Past Lives Survey


Please participate in this survey by posting your response in a comment. List the question number followed by the answer letter and any clarification/verification you would like to provide.

1. What degree of proof do you have of the existence of previous lifetime identities of your own?

a)      Knowingness by virtue of memories or perceptions, validated and acknowledged, or not, only by e-meters and auditors.

b)      Verified historically recorded events and/or locations out of session, after the fact of recalling (having had no previous education or information about them).

c)       Demonstrated to another person by location of physical evidence of past life recalls.

2. If you have witnessed as a C/S or auditor the return of a Scientologist in a new body after death, which of the following applies:

a)      We located his or her old folders and carried on with no glitches precisely where he or she left off from the previous lifetime.

b)      The person identified unique (could not have been suggested by an old acquaintance of the deceased) evidence of the deceased identity’s life.

c)       We determined that the past life identity was suggested to the preclear by others, or there was no evidence (unique information provided by preclear that he or she could not have been briefed on by another).

3. What happens to thetans between lifetimes on this planet?

a)      Reports to implant stations for forgetting treatment, then gets dumped back on earth.  (If so,where are the implant stations located)?

b)      Exteriorizes, cruises around for a while (or not), then enters another body?

c)       Other.

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  1. Several years ago I was riding with my father in his car and I happened to mention to him that I was in the French underground in WW II as a French Patriot named Jean Pierre Ledoux.

    Dad swerved off the road and almost hit a tree. Now parked by the side of the road, we began our chat. He was now a bit lighter in the face and he looked at me as if I had changed his life for him. He said to me, “That explains everything!” I said, “What do you mean?” He went on to say that for the first three years of my life I spoke nothing but fluent French. Having no memory of this, I asked him to tell me about it.
    He went on to say that from very early on the first words out of my mouth were in French. As a matter of fact the first phrases out of my teeth were, “Ou suis-je(where am I?)”; “Qui etes vous?”(who are you?) ; “Quel est cet endroit?”(what is this place?)

    Needless to say to hear these French words coming out of my father’s mouth was astonishing! My father was an English Lit major in college and his memory of incidents was amazing. He had had his own out of body experience as a child, so this past lives, exteriorization stuff was very real to him. Hearing this as a child still amazed both my parents and they couldn’t understand it until my explaining it to him at this point. The relief that showed on his face was warming for me and I could see that a significant mystery had finally resolved for him and this brought us even closer together as Father and Son and as friends.
    I am a bit teary eyed over this because a couple of years previous he had learned how to Book One Audit and he did quite well. He audited staff and really enjoyed it.

    When I first got into Scientology, and as I spoke to him on the phone he fumed about it. I hung up on him and then called him back and said, “Can we discuss this as adults?” He said that maybe he should try and read the Dianetics book. Well, he did and a short time later he called me back with a bit of a choke in his voice and said, “You know, reading that book made me realize that I should have raised you differently.” Can you ever forgive me?” I told him that I didn’t know how it could have been any better, but if that was how he felt then of course I would!” We were both in tears by this time and both wished we’d had cartons of Kleenexes to hand.

    I know with absolute certainty that this experience shows that at least two people have experienced the thrill of past life existence. I had had many more experiences of this.

    One other in particular was when I experienced an epileptic seizure in 1971. A neurologist at a university confirmed my condition as grand mal epilepsy, a condition that was permanent. Some years later I found it necessary to resolve my condition and received auditing to handle this ruin. While running an incident in the past I found an earlier similar incident to that which I experienced in 1971 and in a flash I knew that the condition was gone. I went to see a certified neurologist to check on my condition and he determined that as far as the tests he performed on me were concerned, I never had epilepsy. It was now gone where before it was ever present.

    At this point, there are no doubts or reservations that LRH’s Tech works. Always has, and when used Standardly, always will!

  2. 1. What degree of proof do you have of the existence of previous lifetime identities of your own?

    a) Knowingness by virtue of memories or perceptions, validated and acknowledged, or not, only by e-meters and auditors.

    b) Verified historically recorded events and/or locations out of session, after the fact of recalling (having had no previous education or information about them).

    3. What happens to thetans between lifetimes on this planet?

    a) Reports to implant stations for forgetting treatment, then gets dumped back on earth. (If so,where are the implant stations located)?

    I only have recalled incidents with other nefarious creatures which were taken up in much auditing, but am not clear on if they implant us to forget. (Maybe that’s why I don’t recall! Lol)

    b) Exteriorizes, cruises around for a while (or not), then enters another body?

    These are my experiences and recalls many times, and this makes more sense to me based on studies in Buddhism, Judaism, etc.

  3. 1. a & b

    2. Was someone who was audited experimentally by LRH in early days. Nothing was done to verify. Considering the person’s dynamics and level of person’s subsequent involvement in Scn, I believe it was true – at least on some level.

    3. c

  4. Interesting comments. I have just a couple more.
    Firstly, Marty, if you are writing a book and want another verification I may have one. A very good friend’s daughter was getting auditing. She was 15. It was going nowhere. At one point she spit out a name, her auditor went over to AOLA to check it out. They apparantly got the folders and a couple of weeks later she started NOTs. This would have been around 1997 or 98.
    The whole family is still on Co$ lines, but I might be able to get some comm in there with several people who were on the line to confirm.

    Another one: My daughter grew up christian.
    Several years ago she was in big trouble spiritually, but refused to get auditing. She went to a hypnotherapist, did some past life regression with recall of a last life death incident. Apparantly got the charge off and now is doing quite well and has a favorable opinion of past-track.


    What do the following individuals have in common? Ralph Waldo Emerson, Plato, Walt Whitman, Pythagoras, Kipling, St. Augustine, Philo of Alexandria, Spinoza, Leibniz, Schopenhauer, Louisa May Alcott, Goethe, Leonardo da Vinci, Bruno, Kant, Blake, Schiller, Thoreau, Browning, Flaubert, Tolstoy, Sibelius, Gandhi, Jung, Churchill, Arthur C. Clarke, and Benjamin Franklin. They all believed in reincarnation. Interesting…..

