Robillards Declare Independence

My name is Pierre Robillard, and I’ve been a scientologist since
1968. I was on staff from 1969-1993, with the exception of three years
in the mid eighties,holding mainly key posts like ED and OES.


I joined staff in Toronto in 1969. My first post was CF I/C. I also
held the posts of test evaluator, basic courses supervisor, FBO, Class IV
intern and intern super. In july 1974, I was parachuted to Montreal and
held the ED MTL post until 1978. I went back to Toronto to do AG training.
(predecessor of OSA), acted as AG Toronto, went back to Montreal in 1980 as
AG MTL and ended up from 81 to 83 as OES/Senior C/S. Then there were turbulent times and I ended up as ED kitchener in 1984. I wanted to go back to Montreal. It was refused so I routed off. In 1985, the MTL org was doing very badly and OSA asked me to help as the Investigation officer. In 1988, I re-signed
my contract, did the OT levels up to OT 111 and spent the next 5 years as OES
and cumulating the C/S post off and on.


I’m a graduate class 1V auditor, NED auditor; I did at Flag the C/S series
in clay and I’m a fully trained Intern super. I was also fully trained in 1971
in LA as an FBO. There’s an amusing story on this subject. While I was interning
in one of the SO buildings, I was agressed (my shirt ripped) by a man named
Wendall Reynolds. I got so mad that they had to call an HCO bring order on me.
Finally, my FBO org officer, Pat Broeker sent me to apologize to Reynolds.

After I finished my last staff contract july 1993, I eventually ended up C/sing
in the field, my plan was to C/S at night, send money to Saint-Hill for the
briefing course and eventually phase out of my wog job. Well, GAT  came upon us.
I submitted a plan to continue C/Sing and go train on GAT at Saint-Hill a month
a year. This was refused. I was not enthused by this situation. I was losing
my right to C/S, my past production was invalidated for what? added drills.


I’ve been fortunate to work twice in a booming org. The first time was
in Toronto, early seventies. As I wore, at different times, various posts, I was
able to get a concept of a productive org. I worked in div 6 and was part on
occasion of the book unit. The org sold at times more than 500 DMSMH books
a week. I was not the best book seller but it did raise my confront ( plus
as a bonus that’s where I met my wife to be, Heather. I was the FBO toronto in
1972 when Ron sent a telex validating Boston org and Toronto org for financially
supporting the INT Management. As an auditor doing my internship in the HGC, I was part of a team auditing 400 hours or more of WDAHs a week (by the way,the HGC was located on top of an old funeral parlor’s garage and the cabins were made of cheap styrofoam). In 1974, I became the Intern Super and I was part of a huge qual that included 2 word clearers, 2 cram offs , a qual receptionist, staff staff auditors, staff staff C/S etc. There was more than 100 people on staff.
The hatting was very important. Besides my FBO training, I was fully hatted
as a div 6 personnel, fully hatted as an intern super. The org had OEC/FEBCs
trained on the flag ship. Part of the success can be attributed to the great
basic courses, especially the HQS course.



It was in 1980, when I was privy to a boom. I was still AG MTL when the
ED MTL, Marc Vidril came to see me. There was a DMSMH Radio Ads programs
originating from L.A. and the ED wanted to implant it in Montreal. By this time
I was the OES again. The Org had no money to pay for it. I got my friend
Jacques Emond to organize and gather funds from the org public. They found
french speaking scientologists in L.A. to translate and perform the ads and
voila. The ads started in Montreal. Very soon we were selling more than 200
DMSMH books a week. Book One groups were being established everywhere.
The Survival rundown was being delivered, and like the HQS in 72, was making
hatted scientologists,and consequently a lot of staff.The org had more than
100 staff members, 20 people in the Tech Training Corps WDHs reached 400 a week.  PD comps was in affluence and GI reached $40,000  And most of all, there was a buzz in and around the org.


Of course, being a staff member in a Class V org, especially if you’re
full time, was never easy. Also, there always been a reality gap between
management and class V org, especially if there is a language barrier
or one doesn’t robotically obey to orders. For that reason in 1976, folo east US
wanted me out as the ED. They recruited a heavy druggie to replace me. I
persuaded FOLO to send my wife instead as my replacement.
She did the PRO TRS and The ED Hat at Flag and eventually replaced me.


