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  1. Thank you for making that clear Marty. I know without a doubt that I `belong` right where I am right now. Its a nice feeling and to be in a most comfortable position to take time to understand where you coming from and what you are saying. So in sink with the here and right now Marty. Thanks, Cece

  2. I tend to look to the mystical in my life – find meaning in what appears to be merely a coincidence so today March 13 – LRH’s birthday Marty shares a :22 minute talk about the importance of LRH’s work, it’s difficulty as it became too yang-ish and how he, as an auditor integrate from other traditions, yet not changing the tech and uses as his basis the Tao.

    Hours later a new Pope was chosen in 2 days not 5, as predicted. The first Pope from Latin America and the first Jesuit. A humble Cardinal who chose to live not in the Cardinal Palace but in an apartment, taking public transport instead of chauffeured to work.

    LRH spoke highly of the Jesuits and their education roots. This Pope chose the name Francis – signifying St. Francis of Assisi – patron to the poor, animals and the environment.

    This is one of my favorite prayers.
    Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury, pardon;
    where there is doubt, faith;
    where there is despair, hope;
    where there is darkness, light;
    and where there is sadness, joy.

    O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
    to be consoled as to console;
    to be understood as to understand;
    to be loved as to love.
    For it is in giving that we receive;
    it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
    and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen


    • Thank you for this, Christine.

      I have a cautiously optimistic sense that this Pope will help bring new opportunity to the bottom billion on this planet.

      BTW, for more on the concept of how we can do this, the book “Abundance” by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler certainly outlines important potentials.

      Love to all,

  3. Great post again Marty! Right on time. My take on Scientology seems to back it up. Reading the Phoenix Lectures back in the day really got my attention. the part about Scientology’s ‘background’.made total sense to me coming from an Eastern background myself.

    But I always after that saw the ‘yin and yang’ in Scientology. It’s right there in the Communication Formula – one must be able to be both ’cause'(yang), and ‘effect'(yin) to communicate. One must be able to shift from one to the other as needed, especially to be a good auditor.

    In a lecture early in the 4th London ACC, which Ron gave right after the Phoenix lectures I believe, Ron talks about the sole purpose of auditing – “To increase the ARC of the preclear”. He definitely says that is the SOLE purpose of auditing.

    He goes on to talk about what makes a ‘good’ auditor vs. a ‘bad’ auditor, and says the difference is, the ‘bad auditor’ tries to create an effect on the preclear. Trying to create an effect on the preclear, puts the pc at effect, he is actually decreasing the pc’s ARC, lowering him on the scale instead of raising him. Because what the pc needs is to be more towards ’cause’, higher in ARC.

    How ‘taoist’ is that? I’d say Ron was right there, at that time!

    And it takes a guy who is up there himself, to be that good an auditor. And it looks to me like Marty is right there too.

    • Valkov: “One must be able to shift from one to the other as needed, especially to be a good auditor.”

      I think that backs up my observation that trained and experienced auditors are the ones you like to be around. They’re also the ones who aren’t critical of the philosophy or tech of Scientology because through personal experience they have “witnessed” its truth.

      • p.s. I specified trained and experienced auditors but more generally I would include anyone who has studied Scientology well enough to have a pretty good understanding of what it IS. That would include people like you, who I believe have read the books and listened to a lot of lectures. And I should add, haven’t been “molded” by the organization – the CoS.

        • Thanks marildi. I keep plugging away, often little by little indeed.

          After all the brouhaha with The Moron on Geir’s blog, I realize how much material there is, and how relatively few people have glimpsed the entire elephant, or even that it is an elephant. And even his posts make sense to some people there, and are a positive contribution to their understanding. Amazing.

          • Yes, I’ve watched you “plugging away” over the last couple years – and getting more and more understanding through all the discussions. (Me too!) With some people, even when they do give Scn some credit what they don’t seem to understand is that it’s much more than a collection of a few, or even many, handy “tools” – it’s a coherent, unified system, a definite ROUTE. Point being, as I mentioned, they don’t know what it IS. Not saying I’m an expert, just speaking relatively – like you, I realize how much material there is.

            And yes, what people will lap up is truly amazing – either because it seems to be so “authoritative” the way it’s spewed out, or because it aligns with their held-down sevens. I’m just so glad that you and Maria are still in there giving a sane focus to those insane comments . Myself, I’m pretty worn out by the effort at this point. ;)

  4. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the diversity of perspectives that are openly shared on Marty’s blogs. It’s a real treat for me! Incredibly stimulating! Lots to integrate.

