The Road I Must Travel

L. Ron Hubbard was a great observer and describer of phenomena.  He once noted that the universe abhors a vacuum.   He also noted that when confronted with a vacuum of data, people tend to invent data to fill it.

I have intentionally not shared a lot of personal information over the past several months; and I don’t intend to start regularly doing so in the near future.  However, I have observed that Ron’s description of the information vacuum has apparently created a field day for those intent on reading tea leaves and those who harbor intentions inimical to my own.   And that has apparently upset some folks.  So, I am going to attempt to fill in the vacuum in the hopes it might set some people at ease.

Monique and I worked hard throughout 2011 to create some time for me to write some books that I believe will help Scientologists and former Scientologists heal and move on up a little higher with their lives.   Things did not go as planned.  2012 presented some issues that I thought, right or wrong, deserved my attention.

We wound up spending the bulk of the year assisting with battles (Battle of San Antonio, mop up of Headley affair,  expose of the Pat Broeker affair, etc.).   We with forethought entered them and exited them without a single penny in compensation; not even for the not insubstantial personal costs involved.   Fundraising for them diverted much of our income for the year.  This was the case much to the frustration of Debbie, Wayne, Marc, Claire, and others who demanded I be compensated.   We did not do so because the road I feel I must travel requires absolute independence of thought and obligation.  The pursuit of truth can, and has through history – including with Scientology- , been compromised by financial considerations.

We decided to move at the end of the year and Monique decided to go back to work in the health care field for two reasons.  First, it was necessary in order to obtain the type of premises that would afford us our life back from an intelligence apparatus the likes of which have been unknown to the world since the infamous East German STASI.  Second, it was necessary to afford me the time and space to get done the books I am in progress on.  Monique knows what I have to say – and what I have been trying to find the time to complete in the full context I have always asserted it deserves in books form.   She felt it so important to be said that she gave up – temporarily – the joy and fulfillment of auditing in order to make it happen.  We also forfeited our only assets, $35,000 in equity from a lease/purchase option, in order to effectuate this change.

Thanks to great research and planning on our part, we are moving forward on our plans while also rebuilding our lives from the intrusion.  It is not that the STASI (OSA, Scientology Inc.’s Office of Special Affairs) has gone away.  It is that they are buffered.   Thanks to the good people in our community, and the rather ethical and uncorrupted law enforcement agencies in our vicinity, we know more about their rather extensive and expensive surveillance operation than it can divine about us.   Their absurd black PR campaign being run directly at virtually everyone we have known or met (including everyone who has visited us and all of Monique’s family) is indication of the level of frustration of not having 24/7 access to our every movement.  It also doesn’t hurt having Sugar Ray Jeffrey as a neighbor and friend – the only man in history who has kicked Scientology Inc.’s ass two times in one year and who is fully motivated and prepared to do so again if they get too adventrous.

As far as what I have to say in my books, I am previewing some of it on the blog of late – but those are simply snippets.   I will say the following.   I believe I will demonstrate that perhaps the most powerfully destructive fault with Scientology is its promise and authoritative insistence that only it, to the explicit and must-be-agreed-upon exclusion of examination of any other data or technology, with scientific precision delivers ultimate truth.   Understanding that, in my view, opens one to potential heights that Scientologists wind up insisting they have achieved, but in reality are not even aware of.

Where ultimately does that go?   I don’t purport to know.  I do believe, though, that the moment one is certain he has arrived, he in fact has died spiritually.

To borrow a line from Tom Morello, ‘the road I must travel, its end I cannot see.’

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  1. You are both very much appreciated. Everything you do and talk about is very interesting and appreciated by thinking men and women – and especially auditors!!!

    Gosh, it even manages to sometimes wake the dead and the sleeping, out of their brainwashed coma, if I direct them to your Blog or your books.

    THANK YOU!!!!