My observation is that it got much harder to be a causative staff past
1982 (by 1982 Ron was no longer on the lines and New management had taken over) I described above how Montreal Org was booming early eighties. There were many management attacks to undermine it. For instance, a Mr Woodruff, Sea Org member started an off the rail Flag regging unit.They would reg MTL public for any services. One of the Unit members told me that the public should get a taste
of Flag. Eventually, it was dismantled and a few Unit members were declared SP.
But the damage was done.


The second attack and the most vicious was an attempt to squash all the
veteran staff members. Lots of them ,including my wife, Heather Robillard, did
not re-sign. I re-signed march 1983 and took over the HES MTL post and had in a
month the GI stat in affluence ( around $40,000) but I was sent to Toronto and
FLag as I was deemed a criminal because I had worked in the GO. I was given many SRAs ( severe reality adjustment), many sec-checks and repeatly told
that I did not follow command intention. I ended up in 1984 in Kitchener
as the ED KIT (which was an illegal posting). The Management did not want me
back in Motreal because “I would sabotage the command intention”. I routed off
and tended to my dying mother.What was bound to happen, happened: Montreal Org  crashed in 1985. There were heavy entheta articles in newspapers, with front
pages photos of masked ex-scientologists. My friend Jacques Emond and myself
were recruited to help. I ended up in charge of the OSA Investigative section
as a volunteer (an ironic situation as 2 years before I had been labelled a
criminal because I had been in the GO). For nearly 2 years we ( jacques and I)
worked  really hard,setting up all the various files, helping in the handling
of the many refunds claims (the Sea Org reserves paid them). Eventually,
OSA INT realized we were not staff members and tried to recruit us,to no avail.
And that was the end of that chapter.


I lost 3 good friends in Scientology because I sided with management.
Zoltan Rona was a long time tennis buddy and I had him come to Toronto early
seventies to do a few scientology courses. By early eighty, he was OT V.
His wife Sharon was a CC Toronto staff member. One day, he told me about a
big meeting at Flag with Mission holders and Management. He sided with the
mission holders.Unfortunately, Management had already published ethics orders
on Mayo and squirreling missions( like the ding-a ling process). I sincerely
thought that LRH was in agreement with this handling so I wrote a disconnection
letter to Zoltan. I wish I had known the truth.

I first met Jacques Emond mid 75 as he joined staff. I mentioned before
that he was a key factor in the ads campaign and that he helped me in OSA in 87.
We were good friends and he had been my confident on many occasions. When he
refused to join OSA MTl, Folo Can wrote a Public enemy condition on him. There
were other run-ins which led him up to ask for a repayment from Flag in 1998. He
got the repayment. I was then a public and I did not want to be involved in any
situation. So that was the end of our relationship.

Alfred Calver is a MTL Org public which I befriended mid seventies. As
a friend and a volunteer, he has been thoughout the years a very supportive
individual on many aspects including financial support. In 1989, Impact magazine
published a totally unreal and fallacious article about the Montreal Org.
Alfred took exception to this. He wrote KRS and he was subsequently attacked.
When Jacques got his repayment, Alfred (rightly) took his side and I did not
want to hear about it. So I wrote him an ultimatum letter which ended our

SINCE 1993

Since 1993, my presence in the Montreal org has been limited. In 1994,
I went to help my selectee on the Metering course drills. The scene was very
chaotic, many execs would pass by and give their opinions, nobody completed
the course.In fact, students had to go to Quebec Org to complete. My selectee
was routed to the PTS course and never completed the metering course.
At one point, I was putting regularly money on my training A/C at Saint Hill
for the Briefing course but then a Saint Hill tech terminal, in a D of P
started to reg me for my materials , and stupidly, I let him transfer most of
my training A/C money to books and CDs.


In the last 20 years, I have not done much, disillusioned, thinking I was
too old (I’m 65). I disagreed to the extreme regging of IAS. Never attended
events. In 92-93 as OES I used to fight to stop my future Completions to be regged
till 3 am.. When IAS first started, the stress was saving Scientology from
being taken over by SPs. I believed it was true for a long time. In 1990, the stress
was on promotion and we were promised many campaigns which never came true. Now, its a barrage of programs around the world that will supposedly clear
the planet. Every day, I get magazines like Scientology news, impacts etc that
claim to show we are winning. But in real life, its the opposite. Read the news,
the web, talk to people, 99.9 % of the news about Scientology is bad.  There
used to be purif centers around Montreal.. No more. There used to be a Narconon
in Three Rivers, Quebec. No more. .