    Speaking of perspective, I define perspective as simply being the interpretation of perception. And it is perspectives that we integrate. I’m beginning to think that there is no such thing as Knowledge in this universe, that this is a universe of perception only. Perhaps it is each of us integrating perspectives that will ultimately build a bridge out of perception, out of this illusory universe and back to Knowledge.

    Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor shares a very interesting left brain (yang) right brain (yin) perspective in this video.

  5. Hi Marty, I like your description of the Tao being the Yin to Scientology’s Yang. When I read the copy you gave me I had similar thoughts in that it is a sort of Ideal Scene without which we cannot recognize departures from. These departures can certainly be in terms of the workability of any technology, but the evaluation of technology on its own is probably the easy part. I think the “baggage” you speak of in what Corp Scn has become stems from the fact that this Ideal Scene is intentionally occluded which allows followers to evaluate the effectiveness of the technology and the organization only upon the data they are fed…which is not a freedom at all. Thanks for the post. Doug

  6. Yes! Integration. How to be GradV and raise happy, independent, successful daughters. How to be happy and successful in my own business. How to have a happy, fun, lasting 2D relationship. How to be a part of my Catholic sisterhood. Integration. Amen brother.

  7. Yin and Yang in perfect harmony.

  8. Hi Marty,
    Great video! You are always informative about expanding our comprehension of our path into OT. In my quest thru Scn over the past 35 years, I have had 4-5 times that I experienced states of exteriorizations and extraordinary abilities, probably minor to most on your blog. Some of these experiences have lasted a few hours and others have lasted many days.

    It has been a liberating experience to connect with you to read materials that you have suggested for me to read. There was always this underlining concept that all of us should only read LRH and nothing else even though you hear Ron saying throughout all of his lectures, referencing all of these great sources. I think that he meant for us to read them and not just take his word of them. Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t, thinking that we weren’t all that intelligent from the get go. Just look at what the hell the Sea Org turned out to be – not too bright.

    I think that the common phenomena of going exterior and reaching that plateau of being outside of our bodies, out of the concrete MEST universe for whatever time period it was, kept us addicted to wanting to get back there, and follow all the rules and regulations that the org presented to us. We all experienced what we experienced. I never will forget a reply of a raw public person that I interviewed in San Diego back in 1977 when I was just a kid working for the SD org downtown. He was in line at a concert when I approached him for a Scn survey and he surprisingly told me that he really enjoyed the great cognitions and exteriorizations that he had but that they just didn’t last enough to keep him going on with it. Blew me away.

    Reading books and listening to audio books, watching videos, seeing what’s on YouTube, listening to others recommendations to expand our knowledge on the subject of OT, the Toa de Ching, Jesus Christ and the first testament, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Psychologists on Sociopaths, can only expand our increase our knowledge and expand our ability to reach others thru the means of terms and philosophy that they understand and are more accustomed to. It doesn’t mean that we have to accept everything that is said in their materials is fact, but you can take the good out of their material to expand your understanding of what you believe to be true.

    How much knowledge can you absorb? As much as you want!

    I just bought the book that you recommended:
    Tao Te Ching: A New English Version
    By: Lao Tzu , Stephen Mitchell
    Narrated by: Stephen Mitchell
    Can’t wait to listen and study it,
    Hi Marty,
    Great video! You are always informative

  9. Marty,
    Thank you so much for this video. It’s brilliant and your sincerity is palpable. What you laid out here is a description of an ideal “Bridge to Total Freedom”, with unadulterated Scientology technical methodology being the bridge between the Tao/Buddhism (Yin) and Quantum Mechanics (Yang) – the Middle Way, which is what I believe LRH intended it to be. And, yes, knowledge of both ends of that spectrum is essential to achieving that balance. Thank you for your efforts in bringing it back to center.

  10. Like it… Loved the smile at the end of the video.

  11. The best birthday gift for LRH would be for DM to step down, get out of the way and stop ruining SCN!

    • Rory,
      Scientology, as we knew it in the 50’s and 60’s and half the 70’s was not only ruined but destroyed after the Old Man ceased to lead it. DM stepping down would not make an iota of difference. His motivation is to make money. He’s not going to step down from continuing to make millions out of his successful scam. Do you see him quitting?

      • Really?

        Sorry… It’s been awhile since I’ve heard the “DM is the problem” mantra.

        Not wishing to be contrary but do you seriously think that the 70’s were all good?

        And that if the “Old man” was (somehow) still running things we wouldn’t be here on this blog?

        Genuine question. No nefarious intent here I promise.

