Miscavige.

    CoS is called a “Cult” for a reason: It has a little screaming insane monkey in a tuxedo that calls himself COB ordering people around.

    This monkey smokes cigarettes, drinks scotch, loves shiny stage sets, standing ovations, and hearing the sound of his own voice. He has even sent people to the bilges when they did not pop up fast enough during the 103 standing ovations that he requires during each of his events.

    If you dare ask this monkey for your money back he will go even more insane, tear up his office, throw ashtrays at you, smash people in the face, kick his dog, tip over the water cooler, and then declare you an SP.

    That Corporate Scientologists have agreed to allow an insane little cigarette-smoking monkey in a tuxedo to determine their Eternity shows the utter unreality and nonsense that the Church of Scientology has become.

  22. Li'll bit of stuff

    Gerhard & family, welcome to the SANE version of Scientology!
    Adding your collective weight here, along with a whole host of
    opinion leaders across the entire social/business/political
    spectrum, who have recently done the same, just points peoples
    attention to where it needs to be properly directed—THE TRUTH!
    There simply is no compromise possible for genuine integrity!

    One is either honest with oneself, by being courageous enough
    to ACTUALLY LOOK at a situation, fully and completely, without
    flinching ( simple ol’ TR-0,), or one is NOT (bung goes integrity!)

    In a nutshell;

    Independent Scientologist = Bold, unafraid to look, no matter what!
    amounts to a knowing restoration of full beingness (the power to
    hold one’s position in space) & responsibility ( the capacity to be
    cause — caring, without fear –to create desirable effects.)

    CO$cientologist = paranoid, out of valence,refusal to look, for fear
    of the consequences, amounts to a dissolution of beingness &
    complete irresponsibility! being out of valence, meaning does not
    have one’s OWN viewpoint, from which to as-is, or erase any
    thing deemed undesirable, which then persists as an undesirable
    effect—otherwise known as an ‘other determined’ Miscavologist!!

    Calvin B.Duffield

  23. “The entire Church of Scientology culminates in a zenith of staggering, screaming, hitting, choking, punching, steroid-eating, scotch-swilling, unaudited insanity known as David Miscavige.”

    Says it all- LOL- what an image.

  24. Gerhard, Sabine and family – you guys simply set the best example in terms of personal integrity and honor. We indies gained enormously with your articulate and well written declaration of independence and your out in the open company.

    As you noted, the RCS definitely has changed it’s admin scale to put money at the very top, disregarding Policy inconvenient to them but asserting Declares and using this to stop repayment, an IRS agreement as well. Any dealings with RCS with low or high profile & out in the open it seems on the subject of money has a check valve on it ensuring it is one way only.

    Welcome Waterkamps to the Indies!

    • … the RCS definitely has changed it’s admin scale to put money at the very top, disregarding Policy inconvenient to them but asserting Declares and using this to stop repayment, an IRS agreement as well. Any dealings with RCS with low or high profile & out in the open it seems on the subject of money has a check valve on it ensuring it is one way only.

      See new policy by COB, David Miscavige: “Keeping Money Working”.

  25. Gerhard: Yet another wonderfully literate, kind, wise email from a scientologist who decided the Truman Show lacked a comfort and integrity.

    What I especially loved about your article and email to the MAA as well as your comments (specifically to Faust) was your emphasis on integrity. When someone writes his experience, that I can relate to and from his experience I can gain a further understanding of my own life — well, that enables me to be even better at examining my own life.

    Integrity? Defined by LRH as “knowing what you know or what is true for you is what is true for you”

    It caused me to wonder well, what IF what you know is seriously clouded by ones own alter-is or not-is. I mean — can’t you “think” you are following a route of integrity when in fact, you are following a path clouded through the veil of delusion?

    I’m not for a moment challenging you Gerhard but commending you for helping me to SEE how I’ve lacked integrity all too often … case in point years ago keeping my mouth shut about “senior management” because I didn’t want to get in trouble.

    I was UNWILLING to say what I saw. What I knew. And preferred to alter-is what I knew and saw … and down the rabbit hole I went.

    I believe this is partly the bane of human existence. Basically good, we alter-is, what IS … and so it goes as we continue to spin in karmic existence.

    So thank you very much. I look forward to someday meeting you, your beautiful wife and lovely daughters. There is nothing quite like a lively discussion about life to really make my day :)


    • Windhorse, you said “I’m not for a moment challenging you” after actually challenging his ability to see clearly.

