The Blame Game

I just received another volley from an irate, prominent self-anointed  ‘with Ron’  type of ‘Independent Scientologist’.  It was actually an attempt to control through command, assigning me a Treason condition with instructions – after lengthy evaluations – to first apply the Confusion formula.

I only raise the matter here because it is live evidence of two of the most insidious elements of Scientology that in my estimation are at the root of its demise.  It is a great learning opportunity.

The first I will address here, blame.  The propensity to find and assign blame is woven into the woof and warp of Scientology, making it perhaps one of the most difficult character deficiencies to remedy in a veteran member.

The rather lengthy screed I received pronounced me guilty of the current horrid state of Scientology on the planet today.  One central allegation was that I allegedly totally mishandled the corporate Scientology attacks upon me and my family, by …’  Your response to the attack of Miscavige is quite predictably stimulus and response…rather than tangling with the cur dogs nipping at the wheels of the fire engine, you have become one of them.’                            .’

Not more than a month ago two other prominent ‘Independent Scientologists’ as much as accused me of being a suppressive person for failing to automatically and continuously attack David Miscavige and blame him for virtually every shortcoming of Scientology – really on a stimulus-response basis.

The common denominator of these self-professed ‘with Ron’ Indies on both sides of the GPM (goals problem mass – the resultant mass from the collision of opposite intentions or flows colliding) is the seemingly stimulus-response tendency to blame.  In all of their authoritative, judgmental communications the overriding theme is to assign responsibility for whatever it is they are suffering upon another.  Ironically, anyone who witnessed much of Miscavige in action knows that his stimulus-response habit of blaming is perhaps his most destructive and prevelant tendancy.

Here is a central dichotomy with Scientology.  The technology, in pure, sane application can deliver a person to the state where he or she truly understands that he or she is responsible for his or her own condition.  In fact, a person only reaches the pinnacle of the state of Clear, by recognizing this fully and thus losing all inclination to engage in blame.  Yet, I ask you to examine the matter for yourself and see whether there are not other conditionings added to the mix along the route that make that realization in practice short-lived.

I was also accused of ‘You are not getting people to do, you are getting people to question and think about.’

Good point.  Here, I’ll ask people to do something.

Get yourself a copy of the Tao Te Ching, preferably ‘a new English version’ by Stephen Mitchell.

Read it more than once at your leisure, and particularly when you sense the onset of anxiety.

Learn to let go.  I assure you that if you work on it it will move you on up a little higher in disposition and character.

Since apparently the ‘with Ron’ guys won’t listen to Ron on the matter of blame, maybe they’ll listen to Lao Tzu:

Failure is an opportunity.

If you blame someone else,

There is no end to the blame.

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  1. Again, in response to Marty’s request: “Yet, I ask you to examine the matter for yourself and see whether there are not other conditionings added to the mix along the route that make that realization in practice short-lived.”

    I think there are conditionings BEFORE the route. Conditionings that are in the very woof and warp of Western society. They are well described by Alan Watts in his treatise, “The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are,” and succinctly summarized in Chapter 3 – How to be a Genuine Fake.

    Note: it is important to be aware that Alan is NOT using the definition of soul as a thetan. He is using the traditional definition of soul, quite different from thetan. Also he is not talking about the characteristics of the disembodied state of spirit, he is talking the involved and immanent states we find ourselves participating in as “human beings” in a civilization we call society.

    This particular segment of the book is 12 minutes long. If you can take the time to listen to it, and perhaps the remainder of the book, I think it will be worth your while! To my mind, it is an early conditioning that has to be considered — for it inevitably distorts any later conditioning as an underlying problem.

    Here are some key excerpts from the book & audio:

    In one form or another, the myth of the Fully Automatic Model has become extremely plausible, and in some scientific and academic disciplines it is as much a sacrosanct dogma as any theological doctrine of the past—despite contrary trends in physics and biology. For there are fashions in myth, and the world-conquering West of the nineteenth century needed a philosophy of life in which realpolitik—victory for the
    tough people who face the bleak facts—was the guiding principle.


    It is doubtful whether Western science and technology would have been possible unless we had tried to understand nature in terms of mechanical models.

    … the soul is not in the body, but the body in the soul, and the soul is the entire network of relationships and processes which make up your environment, and apart from which you are nothing.


    But as things are, we define (and so come to feel) the individual in the light of our narrowed “spotlight” consciousness which largely ignores the field or environment in which he is found. “Individual” is the Latin form of the Greek “atom”—that which cannot be cut or divided any further into separate parts. We cannot chop off a person’s head or remove his heart without killing him. But we can kill him just as effectively by separating him from his proper environment.


    Head, neck, heart, lungs, brain, veins, muscles, and glands are
    separate names but not separate events, and these events grow into being simultaneously and interdependently. In precisely the same way, the individual is separate from his universal environment only in name. When this is not recognized, you have been fooled by your name. Confusing names with nature, you come to believe that having a separate name makes you a separate being. This is—rather literally—to be spellbound.