        • I take Alex’s comment to reflect the common belief that “the Church is dead”. Miscavige stepping down won’t bring it back to life. And having been around in the 1960s and 1970s, I can tell you it was different. There was a big release of theta that happened back then, which has not been happening more recently.

        • And I do not see where Alex said he thought “the 1970s were ALL GOOD.”

  12. Personally, I recommend “The Tao of Steve”

  13. I noted how much Marty’s comments about Scientology being “Yang on steroids” resonated with many. I Googled “Yang excess” and its consequences, and remedies. I found some really interesting content. Here are some excerpts by Dr. Pokea and others.

    “ In Western Culture, we are currently witnessing the effects of over-intense Yang without the necessary proportional balance of Yin. This driven yang energy narrows diversity and ignores our individuality and our relationship to the greater whole. Each time someone declares that their identity or culture is more important than every one else, they begin to live in the space of distorted, dominating Yang with Yin becoming equally unhealthy, in a state of delusionary compliance. Living in these narrow corridors blocks our evolutionary flow. The disharmony in the life force causes many to be de-spirited and disconnected from the entire body and Spirit of Creation. Imbalanced Yang energy manifests as a perceptual delusion in thinking that you can live ruthlessly in continual conflict with others and force your own, unrelenting, independent identity. Excessive Yang creates people who have a fierce, self-centered illusion of independence without regard to others. It creates unbridled abuse of power, controlling influence and infectious greed. Without healthy Yin they quickly become de-spirited and live as though they and others were disembodied creatures. On occasion, the mistakes they make in their ruthless pursuits are uncovered and they are called to task for their actions. When this occurs, other people who also have excessive) Yang may be merciless and even delight in seeing others sacrificed and punished, because they were once powerfully dominant.

    In Chinese Medicine, excessive Yang is considered “weak Yang” because it has little or no healthy Yin balance. To Chinese doctors, such a state is the antithesis of all creation, as Mother Earth itself is considered Yin. Chinese Medicine teaches that to heal excessive Yang, you first strengthen Yin and then weaken yang. It says that we need a strong reflective balance of Yin to have wise Yang actions that move our actions into harmony.”

    Next, I Googled: “How to increase Yin?”.
    Here are some excerpts of what I found:
    “To increase Yin, spend more introspective, relaxing, solitary time…… Pursue the spiritual, emotional, and intuitive inner sides of life………. Work with ideas and imagination. …….. Cultivate the inner nature by focusing on feelings of receptivity, humility, flexibility, and development of inner essence……….Have more harmonious relationships………….Have more relationships, and more harmonious relationships ………..Give yourself space to receive, feel nurtured and renewed… Be present and peaceful. …. Learn how to meditate, to calm and steady your mind. ………..Practice a gentle yoga……….. Spend more time with more friends who know how to take life easily……… Sleep more, at least 8 hours a night and take naps in the afternoon if you can. Take time over meals: eat slowly, chew well… Most of all, love all people, all creatures and the entire creation……

    Sounds like a nice program!
    Thanks for launching this interesting conversation, Marty!

  14. I liked your message :)
    As my english is not so good I quote Dalai Lama to get my concept accross:
    “While pointing out the fundamental similarities between world religions, I do not advocate one particular religion at the expense of all others, nor do I seek a new ‘world religion’. All the different religions of the world are needed to enrich human experience and world civilization. Our human minds, being of different calibre and disposition, need different approaches to peace and happiness. It is just like food. Certain people find Christianity more appealing, others prefer Buddhism because there is no creator in it and everything depends upon your own actions. We can make similar arguments for other religions as well. Thus, the point is clear: humanity needs all the world’s religions to suit the ways of life, diverse spiritual needs, and inherited national traditions of individual human beings.”

    I agree completely with the concept of integration. Every person is different and unique and wants and needs a different approach to travel his own unique way to freedom, OT, bodhi, nirvana, ….. whatever one wants to call it. Deep inside we know what is meant – to be fully and completely ourselves again as being but also as being everyone – just being ALL dynamics. And there is NO enemy in this concept – no psychs, SPs, Davids, out-ethics-guys, whatever …


    thumbs up

  15. “The Tao of Scientology” is another gem from Marty, that’s had quite a positive effect on me. It gives us a paradigm with which to understand our situation and what to do about it, that revives the spirit many of us entered Scientology with decades ago, and which we can use to make what we’re doing much more real and acceptable to today’s seekers.

