Narconon – Scientology Inc Cover Up

Those who know Narconon president Gary Smith and have worked in or with his Narconon flagship facility might have a similar response to tonight’s NBC Rock Center episode on Narconon to mine.  That is, what insane orders has David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc issued that resulted in such a meltdown?   Four people dying at Narconon?   One person is too many.  And even that would have been inconceivable ten years ago.  And Narconon and Gary Smith showing the same type of disdain for human life that one has come to expect from David Miscavige?  What has become of Narconon?

I predict that David Miscavige’s scorched earth policies will result in the most fatal blow to the Narconon program.   Those policies were evident in Narconon’s responses to the program: no cooperation, lie and attack the attacker.

Those policies are also evident in a fresh piece of evidence that I have included below.

Please see the email sent out in a blast to Scientologists across the world from Sigal Adini of Narconon in Los Angeles.    Realize that this was sent out well before the show aired tonight.    Tell me, how does this e-mail measure up with the show this evening?   What does it say about Scientology Inc’s role vis a vis Narconon?  What does it say about Scientology Inc’s absurd and vehement denials that it has any  responsibilities for Narconon?

Four deaths is “the same old crap”?  Whose words and sentiments are those?

The instructions to blast NBC and attempt to spike the show came from “up the line?”  Who might that be in Scientology Inc micro manage culture?

The Evidence:

We need a favor, more of a 3D/4D favor. I am reaching out to you
because I know you can be tone 40 about this. It is a short cycle
but needs push.

Narconon is about to get a big attack on NBC news tonight.
Same old crap, we’ve survived it before and will again but your help is
needed. This is of course a Scientology attack as well.

We got instructions from up the line to have everyone call in and
complain about  this one sided biased show and say that they
personally know people whose  lives have been saved by NN. You know
Tony, my husband, 35 years clean, I think you know Robert Hernandez
and Bobbie Wiggins, Patty Schwartz, all NN  graduates all clean for
decades. So you are not going to lie because you do  know people who
did the Narconon program. But you are pissed that they would
portray a program that helps people every day and staff who
bust their ass working 12-16 hours days to save people’s lives in such
a bad light.

You can see the preview and article on their  website, (NBC Rock Center). Four people died in three and half years at  Narconon Arrowhead. For your information two had medical issues and their cause of death is not known. One snuck drugs back to the center when  she came back from an LOA and overdosed and I am not sure what happened to  the forth.

This whole story completely ignores the fact that 200,000 people
die every year (550 per day) from pharmaceuticals – typical!
Narconon Arrowhead has serviced 10K people in 19 years and had
four deaths, two of them we know for sure were completely not
attributable to the program itself.

Now comes your part, we need you to call  the station and leave a
message for the producer. Anna Schecter. It is getting harder and
harder to reach her (email full, voice mail full) so that is why I
need someone like you, tone 40 who won’t back off by a couple
of barriers.  You call 212-664-4444, ask for Rock Center (that is
her show), you want to talk to Anna Schecter, she won’t be there, you
want to talk to her secretary, you do not want to leave a comment
in the general mail box, you want to talk to someone in her office
or talk to her personally. Don’t use Scientology lingo. Leave a
message and let me know when done.

Can you do this?

Sigal Adini
Narconon Drug Prevention and Rehab
Addiction Treatment and Drug
Abuse Prevention Specialist

888-800-8331 Toll free, direct

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  1. This post is cited and linked on the Facebook Group: Scientology Invasion of the Black Community:

  2. Clearly this is another case of RCS vs the tech, squirrel or lack thereof. As demonstrated with the disdain for humanity, “the same old crap” is another demonstration of the RCS party line of not accepting responsibility for anything.

    So I’m not very clear on the tech of Narconon. As a trained auditor and OT I am well aware how the tech can and does work with regard to drugs. I just don’t know what exact application with respect to Narconon. I believe I’ve heard that TRs & Objectives are part of it.

    So withstanding what I don’t know, there are some data points which I can make:

    1 – As a health care professional I am required to have an AED (defibrillator) in my office AND be trained (retrained every 2 years) in CPR. Further, everytime I give an injection I am acutely aware that an emergency can occur at anytime.

    How does a Narconon operate without any of the above? I wonder what the licensing requirements are in each state?

    2 – Is LRH policy applied at Narconons? Should it?
    HCO PL 12 JUNE 1969, DIANETIC REGISTRATION, “A sign should be prominently displayed in all orgs servicing the general public as follows:
    ‘If you have come here to be cured of a physical illness, SEE THE REGISTRAR and so inform her so that she can arrange for a competent medical examination and treatment and for Dianetic auditing while under the care of a doctor. When you are physically well, you can begin Scientology training and processing on your road to total freedom.”

