Thanks For Participating

The following are the uncooked, digitally preserved statistics for this blog.

+++                   Total Visits                        Per Day Average

2009                     558,162                               3,036

2010                    2,232,948                             6,118

2011                    2,492,948                             6,829

2012                    3,636,456                             9,950

There have been 8,914,639 total visits to this blog from its inception.

The total visits is not the total number of unique visitors per day.   Per wordpress we average about 2.75 return visits per visitor per day.  So, 9,950 translates into about 3,618 individuals visiting the blog each day during 2012.   That is up from roughly 2,483 during 2011.

You all have made 188,477 comments since the beginning of the blog.

The top ten most commented upon topics this year were:

1.  Judgment                                                                     642 (and counting)

2.  The Virus That Killed Scientology Inc.                       639

3. ‘Then There Is Me’ – Tom Cruise                                 604

4. Scientology And Saving the World                              567

5.  The Mecca of Thought Control                                   527

6.  Open Letter from Debbie Cook                                   524

7.  Battle of San Antonio – A Review                               520

8.  Debbie Cook – Gathering Steam on Day Four           507

9.  To Those Who Fly Under The Radar                         494

10.  Miscavige Surrenders                                                475

Overall this year the hottest topic for reader participation was Debbie Cook Baumgarten and Wayne Baumgarten and their epic battle to expose the abuses of David Miscavige (subject of six of the top ten reader participation posts).  Original post from one year ago tomorrow: Reformation – Division Within Corporate Scientology.

I have learned quite a bit from everybody’s input.  I hope you have too.

Thank you for participating.

I wish all who visit here a wonderful 2013.


118 responses to “Thanks For Participating

  1. Just saw this and wanted to share with you guys something interesting to contemplate while we are discussing our ability to Move On Up A Little Higher:

    Please take the time to watch this Keynote from this years CCC congress.

    It is *highly* relevant to the cause of Freedom that we all work for.

  2. Marty, Dave says the stats are false and has ordered a couple 16 year old high school dropouts to investigate you and get to the bottom of this!

    Seriously, I have been out around a year now and well remember what I was going through when I knew the end of the road for me would be an SP declare.
    Then I found this blog and I can tell you that it gave me courage to do what I needed to do.
    I was going to do it anyway, but the articles and the comments and originations of the folks on this blog enabled me to do it with a lot less pain and agony!
    Thanks for being here and communicating Marty ( and thanks to all you other criminals who are committing the 2 crimes of being here and communicating)!

    • Well if DM thinks he can get anything by trying to
      investigate truth, expression of truth he is wasting his time.
      He only is dramatitizing a complusion force control mode to try
      and suppress the blog writers and users , perhaps he thinks
      they will get diseffected against and re think , of course all
      methods to supress and control Marthy and Co.Well he is
      stupid even to try.

      happen he DM is just looking for ways to pretend to controlstill.
      He is a looser.
      theirs no way to try and control speaking the truth.
      Because why do so many speak it and support truth / and
      you would then ask why do so many people support
      Marthy’s blog.

      he can try, at least theirs truth in whats found out about Dm and
      he Dm still trys to hide and pull people down and maintain falsehood of Keeping
      Scientology working

  3. Actually, in the end there was NO pain or agony!

  4. Firebreathing Frog

    The best blog on my “must read” list.
    Thanks to you Marty for giving so much facts and data to help clear the false propaganda and lies of David Miscavige.
    This not only help saving people from the enslavment but saving the entire subject of Scientology.
    Thanks to all who participate in this blog, giving your views and facts that help put all the pieces together.
    I consult this blog every week, more as soon I have more time for it, and this is the first one I recomend together with friends of LRH and scientology
    Best wishes for 2013 and happy new year to Marty Mosey and you all.

  5. Marty and Mosey, you have done a huge and highly pro survival service with this blog, bringing us all together with a place to share opinions and ideas. Your confront of evil has taken away the fear in many of us of the big bad church and the emperor of the dark side, DM. Indy Stats are going up steadily and thanks to this blog and other efforts and contributions Indies are expanding in numbers. Best of all more auditing is occurring and training is way more available. LRH Tech is alive and well in the field. We are making more releases, Clears and OTs than the “church’ is. I wish all a very prosperous and beneficial New 2013 and even more opportunity to get up the true LRH Bridge!! And thank you all for your contributions to Keeping Scientology Working.

  6. Marty thank you for maintaining this blog. It is like the heat of a good fire that warms me to the bone on a cold Winter night. I loved seeing that someone still respects stats integrity is every thing. Happy New Year and a hope of prosperity for you and all the Indies. Compassion to all thetans. ARC Bill Dupree

  7. Happy New Year 2013 to everyone! May it bring yet another year of progress towards a free and open world.

  8. Marty, thank you!

  9. You may say I’m a dreamer but I know from this blog, I’m not the only one. Thank you Marty for dreaming and for letting us share the world, right here.