    The child is tricked into the ego-feeling by the attitudes, words, and actions of the society which surrounds him—his parents, relatives, teachers, and, above all, his similarly hoodwinked peers. Other people teach us who we are. Their attitudes to us are the mirror in which we learn to see ourselves, but the mirror is distorted. We are, perhaps, rather dimly aware of the immense power of our social environmnent.


    Our social environment has this power just because we do not exist apart from a society. Society is our extended mind and body.


    Society, as we now have it, pulls this trick on every child from
    earliest infancy. In the first place, the child is taught that he is responsible, that he is a free agent, an independent origin of thoughts and actions—a sort of miniature First Cause. He accepts this makebelieve for the very reason that it is not true. He can’t help accepting it, just as he can’t help accepting membership in the community where he was born. He has no way of resisting this kind of social indoctrination.


    It is constantly reinforced with rewards and punishments. It is built into the basic structure of the language he is learning. It is rubbed in repeatedly with such remarks as, “It isn’t like you to do a thing like that.” Or, “Don’t be a copy-cat; be yourself!” Or, when one child imitates the mannerisms of another child whom he admires, “Johnny, that’s not you. That’s Peter!” The innocent victim of this indoctrination cannot understand the paradox. He is being told that he must be free. An irresistible pressure is being put on him to make him believe that no such pressure exists. The community of which he is necessarily a dependent member defines him as an independent member.

    A double-bind game is a game with self-contradictory rules, a game
    doomed to perpetual self-frustration — like trying to invent a perpetual motion machine in terms of Newtonian mechanics, or trying to trisect any given angle with a straight edge and compass. The social double-bind game can be phrased in several ways:

    1. The first rule of this game is that it is not a game.
    2. Everyone must play.
    3. You must love us.
    4. You must go on living.
    5. Be yourself, but play a consistent and acceptable role.
    6. Control yourself and be natural.
    7. Try to be sincere


    In times past, recognition of the impermanence of the world usually
    led to withdrawal. On the one hand, ascetics, monks, and hermits tried to exorcise their desires so as to regard the world with benign resignation, or to draw back and back into the depths of consciousness to become one with the Self in its unmanifest state of eternal serenity.

    On the other hand, others felt that the world was a state of probation where material goods were to be used in a spirit of stewardship, as loans from the Almighty, and where the main work of life is loving devotion
    to God and to man.

    Yet both these responses are based on the initial supposition that the individual is the separate ego, and because this supposition is the work of a double-bind any task undertaken on this basis—including religion—will be self-defeating. Just because it is a hoax from the beginning, the personal ego can make only a phony response to life. For the world is an ever-elusive and ever-disappointing mirage only from the standpoint of someone standing aside from it—as if it were quite other than himself—and then trying to grasp it. Without birth and death, and without the perpetual transmutation of all forms of life, the world would be static, rhythmless, undancing, mummified.

    But a third response is possible. Not withdrawal, not stewardship on the hypothesis of a future reward, but the fullest collaboration with the world as a harmonious system of contained conflicts—based on the realization that the only real “I” is the whole endless process.

    Here is a link to the book as a PDF:


    • martyrathbun09

      Ironically, Scientology technology sanely applied – sans the conditioning additives – is, in my opinion, the most sure and effective means of undoing all of that conditioning Watts speaks of.

      • Absolutely!

        Unfortunately, the earlier false conditioning, coupled with conditionings that probably find their source in those, can inhibit full integration and growth and cut one off from learning new and better ways of conducting oneself. These conditionings, when they remain uninspected, act as a set of core, limiting beliefs that can continue to be acted on and wind one back up in the soup! I think that is what happens to many people who had terrific gains from auditing, only to find themselves in perplexing and paradoxical situations in groups and the society at large.

        I think you have to do false data stripping, as an ongoing critical function and not just as something you do AFTER you are in trouble. That false data stripping process must include information taught by LRH, especially since we have had the benefit of seeing the consequences of many of the concepts he thought were valid. Eg. Could he have forseen the current state of the Church — I doubt it. He did not have the benefit of a true multiple viewpoint system and he fell into his own trap of uninspected false perceptions.

      • The irony is the misunderstanding of some fundamentalists Indies. They don’t seem to have a clue of what you are speaking and doing about.

      • With all due respect, Scientology technology has been being ‘delivered’ for what? 60 years now? What is your opinion based on? Surely not the observable results. The present state of Scientology is rather disturbing, to put it mildly. The ‘church’ is in shambles, the church ‘tech’ is a grotesque mockery of it’s former self and the Scientology ‘divisions’ (FZ, Indie, Ron’s, COS, etc) seem to be the only thing multiplying in the world.

        I imagine your response (if you provide one) will be something along the lines of: The Tech wasn’t ‘sanely’ applied, that’s the why. And if that’s your take, fair enough. The problem then would appear to be the insanity of Scientology adherents?

