Obsessed Stalker – David Miscavige

Please view these two short videos shot and narrated by Mike Rinder outside his home today:

Here is another video Mike shot showing the garbage man delivering his garbage to an Office of Special Affairs (OSA, the dirty tricks and propaganda arm of David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc.) operative:

252 responses to “Obsessed Stalker – David Miscavige

  1. Mike-

    Trying spraying your garbage with mace. Lots and lots of mace.

    • Mace, now there’s an idea! Also, as the S.O. prohibits odors it might be handy to acquire some very cheap perfume and open the lid and place it on its side as you tie up the garbage bag.
      I would love to be a fly on the wall when that bag gets opened!

  2. Anyone seen the movie sneakers? Very appropriate here.
    Just a thought, a bunch of overfilled water balloons carefully added to the trash might create some interesting results.
    I have heard from reliable sources that the dwarf is the kinh of practical jokes…every day is April 1st for Little Dickie!

  3. Mike.

    Skunk Scent- a two part mixture used by hunters for decades to mask their own scent. Readily available- google it. Is obnoxiously odiferous.

    A few drops on a diaper will make the smell of the diaper seem wonderful. Mr Ponytails car and whoever opens the trash bag will reek for some time after. It clings to you and your clothes and lingers long after the odoured material has been removed. Yummy. :>)

    It is sold in some sporting stores as well. Mix a few drops from bottle A with a few drops from bottle B and vuala, instant stink. And it’s cheap.

  4. It surprises me that anyone is surprised by this. In fact it would be surprising if this stuff wasn’t going on. Spying and doing operations on enemies of the Church of Scientology is long standing policy that precedes DM, Mike & Marty. It well never cease as it is part of KSW/KAW. Reference: Attacks on Scientology & Intel, It’s Role.

  5. Mike, what did Waste Management have to say about one of their drivers selling your trash? I would think the driver could be at risk of losing his job.

  6. More Soltan Gris apparatus. Looking forward to the peculiarities.


  7. Mike,
    Now that he knows YOU know he’s been picking through your trash, you’ve missed an opportunity: think of the fun you could have created by throwing away a crumpled up copy of “Program to Remove David Miscavige from Post at New Years Event” with cc to about thirty unknown names, FBI, etc.

  8. I checked on line and, no, there doesn’t seem to be a law against grand-theft garbage. So miscavige crows that he’s not doing anything illegal (at least in terms of inspecting your youngster’s nappies for incriminating evidence).

    Stupid, idiotic, assinine, retarded, self-demeaning, ridiculous, dev T, etc. etc.
    But apparantly, not illegal.

    Could miscavige and his osa-bots get any more degraded? Wait for the next installment of “Much Ado About Garbage” to find out.

  9. Just an idea: Wad up strips of paper that have fortunes written on them for
    David Miscavige and his attorneys .Like a garbage bag fortune cookie .

  10. I can see it now. Tom Cruise being lowered upside down on a cable from a helicopter being flown by JT so as to set the camera in the bird house. Miscavige is in the helicopter holding TCs watch and small change and trying to look down TCs pant leg. All so exciting….

    Actually its just a bunch of OSA goons spending the night watching boring video tape when they aren’t sorting through garbage covered with dog shit. I wonder who gets to hand route it to Miscavige….

  11. The dwarf is definitely a NOWHERE punk(too validative to call him a man….not even close. An individual who sucker punches people is a coward…especially one who does it with LARGE minders to back him up. Having met this punk with the empty blue eyes and limp handshake before he joined the S.O. at the Haverford College Chapel, I find it amazing that this punk made it as far as he did. ONCE A PUNK ALWAYS A PUNK!

  12. Nice job Mike. Was that DM I heard laughing uncontrollably each time a bird tried to get in the house? And what’s he want from you, Marty’s new address? Oh brother. Please take care now.

  13. Eugene Francoeur

    Misgarbage exposed to the world… Thank you Mike!

  14. This is the session

    Curious about garabage?
    Desired garbage?
    Enforded garbage?
    Inhibited garbage?
    No garbage?
    Refused garbage?

    Grade 0 basic process:
    If garbage could talk to you, what would it say?
    If you could talk to garbage, what would you say?

    Grade I:
    What problem could garbage be to you?
    What problem could you be to garbage?

    Grade II:
    What has garbage done to you?
    What have you done to garbage?


