What More Can I Say?

There is an interesting little undercurrent rumbling through the “Independent community.”   It is peppered with lines like this:

“Something has changed with Marty recently; and I don’t like the feel of it.”

“Marty has all the sudden stopped making a stark distinction between Scientology Inc. and Scientology.”

Rumor mills – generally energized by the not so bright false data prone – have embellished and alarmed it with bells and whistles.   All the way to the recent Chicken Little claim in the comments section of this blog itself:

…Tony Ortega has taken over the blog.

To highlight how absurd that conclusion is, though I haven’t spoken to (nor read much of his writings) in months I bet Ortega fell off his chair laughing on that one.  He is more frustrated and perplexed by my criticism of his views than he is of Scientology Inc. propaganda about him.  Incidentally, that Tony Ortega line, along with several of the others circulating were first published on OSA anti-Marty sites.

To all of you who are getting on the back channels alarmist rumor mill bandwagon, I suggest you are in denial.   To those actively fueling it, I suggest you are cowards.

I published a book almost a year ago where I made my views – that are not dissimilar to those expressed on this blog of late – about as crystal clear as a person can make them.  Those blog views are consistent with what I took the time to lay out in context and with supporting history in my book, What Is Wrong With Scientology?  That I am not a robotic, lock-step follower of Scientology has been made clear in the continuously posted Welcome section of this blog since its inception.  I haven’t heard a single comment on the blog, or even in communications directed to me or relayed to me that challenge any of those views, at least not by the very best Independents now covertly fueling the alarm wave.

I am beginning to express them more often in posts in the hopes that it will prompt some thinking and exchange of ideas and views.   I am not seeing much reasoned debate with them.  Instead, I am seeing Scientology Inc. style undercutting, back biting, rumor milling, questioning of the source of views.  The dead agent caper.  David Miscavige and OSA are having a field day with this coffee klatch mentality.  The big shots originating it are, at best, oblivious to the fact that they are doing the work of Scientology Inc.

To those engaging in such, and energizing and forwarding it,  is that Independent Scientology?

It is not what I considered Independent Scientology to be when I suggested people declare their independence from Scientology Inc.

The thrust of the backchannels chatter is “Maybe the guy who coined (or as freezoners assert, re-coined) the term Independent Scientologist doesn’t qualify for membership.”

Your views?

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  1. Marty,
    There are only so many ways and variations that you can say “David Miscaviage is a Supressive Person” before it gets old. There are only so many examples you can give before it gets tired. Only so many witnesses you can bring forward before “we’ve heard it all before.”

    People might pause a moment and reflect, you’ve been at this whole thing for Years. YEARS. Plural. Your context has to change to stay fresh as a writer/blogger. Your life has taken a change, big one, moving from the coast to the hill country of Texas. If people can’t adapt, understand that change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, well… Scientology can handle that. ;)

    It’s been about a year or slightly less since I’ve quit coming around this blog so often. I was here multiple times a day. Then daily. I’m lucky to come around once a week now. Nothing against you at all. And my heart is behind you 100% But I have another game called “real life” that I have to play. After acknowleging the Is-ness of where Scientology is today… I can move on.

    Right now, I’m concentrating on work, family, and getting myself in a position to start making progress up the Bridge. I’m hoping to talk to you and Mosey in the next 12-14 months about that. But not right now… and I’ve never lost the failth.

    If others do, then they still have charge on something that needs addressing, whether it’s a rudiment or something more, I’m no auditor… what the hell do I know? But I’m a trained Hubbard Consultant, and I’m willing to bet I could help them if they wanted it. They might START… with a little 2WC! Gee, what a novel idea?

    Let the 3rd parties eat cake. Better yet, tell them to get bent.

    Keep on keeping on… :)

  2. I feel some sadness, it’s i’m loosing scientology.It’s a lot of belief, and it’s running away from. I was quite happy to not follow the church and Miscavige, and now, I feel some of my belief dissapearing, i don’t have this urge to go up the bridge while I can still audit and help people going up tone, but it’s a tool of life amongst other tools, nothing exclusive. I’m no longer part of the “choosen people”. Scientologists were the new choosen people, but it didn’t last. That’s the work of Miscavige. Hating this guy is still a good belief.

    • I’m no longer part of the “choosen people”. Scientologists were the new choosen people, but it didn’t last.

      It’s funny you say that, as I was thinking the same thing yesterday.
      We had a mission to perform. Exactly. But it’s not over now.
      Maybe this is exactly the only way the mission can be performed.
      After all what we have is the tech and the wisdom we gain from moving up the bridge.
      We don’t need to subscribe to a group or look for acknowledgement from some sort of “elite thinkers”.
      The mission to help free people is much older than Scientology.
      Indeed, LRH speaks about the whole concept in the “Phoenix” Lectures and “Creation of Human Ability”. It’s a long tradition.
      Therefore keep the faith. You have better tools and skills you had 2.000 years before (I’ll bet).
      You just can take the torch of wisdom and forward it.
      That’s the real mission.
      Look around you – so many people just don’t know anything about their spirituality, their inner self – nothing.
      You can be the change.

      It’s my strong believe that the wisdom of Scientology couldn’t ever be spread into the world from the Church of Scientology. Since the Scriptures and Wisdom where monopolized by RTC, there was little hope to spread the word.
      But it changed with the understanding that they only tried to stop us. Stop guys like you who wanted to be one of the “chosen ones” to help bring wisdom and enlightement to the world.

      Don’t get duped by them.
      Monopoly of Wisdom is just smoke and mirrors.

      • SKM. Thank you for stating the truth and putting it in good context. It aligns with what Marty mentioned on what he thought he was doing when he signed a billion year sea org contract. Its the action of a bodhisattva. A being who keeps at it until all are released from their prisons. No one needs to feel sad or at a loss. Scientology was and is just the most recent vehicle used by many such persons. It a familar gathering of beings whose purposes align. That was very much a part of the dynamic we all shared. And it was powerful. It still is. And all should take heart, as no one is really going anywhere. We come back. Again, and again, and again.

        • I for one know, that I am doing it for a very long time now.
          When I found Scientology my `faith` was rekindled. Miscavige can’t take it away from me. He can play Monopoly with his remaining crowd, but he can’t stop Truth and Wisdom, the inner core of Scientology.
          I found in Scientology the extension of earlier attempts and practices exactly as Hubbard promised.
          He is enough of a Hero for me for what he has done.
          That his initial organisation was taken over by the “forces of evil” is no surprise for me and I don’t think it would be for him.

