The Arrogant Are Leading The Ignorant

We have all heard of the justification couched as the ‘why’ opening the door for the New Order’s new direction for the once workable methods of Scientology:  the blind are leading the blind.  I have given this some thought while working on the history of Scientology.  First, for those unfamiliar with formal evaluation technology a ‘why’ is technically not a why if it does not open the door to a doable handling.   The only door that ‘the blind are leading the blind’ opens is one into a brick wall.

To get to a real why let’s clear some words.



: exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner <an arrogant official>


: showing an offensive attitude of superiority : proceeding from or characterized by arrogance <an arrogant reply>

Origin: Middle English, from Latin arrogant-, arrogans, present participle of arrogare (see arrogate)



a : to claim or seize without justification

b : to make undue claims to having



a : destitue of knowledge or education <an ignorant society>; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified <parents ignorant of modern mathematics>

b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence <ignorant errors>


: unaware, uninformed

Origin:  See ignore

Origin of ignore: obsolete ignore to be ignorant of, from French ignorer, from Latin ignorare, from ignarus ignorant, unknown, from in- +gnoscere, noscere to know — more at know

The history of the ills of civilization could be summed up as the ‘game’ of the few arrogant, sociopaths arrogating the spoils of the work of the ignorant majority.  It could be said to be the arrogant leading (or bamboozling) the ignorant.

L. Ron Hubbard came up with some ideas on how to reverse that long term cause of war and suffering and introduced them through the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology.

Lo and behold, shortly after Hubbard’s passing, the organizations he created to resolve humanity’s ills were steadily remolded.  They began to take on the pattern of those governments and organizations they were created to reform.

Why: The arrogant have lead the ignorant into creating an organization that has become the epitome of the evils it was originally intended to handle.

This why does open the door to an effective handling.  That is, learn and help others to learn so that the arrogant will have no more ignorant to bamboozle into perpetuating darkness.

232 responses to “The Arrogant Are Leading The Ignorant

  1. Marty, I agree this is a correct why and leads to a handling.

    In power positions obtained by arrogance, the leader ends up with no trusted advisers, only sycophants. This makes him ignorant. The sycophants become arrogant, emulating their leader. The organizational downward spiral begins…

  2. For Dm he has the lawyers he wants and by facts he has and will carry on to excute what ever he wants to destroy one that goes up against him.

    He doesn’t care who says what about him, or if he does he just puts on more pressure .He thinks force and manipulation handles it .IT DOES NOT

    But in reality He knows any one out of the church has No say /No authorithy So this has become vicious and just carries on going around in circles
    Seems the only time he gets a bit to close to the wire is when some one trys to speak the truth, and spreads that truth using media and other means but dies and gain has his lawyers to pull him out.

    Its vicious hateful destructive supressive situation. Fighting him is involding and costly. We haven’t won fighting this Guy and he knows that.
    But we certaintly have Won in the spread of this mad man’s behaviour by making it know what he has become,contiuning to spread to those on the fence/ and those that cling on in the hope changes might occur, which is wishful thinking in reality in the real world , Or they hang on for some
    glimer of hope or until the Cog arrives !!! and that itself remains to be seen, then theirs those that are shit scared to speak , because they never lived in an outside world and wouldn’t know what it is, and therefore no nothing better.

    That shows suppression in a magitude and with that shows no self disipline to make his /her own mind up, and neither any self control
    And sad to say those in that field remain in a very unhealthy situation mentally and physically and this affects their spirtual side aswell as places supression on their body.
    DM thinks he has control over any one that is in/ and even out
    HE DOES NOT .Its Very Good for those saw that , and escaped , but
    real Bad for those that Remain within and PTS to him.

    • I received a call from someone in LA saying that ‘we’ (spoken as “you”) will not want to miss this years live New Years Event at the Shrine. Wonder what sort of straight up and vertical drivel the sociopath next door will be spewing on Dec 27th in LA?

      Quiz: How many busloads of ‘extras’ will have to be trucked in to fill the auditorium?

  3. “That is, learn and help others to learn so that the arrogant will have no more ignorant to bamboozle into perpetuating darkness.”
    Count me in.

  4. The arrogant leading the ignorant! Tom Cruise at his red carpet premier (see OMG video) described his movie character:

    “Because he doesn’t have ties to anything, he can sometimes really see things clearer than others. He doesn’t have to live with the pressures of the world itself.”