    Ancient Chinese philosophy was based around the two seemingly opposing viewpoints of Taoism and Confucianism, as a Yin-Yang pair. Confucianism was Yang, in that it was concerned with structure and responsibility to one’s family and society as a practical means of survival. It was recommended as the path one should take when young. Taoism was Yin, and recommended as a path for later in life, after one had discharged his Confucian responsibilities. It was seen as a means of recovering from the unavoidable spiritual self-damage accumulated as a side effect of decades of Confucian Yang emphasis, and transcending the issue of survival to reach spiritual liberation. The overarching challenge was to keep Yin and Yang in balance in one’s life. Youth was seen as a Yin condition requiring a strong does of Yang, while old age a Yang condition requiring a revitalizing dose of Yin.

    The Western generation that came of age in the 1960’s felt the need to orient even more strongly than usual towards the Yin side, to counteract the Yang calcification that had developed in society. Bob Dylan sang, “Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command, because the times they are a-changin.” Some of us became political activists, some spiritual seekers, and some both.

    LRH had also been on a Yin path, trying to liberate people from the Yang domination of the medical, psychiatric, and religious establishment. But in the mid-60’s, the growing Yin side was threatening to become too strong. Auditing results were suffering from confusion and disorganization in the application of all the different procedures LRH had developed. There were a lot of squirrels spinning off. And Scientology was under attack from the Yang powers that be, and finding itself too Yin to effectively defend itself.

    So, LRH began adding more and more Yang to Scientology. In fairly rapid succession came the Grade Chart, KSW, Ethics, the Guardian’s Office, Standard Tech, confidentiality of advanced levels, and finally the dominance of the Sea Org with all the command and control admin procedures it used. For awhile, this additional Yang was beneficial, as it balanced the basic Yin nature of spiritual liberation so it could better succeed. Scientology became a more practical path for seekers floundering in Yin chaos as they explored the plethora of available Eastern philosophies and practices. It gave them a definite track to run on, and a definite organizational structure to be part of, in pursuit of their goals. As a result, Scientology boomed. But then the Yang side became too strong, and finally ran away with the game and effectively destroyed it, at least inside the Church. So, a lot of us swung back to the Yin side and left that organization.

    What was liberating to me about Marty’s article was that it reminded me that there is always an oscillation between Yin and Yang. They go out of balance first one way and then the other, but over time always seem to return to equilibrium. This is the “flow of the Tao.” One deals with the imbalances as they occur, but doesn’t allow himself to be seduced by them into losing awareness of the underlying equilibrium.

    There are many aspects of our current circumstances that could be viewed pessimistically. But they are all just imbalance to the Yang side. Spotting that, I found my Yin side waking up and re-establishing a higher-toned balance in my own attitude. Inflow, competition, solidity, and the past are part of the Yang side that we’ve had too much of for quite a few years now. Outflow, compassion, creativity, and the future are the way of the Yin side. I’d like to go with that for awhile.

    The political fragmentation in the Indie community is also Yang. It may seem to be Yin, in that it’s a reaction against the Yang of enforced conformity we experienced in the Church. But to the degree that it has itself become a structure that we keep imposing on ourselves out of the mistaken idea that it’s necessary as a means of avoiding re-enslavement to some New Indie Order, it’s just more of the Yang we’re trying to get away from. We need to just agree that we will have no central authority over us, and then drop all infighting, and just compassionately support each other, as most of us did in the hopeful Yin-oriented beginning of our Scientology careers.

    That’s my two bits on the Tao. Thanks, Marty, for being a finger pointing at the moon.

  16. This is my response to the outrageous criticisms by so-called scientologist + the press about Marty’s recent communications on this blog;

    “Communication is the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source-point across a distance to receipt-point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt-point a duplication and understanding of that which emanated from the source-point. LRH”

    “DUB-IN, 1. any unknowingly created mental picture that appears to have been a record of the physical universe but is in fact only an altered copy of the time track. (HCOB 15 May 63) 2. the phrase out of the motion picture industry of putting a sound track on top of something that isn’t there . ( SH Spec 78, 6608C25) 3. a recording which is being manufactured by a recording. (5811C07) 4. imaginary recall—there is no pain dub-in. (DASF)”

    “DUB-IN CASE, this guy is manufacturing incidents and saying they’re real. (5206CM24F)
    Hubbard, L. R., (1975) Dianetics and Scientology”


  17. Flexible Flyer

    I liked Scientology because it was not Eastern-like. As a famous Yogi once said, “I knew I was going to take the wrong train, so I left early.”

    The first book I read on the subject I had to read twice. It was the Dancing Wu Li Masters. Thankfully it had a lot of illustrations. Michio Kaku books also enjoyable and accessible and also anything by the great Alan Watts.

    • martyrathbun09

      As another famous Yogi once said: when you come to a fork in the road, take it.