        If you yourself were receiving and delivering the tech, sanely, and it took ‘you’ how many years? to walk away from the church……..

        Nonetheless your blog has no doubt produced a much needed taste of the sanity you speak of, for those that are capable of receiving it.

  2. Seriously? was my first word.
    Then “do we have to go there again”for God’s sake?The misuse of ethics tech for the glorification of some self righteous, know it all …person…
    Then ,Lets look at the 3rd party law.
    But I am still pissed and go back to “seriously???

  3. The following may be a conditioning that holds this kind of blaming in place and may be worth looking at.

    Accountable: (of a person, organization, or institution) Required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible. Explicable; understandable.

    I have always thought it weird that accountable is on the expanded tone scale below body death:

    BODY DEATH 0.0
    FAILURE -0.01
    PITY -0.1

    Does every perceived failure dump one into this band of shame, accountable, blame and regret? And is every mistake a failure?

    It seems to me that accountability is endlessly focused on when one is on staff or being a Scientologist. i.e. justice codes, ethics, SPs, PTSes, downstats, demotions, interrogations, investigations, inspections. SOMEONE is held accountable. ALWAYS.

  4. Write a book, What’s wrong with the Indies.


  5. Marty,

    Take heart in the fact that, “When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.” – Lao Tzu

    As you know, this piece of wisdom puts action and inaction strictly into the realm of considerations and postulates.

    Bear in mind that even though you change, the comm lag of the physical universe will continue to manifest the various attendant phenomena you describe until your considerations and postulates overcome its inertia. Just persist and you will succeed. We will succeed.

    And by the way, I’m with Ron, but I’m with you too.

    LRH details the crux of this problem in HCO PL 25 June 1963

    This is a faithful transcript from the handwritten LRH original. No record of this ever having been published has been found.

    I also have a scan of the LRH handwritten original for anyone interested.

    “HCO Pol Ltr of 25 June AD13

    CONFIDENTIAL Scientologists Only
    1 copy to each Central Org or City Office only

    An International Objective
    (This policy letter is Confidential [for Scientologists only]. The attached plan is not Confidential [however is BPI]. When republishing the attached plan [to the public or Scientology magazines] do not publish this covering policy letter.)

    When we were attacked in January for using E-Meters I speeded research adopted for us a two part policy:

    1. To hold the line legally and win in courts where possible but in no event to lose ground;

    2. To speed up research by passing clear and theta clear as objectives, abandoning the technology giving interim states and concentration on the attainment by auditing the state of O.T. as the best answer to our difficulties.

    In part one of this programme, we are succeeding easily. But it is only short term and world deterioration is accelerating.

    In part two we have achieved the technology necessary by an incredible speed up and gain.

    We now have O.T. in direct and real sight with only a few hundred hours of actual [skilled] auditing intervening. This is an astonishing break through, a real by-the-boot-straps necessity level research sprint.

    We are then only months away from having O.T.s, a year at the most.

    No Scientologist need be told what that means.

    This fact enters us upon forward planning. The trouble with O.T.s in the past has only been lack of cooperation and a commonly agreed upon objective. Without these O.T.s eventually fall prey again to smaller beings with bigger organization skill, O.T. is an unstable state only when O.T.s are not cooperating with O.T.s but each one going his own way in the strong but fatuous belief he can single-handedly survive. The proof is, O.T.s have not survived as O.T.s whenever this super-individuation collided with [the] super organization of weaker beings. The answer is to remain organized, with mutual assistance and integrity and not lose touch with or responsibility for all levels of life forms and societies.

    This means that programmes for such agreement must be offered.

    The first step is to prevent atomic war and planetary chaos and to utilize Earth as a rehabilitation centre since it has already had the technology established here. A second step If a number following after would be to establish units not unlike central organizations, on [in] nearby systems.

    No real conflict with stellar stellar powers interested in these areas will develop as I can vouch for the two most concerned in this galaxy, the Espinal United Stars and the to which the Solar System distantly belongs and the Galactic Confederation to which Espinal moderately bows.

    As not all living things are capable of attaining O.T. (the vast bulk of a any human population, [like animals, grass and trees,] are possibly minion* in origin) the task of rehabilitation is not as great as it looks.

    This leaves us first and foremost with the problem faced by the budding O.T. What to do to square things around!

    I recommend that any action taken by any O.T. on this planet be guided by the attached programme “An International Objective” [later renamed Scientology: Plan for World Peace]. Any public ambitions for us or Earth, any vengeful or destructive urges, any stunts or public actions should be channeled into accomplishing the attached programme.

    Several O.T.s even if acting independently could accomplish this, even making errors. Further the plan has some chance of succeeding even if driven in ordinary ways such as placing copies of it in the various offices of the United Nations, putting it into newspapers, inviting the attention of large commercial interests to it, etc.