  6. To WindWalker
    Thank you for your comment. I am getting the idea that we talk about the same thing somehow: “there is actually only one “prime” consciousness, with an infinite number of viewpoints” is exactly what I mean, when I say that the bank, we have in common, is IDENTICAL.
    The experience I might have at breakfast – was it actually my idea to have butter and jam? Or sausage and cheese? Or did I pick up the idea of somebody else´s mind / creation? At least I can say that it never had come to my mind (alone) to “create” cheese in the first place, so that I can eat it now…
    Another comparison: Feels like all we Thetans (of the same dimension) are watching the same film. One chooses the identity of Winnetou, the other one of Old Shatterhand, the other one of the poor Indian dying, the other one the beingness of a horse or a tree. So we all can “remember” having “been” Winnetou – and all exact datato his “life” – but actually we have all seen the same movies.
    And if you choose to live a Winnetou-life and another one does so, too, and both of you start playing the “film” starting at the same film-szene, you will wonder how very much the same the other person will think or act like you. Common “mind” – but in reality it´s all pictures. Common mind = common picture gallery / same movies we have in store. And to erase the frightening parts of them, you just have to go over the film over and over again, until it´s so boring that you won´t have anymore stuck attention on it – and step out of the beingness of the dying Indian and choose to be the surviving heroe from there on ;)
    My “life” which I (on my first dynamic) am living right now is actually only a “role”, too, only the Beingness I chose. Me, the real thing, Thetan, is not getting older, not moving in space etc. But, once you chose a role, play it and have fun with it! (Joy of creation) ;)
    Can you follow or am I getting too strange now?

    • Chris
      Thank you for your response.

      I am following your thinking on this. There are some very interesting possibilities aren’t there?

      When you posted your original comment I was not sure if you had really thought it over much. I can see that you have explored the concept as more than just a passing thought.

      There are phenomena that become apparent when one looks into this area that seem to be somewhat explained by what you are talking about. I Feel that a being’s ability to assume viewpoints, adopt whole personalities or valences one has just glimpsed, view someone else’s pictures, see pretty much any incident of one’s own from any angle, etc. may fall within this concept. There are many phenomena that seem to be pointing in that direction ultimately.

      Another possible explanation for some of these things might simply be that a being is infinitely creative about such things. I like this concept too. The truth?… maybe both, or parts of each, or some other thing entirely, but I think it is interesting to be open to these concepts and be willing to experience the possibilities.

      If, or when, one finds some phenomena on their case that resolves by viewing it from one of these viewpoints, be it true or not, being willing to entertain the possibility will have served its purpose.

      And as to “getting a bit strange” I have not found it to be true yet. Your concepts are easy for me to follow as you have presented them well.

      Thank you


      • Chris

        Just a note here in case you are not aware of it.

        You can place your comments below that of another person by simply clicking on the word “reply” that is at the end of the line of grey type following that person’s name.

        Have fun…

        Eric S

        • Dear WindWalter,

          thank you for your note, indeed I haven´t noticed the reply button earlier!
          Yep, the truth about this still wants to be discovered – I don´t claim to have found it or to be sure that it is exactly the way I wrote. It´s just an idea I have, which makes sense to me…
          Want to tell you that I am very happy about your answers, esp. having received the confirmation that my communication has been understandable, has arrived and been accepted. The possibility to find sb to discuss or share subjects like these for me is rare and has been precious for me. Thank you!

    • Chris, my reality of this “prime consciousness” is related to the eight or God dynamic. Just a thought I wanted to share, made very real to me during clay table processing during Key to Life and/or Life Orientation courses.

      • Tara,

        Lyrics from the Incredible String Band’s song “Douglas Traherne Harding”:

        When I was born I had no head
        My eye was single and my body was filled with light
        And the light that I was, was the light that I saw by
        And the light that I saw by, was the light that I was

        One light, the light that is one though the lamps be many
        One light, the light that is one though the lamps be many

  7. Jean-François Genest

    1) b & c
    2) b → my “PC” during a False Data Stripping session, without e-meter, went to past-lives during session. The VGIs were evident, and he had great wins as a result.
    3) a & b
    → [a] for me, one station was in the present-day area of Kashmir, north India, north-west Nepal area. Another near the Arizona-California border. I have done the [b] “cruising/floating” several times.

    • I am an original Dianeticist, Scientologist + Sea Org member in a new body; my Scientology & SO experience straddles 2 lifetimes.

    • In 1994 (i think), the International LRH PPRO (Personal PR Office) had the marvelous idea of organizing an LRH photography exhibition at the CC INT manor. My friend Jean-François Dubreuil was in CMO PAC’s LRH PPRO (yet slept in my derilict dorm in Lebanon Hall instead of the posh sleeping quarters of the CMO crew). He had helped set up and host the exhibition. That same evening he told me about it, and mentioned that he had seen his past-life person in one of the picture, but didn’t give any details, only that he recognized himself. He said it was quite a cool phenomenon! He was beaming, his TA was floating, and couldn’t fall asleep.

    When it was time for the Hollywood Guarantee Building crew to visit, I went with heightened interest. As soon as I got there, I didn’t follow the crowd cluster who all started at the beginning. I dashed out on my own. Mandy Pirak from CMO IXU immediately perceived me, turned around, split from her friends & the crowd, and started to follow me. It was so funny to observe. I directed my attention at JFD and zoom, I went through the exhibit maze like a shot arrow, and stopped DEAD BANG in front of a photograph of a line of people at the St-Hill Manor. My attention focused on a woman in the line. I felt a strong buzz of energy in me. I showed the pic to Mandy and pointed “That’s J-F!” I told her. I went exterior and it was fun! The phenomena was really cool! *Later that evening, back to my dorm at PAC, I took my “twin” friend J-F aside, looked him in the eyes and told him: ” I saw you and recognized you in the picture at the CC Int Photo Exhibition, pretty woman, short body, shoulder-length dark hair, short 60s dress, etc.” He confirmed my find! We were ecstatic :-D

    I continued the tour and again BANG! I stopped DEAD in front of another picture. I found my own past-life self, standing in the “at-ease” position in Sea Org uniform with the ship crew at muster on a dock, with The Commodore (LRH) in front briefing us. Marvelous phenomenon! :-D

    This is all VERY TRUE and VERY REAL to me.