          • Exactly. The church ending up as it has was not the desired ending we envisioned, but every end is a new beginning. As the church shrinks, the independents grow. Imagine this being 1950 again, with the technical refinements and bridge already laid out, and tens of thousands of existing practitioners or adherents in one form or another. The ability to move up a little higher certainly exists, for individuals and their groups. A lot of important heavy lifting has already been done.

  3. After leaving the church on March 13, 2007 I stopped auditing. I got my real estate license and my mortgage broker license and was about to launch my career. Someone found out I was “out” and asked me to give them a session. They had gotten some horrible auditing at Flag and were very upset. So I gave them a few sessions and they were happy and told a few of their friends. Their friends arrived for a session and then thier friends arrived. And then I was asked if I could deliver the Solo Course. In the two years we operated in Tampa we helped over 40 people get their cases cleaned up, got 13 of them through solo and on to their OT levels, got several through some Academy levels and generally had a fantastically good time helping others. I never did get going on real estate. No time.

    At that time, before Marty started his blog, before Steve created Scn-Cult, before I knew much about anything going on in the independent field, before I knew anythng about miscavige’s vicious nature, I made some decisions about the future. I decided that the future of Scientology, if it was going to have a future, would be one of dedicated tech terminals forming their own groups and sharing technical wins and losses so that all of us could learn from eachother’s mistakes.

    I decided that groups needed to be formed around people who could get results, not around “businessmen” who couldn’t get results.

    I had used four different C/Ss during those first several years. All of them good. None of them had the exact same opinions as to how to program a case for optimum gain. So I decided that I, as the auditor, needed to have KRC for the C/S tech and make my own final decision on programming.

    I decided that “Maintain Friendly Relations with the Environment and the Public” would be my first policy.

    I decided that “Deliver What I Promise” or give the money back, would be my Senior Policy.

    I decided not to op-term with people I considered were “squirreling.”

    I decided to expand my KRC for other practices. I don’t argue against other practices. There is no point except to create a ridge. I decided ridges were counterproductive.

    I decided that ” We of the church believe that all men have inalienable rights to think freely to talk freely to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others” means what it says.
    I also decided that communication below 2.0 on the tone scale were seldom anything other than bank and needed a session, not an arguement.

    I would like to see hundreds of groups like ours, like Trey’s, like John Aaron’s, like Ingrid Smith’s, like Pat Krenick’s, like Chris Black’s, Scott Campbell etc. etc. I would love it if we would each recognize that we are ultimately all heading basically in the same direction with our training and our auditing and that we can help eachother.

    I had already helped nearly 20 people get through the DCSI/CCRD line and start on their OT levels after having been screwed up and stopped by miscavige’s out-tech before Marty started this blog.

    The blog has been of immeasurable value to me. Not just because it’s incredibly entertaining, but because it has opened up so many comm lines. It has also helped me run out the 3D engram and given me strength in my own convictions on what I want to do for my future.

    I may very well have quit clearing people and returned to real estate if Marty and Mike had not come to my rescue on a stiuation a few years ago. They asked for nothing in return.

    I treat this blog as if it were Marty’s house and I’ve been invited to a converstaion every day. His tolerance for other viewpoints is a plus point to me. His willingness to help others and his success in doing so is the best indicator of his intentions.

    Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion to so many good people, Marty. I appreciate it.


    • Les, as I think you know, the feelings and respect are mutual.

    • Hey Les:
      Your “Set a Good Example” and granting of beingness has touched a lot more people than you know. It has had a tremendous positive influence on a lot of things and situations in the field, in my opinion. I have drawn a lot of inspiration and calm from it, and I haven’t even been to your center – only observed its products and friends who have found refuge there.

      Just knowing that it’s possible to deliver the tech in a sane way outside the cult, is itself a tremendous encouragement to others. This is how it should be. When stable terminals like you and Marty take a sufficient level of responsibility to suppress major confusions – and even straighten them out – we all win.

      So Les, Anita, Marty and Mike and the many supporters who have contributed to all this, THANK YOU!!!

      -Scott Gordon – Class 0

    • To LDW : thumb up ! There it is. You said it all.

    • Thank you Les. You are a real asset to mankind and your friends and clients.

  4. In the last few years I’ve realized that “Organized Religion” of any kind is going by the way side…..It starts out as a labor of love but always turns into something ego driven and a “We’re right…You’re wrong”….The ages are passing and we as spiritual beings will evolve no matter what. Basic goodness cannot be erased no matter what….and to think that any religion holds the only key to ones eternity is bullshit.

  5. Marty, please use the below if you see fit on this thread. I agree wholeheartedly with your recent blog as you have always made perfectly clear your stance on SCN and the Church. To me, you are your own man and a free thinker…the way it should be. I find anyone who is stuck in any mode of thinking to be difficult to deal with, and many have shown themselves on the blog recently. Whether OSA, or literal defenders of KSW 1 only, or just angry people, it really doesn’t matter. Below is how I freed myself from literal minded and ser fac thinking. If it is helpful and appropriate, please enter it as a comment. I would have emailed it to you, but did not have your address.

    I humbly offer this story of how I freed myself from the grips of the Church. This also goes to how I regained the ability to grant beingness. As I have received helpful ideas from this blog, I am hoping others may receive some helpful insights from mine. This is only what happened to me and what worked for me, not in any way an assertion that it is right for you. As we all know, each of us will successfully address a point of charge or mis-identification in a different way…none of us are the same.

    As with most everyone here, upon leaving the Church I read everything I could find to get insights into the truth of what in the world happened or was happening. To say the least, it was an ups and downs adventure…it’s DM, it’s LRH, it’s me, it’s whatever. I kept going earlier and deeper with finally two big questions, which were also the most severe areas of dissonance: 1) Why was it so hard to go free of this mess?, and, 2) How could someone/LRH be so brilliant in codifying so much information, but at the same time take such a wrong turn in declaring himself and the tech “the only answer to mankind”? (This second question is my opinion only)

    I knew that to see the truth, I had to confront everything with respect to LRH himself, which was not easy. As a dear friend said, “we need to confront it and let the cards fall where they may.”
    The dissonance was deafening. What was this mess of a GPM I was sitting in? The answer lay in the reality that somehow I wanted LRH to be right or perfect or without flaws. What was underlying that? The answer hit me like a brick:

    I had willfully gone into treason on the 1D and made LRH source on my dynamics. How could I deny everything he wrote as that would be denying me? Weird and aberrated. I wanted him (the tech) to confront life and tell me what to do. I could not make choices or decide without reference to LRH. This removed responsibility from me to view, understand, and assess truths myself. It was not LRH’s or even DM’s fault. I was total effect of my cause, period. It was my choice to give up responsibility and as a result I got caught up in the SCN GPM of “we are right and you are wrong.” No one was to blame but me.