There used to be an attempt to get the orgs Saint-Hill sized and get the
staff audited. Now its The Ideal Org program which totally misrepresents the
essence of the policy and violates basic finance policies like the Building
Fund P/l. The future Montreal Org is a gutted building bought 5 years ago by
local scientologists. There was times when The Sea Org Reserves paid for
buildings. In 1979, I was the AG Tor and the Sea Org sent an order to buy a
building. Brian Mcpherson was in charge of finding a building. As the AG Tor, I
dealt with the org lawyer for all the paperwork. I dealt with the Toronto Fire
Chief on the various building codes. I am the one who received the $ 1.9 million
for the Diamond building (actual location of the Toronto org). I also received
money for the renovation. Part of the plan was to continue to sublet more than
half of the building to various companies and to eventually increase the org
space if there was expansion.


Since 1993, I mostly worked in the wog world, did a few basic courses,
attended some events (no IAS events and one Ideal Org building event). I mostly
wrote music, played tennis and spent a lot of time on my second dynamic.
( I am a great-grand father). In January 2012, I came upon a message sent to
Scientologists. It was written by Debbie Cook. I read it. It made sense. From
this point, I embarked on an intensive study of Scientology materials. Then I read the website which compares what LRH says to what COB says. I came to the conclusion that the current teachings have deviated from the
original materials written by LRH.


It would not be so bad if there was any production: auditors made and
preclears going up the grades. None of that. There has not been an auditor made
in Montreal since 1995 (advent of GAT). The auditors made came mostly from Flag, the others were already auditors and did GAT. One hears more about the different levels achieved as an IAS member than anything else. Public complete some Basics Book courses. But that’s not auditors. If one looks at the results of Quebec Org (recent Ideal Org),their web site shows mostly Basics Book Course completions.


Researching HCOBs and studying the Church’s history especially since 1982,
has been beneficial to my physical and mental health. It has allowed me to get
a proper perspective on my staff timetrack, actually de-ptsing me. I understood
why , even after I had attained OT 111 in 89, I did not perform as well
on staff in my last contract because of the remaining by-passed charge in the
eighties.  It also got me a better reality of the plight of the SO executives
stuck in the HOLE.


It also rekindled the various wins I had as a PC, a Tech Terminal and a
staff member. In 1972, the auditing on Exchange by dynamics opened up my
viewpoint and the same year, I got married and became ED Montreal. Also in 72.
I received a confessional that freed me of a whole chunk of shameful thoughts.
The same year, I got audited on a heavy dianetics incident, which blew away
and had me floating  in the clouds (this incident, rehabbed in 1979, validated
me as Clear. The last one was on OT 11. the auditing itself was exciting
because it was totally new to me. And then unexpectedly, a tremendous mass
blowing and a brand new world opening. Despite various difficulties, I overall
had a splendid time on this planet earth.


And to have an even better life, I hereby make the following decision: I
must leave the C of S and join the Independants. The future is not totally
certain especially on the training side. But,from what I perceived from the
LRH policy I read and the Indie 500 website, the intention to follow Ron’s way
is certainly on the independants side. My wife Heather,plus a few others
are leaving with me.She started in 1963 in London England,She was one of
the best Class V orgs reg’s, was flag trained as an ED. She’s also been
a great wife, mother and a wonderful terminal as a staff member.

197 responses to “Robillards Declare Independence

  1. Hi Pierre and Heather-All I can say is all the competent, cool people are coming out!!!What will dm be left with??
    I was there BDM (before dm) and it was DIFFERENT and way more theta. And now ADM, out here in the Indie field it is way more theta!
    A big WELCOME!

  2. Li'll bit of stuff

    Pierre & Heather,
    Great write up indeed! You certainly made your mark
    and made your presence felt across Canada!

    Hearty congratulations for leaving behind, the insanity of
    miscarriage and his “church of spiritual $laveology.”