  15. High tech bird feeding? Mike, layer the bottom of the house with bird seed. That way the birds get to eat and Miscavige gets to watch hours of close-up cooing and beaking. Regarding the garbage, is DM’s brain so small and his mind so encrusted, that he doesn’t know that you wouldn’t put anything but shit in all its forms into those bags? Ecclesiastical leader??? There must be some word far, far beyond absurd, because that’s what this has now become. Goodness gracious me!

  16. Mike,
    This makes sense in Davie Land. His Acceptance Level is “hidden communication” i.e., mystery so he’ll hide in a bird house and peer out. He thinks there is value in other people’s trash so he’ll scour preclear folders for aberration that beings slough off and think he has a something.

    Sucks to be Dave.

    • Where on what scale are “hiding in a birdhouse to know” and “digging through shitty garbage to know”?

      He has entered the Garbage Age of Tech and the Garbage Age of Knowledge.

      • Right about this… “He has entered the Garbage Age of Tech and the Garbage Age of Knowledge.” Except the Garbage Age of Knowledge by GO volunteers started many years before Miscabitch took over and around ’83 started paying PI’s.

  17. Ya gotta wonder where those bird house camera cables route to… ?

  18. Great job of busting the Waste Disposal engineer. I’ll bet he gets fired for fishing out your trash after you send the video link to his boss or above. He probably only got $20 for doing it.

  19. This is like the empire of degraded beings. That fat pony-tailed beer-belly-white-trash Joe-Dirt wannabe of a PI in a shitty Mustang looks like he lives in one end of his mother’s single wide trailer at a cheap trailer park. Then you got looser Waste Management McMoron on the take and now on video. Then we got the biggest DB of them all and maybe the biggest DB in history: David Miscavige who runs his empire of spy worms. Amazing.

    • That so-called P.I. makes Jim Rockford shake his head sadly.

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist
      Indie 500 #99

    • Joe dirt was a funny movie.

    • Steve,

      I liken this little sociopath, POB, to something akin to a “Jerry Sandusky” of cult leaders.

      They have one thing in common. They lack a conscience (among other things). That’s where I feel I have to puke because he does fit the characteristics and charismatics of a Charlie Manson nut-job.

      For example, where’s his wife?

      I truly believe that some cadaver dogs and forensic crime specialists need to be called in.

      MissCarriage is truly some screwed-up piece of work……..

      • Li'll bit of stuff

        Tom, I’ve been thinking along the same lines for a while!
        But this $nake is one that conceals it’s prey by $tealth,
        if not by actual intelligence. It always manages to leave
        some sort of trail by which it’s crimes can be uncovered.
        Criminals always do! Six years of working with high end
        crims, as my wife did, while a former Criminon counselor,
        proved to us with out a doubt, that they invariably leave
        that one piece of crucial evidence behind, which the
        sharpies, including forensics, can use to “nail ‘em!”

        david, david, david, you not-is’ing, deluded li’ll dictator,
        do you really believe you can escape your fate,mate???

    • Now, now. Just because you have a bad-ass Corvette that puts his white-trash heap of garbage (pun intended), to shame is no reason to be critical. :-)

    • Hey, don’t degrade by biker friends and garbage friends Steve!


  20. LMAO, that is so funny!!!! This reminds me of the Road Runner and Coyote cartoons. Mike is the Road Runner and Miscavige’s gophers are the Coyote. “Let’s see what’s in this birdhouse!” OMG, that is PRICELESS comedy!!!!

  21. Could DM be looking for his executioner now? He probably secretly wants somebody to hire a PI to follow the pony tail and trace the orders back to its source and file a law suite against the CoS plentifully reflected in the world media. But then again, DM would just RPF the lowest OSA staff member on the command chain and claim the staff member went rogue. The world these people live in is something terrible. Third Reich again. Sieg Heil! .

  22. It is my general expectation that the trash/garbage that is collected from my family remain in that condition,-safely bagged. The reason I want the removal of garbage undertaken by professionals is one of public safety, the amount of diseases possible by breaking the correct chain of disposal is at the very least criminal. It is like handling nuclear or biological waste, the lose of life and resources like that of Love Creak, or Chernobyl or other potential sites in Japan are a ticking time bomb with that of a child playing ignorant of the effects. Accountability is needed here and now and taken from the hands of psychopaths like DM! Back up you moron before you hurts others and yourself in the process. Bill Dupree

  23. Garbage begets garbage.

    ML Tom

  24. Hi Mike,
    After running into you and Christy in the book store last weekend and seeing what a nice loving family you have, I am totally disgusted to see this crap that you have to put up with. If you ever need any help, I would be happy to offer you any assistance that I could give you guys. Just let me know.