      And after challenging that he may not see clearly. You said you wished you would have seen that clearly with your past experience about “keeping your mouth shut about upper management.

      Lol, pass me the advil

      • I’ll gladly pass you the advil or maybe an anvil :)

        I didn’t communicate well what I wanted to say — I wanted to say that not only did he state everything extremely well, he helped me to see something I had NOT previously seen. I used a rather lame example in my own life.

        My point was and is — although we can say “that is true for me” that “truth” can and often is — at least for me — CLOUDED. It’s NOT what really IS in front of me.

        How many current scientologists within the CofS are genuinely CONVINCED that they are paragons of integrity? MOST OF THEM I believe and yet — you and I would clearly say that isn’t true.

        Gerhard clearly had no blinders on throughout his scientology career. Something I cannot say for myself.

  26. Gerhard,
    willkommen in der Freiheit ! ( = welcome to freedom )

    Seems you are a product of the good ole Scientology tech, without any “golden age of whatever” impurities ! I suppose the golden age infected staff at Flag don’t have a chance against you :-))

    All the best for your new endeavors !!!!!!

  27. Gerhard: What also struck me in reading your letter as well as the email to the MAA and your comments to Faust was your compassion.

    As a buddhist, compassion is a “BIG HEAL” — and IMHO mostly not understood.

    Firstly compassion without wisdom is blind. You clearly are not blind :)

    Secondly never giving up is the HEART of compassion.

    “Compassion is not just about feeling suffering (of others). Compassion is the willingness to never give up on sentient beings, to hold them dear and cherish them.” His Holiness the 17th Karmapa


    • Opps — typo BIG HEAL should be BIG DEAL — (but heal works too :)

      And if it’s not clear what is so heartening is to see the drive/purpose and passion of scientologists revived on this blog and basically in whatever way they are able – rededicating themselves to their own freedom from suffering AND the freedom from suffering for all sentient beings.


  28. I’m on jury duty and fulfilling a civic duty through the end of next week.

    Hence it’s hard to catch up on the further developments regards the utter incineration of this of this “THING” we refer to as COB and his dwindling coterie.

    None-the-less, you folks, the Waterkamps are early heros and vanguards in this struggle for spiritual freedom.

    The least I can say is thank you.

    The most I can say with utter encouragement is carry on.

    You are demonstratively good people.

    In some sense we’ll meet again and that’s not being ‘cryptic’.

  29. Windhorse, I find the best practice of compassion, the most challenging and purifying, are towards those individuals that seek to establish trust with others, and then summarily seek to destroy and betray that trust for some nefarious reason, while at the same time blaming those individuals for being the cause of the betrayal of that trust.

    Those type of people really nead our compassion.

    What do you think?

    • I’d agree. It’s most difficult to feel true compassion to our “enemies” — however you categorize them.

      That said — until we are enlightened (however one “gets there”) all beings need and deserve our compassion.

      But, rather than potentially irritate others with a buddhist discussion, if you are interested in continuing feel free to email me at


    • Brian,
      That is a very realistic situation you’ve posed. I’m wondering, and leaning very much toward the difference between compassion and sympathy.

      Compassion connotes, to me anyway, the ability to grant beingness, to actually assume the viewpoint ( not completely as that is a theoretical top scale point that brings about a complete cessation of existences) and “be” the viewpoint and by that the “other” (which is now not an “other” but is the person themselves, from another viewpoint of dimension/beingness) is “co-feelinged” i.e., compassion exists.

      In the overall view of life and the Dynamics though, some difference, some distance must exist, some “other” and their “other” determinism or there is no action.

      If the aim is complete, utter ARC with “others”, then there is a complete disappearance of it all, including the comm, the affinity, the reality as these all, in the game of life, require thee, and me, separate.

      I can’t see a game, with no space, no distance, no “other”. So, my aim is not a cessation but a better game.

      • Oops, forgot an essential piece of the point I wanted to make re: the scenario you’ve posed:
        “The first self-determinism which leads to aberration is the decision to be human. The affinity, reality, and communication indulged in by a human being is necessary to being human. One determines to exert ARC. One then becomes subject to what he has determined. ARC with individuals in a very aberrated state is necessarily a very low ARC. It is not that ARC is bad but that ARC with low-toned individuals is bad.” Advanced Procedure and Axioms.