    We could probably each one of us think of a plan for Earth. Let us instead agree upon a feasible plan in which all of us can cooperate.


    L. Ron Hubbard

    * Editor’s note: minion, defined in SHSBC lecture of 21 Aug 63: “You mock a mock-up up and then you endow it with some life, you see?”

    And by the way Marty, I’m with Ron – but I’m with you too, brother. Anyone who endeavors to truly help their fellow man has my support.

    • martyrathbun09

      Well, if you read What Is Wrong With Scientology? Healing Through Understanding you’ll understand why this particular selection doesn’t really impinge upon me. And while I don’t doubt you are ‘with Ron’, I don’t think it helps dissemination of his work much to be promoting these types of speculations.

      • I understand, and I did read your book. I don’t necessarily agree with these speculations either. I do however feel that past paradigms are a factor in future decisions in the between lives area.

        To me, the problem that a being faces is ultimately achieving the goal of supreme happiness in rejoining the main body of theta vs. the apparent dissolution of identity required to attain that goal.

        • martyrathbun09

          I think that contemplation of the ‘between lives area’ is irrelvant, and possibly detrimental, to clearing and moving beyond even that.

          • Speaking of “between lives areas” I have to ask, are the TV shows on cable that claim to be communicating with ghosts (such as Ghost Hunters), full of crap? Or do thetans actually get “stuck” and wander the earth for decades sometimes??? Honest opinions only, please…

            • There is such a thing as spectator ism.

              Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
              HCO POLICY LETTER OF 14 JANUARY 1969

              “Purposes must be executed. They are something to DO.
              Let us look at the definition of OT-cause over Thought Life Form Matter Energy Space and Time.
              As one falls away from that one becomes a SPECTATOR, then one becomes an effect. Then one is gone.
              One causes things by action. Not by thinking dim thoughts.
              One can be doing an IN basket as simply a spectator.
              In the society today spectatorism is very common. Magazine writers, reporters write weird pieces that look at how odd things are. The writer doesn’t understand them at all. He just watches them.
              Spectatorism is not so low as total effect.
              The total effect-no cause-person has mainly a case. He doesn’t even look.
              Thus there is a gradient scale of OT. It’s not an absolute. One is as OT as he can CAUSE things.
              One of the things to cause is target attainment. When somebody can push through a target to completion he’s to that degree OT.
              People who don’t push targets are either just spectators or they are total effect.”

              • Nuthin’ worse than being a spectating specter.

              • Thanks for posting Oracle. This is one of my all time favorites from LRH. It’s why after 40 years as a Scientologist I still love statistics. This reference you post here also shows LRH never intended stats to be misused. Stats were an honest way to gauge target attainment and thus O.T. I loved stats. But nothing could enrage me more than dishonest stats, i.e. “stat pushes” as that alone destroyed and got people confused about target attainment and thus confused people about the subject of O.T. So if one desires to know just how confused David Miscavige is about the subject of O.T. and how much he desires to destroy O.T. , one only need to look at how hard he works to show false statistics. I know this subject cold and very intimately. I once falsified a stat and it nearly killed me. It’s not good to mess with O.T. Thanks again for posting, Oracle.

          • I know. But it seems so long since I was beyond that, I’ve almost lost what it was like and how to get there again.

            Pining away for a forgotten past… Sad Effect – boo hoo.

            Now what was that funny shit we were laughing about before?

            Oh, yeah…

        • Scott, there is an interesting note in one of the basic books, Original Thesis I think it is, Where Hubbard says there is no recording going on in between lives. When I have more time I will look for it and send it to you. But when people file through memory bank records for in between lives and find no records, well, maybe they kept no records? And they it seems they forgot or can not recall when actually, they just weren’t taking notes?? They just didn’t keep a record? That has come to be my understanding.

          • In which case, it really is irrelevant.

          • martyrathbun09

            Or perhaps they are in a state of causal consciosness where they are experiencing a truth – that matter, energy, space and time are all constructions – and are not contributing to that construction, and thus there is nothing to record?

            • That would make perfect sense.

            • OM, and Marty, I see your points. I’ll consult the Akashic Record later and try to discern whether I was recording or merely viewing a record. Theta Facsimile, anyone?

              All I know is that for anyone attempting to report on these subjects without observing the proper corporate protocols; Terry Tate would brutally tackle them to the ground and admonish, “YOU KNOW YOUR SUPPOSED TO ATTACH A COVER SHEET TO YOUR REPORT ON NEUROPLASTICITY, BIIIIITCH!”

            • The Thetan is not MEST. Thats Matter, Energy, Space and Time.
              Memories are of things that happened- in matter, energy, space and time.
              So it makes sense that if someone was just chilling out as a thetan they might not be in-sync with key elements that make up what humans would recognize as a memory. Or something like that. I don’t know exactly what thetans do in this area.

