The Relatively Painless SP Declare

You might be interested in getting yourself declared (excommunicated) by Scientology Inc. in a rapid, efficient and relatively painless fashion.  All you need to do is associate with me.   A number of people  have achieved the instant-declared status by simply being seen communicating with me or  by being found to be posting on this blog.

The advantages of the instant, causative declare stem from the fact that when you ride with me nobody in the church messes with you.   You won’t have family members recruited to act as covert spies for Scientology Inc.  You won’t have confidential confessional information used by family and friends to push your buttons so as to convince you to change your mind.   You won’t have the ‘this is your life’ missions sent using family and friends (starting with the highest of ‘affinity’ of course) to subject you to lengthy invalidation and evaluation sessions accentuated with heavy doses of doomsday scenario scare tactics.

If you choose this route, of course your friends, family and associates affiliated with corporate Scientology will disconnect from you.   They will be plied with all manner of exaggerated and manufactured stories about you to get them to comply.   That comes with the territory; whether you go the instant declare route or not.  All I am offering is a means to expedite the process so that it is a clean, quick break.  If you are sufficiently briefed  about and exterior to  Scientology Inc. culture you will understand that all that is going to happen no matter which way you choose to cut the umbical cord.  The relatively painless declare speeds the process so that you don’t go through months of drama.  I am garlic as far as the vampire in chief (David Miscavige) is concerned.  Once some of it rubs off on you – Miscavige and his minions must stay far, far away for fear of being enervated by contact.

The instant decalare route saves you the sorrow and indignity of watching who you once thought were your friends acting as deployable agents, prostituting themselves to a cult by using all shifts imaginable to break your self-determinism and will.   By many accounts this pathetic drama is the worst and most painful part of the process of breaking free.

You can bypass it entirely.

All ya gotta do is post your declaration of independence here.

You can do so by declaring your independence from corporate Scientology on this blog.  Or you can visit me for services.

293 responses to “The Relatively Painless SP Declare

  1. Theo sismanides

    I got out from a small and broken door labeled “Standard Tech”! It led down some stairs and there was all dark. My ex wife just followed me and another SO member from Greece. Nobody else did. Soon we were out in the light and as the years went by we saw more coming to the light! It was nice to see us all together again. Everybody was happier now. We even saw more and more coming out of the little door!!! There was an 8008 written in great aesthetic letters all around us. There was no “church”! Why would we still need a church for a via in any way? LOL!!!

  2. I really think this quote from Mrinder is eloquent:

    “This IS how it works. If nobody had said ANYTHING to Seal A about his daughter-in-laws sister’s SP friend, everything would have carried along as usual. But terrified they cannot allow the seeping disease of critical thinking to encroach on their empire, they embark with righteous indignation on the crusade to cleanse all minds within 6 degrees of separation of unclean thoughts. And thus they make enemies. And thus they are dead.”

    • Agreed! And isn’t it telling? What kind of person does not have the luxury of appreciating his/her/its own failings – the SP! Thats the RCS- no luxury of self criticism, and takes no responsibility for what it does. A low responsibility, dead SP.

  3. constantvigilance

    Brilliant post Marty. That’s the only way to do it.

  4. We in RTC can confirm what bitter defrocked apostate Marty Rathbun is saying and will go him even one further: COB RTC David Miscavige has decreed that even having a thought about Marty Rathbun and his evil twin Mike Rinder will result in Instant SP Declare.

    All Scientologists in Good Standing are hereby ordered to have no thoughts about Marty and Mike. In order to assist Scientologists in Good Standing, we in RTC have created a special Marty and Mike Thought Stopping Rundown:

    1. All televisions, computers, and cell phones are to be unplugged or otherwise depowered and stored in a locked closet. This is to assist Scientologists in Good Standing to avoid any form of accidental contact with Marty or Mike online, in YouTube videos, or on television, particularly CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s Scientology: History of Violence.

    2. Following RTC’s highly successful action in locking down the entire Flag Land Base for three full days following the release of the SP Times Truth Rundown, we will not hesitate to have MAA’s fan out and lock down all Scientologists in Good Standing during peak periods of Marty and Mike activity.

    3. Those Scientologists in Good Standing surreptitiously peeking at Marty’s blog: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

  5. LOL – I guess this is the “how to break free SOP”. Come on Steve and Cindy Oleck, Mike Hoy, Linda Stanton, Bev Marquiss, Carlos Lores, Greg Smith, David Braverman, Jorgina and Chuck, David Brummer, Barbara and Larry Mah, Sue Burkey, Nancy Chepey and my other lost friends and family – I’d love to see you again. Hey Philly guys, I’m BAAACK – living across the river in Jersey, that is. Dinner AND drinks are on me!

