$30 Million Cover Up

Apparently a simple, hour-long deposition taken of me last week is beginning to create quite the tempest in Tampa, Florida.  Click headline below for link:

Federal suit: Scientologist spent $30 mil to cover up death of Lisa McPherson


deposition of marty rathbun

UPDATE: 11/17/12 A.M.  Tony Ortega weighs in, Scientology Accused of Spending Millions To Influence Florida Judges

UPDATE: 11/17/12 P.M. Radar Online Coverage.

UPDATE: 11/17/12 P.M. : Scientology Inc Motion to Strike including Bizarre Whining about being an alleged victim of extortion:  Motion to Strike by Scientology Inc

244 responses to “$30 Million Cover Up

  1. Woke up and found this article on Drudge this morning. Way to go Mr Rathbun. Kick Ass!!!! :)

  2. Wow, Marty. This is a devastating indictment of the slimey, underhanded tactics the C of S uses in order to influence outcomes.

    Thank you for standing up and doing what is right, Marty. You are the “Point Man” – putting your ass on the line for the rest of us, in the battle to get in ethics on the Church of Scientology.

    • The “tactics “are completely justified in the C of S.-In fact they are not even tactics to them, they are the “price of freedom”.

      Any amount of your money, any amount of your time, any amount of discomfort you may have to suffer are all fair-game because they are busy saving this sector of the universe and we are too stupid to acknowledge the star high goals and help.

      If people have to be ruined or killed in the attempt then so be it. There are no crimes while operating under this kind of thinking…it just the greatest good.

      • KFrancis,
        You are an idiot. Its all about the MONEY, the lavish lifestyle
        The perverted mess that Miscavige has created will not save
        anyone or anything. “The Ends Justify the Means” does not work
        Hitler discovered that killing Jews and many others .Look up WW 2 you Clown.
        D.M. gets his jollys ripping of the future of Mankind, makes him feel safe,
        Do the Math,thats what I advocate. Discover on your own turf.
        Fair enough ?

        • Li'll bit of stuff

          Whoaaah Tango my bro! K was only painting the perspective from the “cold chrome steel” thinking
          of the church of mind control and it’s creator, DM!
          Not meant to have been taken literally, I’m certain!
          (Mebbe not too fair then?)
          Peace bro’

        • Tango.. I get how you misunderstood my post.

          Li’l bit of stuff below got my meaning….from the churches point of view.

          No offence taken.

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  4. The Motion to Strike Marty’s deposition has this typical DM/OSA twist: Marty’s blog is characterized as “anti-Scientology”.

    “Defendant Pope is already well-aware of Rathbun’s allegations
    because Rathbun has published them in his
    anti-Scientology blog and elsewhere.”

    It seems they are all aboard with A=Aing Scientology and the Church and reversing reality about Marty’s blog.

  5. The Complaint was amended to include Davey as a defendant. Is he going to show up and try to rebut Marty?

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