    “competent medical examination” – is that done? I know it’s asked before doing a purif.
    My own personal experience when doing a purif at a local org was NOT a competent medical exam. I don’t consider a chiro or podiatrist competent to do a medical physical exam. Further, I would not consider my own health professional field competent to do a medical exam, yet I have been asked and refused.

    3. Drug abuse/addiction does involve physical medical considerations. AND responsibly requires competent medical care.
    In absolutely no defense to Narconon, some drug abusers are going to die. Obviously their mortality rate is higher than non users.

    4. As someone noted, there’s no data for comparison. I searched today, and it is sparse to find data. But I found a story of a facility in Tennessee with 2 deaths. However, what is markedly different is this facility at least had some medical personnel and resorted to emergency medical care. See here:

    Again, RCS is demonstrating it’s total irresponsibility.

  3. Staff ” working 12-16 hours days”.
    That is insane.
    As it is insane in scientology orgs.
    People need a life and need to devote some time for themselves and to their family to be happy.

  4. Did anyone hear what I heard on the NBC show ?
    That Narconon staff gave drugs to the public in exchange for sexual favors ?

  5. Too bad Brian wasn’t coached enough to ask these questions

    ++++How much of Narconon’s revenues are sent to ABLE and how much of it goes to Church f Scientology International ?

    +++++Where exactly does the money go ~~ all these $30,000 a pop cycles ?.

    19 Narconons in the US alone ?

    • The Narconons send 10% of their income to Narconon Int. Oh, there is a big book purchase, David gets most of that too. The work books. The E.D. of A.B.L.E. manages Narconon International (Between1 and 3 people at any given time, Narconon International is smaller than my family) The E.D. Narconon International’s stat is INCOME. It is the E.D. Narconon Int’s hat to go back down into the Narconons after they have sent their 10% and take whatever they were holding back for themselves and get it back to A.B.L.E. All of the donations A.B.L.E. manages to get for “Narconon” never see the inside of any Narconon and are steered completely away from the Narconons. On Thursday at 2:00 the E.D. Narconon Int sends all of the money she squeezed out of the Narconons up to A.B.L.E Int and A.B.L.E. combines that with the money people donated to help the people on drugs and it all gets handed over to David Miscavige controlled bank account. Yes, David Miscavige steals the money donated to the drug addicts from the drug addicts. The Narconon Staff live on air. David Miscavige lives like a rock star. Students are dying because Miscavige is out of favor with the Gods. They are cursing him and casting spells about him. They wanted this conversation to happen. Tom Cruise stated, “I’ve gotten thousands of people off drugs’. You can bet he got hit for a dono. A dono that never helped anyone in any Narconon. Sure, Kirstie Alley and Lisa Marie were Narconon grads and celebrities that went straight from Narconon to Celebrity Center. But you have to ask yourself this, have you ever met a person in an Org or in Scientology (excluding Italy where they put the person on lines because they CARE) that came from Narconon?
      L.A. is full of druggies looking for help. The Orgs could be packed. but gee. A.B.L.E. closed down Narconon L.A.. Not enough public or what Dave? O.K. so all of these thousands of people they get off drugs and through the program every year for 25 years let’s see…. the Orgs should be booming just off those Narconon starts! They do not go on to go clear.
      Nobody wants them in the Orgs. L.A. Day is right next to ASHO and the AO! It is a P.R. and Donation vehicle under David Miscavige’s culture. David Miscavige is the most dependent person I know. He depends on the public to give money to his beggars so he can have. He depends on the Sea Org staff to do all the work so he can be. He depends on his attorneys so he can do. He depends on the Drug addicts for P.R. and he thinks they are out P.R.. He keeps it that simple while making everyone believe it is some kind “magic” only he possess’ and it is very very complicated. If I had all that cash and people throwing it at me all week, thousands of staff doing the work and an attorney as a full time nanny, I would at least make something go right. I could have at least kept Narconon L.A, open. He couldn’t keep a building open in South Central for people to sober up. And THEY were paying their rent!

      • Nice rant, but Narconon LA just moved to Newport Beach, it didn’t “close”. It was like Chilocco moving to Arrowhead. Newport Beach then closed and folded into the centers near Temecula and Nevada. Also, in PT, Narconon Int has at least a couple dozen staff, if not more. Not defending them at all, just adding some factual info. I certainly appreciate and agree with the rest.

        • Narconon LA , would be in L.A.. I am aware a place opened in Newport Beach. This is a slight of hand with P.R.. Like the Mission the Slauters just bought “moved to that place on the corner”. Chilloco folded. I am aware a center opened in Arrowhead. Maybe next week Narconon L.A. will move to Manhattan! Three card Monty! You have been fooled twice.