    • Ties = pressure? People with no ties have a clearer view? No ties = no pressure from the world. What does he have, pressure issues or ties issues? Either way, he has some formed interesting ideas. Sounds like, “Out of arc with everyone = you can see clearly”. “ARC = pressures of the world”.

      • Oracle, love your comments, but this one is missing the underling booger.. which is the little dried up snot inside DM’s and Cruise’s nose…

        Cruise’s advisers bought the rights to the best fiction novel on planet earth…. so, TC has good advisers. Mmmm…Which is what DM is missing because DM only has got sycophants.

        TC didn’t take his position of power by arrogantly rolling over people. He just did a good job. And, today he has good advisers. This is the real story of TC… IMHO

        On the other hand, DM HAD good advisers but because he is an arrogant SOB with no horsepower of his own…. his trusted advisers are simply gone. He only sucks power off what s left of Scientology….. and remember, that is a lot of horsepower we gave him…

  5. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    The Data Series was one of the very first studies I did in the early 70’s – of what was written at that time – on the “Why Finder’s Checksheet” written by our beloved Mary Sue Hubbard. The Data Series changed my life then and is still my favorite admin tech.

    When I first heard the “why” as “the blind leading the blind” I thought it was some kind of joke. Thus my first and immediate impression was that it was some kind of slick marketing trick. You called it right Marty. It was a justification.

  6. Joseph Le Sanglier

    The why is incomplete. The ignorance was enforced heavily. Personal observation was crushed by a very well set system. Almost a thought police. Dianetics as a subject (1950 and 51 materials) was crushed but they were the most important to know and to know well. Self determinism! This was prevented in the Church. Yes we were ignorant but who would have the courage to see the facts. It was just impossible. It was impossible to observe, to know, to think by oneself. The system was built to prevent thought and self determinism. The system was built to prevent sane application of simple basic policies such as VFP or Quality Count. You have to go further into your investigation of the why. We have been actively prevented to make sane good decent auditors. Only the hard core extremely dedicated would make it but then they were anyway squashed under the machine. It is so evil than even the devil would be amazed.
    Joseph Le Sanglier

    • Joseph,
      Take a look above at the Ethics Why posted by Mark Fisher (ref Data Series 42RA).
      “Now I’ve just found out why people can’t put in ethics. They don’t know
      investigatory tech, and possibly in some cases their own ethics are out. If you put their own ethics in, they will get in ethics further. The reason they assign broad conditions and the reason there are so many Comm Evs is they don’t know how to investigate.”

      By investigating the outpoints, one is led to a Suppressive Person at the end of the String Pull. Invest tech, as expressed succinctly in the LRH talk to St. Hill Ethics Officers, would arrive at the main guy behind the inability to put in the Admin Why (see Opening Piece). That “debbil” would surely prevent any Handling, and is the Who behind the Why and the inability to confront that SP, would be an individual Ethics Why for those who would fail at implementing the Why. They would be PTS, and so the Ethics Why Mark suggests would open a door to handling.

      • Jim Logan,

        Considering the fact that I spent almost my entire Scientology career (10 years) in the SO, 8 of them as full time Flag Bu Evaluator, (for some time alongside my friend Mark Fisher) I beg to disagree with your statement:

        “By investigating the outpoints, one is led to a Suppressive Person”.

        First off, LRH never said in any of the DSEC policies that all WHY’s would always lead to a WHO who was an SP. Such a statement would have only lead us Evaluators to a witch hunt that would have destroyed scientology in no time flat.

        I spent all those years evaluating individual Orgs and Continents and I can’t remember ever finding an SP as a Who in any of my evals. Neither did my fellow Evaluators at the Flag Bu (later IMO=International Management org). (Except one)

        To remind you of how it works (no offense intended), it goes like this:

        Div 4 WDAH Stats are down in Org X,

        One analyzes the stats and looks at the crash or declining point in time,
        One looks at the period previous to the decline, just like asking a PC “when were you doing good in life before you started feeling bad”.

        Then one begins to investigate in order to find WHAT CHANGED just before the decline. From the investigative procedure, one works out what he Departure from the Realistic Ideal Scene is

        In our case, as Evaluators, we had what was called Multiple Viewpoint Management System= Flag Reps, LRH Comms, GO, Staff knowledge Reports, FBOs and other reporting points I can’t remember now.