  2. I like the title “The Road I Must Travel.” I have often had this feeling that I was on a road that I had to travel, whether it was always rosy or not. I know what it feels like to help other people out of your good heart, and to be left holding the bag, and having to pay the bills. A bitter sweet feeling I’ve been there.

    It’s all to your honor when you say: :The road I travel requires absolute independence of thought and obligation.” This kind of stance is rare these days, and yet that what it takes to establish a foundation of clarity in one’s life. As you say, the pursuit of truth has often been compromised by financial considerations, and often is. IT is so refreshing to see someone who sees this and takes the higher road.

    I look forward to reading more and longer of these “snippets” of your book, that you talk about. With the kind of foundation of honesty that you are trying to establish, I am sure that the book will pay off, in terms of exuding sincerity and integrity.

    Maybe the most interesting part in your post is about your intent to demonstrate that Scientology is not the only one delivering the truth. I am really curious to read about this. My experience has always been, as I have posted before, that the truth comes in many forms, shapes and flavors, and flows from many sources. It is a person’s depth and inner thirst that enables a source of truth to be a source of truth. Of course all of those that claim to have the truth do not have much of it to share. But there are so many enlightened paths out there, so many people who live a light full of light and love. I see for me my first obligation is to be this “it” that you talk about. To be in that space. Not just on week ends, but all the time. Each breath is a blessing. Consciousness is given to me to be aware of that, to appreciate. Appreciation is such a gift. To be able to appreciate life. How dreary would life be if appreciation did not exist…

    Your last sentence: “The road I must travel, its end I cannot see”, I can relate, and I like it. It reminds me of Voltaire, who once wrote; “It takes a very ignorant person to have an answer to all the questions.” In a world filled with fake knowledge, there is nobility in not acknowledging that one does not know.
    Thank you for having the honesty to say that.

  3. It was François Rabelais who first observed and wrote, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” He lived in the 15th century. (1494-1553).


    Also, noting my personal experience, I never allowed Scientology to limit my study of anything. On the contrary, in his body of work L. Ron Hubbard makes many references and credits to scholars, thinkers, physicists, theologians, which is fertile material for horizontal study.

    • He did direct people to outside sources, as in Adelle Davis and Les Dane.

      I do not know of any knowledge source Hubbard ever censored in his scriptures. He may have stated his own opinions, but I can’t think of any place he ran a “can’t have” on knowledge and information in the red on white. Or even the Green on White.

      Speaking of Can’t Have’s, “Can’t have the truth, and can’t have correct information” is Corp Scientology’s exchange with the world at this time.

      Every time they plant a lie , they are putting forth a wrong item and a wrong indication on the comm lines of the world. This actually fucks people up to be given wrong items and wrong indications. They have been taught this yet they do it with enthusiasm.

      People who publish false information actually give the reader a wrong item and a wrong indication. When you get groups or forums thick with this stuff, they actually destroy one another’s sanity with it. Publishing false information also falls under putting forward a false image. When you get people buying into a false image, you have given them a wrong item.

      People think when your “friend” suddenly becomes an “enemy”, that is a tragedy. Nope. You have just been given the RIGHT item. You were thinking with a wrong item. Some people prefer to live with wrong items. It is NEVER healthy.

      When you find an auditor publishing false information , giving people wrong items, that is big red flag. When you see an M.A.A. or a justice committee publishing false information (that is standard in the Church), you see that source putting wrong items and wrong indications on the entire group.

      The truth does set you free because it clears the wrong items and wrong indications off your plate. Charge blows when you find the right items. Justice is fine when right items are given. When wrong items are given through “justice” it fucks up every bodies case whether it is out of session or not. Just read the policies on wrong items and wrong indications.

      Frankly, anyone working as a volunteer does not fall into any avenue of justice. The help is voluntary not OWED. If someone thinks it is OWED they think Indentured slavery is copacetic.

      Keeping that in mind, Marty’s efforts with his blog are voluntary. He does not OWE his thoughts, mind, direction or services.