    • This comment is aimed at people who try to discredit Scientology as a subject based on LRH’s real and imagined personal flaws.

      I actually knew Alan Watts, as well as Gary Zukav, the author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters and later The Seat of the Soul. Both of them were totally different in their personal lives from what one would expect based on reading their books.

      I almost worshipped Watts in the mid-1960’s, but when I met him socially while dating his best friend’s daughter, he turned out to be a pretty unenlightened asshole. It was quite shocking. Many others who knew him said the same thing about him. But he did an enormous amount of good for the world through his books and lectures on Taoism and Zen, and I still regard him as a great man because of that.

      I knew Gary Zukav just prior to his writing The Dancing Wu Li Masters. At that time he was a very unaware, unspiritual anger case, as he himself said publicly years later. To his credit he did become more aware and mellowed oiut as he learned and applied more and more of Eastern religious philosophy.

      I don’t offer these observations as natter about Watts and Zukav, because they’ve both done a lot of good for the world. I’m just pointing out that none of us are perfect, and walking one’s talk is often hard to do. But that doesn’t mean that the talk is invalid.

      • One of those who see


      • Thanks Diogenes. When it was first published, I got the “Wu LI Masters” book and found it unreadable. And I actually made it through “Beelzebub’s Tales”. That took a lot of stick-to-it-iveness. But I must admit there was a lot of it I failed to duplicate.

        • Beezlebub’s Tales! That really takes me back! A very tough read. I didn’t finish it. Impossible not to get MU’s piled up trying.

  18. Marty, thank you for this video. Thank you for being willing to explore, to share your truths, to share yourself, to evaluate and be yourself evaluated, and for your uncompromising and unapologetic curiosity. I love it..

  19. On the light side, here’s some yin and yang in balance.

    I’ve played this video whenever things feel too solid. Enjoy! (turn up the sound and go full screen on you tube)

  20. I agree with the “Yang on steroids” idea. Perfect example: having to call female seniors/officers in the Sea Org “Mister” so-and-so.

  21. Cool. I cleared Tao
    Very good Marty

  22. Very well put, Marty!
    Let have Scientology its well deserved place in the field of humanities. Among the many philosophies evolved, Scientology distinctively differs by its developments from hypotheses and theories into technologies likely to be better suited than others to not only help reach states of inner peace, but, more importantly, to achieve more truthful insights into life and consequently improved abilities to deal with it.
    Nevertheless, Scientology deals with the great cognitive puzzle that we are confronted with. As searchers we should keep our sphere of vision broad enough to also draw from the many sources offered by the great thinkers and traditions also L. Ron Hubbard gave credit to.
    Let Scientology be an integral part of our own quest for wisdom!

  23. Excellent clarifications Marty. I think the word integration may have a certain context of blending something with something, ie., blending other practices with Standard Tech was perhaps some of the confusion.

    I have no problem adding some Yin to the Yang, a bottle of good Port will do that everytime! I was interested in Taoism years before Scientology, now you have me interested in rereading some again. I’ll start with your recommendation by Mitchell.

  24. Marty,
    Thank you! 100% agree with you.

  25. Excellent Marty, excellent. Can’t add much to some of the sage words of others above – seems to me you’ve pretty much achieved in under 4 years what Corp Scn has PROMISED would happen after Superpower is released – or no, after OT IX are released – or after 10 more MEST buildings are open – or maybe after another X squillion is raised for the IAS, or after………(add arbitrary target ad infinitum).

  26. Wonderful Marty, thanks!

  27. You got my interest up Marty. Can’t wait until I have some time to check out the Tao. Thx. Would I be too far off if I assumed that the Tao would strengthen the ‘A’ in SC’s ARC?

  28. Marty,

    Around 5am this morning, I awoke from one of those bizarre dreams (that are hard to shake) about being kidnapped by the Church and given some type of PDH to make me more tractable. In the dream, I rebelliously fought back, but, the more I fought back the more the characters in my dream tortured me. Finally, (in the dream) I decided to just take whatever my captors did to me – just so they would let me go.

    However when I was finally released, I found that all that I loved in my life, friends, family and the such had vanished or had long forgotten about me. Felt like a weird struggle of “to fight or not to fight back”.

    Now, I don’t typically put much significance on dreams, except for perhaps a lack of B1, but, this one shook me up pretty good. So, instead of just rolling over and going back to sleep as usual, I decided to get onto the computer and find something more pleasant to put my attention on. I thought perhaps, some java and pretty Facebook pictures would do the trick…lol. Yet, the dreadful feeling of hopelessness hung on.