          • The Original Thesis was written in the late 1940’s, even before DMSMH. At that time LRH thought engrams were recorded on cells. Well, they are, but the thetan makes his own copy, too. Otherwise how could MEST beings use electronics to capture free thetans? How could any of us have any facsimiles of experiences as free thetans? But we do.

        • Scott, re “achieving the goal of supreme happiness,” It’s not dissolution of identity that’s required, but rather expansion of identity. False selves and the games they play create false separation. Being able to be the other guy doesn’t mean you give up being yourself. What happens is your concept, perception, and experience of self expands to include others as they experience life from their viewpoints. Nothing is lost other than the resistance to this gain, along with the lies that justify that resistance and thereby keep one from the truth.

          • diogenes,

            Yes, I agree. That’s why I used the word “apparent” when I wrote: “To me, the problem that a being faces is ultimately achieving the goal of supreme happiness in rejoining the main body of theta vs. the apparent dissolution of identity required to attain that goal.”

        • Scott, below is an excerpt from COHA, under the process R2-48: SEPARATENESS. Your comment about “rejoining the main body of theta” seems to be at variance with what LRH wrote there. But you may have a later LRH reference, or perhaps a Buddhist-like viewpoint, or it may be a matter of your own knowingness on the subject. If you don’t mind, I would really appreciate it if you would elaborate on this interesting topic.
          “This was the process which told me that we are not natively sprung from one ‘common body of theta’. If you run Separateness, accentuating the difference in unity of a thetan from other thetans and things and spaces, he continues to gain in tone. If you run this process in reverse, how he is the same as, or is connected to various items, he continues to dwindle in tone. By handling this latter process one can press a thetan down into the rock-bottom state of aberration. We have long known that differentiation was the keynote of sanity, and that identification was the basis of aberration. This fact is utilized in processing by running separateness.

          “It can be concluded that the thetan is an individual separate from every other thetan and that he has never been part of any other thetan. There are many ‘phony’ incidents implanted on the track whereby an individual is made to feel that he is a result of explosion having occurred to a larger body. He is also made to feel that he was at one time ‘whole’ and is now only a splinter of himself. This is only an effort to reduce him. He has always been himself, he will always be himself, down to a time when he is entirely identified with this universe, at which time he would no longer be himself simply because he would no longer be conscious.” (COHA)

    • Scott: I agree with Marty on promoting this PL and speculations. Several weeks ago someone quoted a bit from this PL … since I have the PL I offered to send it to those who asked me via my hushmail account. But I would never post it on a public blog.

      Mostly because of the following:

      The buddha was asked 14 questions that he never answered. Not because he didn’t know the answer but because he felt it would serve no purpose and set someone spinning off in concepts.

      “The Buddha remained silent when asked these fourteen questions. He described them as a net and refused to be drawn into such a net of theories, speculations, and dogmas. He said that it was because he was free of bondage to all theories and dogmas that he had attained liberation. Such speculations, he said, are attended by fever, unease, bewilderment, and suffering, and it is by freeing oneself of them that one achieves liberation.” Wikipedia Fourteen Unanswerable Questions


    • theosismanides

      Scott, I am glad you brought that up. OTs do best with OTs. This is a natural law to me and the 3rd Dynamic is alive in me… in a different sense that some people feel here. The Sea Org has done a lot to keep Scientology going. There is no doubt about that. If it weren’t for the Sea Org we wouldn’t be here. I am sorry if some people cannot see. That does not mean that the Sea Org now is as valuable as it was.

      A group of OTs is really needed on this planet. This is my strong belief. I don’t have to apologize about it. As years go by we will see the value of such a group. Thank you.

  6. Dont mean a thing
    Keep up the good work Marty

  7. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you for the info. I like it. All true. Great insight.
    Our Third-Dynamic deaberation continues, and we are making good progress & case gain. :-)
    Thank you for helping straightening things out. Θ

  8. I think that the ingredient sometimes badly missing from some Scientologists is tolerance for other people’s opinions, actions, beliefs, values, etc. If you can’t tolerate that other people may think and do differently from the way you would, you are not free at all. You are a slave to your own prejudice.

  9. Einstein postulated that all things in the universe could change state or nature, just through their relative postioning and motion relative to other things in the universe. This led to many seemly strange predictions, yet, over time these predictions have been confimed through practical observation and experimentation.

    Thruth, i believe is also relative.

    Our path in life, our experience, our knowlege, our state of case, our relative motion, our level of awareness all work to effectuate our perception of reality, of things, of situations–of truth itself. Seemingly contradictory truths arent always mutually exclusive or invalidating, though a given valid truth can be even more valid or senior to another truth.

    That is not to say any belief is true. Some are flat out delusional or false.

    Where scientology succeeds, it helps the individual to discover truth–about themselves as well as about everything else–for themselves, and by themselves. You can help direct a person where to look, but you cant also tell them what to see when they do the looking, or what to think about it after seeing it, and expect spiritual advancement.