    Once I spotted my responsibility in the situation I got me back. I could finally comfortably confront LRH and SCN and see the truth (for me.) I was now comfortable to view and make choices from my universe and my dynamics. It became very OK that LRH was flawed. It became very OK to use and enjoy the tech that I found helpful (mostly pre 1965 for me). It became very OK to see the flaws in the tech and to see the GPM that I believe LRH ran on all of us – SCN vs the psychs, SCN versus other religions. Hell, I am flawed, why can’t LRH be flawed. I can talk all about LRH, but that isn’t the point. I am quite thankful that he did what he did, but he surely is not “the” answer. He is “an” answer. Oh yes, and on DM…who cares? He’s nuts.

    Once out of the GPM and once again able to view for myself, I was once again able to grant beingness to others and lose this big chunk of “judgment” and “know best”, something I wanted to get rid of long before Scientology I might add. As we all know, once we separate out from the engram, we can then just “have” it and can just view it with simplicity and truth. No more attacking of defending of any of it. The tech is just that, the tech. It is not a person. Anyone can use it simply by choice. DM has hurt the Church, but the tech will live on as knowledge to be used, or even to be discarded.

    As to the Church…it is dead and meaningless to me. Why have any attention on it at all. They do not do Scientology anyway. If you like the tech, then use it. I find that the basics and most information of the 50’s is fabulous. After that, especially after KSW, I have issues with…some is workable, some not. But again, that is my choice. I should add that I admire Marty and those who have chosen to spread these truths and to help those who are stuck in. His contributions really helped me. I have chosen not to take that route, hoever.

    I feel I can see LRH again. I am very saddened that he got trapped (in my opinion only) in ego and being righty, as seen from KSW on. But, you know, I am very OK with this. I feel no need to justify it or explain it anymore. It just is. And who knows, maybe next week I will find that my assessment was inaccurate and I will change…well, so be it. As for now, it feels very comfortable.

    • Thank you for this, Jonsty. I find your comment enlightening, especially the part about how you had gone into treason on the 1st dynamic by making Hubbard the source for your dynamics. I have a feeling you are not the only one who has done that.

  6. I think that it’s very important to maintain an open mind and an open heart.

  7. Hi Marty,

    I have always admired your willingness to explore new ideas and if you have changed your opinions as a result of your open exploratioin – then kudos to you! If you cannot change, you cannot grow and you will never “move up”.

    There has been a great of trolling, chattering and outright troublemaking on a number of sites over the last few weeks. After the Debbie Cook incident and on the heels of TomKat divorce, the PIs and The Master there are at least 3 book releases and 3 Oscar nominations (more publicity) this month that are not looking good for Co$ or COB. Stirring up trouble with “the enemies” by causing infighting and pitting against one another seems to be the order of the day. Honest, real, people are having their buttons pushed by trolls and troublemakers. Marty is an easy, identifiable & public target to go after. After all, he can speak with authority about the inner workings of Co$ and that scares the hell out of the Demented Midget.

    One observation – it seems that the Co$ has demanded strict adherence to the doctrine as it suits DM. Any variance from that, even in thinking and certainly in action, brought very undesirable consequences. “Group think” keeps everyone in line. It is hard to break that mindset when it has been drilled into you over many years, perhaps your entire life. DM & his operatives cannot fathom any other way of operating – the Indies must all think alike and “we must exploit any slight disagreements”.

    Also, Co$ has always needed an enemy (FBI, IRS, etc). Anonymous is a moving target – who are they? take out one and another takes his/her place – that enemy is a theater mask. Tony Ortega is a journalist – they go after him, but not too hard or the rest of the media may respond. So, “Bitter Defrocked Apostate” Marty is the enemy aided by /HIS/ “Posse of Lunatics”

    It’s not unintentional that Marty is setup as the dictatorial leader of the opposition. What else does DM know? He’s dictator of the Co$ therefore Marty is his counterpart amoung the enemy. “All Indies must think alike, Marty tells the Indies what to think & do….”

    Stay strong and truly independent. You are your own man, and people should never expect you to be everything they want you to be.


  8. This tremendous lie still continues to extract and spend countless sums from unwitting individuals. Marty and Mike, you must have the the piece of the case that can lock up yourselves together with DM. Even for a few months. The house of cards would collapse. Turn state witness and get out of it to leave COB in his cesspool of bullS*&^^. The movement of Scios is only young and to loose it would be such a shame. If we were all willing to sacrifice our lives for Billions of years why not sacrifice a few NOW and go to jail with the head of the org board. Who is going to keep it going? WDC? Send Tom in there to talk to her. Shelly? I don’t think so! We could all pick up where we left off and convert all the good intentions and assets into positive productive activity. It is to important to just throw blame around. There is nothing even close to what we need as a populace happening. The internet is great now but in a few years it will become just as censored as the rest of Media. Laws are being past and have already been in the last few months. Or in years to come our children will reflect, it must of been great when you could talk about religion and freedom, personal belongings and positions, family and friends. This network of hundreds of thousands could be realigned in a short time back to the purpose we all want. Boys you were there and you know the lot of it. Write the case against yourselves with Davie along side like he was. Or get back in front of the FH,CB,Couchman etc. with boards and mega phones. IG RTC, CO OSA, the responsibility is thick with these acronyms back atop your names. Keep it thick and sticky. Lest we forget.

  9. Following this, blog it seems to me that Marty has left Independant Scientology and beome a independant thinker i.e. there were/are things in Scientology that he still values AND he is open to things outside Scientology that he also values.Independance is not about Hubbard having complete truth while invalidating everything outside that box. The value of being outside the box is that one is free to explore everything and reach personal conclusions, including the conclusion that ends with a question mark.

  10. Wayne Borean aka The Mad Hatter

    I think it’s amusing.

