L. Ron Hubbard by Tom Martiniano

Blogger note: Op Ed means ‘opposite of the editorial page’, where views are published whether they align with or collide with the editorial positions of a publication.  While it doesn’t technically mean the opinions stated are opposite of that of the publication in question, the page is often filled with such opposing views.  The essay below submitted by Tom Martiniano clearly is challenging the views I have been expressing on this blog for 4 years and in my book What Is Wrong With Scientology?   and probably is best characterized as an Op Ed. I happen to know it represents the views of at least a handful of others who are not so bold as Tom to express their positions despite my continuing invitations that they do so.  It is my hope that some of those folk muster the courage to pipe up here.   Tom and I have something in common – beyond Scientology – that makes me appreciate him and his views.  We have both been on the wrong end of a gun on more than one occasion and lived to express our views.  Nonetheless, I will likely soon post clarifying precisely where I part company with his viewpoints (attempting to succinctly sum up what I have been attempting to do here for 4 years).   In the meantime, I would love to hear your views. 

L Ron Hubbard

For four years now I have been an “Independent Scientologist”, a title borne of the blog “Moving up a Little Higher”, owned and penned almost every day by Marty Rathbun.

We’ve had a lot of talk about Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, seen peoples viewpoints on what happened to Scientology, who’s to blame and so forth.  I have also watched as people sit in judgment of L Ron Hubbard, second guess him and his actions, criticize the man and his products.

The name L Ron Hubbard has taken tremendous bashings over the last several years, especially recently and it is mainly and solely due to the actions of David Miscaviage and others like him who push LRH and Scientology over the abyss with their irresponsible and unpardonable actions with the body of technology that was entrusted to them to care for “Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only when there are “no results” or “bad results” KSW #1.

I want to say a few things about the man, the author, the Science Fiction Writer, the founder of the most controversial Church ever or whatever anyone wants to call him.  I am not going to be open minded and say “well, he has a viewpoint and he is right in some of the things he says”.  I think LRH deserves a standing ovation for all of his accomplishments in this lifetime.

L Ron Hubbard is the best friend that a person could ever want.  There have been hundreds of philosophers over the millennia who have introduced technology and doctrines for living and they all have been helpful to one degree or another.  But LRH has developed technology throughout the space of thirty short years that covers every aspect of life.  Some say that LRH is not the only technology that there is, nor is his philosophy there only one that works and that following his technology or values only is being blind or being robotic.  That’s fair and in theory it is a solid viewpoint, but in practice it is fatal.

LRH even said in one of the PDC tapes that he doubts that there is any original thought in this universe.  He’d be the first one to tell you that most of what he developed is from research into the world at large where he learned such things as the basic purpose of mankind’s existence is the urge to survive and from there he developed the entire body of the triumphant Dianetics, the world’s first successful foray into the real structure of the mind.  Successful technology has been lying around the planet for eons, all developed by aboriginal tribal witchdoctors, psychologists, clans or civilizations, waiting for someone to come along and codify it and put it to good use.  LRH found all of this knowledge and brought forth only the technology that was time tested and proven to be a high-rate-of-success application which made people better.   LRH was like a kid in a candy store finding and testing workable technology.  He would travel to far ends of the earth, find technology, research it for workability and in some cases adjust it so that it would work in most cases and then make it easy to us to use.  He even developed technology for us to be able to duplicate written material.  How’s that for a first-ever?  This is a lot of work for one man.

When you apply something that is so utterly simple and so remarkably effective as the “Contact Assist”, or “Touch Assist” or even the powerful “Locational Assist” realize a lot of time and development went into it and L Ron Hubbard worked a lot of late nights in order to bring this technology to you in an easily understandable form to make your life that much better.  And just as an aside here, we used the locational assist in New Orleans and Mississippi after hurricane Katrina on people who never heard of L Ron Hubbard and had people tell us that it saved their lives. We had thousands of such wins from folks in the Gulf area from the lowly locational assist. It worked like magic.

You see, LRH cared about you. He cared about all of us much more than we actually understood.  He didn’t invent Study Tech to make money. He made it so we could read and duplicate. That’s love.

Is his tech and philosophy the only tech out there? No, not by any means. Is the way it is codified and presented to lay men the only usable tech out there? Yes.  LRH introduced us to “The Wall of Fire” and then taped the route through it for all of us to see.  All we had to do was walk the taped line.

But this is way too simple and a lot of people have to add their own viewpoints to the chalked path and wreck the path. LRH Says in HCOPL 14 February 1965 SAFEGUARDING TECHNOLOGY

“It has taken me a third of a century in this lifetime to tape this route out.

“It has been proven that efforts by man to find different routes came to nothing. It is also a clear fact that that the route called Scientology does lead out of the labyrinth. Therefore it is a workable system, a route that can be travelled.”

“Scientology is a workable system. It has the route taped. The search is done. Now the route only needs to be walked.”