        All of those kinds of reports would be found in the Org’s file and from there one would study the data and begin analyzing it in order to find outpoints, which in most cases. would be “contrary facts” that required “string pulling”. For example, “the C/S has been very busy lately” date of report, March 21st.

        Then: The C/S’s wife had a baby on Feb 1st and has been off on leave since then. Date of report March 25th. Of course, there would be other outpoints that would pop up, and one would follow them.

        So one follows that outpoint and eventually finds out that the experienced Flag Trained C/S went off to take care of his newborn baby on Feb 1st and the E/D, in an emergency posted an in training C/S to take care of the load and PCs are red tagging all over the place and the WDAH have crashed. That’s the WHY of the departure from the Ideal Scene: “PCs winning and signing up for more Intensives” So who’s the WHO? maybe the ED for giving the job to an incompetent, untrained C/S. Is he and SP? Of course not. Is he out ethics? Maybe. Is the WHO the C/S for taking a leave of absence to take care of his newborn baby? Not really. Is the inexperienced C/S the culprit? Yes he is for the the down WDAH because he doesn’t fucking know what he’s doing. Is he and SP? Not likely

        So where is the WHO and the Ethics WHY? Probably the ED who could have been more responsible and maybe could have found a trained C/S somewhere to come in part time and do a proper job. Is the ED an SP? You tell me.

        Do you see, Jim? This is the kind of stuff the Old Man left behind for us in terms of the Data Series when in the hands of sound and competent minds. There was however someone in my team of Evaluators, who was often looking for a WHO who would be an SP.

        Once, while in charge of UK Orgs, I did and eval on the Plymouth Org which was crashing in just about all Departments. The Why I found was that their CF was mainly made of names and addresses belonging to transient people. Plymouth is an international port and they were mainly body routing people off ships, people who, after a short course would leave town, never to be seen again!
        They were not bringing in locals. The ED was an american girl, well meaning but a bit incompetent and untrained as ED and of course she was the WHO in my eval. I was sent on mission to Plymouth with Mission Orders based on my eval, but when I went to FOLO UK for my briefing, the eval was a different one, made by Cathy Rinder, who decided that the poor american girl ED, who had kept the failing org somehow alive was an SP and the handling was to removed her!!

        Yeah, the one in our team always looking for SPs was Cathy Rinder. We had AVU (Authorization and Verification Unit) at the time, I think headed by Suzette H at the time and I wonder how Cathy got her eval through because Suzette was very thorough when it came to Data Series Tech.

        It is true however, that with the Data Series tech one can discover and perhaps uncover a real SP. But in my opinion there are not many of them around. I think they are just about the percentage LRH calculated, Maybe less.

        And by the way, based on my personal experience and the data I have,

        The real WHY in the physical universe (don’t forget I was actually there at the time) for the decline and eventual crash of the Scientology stats is not David Miscavige. The decline and eventual complete crash of Scientology Orgs around the world was: In 1980-81 the Scientology Multiple Viewpoint Flag Management System was destroyed and replaced by a Single Report Management System, which LRH allowed without knowing it was happening because he was so old and sick and cut off from the comm lines.

        The WHO was not just David Miscavige, as there were enough people in power to stop him at the time.Several people I can name here but I won’t, are culpable of allowing Miscavige to be where he is now.

        The Ethics WHY can be assigned to A) David Miscavige for his traitorous actions against LRH and the philosophy of Scientology and B) those LRH followers who didn’t have the courage and integrity
        to stop David Miscavige and take control of the organization.

        Marty’s current WHY for the current scene is absolutely correct but only because it was allowed to happen by many who could have stopped it and didn’t have the courage, the balls and integrity to stop it.

        I have said my piece, so shoot me:)))


  7. UK Police Commisioners election, have you got a DM Muppet representing you? (so far ive got a 30% hit rate).
    Starter Kevin Hurley Surrey,”Former senior policeman Kevin Hurley has shocked the Conservatives to become Surrey’s first police and crime commissioner”,”The City of London Police has faced controversy in the past for its close association with the Church of Scientology. When the City of London Scientology building opened in 2006, City of London Chief Superintendent Kevin Hurley praised Scientology in an appearance as guest speaker at the building’s opening ceremony”_Who’s yours?

  8. Recommend reading “Escape from Camp 14″ and “Long Road Home”
    about North Korean escapees and compare to “Int Base” Escapees books
    to get a handle on David Miscavige and the direction of Scientology.