  4. Marty,
    “I believe I will demonstrate that perhaps the most powerfully destructive fault with Scientology is its promise and authoritative insistence that only it, to the explicit and must-be-agreed-upon exclusion of examination of any other data or technology, with scientific precision delivers ultimate truth.”

    Scientology as such does not say anything, LRH does, and I don’t see him saying the above. A lot of interpreters say things, you, me and everyone else. For an interpreter I’d rather read you than many others, so I’m glad you are planning to write even more and will read it with great interest, but ultimately, I prefer to get it straight from the horse’s mouth.
    Marcel Wenger

    ‘The road I must travel, its end I cannot see.” !!!!

  5. Marty,

    Everyone has their own road to travel. Many, perhaps most, are not aware in present time that they are traveling it or what their road is.
    You have gotten many to take a look. Well done and keep moving forward.

    I once had a simple cog and printed it out and taped it to the back of my office door. The sign is still there. “Enjoy the Trip” is all it says.


  6. BRAVO! This blog has been a place of revelation and healing. But some of its followers still find it more exciting to thrive, like sharks on chum, on the drama, rather fhan embracing ‘the moving on up a little higher’. Which truth be told is the reason we all started the spiritual journey.

    KUDOS to you and Mosey for fully embracing your own philosophy. Keep walking your talk.

  7. Marty said
    First, it was necessary in order to obtain the type of premises that would afford us our life back from an intelligence apparatus the likes of which have been unknown to the world since the infamous East German STASI.
    At the time of the big purge of the Guardian’s Office being taken out, announcements were made about the Church was going to clean up its act. The days of Dirty tricks and Fair Game were over ! Past tense ! Shocking criminal acts such as breaking in to Government offices were done by these “GO Crims”.
    (Criminals) The Church actually declared a “New Renaissance.”
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~~ the Church of never-never land of Fantasy and LIES.
    Many GO “crims” are alive and well and all over the place.
    Many like Henning Heldt and Tom Reitze have gone up to the OT VIII….
    Ken Moxon, David Miscavige go-to guy lawyer that seems to be *everywhere* is a Government un-indicted co-conspirator.
    The commanding officer of OSA INT Linda Hamel was a Guardian’s office Programs Ops who actually “ran” Snow White, the Government program of criminal activity of breaking and entering and accessing Government files.
    Linda Hamel has been the CO of OSA INT for at least 15 years and is a DM pet, well protected from so it seems from SP hole and the RPF.
    Kurt Weiland, former CO OSA INT received Chinese water torture in SP hole til he went into hypothermia and lips went blue but dear Linda Hamel seems cosy and safe.
    A new Renaissance indeed ! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Ray Jeffrey is a National Treasure !
    He reminds me of the Shakespeare quote “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have GREATNESS THRUST UPON THEM !’ High Fives Ray Jeffrey (and dear Mike Laws.)

    • Karen, thank you for connecting some of the dots!

    • “Many GO “crims” are alive and well and all over the place.”

      And new ones are being groomed. What a mess!

      Thank you Karen for all that YOU do. For the investments you have made into this planet and the people that walk upon it.

    • I was informed although Marty would know more ~~
      Part of the IRS closing agreements was that the GO “Criminals” had been fired and “let go.”
      Scientology INC resident Pit Bull Ken Moxon, un-indicted co-conspiriter is a current Miscavige go-to-guy.
      IRS closing agreement (not sure if this was the Final Final version or one very close to the Final) was leaked to the Wall Street Journal…
      Here’s a copy

  8. Marty,

    IMHO your power and/or importance is as a whistle blower and former insider. All this dissecting of Scientology philosophy and technology is wasted energy, tedious and boring to all but a very small audience. My unsolicited advice is to get back to your whistle blowing roots. Jenna did so in her own way. Her book is one of the top current Kindle downloads. It’s time for a tell-all insiders account. Time, Place, Form & Event. The general public needs the info. Leave it all on the field, my man.