    Thats why Ron called his auditing centers HGC’s instead of HECs. Guidance as opposed to Enforcement is the key.

    Marty, i dont always agree with you (though in the main i do, especially on what i consider the important things) but so what? Do we all have to agree on everything? Some shortest and most boring conversations i have are with those with whom there seems i have complete agreement. Some of the longest and most interesting conversations i have are with those i disagree.

    It can be very productive if both parties can at least agree to respect the right of each other to have their own viewpoints.

    But, if the agenda is control rather than understanding, all kinds of unpleasantness can ensue as the metaphorical bulldozers begin to rumble down the comm line.

  10. Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I wanted to ask a question of Marty and all the Indies that post here. I just finished Lawrence’s book on LRH and Scn. Although I didn’t like how he tried to paint Ron’s personal life as bad and Ron in a bad way, he was spot on on most of the other stuff. The chapter on how DM took over the church was so well written, understated even, but it took my breath away and I just had to read it twice and have a moment of silence over the loss of it all when he did his hostile takeover right under all our noses. My question is this: DM’s wife’s mother became a liability to him because she was going to leave the church and might speak out publicly. And then she was found shot dead with several gunshot wounds to the chest and one to the temple. The police called it a suicide. How can that be? How can a person shoot themselves more than once? the first bullet at close range would at least render them unconscious if not dead. So given that, it seems clear to me that she was murdered. And maybe murdered on DM’s order to get her out of the way so that she didn’t besmirch his career or bring bad press to him. Is this how you others see it? It’s a lot of evil to confront. I mean, we always talk about DM for beating people, but this possibly went way over the line into the murder category. Do you think he paid someone to assassinate his mother in law?

  11. Gern Gaschoen

    I’m not seeing anything here that isn’t a norm in regular society. Seems to me that things are spinning around the “Scientology is the suxxors” stable datum, but as usual, this isn’t the right Why thats going to open the door for a handling.

    “This is why Scientology sucks” doesn’t have quite the ring to it any more. Was it DM? Was it LRH’s ‘insane policies’? Was it the nutty gang that got enthralled by it all, back in the “good ol’ days” who did all the wrong? Was it Marty and Mike, all along, ruining Scientology from within – and now without? Wow, what a bunch of wrong items. (Hint: In my opinion, the “why” is simply this: Scientology is not being used to improve conditions in life…)

    Geeze, this is quite a circus. Perhaps this is happening because the purpose: “Using Scientology to Improve Conditions in Life” is no longer the focus.

    So what is the focus of this 3rd-dynamic activity? (Marty says he doesn’t have a group, but by just putting up this web page, he does in fact have one, like it or not..)

    I’ll just have to keep visiting until I figure it out ..

    BTW, before anyone says it: I’m not, in any way, the terminal Marty is talking about. As far as attempting to engage in a discussion of the pro’s of Scientology, as Marty suggested, I’ve “let it go ..” since in actual fact, there isn’t much interest, it seems, in working out the positive effects of applying the materials – more so that folks seem to want to change the entire landscape, re-write the OEC’s, remove the “bits we don’t like”, and so on. Its all going to end up being a book about gannets, soon enough ..

    • Gern

      I do understand your concerns regarding the tech and its use in the future, I just personally feel that “reason” needs to be applied at all levels. Mistakes will be made following either path, but we must each follow the path that is the truest for us.

      But gannets? Maybe not gannets… um… How about pendulums?…

      And, since we are talking about pendulums…

      It is observably true that the pendulum will inevitably swing in one direction for a time, but it will also, just as inevitably, swing back. But, the most frequently visited, and strongest part of the swing, is in the middle, and where the pendulum will eventually find rest.

      Geeze… I think I must be a philosopher… Woo hoo!

      Maybe I SHOULD try my hand at gannets.

      Eric S

  12. Marty… I think I’m going to bow out of this post now…

    As is so often the case with life… There is an artist out there how as put in a song everything I would love to say to these “with ron’ers”, “DM’ers”, etc, etc…

    I’ll leave it here for those who care to watch, listen and learn…

    • Or this one…

      Don’t just watch and listen though… Put your best head phones on and really feel it… Please…?

  13. Marty,
    I haven’t posted in a while, although I read every day. For what it’s worth, I love your approach to applying the workability of Scientology, the insight you share, the data that you evaluate from other sources, and your experiences as you reach for personal and spiritual growth. I am attempting to do the same in my own life, and your blog and books have truly helped me to do that. I appreciate the views shared by all those that post, as it has helped me gained much needed perspective.