Independent Scientologists are Scientologists that are independent from the Church of Scientology.  The Church is errant and has been turning good, workable Scientology technology into unworkable technology to free people and turned it into workable technology to entrap.

There have been a lot of recent books, writings and talk about L Ron Hubbard and the end result of all of this talk and writings, rantings and foam of the mouth is an attempt to make LRH less of a successful philosopher.  Most Scientologists are taking the bashing right alongside of LRH and feel the pain.

Realize that ANY attempt to write against L Ron Hubbard is an attempt to destroy that which frees mankind from their traps.

Is Scientology the only route out? Yes. It is the only applied philosophy that has the OT Sections (which were removed from the bridge by David Miscaviage).

Should someone follow L Ron Hubbard blindly? I would say so because to me it would be better than stumbling around blindly for the rest of your existence.  LRH is the smartest person I have ever met. He is also the most caring person I have ever met. He cares about us more than any other person on this planet, even more than Tom Cruise does (joke).  The tech volumes, the miles and miles of taped recordings, the green volumes were written by LRH for YOU to use.

Yes, you can read the Tao or read Buddha and so forth, but you would have to sort a lot of wheat from a lot of chaff to get to Nirvana.  LRH already sifted and worked it all out for us to use.

This posting is written for Scientologists, those who sat down and did TR-0 and had their lives changed for the absolute better, or those who experienced going exterior for the first time, or those who went whole-track on a touch assist and the other hundreds of ways one could have a major stable win applying the fantastic tech by LRH.

Get back on the taped route and find your way out of this mess. Find a good Indy auditor and go up the bridge.  LRH said to build orgs. Then by God build orgs. LRH said to manage orgs, then we manage and we fix management and what went wrong with it the first time. Do it the way LRH says to do it and it will be right. Just because it went wrong the first time was not LRH’s fault. It is right out of KSW #1 “What Did You Really Do?”  We screwed it up. So we set it right, not cancel it because we screwed it. It’s exactly the same thing as saying “Well, I tried process X and it didn’t work, so toss it out.” Come one, wake up. KSW was at the start of every course and checksheet you ever did and that is because LRH ordered it. He saw this coming.

So come on. Let’s get this show back on the road.


Tom Martiniano


303 responses to “L. Ron Hubbard by Tom Martiniano

  1. Very well written Tom. Scientology IS the only rout to true spiritual freedom. And we are the one’s responsible for getting the show back on the road once again. And we are doing it!

    • Heavy sigh. Just when I think I’m starting to see some sanity in current and previous Scientologists, you throw that out there. How can you justify that Scientology is the only way out? You don’t even know what out is. Has anyone made it out? You’d have to demonstrate that at least one person has made it out and don’t use LRH as an example because if he made it out, I want to stay in. I certainly don’t want to follow the example of his final years and exit from this lifetime. Seems like the ‘tech’ didn’t do him much good.

  2. I like that!

  3. One of my realizations after leaving the C of S was that trying to operate from the viewpoint of LRH was putting me as a being in Treason. I am a powerful being in my own right and hope that I never again invalidate my own viewpoint and source. LRH did some wonderful things and I consider him to be a friend, but if I do not make my own decision based on my own view and understanding, I am not free. In my opinion, this idea that Ron knows best and should be followed blindly, that we should abdicate responsibility because he has it all figured out, is dangerous beyond words. This is what allows good people to do rotten things.

    • I think, you are right. Once a system of viewing things is used as a “solution” that relieves one of his responsibility to deal with the matters life presents one does not get understanding, but can become some kind of fanatic. People defend their “solutions” and it can be hard to get them to look at facts when they fear the danger that solution holds in check could be turned lose again. To choose to take beingness, confront and inspection is certainly a good answer to the issue.

  4. Interesting fact: the word “blindly” seems to have hit a cord. It appears 88 times on this thread. (89 including this post. :) )

    • Love should not be blind.~ Annonymous wise man.

      When love is blind, you can find your life on the rocks. ~ Annoymous philosopher.

      • And it’s much easier to follow blindly because then you move the responsibilitiy over to the person you follow and not think for yourself anymore and evaluate what that person says or does. In order to be able to evaluate you have to understand. I saw a lot, lot people (me included for a period of time) who dumped ther own knowledge and responsibility level in front of the door and stepped into Rons universe. That does not work. It is against the basic triangles and the result is fanaticsm, extremism and what you see the “church” is now.

        • Here’s my picture: Everywhere I go, I take Ron along with me, riding on my shoulder. With each step, I make sure that he is happy with me and I am doing just what he would do. When I get into trouble, I realize that I must not have been paying attention or have misunderstood him. I beat myself up, a little (or a lot), and vow to do better. I settle Ron more firmly on my shoulder because, even though he is very heavy, I know I would be completely lost without him.

        • I have been there too and got the T-shirt.