          • Chilocco literally moved, in buses, trucks and a long caravan, to Arrowhead. All of the staff, and all of the students. Months of preparation for the move. I was there. I can’t speak for L.A. or missions or anything else, but I definitely know what happened at the end of Chilocco and the beginning of Arrowhead.

    • Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat, Narconon Louisiana
      Employer Identification Number (EIN) 204122923
      Name of Organization Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat
      Secondary Name Narconon Louisiana
      In Care of Name Thomas A Steiner
      Address 35059 Bend Rd, Denham Spgs, LA 70706-0655
      Subsection Charitable Organization
      Ruling Date 11/2007
      Deductibility Contributions are deductible
      Foundation Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public
      Organization Corporation
      Exempt Organization Status Unconditional Exemption
      Tax Period 01/2011
      Assets $1,000,000 to $4,999,999
      Income $1,000,000 to $4,999,999
      Filing Requirement 990 (all other) or 990EZ return
      Asset Amount $1,618,909
      Amount of Income $2,862,909
      Form 990 Revenue Amount $2,862,909

      Read more:
      (When you are an OT7 and/or OT8 running the place, still in tight with David Miscavige, your money is no doubt paying for the things DM wants you to pay for, whatever that may be. I have no proof of where the income actually goes.)
      These people are not in the mission business anymore since they can make MUCH more money through Narconon.

  6. Not to make light of a terrible situation, but I must say that I really can’t help but giggle at Adini’s instructions at the end; “talk to someone in her office or talk to her personally. Don’t use Scientology lingo.”

    Can you imagine some poor confused receptionist at NBC trying to make heads or tails of an angry phone call full of Scientology lingo?

    Caller : “You’re all just a bunch of wogs and SP’s and you’re all 1.1 on the tone scale and you’re messing with my dynamics and you all have overts and withholds and you have no ARC and yadda yadda yadda!”

    Receptionist : *thinking* “What on earth is this person trying to say? Is that even English? Oh well.” *click*

  7. David Miscavige can’t go A to B on doing himself in. He has to use dead druggies as a via.

  8. To: “Starman8″ > The NN Program functions pretty the same as any ORG, with few differences. I was a student and a Course Room Supervisor, Registrar, Graduate Officer, and I/C of forming and registering a new Charitable Foundation. A built and operated a Rehab in the past and dealing with Revenue Canada was do big deal for me to register a Charity. The first day a student arrives in WD, they begin TR’s, Light Objects, as well as receiving Touch and Nerve Assists. Then moves onto longer TR’s, Objectives Auditing, Barriers to Learning (Mass-Gradient-MU’s), then goes throught the 8 Dynamics, Overts/Withholds, Ethics – Social – Ant-Social personality, and on and on until Grad. Then the student is encouraged to take the FSM Course and jump on the money wheel, etc, etc. >>>>

    “How does the $$$ get into the COS from NN?” >>> Because I only have evidence dox on NN Trois-Rivieres and not much on other NN’s, except statements, I’ll stick to NN TR.>>> The NN TR ED was demoted to CS and Narconon Canada (entity for expansion in Canada), was brought in and one of the Ed’s was Posted as the ESTO Officer. There were 4 staff from NN Ca at NN TR – AND they also brought in the Director from ABLE Canada, as well as two flying in from NN Int on a “Correction Mission.” ALL of these staff were at NN TR at the SAME time. NN TR had mega bucks in their Building Fund, but all these Pompus Staff were paid tidy sums (HUGE!). Some of this income was banked with the COS for future Auditing, which I can eye-witness confirm when we travelled from TR to another city where the Auditing was being done.

    Then, as the $$$ were drained, the NN TR staff, including myself, were NOT paid and some staff quit, including the cook. Not a big deal, it seemed, there was a large pool of students to draw from for labour (without pay) – – they had paid $23,000 and were doing the work of paid staff.

    If the COS (DM), wanted to run a rehab that was not dangerous to patients, with qualified medical staff, it could be done. There is no need for these desperate souls to be placed in danger. IMO, why don’t they just run it ALL “Above-Board” and say the program is based on Scientology practices? Then the patient is informed and consented to this treatment and practice. Even though I don’t agree that it is a good treatment for addicts, at least give them the choice and freedom to chose? BUT, do it with professional medical staff, with University Degrees in detoxification, not with new graduate students!

    • The reason it is not all run “aboveboard” and competently is, a greedy and venal psychopath, David Miscavige, is calling the shots.

  9. I’ve been reading articles all week, saw all the trailers for the show, and waited patiently through all the other stories in hopes that the loss my family suffered and finally found the strength to talk about may actually help keep this from happening to another family.

