The New Israeli Advanced Organization

Claudio and Renata Lugli just arrived home to Italy from a Power mission to Israel.  Their purpose was to assist in the set up of the first Independent Advanced Scientology Organization in the Middle East.

As a result, Dani and Tami Lemberger’s Dror (Freedom) center is now delivering OT Levels auditing and training through OT VII.

The Dror Center delivers most of the Bridge in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and English.   It is an international marvel.

Dror has established the Israeli Independents blog, see it here in Hebrew.

UPDATE from Dani:

Hello Marty and Friends, this is Dani. thank you for posting the news and your responses. Just a few comments:
1. We are getting ready to deliver Solo NOTs, 6 guys will soon start on it.
2. We are not “the first Independent AO in the Middle East”. We are, “the first AO in the Middle East.”
3. This achievement was made possible thanks to the dedication and determination of those preserving the tech and making the tech available to all – Marty, Claudio, Jim Logan and many more. Our gratitude to you.
4. We wouldn’t make it without our staff, dedicated to Ron and courageous to do the right thing in the face of vicious attacks by those with vested interests whose monopoly we are bringing down.
5. Tami and I got on the Bridge at COSMOD San Francisco in 1980. In 1982 Martin Samuels, the founder of COSMOD, whom I never met, was declared SP and the huge COSMOD network disbanded. We vowed in 1980 to dedicate our lives to the Clearing of the Planet. We have always maintained our total loyalty to Ron. Ron has placed spiritual freedom and immortality within the grasp of all Men. Having realized that, shortly after starting in 1980, we decided to dedicate ourselves to his vision.
6. Over the past few years, it became starkly clear these goals cannot be achieved within the Cof S. This organization has been hijacked to promote other ends. We had to leave, are happy to be out and are doing great.
Thank you for your support. Love, Dani

While in Haifa Claudio did a video taped briefing to the staff and public of Dror on the history of the hijacking of Scientology, and the way to take it back.  I think it is well worth watching as you manage time to (98 minutes total).  It is in three You Tube segments.  You can link to the second two segments at You Tube once you watch the first one here:

139 responses to “The New Israeli Advanced Organization

  1. Just finished Jeff Hawkins book and I seriously need a drink – then I watched his interview with the TAmpa times and his speaking of overboarding and how it originated and I still need a drink. Jessssssssssssus.

  2. I am surprised that DM has not yet killed someone yet; maybe that is next. It is mind boggling how this is going on.

  3. Well done and congratulations to all who made the Dror AO possible!

    Just don’t make the same mistake Miscavige made. Make sure your staff goes up the OT levels and gets real results. Okay?

  4. Bravo! Dror Center Rocks. This is the first video my wife and I watched that had anything to do with Scientology, ever.

  5. Claudio,

    I haven’t watched the whole thing yet but from what I’ve seen thus far I just have one thing to say, Magnifico, Molto Bello Claudio!

  6. Claudio I have to say you have not changed a bit since the last time I saw you at the base. You and Renata arrived having just come via Jamaica and her hair was in the beautiful corn braids. The videos filled my mind with so many good memories from that time. Massimo Cavadenti, (i know), Leticia Pizzi, Frabrizio Gavarati, Franco Baggio, Maria Pia Gardini, Roberto Tarabini, I could go on and on. You and Renata have risen to carry the torch in Italy. Thank you for the promise you have been and always will be. I am grateful for you both. XXOO

  7. Claudio, I always had this vision that the Mediterranean can be a safe place for Scientology and that a high order of OTs will be patrolling the area! Maybe the Haifa AO be just the beginning.

  8. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Grazie Oracle,
    you do have a good memory!
    I remember very well the Jamaica trip and the corn braid…. I still had hair then….

  9. A magnificent, inspiring lecture.
    I sent it to a few selected friends who can’t make up their minds. Old timers like you and me. I hope they see the light.

  10. I don’t have time to watch the videos now but had to take a moment to acknowledgment this fantastic accomplishment! This is HUGE! WOW…Just amazing! Well done to all who contributed to this!

    My second thought was of DM having contortions, bulging eyes and foaming at the mouth. You are Roadrunner and he is the Coyote and another giant safe just fell on his head.

  11. Fantastic news about the Israeli Advanced Organization! Mr. Lugli, you gave a super-interesting, riveting talk too! I had to make myself get to sleep after the second section. Now must watch the third. Thank you all for your efforts and dedication to LRH tech and keeping it alive and working the way it should be.

  12. So Marty how is yopur affinity with the 1982 traiters now ?

    Oh I may be harsh but I love your ass.

  13. Book burning? Like this? ->
    Any other parallels to be drawn?

    If anyone of you still has old tapes, re-recorded by the audio unit of Flag or Pubs org Thistle Street, compare those to their current editions. You’ll be surprised.

    Anyone wonder, why the intro parts to the briefing course tapes, where LRH welcomed individual students (of back then some ‘fame’) where chopped? Well, it would be worth posting the snippets of those beginnings and check, which hole those students were disappeared into under the current regime.

  14. Claudio, Renata, Dani, Tami and everyone at the Dror Center:

    I am in awe at your actions. You are an example to us all. Thank you for everything you are doing. If Scientology lives on, it will be a in great part due to your efforts, dedication and passion.

    Thank you,


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