  5. Tom, I liked your post and generally agree with your unwavering attitude toward LRH and what he stood for and what he wrote and stated. I don’t agree with everything LRH said – some of his opinions on certain topics… BIG DEAL! WHO CARES! WHATEVER! (he would usually state these opinions as “his opinion” But after applying THE TECH he developed and seeing IT WORK to better conditions and address problems I’ve applied it to in my life (all dynamics), you get to a point of a high level of trust. I have never “blindly trusted anyone” but I have seen too many people not be able to trust anyone and of course, mostly, they also can’t trust themselves.
    In 1968, in The Auditor No. 36, What It Means to Be a Scientologist, LRH said:
    “Now you realize that, today, the bulk of the human race is walking around with the belief that there is something wrong somewhere, but they don’t quite know what it is. The hideous thing is that people at large are not aware of a very interesting thing – that anything at all can be done about anybody.
    The cop who gives you a ticket takes it in his normal stride that this is just the way it is. The hospital attendants who pick the remains out of the drunken driving wreck, the very best thought in various professions that should have to do with this, are all agreed that there is nothing you can do about it…”
    “One of the great truths of Scientology is that increased awareness is the only factor which offers any road out. That is an awfully simple truth, but you’ll find out that people don’t know that. They think that less awareness is the road out – and that is the road down into the basement…”
    “There is a battle which is going on in the world at this time and that should be understood. There is no good in the world that is not fought by some. The holiest saint, the purest knight, the most orderly group alike have been subjected to attacks since man’s beginning. And Scientology is no exception. The turbulence of the society around us is fantastic. There is no just civil law left, really. It is that lawless and disorderly condition in the society about us which makes it hard for us to work.”
    “We live in a civilization where some madman can sit in a government chair telling everybody how bad it all is over there and so forth, then all of a sudden get 30 million people killed, as one fellow named Hitler did. This is an interesting civilization and that is because people don’t know who they are, or what they are, or where they are going or what they are doing.
    “What happens to Scientology and Scientologists in a world of this character? Well, our basic attitude toward the world at large will have to be more and more an auditor’s attitude if we are going to accomplish survival. (Auditor: A listener, or one who listens carefully to what people have to say. An auditor is a person trained and qualified in applying Scientology processes to others for their betterment.) It might be said that we are starting from nearly nowhere and trying to go somewhere. However, we have the tools to do this.”
    “We have the whole world to handle now.”
    “Yes, there is a hope. We are rich in knowing how to exactly handle such circumstances or conditions. Nobody knew before. That is factually true here on Earth. You will find yourself being more and more an auditor as time goes on.”
    “This is a pretty daffy planet in a rather strenuous universe. When you start to introduce order into anything, disorder shows up and blows off. Therefore, efforts to bring order in the society or any part of it will be productive of disorder for a while. The more free people we have, the better we can control the confusion of an area. A group is as capable as it contains capable individual members. The more people who are trained, the more successful we will be.”
    “We are the only group on Earth that does have a workable solution. It’s time we realized it and used it, every one of us. We must set a high example of teamwork and dedication if we are to bring it off.”
    “Scientology can and does change human behavior for the better. It puts the individual under the control of himself – where he belongs. It is a science of life and it works. It handles the basic rules of life and it brings order into chaos. So let’s grow up to our own technology and take responsibility for it. And do our jobs as Scientologists to the world.”

  6. I agree wholeheartedly about how LRH adds up historically speaking. I have come to think of him as a flawed and sometimes evil genius but he was definitely a genius and definitely a man to be accorded great respect despite his flaws The application of his auditing techniques alone would indeed be a great advancement for mankind unlike has ever been seen before in human history.

  7. Tom, how do you respond to the incontrovertible exposures of Hubbard’s lying?

    What he said about his university career, his military career etc and many other things have all been proven to contain lie after lie.

    Do you simply deny these? Or do you accept them but still follow his teachings? And if so how do you square the circle that is the question ‘if he lied about so much else how much did he lie about the technology?’

    I have absolutely no issue with a persons religious freedoms, they should be protected, and no issue with independent scientologist but I have often wondered how the continued revelations of so so many of Hubbard’s lies impacts a Scientologist’s beliefs or strength of beliefs!

    • Is there too much truth in this question for you to confront? Could any of the independent Scientologists please show that you are different from Scientology Inc and are able to engage in critical open discussion about LRH with non Scientologists?

      Could you please address the clear issue of the number of proven lies in the rest of LRH and how this relates to your strength of faith or conviction of beliefs in all that he said and wrote regarding his research and the tech and his claims of study etc?

  8. Tom, thank you. I never knew L. Ron Hubbard and never even knew anything about Dianetics or Scientology until after his death. But just one 3-hour Dianetics session completely changed my life. And you are so right about the effects of Assists of any kind. So, I don’t really know who he really was, but I know that the procedures he came up with work, and that is enough for me.

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