  6. In the Corporate Church of Scientology, an SP is known – not by his actions, but by the company he keeps.

    I could not hope to have a better group of friends than you guys.

  7. Here! Take that, you evil villian. WE have declared YOU! Now you have to go out into the independent field and get your services for 1/3 of the price and actually receive LRH brand scientology instead of our new, improved, davified Golden Age of implanting. Ha! Everyone knows implanting is far more valuable to humanity than that LRH stuff and those trite “totally freed customers” claptrap.

    Now with our new and david-improved golden age of ethification we can spit out goldenrod faster than you can utter the unutterable forbidden names that shan’t be spoken (Marty Rathbun…Marty Rathbun…Marty Rathbun…help, pleeze…I’m metling…

  8. Some disambiguation:

    Let’s face it: Today, when the CoS Declares a person to be an SP, they are declaring that person is likely a Social Personality.

    • Totally true! They don’t know the difference or even bother to find out.

    • Well the maths certainly add up. Kinda… 0.5% (2.5% of 20%) of “8 million members” (aka the total number of people since 1954 to have ever taken a course) is 40,000 – the same figure estimated by Jeff Hawkins and various others as the Co$’s membership in 2012…

  9. All I can say is I am a total garlic lover!

  10. Qustion With Boldness

    This is a great post! I have heard through those in “good standing” that I am declared. This was about a year ago. Of course, the “Church” is too chicken to send me a goldenrod. Well after I was told by friends of my badge of courage, I was still getting mail and phone calls. So last fall I picked up a call from an SO member (CLO WUS) whom urgently needed me to come to the Denver Org for a tech briefing. I spent about a 1/2 hour on the phone with her, going over the altered tech, eating beans and rice and freedom. Someone in the Org overheard her and made her get off the phone. I offered her my help if she wants to get out.

    Boy, did that stop the phone calls and the mail!!!! I seriously do not know how the SO is going to keep calling out to Public for donations and events if they get into conversations like this. Soon, there will be a new order, no calling public. It will be too risky for them.

    I told my friend about this. He tried it and it worked for him instantly!

    But, the funny thing is, I went to the 1st Indie party at Mike and Christy’s and I was undetected. There were even PI’s there! That was fun!

    But hearing that I have a badge of honor has been great! I have really found out whom my real friends are, reconnected with many friends and made a lot of new ones. And all of my friends have COURAGE and RESPECT!

    And Marty, thanks for answering all my questions when I was doing my doubt formula.

    Cindy Plahuta

  11. I disconnected from Cof$ in 1999 – with my finger in the air. They were wusses with so much blatant out-tech on my cycle that they were afraid to get busted themselves. They told all of our public that I took an LOA to take care of my sick mother. The public would have been outraged if they declared me. No, they didn’t screw me up one bit. I’ve commented before that I knew the Senior C/S of the mission I was at in CA, who was auditing me couldn’t read a meter since he was GAT trained and I finally just smiled and pretended everything was peachy – it was peachy! I had already gone down to the pay phone (they bug their mission phones) planned my flight change to New Orleans, shuttle, ride to pick me up and wasn’t going to step foot in a Cof$ again. The infamous Bill Yaude kept trying to get me to do interviews, blah, blah, blah…nope, I’d have a drink to ruin that plan. Yeah, it was a little 1.1 but c’est la vie! Fuck them. I was done. I moved away and started rebuilding my life with my kids and it’s a great one. And I finally figured out why those people (anybody connected to David Miscavige) were so whack – and why the LRH tech I learned so well wasn’t working – by coming here and to Steve’s blog and I got back on track! And I even completed OT1!
    So yeah, in today’s Golden Age of SP Declares, I’d want to cut ties ASAP and this would be the way to do it!

    • Tara,

      > “figured out why those people (anybody connected to David Miscavige) were so whack – and why the LRH tech I learned so well wasn’t working – by coming here and to Steve’s blog and I got back on track! And I even completed OT1!”

      I love hearing these kind of stories!

      > “I finally just smiled and pretended everything was peachy – it was peachy! I had already gone down to the pay phone (they bug their mission phones) planned my flight change to New Orleans, shuttle, ride to pick me up and wasn’t going to step foot in a Cof$ again. The infamous Bill Yaude kept trying to get me to do interviews, blah, blah, blah…nope, I’d have a drink to ruin that plan. Yeah, it was a little 1.1 but c’est la vie! Fuck them. I was done. I moved away and started rebuilding my life with my kids and it’s a great one.”