    After a half a million dollars, and a brief time in the SO, I decided to walk away after Debbie Cook confirmed all of those things that somehow I already knew were true, but was not being honest with myself about. As a result, I have experienced the disconnection of many of what I thought were close friends, just for having a viewpoint that is not in line with command intention. I have been told that I am in doubt, and that I need to go to the MAA to do a condition. I have had other Indies tell me as well, that “I am being treasonous to Ron by not writing up my condition and coming out.” I have had a similar experience in that some of the “Independent Scientologist” are the same in terms of their thought process as the CoS, just without the Miscavige. As I have grown myself, I have realized that NEITHER of these groups are ones I identify with, as NEITHER of them grant me the beingness that LRH used when he was discovering Scientology. Right or wrong, I am taking my own path, and figuring things out for myself. And most importantly, I’m truly willing to experience.

    So while I was on this journey, I decided which group I was going to join. I realized that I was in a lower condition, but with myself. I decided to do condition on that, and then decided to join the group of ME. ME has accepted me into the group, and I am now happy being, thinking, and inspecting for myself, and creating my dynamics on my own determinism. I have come to realize that LRH has imparted a lot of wisdom, which I have applied to make my life better. Others have as well, and I am grateful for them sharing it, and grateful that I can learn it too.

    To make myself and environment better (which what I am most interested in), I don’t need to donate millions or repeat courses or auditing. I have gotten more spiritual growth from just inspecting and observing various viewpoints, like the ones posted on this blog. When I see something wrong in my environment, I do what I can to fix it, which usually doesn’t involve donating money, doing basics, reopening Orgs, but willingness to DO something about it. I have observed that you have had the courage to use your influence and lines to Do Something about things for which you felt were wrong or for which you have may have taken part. For that, I commend you. You are in no condition my friend.

    For me, I am truly grateful for my time in Scientology. It has helped me with many things, and helped to shape who I currently am. Let those who want to be “with Ron” go do that. Let the haters hate. Don’t deny them the experience, as maybe that experience will help to shape them one day. I’ve been there and done that, so I know where it leads. For me, I would rather be “with ME,” and because of it, have Moved on Up a Little Higher!



  14. Marty, it seems the blame game is pretty much like the judgmental game you’ve written about. It’s pretty crazy alright and is one of the main benefits I have personally had since having had no communication with the church or any corporate Scientologist for 3 years. The benefit is just not having that craziness on my lines. I think you had that experience for a few years after you left the church. But I’m sure that since 2009 you get hit from all directions. And it seems you have been confronting the entheta you get hit with, probably even getting roughed up some by it, but most importantly learning from it and providing education about it to others. Thanks for doing all that…Theta-MEST Theory. So for all those “with Ron” people, they need to thank you for doing so as LRH would certainly thank you for pushing ahead on all fronts with all that is known in these current times. Your work definitely helps me as I’ve had tremendous situations to handle in my own life.

  15. Marty, unfortunately the “blame game” is more and more prevalent in our society. You hear it throughout the media of today. One of the first things about Scientology that really appealed to me was that each person was responsible for their own condition. So, I read your blog and other writings by Scientologists to see if there is anything in them that can help me in my own endeavors. I may not always agree with all of them but that does not give me the right to tell you you are wrong or try to blame you for what is happening in Scientology today. The truth is that every single one of us that saw something happening that we thought did not quite go with what LRH had written, or saw something and gave tacit consent by keeping quiet or anything like that are responsible for the state of Scientology today. I personally thank you for standing up and publicly speaking of the abuses that occurred. And I just wish you all the best. You will never win over all the detractors, so just keep speaking to try to help as many as you can.

  16. Here is a video of John McMaster, first certified CLEAR.
    He was declared a suppressive person on LRHs watch.
    He was a friend to LRH.
    He was a research auditor on S&D tech and Power Processing tech.
    The “Blame Game” has a long history in scientology. Starting with LRH himself. In fact, LRH was the original squirrel.
    Maintain your own integrity. Evaluate for yourself.
    As McMasters said “Know the truth, and YOU will set yourself free”.

  17. To JEWEL:
    You asked me about English schools in Italy and if the need of these here:
    Well there are now many private institutions specialized in teaching English,
    Plus state schools have beefed up their english education within their yearly programs. Most of the state school are not really up to teaching a fair spoken english and concentrate on literature,reading and such,while private institutions concentrate on teaching immediate, colloquial english using mostly native British or American teachers.
    I would say that fast effective english teaching method, particularly spoken english, has still some potential. Hope this answers your question…
    Have a nice day!!!!

  18. Marty, just as an FYI for you and rest of the readership whom may not be aware of it: since the moment you first publicly reappeared back in 2009, there has be a Black (as in Black Ops) PR campaign running against yourself (and Mike Rinder) with the propaganda message(s) (cast in various forms) that you could expose “crimes” that would instantly jail Miscavige, but won’t do so because: (a) you would be jailed yourself for your alleged involvement or (b) you are actually conspiring with Miscavige.

    These PR messages have been and are being pushed hard on ESMB, WhyWeProtest (the Anonymous site) and in the comments of every online media article where you have been mentioned. Always, the identities which keep pushing these PR messages are pseudonomous and impossible to trace or identify without access to the site logs where they are posting. There are a number of suspects for the true source(s) of this Black PR campaign and Darth Midget is *not* the only one with an “axe to grind” against you, Marty.