  25. More good news tonight. I just heard from a long time friend who is an OT VIII. He’s DONE WITH THE CO$. His wife is also not on lines anymore and I think she was getting ready to go to Flag for OT VI.

    This is the result of persistence along a given course plus lots of help from Wasted Management who is making our job of shining the light of truth of the insanity of the Church of Scientology much easier. Thanks for the help in sinking your stinking CULT Davey. You now have a new title………COC.

    We know what that should mean but it really is Chairman of the Cult. The truth will set you free. Take the rest of the night off dickhead!

    • You can add two more VII’s and VIIIs locally in the UK – VERY WELL RESPECTED guys OSA, completely FINISHED with Corp Scn very recently. That’s in addition to the half dozen I know are just keeping their heads down for now but are actually also done.

  26. I could see the possibility of a couple hundred x sea org dressed in uniform taking the place or palace back. Putting Ethics back in and restoring order.
    Oh geeze, I think I dozed off there for a minute, must have been dreaming. ;) TR 0

  27. It’s time to get rid of using the plastic trash bags and making it all easy for them. Just empty your garbage out of the plastic bags directly into the can the night before or morning of pick-up. That means pony tail man or WM guy will have to shift through loose crap and carry it by the arm full to his car.

    • Yeah, that’s a done….

      • Whoa! The problem is it is soooo messy.

        After Dr Denk’s departure, I had to clean out a lot of stuff! I just dumped the trash into the large can for trash pickup. We lived on a private drive that was not accessible to the trash truck so the barrel was placed at the bottom of the driveway some distance from the house. We had done this for many years.

        I walked down the driveway to retrieve the trash can after pick-up. Lo and behold, there was the trash dumped out in the pick-up area. Not only was the trash not picked up, it was strewn over a 10 x 10 foot area. I had to pick it all up and put it back in the trash can for the next week’s pickup.

        Nope, I think it’s better to put the trash in a nice, neat bag with all the special “additives” suggested earlier on this topic. Put a tag on it that says, “Mr. Waste Management Guy.” And, as always, don’t put anything in the trash that is no one else’s business.

  28. Indie-saurus-rex

    God, I love the Camaro video. Those two are frozen in their tracks. It’s so thick that I can literally feel it though my computer screen. lol. Good job Mr. Rinder, good job!


  30. Waste Management seems to be a trashy company!

  31. Mike,
    I’m very sorry for all the harassment that you and your family have to put up with.

    You are a man of true integrity; something that Mr. DB David Miscavige will never be able to have, no matter how much stolen gold and manufactured admiration he is wallowing in.

    You have my full support when and if you decide to press charges against these imbeciles.

    • Conan, well stated

      “…..integrity; something that Mr. DB David Miscavige will never be able to have, no matter how much stolen gold and manufactured admiration he is wallowing in.”

  32. OMG! This explains why RTC has IN, PENDING and OUT garbage pails!

  33. Empty bird house
    Empty survalance homes
    Empty Orgs

    Collecting degraded beings
    Collecting crimes
    Collecting trash

    Way to go David Miscavage.

  34. DM is a dying breed!!!! His nonsense and shenanigans he pulls on everybody will come to a screeching halt. The flock is leaving one by one. At the end of the day, truth always prevails. The smokescreen is getting clearer by the day and what you will see when the smoke disappears is BOZO the CLOWN!!

  35. May I suggest some sharp objects mixed in with the feces in your trash. ie used razor blades , insulin needles etc…

    I guarantee an infection no auditing will cure :)

  36. From RJ 67:

    “The organization, under the direction of Mary Sue, employed – and actually had employed earlier than I returned from southern Africa – employed several professional intelligence agents who had long and successful professional backgrounds, and they looked into this matter for us, and the results of their activities – although still in progress – have told us all that we needed to know with regard to any enemy we had on this planet.

    They have collected rather interesting files on us, our people, and organizations, and their orders concerning what to do about this is part of their files — all makes very interesting reading. We of course have full copies of their files. It was of course their bad luck to tangle with someone who had been trained in the field of intelligence by the Allied governments, which is myself, and they had insufficient security and insufficient loyalty amongst their own people to keep out the intelligence agents which we sent in against them. That is a very cloak-and-dagger activity which is more or less over at this time.”