      I have read LRH’s ethics about the difference between o/w an security (I don’t remember the reference).
      There is a difference between 1.1 and security. 1.1 has harming hidden intention, however security is done with (hidden) intention of protection.

  12. Marty,
    I was declared and expelled 1982. Is the SP declare a lifetime membership or do I need to renew it? Would they charge me a lot of bucks for SP declare renewal? Or is it sufficient to post here..:))


    • “Is the SP declare a lifetime membership or do I need to renew it? Would they charge me a lot of bucks for SP declare renewal?”

      OMG. I’m having so many laughs here within the pain of it all, I can hardly contain myself! Funny stuff, Alex!

      • They will probably want you to renew it. I had a founding membership in the IAS when it was formed in 1984, Then I got a lifetime membership because I was in the SO. After I was offloaded from the SO (for getting AIDS from a bad blood transfusion on the Freewinds) the IAS thought I should get another one before I started service. That is about like the comment that a person in OSA gave me when I said that I had a lot of friends still on the ship “EX SO members don’t have any friends”

  13. 15 years ago, I unwittingly found a way for relatively painless disconnection.

    When doing a training drill in the academy of my org, I had to coach a woman from OSA. She did not agree with study tech, that she had to never read past a misunderstood word. When trying to find the basic of this disagreement, I eventually got this answer: “You know, I have to read things over the Internet, and the OT materials are part of this stuff. I must not read these, thus I cannot apply study tech.”

    I was shocked. The OT levels were on the Internet? The very thing I was trying to reach for so many years? I did believe they were guarded in a dungeon, by some kind of dragon. I could not resist the temptation. I got an ISP, bought a modem, and in a few clicks I got OT3 and NOTs.

    With a single sentence, this woman from OSA changed radically my life. When I said to staffs in the org I had found the OT levels over the Internet, that was immediately shutting down the com line. That was some kind of spiritual AIDs. No one could handle me, as only an OT could.

    Shortly after that, I did not receive anymore any phone call, nor promotional materials from the org. Someone told me I was not welcome.

    I don’t know if I was SP declared, I did not receive any letter about it, but that was a total, quick and painless disconnection.

    The magic words are : “I read the OT levels over the Internet”.

    However, independently from the org, I still have a few friends in the CoS, thus I prefer currently not to jump in the open and cut these lines.

    The paradox is: the very entity that had to keep me in, OSA, is the one who opened the gate.

    That is probably a matter of pervasion: the Internet pervaded OSA, and OSA pervaded the org.

  14. I have a strong feeling the temperature in the pre$$ure cooker is rising and rising. Suddenly they have realized the SP declare (the ultimate damnation) does not work any more! And what more, ‘they are making jokes about us, we are being laughed at, we are not being taken seriously anymore, we are the laughing stock … help … what can we do …’
    Helas, there is nobody they can turn to, all their allies drop them like a hot potato, afraid they will burn themselves.
    All hell has broken loose, the King is about to loose his head too. And after a while the lid goes off with a big bang and all the slaves of the nasty King are liberated. And He, who thought he had endless powers, slinks off whith his tail between his legs in the dark of the night and nobody has ever seen him since.
    And so, my children, ends this terrible tale about a man who thought he could rule a church and getting very rich in the process, but who, in the end, found his own Waterloo in Clearwater.

  15. I am originally from the land of vampire Transylvania, so you overnight SPs, watch out. >:-)
    But over the centuries I learned to like and taste garlic too.

    For the “Badge of Honor” goldenrod I still didn’t get my personal one.
    I hope, it will come ………..

    Greetings to you all!
    Vasile Silaghi
    Independent Scientologiest
    Indie list #352

    • Maybe the Independents should inuagurate a yearly SP appreciation day. We can have parties, fireworks, tea and cookies.

      We can all ask each other for spiritual wins that each other have had and then we can throw up because we hate each others wins like good SPs do.

      Grrrrr!!!!! I hate smiles, bunnies and flowers. Grrrr, lets cook dolphins for their fat and use it to run our Hummers. Grrrr!!!

      • Brian,
        I agree. The other day I saw a bunny, smiling, in Birkenstocks, eating flowers. I ran it over with my 355 small block 1/2 ton pick up, and used 3 gallons of Supreme to speed up to do it. I have 14 inch wide tires on the back end, on 15 inch rims. They are PHAT!!!!

        I’m SP. Bunnies are Fair Game.

        • Jim, hahaha. It’s truly a pleasure to laugh with Scientologists about being declared.
          Over the years my wife was fired from two jobs because of me being an SP. And I was off loaded from a scoring gig because of my status.