        So, sympathy, which is “co-wavlengthing” can entail wavelengths of affinity that are low-toned. Whereas compassion in order to positively affect, would have to be a higher toned activity, and as such, may well involve oh, for lack of a better descriptive “tough love”. To raise the wavelength of the affinity, up the ability to perceive reality and gain ground on a closer approach to that incredibly fine wave that is so close to the absence of any wave.

        I don’t think this drippy saccharine “ARC” is high enough to generate the speed of particle necessary to actually handle things. It isn’t. By observation.

      • Compassion = there is always some admiration (for the being) and knowingness in play.
        Sympathy is kind of circuitry (respond to a given attraction, stimulus).

        • Admiration – yes, good point, very good point. Thanks SKM.

          • Compassion can be a powerfull tool.
            Look into Buddhism (even though they sometimes call it “sympathy”).
            Sympathy won’t work, because as you described (and LRH in AP&A) the being comes down the tone in order to co-swing with the being.
            But I think it’s all about definitions.

          • Another approach is:

            Compassion = causative, creative (in PT)
            Sympathy = reactive ( a reactive or social pattern )

            • martyrathbun09

              Why do you think ‘sympathy’ is on the tone scale in full and ‘compassion’ is not?

              • No, I don’t say that.
                The gradients come into play, too, of course.

                Per dianetics ‘sympathy’ is aberrative – and I agree.
                Compassion has another qualities. But this is my own observation (and distinction of both phenomenons).
                ‘Sympathy’ is bound to education, whereas ‘compassion’ is something the spirit has to grow up to.

                Maybe I should state that this is my own observation and I am not trying to establish “stable definitions”.

                I hope this answers you question in full.

                • martyrathbun09

                  Sorry, I didn’t see this before answering your addendum. But, again, you don’t think compassion is an emotion, but sympathy is?

              • Last year I watched some “episodes” about the Squirrel Busters at you home.
                Even though, they tried to give you a hard time, I could see lots of compassion from you directed to some of the guys.
                This wouldn’t be possible without knowingness (or at least understanding) at your part and some admiration for the entrapped beings.
                I call it compassion.

                Compassion has this small chunk of trust that things will turn out all right in the end. Sympathy has kind of a flavour of defeatism.

                But again, this is my own observation.

                • martyrathbun09

                  Yeah, but don’t you think it is an emotion? Or no?

                  • No, I don’t think neither one is an emotion.
                    It’s an attitude.
                    Both can manifest on all tone levels.
                    The test is: is it reactive (forced upon the ‘awareness unit’ by past experience or education) or creative (done by the ‘awareness unit’ himself in PT without other-determinism, bank et cetera).

                    Only a free thetan can express compassion in full extent.
                    And I think that’s why it is of central importance in many religions and philosophies.

                    A cultivation of compassion can pull a being up the tone scale.
                    It’s like the “Sit down in a public place where many people are passing by and simply postulate into them, above them, around them, Perfection” – Process from the Code of Honor PAB (#40).
                    (Note that in Buddhism for example, there is the concept of the Buddha-Nature (perfection) in all living creatures. That’s how they urge themself to practice endless compassion (or ‘sympathy’, as they sometimes call it).

                    I hope this will answer now all remaining questions in full.

                    • martyrathbun09

                      Yes, thank you. Wonderful answer. I think compassion is an emotion, way up near the top of the tone scale.

                    • Thank you Marty.

                      I understand. Even if I think that compassion itself is not an emotion (as admiration is not in itself).

                      However, I agree in full that real compassion exists near the top of the tone scale (that’s why I say, only a free thetan can express it in full extent). The same is true for admiration. (Admiration being a particle, but can be run as a concept, too.)

                    • martyrathbun09


      • I think compassion involves understanding and a sort of forgiveness whereas sympathy involves guilt and/or covering up of hostility. Have you ever seen sympathy from a 1.1? It may look like a display of affection, but you walk away feeling like someone just spit into your soul – that is sympathy covering up hostility. You sense that that person doesn’t mean you well, but your head is being messed with because one goal of a 1.1 is to invalidate your own instincts and make you believe into something that is not there. Damn! This really reminds me of my experience at the CofS like you always have this sense that something is not right, but “proof” to the contrary is so “overwhelming” continuously being projected into your mind, that the presentation itself would raise the questions. I always wondered at the events: “Why is it so flashy? Why is this loud, annoying music to where I can barely hear the speakers? Why does it seem to be so fast and so much information that I’m not really grasping anything in specifics?…” I guess that would place David Miscavige at 1.1? This would actually explain all the confusion that’s been going on at the church. He’s been fooling everyone for years and getting rid of people left and right. I’ve seen people like that in action in other areas of my life.