    • I have confirmed locations just for myself while on trips in the USA, in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Gettysburg, the Harvard University campus, New England states, Southern States, California, Phoenix, and more. I am Canadian. Yet, as soon as I cross the border into the USA, I feel so much at home and at ease.

    Walking on the Gettysburgh battle field in the summer of 2009 was quite a cool experience for me. I did not die there, but I re-traced some of my steps on the field and it was quite the phenomena! The end of that war meant a lot to me. Two days later, as I was surfing the internet at a hotel, I stumbled onto the site. Interesting!

    • As a young child, I mentionned my past lives several times but the Catholic adults around me invalidated my originations. As a French-Canadian youth, I could read, speak and understand some English. My parents, grand-parents and relatives didn’t believe me and invalidated me.

    • My mother died in March, 1984. The thetan is now my step-cousin Andréanne. She waited and picked up the next baby on my step-mother’s side of the family in 1989, shortly after I had re-discovered Scientology. She knows that I was her son, and the phenomena of rebirth, but can’t express it since her whole family & relatives are Catholic, and adamant on the one-life belief. I recognized her the moment her parents brought the newborn to show us. The experience was quite theta. Every time we meet at family functions, we have that immediate knowingness & understanding.

    • I had numerous vivid recollections, especially when listening to LRH lectures. I could re-feel the chair i was sitting in while in the audience, the air on my skin, the smell of the rooms, I could see LRH and the people move about. I have full knowingness that I was in attendance.

    Janet Reitman’s book Inside Scientology brought back so many memories to me. My TA floated so many times, I had to stop reading and take breaks to “settle down”. I had difficulties falling asleep because I was too keyed out and happy. I need to re-borrow it from the public library and finish reading it. Θ

    • Super cool JFG. Ca fait drole lire le message car je connait assez bien toute les Dubreuil, Marie-France, Philippe surtout et Therese. Keep on trucking!

      • Jean-François Genest

        Merci SJ !
        C’est bien que nous avons ces amis en commun. Ce sont des gens merveilleux. Si seulement ils pouvaient arrêter de croire en l’Église de David Miscavidge, s’allumer, et devenir indépendent…

        → It’s nice that we have those friends in common. They are wonderful folks. If only they could stop believing in David Miscavidge’s Church, be enlightened, and become Independents…

  8. In this recording from Tampa Bay Times, The truth rundown, spokesman Tommy Davies confirms 50 instances of physical abuse at the very top of Scientology management.

    He also hints a kind of cover-up: – Marty knows we cant talk about it.

    What’s this “blackout” all about?


  9. 1. A & B
    2. Not as an auditor or c/s but two children have originated such things to me.
    3. A, B, or C depending upon the condition, case, and confront level of the thetan when they drop their body. The “other” possibility is that the act of separating from the body or other similar circumstances could restimulate or “key in” earlier implants which cause the thetan to “forget”.

  10. 1 A
    2 N/A
    3 C Just Visiting

    Where is LRH?

  11. 1. A. When I was 9 I recalled delivering a baby asa midwife when I had never heard the term before. As an adult this lifetime I have delivered several babies, and the mechanics are precisely what I had recalled.
    2. No
    3. Don’t know, did audit some implant station incidents that were hilarious.

  12. 1.a (when I was very young, I have heard here and there “we have one life to live and bla…bla…bla” and was saying to my self “impossible, I have lived before! Auditing session confirm my thought)
    3.a (long time ago, report to implant station, located… not sure) & b

  13. I beg to differ….just googled it:
    German referendum, 1934
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    A referendum on merging the posts of Chancellor and President was held in Germany on 19 August 1934,[1] after the death of President Paul von Hindenburg seventeen days earlier. The German leadership sought to gain approval for Adolf Hitler’s assumption of supreme leadership. The overwhelmingly positive result of this referendum allowed Hitler to claim public support for his activities as the Führer and de facto Head of State of Germany. In fact, he had assumed these offices and powers immediately upon von Hindenburg’s death and used the referendum to legitimate this move, taking the title Führer und Reichskanzler (Führer and Chancellor).

  14. I am not sure if my comment before went through so, in short, why does this matter? I think it is a silly distraction and beside the point in every way,

  15. I mean it dsitracts from problems and engagement in this life. If you were Celopatra in a past life or your baby was your owner and you were a slave 200 yrs ago, so what? It doesn’t change my grief for the specific people I have lost and it doesn’t change anything if our souls are recycled in some great cosmic spin cycle. If it makes you feel better about loss and death, so be it, but now get on with living your life and not deciding if you were Napoleon or have some past-life connection that makes you love all things Italian.

  16. What I really want to know is, where is Elvis?

  17. Gerhard Waterkamp

    1. A
    2. N/A
    3. B

  18. 1) a. various instances.
    In one case I had received a checkout on some theory material in Flag and was flunked for giving a wrong definition. However I knew, that the given definition was correct. I looked through the dictionaries and couldn`f find it until I looked in the big Oxford English Dictionary (the one with the microscopic small print). I found that definition I had been so certain about. However, it was out of use since the 18th century.
    2) b When I started on my OT 3 a child of a friend appoached me, asked me if I had really started on OT 3 and when I confirmed that, gave me an intruction regarding the auditing of that level that only someone who knew it could give. Back then these data had not left the CofS, that child was only 4 years old and there was no person in the environment who could have told something about the content of this level.
    3) I had been into meditation, tibetan, but also other styles. This was in the beginning when I came into Scientology, had no auditing, only done some TRs. One day I made one experiment.
    I want to warn anyone to repeat that. It lead to the ONLY moment in this life where I had complete panic.
    The esperiment: I wanted to find out what happened to me when I fall asleep. Being trained in staying conscious through the prior practices I tried to stay conscious while falling asleep. My perceptios shifted at some point and I perceived as myself, not as a body, to move through some kind of tunnel of different light with enourmous speed. (Felt somewhat like a high speed elevator.) Short before arriving – I felt/knew I would arrive at some destination. It felt like Venus – I sensed that WHEN I arrived I would loose control and that this may be the end of that body back on earth. I felt most intense panic and took control, stopped it just in time and oriented myself back in the vicinity of the body.
    Many years later I heard Ron’s lectures about between life incidents and I think this is what I had been steering toward.