          Ok, I need to put aside by belief in love and kindness for a minute and get this off my chest:

          David Miscavige and the rest of you self righteous arrogant mother-f–kers you can take your SP declares and your mother-f–king goosesteping bridge to slavery and stick it up your f–king a-hole.

          For all the people you have hurt in the name of your bullshit ecclesiastical money whoring low rent religion I say f–k you!!

          There…….. AH………… now I can say: and may you find it in youself to rise to being a human being. And may you live to one day find salvation in the arms of the Divine Mercy the true souce of Love, Happiness, Bliss, Wisdom, Benevolent Power.

          May it lead you from the unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light, ignorance to Wisdom and from death to Immortality.

          Om Shanti

  16. Declaring your Independence from the CofM will enable you to get out from under the Suppression and all the glory that comes with that but more importantly you will be able to get LRH’s Bridge again without all the suppression and squirreling. An OT 8 was telling me that he spent 8 hours on 1 eligibility question due to the squirrel 3 swing FN mandate. At $750/hr x 8 hrs = $6,000. That is a hell of a lot money wasted on 1 question that the Ship Auditor should have recognized the FN the first time it was asked and spent maybe all of 1 minute on it. The question was , are you a member of the FBI? Hello, you don’t get all the way to OT 8 preps and have to be questioned for 8 hours on that! For $6,000 I can get 50 hours, that’s 4 intensives on lower grade chart, higher levels is a bit more! In the CofM, you are putting yourself at risk of never being able to make it up the Bridge due to the high cost and squirrling going on and there are numerous stories of people who blew their whole wad on intensives of preps never to see the light of day of getting onto OT 5, 6 & 7, now struggling to pay off the debt they accumulated, let alone come up with more money to try again. Yep, getting Declared is a good thing!
    Betsy Reppen

    • Ouuuuuuch, 8 hours on “are you a member of the FBI?” for an OT VIII Eleg. Ouuuuuch. That really, really hurts.

      I found this the other day while looking through OEC Vol 7.

      Example: The Founder finds a long string of people are being labeled suppressive because they won’t separate from Joe Blow. He writes an urgent directive to stop labeling people this way and convenes a board on the whole subject in that org, gets their findings in the form of an ED, sends it to that Ad Council. They pass it after some, none or many changes. The urgent order ceases to be in force at that moment. He could also have simply issued a direct order.” PL, 17 Nov 66, Issue II, Intervention.

      Weird, how the Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, would have such a, well, I dunno, rational approach to the egregious absurdity of the scenario of the Opening Piece.

      Are these those “forever” declares? You know, the “eternal” declare, life time after life time, and with the brand new Eleg question to be done as a Sec Check before purchasing a book and of course before any Div 6 course, let alone any other service “Are you or have you EVER been declared Suppressive in this or ANY lifetime?” Followed by a variation “Have you ever had any thought, contact, connection, or spoken, considered or expressed by sound or gesture the name Marty? Mike?” “Do you know anyone else that may have done so?”

      Leave it to Dave to make his play to invalidate the ethics, tech and admin of PTS/SP material. Classic. And straight out of the material.

      Jim Logan, a.k.a., James Adam Logan, Jim, Himey, Himester, Mr. Smarty Pants, Brad, Trevor, Brittany, Caren, Carol, Carrine, and etc., etc. (including Mr. Seriousness, SP.)

      • “Ouuuuuuch, 8 hours on “are you a member of the FBI?” for an OT VIII Eleg. Ouuuuuch. That really, really hurts. ”

        That is why the old two week estimate of time to do your OT VIII is now out the window. And when you spend 8 hours on one question the first minute is asking the question, the next 7 hours and 59 minutes are spent trying to get any button in and F/Ned with three FULL swings. You can actually see the desperation in the auditors eyes as their head sometimes begins to ever so slightly swing back and forth trying to help that needle make it all the way!!!! OMG, LRH would shit his pants seeing that insanity!

  17. Alex Castillo (Marty's financial mistake)

    Marty and all Indies,

    I have been thinking about my post above and I have suddenly realized that, Marty, you have made a mistake with your post concerning “easy and painless declare, how to get one”. If we take into consideration that what I will now call David Miscavige’s Church of Moneygrabology’s main Purpose, which is to get as much money as he can, from as many people as he can get a hold of, I think you may have given him the bright idea of making a few extra bucks (while also making you wrong) by getting OSA to withdraw all SP declares and making them unavailable to Scientologists unless they pay for it. He doesn’t want decent, real Scientologists to be free and have what they want, so he will be developing new methods to achieve his personal goal.