    In my opinion, all that has happened with these “Independent Scientologists” who are attacking you, is that they have foolishly allowed themselves to be duped by these Black PR Campaigns and are now doing the work of the cowardly scumbags running them.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  19. I’m glad Marty recommended Stephen’s Mitchel’s translation of the Tao Te Ching. It’s by far the best..

    Stephen Mitchell is an spectacularoet, translator, scholar, and anthologist. I just found out that he married to Byron Katie, who teaches a method of self-inquiry known as “The Work”. It started with a life changing realization: “I discovered that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that. I found that suffering is optional. I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment.” interesting couple!
    I took a look at the opening chapter of Stephen’s translation of the Tao… It stopped me in myt tracks. This text is so powerful, it stops traffic..…. “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao… the name that can be named is not the eternal name. The unnamable is the eternally real.. naming is the origin of all particular things..”My view is that this is why language was invented, to say just this.
    When I was in my 20s I read “The Way of the Pilgrim”, a 19th century spiritual classic in the Russian Orthodox tradition, as related by a nineteenth-century wandering hermit. The pilgrim is taught by his “Starets”, his master, the secret, sacred prayer of the heart, the prayer which he says must be prayed with each breath, even when one is asleep. The prayer which opens the door to all realization. I was fascinated by that. So I went to India and went from ashram to ashram in the Himalaya looking for the Master who could show such prayer, in Hindi it’s called the sacred mahamatra, which the lips cannot say. I did find that Master, but that’s another story..

    Back to Marty’s post… “if you blame someone else, there is no end to blame” Yes so true and especially after reading Lao Tse, it jumps at you.
    For me I see that if I blame someone else, I start believing in my own blaming thoughts. And with that begins the end of my ability to feel care, kindness, compassion, love, all these things that we were created to feel. I also stop seeing the wonders of life, and my reality becomes the shadow that I am the one casting..

    There is such a freedom, such an elation in taking the high road and choosing kindness over blame.

    • “For me I see that if I blame someone else, I start believing in my own blaming thoughts. And with that begins the end of my ability to feel care, kindness, compassion, love, all these things that we were created to feel. I also stop seeing the wonders of life, and my reality becomes the shadow that I am the one casting..

      There is such a freedom, such an elation in taking the high road and choosing kindness over blame.”


    • Paul — this is such a lovely post. Thank you.

      And how true — believing ones own thoughts does lead to suffering. But that is such a truly difficult concept to get as our thoughts seem so true and so us.

      But that is the lie. Thoughts are only possible reflections for what is … and at times poor reflections more like refractions. Like the reflection of a perfectly still pond, a perfect duplicate but those trees do not give off oxygen, cannot become a house. They are just “thoughts”

      It’s incredibly difficult to separate ourselves from our thoughts — we are so accustomed to them and find such comfort in them.

      But beware — those thoughts become clothing which we constantly add to or change and are always hiding our true naked self – the heart.

      “It’s only with the heart that one can see rightly …” Saint-Exupery

  20. The blame game can be so subtle. Last night I was watching a program about the Catholic Church in late 1400. The story told depicted religious insanity in a manner that is not often seen. As the story unfolded I noticed myself projecting blame and condemnation onto the Catholic Church and especially the upper hierarchy of the church (oh they were so evil!). lol! Well, when I get opportunities like this I have a forgiveness thing I do that works really well to as-is the lies that I’ve been for so long perceiving to be truth and giving false meaning and value to.

    There’s a saying that goes something like…holding onto a grievance is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies. At this point on my journey through space and time, I am continually discovering grievances that I have been holding onto (constantly self administering poison to self). Thankfully, when discovered, these situations can be quickly and easily dispelled.

    It’s a choice isn’t it? And the choice is always mine. Life the classroom or Life the prison. I can choose Love or I can choose hate. Like the guy sings in the video below, I choose Love.

  21. Marty,
    Your correct pinpointing of blame ties in very closely with your post on labeling. They are both negitive traits one begins to wear as they get deeper into cult-like thinking. I know this from experience and I am very happy that I have changed completely in this regard. And that only happened when I was willing to open my mind to other ideas and philosophies. There are many good ones out there that hold truths – also in common with Scientology. Truth is truth no matter who says it. No one philosophy can say they own truth. I admire all you have done and I enjoy reading about the journey you are on. Best wishes.

  22. Yes Marty you’re so cool… (i miss a good vocabulary i’m not american) You’ll soon be into oriental philosophy which is your right. I feel to have lost a leader, maybe I’m a cultist. But Christ I’m all but a cultist. The thought is we abandon them to Miscavige and his degradation of LRon Hubbard legaçy.
    It’s my feeling. It’s like the end of a revolution. My feeling… With love anyway.

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