    You don’t think these intel agents didn’t dumpster dive and then some? Of course they did.

    My only point is that this type of stuff has been going on a long time and precedes DM, Mike & Marty. Now of course Mike & Marty are not enemies of Scientology per se but it should not surprise anyone that this type of activity goes on and will go as “on source” and “on policy” from those within corporate Scientology.

    • Dear Kevin Tighe,

      If this had something to do with the Arabian Spring, would you mind our intelligence.


    • “Correction of things which are not wrong and neglecting things which are
      not right puts the tombstone on any org or civilization.

      “In auditing when one reviews or “corrects” a case that is running well, one
      has trouble. It is made trouble.

      “Similarly on the third dynamic, correcting situations which do not exist and
      neglecting situations which do exist can destroy a group.

      “All this boils down to CORRECT INVESTIGATION. It is not a slight skill.
      It is THE basic skill behind any intelligent action.” Data Series 16 INVESTIGATORY PROCEDURE.

    • Or this one:
      “Well, when we look over the picture that this makes we’re seeing the mind in operation, we’re seeing it casting its attention from one stable datum to another, trying to do an understanding of a situation-if it has no spontaneous
      understanding left in it-trying to understand every situation by finding which stable datum it fits in the past. That’s a dumb way to do it.” Tape, 23 August 55, AXIOM 53: THE AXIOM OF THE STABLE DATUM (which in my opinion is THE BEST tape I’ve heard to describe a Ser Fac among other things.)

    • First hiring of PIs is not in and of itself a bad thing. It is only a thing. Consider the context of the times: FCDC was raided in 1963 by the FDA – the US government confiscated E-meters and materials because they had no idea what an e-meter was, nor how it was used. In no materials I ever saw did Ron claim the e-meter had healing properties, and yet that was the basis of the raid. It was bogus. Why did the FDA raid Scientology?

      Australia banned Scientology in the mid-60s because it said auditing was hypnosis, a ridiculous claim. Why did the Australian Government think that?

      Context matters. What Miscavige is doing is very different from what Ron was doing in the 60s.

      • Li'll bit of stuff

        Good point indeed Mark!—— Total polar opposites!

        Ron vs. miscavige There’s a whole chasm of value difference between the two.

        LRH created a technology to free & give hope to man.

        Miscavige commandeered and perverted it to enslave, destroy and manipulate it for power and personal gain.

        • This is not an A=A between LRH & DM. I am only pointing out that it is long standing LRH policy to investigate enemies of the Church. Mike is obviously considered an enemy so no one should be surprised by these tactics. Dumpster diving and surveillance actions are common tools of the investigative game. I’m only bothering to post about this as I am surprised that so many are surprised.

          • Li'll bit of stuff

            Certainly not I, brother! I was IOO% agreeing with you!

          • Kevin,
            I’m thinking that the exclamations about the intel against Mike and Christie isn’t so much motivated by surprise of it but the response to the disgust of it and emotions stirred by it happening to someone we care about. No matter the commonalities of it being done the violations of rightness, the wrong targetting and the invasion of privacy to someone we care about is going to raise this ire. I appreciate your pointing this out and sharing the posts that you did but I’m not sure how many of the posts are actually from true surprise.

  37. Unfortunately, there is no privacy with garbage you leave at the curb. The only thing you could do is shred everything (a smart practice for anyone). It’s just so petty.
    The camera thing is just so creepy. You should tell your neighbors that someone is videoing the street and get them to pressure the homeowner to remove it.

  38. I’d like to know what the ponytail dude makes per hour for getting your trash and digging through it. What a great job! ;)

    • Tara — not much. He is apparently quite destitute. His “business” is “Fred’s Freakin Rides” and he seems to live in a warehouse…. He should ask for a raise, especially as he is now out of a job.

  39. I am speechless. Can you imagine the head of any Church or organization getting away with such crimes? DM has a serious psychiatric disorder and needs immediate medical intervention. How can any member of the Church look at all this and have any faith at all in him as a leader. He is a dangerous and evil nutter.

  40. This guy is more creepy than Scientology.

    Scientology is not creepy. This guy is totally creepy

    and psycho babbling as well! Must be a news reporter.

    Illegally trespassing onto private property

    Destruction of private property.

    If I saw him doing that to my place I would have him arrested!!!

    He should be arrested.

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