    Next thing Scientologists in “good standing” but suspected of being discontented or connected with Marty or other Indies will be receiving from the Church of Monegrabology’s regges will probably be:

    “Dear…, We have reason to believe that you are an SP or a potential one and If you wish us to declare you SP, we are now offering a one time deal to allow you to have what you want. This action is of course based on LRH’s Policies concerning Exchange and you will understand that we are just following Policy. The current discounted price for a standard SP declare is $10.000/ Euros 8009.00
    (we have a currency converter if you are outside the US). A more specialized SP Declare ranges between $25.000 to $150.000. Download an application form from our Easy Declare website. All prices have been discounted for those who apply before the closing date. Hurry and get your Declare NOW as this is a limited offer. Prices go up after the given date line.

    Mastercard, Visa and other reputable credit cards accepted.
    Our dedicated Website is WWW. and services are available 24/7.

    Easy Declare T/IC/IT”

    Wow, I let my imagination run riot there, folks, but I wouldn’t put it past David Miscavige to go in that direction!


    • If I have an IAS membership, can I get a discount off the cost of my declare?

      • Dan — no, but if you upgrade to Patron status they will take your name off their mailing list AND promise that you WILL be informed of your declare with an FB message from Jojo Zawaji. Now, that’s value for money (usually they offer you NOTHING for your $50,000….)

    • I see a new sassy, association coming into bloom, the nemesis of IAS:

      SASS (Scientologist Association of Suppressive Scientologists)

      (Now with Competitive Pricing to IAS!)

      a) 6 month beginning SP membership – Free
      b) SP Annual membership – 300 US $
      c) SP Lifetime membership – 2,000 US $
      d) SP Sponsor – 5,000 US $
      e) SP Crusader (New!) – 10,000 US $
      f) SP Honor Roll – 20,000 US $ or 20 new members for SASS recruited
      g) SP Patron – 40,000 US $
      h) SP with Honors – 100,000 US $
      i) SP Meritorious – 250,000 US $
      j) Gold SP Meritorious – 1,000,000 US $

      (Higher levels of Memberships to be announced)

  18. My earlier post, which was supposed to be a joke, was not posted for some reason. Be assured, moderators, that I am not about to make fun of marty!!

    I am most assuredly one of you and I recent any ideas that I am being 1.1 against anyone on this site. That is, of course if I haven’t jumped the gun and the omission was not generated by a moderator. Just trying to introduce some humour into this otherwise heavy subject:)).


    • Alex,
      You are plenty SP enough for me so whatever you post, I take it as more evidence for your next life New Declare. This stuff is all going up to the RTC files, cross indexed, and there, in those secure vaults, eternal vaults, guarded vaults…is Dave playing Nintendo.

      • momrath65,
        Are you saying my SP declare is valid for eternity and I will never have to apply for it ever again? I don’t know who you are but you have just made my day!! I had previously thought that SP declares had a statute of limitation and I was very afraid of no longer being an SP!
        Thanks again,

        • Once an SP, always an SP….there ain’t no goin’ back!!!!! I should be getting mine soon but that is via the snail mail route,(whisper campaign) so there is no tellin.
          I may need to get on Tony’s hi speed theta rail line to full SP EP!

  19. Interestingly enough, three died-in-the-wool Miscavologists, Ian Brooks (Ian Brooks []), Pat Crowder (Pat Crowder []) and Tom Solari/Jan Houston-Solari ( continue to initiate emails to me advertisements for the Cult of Miscavology long after they emailed me that they didn’t want to communicate with me (due to the fact that I was no longer associated with the Cult of Miscavology).

    While I have to assume that these are ‘phishing’ emails sent for the purpose of hacking into my systems (which forensics will determine), I find it amusing that the Minions of the Cult of Miscavology would bother with lil’ ole me.

    In any event, it is a good idea to get yourself “Declared”, because that creates a critical legal dilemna for the so-called “Church of Scientology” — once the “Church of Scientology” declares you, it has NO legitimate corporate/eclesiastical/organization legal interest in keeping tabs on you. By any means. If it does so, or suggests or otherwise causes others to do so, then it is engaging in industrial espionage — taking its actions far, far, far, faaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr outside the bounds of what any legitimate “church” can justify doing as part of its religious mission.

    So, hope you get Declared! It will set you free!