  10. People obviously like this blog as evidenced by your uptrending stats. Thank you for what you do. Happy New Year to you and yours and to all who frequent this blog.

  11. Marty, excellent stats. Over 3000 people a day viewing this blog is awesome. My key take-aways from this blog and this Indie movement in general are:

    1. Scientology is alive and well.
    2. The subject can and will survive spirited discussions and diverse viewpoints.
    3. I am/ we are not alone in this.
    4. There is not one regular commenter (and author) here with whom I would not love to share coffee and conversation.

    Amazing achievement! Happy New Year to you all!

  12. Happy New Year Marty and Mosey! You and the Indies are and have been upstat for real, for the last few years!

  13. Well, I guess these numbers don’t exactly jibe with the recent pronouncement that many of the people who used to post on this blog are staying away. If that’s true, then each person taking off is being replaced by two others.

    From a non-Scientologist perspective, I believe some of the success this blog has had is due to the fact that it provides a formerly unavailable and fascinating window into this community’s thought process as you guys wrestle with what went wrong in the church and how best to proceed. I find myself constantly impressed by the level of intelligence and thoughtfulness displayed here.

    I look forward to the liberation of many more still in and much success to everyone in the new year.

    • You are right, SS.
      Just because someone does not post a comment everyday does NOT mean they are staying away. Far from it…
      Thank you for your insights.

  14. Jean-François Genest

    Happy New Year! Congratulations!
    Thank you for providing the wisdom, the learning experience, the ability to express ourselves freely without “Thought-Stopping”, and some entertainment along the way. I have observed that when someone voices wins, or concerns, it turns out that several others have had similar experiences. We realize that we are not alone going through the journey. It is marvelous.

    Some blogs are negatively, and viciously, biased.
    The heated debates in some posts & comments on this blog, though they resemble a good parliamentary session, provide a free exchange of ideas totally unprecedented. They help blow off charge, help bring about understanding on a large scale, and help as-is our entangled 3rd Dynamic “reactive mind”. I personally GAIN tremendously from the process.
    ♦ May we cause more “damage” to that reactive mind in 2013! :-)
    I have a few postulates and ambitions for 2013 under my sleeve, some of which are getting audited and re-trained, thanks to this blog and its contributors.
    ▲Θ Hip-Hip Hurray!

  15. Now THAT is straight up and vertical!!

  16. Very well done, Marty and all who participate!
    Happy New Year to all

    “All here is charming – even the very trees.
    My fancy takes words that never fail to please
    A grateful echo in my heart awakes”

    Kesava, Ancient wandering teacher in the Himalayas

    George M. White

  17. Happy New Year everyone!!

  18. one of those who see

    Happy New Year Marty & Mosey! Thank you for providing us a neighborhood hang out to share our thoughts with one another. Your ongoing contribution to Freedom is vast and so appreciated. I think I started reading your blog in 2009. Starting writing in 2010. In 2012 got my first auditing in the Indie Field! and as of 2012, no more family members in the Sea Org. Still under the radar because of family at this point. My postulate for 2013… more freedom for all. Let’s all keep moving on up a little higher! Thanks for everything! Congrats on the fantastic Stats!

    Ok, i want to go out on the limb of my reality for the next postulate. Enforced disconnection ends in 2013, one way or another. Hell, I would like to go to some Indie parties this year!

  19. Thanks Marty for your good wishes!
    The statistics are NICE!

  20. Well done on a successful year.

    How about including Ex Scientologist Message Board on the BLOGROLL as resource for readers?

    • Why?

      We’re not *EX* Scientologists here. Perhaps you are in the wrong venue ?

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist
      Indie 500 #99

      • There are many ex Scientologists who post on Marty’s Blog, including myself.

        If you visit ESMB, you’ll find OT 8s, OT 7s, Class 12s, Class 8s, Class 7s (Power Processing), many Class 6s, plus many more who are Class V.

        Quite a few of these worked directly with LRH. A few as far back as the 1950s. Some worked with LRH on the ship in the 60s and 70s.

        The feeling, by many, over at ESMB, towards Marty and his Blog, is becoming more and more positive.

        Why not, at least, make connection?

        When in doubt, communicate.

        • Well, is there a link to Marty’s blog there, on ESMB?

          I feel those who are interested, will find their way to Marty’s blog anyway, especially as Marty is made “controversial” over there by some. I think that makes folks curious to see for themselves what Marty’s blog is all about.

      • Obviously not my blog, so not my call who is qualified to post, but would say that a number of us share common experiences regardless of any label.

        Personally, I think there’s a creature such as a ‘cultural Scientologist’ where certain habits and reactions are inherent in one’s behaviour, such as the judgment trait covered previously.