    As an outsider looking in, I’ve been convinced that the COS has infiltrators in the Independent movement.

    Yes, some of the “Independents” are fakes. It would be consistent for the COS to run infiltrators. Heck, they hired a guy to pretend to be Paulette Cooper’s boyfriend.

    It takes an amazing amount of paranoia to hire someone to pretend to be a writer’s boyfriend. That sort of paranoia doesn’t get better, it gets worse.

    But it is easy to handle. Don’t get excited, just point out politely to people when they are acting like idiots, and oo in a humorous way. Every movement that is dealing with an entrenched bureaucracy has this problem. Google on the Guardian reporting of Police infiltrators into the Environmental movement in England. One cop was undercover for ten years. The same happens on this side of the pond.


  11. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    When I read all comments here I have the impression of a (r)evolution going on.
    The best comments ever written !
    I’ve much more hope now than I had some days ago. :).

  12. Tony DePhillips

    It’s just a knack I have. Of course my model session is poor….. :+)

  13. 24h. Take a deep breath, flush your mind and take a new look. Love it!


  14. This has turned into a wonderful thread, very very thetaful and enlightening.
    A thought came to me and it may be quite irrelevant – but OSA is
    very good at “divide and conquer”. (they may have had nothing do
    with this thread coming up – I don’t know.) But if they did they failed dismally.

  15. This has turned into an amazing wonderful thetaful thread. It just occured to me that OSA is very good at “dvide & conquer”. (I don’t know if they had anything to do with how this thread came to be originally).
    But if they did, they failed miserably.

  16. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    I see dozens of new names on this blog continually, and the things they say indicate they are seasoned Scientologists. That’s marvelous. Miscavige has people walking away from him at all levels all the time. He’s already taken himself down–shot his feet full of foot bullets. He’s done. There is always a physical universe communication lag so I expect to hear the thud of Miscavige hitting the ground any time now.

    • I wouldn’t hold your breath for that thud, IMHO David “Big Being” Miscavige still has his head in the clouds, held aloft of the vapours from fine Scotch no doubt. It would take something like Tom Cruise publicly decrying him and so far all signs are Tom still worships the ground Miscavige walks on.

  17. Thank you, Les, for not going into real estate.

    Two weeks ago I was with a dear friend of mine who had just completed an OT level at Flag. She was in tears. A heart-rending and deep-felt sadness had come over her. What on earth was wrong? How did it come to this?

    I had been reading up on what has happened to my religion. I was pretty well informed although not for that long. She had uninspected concerns and was wrestling with thoughts unfamiliar to her.

    She has dedicated 20 years to helping others with knowledge and skill she had gained from LRH. She supervised, she audited, she consulted, she gave talks, she listened, counselled, encouraged and helped and helped and helped.

    She felt many were part of her extended family of like-minded people. She felt part of a group.

    And then she spoke at length to me about her concerns. I showed her short extracts from Marty’s first book, Amy Scobee’s, Marc Headley’s, Jefferson Hawkin’s first book, Nancy Many’s, Marty’s blog, Steve’s sites, Dan Koon’s, Jim Logan’s and Lana’s comments and articles, I told her about Grasshopper and the Fagens, OT Buddhists, trolls and Impartial English dolls, LDW, Possible Helpful Advice and invasive testing surveillance with Mike Rinder’s insightful tolerance as a cap to it all; I told her about Ortega and Sweeney and Wright and wrong. This was an extensive chat.

    Her image of LRH, her respect and her love for the technology, her deep understanding of organizational principles seated in the factors, her high concept of ethics and her ever-present desire to assist others to do well, to get along, to care, all of this came crashing down around her.
    She saw the church for what it has become. She saw how the structure and policy and systems and covenants of ‘her’ group had been soiled and damaged and veritably trashed in some cases. Her beliefs were undermined. Was it all a scam? Who are these people in my group? Do I even have a real group? What of clearing? What about the planet at large? O-M-G!!

    To see all of this, to KNOW now that she can see this clearly, is not at all an easy thing. This is putting it mildly.

    Her entire drive and purpose and immense contributions up to that exact point were stopped and paused and it was so, so sad.

    She has since come to grips with this new reality.

    Marty: Your blog was a place to go to look and see and realign and re-evaluate and understand. It was a place to, heaven forbid, question even the role of LRH in all of this. Her friend and mentor, in fact.

    I see your current article and some of those leading up to it with all concomitant comments.

    I say it matters not. Ortega and you do not occupy the same universe.
    I say that if someone wants to quote the old man ad infinitum, I will read those quotes or not. If Jim says it is so and you say go, or something in return, or Steve says what is deeply felt by him and you take umbrage or not, it does not matter.

    The bigger impact and channel we have been able to share right here is a life-line for some and of a value with no monetary significance.

    The potpourri of varied purposes of commenters, the kaleidoscope of viewpoints, the clashing importances, the Bridge-no-more or the Bridge- we-will comments are all part of this fascinating tapestry. The thou-should-not-quote and the thou-don’t-quote-enough dichotomies are all still within the blog and not lines of dissent outside and destructive of the blog. Some have views after blogging for a very long time. Some of us are still in awe.

    There can be no fission because it is all part of the session. This is therapeutic.

    You help those in Italy, in Russia, in France (Frog and friends), in Taiwan and Australia, in South Africa, Mexico, Israel, and Canada, and of course in the US of A, to mention just some.

    My dear friend and I have a new sense of a group embodied in this blog. It is a promise of things getting better in the future. It gives hope. It gives help. It is contributed to by others with their activities and sites and insights.

    It has become more than a blog Marty. Some may say it is your blog so you can say what you like. True. But still, it is more than that. It has grown and extended and is seen by way more than who comment.

    I see in your writings you that honor this diversity (you opened this post or article with this very subject, and that says it all). I see that you respect my right to say what I have, and for this and this space, you have our respect and thanks.

  18. Refraised: Where are we now.

  19. Marty, not having any “back channels” I am, as usual, oblivious and clueless to these goings-on, so I am going back to re-read those threads.

    However, I have been reading your blog almost daily for at least 2-3 years now, and it has done me a world of good! It has increased my clarity and understanding ten-fold, of what happened, and it has validated my own understanding and expanded it besides.

    Theta rules, here, and it is due as much to the commenters as to your own posts, which are very good.

    So I can’t say enough good about your creation and maintenance of this blog. For me,it has been a genuine life-line towards MOUALH.