    I sat there stunned, confused, and heartbroken last night, not because the info being shared was a surprise to me, but because any acknowledgement of the “4th death” was completely gone from the story! Not just cut short or lacking info, but never even acknowledged in the show that there was a fourth loss at this place! I have spent the day searching…trying to find a reason why. The show acted as if the entire story was that there were 3 deaths in 9 months.

    Then I finally find this letter. It makes me sick! Don’t know what happened to the fourth! BS. If what happened to the “fourth” wasn’t known or important, why oh why did her very existence disappear from the story at the last minute?! I’ll be honest here. Until this week I had no idea that this was based on Scientology. I really didn’t care. But what I have learned has been utterly shocking and has opened wounds in my heart, and brought newfound guilt to my life that I will have to learn to carry. Yes, even a person close to a situation can have doubts as to what happend. My eyes However, have been pried wide open, and I will never again have any doubts about what has caused my family to have to live with the pain they bare. Shame on these people for trying to make these beautiful lives that were lost irrellivent, and all I the name of money! And if NBC caved to these kinds of tactics…shame on them too!

    At least in me, these lives will never be forgotten…

    • Dear Thefource,
      I am so sorry for your loss…I am at a loss for words, but am with you in my heart.

    • I really hope that you, your family and all others who’ve lost loved ones to these lunatics will one day see justice done; Scientology deaths can’t end soon enough.

      • Mike B,
        You appear to be a “hater” who chooses make generalizations about the SUBJECT of Scientology while REFUSING to distinguish between the subject and its practitioners. …How many deaths have been “caused by Scientology” before Miscavige took over the church? …How many deaths have been caused by Scientology at the hands of Indie practitioners?? ….Anybody? …Anybody?? Mike B???
        Oh that’s right… not the sort of question that fits into your agenda. And not surprisingly, like almost all haters, you don’t seem to actually know much about what you are attacking and also have no real interest in learning about it.
        You have said that you are a student of microbiology.
        Maybe I should make a list of “students of microbiology” in the U.S. who have committed terrible crimes….come to think of it, THAT would be easy, wouldn’t it! All I would have to do is find out the names of the people who have promoted and/or approved some of the many dangerous drugs which have caused deaths in the last decade and later been banned!
        Then, without actually learning about microbiology, I could promote to the world that the subject of microbiology is evil and should be eradicated and that all of it’s practitioners should be scorned and banned from practicing the subject!
        …Can you see the “logical” parallel, Mike ?

    • TheFource, Thank you for your addition to this thread. The loss that you and your family have endured is truly a tragic. To suffer that and then to have the wounds opened only to be salted by the editing out of the story your family’s loss is unimaginable. I know many good people who post on this sight and I know I speak for us all when I say we are so sorry for what you have gone through. Your pain is not lost on us. We wish you better days and a time when you can all have peace on this death.

    • Sunshine Disinfects

      My heart bleeds for you and your family Thefource. I have no other words. Hugs to all of you.

    • Thank you all for your kind words. It truly has been a big week. Quite an emotional roller coaster. I am happy to have come across this group. My hope is that word has started to get out to a much larger audience and the truth continues to come out. I am continuing to try to find out why our story was cut,( though it’s really not hard to guess why) and I pray that my grandparents continue to find the strength they need to keep telling their story and continue healing.

    • Thefource, I’m very sorry for your loss.

  10. mrinder | August 17, 2012 at 8:38 am | Reply

    “Terril — this is the wrong outpoint. It’s not the money flow, as any money flow to ABLE Int and NN Int is minimal in the overall scheme of things.”

    Seems clear there are many outpoints. I consider the lack of correct medical care the main one. I’m not able to observe money flows re narconon, however there is insufficient funding for medical care and the staff work for free or very little and I gather the clients pay quite a lot. There was a narconon facility on an indian reservation kicked off as it didn’t pay rent.

    What happens to the money and how much goes uplines?

  11. I haven’t read the references in years, but I’ve C/S’d hundreds of people through the Purification Rundown and in retrospect it is clear that LRH did not place nearly enough emphasis on the medical supervision aspect of the program – which was also compounded by his repeated condemnation of the medical profession that rubbed off on me and every other Scientologist I’ve ever known.

    Although I studied pre-med courses in college, have a degree in biology, was VERY sensitive to the symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion, made sure that EVERYONE had a twin before I allowed them to start the program (talk about flaps), and insisted on periodic blood pressure checks, it was still sheer luck that that no-one ever died on my watch. I feel blessed it never happened. And yes, the above are my attempted justifications for placing people in a potentially deadly situation.