  19. 1a
    2 N/A

  20. Hello Marty,
    This is an unsual question for the “commun des mortel”. Thank for asking it. Because I postulate that people wake up from their dreams or leave them…
    I was in Phoenix with Ron in Arizona. There was such a great randomity with manu interests in action… I would like to find my past life folders (I know the dates end my previous name). Do you have an answer how to find them ?
    This my answer to the questions :
    1. a)
    2. N/A
    3. b and other (native planet where a body was gaged).

  21. One more thing …
    While I was doing my Indoc Course, as I was listenning to an LRH lecture. A few moment I was in the room where LRH was giving le lecture. Why ? I was there the first moment ! Amazing !

  22. 1. A
    2. Not applicable
    3. B Anxious about operating without a body a thetan takes the next bus that shows up.

  23. Marty, throughout my 18 years in Scientology it was always a known fact that PCs were advised not to discuss their auditing case with others. This includes one’s whole track incidents and past lives.I’m sure it’s still what PCs are told and what scientologists believe to be fact but is this based upon any particular reference?

    By doing this survey, are you saying that none exists and it’s fine for people to talk about that which they have been indoctrinated into believing they must not talk about? I know you asked for ABC answers but, as you can see, some are provding more and specific information about their track. Is there no policy or HCOB addressing this matter of talking about one’s ‘case’ or one’s past lives to others? There seems to have been verbal data about this. I couldn’t find any reference but I don’t have access to all exists.

    Did it also occur to you that some may not answer the survey because they may feel they are violating this ‘no discussing case’ issue? Or that they didn’t get the recall expected in auditing and are embarrassed about it.? Just curious

    • thanks for asking this question:

      I never got the idea from Marty’s questions that details were invited, and I was quite surprised that so many people offered details far beyond what was asked for.

    • Curious? If only that were true. That is way up there on the CDEI scale.

      Curious that you have posted this on ESMB as yet another platform to conjure up ill will. And start “Fair game Marty” season 89 episode 67?

      In the 18 years you were in Scientology, it was always a known fact that your method to handling others can be found in Science of Survival in the explanation of column Y.

      “The third category is that of nullification, wherein the individual seeks to minimize individuals, to be more than they and so to be able to control them. This category would rather see a man sick than well, because sick men are less dangerous than well men according to the “thinking” that takes place in this band.” “from 1.2 down, all forthrightness vanishes, and the most devious and insidious and complex methods are employed to nullify. ” “Here we have perversion of anything and everything, so that the surface manifestation will never match the undercover purposes.” “In handling people around them, persons in the 1.2 – bracket deal in reversals of fact. One can take it as a rule of thumb which is too often workable to be ignored that whatever this person says he is doing, he is actually doing something else. Whatever this person says is true, is actually false. Whatever this person says is false, is actually true. Making allowance for the fact that much of the person’s conversation is without purpose, one can beware of this contrariness between manifestations and actual purpose.”

      It would seem your purpose for posting this is NOT curiosity. Your ill will seeps through every sentence and your purpose is clear in that you have set up a little theater elsewhere to degrade Marty behind his back while you parade here under false pretense.

      • Not that an ex scientologist would place any value on Hubbard’s theories. But anyone can read about the elemental bait and switch witch in Hansel and Gretel. The Grimm Brothers were very brave at sharing inconvenient truths.

      • Ah, well. I actually am curious. I remember being told to never talk about my case outside of session, but I do not recall whether or not that was an LRH policy or something else.

        Again, Marty asked for yes/no answers, and many people answered with specific details. I simply found that interesting in light of having been told repeatedly to not talk about case.

        • Thank you. It was pretty much standard operating procedure. I mean, some people did talk about their ‘case’ or track outside of session but it was considered a no-no.

          I wonder if anyone knows if there a policy/HCOB or not on the subject, or were we given verbal data when told this.

          • Possibly the PC Hat HCOPL, which each PC got before delivery of an intensive? I’m guessing, but that’s where I’d start looking. There was some other reference to “case on post.” You were supposed to originate it to the Examiner and end cycle on it, not have a case on post (while working).

      • I asked valid questions and Marty allowed them to be posted because of that. Are you trying to derail and distract attention off what I asked, which Marty allowed to be posted? Or are you back to your old ways, spewing hate? I though you changed for the better.

    • Well, my take on this issue – If an incident has been run it is refiled as memories, and therefore is no longer part of “case”. Talking about these memories would be no different than talking about what you had for breakfast, would it?

      Remember an LRH book titled “Have You Lived Before This Life?” That had the whole track incidents of many pcs described in detail.

      One possible consideration might be “appropriateness”, along the lines of the 2 Rules for happy living. In particular, “Don’t do (or say?) anything others can’t easily confront”. (Especially if they’re liable to take you and put you away somewhere…..) I don’t doubt this consideration is what keeps many people from talking more openly about their various experiences. Especially in the CoS…… MsCabbage’s and RTC’s confront of past lives has got to be pretty poor, no?

      • Excellent point re. what’s case, Valkov. After the charge is released from an incident, IMO it’s no longer case – and that goes for whole track recall as well.

    • FYI – A Flag document called “An Intro to Flag Auditing – Your Hat As a Preclear” (2006) was linked to in a post by Anonycat on ESMB the other day. It was in a thread called Flag/FLB Dox.