        Anyway, there is a chapter on sympathy in the Handbook for Preclears on page 207 as well as a section in AP&A book. It is quite an interesting subject. Here is a section out of AP&A:
        “Sympathy is commonly accepted to mean the posing of an emotional state similar to the emotional state of an individual in grief or apathy. This is a secondary reaction and has its own peculiarity but is nevertheless on the tone scale between 0.9 and 0.4. Sympathy follows or is based upon overt action by the preclear.”

  30. “Do not make the mistake to think I let the church get away with abuses against me, my family or my business.”

    Good for you!

    ” That is your job and what LRH expects from. Not to instigate smear campaigns, that is what crooks are doing.”

    Someone had to say it! It IS criminal to malign someone with false reports! That is BIBLICAL information we are still trying to get through to some people! DO NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS!

    When a Scientologist can’t even think with the ten commandments there is a serious issue there! Fortunately the courts of law CAN think with the ten commandments are our laws are based on them. There are labeled RIGHTS. If you don’t know your rights you don’t have any!

    • DO NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS! When a Scientologist can’t even think with the ten commandments there is a serious issue there!

      Preach it, sister! {whistles….applause}

      • Li'll bit of stuff

        Ronnie, hear, hear! And I note you have withdrawn your
        allegiance to “the Green People.”That is okay with me,
        btw, since one can always recognize a ‘brother’ by one’s
        unmistakable tentacleshake! (And the other lifelong benefit
        of being a ‘bro,’is that one can never accuse a ‘bro’ of being
        clumsy, or dropping things, since, once having gotten,shall
        we say; ‘a grip,’ it is NOT easily dislodged!) Biologically geared with vice-like suction, is a huge asset, as we already know (wink),unlike the situation for a wannabe rotten vegetable ‘madcabbage’,that is now just like a puckered, anal opening, nauseatingly sucking itself out of existence. I,know, I know–disgusting images!
        Oh, almost forgot, am now also doing some work on the
        ‘handle’ using some ‘earthling-like’ photo techniques to
        appear more ‘normal’ and not so scary – looking!! Still
        problematic though, as to what to do about about the
        coiled appendages i usually keep hidden in my sleeves!
        Any practical suggestions?

      • Encourage me?

        What about THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE? The TRUTH AS ISes?

        “They must find it difficult, Those who have taken AUTHORITY as the truth. rather than TRUTH as the authority”. G. Massey, Egyptologist

        • It is not only in the Church. I just had to hire a law firm in Toronto Canada to help me bring the truth to the table. Someone bearing false witness. Someone who can not even think with the ten commandments. That is simple kindergarten shit. When you can’t do that you are f*^&%d all the way. That is very very old advice. When you can’t rise above that in 2012 you are f^&*in handicapped.

  31. Tremendous write-up, Gerhard.

    Thank you and you family for standing up and being counted among the Scientologists who say “ENOUGH” and declare their Independence from David Miscavige’s supressive organization.

    The friends who have disconnected from you will find out the truth for themselves someday. They might find out the hard way – but sometimes that is the only way to learn.

  32. Outstanding, Gerhard. Congratulations to you and yours on staying true to your principles. A rare feat these days, indeed.
    Hope to meet you soon.

  33. Gerhard and family! Very well done and welcome! Can’t wait to meet you all in the coming future :)

  34. What a great post, Gerhard.
    I loved the little detail:
    “With the help of Murphy’s law this will lead either to paranoia or sure liability assignments, because the lock of one of the snappers on the briefcase in the locked cabinet in the locked office of the locked house was not locked.”
    Doesn’t that show beautifully how crazy it all became and how crazy
    we were to go along with it…

  35. Li'll bit of stuff

    I wondered what was shining so brightly out on the horizon
    of the blue waters? Should have recognized it could only
    have been you, Scott!

  36. Welcome out, Gerhard, Sabine, and family! What a fine write-up, Gerhard! Your integrity takes my breath away. As someone who took awhile to wake up, I can duplicate your journey. I, too, waited for things to get better before seeing they had gotten worse, much worse, and that it was time to put my shoulder to the wheel.