    So, as the coffee was brewing I went to your blog and hesitantly clicked on your video post (thinking…oh boy, what is Marty up to now).

    I must say, after listening to what you said, it surprisingly made sense to me on so many levels. Particularly real to me, is the nightmare of intensity that I personally got trapped into within the Church for the last 20 years and my more recent mental obsession with needing to fix or fight back against the scene in the Church.

    At the end of your video I recognized that since getting into Scientology, I had took such pride in my intense nature which I thought served me so well — when in fact, I was serving it. Interestingly, I now realize that my Yang intensity is only a part of my nature and without adequately being balanced with YIN it’s quite useless.

    So, Thank You! I will take your recommendation and read the Tao Te Ching translation by Stephen Mitchell. And, THANK YOU for sharing your journey of Moving On Up a Little Higher.

    ~ Angela

    P.S. I read The Sociopath next door by Martha Stout as you recommended and found it extremely valuable in expanding my understanding of Suppression and it only enhanced my Scientology studies.

    • martyrathbun09

      Thanks. I wouldn’t resist the dreams either. Scientology is the most powerful technology – in my opinion – in raising cognitive consciousness (or what some traditions call ‘gross consciousness’, in-present-timeness with ultra-alert attention). But, a number of Eastern traditions also recognize value in two other states of consciousness that are always available to anyone – dream or ‘subtle’ (which includes your reveries, daydreaming, vital creative consciousness states) and, causal (or achievement of awarness of interconnectivity, or oneness, or the Tao, or maybe even the theta universe – or what I just started referring to as the 4th dimension). The latter two are frowned upon in Scientology (dream/subtle and causal)- even with warnings to take the B1 to suppress them. But, try not resisting them and see what happens. A whole new universe may open up to you.

      • Marty, Thanks again :-)

      • Marty, this is what I came to realize as well.

        Especially your comment about gross consciousness, which is often called awareness. This was brought into sharp focus for me when I examined the etymology of the word aware. It is from *ga-, intensive prefix, + wær “wary, cautious” — from PIE root *wer- “to cover.”

        In one of his lectures, Alan Watts points out that our day-to-day attention function continually focuses on changes that may affect our purposes (this is being wary) and ignores constants or what we deem to be “mere imagination.” Thus we cut ourselves off from the full truth and reality of our own existence through ignorance.

      • Marty, I think that the first 15-20 minutes of this video really speaks to what you are saying:

  29. Marty,
    Did you get my reply last night?

  30. This was a great post, especially as a video (very simple and concise). VWD. I really got your “non-program,” especially after reading the complete translated Tao for the first time. I loved it!

    To me, the Tao now represents one of, if not the first step, of an “educated” thetan, to now “de-educate” themselves: Back from Beingness, to Static. When one believes they are at the end, they should start over…

    Great post Marty. I un-learned a lot!

    From the Tao:
    “True words aren’t eloquent;
    eloquent words aren’t true.
    Wise men don’t need to prove their point;
    men who need to prove their point aren’t wise.”

  31. Marty, that was a very refreshing talk!

    As I have had my own awakening and time to reanalyze what I have been doing in and with Scientology – both subject and organization, what you communicated is quite real to me.

    Having gone from an organization that emphasized greater ability as it’s primary goal in the 60’s and 70’s to the ultra rigid, militant cult of today, the delivery system of the church has gotten so super serious that it has become introverted… spiraling down the tone scale… and now alter-ises the true tech. With today’s emphasis being on stat (ironically, it is square footage rather than case gain) rather than product it is a natural sequence of events that a person would lose gain in the church. A testament to the tech workability is the amount of recovered case gain there has been almost immediate to leaving the church. Now, with emphasis on product once again…bridge progress is limited only by a person’s reach and desire.
    Anyone with any depth on the subject knows that Ron was all about integration. Simply looking at the comm formula, the Factors and the Chart of Human Evaluation and the data covered on the Minister’s course, one can see that free exchange of ideas is very high on the tone scale. Yet, at the same time, Standard tech is just that, standard. And, when done standardly, it gets consistent results…all the time! Again, great talk!

  32. Marty, after a long while of not reading anything but the titles of your blog posts, which,to me, seemed like they might be more revolutions of exploring the Karpman Drama Triangle (victim, persecutor, rescuer) as it relates to the Scn story, and I had no interest in that, something happened.