      Within this document there is a section on page 5 called ” Discussing Your Case” Of course there is no HCOB reference but it’s clearly stated that one is not to discuss one’s case and why. You can read the document here

      The other Flag/FLB documents posted can be found here

      • Mary Mcconnell,

        You are evidently a good robot or parrot or sheep.

        Learn to think for yourself.

        Read: “How to study a science”, in “a new slant on life”, apply it and learn to think for yourself.

        Not everything Hubbard said is gospel, or absolute by far.

        He often had to make radical or extreme policies to control all the GEs, nutcases and enthetans from running the show into ruins.

        In normal situations by sufficiently high theta beings there is nothing wrong with discussing ones case or other cases. It is a good form of auditing and therapy.

        There are 1000s of groups all over the world where people of like problems join together to discuss and find resolution to common problems or discuss topics of mutual interest.

        This discussion is extremely valuable and enlightening.


  24. Great blog topic Marty! Thanks!

    1. a

    I was born cranky. My earliest this life recall is of my mom and dad oohing and awwwing over the “cute widdle itty-bitty baybee” as I looked on from another part of the room and tried to shout “Hey! I’m over here, &^%$#@!!!!” It P.O.ed me that they didn’t “see” the “real” me! Eventually I became coterminous with the body, more or less. I’ve had various experiences of exteriorization in this lifetime.

    I always felt matter-of-factly about the possibility of “past lives” in a sense, but never felt focused on ideas of “reincarnation” because those were tied to being an effect, and I never felt like I was “in” a body all the time. The important consideration was that I existed in my own right.

    What was real to me is the feeling that I always or at least for a very long time really existed apart from bodies/other identities. A sci-fi fan from an early age, some of the one-life, “evolved from mud” theories always rang false for me, and the philosophies having a life-energetic/spiritual component rang true. The “Man is just an animal”, “evolution of the brain” theories in school seemed ridiculous.

    I believe several people in my extended family felt a certainty of continuous existence.

    Much of the auditing I received beginning with Life Repair keyed out various facsimiles from past tracks. I think had I received some NED I would have run whole track incidents to good effect.

    2. N/A, but I had an intuition based on circumstantial evidence that one of my daughters had been a person from the Russian settlement in Korea where I was born.

    3. b or c, having choices, would be my ideal scene. I have no other certain knowledge but I suspect pre-existing implants can key-in at body death, whether or not there are any active implant stations around.

  25. 1. a) self and PCs
    2. no data
    3. a) 16th century – Spanish Pyrenees – per my knowledge not in function any more
    b) and c)

  26. 1)a Yes.
    I believe in whatever it takes to discover your higher self. I’ve audited thousands of hours and I’ve heard every story imaginable.
    It’s what you get out of it. One thing is I always look at the being, not the body, whenever I meet someone for the first time.
    2) b
    3)Who can say?
    I believe in healing.

  27. 1 – d) none of the above
    2 – d) none of the above
    3 – d) none of the above

  28. 1. A

    I had a vision of myself as a wounded, dying soldier, lying in a ditch amid other dead and dying soldiers. A battle was being fought around me, a tumult of smoke and canon and musket fire. Sometimes I was more “here,” sometimes more “there,” and often in both places at once. My uniform consisted of a burgundy (or maroon) tunic and pants, black boots, and a round kepi-like cap. The tunic had a high collar, and white cross straps carrying pouches or bandoliers. My musket had a bayonet. The enemy wore similar uniforms, except in blue rather than burgundy. I knew the nations fighting this battle were Franconia and Prussionia. I was a Prussionian. Names that sound similar to France and Prussia, which in 1870 fought the Franco-Prussian War. Perhaps my memory of the names had been blurred across lives? I didn’t find this vision odd at the time, it was just something I accepted and recalled every now and then. I also came to realize that I’d always assumed that my vision was from the Franco- Prussian War. But upon researching the uniforms of that era, I discovered that in some ways, the uniforms in my vision were more similar to those of the Napoleonic era. Though not in other ways. I’m forced to consider the possibility that they are a memory, however jumbled, of a past life.

    • The variety of armaments was intimidating to say the least. There were rifles, sniper guns, and rocket tubes which in some cases proved too heavy to carry in my inventory. I seem to remember having some kind of armor, but it’s hard to remember.

  29. 1.a and b There was a staff member at Flag who restimulated me considerably when I saw her, sometimes just before I came in to range to see her with my eyes. It came up in numerous sessions that I knew her before and that we were both in Scn last L/T.
    After I was no longer in the SO I talked to her on the phone (she is also out) and she started talking about what we were doing last lifetime. She told me that she remembered me, from the same time that I remembered her.

  30. 1. a, b and c;
    2. b;
    3. a (sorry, trade secret) and b.

    This is fun, Marty.

    In many ways, it’s been a good year; how about a Humorous Quiz for the holiday season?