    Big welcome to you both, where you will find that one precious
    commodity in abundance: Good ol’ SELF -DETERMINISM!
    Right here amongst a large community of REAL, gutsy, witty,
    nonchalant, fiery, agreeable (or not!) friendly (mostly!) but
    most of all —lively, and aware people!

    Marty, our super hard working host, has made it possible, to
    overturn the previously taboo restriction on looking at any
    data, information or beliefs NOT sanctioned by the CO$
    through the resolute application of unshakable faith in his
    own ability and doggedly following through, when many
    before him have been stopped an / or bought off.

    At the same time, the courage of Steve Hall and Mike Rinder
    have been a massive influence in attaining this new state
    of reformation, as well as many other fearless individuals.

    Of course, the biggest liberator of minds, the Internet, has
    played a huge role in facilitating this new freedom, and now
    enables people to enjoy their easy access to each other
    and to a GOLD MINE of cogs and realizations about life,
    themselves and the lives of so many!

    Fun filled times, and hilarious inputs and light hearted
    “theta – jousting” make this a special place to visit, each
    day, while getting to grips the the business end of dealing
    with the rapidlly expiring, dodgiest of dodgers, hiding in his
    Golden Bunker. (remember Adolf & Saddam, davey?)

    Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming wins,too!

    Just my 10 c. worth,

    true ARC,
    Calvin B.Duffield,
    Durban, South Africa

  3. Thanks Pierre. Every time someone announces that they are now independent, I get a release. It’s a third or forth dynamic thing I suppose.

  4. Glad you too escaped from the prison of $cientology.
    Hope many others will make it too.

  5. Pierre – You said in a couple points that you audited on OT 11, i.e. “The last one was on OT 11. the auditing itself was exciting
    because it was totally new to me.” Is this a typo? As far as I know, there is no bridge past OT 8. OT 9 and above have never been released and they probably don’t even exist.

  6. Wow. Bravo Pierre and Heather and welcome to the world of the free Scientologists. Declaring rour independance is certainly the correct way to use the disconnection policy like LRH intended. When it is not possible to get the SP to realize who he is and what he is doing, there is unhappily no other choice. Being out of SCN inc is the safest place to be for any Scientologist who want to remain sane and have a chance to reach for spiritual freedom. Sad but very true. Like Mike Rinder says and it gets me to have a big laugh every time: it sucks to be Miscavige.

    • Pierre Robillard

      mercibeaucoup jacques and thanks for your heart warming phone call.
      Getting out of SCNinc is great, opening the door to a brand new exciting
      world is even greater. arc pierre

    • Hey Jacque; So wonderful to find you on this Blog. I would love to get in comm with you. You helped me out with some money back in 1982 or 3 sometime, then we lost the connection. You were very kind and special to me and my family. Please do say Hi at this email anytime: I am thrilled to know you made it out and are free to FLY! Also I would like to get some comm to Pierre & Heather as well, if you have their email, that would be great. PS: last time we saw each other it was with Pierre in a restaurant.

  7. first Own your feelings and inspect them, second try to help others.

    But you did do that. Now you have havingness of your own soul

    “In the last 20 years, I have not done much, disillusioned, thinking I was
    too old (I’m 65).”

  8. one of those who see

    Learned a new word today. “Distopia”
    From Wikipedia:
    A dystopia is a hypothetical or otherwise imaginary society, often in the context of a work of fiction (especially one set in a speculative future), characterized by elements that are opposite to those associated with utopia. A dystopia is, therefore, a place in which “people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives”[1] or in which “everything is unpleasant or bad, typically….totalitarian or environmentally degraded.”[2] Common elements of dystopias may vary from environmental to political and social issues. Dystopian societies have culminated in a broad series of sub-genres of fiction and are often used to raise real-world issues regarding society, environment, politics, religion, psychology, spirituality, or technology that may become present in the future. For this reason, dystopias have taken the form of a multitude of speculations, such as pollution; poverty; societal collapse or political repression and totalitarianism. Famous depictions of dystopian societies include Nineteen Eighty-Four, a totalitarian invasive super state; Brave New World, where the human population is placed under a caste of psychological allocation, aspects of the film Demolition Man and Fahrenheit 451 where the state burns books out of fear of what they may incite. The Iron Heel was described by Erich Fromm as “the earliest of the modern Dystopian”.[3]”

    Another example: The Church of Scientology under David Miscavige.