    • Hi Scott,
      I have been best friends with Tom solari for 40 years. i used to live in the Hoover House with Tom and Clark Carr the head of Narcanon. Just recently ( 2 years ago Clark asked me to illustrate his novel, “The Last Wolves of Mars” which I did at my own great expense, 6 months of solid drawing to come up with the 12 or so drawings used in the book). I used to be the sound man when Tom and Clark went on the road with their comedy “Solari and Carr”. Of course both threw me under the bus when I got declared for writing on Marty’s blog. I do have my goldenrod because I RIPPED it out of Cathy True’s hands when she held it up for me to see but not to touch!

      • Tom, Jan, Ian and Pat are all very nice people. No question about it. And, each of them are talented in their own rights.

        In this regard they remind me of those 1.1 types who, constitutionally smile at your face, ready to stab you in the back if it suits their self-interests.

        For my money, the Platonic Ideal of a True Friend is exemplified by Winston Churchill … would would say “That man is my friend, I don’t want to hear it.” when anyone would try to criticize one of Churchill’s friends. This has, as well, always been how I feel about this matter of true friends: They ARE what holds the world together, they ARE what makes life worthwhile (which is why Micavology is dedicated to ruining all friendships it can get its hands on), they ARE the reason wars are fought, great Art is created, great words are written, they ARE the reason that great acts of courage are issued … and anyone who puts their so-called “group” before my friendship can damn well ‘rot in hell’ for all I care. We, independent scientologists need to be careful not to buy into that especially pernicious Micavology bastardization of Hubbardology which seeks to get us to identify our selves with some “organization”, instead of our True Friends. Never, under any circumstances would Hubbard have stood for any interpretation of “Scientology” which resulted in thetans aligning themselves with an “organization” to the destruction of True Friendship.

        I feel very sorry, if I am allowed to admit to having such an emotion amongst the truly (not sarcastically) hallowed legion of OT’s who grace this forum, for the likes of Tom, Jan, Ian (although, to be honest, I always thought he was a pompous one, and couldn’t imagine why Mario Fenninger would put up with him) and Pat … either they never had any True Friends to begin with, or they eschewed the only True Friends they every had. Either way, the ‘path to hell’, as they say, is paved with Righteous Defenders of Miscavology.

    • Ah yes. Good ol’ Jan Houston Solari. We were fast email buddies for years and years until I sent her my 1 March 2012 Declaration of Independence write-up. Her immediate response was that she was writing me up to RTC for “committing a suppressive act”.

      I tell you, there’s nothing like fully putting in your personal code of honor to show you who your true friends are, versus the cowards and sell-outs on your lines.

  20. oops, cancel my above statement. I did jump the gun! Mea culpa, I am sorry.


  21. Ha ha! This thread reminds me of a bygone era when SP Declare issues were framed and hung on the wall. I never got mine, but I was informed that I am considered a legal threat, so I guess there is a Declare! filed somewhere.

    I should see if I can find my original resignation from the CofS in 1993 and post it here. What was very cool was that even after I resigned, I was still in good standing; I could go to the local org, talk to public and staff, buy books, no cut comms, calls to all the events, calls to buy books, wife and kids could take courses … all very civilized. All knew my objections were to how the CofS was acting, nothing to do with the subject. I think the locals were shocked that a Class VIII with 30 years dedicated service would resign, unheard of here in Ottawa, and given the distance from the insanity of the SO, there was a ‘cultural lagl’ and sane minds prevailed.

    This relationship continued until a couple of years ago when I was given a legal order stating that I could garnish money from someone’s account and I so informed the CofS in an attempt to get the EO to convince the individual to take responsibility. That never happened, typical CofS wrong targeting, hence my being a legal threat, I never really intended at that time to hit the CofS … hmmm … I never did activate the court order … hmmm … I wonder if it is too late … hmmm …. maybe I’ll check on that … hmmm …

    Hi OSA!

  22. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Oh crap! Does that mean I got declarerd already?

  23. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Awww CRAP! Does that mean I’m declared already? I just re-mortgaged my house so I could buy my spiritual eternity.

  24. Alex,
    It’s me, Jim Logan, aka, momrath65. I forgot that aka. But, it is me, well, more or less, depending on who’s askin’.

  25. I may be the proud owner of the last declare actually delivered to the declaree. It includes a cover letter from the “Justice Chief” FLB. I wonder if I can auction it off on E Bay. :-) On another note I’m considering doing a Facebook page or blog of current photos of Flag staff. This would be for those who have not seen their loved ones for months, years & decades. Thoughts?

    • Kevin:

      I like the photos idea.

      As for EBay — perhaps you could get it included with the famous $3.5 million “LRH Library” on EBay? It might be what pushes it over the top….