    Those who bring their personal conflicts to it, can go suck eggs as far as I’m concerned.

    As for people who post for awhile and then perhaps move on, or don’t post for awhile, or who then post infrequently, well that seems natural to me. I don’t doubt most of them got a lot from being here and they also contributed valuable comments when they were here. For me, this quote from St. Luke which incidentally LRH liked well enough to include in Creation of Human Ability, pretty much says it all:

    10:3 Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves.

    10:4 Carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes: and salute no man by the way.

    10:5 And into whatsoever house ye enter, first say, Peace be to this house.

    10:6 And if the son of peace be there, your peace shall rest upon it: if not, it shall turn to you again.

    10:7 And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the labourer is worthy
    of his hire. Go not from house to house.

    10:8 And into whatsoever city ye enter, and they receive you, eat such things as are set before you:

    10:9 And heal the sick that are therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.

    I trust they are now out there holding up and improving their corner of the universe, busy living life and contributing towards the overall goal we share, which is the facilitation of Optimum Survival of all dynamics.

    And in my view,you have done an awful lot to make this possible by maintaining this safe space here. I’m sure it has been no easy task, but you have done it, and so I say Thank You Marty.

    • Thanks. Not only did he include it, he acknowledged it as one of his sources for Scientology.

      • Thanks Marty. I did not know that, about Luke being a source for LRH. But I can see echoes of some basic concepts there, like Act One: 10:5 “And into whatsoever house ye enter, first say, Peace be to this house.”

  20. Marty,

    You pitched a big tentand invited any and all to partake in truth and free thinking. The majority of us are thankful for the candel of light you have provided on the road to truth and understanding. You have given us all a vehicle to “fill in the blanks” in our individual experiences, resulting in a helping hand to “Moving Up a Little Higher”. AND we get the benifit of learning from all those that contribute through the comments.

    I don’t agree with all of your posts and views – and I don’t think you would want that – but there is no question in my mind that you speak to the truth from your viewpoint and have the balls to lay it all out on the line.

    Thank you brother.


  21. Why don’t we all settle this like gentleman – Irish style ?

    We can have a massive sprawling brawl with a couple of EMT’s standing by and when we’ve all worked up a sweat and a collection of bruises, we can all shake hands and go make some pub owner rich ? :D

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  22. I think your greatest achievement Marty is that more people
    are practicing SCN without regard to the corporation. Most who post here and I’m sure most that lurk here have not been active
    before your arrival. And I’ve been monitoring such things for 12 years.

    LDW said:-
    ” I decided that ” We of the church believe that all men have inalienable rights to think freely to talk freely to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others” means what it says.”
    From the Creed, defined as fundamental belief.
    The quote is from: 520303 HCL 1 – Scientology – Milestone One. You also can
    find it in New R&D-Volume 9, p. 456
    > > “If you will just stay with me on this line, up to the first
    > milestone in Scientology, and bring yourself up to a high level of ability and apply yourself to that, you will be free – free from me and from scientology too.”
    Milestone 1 – LRH

    LRH said many conflicting things, but IMO the liberating ideas were predominant.

    Not sure if you wish to post the rest of my 2 cents. Not sure what the backchannel stuff is about, but some may be about OT 3 story. I also have said I thought it metaphor. On at least two anon interviews. But that dosn’t satisfy me completely. Then I was referred to PAB 12. Those who have done OT 3 will probably see
    the connection with OT 3, and PAB 12 was,back when it was written, stated to be the most powerful process. Its not confidential and is in all old and new red vols. For me this answers questions about this level.

  23. I must say i have not read all three hundred and six comments here on Marty’s blog, but I absolutely love Tony Ortega’s writing and blogsmanship ! No I am sure Tony has so MUCH more and better things to do than sabotage
    Marty’s blog….and BTW why would he ? Marty is one of the best “insiders” that Tony has access to, why would he blow that ? stupid gosip is stupid gosip !!

  24. Well, it sure looks like a Black PR Campaign and in handling such one never forwards the enemy line; thus one should keep exposing the crimes of the attacker/criminal and focus on flourishing and prospering that should include the standard delivery of Scientolgy as per LRH.

  25. Marty wrote: “That I am not a robotic, lock-step follower of Scientology has been made clear …”

    That is absolutely true. And that is frankly the only reason I visit and comment. This is the only way that what is useful in Scientology will survive with credibility. To follow the CoS, Inc. line is to alter-is and not-is so many fundamentals.

    To get to the truth, one must confront. The way out is the way through. As Marty has also pointed out, if you tell the truth, it becomes part of your past, but if you lie, it becomes part of your future.

    CoS, Inc. will be locked into lies, alter-is, and not-is as long as it refuses to see that LRH had some real flaws along with his good, that he had some things wrong as well as many things right, that LRH fibbed about or embellished certain things of his own past, that it is unethical to let one third dynamic group dominate individuals and all other dynamics, that it is wrong and criminal to use church funds for private inurement, that false imprisonment in an RPF is a crime, that striking others with no justification like self-defense is a crime of assault, that alter-ising stats and production is wrong, that it is horrendously wrong to use SP declares how they have been used — same with disconnection, that it is unconscionable to threaten to use confessional material to control or intimidate people, and on and on — this paragraph could go on for pages.

    As long as people are not free to talk, discuss, analyze, think critically, decide, and get to the heart of things, Scientology will be a cult. Once people can do those things, Scientology could be a profoundly effective applied spiritual philosophy, validated by solid research and more and more broadly accepted and used. My two cents.

    Marty has shown tremendous courage and leadership. So thank you Marty. Hold firm, as I know you will.

  26. This is a fascinating thread.
    I see that there are several factions that come here to Marty’s blog to “feed”.
    1. The true blue supporters of LRH and Scientology.
    2. People that like Scientology and are open to related subjects. Such as the Freezone, etc. or other things they see as workable tech.
    3. Other religious types such as Buddhists, Christians, and new age religious followers.
    4. Non Scientology types who are intersted in the discussions.
    5. People who want to be entertained.

    The idea that Marty can keep everyone happy is unreal. So I guess if he just says what he likes there will be an ebb and flow of people as some will like some of what he says some of the time, etc.