    • Kevin, Marty doesn’t really need advice in my opinion. If he can get some breathing room to get his book done, I imagine it will have all the whistle blowing anyone could ask for, along with much else. The Paypal button is there to help him get that breathing room.

      I for one very much appreciate what he has been doing, and I think his recent posts will help many to escape the thought constraints instilled by the C of S. I know they have helped me.

      • Perhaps I did not make my point very well. Let me clarify: IMHO basic Scientology philosophy (ARC, KRC, The Tone Scale, Thetan-Body-Mind, 2WC, etc.) is quite powerful and very easy to understand. It needs no explaining or dissecting. It could probably all be gotten down in a very few pages. The balance of what LRH wrote was on the technical procedures having to do with how to audit and run a 3D. One only really understands these procedures by doing them over and over again. My opinion is that to the degree Marty concentrates on “opining” on the tech his audience will get smaller and smaller as there simply aren’t that many people interested. I believe his efforts would be better concentrated on the general public. There probably isn’t much Marty hasn’t already written or spoken about in terms of what he knows as an insider however a cohesive narrative in book form would be valuable to have for the general public. One may or may not agree with what Lawrence Wright wrote but the book was well written with a strong narrative. Ditto for Reitman’s book. With a good editor or co-writer, Marty could hopefully create a page tuner as strong as, say the Steve Jobs bio ( a must read). I guess my bottom line is this: Marty, please turn your attention to the general public. The time is right and very few other people have seen what you have seen. As Lawrence Wright found his donkey to pin a tail on. Your turn.

        • Exactly Kevin.

        • Kevin Tighe
          IMHO your power and/or importance is as a whistle blower and former insider. All this dissecting of Scientology philosophy and technology is wasted energy, tedious and boring to all but a very small audience. My unsolicited advice is to get back to your whistle blowing roots. …


          I agree Kevin, have even said as much amongst friends.


          We love Marty and Mosey for a lot of reasons, most of us never have even met, and likely mostly for how much they have helped all of us generously to disconnect from the insanity of it all, and if that alone – is not a small point.

          I myself am certainly in that group.

          If, IF, IF, Marty and Mosey want to move on, then I say we let them. I don’t know, but it is far from my call their life.

          In the end, I would remind Marty knows the Tech itself works as well as most any of us know.

  9. Kevin,
    Or you can reread Dianetics 55, and find out that all entrapment is primarily of thought.

  10. Marty when you say: “ I believe I will demonstrate that perhaps the most powerfully destructive fault with Scientology is its promise and authoritative insistence that only it, to the explicit and must-be-agreed-upon exclusion of examination of any other data or technology, with scientific precision delivers ultimate truth.” You tackle a very fascinating challenge, but also a very difficult one. challenging task.

    How can one “demonstrate” that a religion has or does not have an exclusivity on a truth since, by definition, any demonstration proceeds through inductive/deductive logic and since the essence of religious experience is outside those realms? My own experience is that truth can only be experienced, not demonstrated. But maybe you have something up your sleeve that I’m not aware of.

    What I’ve seen is that some people/paths/movements claim to have truth. They or may not have it. Some followers will believe them, and some will not. Ultimately, the only way to find out whether the claim is true is by practicing whatever practices these people claim leads to truth, in all earnest, with the proper discipline and an earnest heart.

    Where it gets tricky in my experience is that the same path may lead one person to what they see as truth and another person to what they see as hype, or nothing much.

    Such is the nature of the journey toward the self… there are few external markers, few objective assessments, and few pieces of advice that are reliable. Each of us is a traveler on a solitary journey. My own view is that life is very short, and very precious. We have a finite number of breaths that we will take before it’s over. The best way to spend these breaths is in progressing along our path to truth. Whatever time I spent narrowing the distance between this experience of truth and where I am at, is a breath gained, a day that was worth living.