      • I was kind of hoping OSA would bid for it! :D As to the photo idea I’m considering it. I feel like it might be helpful to those who have been disconnected from their loved ones. By the way Lisa has been knee deep, prepping for an upcoming art show. When’s she through with that hopefully she can get with you guys to do those photos.

        • Kevin. I think that is a VERY worthwhile project. And they just won’t know when you are there or where exactly you are. It will drive them utterly crazy. You wanna bet they will forbid staff from walking between buildings and insist they ride the bus to cross the street from the CB to the Coachman! :)

          That’s great on Lisa. Looking forward to it.

          • As much as driving some OSA bots crazy is very appealing it’s really not a purpose I’d want to direct much energy toward. Allowing a mother or daughter to see a photo of someone they have not been able to speak to or see in months, years or even decades is something that just seems like the right thing to do. I’ve got to figure out a way to organize a web site that would show numerous photos and allow for people to comment on who the person in the photo is, etc. There’s a wonderful website called “Humans of New York” that I might model it after. See here:

  26. I envy so many of you. I doubt I was ever declared. I have lived a very muted life. I have done little to stand out for or be recognized for in any direction, good or bad. Maybee i played it too safe, too often. OSA likley knows who I am and they couldnt even be bothered. How sad is that.
    So all you “SP’s” out there should realize that you have at least created an effect. You held your ground, said your piece, and braved the storm. Thats worth something.

  27. The SP declare is a rule in a game that I no longer play. I have mentioned my name a couple of times previously (Wendy Munro), formerly public at the Johannesburg North Org in Randburg Johannesburg South Africa, I have informed CO OSA AF that I am no longer a member of the C of S and have been dead filed, but it occurs to me now that I have not said this yet: I announce myself to be an independent scientologist!!!

    Similarly to Ronnie Bell I saw Debbie Cook’s email (on the 2nd of March 2012) and then came to Steve Hall’s website, then to Jeff Hawkins website, then to Marty’s blog.

    I did a CCRD in the early 1990’s and in the early 2000’s was given the R factor – not Clear. No-one could explain how this had happened. The CO CLO AF (Ken Krieger) told me that “COB said that auditors were looking at it like this” – he turned his head one way and the piece of paper the other way “and that this must never happen again”. Not an explanation I could think with. The auditor told me “Sorry we didn’t know we were doing it wrong, we all had to get re-trained”. The C/S on that cycle, Des Khourie, died of cancer. He was undoubtedly made very wrong, when he was not wrong. I was one of about 20 people who did the CCRD in Johannesburg with a temporarily convened team including some terminals from ANZO. I wrongly assumed it was just the 20 of us from this cycle who were Clear – and later not Clear. Discovering that it was a worldwide phenomenon, and what the REAL reason behind it, opened my eyes!

    Yes, I have been crush regged. I have donated to IAS and ideal orgs, and pubs. But that is not my gripe. Money is just money…. betrayal is personal.

    So I looked. And I saw. I considered what I know and compared it to what I hear and read. I reconsidered the whole picture and came to the conclusion that I could not flow power to the RCS any longer. If the tech has been squirreled – what’s the damn point of it, at all? If the purpose is MEST, what the hell use is that?

    Its the betrayal and the alter-is that kills. And seeing how many others have been betrayed… especially the veteran SO members who have had years of their lives stolen, and staff and SO who have had their beingness’ crushed – all because they wanted to help…. infuriates and disgusts me. Losing a bit, or even a lot of money pales into insignificance compared to a lost decade, or two, or three…. Although I still have the highest ARC for many who are still “in” and who are true to an ambition to help, they are an airfreshner to a persistent bad smell. The smell is still there even if it is hidden and disguised. And what a disguise! So clever. And SPs are clever!

    So OSA – declare me or don’t. Send a goldenrod to me or don’t. Those are your game rules not mine. I am not a suppressive person. People who know me will tell you that, so bad-mouth me at your own peril. Look in my folders. Every time I was asked the key question “do you want other people to have similar wins?” there is a “yes” and an F/N. Suppressive people don’t think that way. The people on this blog (and other independents) care about each other, care about the tech and doing things standardly, give real help and are thoroughly unserious. I chose the independent scientology group.

  28. Hey Picanin! Well said – as are all your posts. Your defecting from Joburg North to the indies must be a HUGE loss to the org! I know you were a great supporter in the past and everyone there looked up to you and also looked TO you whenever help was needed for anything. Being the incredibly helpful, kind, generous, caring being that you are you gave and gave and gave. I fully get the betrayal you must feel on the majority of your dynamics. But looking on the bright side: Joburg’s loss is the Indies GAIN!! And OSA better watch out if they mess with you. What, with all your legal training, they don’t stand a chance. :)

    Buffy ;)
    (… the vampire slayer)

    • Hey Buffy I have a feeling I know who you are! Thanks for the kind words. Its veeeerrrryyyy brave of you to be posting (if I have the right person) even for a vampire slayer! ;) . Hugs to you too!