  9. Congratulations Robillards! We are happy you have joined the ever growing numbers of Independents, you’ve got lots of company here. Just a few short years ago (June ’09) a few brave souls started this, (Marty Rathbun, Amy Scobee, Mike Rinder & Tom De Vocht, speaking out in the Truth Rundown series in the St. Petersburg Times) that had us riveted and never able to turn our back from those truths so bravely exposed. These are posted over on the upper right on Marty’s blog under media called the Truth Rundown. I can’t imagine what a lonely path they had to walk, attacked at every turn by CofM but now they have the support, love and gratitude of hundreds and hundreds speaking out and hundreds more in silent support and actually hundreds of non-scientologists who abhore the human rights violations, so my guess it’s now in the THOUSANDS!!

  10. Pierre and Heather.
    Fabulous write up ! What a time track !
    Good on both of you. High fives !
    Congratulations !

  11. Great job, Pierre and Heather! Welcome out and great write-up :)

  12. Hi Pierre,

    Very well done to you and yours for stepping into the light and declaring Independence!

    You have a long and storied history of dedication to helping others with LRH’s technology. The wins you have helped bring about in others using Scientology technology remain. No one can take that away from you or the others you have helped.

    I’m glad to see that you are ready to embark on another adventure! I’m sure you’ll have fun reconnecting and making new friends.

  13. Welcome, Pierre and Heather!!!
    Thank you for sharing your parts in the history of Cof$ and telling us of some of the more recent abuses. Thank you for all you have done so far. It is easy to predict that you will both become an important part of the future of Scientology as it is being created outside the insane controls of POB.

  14. Congratulations Pierre and Heather on your newlly atained freedom may the halls of Toronto & Montreal orgs hear the roar of your voice once again and follow your lead. Well done old man lol.


  15. Pierre, congrats to you and your wife Heather. Great to have you in the Indie nation and here’s to a much happier life!

  16. Pierre and Heather, thanks for speaking out.
    I was on Vancouver staff from 73 to 84 with a year getting Calgary going 74.

    It was an exciting time with the booms and depressions. The future out here looks very bright for those who wish to create it.


    • Pierre Robillard

      Thanks Les. I was reading about Your Life Enhancement Centre. Sounds like a very peaceful theta place.

  17. People tend to focus on similarities. For those of you still bewitched, sitting on the fence, what are the similarities between you and David Miscavige? How many Scientologists actually have ANY similarity to David Miscavige? I ask you now to list your similarities on one side of the paper and your differences on the other side. Does anyone in this entire arena have ANY similarities to David Miscavige? Did YOU compete to take over the C of S? Well then, what similarities do YOU have with David Miscavige? Frankly, between all of us, I do not know of one single person among us , who worked so hard and so passionately to be in total control of EVERYTHING outside of David Miscavige. I do not think anyone involved with the Church of Scientology has ANYTHING in similarities with David Miscavige!

    David, you think you “won” because you assumed your position. You think you “won” because you reached for something nobody else wanted. You are on such a different purpose line than the others.

    Nobody else wanted to be the “YOU”, that You became. How easy was that?

  18. Pierre,
    Thank you for having the courage to stand up and fill in the blanks. Your write up will be very helpful for others.
    Congratulations to you and Heather on your new life with family and friends. I’m sure it will only get better!

  19. Pierre Robillard

    Thanks everybody for your wonderful theta please don’t stop sending it.
    We would love to hear from more people from Montreal & Toronto (even if under that radar or on the fence) We will be back tonight (we both work full time) and will reply to any more comments then.

    Much ARC,

    Pierre & Heather

  20. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Hello Pierre :)
    So happy you found your way out of the lies and back to truth again. Enjoy your freedom :) xxx

  21. Hello Pierre and Heather — Wonderful write up and terrific productive history.

    I *just* missed you in Toronto where I went on mission from Flag sometime in ’77 or ’78 — with Alan Buchanen (RIP) to “boom” Toronto and put in the purif, which was then only on telex lines. I had the part of the mission for the purif and Alan had the production side. Emile Gilbert was dusted off and brought back in — to the horror of many and joy of a few others.