    There is a lot of injustice in this world. A lot of stuff that is promised that may not be so. The challenge, the dilemma, is how much time do I spend on this, versus how much time do I spend moving forward on my own journey toward enlightenment? When I was a child, I hear this arab proverb: “Dogs bark, the caravan passes” Something in me resonated. I identified with the caravan, I knew I was on a journey. I did not want to belong with the dogs, but I wanted to be one of the travelers focused on the destination.
    Such a journey of short and so precious.. and so trivially lived, most of the time..

    Thank you for the inspiring post.

  11. Marty your post made me think of this little poem by Spanish poet Antonio Machado (my own imperfect translation)

    Traveler, all there is on the road are your footprints
    and nothing more;
    On the ground where you walk, there is no path
    The path, you create it as you walk
    By walking, you create the path
    When you look back, you see a path that you will never have to walk again
    Traveler, there is no path,
    Except to one day wake up by the ocean

    • Thank you! That is beautiful!

    • Paul, I haven’t posted this in a while.I think it’s time to post it again for Marty, Mosey, their critters, and y’all here. Your poem called to mind Verse 11;

      “To tell you to sing
      is silly,
      you have never stopped
      To tell you something you
      don’t already know is hard
      for in your giant laughter
      strides open
      and the road you carry
      you lay before you.”

      This is something from the 1970s, from the Golden Horses: Poetry for a New Civilization book, which is a collection of poems by Scientologists from the 1960s and early 1970s. This is by Russell Salamon.


      Fire song bright day
      free and young the sky.
      I have been laughing in wind
      speaking from the sea.
      Flight of immortal dawn
      breaks from my eyes.

      Liquid immortal music of am
      happy carrying the sun
      in my tossing hands the sea
      urns of unchanneled
      mirth I spill and there is
      a song of bright day, life.

      Taking time from leaf,
      I know it is here.
      Breathing space from a flower,
      it’s perfume shocks me into
      lightning and I roar
      like the endlessmost ocean
      a song of life.

      It is here in the palm of my
      laughing. I carry the
      universe in my own looking
      and from the desire to be here
      I make it bright and free.

      Time comes from a laugh
      and when I have killed you
      or you have wronged me,
      it comes from a laugh
      we share over the long drink
      of universe, an aside
      in the home-bar where we drink
      lightning and call it sunlight
      and seeing sunlight we call it

      Mirth dances wild,
      show me your laugh and
      I’ll show you mine.

      Treasures of being shape
      the round cup of galaxy,
      I have been here often.
      I see you singing trees and
      water. I see you living
      down your reputation
      on the corner begging.
      Immortal universe maker,
      it is a good imitation of
      defeat and so real that it is
      and it pains me and I do not
      wish to join you
      and I will not join you.

      I would rather make simpler
      things like universes
      where we can laugh and not
      lose ourselves in the joy of

      Liquid immortal music of am
      burning bright the
      round cups of leaves
      to carry the stored sun
      to bring heavy gifts of thunder,
      stone, to oil the liquid sea
      with blood of torn sun,

      where we have stood divided
      for so long
      that to carry my love to you
      I have to build immortal bridges
      to speak my song to you
      and hope that the unwashed
      will peel from your ears.

      Decayed time, it is no longer
      water, creeps in stumbling
      armies off to war. Solid laughter.
      And to solve my love for you
      I have sent warring hordes
      to tell you, you are my friend.

      And it is a heavy thunder
      I burn for you
      to tell you you are mine
      and I will not harm you
      I do not wish to harm you,
      and I will kill you
      if you don’t believe it.

      Bring me liquid of your music
      and I will breathe you,
      for I need you.
      Without you this joy is not
      a game and without you
      I cannot carry the song I build.
      Without your eyes to laugh
      a sky
      I cannot carry the sun song
      nor the bright earth
      nor the languid or sanguine
      war and love bring.