  29. Question #2 on my customized, prepared “interrogatory” of 31 Jan 2012, when confronted by the Dir I&R (Inspections & Reports) and HAS (HCO Area Secretary) together in the ethics room Scientology Dallas:

    2. Are you in comm with or do you have any connection with, Marty Rathbun?

    – No, but I read his blog.


    (this answer was given in an earlier interview with I&R Mat McCauley)
    – Point 1 of Code of a Scientologist:
    “To keep Scientologists, the public and the press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of mental health and society.”

    I don’t think they liked that answer. And maybe that’s why Mat felt he needed a “back-up” that night – he was no match for me and he knew it.

    That was the last time I saw the inside of the Dallas “Ideal” Org.
    (Scott Gordon)

    • Brilliant post, Oracle.
      Here are the lyrics:

      Songwriters: PETTY, TOM / CAMPBELL, MICHAEL W.
      By Tom Petty and Mike Campbell

      We got somethin’, we both know it,
      We don’t talk too much about it.
      Yeah it ain’t no real big secret,
      But somehow, we get around it.

      It don’t really matter to me baby,
      You believe what you want to believe,
      You don’t have to live like a refugee.

      Somewhere, somehow,
      Somebody must have kicked you around some.
      Who knows why you wanna lay there and revel in your abandon.

      It don’t make no difference to me, baby,
      Everybody’s had to fight to be free,
      You see you don’t have to live like a refugee.

      Baby, we ain’t the first.
      I’m sure a lot of other lovers been burned.
      Right now this seems real to you,
      But it’s one of those things you gotta feel to be true.

      Somewhere, somehow,
      Somebody must have kicked you around some.
      Who knows? Maybe you were kidnapped,
      Tied up, taken away, and held for ransom.

      It don’t really matter to me, baby,
      Everybody’s had to fight to be free,

  30. I want to be declared by the church of scientology , my name is Derek Savage , i live here in Ireland , i want my declare sent to me . Thank you .
    I am an independant scientologist .

  31. If a person is declared a suppressive, that means that the church is cutting ties with him. Things like IAS membership and its benefits; things like IHELP membership and its benefits are all denied to the person. Does it then mean the person can break any clause of the Auditor’s Code? Can he write the O/Ws of a celebrity he audited in posts on the internet? Can he talk openly about the contents of OT I, OT II, OT III, OT IV, OT V, OT VI, OT VII, OT VIII without the church coming down on him? After all, by conducting a “secret declare” procedure and not providing him with the paperwork, the church has not held up its end of the deal. So then the church and its parishioners and its celebrities can be treated with Fair Game just like the declared person was.
    I’m sure there’s an illogic here. Or a Big Ol’ Fat Freakin’ Injustice.
    But most Scientologists I know won’t do that because they’re honest and decent people, unlike OSA and Miscavige.

  32. Jean-François Genest

    I would like an instant SP declare please ! (with 100% pure maple syrup on the side)
    I escaped in April 1997 (blew for good), soon after manufacturing the binders for GAT, but I have never been declared a Suppressive Person → they couldn’t find me. Can I have one now, please?

  33. I can haz SP declare ?

  34. i’m confused the cos say’s their is no disconnection the indi’s say there is and they have proof by the declare’s some have them framed, for someone like me who is just learning about all the BS of cos it is mind boggling is there a link somewhere that i can go to, to see the declare’s with a bit of background info as well please

  35. I’ll do anything to piss off Dave. I was never a Scientologist but can’t I get maybe like a past life, whole track declare going. I would tack it up on the wall proudly with my CMO braids ;)

  36. Pingback: Miscavige’s knee-jerk SP declare miscalculation (Part 2)

  37. So, I’ve actually never been on your blog before but I did just want to say thank you. Thank you for those of us who were curious enough to research both sides of the subject before jumping head first into a place where I could have lost everyone I care about. Thank you for speaking out for what you believe and allowing others to read and respond to your thoughts. I am very happy I did not take that whole plunge into the Cos and have the Internet to thank for it. Thanks. Jessica

  38. I’m am after being newly introduced to this world seeking independence but hoping I am able to find help in maintaining contact with the woman who holds a piece of my heart. Is this possible or would it require giving her up as well? Honestly she is worth the so called “drama” than may have been or could be produced but I don’t wish for her to be subject to any in response. Please help

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