        An illustration of how cultural habits are so ingrained: a Jewish friend of mine was at my house a few weeks ago. We were discussing something or other, and rather haphazardly, I ended up making her a bacon bagel. She doesn’t go to temple nor does she keep kosher, but the bacon bagel was wrong on so many levels, that we just laughed…

        I recognise a number of the traits mentioned, and like the bacon bagel, rightly or wrongly, difficult to get out of the mind set…

  21. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    It’s nice to see the top 10 list as each one of those postings was really good. Nice job Marty for having affluent numbers of people seeking truth here on your blog in year 2012. Happy New Year to all.

  22. Submitted without comment. None needed.

  23. Good submission, Tom. Great happy way to end the New Year’s Day posts.
    Now let’s get on with 2013! Gotta be even more interesting!

  24. One of those who see

    An excerpt from “The Way Ron Works” by Mary Sue Hubbard
    “…To me, the most important foundation upon which Dianetics and Scientology is built was stated in the First Book, that is, “Man is basically good.” I know of no one who believes this as strongly as Ron does. It is my feeling that this alone in times of contemptuous press, financial difficulties, the betrayal of friends, times when it seemed that all he had built was crumbling to pieces, kept him going, kept him persisting to his goal of helping MAN.

    In Phoenix after the fall of Wichita, a producer with whom Ron had worked in Hollywood came to see us at our small apartment. He was offering Ron what would seem to the ordinary man like ice cream and cake for eternity. After picturing this dream in the clouds, he said to Ron, “Now, really, do you think this Dianetics, this research of yours, is worth it?” Ron sat for a very long time silent, his eyes closed. Finally after what had seemed like hours he opened his eyes, and said, “Yes! Yes I do.” After his producer friend left, I asked him why he had taken so long to answer. He replied, “I was watching pass before me a parade of all the people I had helped, their expression one of hope and faith in the goodness of the future. Nothing can be worth more to me than that.”

    And that’s the way he is. His belief in the innate goodness of Man, in being able to bring this and Man’s abilities to the fore continues him in his research. It enables him to communicate to anyone despite their physical disability to do so, or any language barrier…”

    Happy New Year to Ron & Mary Sue too! Thank you.

  25. Marty, just a few years ago you appeared as this little light in the
    end of a seemingly endless and arduous tunnel. Now
    you have become a shining beacon, a star, that is making
    traveling the route with so much less effort. Thanks for your
    strength and perseverance. And Monique, you should have
    a special thanks too. Both of you have INTEGRITY that is
    so admirable.
    Have a great continuation on this new year!

  26. It would be so easy to forget a very real value of Marty’s blog and related activities last year.

    We routed people through the Underground railroad, co-audited, audited friends and clients, and established Scientology delivery in Texas and some other things you’ll probably find out about later…


    We engaged in the free practice of our ‘religious beliefs’ – (and even shed some of them!)

    All that would not have been possible in years past.

    So Thanks, Marty.

  27. If you do the math on what this kind of expansion means over just the next 5 years, it’s pretty amazing. The future looks bright for Independent Scientology. Not the same for DM and the Co$.

    So as not to create confusion with any other Paul that comments here, from now on I’ll be signing as Paul J.

  28. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Thanks for everything Marty and Mosey.
    Have a wonderful New Year everyone xxx

  29. Happy New Year Marty and Mosey!
    Thanky you very much for your work :-) :-)

  30. The church of scientology continues to have its anchor points knocked out and is in siege mode. Heading over its own fiscal cliff as new public and old donors dry up. Its burns all its bridges along the route of retreat. This Blog is a lifeline for scientology practitioners now and into the future. If scientology has any meaningful future that benefits man, it will be owed in large part to forums like this that shed light on the subject and put it in a healthy perspective. .

  31. Thank you for the stats Marty.
    Yes, I have learned allot also. Your and your friends posts have changed my viewpoints. It feels really good to be learning again about the world around me…. No one around to tell me “That’s entheta”, “That’s other practices”, Write KRs on me, force me to go to COB events (I was sec checked every time I ducked out of one), I may even be able to spot tone levels without thinking “He is a wog, how could he be uptone?”. Your articles have explained pretty much all the nasty ‘ethics and justice’ in the 19 years there (Starting with the RS/dirty needles 5 man meter checks/RPF 15 Nov 1982) and why my husband kept coming home telling me he was ordered to get a divorcee (after I left in 96 and we remained together 11 years while he was on staff at CLO/CMO). I can keep a friend now that takes anti-depressants. I have a freedom I never would have gotten in the church and my wins from my processing are coming back. I’m getting to the point I can again help others.
    Your Communicate and Solve it with Scientology tactics are working for many. There is a confusion that blows off but I’ve always been for putting in order so it’s been confrontable.
    So all has been good on this end Marty. Thank you for being there and I wish a most wonderful future for you and yours also.

  32. I can’t thank you enough… Love and looking forward to 2013 being the “best year ever” :)

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