      Without you to see with
      I have no eyes,
      no ears to touch you.

      For we have been lost
      torn apart
      by gnashing thunder and
      broken heart’s beat
      in the crushing green song
      of a gone universe.

      Each heart beat singes
      suppressed in
      the ravaged skeleton,
      gnats feasting on boulders,
      yet a defiant dawn lurches
      forward, at great expense
      we are singing.

      We who are feasting
      at our own celebration
      can hear the roar
      of the lost green thunder.
      Giant laughter
      on the abyss carries a
      wave of sun.
      Liquid immortal music of am
      moistens the roots of

      From our own song is
      weaved life
      and I can hear you

      Carry your heart in the
      liquid heat.
      I can bring you to the
      verge of song
      and there spill lightning
      of your own freedom
      whose dawn only you carry.

      And is not he who sings,
      And is not the place of
      salvation, you?
      And are you not beautiful
      and alive,
      are you not my friend?

      To tell you to sing
      is silly,
      you have never stopped
      To tell you something you
      don’t already know is hard
      for in your giant laughter
      strides open
      and the road you carry
      you lay before you.

      From your laughter
      you sow seas and life
      and as you sow so shall you

      Carry the dawn, carry
      the hill-free dawn of am.
      Carry the sunlight
      singing rain and rivers.
      Roaring black rocks
      liquify. It is their
      stored laughter to be

      And in freedom burning
      build a city that carries
      from stone to dreams.
      And there a city
      home beyond rain
      liquid immortal song of freedom
      and the day is bright.

      by Russell Salamon. Published in 1976.

  12. Marty, I have respect for you and Mosey trying your best to live by your principals. You are both people who are working to make the world a better place and helping your fellow man the best way you can – there is no more that can be asked. If only 20% of the human population dedicated themselves to living that way – it would be a changed world.

    I remember an article about you appearing in Texas Monthly, I thought about that when I read this deeply troubling and important article today in the magazine:

    I hope everyone can read the above story about a very mentally ill man on death row – a man so psychotic he has gouged out and ate his own eyes. A man Texas has judged “fit to stand trial” and sane enough to be executed. Our society comfortable being this man’s executioner! I wonder if the tragic events that led up to his imprisonment would have ever even happened if there weren’t more compassion and better priorities in this world. None of it had to happen, We let it happen because we lack compassion and a dedication to helping our fellow man who need it the most.

    Society is judged on how we treat the weakest and neediest members, and America is doing a piss poor job at the moment.

  13. Hi Marty – you had recommended the History of Everything book which I enjoyed. I thought you might like Siddhartha by Hesse. A friend of mine, also declared like me, was pointing out how selfish Scientology and Scientologists are, There is a lot of truth to that, when you consider a person would rather disconnect from their friends and family than be denied the Bridge. In this book, It struck me how selfish Siddhartha was in his monochrome pursuit of spiritual freedom, willing as he was to leave family, friends, and groups he was part of behind to be come a perfected one.

    It’s an interesting read, and well written. Enjoy.


    • Mimsey – it’s been years since I read Siddhartha by H. Hesse but it is loosely based on the story of the Buddha – its not biographically “perfect”

      That said – the Buddha left his very rich and cloistered life so that he could learn the nature of suffering SO THAT he could help his fellow men/women also be free from suffering.

      BTW his wife and son both became devoted followers … He left no one behind who wanted to be with him.


      • Windhorse, that’s really interesting. I’ll have to read that book.

        My understanding was that Buddha left his wife and son when he began his path. Years later, following enlightenment, he returned with a band of followers. He wife began arguing with him – how could he leave her and his son alone like that? The Buddha reflected on this, and told his son to join him. His wife never saw either of them again.