  9. “Lo and behold, shortly after Hubbard’s passing, the organizations he created to resolve humanity’s ills were steadily remolded. They began to take on the pattern of those governments and organizations they were created to reform.”
    I was shocked to find that when returning to the current, corporate world of business, it resembled the current corporate C of $.
    This was not the group I encountered in the 1970’s!
    Straightwiring the last 3 decades brought to view a clear understanding, which was that my former, beloved Church morphed into exactly what the above-quoted paragraph states.
    Reformation is due.
    So is stamping out the literalness of every word and phrase written by the man, L. Ron Hubbard. Again, the man.
    And that man was not immune to anything.
    I have concluded Scientology is a workable technology but hardly the only workable technology.
    Interesting that many, like myself, are studying/practicing Buddhism, to study the early subjects that Scientology was derived from.
    My other conclusion is “They can’t deliver what was promised, as what was promised can’t be delivered”.
    Hubbard did not promise what the Church PR machine churns out.
    You get what you get out of it.

  10. Joseph Le Sanglier

    Hello Marty, Alex and Jim,
    Re: the why
    Alex you have been (and you are) a great evaluator. I want to say this: There are things that were screwed up in the whole show. An evaluator analyses reports coming from various sources as well as stats. But if the reports are false and stats are false — all based on the same “ideal scene”–, how can you evaluate. Of course when someone does a report, one bases it on one’s perception of ideal scene. If you say in the report “this auditor refused to take his pc in session so the wdah were down because he did 5 hours instead of 10”. The report is true, the fact is true. The ideal scene in the mind of the reporting staff is “the auditor is doing 10 wdah a day so the stat stays up.” It is a false ideal scene and actually a suppressive one but widely agreed upon and enforced in the group. The missing data is that the auditor was a strong being with a high sense of integrity (a real ideal scene but considered suppressive by the local and higher management). The pc of this auditor had a persistent FN after a huge life changing win. Of course you let the guy go and take his win, without any consideration to the lost stat. Who give a damn about the stat. The client is happy. The word of mouth will be awesome. The auditor goes to ethics with wrong condition assignment. This marvellous product is not included in the ideal scene of the church. This inverted, screwed up admin scale is so generally admitted in the group that any reporting staff such as FR, LC, etc, would not notice the outpoint. In addition any staff who would dare to oppose the group agreement would be squashed as suppressive to the group. So the why “the arrogant lead the ignorant” is true but not basic and is incomplete.
    This is not imagination. I lived it for 25 years. I have many facts but not the whole scene of course.

    An out point is: a scene considered as ideal by the church from top down, was actually a suppressive scene destroying any ARC, PR and generalized worthwhile products.
    The other out point is: the real ideal scene for scientology –free, high integrity beings applying real scientology to improve conditions — was actually considered suppressive by the Church.
    Such an entheta scene was so widely agreed upon than any theta being getting close to it would be turned into entheta just by the mechanical fact of the higher volume of entheta versus a smaller volume of theta. Hey what do you think of this one??

    We need to do a real evaluation. We were acting on inverted admin scale of course. Importances were screwed up. An obedient and compliant staff was part of the ideal scene. A free being staff able to observe and tell what he observed was considered as an SP. It was an impossible position. Either you fell into the mould of generally agreed upon behaviour and “policy” either you were an SP for the group. “A smaller volume of theta would get enturbulated by a higher volume of entheta when in contact”. This is the law (not verbatim the whole theta mest theory in Science of Survival). One why is probably in the area of that theory. It was just impossible to stay theta in such a volume of entheta.

    Another area to investigate is the so called LRH writings during or after 78. If you want to have a full truthful analysis, you need to have the Source of data. We need actually the truth as to what happened to LRH after he left the Apollo. On the Apollo, we are pretty sure Ron was really Ron. But after, what happened to the man? This is important because we were of course acting on his “writings”. Call in for example was one of the most suppressive destructive action regarding the public. Harsh ethics and enforcement of R and C was the rule for years. This destroyed any PR. Reporting on such was impossible and would have been deemed suppressive as stopping dissemination. Birthday game issues were probably false non LRH issues. This destroyed real Scientology.

    This has to do with what happened to LRH at the time and when. Even if he reappeared after, was he really LRH? Or someone else showing up? You see, how come his family was not allowed to see him, even when dead. And how come LRH would not see his kids. Something doesn’t make sense. Any free man would visit his kids and grand kids. No one free would accept any cut ARC line.
    Joseph Le Sanglier

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