    For those sources from which I receive steady emails, I have set up filters so that comm from those sources go into their designated folder and don’t show up in my inbox. However, on the 15th of Feb, I was surprised to see your post, Sitting in Judgement, in my inbox and not in my ‘Marty’ folder. As I have come to more easily recognize the guiding influence of BIG ME, I knew I was to read this post. And so I did and Wow! Your blog, the incredibly rich comments, the openness of those commenting in sharing diverse perspectives, their truths and insights and very little Karpman Drama Triangle showing up…..well, something seemed to have shifted. But, is it a fluke or is it a veritable shift is the question I was asking self. Now, more than a few blogs later, for where I’m viewing, a shift, at some point, did most definitely occur and is now showing up in form. And, personally, I think it’s wonderful!

    The ‘shift’, though, is not just peculiar to Scientology or Scientologists. A spiritual shift in awareness, perspective, consciousness, or whatever other label one might want to assign to it, is happening everywhere. Anecdotally, I live in Ar (deep Bible Belt country) and have cross flowed, for the last ten years people that I personally know and many I don’t, who have been devoted to their churches and religious faith/beliefs, leave their churches and, in many cases, their lifetime religious beliefs, in search of…? Some of these folks are now doing what they refer to as ‘Home Church’, completely independent of any organized religion. Sound familiar? Some are starting new churches around their interpretations of the Bible adding to the 25 thousand or so denominations of Christianity. Also I see and hear (on the radio ads) that the churches are scrambling to try and hold onto their congregations, especially the youth. In this desperation, some unusual solutions are manifesting. But the youth are asking questions but not questions that youth have not asked before. However, there is now the internet and those questions can be asked of large audiences.

    A few days ago I received a promo piece in my inbox from, Barnet Bain, a person I subscribe to. It was a deja vu moment for me. The promo opened like this:

    “Dear Monte,

    “Why is it that no matter how many workshops we take part in, retreats we attend, books we read and meditations we do…we don’t feel like we’re expressing the highest human capacities available to us?

    “Many of us sense there’s a bigger, bolder life to be lived—not only for us personally, but for everyone.

    “We’ve even had glimpses of a way of being human that personifies rare integrity, freedom, and wholeness–and we dream of all that could result from sustaining that ideal.

    “The question is, what will get us all the way there? What can we do to really become “the change we wish to see”—for good?

    “I’m excited to let you know that pioneers on the leading edge of consciousness research have identified a critical missing piece of this puzzle—and it can dramatically accelerate our personal and cultural evolution.”
    As I’ve been reading your blogs Marty, as I’ve been reading the abundant commentary from the intellectuals, the philosophers, the intellectual philosophers, the seekers of truth, the pilgrims and so on that contribute to your blogs and, as I’ve occasionally added my own input, a question began to form. And it was what Barnet stated in his promo piece that that brought that question into clarity. In Barnet’s first four paragraphs he described and summarized, IMO, the content (the purpose) that is initiating the worldwide spiritual awakening. My question(s), though, is…Why? Why is it that so many of us know that there is a bigger bolder life to be lived and not just for ourselves but for every one? Why is it that we don’t feel like we’re expressing the highest human capabilities available to us? Why is it that we know that higher capabilities exist?

    I believe, that in a way, I’ve entered into a prolonged moment of deja vu and it very much seems like I’ve been here before. And not just once before but many times before. I wonder, what’s going on? And as I wonder, a holograph has appeared in my vicinity. It’s a three dimensional circle. On this circle there is an onion. The onion is full of time. Moving clockwise away from the onion, layer after layer, the onion diminishes. As each layer of the onion is removed, there is less time and the time remaining goes faster. When the onion completely disappears time has run out. Where it disappears, though, is right back at the whole onion where time resets and the process begins again in a new cycle of time. The cycle repeats and repeats and repeats. Could it be that all our conceptualizing, analyzing, interpretizing, categorizing, spiritualizing etc. that eventually ends up in a fully peeled onion just causes ‘the game’ (including amnesia) to reset?

    Thank you Marty and much thanks to all you other seekers of truth. I’m enormously appreciative that I can come here and have my perspectives broadened by others rather than adjusted by others. There is an awakening in progress that your blog is most definitely contributing to Monty.

    • martyrathbun09

      Thanks Monte. It is really nice to hear that some folk appreciate what we attempting to do here. As far as the bible belt folk go, I once did a recommendation for the book The Shack which has set off a sort of transcendence in Christian circles, I think there are some interesting evolutions in thought manifesting with the progression of, and with the assistance of, the Age of Information.

      • “I think there are some interesting evolutions in thought manifesting with the progression of, and with the assistance of, the Age of Information.”

        With what you expressed in mind Marty and in my speaking of awakening, here’s an excerpt from Ken Carey’s book, Return of the Bird Tribes (c) 1988 that might broaden the horizon.