        When I heard this story, I questioned Buddha’s actions with someone in a local Buddhist temple. He immediately branded me ‘1.1’, and I was dog-piled by various anonymous commentors…

        I’m just kidding. His grace and aplomb in handling my inquisitive nature, as well as the thought he gave the conversation, humbled me greatly. I’ve loved Buddhism ever since, and Buddhist philosophy has influenced my day-to-day behaviour greatly.

        Reading your comment, I’m wondering where I first heard that story, and whether I have the wrong information about Buddha’s life. I shall order off Amazon…


    • I read it decades ago. Great book. Yes, Siddhartha could have benefited – as all of us can – from a more integral approach.

  14. Marty thanks again to you and Mosey for all your efforts
    in your quest to move a little higher as that would un-
    doubtedly benefit us all.

    The Bridge should lead us up to knowing what/who we
    really are and what/who the other person is. Then how
    we all fit under the 3rd and 4th dynamic umbrellas and
    after that all the other dynamics. All these interrelation-
    ships. LRH outlined all of this but how are these all
    bound together spiritually. We know a lot from the physical
    sciences, the symbiotic relationships of 1st to 6th dyn’s
    but not the 7th and 8th and possible other dynamics.
    Even if you know ALL the basics, have some blow-out
    wins where you transcend the physical universe and do the
    most spectacular things in the MEST arena you seemingly
    always fall on your face sooner or later. PTS, o/w’s, too much
    agreement with the MEST particles et al.
    So satisfaction comes in helping others.

  15. Marrty my Friend, we never saw eye to eye. But i have to come to respect your resolve. Not that informal: You are a heck of a relaxed dude with a killer wife.

    L Ron Hubbard was an ass sometines and he had some keen insight sometimes. You know I will always acknowlegde his contribution in spite of other people not being Scientologists.

    Congratulations being in a position to write and think.

    I love you both Niels

  16. Hi Marty and Mosey – I’m so glad to hear that you’ve got Sugar Ray for a neighbor. You are both always in my heart and thoughts. I used to send money to your PO Box in Ingleside but couldn’t anymore after you moved.. I’ll be using PayPal now that I understand its guarantees anonymity. It won’t be much but it will be something. Marty, I’ve read all your books to date and look forward to the next. Thank you both for being there for me, for us.

  17. One more song video post to this thread. Seems like good advice, support and encouragement for anyone. Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down.

  18. Dear Marty & Mosey;
    Had no idea you two have been fending off attacks from within…I love and respect what you two provide in this blog. I don’t comment much because there are so many posts that say exactly what I’m thinking. Looking forward to reading your 1st two books and the one your currently working on. As I said several time before, I have your back dear friend.

    Jack Airey

  19. I realize that one who wanted to lay the entire responsibility for one’s well-being at the foot of LRH, could, if he or she, wanted to, READ what LRH said to this effect:

    “… Scientology … promise[s] and authoritative insist[s] … that only it, to the explicit and must-be-agreed-upon exclusion of examination of any other data or technology, with scientific precision delivers ultimate truth.”

    But, LRH never said anything like that.

    LRH’s works were developed to bring one TO judgment, not take it away, and anyone who reads him as saying anything else is simply playing the victim.

  20. Marty:

    I very much appreciate all of the whistle-blowing information you have hosted on your blog, for me it acts as a third dynamic clearing process, bringing group engrams to light where they can be viewed. In viewing them, their harmful aspects are reduced and often completely de-powered. Thank you for that!

    I am grateful that you have chosen a direction that is expansive, inclusive and based on integrity. How can one have integrity living in a tissue of lies? Integrity is the essence of integral and integration. Thank you for having the courage to take up the guidon of integrity!

    To Mosey: You are wonderful. You make this possible. I honor your willingness to put your shoulder to this wheel and to support this effort in a very real and truly beneficial way. How very lucky we all are to have you. You are a living testimony to the goodness of humanity, you are beloved.

  21. If I’m not permitted to examine what may be “true for me” then there is no way for me to know what IS true for me. The double bind in that requirement/denial is sinister and sadistic.

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