    I won’t bother going into the lack of thoroughness of most pre-Purif medical screenings I’ve witnessed over the years (despite the use of the MD information package), but I’m sure you other Purif C/S’s and I/C’s have noted similar situations. I don’t think I need to say any more except that if anyone is running or planning to run a purification center of their own, you really need to understand the strenuousness of the program on the circulatory system and liver, the absolute necessity of a THOROUGH medical evaluation, and vigilant medical supervision. I’m not going to say I’ve never seen results, even miraculous ones, from the program, but the entire modus operandi of how it is administered needs to be changed.

    Finally, I’d like to end by giving my public condolences to the family of Dan Kolbenschlag, CPA, who was my accountant until he reportedly died of heart failure after doing a Purification R/D at the Washington, DC org several years ago. He was a good man and it was heartbreaking talking to his daughter when arranging to get my tax records. Peace be with you.

    And Mike Hoy, I love you but wake the fuck up, smell the coffee and get out of the Narcanon Network AND the church.

    • I understand that Dan Kolbenschlag dropped dead on August 24, 2010, from a sudden and apparently massive heart attack. He was in the midst of helping his daughter prepare for her wedding. It was quite a shock to her, to say the least, and those of us who had worked with him in his capacity as a CPA.

      There is no reason, that I know of, to believe that the Purif he had (re-done) at the DC Org had anything to do with it. My beliefs are that other things caused it, but I really don’t know.

      Nevertheless, the DC Org is — and has been for some time — decidedly out-tech and delivering squirreled auditing. So, who knows if the DC Org had anything to do with Dan’s untimely death.

      And, there are plenty of other such anecdotal happenings: For example, I knew of another fellow, some years ago, David Eisenstark, who died abruptly of massive blod clotting, which started while he was doing the PTS/SP Course at AOLA. How PTS was Mr. Eisenstark? Well, when the doctors at the Hospital first discovered the blod clots, they gave him a synthetic anti-clotting medicine … which, in rare cases was known to actually increase the blod clots. Naturally, the blod clots amplified greatly, and there was nothing they could do by the time they checked him again, and he died. If the doctors had given him the natural anti-coagulant (derived from leeches and VERY expensive, like $300k per treatment) he would have lived. So, David Eisenstark is mid the PTS/SP course at AOLA, or ASHO, I’ve forgotten which, he suffers a stroke due to blod clotting, the doctors give him the wrong (but cheaper medicine), the doctors fail to monitor him, the blod clots ramp up, and he dies … sounds PTS, right?

      Now, my point is … maybe both Dan Kolbenschlag and David Eisenstark would have died of ‘natural causes’ just as they did — both of them were very large men, and not especially healthy in general — without any connection to the squirreled technology being buttered around the universe by the so-called “Church of Scientology”. So, I’m not claiming the “Church of Scientology” caused these untimely (in my opinion) deaths. But, if you had a choice between risking an untimely death by accepting the obviousy squirreled technology of the “Church of Scientology” and having great wins and life improving changes through an independent auditor … which would choose?

      The “Church of Scientology” is dead, done and gone. Its irrelevancy is palpable and there is no good to come from bothering to try to ‘save’ it, or its adherents. May it, and they, rest in peace.

    • “… in retrospect it is clear that LRH did not place nearly enough emphasis on the medical supervision aspect of the program – which was also compounded by his repeated condemnation of the medical profession that rubbed off on me and every other Scientologist I’ve ever known.”

      You make an important and well-reasoned point, Don.

      While LRH stressed the importance of medical screenings for a variety of ills (including psychotic episodes), the pre-screening and oversight of the purif was lax, at best, from my observation. And this is a good example of where his work can be refined and improved; heretical as it may seem to some.

      Vic K.

      • If Scientology is a scientific approach to the spiritual, it denies the basic fundamental of science: science constantly evolves, is constantly challenged and new discoveries are made. Scientology is too stuck in “everything LRH said or wrote is workable truth that works 100% of the time and should never be changed,” IMHO. Then on the other end of the spectrum you get Miscavage altering workable tech and inventing “tech” that doesn’t work. Again, real science eventually corrects itself.

        • I’m sorry Obnosis, but this clearly shows ignorance (ignore-ance) of the fundamentals of scientology philosophy and practice as LRH stated them. It does show a good understanding of the CoS as Miscavige has developed it by reversing LRH’s statement of the subject and intentions for it.

          Aaaagh! This is old ground which speaks to the literalness which is what has corrupted scientology application away from it’s original design and intent.

          Have you read Marty’s book? He speaks to the very issue you have brought up. That’s as constructively as I can respond now.

    • I don’t know who (or how) you’ve I.D.’d as Mike Hoy, but if you are here, Mike, glad to see you are reading here and hope you keep your eyes open and stay analytical.

      • It is but a hope that Mike is capable of reading this blog. His eyes were of last report unblinking even while his head was stuck in cob’s backside. But we can hope as Don is doing.