  31. 1.a
    2.Not applicable
    3.No personal knowledge

    I think this is covered pretty well in Charge and the Time Track Engram Running by Chains HCOB which is on the Dn C/S 1 so every PC has at least seen it. The process of verifying information and confirming data is important for research but not for the PC. The PC’s quest is to find charge to run so he can release hidden significances. So it puts him a little out of session to be verifying the data. That’s why you’re not supposed to discuss it out of session.
    I’m not a highly classed auditor but I ran 100s of hours of R3R back in the seventies (with a squirrel MK V that didn’t F/N! that was a trick!). I’ve run things that weren’t too real to me at first, then got REALLY REAL (as in contorted in pain in the chair) then blew, and run similar things on others. The point is not WHAT the PC is running, but is he confronting and blowing mass. A few floating TAs on Drug Rundown engram chains convinced me something was there. If not what it appears to be at first, still the PC is confronting and as-ising something. So we are getting somewhere. Later down the road the PC may realize he had it all wrong. Good, he finally got it right and he’s winning.
    Does this invalidate the data? Did the PC make it all up? Are we really just rearranging synapses in the brain or rebalancing serotonin and dopamine? Could you audit sad old movies or Hallmark tearjerker specials and get the same result? I don’t think so, but it’s pretty subjective. In the long run it is not possible to run R3RA on every single engram in the billions of year tracks of PCs so you have to run charge in general, general subjects (the Grades etc.) which can be done theoretically without going Track at all. It’d be pretty boring to me, I love diving into the lost millennia to pull up arcane bits of knowledge and exploding space ships. But possibly there is another explanation for all that.
    However, this is an interesting point of research. Not because it really matters whether there are space ships in the Pacific Ocean somewhere, but because this point and the reality of exteriorization both disprove the materialistic hypothesis. If you have lived before or if you can leave your body, you are not a body. The “Age of Enlightenment” is over and the atheists can crawl back in their holes. There seems to be quite a bit of evidence for this but nobody really credible seems to be studying it. The problem is not that scientists aren’t curious about it, they just don’t feel free to cut off their own funding and admit that 200+ years of intensive cheer-leading were on the wrong side. It would be like a climate scientist admitting that CO2 was harmless plant food and 1.2 degrees of maybe warming in 100 years was not enough to worry about. No cushy grants and easily published papers for that one!
    I read somewhere that the majority of people on the planet believe in life after death of some sort, and quite a few believe in life before birth. It is
    hard to credit that a sweaty moment in the back seat of a car CREATED A SOUL from nothing. Logically the soul or spirit was already there. If it was already there it is logical that it was doing something and not just sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting to be born. Earlier lives, or being one with the cosmos, or something. A lot of speculation is involved. Even the early Christian church believed in pre-existence of the spirit. Origen (early 3rd century Christian teacher and philosopher) is often said to have believed in re-incarnation but really he just reasoned out that since Christ was pre-existent (see John 1:1) we are too. Unfortunately the later Church fathers disagreed and ended up excommunicating him. A 3rd century Indie! Kabbalistic Judaism and Sufi
    Islam are also said to embrace pre-existence of the soul. And of course Hinduism and most forms of Buddhism embrace reincarnation.So you could say that the materialists are in the minority. However all medical research and psychology deny the spiritual nature of man with almost messianic fervor. Believe me, you will not change their minds with a few compelling anecdotes. Or even hundreds of them.They cling to the black emptiness of death just like the pagan idolator clung to his carven idols. I think it is a simple matter of Confusion and the Stable Datum. By denying the spirit they justify their overts and simplify the complex and terrifying cosmos with its violence, spiritual warfare and awful consequences to a simple matter of neurons and rat mazes.

    Eventually the truth will out.

  32. I think the answers on this thread helps to expose the lies coming from the Co$ .
    Because i heard many times at events in the Co$ that unless you get up the bridge to OT III and OT V you are fu@ked when you die . The answers in this thread indicate this is not true .
    But the corporate scientologists in the Co$ tell people that and then come up with all kinds of excuses why they are not allowed to go up the bridge ..
    I think some them get a kick out of doing that , its a form of mental torture they practice on the public .
    I bet David Miscavige has planned it that way , to tell them all that and then declare them so they are not allowed to go up the bridge , but the real reason he does that because he gets a kick out of torturing scientologists .


    • Being told about that never inspired me to do any courses or get auditing in the Co$ , the reason being that is not why i am interested in scentoloogy .
      The reason i am interested in scientology is : the greatest good for greatest number of dynamics .
      But the Co$ way is to sell services is to drive people down the tone scale to fear to get get them to hand over money .
      And that does not work , you cannot inspire people by pulling down the tone scale , but that is what is done in the Co$ .

    • People get interested in scientology for the greater good for the dynamics , they go to the Co$ , are evaluated for in there , are given the idea that the reason they are interested in scientology is because they are aftraid and that they are to be afraid .
      You corporate scientologists are bastards for doing that .

      • When people agree with that , that they are into scientology to be “saved” , they are no longer OT . All their power and abilities go when they agree with that .

  33. 1) B
    2) N/A
    3) B

  34. 1) A – Verified by “reads” only.
    2) N/A
    3) No data

  35. 1. b) Verified historically recorded events and/or locations out of session, after the fact of recalling (having had no previous education or information about them).
    2. N/A
    3. c) Other.

    * My wife and I have been together before and vowed to find each other when it was safe again. I could write for a long time regarding the details and how life before intertwines with life now. We have plans to go validate our buried treasures of the past but no real urgency to do so. We already “know.”

    * Auditing only “Book 1″ style I have personally experienced PCs running incidents before this lifetime. These run with the same occurrence of somatics and change in tone that would occur with a normal incident. Really they are normal incidents but being earlier can produce incredible change when reduced.

    * One “Book 1″ PC later thanked me for helping him recall and gain certainty he had done auditing last lifetime and was Clear. Shortly after he joined Class V org staff and married a local OT.

    * During a visit to LA and the Hollywood Guaranty Building (or HGB that is a Sea Org management building ) there was a child in full Sea Org dress maybe 8 or 9 working along the other staff. They were operating and communicating as an adult. I had only completed a few basic courses at the time and this made an impression on me.

    * +many more for maybe another time.

    I second the “Where is LRH?” comment.

    Anytime I think about anything related to past lives I always have a thought such as “Gee it would be really great if LRH made it back. I wish I could help somehow.”

  36. 1. B
    2. n/a
    3. B

  37. Marty,

    I’m either too simple or too scientific to answer these questions by an “a”, “b” or “c”, but I will try to answer the questions the way I see it.

    1. What degree of proof do you have of the existence of previous lifetime identities of your own?

    I have proof that there is information in my mind that was not acquired this life time.

    I have many, many auditing experiences which have made me touch upon and encounter “memories” which did not occur this lifetime – complete with full perceptions and somewhat exact time and place.

    I know for a fact that when addressing my own mind in auditing and the auditor helps guide my attention to something reading on the meter, I pick up, usually, fragments at fist. These fragments usually develop into seeing in my mind’s eye some form of incident which is identified by my mind as involving myself but not in the current life.