        “The most significant effect of the Industrial era is that it has birthed the Information Age and has brought us into communication with your race on a scale far beyond what otherwise would have emerged.

        “The Industrial Revolution drew the inherent contradictions of the fearful state into high visibility. At a time when the intelligence level among human beings has risen to unprecedented heights, almost to the very threshold of awakening, global communication systems now keep human attention focused upon the problems that result from fear centered ways of thinking. It will keep your attention focused on these problems until you solve them through the only act that can: a total departure from the entire warrior paradigm. This departure from the old ways of history has begun.

        “Our consciousness flows daily through the word processors of a thousand creative thinkers. Our insights and perspectives are bubbling beneath the surface of dozens of new movies, hundreds of new books, and thousands of news articles and popular songs each year. Humankind is linked in a single socioeconomic community that now closely monitors all new and potentially relevant information.

        “Your present global civilization is rooted upon premises of separation from God as flawed as any civilization that came before, but it has dynamically accelerated our education of your race. It has increased human intelligence across the board. Hundreds of thousands of you are now about to understand something that two hundred years ago we could only get through in bits and fragments to a few, isolated individuals.”

        One more (from the same book)….

        “People paying more attention to what other people tell them than to their own perception is the beginning of civilization.

        “It is the beginning of a twisting, warping influence that ultimately produces a shift in human orientation: from the internal guidance of the Great Spirit to external dominance by others.

        “Civilization does not occur among healthy people. In healthy, non-historical societies, people are not concerned with other people’s fantasies. They are certainly not manipulated through externally imposed descriptions of reality.”

  33. The Tao Te Ching was one of the first books I read in regards to philosphy and understanding life and a process of understanding towards living a better one. I have a great affinity for the teachings of Lao Tzu as well as many other teachers of Taoism, Zen and Buddhism. It was when I drew parallels between Scientology and what I learned from texts I’ve read on Taoism, Zen and Bhuddism (and to an extent Hinduism) that LRH’s teaching really began to resonate with me. And yes, LRH pays hommage to ancient Asian philosphies, often, throughout his own work.

    In Quantum Mechanics they have discovered that sub-atomic particles don’t merely exist in a fixed observable state but actually pop in and out of existence. In Quantum Mechanics it has also been observed that the mere fact of observing changes things on a sub-atomic level. In essence adding scientific proof or foundation to much that LRH has put forth in his works (the idea of posulates for example) and the works of ancient philosphies stemming out of Asia like the Tao Te Ching. Perhaps humorously it takes Science thousands of years and things like miles long particle accelorators to accept that which ancient mystics and philosphers believed all along.

  34. Marty,

    Have you read LRH’s “One Was Stubborn” novelette? It’s a typically playful funny LRH short novelette length story about a dissenting retired farmer not wishing to go along with a successful earth cult leader in the future, who has trained people to use the cult leader’s techniques to as-is the world, excepting the retired stubborn ex farmer is one of the cult leader’s holdouts.

    For a 1940 fiction story by LRH, to me, it’s so much got LRH’s early thoughts about a number of the key strains that later recur in Scientology.

    Please read it in the years to come, and blog on it.

    If there were a ying era of Scientology, and a yang era, this pulp story by LRH is in the ying era of Hubbard’s thinking.

  35. Hi Marty! Thanks for hosting my message.

    I’d like to add a little something –that both sides (the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’) are ours. They don’t exist by themselves. They are created. by whom? By ourselves alone. Word says “nothing can happen to you unless you postulate it”. See, it doesn’t say “…unless your neighbour postulates it”, or “…unless Miscavige postulates it”. It says “you”. All that is happening to you (me, us, them) is that. So, what is then positive and negative?

    I can’t give a refference right now, but I remember hearing by Ron that ‘we’ (Scientologists) don’t have to be the good nor the bad. That in some chinese philosophy there is ‘the golden line’ which embraces all. That’s it.

    And there’s no exceptions. Don’t get victimised by SPs and this and that…unless you want to, of course.

    Create and experience.

  36. I loved the video. LRH observed that most people don’t understand big or rare words. In the mid 60s he started using simple words in his communication and stopped using the rare words.
    Sadly you lose a huge section of your audience when you say things like “predicated upon”.
    I didn’t go past any misunderstood words in what you said but many did.
    You look quite changed and relaxed in the video. I like the direction.
    I meet Scientologists who have not studied the Student Hat frequently. I would have them study that before the Tao.
    LRH came out with KTL beacause people didn’t understand WTF he was saying.

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