    • “LRH did not place nearly enough emphasis on the medical supervision aspect of the program – which was also compounded by his repeated condemnation of the medical profession that rubbed off on me and every other Scientologist I’ve ever known.”

      True words spoken.

      In decades of experience I heard of no deaths by purif in any orgs. That doesn’t mean there weren’t but I haven’t learned of any since working on my doctorate on “Scientology: The After-Math” (so-to-speak and referring to the time period since I was able to separate ME out from me+Scientology. It IS surprising to me that this is the case considering how many exams to do the Purif are done by chiros etc who are onlines in an org and feel elevated to some higher level of importance it seems to be asked to do these medical exams.

      Do thorough interviews and use MDs to do the exams. The results of the program are undeniably to me.

    • In ’79 while LRH was living in Hemet, I was mid a vitamin regimen as written in the All about Radiation book which called for an increasing dosage of Niacin and was up to 1500mg. It didn’t take very long to get up to 5000 when the Purif came out.

      The purification Rd came out and I had to go to LA to see Dr Gene Denk, LRH’s doctor, for a full physical up before getting onto the rundown. I wasn’t an addict but I thought there was, along with daily reports to the CS that any medical situations would have been caught.

  12. David Miscavige does not want to help. Does not want to help a drug addict to become clean. He does not want that. Not really. All he wants is you to believe that he does. He wants you to believe him.
    Because the only thing that he believes in is MONEY. He wants your MONEY. That is the only thing he wants. So he has to lie.
    And so it is also the only thing his church wants. If you die or get sick or very disappointed or divorced of your husband or estranged from your children – he does not care. Not really.
    He is a criminal. And so are the people who still work for/with him. His church is a criminal institution.
    David Miscavige has the touch of death. All he cares for is himself. It is alright for him that others die. He does not care.
    He is the personification of death. Even the devil would be disgusted, because David has no soul left to tempt.
    I am deadly serious.
    It is deadly serious.

    • Tessa,
      Very well said. I would change only two words from your comment:

      “And so it is also the only thing his church wants. If you die or get sick or very disappointed or divorced of your husband or estranged from your
      children – he does not care. Not really.”

      Personally, I would remove the “not really” and replace with “PERIOD!!!”

    • Dear Tessa,

      Very accrate statement. Further regarding D.M.
      I’m certain its the tip of the ice burg.
      Rex Fowler et al can give more detailed account.

  13. There’s a radio interview (I think on Glossip) with a blown Narconon exec. He reveals that the stats from Narconon are grossly false reported. The success rate is more like 40%, not the 70% Narconon claims. Yet another lie from RCS…

    • The irony of this might be that if their success rate really is 40%, that would be phenomenally higher than that of any other rehab program.

  14. New article on Village Voice on NN: ” Former President of Narconon Oklahoma Now Calls It “Watered-Down Version of Introductory Scientology”


    Looks like a Senator from Oklahoma is out to get Narconon. Using lies in PR and using lies to get money and using lies to cover miscavige’s crimes and incompetence could very well be the end of Narconon Arrowhead.

    Full disclosure and honest correction will be their only saving grace.

  16. Code of Honor: “Never need praise, approval or sympathy.”

    Co$: “Look at us. See how we’re the only ones who can help. See how noble and virtuous and honest and competent and better-than-you we are.”

    And when their lies are exposed…”look at how we are so terribly discriminated against. We need sympathy…lots of sympathy.”

    Pathetic really. Especially considering how many really competent people have helped so many in need to overcome addiction.

    Shut up and go away dave. You really are a creep.

  17. Various rehab program success stats are somewhat available online. I say somewhat because they are always “qualified” (fudged) in one way or another. Here is an article that touches on the issue:

    Also, note the cost of some of the programs mentioned!

  18. As a relatively sane person I’m sickened by the attitude emulated by that email by Sigal. The ‘matter of fact’ of here we go again being attacked because of who we are is about the worst kind of justification I could imagine. Death is abhorent under organisational care and the causes need to be investigated in a manner which actually reflects a duty of care that such things do not occur again. Dragging in the 3rd & 4th Dynamic to give succor to the mismangement of such a facility is akin to spreading the cancer of death by negligence.
    Scientology Inc has defintely gone Type 3! ie The bad guys are everywhere trying to get them and are in every shadow. The sooner the negligent mismangement of $cn is investigated and brought to justice the better. What sort of shock is enough to get their attention? Is death now becoming – the same old crap!

  19. Another day, another scandal. Just a day in the life of a sawed-off sociopath the world has come to hate. His flow is now the backwash. Is anyone surprised?

    Miscavige sucks and it DOES suck to be POB.

    Note to dm: Karma’s a real bitch, isn’t it dave.