    I think when a certain group hears something that is out reality to them they get upset. As an example Marty, when you corrected my comment above asking where in all of your writings did you ever say you wanted to take down dm? That was kind of shocking to me.. I would wager to say that quite a number of people here would think that that is a goal of yours. If it isn’t then why do you post about dm and criticize him? Isn’t the logical conclusion from your activities that you are working to bring him down? I think that is a good thing. Maybe you don’t like the semantics of it…I don’t know, it just seems odd that you would say that.

    I don’t think you are trying to run a session here, but it reminds me of some LRH where when the process stops working or the pc is out of comm then you have to put the ruds in. This seems like the ruds session. I do admire you for the 3-d session that you are running. It does take a lot of free theta to do what you do. In a session, I don’t care if the auditor makes some mistakes as long they correct them and I am VGI’s at the end.

    You said above that you didn’t blow certain people off , that they did it themselves. I do think if you make it unsafe to originate people will drop out of comm. All this is just suggestions and comments. I am going to clear my plate while it is on topic.

    I also think that there is some confusion about what is the purpose of your blog. I think you will say , you have written tomes on the subject and maybe you have. But after you said that getting rid of dm isn’t what you are doing, I kind of feel like ;what are you doing?? If this is all just entertainment then ok, cool. I looked at what got me into Scientology in the first place and it was that it looked like it could put some order into an insane world. Then the world of Scientology became insane. Then I found your blog and the rest of the people who had a similar experience and it’s like WTF do we do now?? Some say “fuck it” some want to reestablish the church, some want this and that. It’s like a confusion with not much order being put into it. I think some people wanted you to be the guy to put order back in and are now realizing that’s not happening. It’s layers man, layers…
    I like being able to communicate here. Scientology was a big part of my life for over 30 years. Now, it’s over. It’s hard to reconcile all that in a couple of years. People have different solutions too:
    1. Forget about Scientology all together.
    2. Hate Scientology
    3. Meditate
    4. Read and just get over it.
    5. Some apply Scientology the way they see fit.
    It’s kind of crazy. I still like the analogy of an atomic bomb going off. Here the people of Scientology had this little world and all the rules and now KABOOOOM, it’s all vaporized and they are walking around like zombies wondering where their families are….Where to eat, where to sleep.

    I guess this is the end of my rant. This was cathartic for me, sorry if it seems over indulgent and disjointed.

    • Tony — one of the things I really like about you is your willingness to communicate and express yourself so honestly. I also respect your courage and strength of character to not give a shit about what anyone thinks of you (and that is not intended to imply that anyone thinks ill of you — I ONLY know people who consider you a great friend and opinion leader). You are not always agreeable and you are not always in agreement but you are always honest. And you maintain a sense of humor and don’t just blow off or blow up because there isnt unanimous agreement. Good to have your participation. You make many astute observations, even if I don’t always agree!

    • I suggest the following categories, and I fall into all three of them.

      6. People who are/were involved with Scientology (to greater or lesser degrees of involvement/adherence) who are trying to figure out what the hell happened! The iron curtain across communication in the Church creates a mystery — people disappear, are suddenly declared SP, books are canceled, the bridge is changed, policies shift for no apparent reason, inexplicable behavior, policy violations, Church procedures that seem to be incorrect, and so on.

      7. Curious people: People who are curious about what others actually think and have experienced in their journey into, in and out of Scientology.

      8. Truth seekers: people who are trying to sort through the morass of conflicting information about LRH, the tech, the policies, the Church, the history and so on.

      This blog delivers on these things in spades!

      Great big chunks of missing data, false data exposed, people show up who had disappeared, insider information available nowhere else, documents, testimonies, surveys — its a wealth of information that comes from multiple viewpoints. Its done me a world of good!

  27. While all this is all good and all. No one here has any ethics protection unless they are using their skills to better themselves and others. If you are an auditor, then audit people. I hope this blog doesn’t ever turn into an elitist club that forgets where we came from and where we are heading as a group. At the end of the day, the week, the year, it’s how many people did you help? Everything else is just water down stream. Thank you Marty for being here.

  28. Marty you are here and you communicate!!!! you have always been here for us and we say thank you!!!

  29. I’ll quote your question, and I’m not any longer a Scientologist of official or freezone or independent, but I’ll quote you, then give my views.

    “The thrust of the backchannels chatter is “Maybe the guy who coined (or as freezoners assert, re-coined) the term Independent Scientologist doesn’t qualify for membership.”

    “Your views?”

    My views are, that this seems shortsighted, and insufficiently open-minded of whoever’s criticising either and any of what I consider the splinter camps of official Scientology.

    If people use some of LRH’s ideas and his spiritual enlightenment auditing and even the Ron’s Org people doing what they consider as “tech” which Bill Robertson channeled from LRH for their upper upper OT levels, to me, and I think to outsiders who have to give opinions about what is Scientology, I’d call it all Scientology.

    The old 1950s “Aberee” magazine, is to me, a good comparison to ALL later splinter Scientologists.

    Good on everyone, on all ex official Scientologists, for whatever they say.

    I’m all for Grade 0 end phenomenon, Flow 3, with everyone being free to speak their opinions about everything, within reason.

    Anyways, for sure, Marty, you’ve helped a lot of people loosen up mentally, and the battling for position in the splinter Scientology community, even when it’s so obviously a tactic, or even if it’s just accidental, of OSA trolls, so what?

    To someone versed in Scientology, everyone talking and doing bits of Scentology, who feel the worth of those bits, are factually for those tiny sub moments somewhat in concert with Scientology.

    I guess to me, atheist ex Scientologist, bottom line is we are talking thinking human beings, and this is your blog, and as former big cheeze, your thoughts are very good to have in the public domain!!

    Thanks for continuing to be so public with your thoughts, and I’m happy as an ex member who very much likes and respects all who comment here, I very much appreciate being able to find here the ongoing opinions and thoughts of a large cast of the former official Scientologists.

    Thanks very much for doing whatever the hell you want!

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org, 1975-2003

  30. I am not an Independent Scientologist, I am not a Corporate Scientologist, I am a Jew who tried out Scientology in the 80s and 90s. Marty, I love your blog, keep up the good work :)

  31. “Maybe the guy who coined (or as freezoners assert, re-coined) the term Independent Scientologist doesn’t qualify for membership.”

    Surely the very idea of having a membership is group think? If you’re independent aren’t you free to define your own identity?

  32. Dear Marty,

    I really cannot add to the many brilliant comments said thus far, but I want to voice my support for YOU and YOUR BLOG.