    I know for a fact that when I encounter a core incident which seems to be the underlying basic on the chain I’m addressing with whatever specific process or command we were running, and I discover exactly what happened, meaning the full truth of that incident, including my exact thought process, decisions, intentions, etc., I feel a tremendous relief at the precise instant I realize all of that. If it was in an area which was previously bugging me, I know for a fact that this area is no longer bugging me afterwards and have proven that this is the case by the simple expedient of not having those problems anymore as demonstrated daily.

    Around 1997 I was getting my M1 auditing. In one session I recalled a symbol; a very complex and Asian looking one. I couldn’t speak it so I had to put down the cans and draw it for my auditor. As we had no dictionaries available to clear it, we went to the closest solution we could think of – the Japanese LRH voice talent up in the audio division, Endo. My auditor and I went to him and explained we were in session but needed help to clear a misunderstood symbol. We showed Endo my drawing and he stared at it in amazement. After a long pause Endo said it was a symbol of a secret brotherhood in Japan which existed some 400 years ago. He wouldn’t even have known the symbol had he not been somewhat interested in Japanese conspiracy history. I asked if my drawing was really close to the symbol or “roughly resembled this symbol?” Endo said my drawing was EXACT. He gave some further information and I was satisfied I had finally understood what the symbol meant. We went back to the auditing room and I had a persistent FN and we had to end session.

    In school the subject of English was my worst subject. I was a pretty smart guy in school and had no major problems, but English was just “impossible” to learn. In Sweden, my native country, we had a grading system of 1-5 whereby 5 was the best. I had a “2” in English pretty much every year until University graduation. I was completely illiterate and sounded worse than the Swedish chef in the Muppet show.

    Then I went to the US. For any Int guys that remember me back in 1990 – 1992 they will also remember that by ability to communicate in English was rather, well terrible.

    Based on what we addressed on my M1, I literally recovered and restored some either hidden past knowledge of the English language, or something. I can’t even explain it. Just at a certain point, the ability to verbally and in writing use English just came back to me. I never even remotely had “mastered” a foreign language this life-time. Within literally just a few years of being in the US my English (American English) literacy level was roughly equal to or slightly higher than your average college graduate. How could this be? I still don’t know, but I do know after auditing on M1 this did occur for a fact. Incidentally, after this occurred I also started to think in English and Swedish became almost my second language and any Swedes that wanted to be patriotic and speak to me in Swedish were unfortunately in vain as I sounded just as bad in Swedish as I had been in English some years back. Later in 1999 when I went back to Sweden, a relative of mine told me that actually the first word out of my mouth when I was a year old was “Hello!” (that’s English for “Hi” and not a Swedish word.)

    By 1994 I hadn’t had much auditing at all and I up to that point had not experienced auditing a past life incident. I had encountered some vague impressions, or mainly thoughts that didn’t seem to belong to this lifetime, but certainly they were not accompanied by any real perceptions, including images, like what happens when you recall a memory. But in 1994 I went on a holiday with my wife to mainly handle my visa and passport situation. In travelling back to the US from Sweden we stopped by Saint Hill as my wife grew up at Saint Hill. When I arrived to Saint Hill I knew the place inside out. I knew where to go, all the surroundings and the roads. I knew what was in each room at the Manor and I even made a little guessing game with my wife and this tall Dutch girl who was the Host as to what was going to be in the next room. The Dutch Host was laughing at me and saying that I had probably secretly read some brochures or seen some promo videos of Saint Hill. I told her “Probably!” but I actually never did.

    Later when auditing with the former Qual Sec Gold Katie Tisi (Feshback) I audited having been a student at Saint Hill in late 1966 into 1967. I saw the people there, the spaces, surroundings, East Grinstead and all the little houses where the students lived while staying at Saint Hill, the fish and ship shop, etc, etc. These “memories” or mental impressions were as vivid as remembering having lunch yesterday. To this day I can “recall” that time period and describe it as vividly as, well, having lunch yesterday. It appeared I was a fairly cocky American back then, gifted with far better looks than this lifetime and I had a very strong fetish for the female species. Had some secret love affair with another Italian student after hours somewhere in East Grinstead (still remembering having to duck under clothes lines when going from her house to mine.) I eventually blew from course and also ended up being drafted for the Vietnam war – lots of motivators around that time period… Never encountered the Old Man though per anything I’ve seen so far.

    I remembered what my name was. I remembered that I had lived in San Diego. I knew where I had lived by a picture of the place in my mind, the streets surrounding it, etc. When I left the Sea Org and moved to Montreal, I took some time to investigate the accuracy of my memories from that time period in the mid to late 60’s. I was never able to confirm if someone with my exact name had enrolled on the SHSBC, but I did verify by official public records and using Google maps and street view that a person with my exact name had indeed lived at the exact place I had found and he died in 1970 – the year I was born.

    So, is this proof I have lived before? Maybe it is. What I can tell for sure is that this information came from somewhere and it existed in my own mind. How and why is not that important to me. What is important is the tremendous amount of mental charge that went away went I addressed it in auditing.

    2. If you have witnessed as a C/S or auditor the return of a Scientologist in a new body after death, which of the following applies:

    I haven’t witnessed this exactly. As far as the general subject of past lives, I could mention one more thing of potential interest which occured when I was auditing on the RPF. One of my twins and I ended up auditing the exact same incident, twice actually, where we were both part of the same incidents in some distant lives, which were fairly charged. As my twin would state things as the PC, I would (as the auditor) remember the exact details of what she was talking about, at least from my perspective. It was very awkward and she told me later that she felt the same thing when she was being the auditor and I was the PC.

    3. What happens to thetans between lifetimes on this planet?

    Couldn’t tell you for sure. I have never encountered the in-between lives stuff in any of my own auditing that I have identified so far. I have not the faintest clue based on my own experience and reality. I can give my opinion based on what I have studied and concluded as well as based on auditing others, but I don’t think this would be very valuable to what you’re trying to do with this survey.