    Though you haven’t experienced ‘present time’ in eons, couldn’t you at least try? OOPS! I forgot…

    You’re incapable of social relations.

  20. Anon, on your side

    The Tulsa World newspaper reports the following:
    “Hillary Holten, a 21-year-old woman from Carrolton, Texas, died April 11 at the facility. Her autopsy report has not yet been completed.
    Stacy Murphy, a 20-year-old Owasso woman, died July 19 of a drug overdose, said Robert Murphy, her father.
    Other deaths at the facility include those of 28-year-old Kaysie Dianne Werninck, who died in March 2009; 52-year-old Jean Lafitte, who died in January 2009; 53-year-old Fred Oesterreicher, who died in April 2007; and 44-year-old Sharon Charlene Nederlander, who died in February 2005, according to state medical examiner reports. ”
    According to them, there were seven deaths at the NN facility. Is this right?

  21. Radar Online – Scientology Followers Told To Protest NBC ‘Rock Center’ Report On Narconon –

  22. I just wanted to say that the first time I did my purif it worked exactly as stated in the materials. I had a drug history- not a heavy one, but I did feel a tremendous improvement from the Purif and it was clear and observable that I “ran out” stuff. Most people who have done it know that you can actually spot what things are running out and the spiritual or mental connections that come up.

    I think the problems at Narconon are due to Sqwuirelling

    • I mean “Squirrelling”.

      I actually wrote a longer post, but it didnt take for some reason.
      Wordpress is acting strange for me – very slow and freezes up.

      David Miscavige Squirrelling is killing people. Probably many more than just Narconon. It’s probably in the hundreds if it was possible to track.

  23. I would like to question the Narconon program run as a drug rehab. If healthy people would like to do the purification rundown for spiritual reasons, and they have a medical okay to do so, then go for it.

    However, if you would like to use the program in a secular fashion on drug addicts who are not initially healthy, then the program should be subject to scientific scrutiny.

    What does this mean? This means independent and objective tests to demonstrate safety and efficacy.

    I think the consensus is that these tests have not been done, and based on my understanding, the purification rundown will likely not stand up to scientific rigors when it comes to detoxification claims, the use of high niacin doses on people with potentially compromised livers, the avoidance of drug based therapy on highly addicted people, and appropriate training and use of overdose kits.

    These last two will mean there will be cause for some medications as you are dealing with an at risk population, some of whom are likely to need immediate urgent care.

    Perhaps you may choose to promote it as a faith-based approach then providing it only people deemed healthy enough, and providing appropriate care is taken for people who overdose. This is essentially how the purification rundown is approached within the Church of Scientology; however, the general purification rundown supervisors are not prepared to deal with overdose.

    Scientology has at times made practical claims such as increased intelligence, increased intellectual functioning, and increased mathematical functioning and then chosen to mask these claims behind the cloak of spiritual beliefs. This has happened both under the direction of L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige.

    I am an ex-scientologist, I do not practice, and based on my experience I do not believe I have personal benefit from the practice of Scientology. I disagree with stating practical benefits and then hiding behind a spiritual only fineprint, but I recognize the conundrum of having to reconcile practical claims which have not been verified by independent scientific scrutiny with spiritual claims.

    Narconon brings this problem to a head in addition to highlightng the mismanagement issues discussed above.

    I am posting because: 1) I hope the indepenend community can consider the dangers of using purification rundown program on an at risk population, 2) I believe that the scientific method should be used to verify any practical claims in a secular setting, and 3) I would like to encourage independents to consider the scientific method.

    The last may be unpopular, but it addresses how I felt when I became involved with Scientology many years ago. I was curious, I was eager to learn, and I wanted to use my rational thinking abilities.

    Kind Regards,

    • Thanks AussieCase. I agree, the Purif needs to be used with care on any at-risk populations. Didn’t LRH develop it for the purpose of making “the able more able”, not specifically to rehab drug addicts? When I did the Purif under the supervision of the local Mission, it was in a college town. Mostofthestaff were young and healthy. Some of us had a “hippie” type or medical drug history, if any. we were all basically healthy and hardy.

      I think Miscavige and company gutted the Narconon program and perhaps tried to make the Purif do most of the “work”. In fact, there are a lot of other elements that could have helped addicts, as has been mentioned.

      The Purif may have applications useful to rehabbing drug addicts,but it needs to be used with care, perhaps after the person’s overall health has been restored as much as possible. After all, Narconon was started and was effective before the Purif was developed.

  24. I know someone who died of overdosing 6 months after supposedly graduating a Narconon program (at a pretty hefty price paid by elderly parents with nice commission going to the person who selected the now-deceased for the program). The individual who died did detox with the initial NN program, but certainly the reasons why the person got onto drugs in the first place were never touched.