  37. Dear Waterkamps – thanks for telling your powerful story. I detest all forms of tyranny and feel so joyful and exuberant about the basic human spirit when it is overthrown. You have done more than your part through just saying NO. But I’m especially impressed that you were able to exit whole out of what has to be one of the most evil destroyers of families ever invented. I have been incredulous about the stories on this site of families split, lies, divorces, forced abortions, more lies and lost friends, all engineered by this evil cult that pretends that it does just the opposite. The recent story of Karen#1’s family tragedy moved me to tears.

    As I was driving across the Canadian prairies yesterday beneath a magnificent sky I heard on CBC radio the story of how in 2011 a humble street fruit seller, Mohammed Bouzizi, in Tunisia triggered a revolution (google NYTimes how a single match can ignite a revolution) that led to the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now hopefully Syria. Bouzizi was a young man who had to take over the breadwinner role when his father died. He tried to support the family by selling fruit in the street from a barrow. His fruit and scales were confiscated by the corrupt authorities one too many times. No one would listen to his case and he didn’t have the money to bribe them. In desparation he committed suicide in front of the big government house.,9171,2044723,00.html

    Of course I’m not suggesting such drastic measures but just pointing out that the actions of one person, or a small number of people, who say NO can bring down the biggest tyrants. Unfortunately history shows us that the last people to really believe it’s the end of their regime are the tyrants themselves.

    “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” says Bill Shakespeare

  38. Bravo!

  39. Alex Castillo (slightly off topic but relevant )

    David Miscavige is still keeping many people in the dark, just like
    mushrooms, and perhaps similar to what you will see by checking this link:

    Unlike people like Gerhard and many others here, who were cognizant of what LIGHT was before the Usurper, Misgarbage’s close followers and their children are still being kept in a dark cave and will stay there until
    the light of sunshine and truth is allowed in.

    And to the general public I say: don’t allow yourselves or your children to be buried in the dark cave that Corporate Scientology is and be cultivated like mushrooms!


  40. I absolutely love reading this blog. It is like meeting people at a methadone clinic. They are half way better insofar as they are no longer on heroin. But they are still drug addicts and very very messed up.
    The headline is where this whole thing starts off just super bizarro. Germany doesn’t want anymore cults, because of the crimes they themselves have been responsible. Scientology, even Marty Rathbun’s, is a cult. It is dangerous, based on lies created by a mentally unwell Science Fiction writer and con man. Germany outlawing Scientology is actually good for their society.
    The goal of methadone is to eventually come off it and live life without crutches. If that is the goal of the Reformed Cult of Scientologists then I say amen. But it doesn’t feel that way- it feels like Rathbun et al wants to still continue the cult, just with less fees.

    • Li'll bit of stuff

      And how shall we learn the great example of the life
      YOU live, in order to inspire us as to the “proper”
      and “safe” way to approach the “better’ living of one’s life”, sans, “mentally unwell Science Fiction writer’s and con men, Rathbun’s et al?? We are obviously
      poised for some ground-breaking announcement
      here! Please do not keep us in suspense any longer!

      Spill the beans!!! You know your’e just itching to!!

      Go on ColScott……… the podium is all yours!!!

    • Excuse me, Mr. I-Won’t-Tell-You-My-Name-Whilst-I-Crap-On-You.

      You seem to have a serious and severe erroneous notion of what exactly constitutes a “cult”.

      A “cult” is a group of human beings who *act* in various ways designed to control and dominate the behavior of its membership.

      A “cult” is *not* a set of beliefs or a spiritual philosophy or practice.

      We Independent Scientologists(no tm) abjure and denounce those *actions* that have made David Miscavige’s Church of (Black) Scientology into the “cult” it has now become. Neither can you demonstrate that any of *us* are doing those things.

      Guilt By Association is a well known fallacy of reasoning.

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist

    • ColScott,
      What clinic did you say you were attending?

    • ColScott – hang around methadone clinics much?

  41. Gerhard. Your story just brought chills down my spine for the simple fact that the young man you mention who dated your daughter, Jake Leistra, is my son. He disconnected from me 4 years ago without a peep or an explanation. He was helped by his mother and step father in the process and for 4 years they have let me twist in the wind wondering what happened to my son. Despite my repeated calls, emails, texts, nobody has responded. I hope he wakes up one day like the people that are actively involved in this blog. Best of luck to you and congratulations on your decision.

  42. Hi Gerhard,

    You and I spoke on the phone a couple of months ago, at the invitation of Karen. Well done, sir! Awesome write-up.

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