Nueva Casablanca

It is still Casablanca.

Except it is now built out of stone.

Instead of being surrounded by a sea of blue it is protected by a sea of green.

25 minutes from San Antonio International Airport.

The private road in, part one:


The road home, part 2:


The road home, part 3:


The surrounds, part one:


The surrounds, part two:


Nueva Casablanca:


272 responses to “Nueva Casablanca

  1. May you be very happy and productive in your new home.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the long and winding road … looks perfect. All the best to you both (and Conchita)!

  3. Very well done. TR

  4. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Wow, great place.
    Congratulations to you both, Marty and Mosey. Really idyllic. I saw those picks and thought, “that’s where I’d like to get back on S-NOTs one day.

  5. Jean-François Genest

    Θ The new site looks nice, spacious, peaceful and welcoming. I see it as expansion. I hope for you that there is a fishable lake nearby. Best wishes with your new home. :-)
    :-D What is VERY HILLARIOUS is that Monte Drake is now stuck with a 3-year lease for the spy-house, to spy on the wind. :-D

  6. Very cool. Very non-trespass. Post a few signs, have a couple good watchdogs, maybe put up a few Internet cams of your own, and so on.

    Put a sign of welcome at the beginning of the road like “Welcome by invitation!” and offer free sec checks for OSA. Man, with that land, I’d have some other animals — horses, cattle, chickens, etc. if you have water. Plug into solar and make a couple heat sinks and you can practically live off the grid if you want. Put up hummingbird feeders and such for other birds too — bet you get some good migrating species. I’m kinda jealous!

    Very best wishes to you and Mosey. You are obviously both good people and you deserve peace and happiness, including happiness in the sense of overcoming not unknowable obstacles toward a known goal.

  7. Looks awesome! Love the integrity, I think I’ve said it a hundred times, but you sir have a heart of gold!!!

    Congratulations on acquiring a location and space that allows you to keep chugging along on the goals that make the world of Scientology a better place.

    I bet Conchita will love playing in those woods :D

  8. I have to say I’ll miss you and Mike fishing…but I realized you can just go visit Mike and Christy in CW and do some fishing there. Love the photos—looks like a fabulous new place. :) Tory/Magoo

  9. I have a feeling that he will huff and puff; but won’t blow your house down.
    Your house is built with ARC and his with straw; idle org straw.

  10. Wonderful home. Well done Marty and Mosey.

  11. Nice Marty. Let me know if you need some claymores or trip flares placed strategically out there. ML Tom

  12. SOUND advice for David Miscavige:

  13. La Casa Grande! Peaceful and tranquil… The perfect place to audit!

    Gary :)!

  14. Congratulations on your new digs. That certainly looks like islands of sanity to me. :)

  15. burnedbutnotbitter

    Everyone had a lot of attention on where you guys would end up. Good choice on protected locale…Congratulations…keep us posted on how it goes…

  16. Awesome! You’ve got lots of Texas size space and privacy. Just need to check if there is any fishing nearby?

  17. Beautiful and charming :)

  18. What a great looking place here’s hoping the feral pigs like the ones on your first book don’t root and destroy like last time. They can be such a nusiance. This so far has been one of the best years for real scientology and those that use it in the manner it was presented. ARC Bill Dupree

  19. VWD M+M!
    Appealing, romantic, mysterious and a lot of potential there.
    It’s a true “Moving On Up A Little Higher”! :)
    Enjoy it to the hilt.
    The tiny one may now have to spend enormous sums of parishioner $s to buy satellite time for surveillance to try to see who is coming to visit so he can keep his stat of declared parishioners up……

  20. Marty and Mosey,
    Congratulations to you. Looks like a wonderful place for a BBQ and enjoying your lives and your friends. All the best.

  21. Nice.

    Looks like this gives you a lot more privacy. Can you stop OSA-bots sneaking up through the brush and pointing a long lens at you windows?

  22. The best pizza is at Sorento’s on Broadway in Alamo Heights. The best mexican food is Paloma Blanco on Broadway in the Heights as well (best artwork too), second best is La Fonda on Main Street. Welcome to San Antonio de Bexar!

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