    I am a blog hopper: I tend to frequent a blog or chat site intensely and then disappear. I have been intently focused on this blog for well over 6 months. For me (Ms. ADD, yep, that’s me!) that is a marathon! I love that you have attracted a convergence of die-hard Scientologists, ex-Scientologists, non-Scientologists and even anti-Scientologists who can all come here to learn from each other, interact with each other, and discover that we all share common values, a common humanity. We find that commonality even in the arguments that flare up now and then. We already know that Corporate Scientologists disdain anyone not in their fold. Ex/anti sites tend to group Indies and Corporates together as Kool-Aid drinkers, so any Scns or sympathizers are automatically chastised. So far as I know, your blog is the ONLY venue where all are welcome to interact as long as participants demonstrate tolerance and respect for one another.

    Tony O’s blog is my next favorite – I adore Tony, and I love that he openly respects and defends you and the Indie movement on humanitarian grounds, and still does not apologize for poking fun at Space Opera stories. Such stories are utterly irrelevant to the present-time expression of our basic humanity.

    Of course, many of us know that you and Tony O are the same person existing simultaneously……


    Seriously, I have loved getting to know you through your blog and your books, and I think of you as a friend and kindred soul. I hope very much to meet you and Mosey some day.

    OK, I’ve said what I needed to. Thank you for the opportunity to do so.

    Lotsa love,

  33. “Where there is more Standard Tech, The Field will naturally gravitate toward it.” –Sapere Aude (direct quote used with his permission)

    Go free, get TRUE Scientology Tech applied despite whatever others may think, and become an INDEPENDENT being.

  34. Marty you have done great work! I appreciate all you have done. DM is but a pawn in a much larger scheme. If DM is a dot then I suggest we need to connect the dots and see the whole picture. Ron touched on this in RJ 67 and briefly spoke of the cabal who controls this planet. Every day they have been covertly moving forward on their New World Order and Agenda 21. This affects us all everyday from GMO food to our constitutional rights being eradicated to chemtrails in the sky, etc. This covert suppression and oppression affects us all eveyrday and DM is a part of that operation. Jason Beghe’s interview in 2008 woke me up to SCN Inc and I am posting this to wake up any of you that have not connected these dots and focus on a dot DM. and not what really affects us all everyday.bthis is not talked about enough here and that is why

    • I am posting this here and now to return the favor as a wake up call. This info has to get out and fast. Some credible sources i’ve found are David Icke at davidicke.com and Alex Jones at infowars.com or prisonplanet.com. Awareness peceeds change and to move up higher we need to see who are the deeper soucrces to keeping us down. Also what you focus on expands or where attention flows energy goes and I am influencing focus and attention to go towards higher consciousness and freedom as well. If we focus on a single DOT which is DM and Scn Inc only, then all the other elements will continue to stay off the radar screen. I originally got involved with Scn to get out of the trap, this is an effort to help you to see this game with alot more dots connected.

  35. Chris from Germany

    Marty is a Kha-Khan! He even has been a Kha-Khan in his old days in the S.O. – despite some overt-acts he´d committed in the time of heaviest suppression. So, as Ron recommends in the Ethics-book, if I received any bad knowledge-report about Marty – for example by a nasty comment – I´d tear it to pieces with a yawn, or – when the KR is not on paper – put it aside, unread. And unimpressed.
    Martys Blog has not only helped me to get out of the church, it helped thousands to escape this SP-line and get the chance to establish a sane life with real Scientology. Could it be true that somebody has forgotten about that fact?
    To be an Independent Scientologist one needs to remain an independent, self-looking spirit, and to be a Scientologist – meaning, somebody who improves conditions. When a so-called Independent S. creates a worsening of conditions, then I wonder, if one can call him a Scientologist at all.
    To be an Independent means more than to leave the church and natter around. What was most amazing to me in Martys book “What is w..”, was that he wrote what he tried to bring about changes in DM. Only when he had tried all he could, he left. Marty showed his responsibility and his love, to even try to save and help his enemy out of his bad condition.
    Where are those Independents who also have that sort of responsibility? Those who natter around now – about Marty – have hardly ever understood what it means to be a Scientologist and what the two triangles in the symbol meant. They still have the chance to look it up and W/C.

  36. Marty, you have chosen a path where opposition like this was inevitable. From the beginning of my appearance on this blog, I have said that if you want to prevent a second Church of Scientology with all the bad traits of the first one, you have to question Hubbard and his policies. I am happy to see that you have been doing this. I saw you referencing Jefferson Hawkins’ post about thought stopping and other control mechanisms, and where he lays down that some of these mechanisms are part of the tech that Hubbard developed. I have seen you writing about how certain policies actually are destructive and should not be used.
    These are huge steps in my book, one that many anti-Scientologists do not appreciate sadly, but one that I personally respect you for enormously. And it is a hard step to take for people who were trained for many years to KNOW that Hubbard scripture is the truth, and only the truth.

    What it comes down to is that you are now facing the fire from dogmatists. But always keep in mind: these dogmatists are not free of the cult mindset. That’s why they can be easily manipulated by the Co$, even though, as we all know, the Co$ is violating policy all the time.

  37. Marty, honestly, I do not read your blog often, maybe every week or two, and when I do, there is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much there, I rarely have time to delve thoroughly into the comments. So, forgive me for being ignorant about what you are reporting … and relying on what Mike Rinder said above:

    “mrinder | January 10, 2013 at 1:58 pm | Reply

    This is one of the most cogent observations made on this blog.

    Among many rigid Scientologists, many of who call themselves indies, it seems if a question can’t be answered with a LRH quote then it shouldn’t be asked or if you can’t answer a question with an LRH quote then you don’t have the right answer.”

    All of you ‘smart people’ who think you are smarter than LRH, and could have done a better job of putting together the tech, or the admin policies … good luck to you! Really. No Independent Scientologist, or, for that matter ‘Church’ Scientologist has the slightest right to tell you what to do. You are fully and completely entitled to do whatever you want. It is your life and your future, and you, and only you, bear the sole responsibility for how it turns out. Marty is not your boss. Mike Rinder is not your boss. Certainly that little weasley weenie Miscavige is not your boss. Hell, even LRH is not your boss. You get to do whatever you want, and no one can stop you.