    Cheers, Ulf

  38. Loulandry,
    You mentioned that you read “Alien Interview” by Lawrence Spencer.

    You are right.
    I read that book too, a couple of times and think it is one of the more extra curricular important books a scientologist should read.
    I printed it off a few yrs ago,so i have a hard copy. Yesterday, I gave it to my room mate to read and he said it is fascinating. He can hardly stop talking about it.
    The alien tells the interviewer what kind of people were dumped on earth, amongst other mind blowing stuff.

    Another interesting thing is that there is some scientologeze in the interview.


  39. A while back I was wondering why it is that even though there seems to be so much evidence of the paranormal, including past lives, that these are still not accepted as valid by science. So I decided to see what I could find on the internet and googled “proof of the soul.” I found a very relevant article on a British website that seemed to answer my question, even tying in quantum physics, “THE SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF SURVIVAL AFTER DEATH,” by Michael Roll.

    Here are some excerpts:

    “There are two expert opinions as to what so-called paranormal phenomena are, but in this ‘free’ country the British people are only allowed access to the explanation that is politically correct…

    “The parapsychologist Dr. Susan Blackmore has been given complete freedom of every radio and television programme that is meant to be examining the subject. This is because she is the establishment mouthpiece and…protects the scientific establishment’s adopted stance, which only gives a materialistic model of the universe. Professor J. Wheeler, a top physicist, stated in 1994 that acceptance of survival or paranormal phenomena would destroy the basis of science as taught in our universities…

    “We have had the experimental proof of survival after death ever since Sir William Crookes published the results of his experiments in the leading scientific journal of his day – The Quarterly Journal of Science – in 1874. These were repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions. International teams of scientists then repeated the experiments and obtained the same results. People who had once lived on earth came back and proved to these scientific teams that they had conquered death and were still very much alive. This is what Professor Charles Richet, the French Nobel Laureate for medical science, said about the experiments: ‘There is ample proof that experimental materialisations should take definite rank as a scientific fact’ […]

    “Read Professor Richard Feynman’s layman’s guide to subatomic physics obtainable from bookshops and the library – QED. Once people have read the physicists’ and rationalists’ case explaining so-called paranormal phenomena they automatically become immune from falling for any supernatural absurdities. Never again will the masses fall under the spell of priestcraft. Never again will people be fooled by pseudo-scientists who are guilty of suppressing uncomfortable discoveries in physics solely to keep their power structures intact.”

    • Yes, the “materialistic model” is extended to medicine and psychiatry in particular. Pity the poor young child who is taken to be evaluated by “mental health professionals” by his/her PTS to the middle-class parents because of talking about a past life, only to be prescribed “antipsychotic medication”.

      I think many of those who have managed to get a little older without suffering that particular fate, have some way learned to be a bit circumspect about originating such notions.

  40. This survey has been one of the highlights of my life.
    Answers a few questions I had.
    I mentioned this earlier and want to do it again.
    I have learned that there are all possiblities from newbies to old timers on this planet.


  41. 1) B. I recalled places in session that I had never been too this life. When I finally went there in person it was just like I had recalled it. Spooky feeling but great to see. Though knowingness alone should be sufficient I found this to be validating to the knowingness itself.
    2) B), but I had to think about that. Mostly I found that the fact of coming back into Scn was quite invalidated in the church. Not so much by individual auditors or C/Ss but by the fact that when you as a C/S or auditor made an adjudication that someone was or had in deed come back you opened yourself up to ridicule and sometimes oppressive corrective measures. So, I really had to make an effort to recall specific cases and I could recall one case that I audited that revealed to me details about his past existence that could not have been possibly been known by him otherwise and were then verified by historical facts.
    3) I suppose A could still be going on but from my subjective reality and experience this is not the case now, at least around here. Considering the vastness of space A is probably still a common practice in other places. For the records my answer is B). My policy on leaving is, just in case: Stay low. If you get disoriented find an object and go around it until you get your bearings back. Decide where you want to be (and therefore be there).

    Nice survey. Thanks Marty!

  42. (first try screwed up)
    1. a) Multiple lifetimes validated and acknowledged in many sessions (until new regime of DM; then same data invalidated, and some even scorned).
    c) My friend last lifetime and this lifetime knew even my middle name from last lifetime without my having told her.
    2. N/A
    3. a) The implant station seems to be Mars.

    If someone were to ask me what I believe about the afterlife, I would say, “Nothing. I go by what I know, and belief or faith is not necessary. I have lived lifetimes before this one, ergo, I will live lifetimes after this one.” I may not recall which meat and cheese were on my sandwich last Tuesday, but I don’t have to have faith that I had lunch; I ate it!

  43. 1.A&B
    3.Depends on the being.Most may get sucked into implant stations by “going into the light” ,some few more enlightened may not fall for the traps and pick a new body when they are ready without being treated for amnesia,but that is rare.Maybe some just leave and somehow make it back to where they came from.

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  46. 1. a
    2. n/a
    3. b

    As a Book One auditor, I observed many instances of pc’s recalling past lives or conception-birth experiences. (I don’t remember anyone describing between-lives experiences). None were proven by research, but all resulted in vgi’s. In my own experience as a preclear (I’m Clear), I recalled a wide range of generally mundane lives. Although, not proven by any means, the only one I questioned and doubt was a recall of being an early Scientologist, working with LRH in the late fifties. Even as I perceived that one, I was reluctant to voice it to the auditor, and felt embarrassed that “everyone must romanticize the idea of wanting to have worked with LRH.”

    By way of a very brief introduction, I am Clear, training only up to Pro-TR’s. I was introduced to Scn in the late 80’s through my former husband’s involvement with Sterling Management. I have had a strong pull to be on staff, even the SO, but only ended up helping as a Bk 1 auditor and in other ways for a local mission effort. I was an active public until after my divorce in 2004. I have long tried to reconcile the contradictions I felt existed between the Tech, which I believe is workable, and the way the organization (as a whole) has been run. I observed a number of things that didn’t add up, and perceived that more was going on. For some reason, I have felt compelled in the past two days to read this blog and a number of other sites. It’s been one huge, validating acknowledgement of my own reality. Thank you.

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