    In any case — it was an exciting time. I can’t remember the name of the gal who was the AG PR at the time — but I liked her well enough — unless she is recently out — I think she’s still heavily into the kool-aid.

    Before that time I was in Toronto having been sent by Yvonne to help CC Toronto – Bridgette and Jack Manning (how are they?)

    Great city — glad to see that there is now 2 very young and able old-timers ready to make the place hum again.


  22. Yee Haw! Welcome, Pierre and Heather, to the Indie Movement! Thank you for your detailed write-up of your history. It is very clear that you have many abilities, talents, and training, (the original LRH kind) which will make you and Heather, (this applies to both of you) very valuable in creating the New Civilization based on the real Scientology philosophy that LRH created.

    Many of us had failed purposes on being able to do that, and the Independent movement gives us a way to rehabilitate those failed purposes. It definitely is a NEW LIFE when one is not suppressed on the third dynamic by false tech and arbitraries forced on one that don’t make any sense, especially the arbitrary of ENFORCED DISCONNECTION and BEING DECLARED AN EVIL PERSON (SUPPRESSIVE PERSON) when one questions those things that don’t make sense. It is too bad that the Church had to become it’s own HELD DOWN SEVEN in the game of life!! Thank God,and LRH, that the philosophy has the ability to correct itself, and we have the ability to correct ourselves.

    I got into Scientology on September 30, 1971 and remember when it was booming! My org had to audit me in a bathroom that was really a closet, and we rented an extra building a few doors down the street just for all the people on the HAS course, which we called The Communication Course. It was a wonderful and happy time. People were lighthearted and excited about Scientology, and the staff cared for the PERSON, and the money was secondary. People wanted to spread the word, and I sold DMSMH paperbacks door to door (on my own initiative) because it was important to me that people know about it. I do whatever I can in present time to make certain that people in my environment know how fantastic the technology of Scientology is, and that the current management does not practice the correct technology. Once that is out of the way, it is very easy to disseminate, as people need the technology now more than ever!

    Again, welcome, and enjoy yourselves! And, thank you for all that you have both done for Scientology in the past.

    Catherine von Ach
    Austin, Texas

    • Pierre Robillard

      Hi Catherine, You sound like an interesting lady. Were you always in Austin Texas? When we sold books in 1971 it was on the main street in Toronto. (we had a book unit that consisted of four or more people and we all traveled in a bread truck with
      Dianetics logo on it. I guess much like you did door to door My wife Heather was the Letter Reg at the time and she had the job of writing to all the people that bought books.
      Love Pierre & Heather

  23. Just once again to welcome you back to the world Pierre. When you nget nthe timne email me, Frank Davis (we were on staff together back in 1970-71 at Toronto. Did many orgs and much training and auditing since last saw you when you we AG at Toronto when my wife and I visited there.

  24. Allo Pierre et Heather de Montreal!
    I have met you both in MTL after 93 especially Heather and her friend or daugther(I’m not sure) when there was a St-Hill Event.
    Me I’m out since 2012 (January)Declared, mainly because I send the e-mail of Debbie Cook to all my contacts.
    I will e-mail you,

    arc Sylvain D.

  25. Jean-François Genest

    WOW ! Phenomenal pedigree ! Félicitations !
    1. Thank you for your dedicated service and contributions
    2. Welcome aboard the Independent Scientologists

    From what I’ve seen on the page so far, you’ve already re-connected with true friends. That’s fantastic! Better brace yourself ’cause it will get even better :-)
    My best wishes.

  26. Hey Pierre.. Great write up and great memories via the followup comments! Wherever posted.. the experience was amazingly similar for all! Gee! I was staff at Miami, EULO, Flag, ASHO F, Snr C/S CC INT… and C/S for the FIRST Indie Mission (The Clear Center in LA, 80s..). And I feel like I just attended a big CLASS REUNION EVENT! Ian Waxler

  27. Hi! I miss you. I just read “going clear” and feel its very accurate. How are things?

  28. pierre robillard

    great to hear from you. please send me an e-mail at luv pierre

    • Hey Pierre: So great to see you – find you here. Would love to reconnect with you. Think Toronto Org 74 – 75, wife’s of that time named, Cindee and that might ring a bell. No big mystery intended but surprises are fun too, so email me at – would LOVE to hear from you.

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