    If you do not like LRH processes, or feel you can/have developed better ones, then, by all means, use them. If you do not like what Marty says, then ignore him. If you feel that David Miscavige is about as life-affirming as a pit of vipers, then act accordingly. If you want someone to tell you what to do so that you can, at least in your own mind, escape immediate responsibility, then, by all means, return to the Church of Scientology and toe the line.

    LRH commanded people’s respect and allegiance, not because of his personal qualities, but because of the success of what he wrote (whether alone, or with the unacknowledged help of others) in handling certain phenomenae that affect, almost universally, all thetans who hang around this space.

    It was to be expected that, at some point, using LRH’s processes, many would be sooooooooooo rehabilitated in their own judgment and abilities, that they would begin to see LRH as the “Source” which he clearly stated that he was, and not as the God-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed as some (many) have come to revere him.

    I, for one, am not at the case level, or training level, where I believe I am capable of evaluating LRH’s processes so as to modify, alter or ignore them. So, I, for one, pretty much follow what LRH indicated. But, that does not mean that I feel like I can mandate that my fellows do the same.

    It’s your life. It’s your future. You are responsible for your successess or your failures. Take that portion of LRH that seems well to you, make agreements with others who have a similar point of view, and get on with it.

    Marty has done everyone an excellent and laudable service by providing us all with a forum for seeing that there are many sane beings who have figured out that David Miscavige is worse than Lucifer, and certainly has not got the slightest positive intention towards Scientology or mankind in general. For THAT service, alone, we should be grateful to Marty. This doesn’t mean he’s God, and it doesn’t mean he gets to tell everyone what to do. All he gets to do, which is what all of us get to do, is to say his peace, give his reasons and see who agrees with him. If you do, great. If you don’t, find your own path, and good luck to you.

    In any event, I thank Marty for preserving an open and transparent forum for the free expression of ideas.

  38. Three years ago, almost to the day, after reading for several months Marty’s still-new and (to me as a long-gone ex-Scientologist) mind-blowing blog, I called him on the phone. I said, “I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. But I want you to know I like very much what you’re doing.”

    We talked at least half an hour. We were both blunt and honest. At some point I asked, “Why are you doing this, burning up so much energy, making yourself such a target?” He told me his primary motivation was to help people who had left the cult and those who were still leaving to find some peace. He said a lot of people were very messed up, and they needed some help, some repair, some healing.

    I don’t think he meant that to be a secret between him and me. In fact, he’s been pretty clear about it here on his blog all this time.

    However, in the last 3 ½ years there’s been a lot of dub-in – here and on other blogs and message boards – in response to the question asked over and over again: “What’s Marty really doing? What’s his real game? What’s his real motivation?”

    We all love heroes. Some people are also hoping to find a strong king or a long-lost daddy. Not me. Personally, I like Marty just fine the way I found him three years ago – a plain-speaking, cigarette-smoking, hard-pacing, beer-drinking, electric-sliding guy who’s trying to find his way through this weird post-cult world we are all peeling our way out of. He’s sometimes tough, gentle, funny, or angry. But he’s always, consistently crazy about the love of his life, Mosey, who is surely the best thing that ever happened to him.

    Marty doesn’t need anybody (least of all me) to defend him. I don’t post here much anymore. But I wanted to say today that it would be a good idea to remember what Marty has actually said, not what any of us may have interpreted or dubbed in about what he has said.

    Marty and Mosey, God speed to you both. Catch the winds that feel right to you and tilt your wings in the direction you want to go. I expect you’ll change your direction every time you get curious to see what’s north, south, east, west, up or down.

    Life changes. People change. So let’s celebrate change. And have a beer and turn the music up and dance if we feel like it. Have a date night. Sleep in. Work hard. Love the one you’re with. Be kind and help each other. Hug your dog.

    Damn, it’s great not being in a cult and not having to struggle to reconcile shit that doesn’t make any sense!

    Just Me

  39. As a non scion please don’t go to war with each other. As free thinking peeps please drop all the vernacular except when necessary. It makes you all sound like the robots I think you are not and makes you seem more like those followers of DM than the individuals that you are…….so please don’t get lost. I am just an explorer and do enjoy reading and at times commenting. Please be free to be you, individual and independent Scientologist not warriors nor clones.

  40. Just saw this Blog. Since I do not follow many of the sites, this looks like a case of OSA trying to cause trouble covertly. For my book Marty is a voice of reason in a sea of BOTS. Marty’s book is very clear and he practices what he preaches. Nuff said.

  41. Marty, if you were never a high ranking official in the Church (as Pouw told LA Magazine) why do they spend millions to stalk you?

  42. Marty,
    I have come late to this post as I am still trying to catch up on recent ones.

    In my opinion, you EXEMPLIFY an independent Scientologist and have my deepest respect and gratitude. Many would have long-since thrown in the towel under a fraction of the abuses you have endured on our behalf. With courage, patience, dignity and, dare I say love?, you still soldier on. You still seek to inform, heal, embolden and inspire. Most admirably, you still share your insights, knowingly risking throwing pearls before swine. As the swine wallow, many more are moving on up.

    As for the “sine”, “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” -Leonard Cohen

    From my prospective, you have chosen to continue the process and are still getting great results.

    Again, thank you, Sir.
    Lee Carmon

  43. Marty, I very much appreciate this post. Especially this: “most importantly – remember that no matter what the question, the answer is ‘love.’ ”

    I have not read your books, which is why I never comment about them. It just seems that I am not part of your intended audience. So, it’s not my concern. Thus, I am so glad I got the chance to read this excerpt. The Chocolate Velvet is such a goofy romantic, and the love you and Monique share shines through your words so beautifully.

    You and she are truly blessed, to have that kind of love. It’s rare in this world, and hard to grow. Thanks for this, and the poems, and the philosophical musings. There seems to be a more personal tone in some of your posts, and I enjoy seeing more of Marty, the whole person. After all, the person is the product of the process, you might say. I think the best way to witness for what you believe is to live your life in fullness and express yourself openly so others can see and gauge for themselves. :)

  44. “Extremes are always aberrations to some extent, and sanity is somewhere in the middle – free to move. It could be compared to a meter needle that isn’t pressed to the left pin or the right pin, but floating in the middle.”

    I like this statement. At the moment of realization, truth is clear, like in auditing or finding a correct why, so in this sense it is extreme. However, when it comes to philosophic view of life at large, it is best to be free to move like the floating needle, as you say. Great metaphor.

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