    What’s to be expected? Gradually came back to the same old environment, problems, habits, case. Back to the same old solution. Others have pointed out how Narconon’s results in actually getting people fully off drugs have suffered because techniques have been watered down and the auditing that helped others handle the reasons they got onto drugs were stripped from NN line up. That is my conclusion as well.

    It is very sad to hear that so many have died and suffered from false promises. On the other hand, I have also seen miracles with the Purif. Medical monitoring is the way to go, especially when older and/or more compromised individuals are doing it.

  25. Narconon Arrowhead has serviced 10K people in 19 years and had four deaths, two of them we know for sure were completely not attributable to the program itself.”

    Hang on Sigal, you stated earlier that the causes of 3 of 4 of the deaths are unknown to you. Now you’re saying you’re “sure” that the program is not to blame for at least 2. Which is it?

    You also left out a further 3 related deaths since 2005.

    July 19 2012: Stacy Murphy, 20, from Owasso.

    April 11 2012: Hillary Holten, 21, from Carrolton, Texas.

    Oct. 26 2011: Gabriel Graves, 32, from Claremore.

    March 2009: Kaysie Dianne Werninck, 28.

    January 2009: Jean Lafitte, 52.

    April 2007: Fred Oesterreicher, 53.

    February 2005: Sharon Charlene Nederlander, 44.

    These were people. People with families. People who put their trust in a group that seemingly cares more about money, image, and keeping Miscavige in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed, than honesty, humility and quality of care.

  26. Li'll bit of stuff

    Fresh thought:
    Obviously, Li’ll davey the dictator has sufficient funds
    to hold out for quite a while longer. What he doesn’t have
    much left of, is goodwill, credibility or genuine friendships.

    On the other hand, he has a growing number of angry
    discontents, genuinely bitter enemies and a vault or two
    full of carefully concealed secrets and real crimes, any of
    which could land him in jail for a very long time.

    It can’t be easy for him when he is constantly reminded
    that the Independent movement, spearheaded by Marty
    & Mike, sees a rapid growth of membership flowing directly
    from the exodus of his former adherents.

    Tony Ortega has also to be congratulated on his resolute job in spreading the truth to a much wider audience.

    At the end of the day, li’ll davev can kick, scream, choke,
    punch all he wants, but there is no escaping what awaits
    him at the end of all his “sowing (evil) in order to reap”

    …………………..”The GRIM Reaper!”…………………………….

    Sleep well, li’ll davey,…..sleep…..well!

  27. The CoS statement, which I’ve quoted here, contains a logical fallacy:

    “This whole story completely ignores the fact that 200,000 people
    die every year (550 per day) from pharmaceuticals – typical!
    Narconon Arrowhead has serviced 10K people in 19 years and had
    four deaths, two of them we know for sure were completely not
    attributable to the program itself.”

    For one failing of logic among many, it is a straw man fallacy. Consider the following comparisons. Ralph Nader writes a book that changes automotive safety (“Unsafe at Any Speed”) and uses Corvairs as a prominent example. Let’s say the auto industry said that’s ridiculous. Yes, some people have died in Corvairs, but some of those were driver error — in fact they almost all were! And don’t attack Corvairs — 50,000 people a year die in car crashes!

    By CoS’s illogic, Narconon would still be a good deal if only say 100 Narconon clients died every day — after all, 550 a day are dying from drugs, right? So greatest good for greatest number, right? No.

    An honest, logical analysis would have been:
    — One preventable death is too may; we are researching this
    — We will compare Narconon safety and results not against the number of supposed pharmaceutical deaths BUT against similar programs to compare efficacy, recidivism both short and long term, safety, patient outcome satisfaction, etc., and will open up all our records to objective research
    — We will cease pretending that Scientology front groups or groups using LRH tech have no connection to Scientology; we will become honest beings and as such will enjoy the rights of honest beings

    In my opinion, Scientology has produced intriguing and sometimes incredible results. It needs to be opened up to honest scrutiny and research. Where it can stand up to critical investigation and research, it would then be validated. Where it cannot stand up to such investigation or research, why would we want to hold onto that anyway?

    Finally, whoever writes for CoS in a sophomoric effort to defend it should be checked out on logical fallacies and steer clear of them.

  28. The CoS statement after the Rock Center show aired clearly shows their responsibility (NOT):


    As well as from Gary Smith:|utmccn=%28organic%29|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=%28not%20provided%29#.UDD_bqPqUQo

    As well as NN Int:|utmccn=%28organic%29|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=%28not%20provided%29#.UDEAFaPqUQo

  29. No mention of David Love’s incredible efforts or the huge protest planned this week at Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian Oklahoma with local and national media already confirmed ?

    Ok man…it’s your show but…..

  30. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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