The Way Out Is The Way Up

I received a report that IAS was pressure regging for vital projects that the church’s anti-psych arm CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) is working on. CCHR hack Bruce Wiseman is doing briefings on the vital necessity of killing some federal health budget.  The reason?  It includes funding of facial recognition technology research to detect and prevent  terrorist  attacks and mass murders.

Now, certainly there are abuses with facial recognition – most notably by criminal commercial identity theft operations.   But, to attack the technology of micro facial expression qua micro facial expression technology is pure caveman regression.  Unfortunately, the impetus for such regressive activity is woven into the woof and warp of a ‘science’ that was once heralded by one pundit as on par in terms of importance as ‘the  caveman’s  first discovery of fire.’

Let me illustrate how ironic, and regressive, this mentality is.

I spent seventeen years as an Inspector General, including seven as the Inspector General, within the church of Scientology.   In spite of impressions folks might have about that activity given the importance media has placed on the abuses I have exposed and confessed to, I became skilled at rapidly and accurately getting to the truth of various matters utilizing discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard.

In any given day I was called upon to determine the truth underlying several situations.  That usually entailed having to rapidly determine who was telling the truth and who was lying. The environment made that a rather difficult task given that Scientology managers used LRH tech themselves rather artfully to deflect attention, redistribute blame, and stay out of trouble.  Scientology management was a breeding ground for accomplished liars.

How I navigated that swamp was by understanding and utilizing LRH technology better than the expert artful dodgers.   While David Miscavige was fixated on the e-meter, treating it much like a lie detector, with the oft-repeated ‘put him on the meter’ order, I preferred not to use the meter.  When I did, I wound up relying more on facial and body indicators than on meter phenomena.   After all, indicators take precedence over the meter (all that you know when the meter reads is that the meter read; arc break f/ns, the meter reads on the auditor first, etc., etc.).

In the course of my in-depth study of everything L. Ron Hubbard ever said about the tone scale, indicators, and investigation (the Data Series and beyond), and out of survival and success pressure, I began to discover things for myself.   One of the most important things I discovered were common facial and body indicators – that are nowhere covered in the writings or lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, but are completely and utterly consistent with what he did write and lecture about.  In fact, application of what he did write inevitably led to the recognition of those indicators.

One critical indicator I noted over and over was the fake smile – curling of the lips, while the eyes remain cold as ice.  In the late nineties I was called upon to train a young crop of security officers for RTC.  Miscavige caught wind that I was imparting such data along with their training on application of the tone scale in investigations.  I was actually training them to increase their peripheral vision so that they could note how 1.1’s were so adept at showing their true emotion the micro second that you took your eyes off of them.  Miscavige went ballistic accusing me of ‘squirreling’.  That made perfect sense to me, since he was probably the first person I spotted the fake smile, and the masked true emotion, on.  After all, he could serve as the poster boy for it.

But, this is not a criticism of David Miscavige.   The problem is far deeper than that in Scientology.  No doubt, many Scientologists outside of the corporate walls would have – and have had – the same reaction to me evolving Scientology like the science I consider it to be.

The impetus for this essay was our watching of a TV series that someone recommended to me called Lie To Me (available on Netflix) starring Tim Roth.  Incidentally, I can’t recall who recommended it – and I would appreciate it if whoever it was reminded me.   While the show is fiction, it is based upon the established science of micro facial expression reading.   I found a number of the indicators that the psychologists have now catalogued and standardized in their training were the very ones I recognized and used while utilizing and expanding upon LRH tone scale tech professionally.  In other words, other fields of the mind are expanding on tone scale tech, while being deprived of LRH’s discoveries by Scientology’s cult-like, insulatory practices.

I recommend the series to anyone who is familiar with tone scale technology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard.   See how consistent micro expression tech is with tone scale tech.  See how far back in the stone ages tone scale tech is in comparison to micro expression tech.  See how far micro expression tech could go with a grounding in tone scale tech.  See how the protagonist uses his tech – naturally applying the auditors code, and beyond, by among other things, parking Scientology-brand ‘judgmentalism’ at the door.  I think you might get a greater appreciation for my mantra to integrate, evolve and transcend.  You won’t be disappointed even if you don’t see the tech parallels I am making, because the series is very entertaining in its own right.

Every day I see more evidence that the way out and up for Scientology and Scientologists is to integrate, evolve and transcend.   In the meantime, Scientologists are campaigning for segregation, devolution and regression.   Wake up. The way out is the way up.

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  1. “You obviously were aware of who you were dealing with. And maybe that is why Davey got so pissed. If you are able to assume, to whatever degree, another’s viewpoint, you are on the way to being of no use to COB. He needs robots.”. Well said Gorillavee! So true!

  2. You write: “See how far back in the stone ages tone scale tech is in comparison to micro expression tech. See how far micro expression tech could go with a grounding in tone scale tech.”

    These days, there a number of emerging technologies lift the veil on domains of life previously explored only through wisdom, by a few sages.

    For example…the AMI (Apparatus for Meridian Identification) marries in a unique manner the most ancient principles of energy medicine and Chinese wisdom and medicine together with modern science. Developed by the California Institute for Human Science in Encinitas, the AMI maps the body-meridian synergy and measures ailments in a person’s body and also automatically gives a diagnostic, and then proposes expert food/nutrition treatment.
    12 years after I was tested with the AMI (I was very sick at that time and no doctor knew what to do with me), I can say that what this machine found out was 100% accurate. And yet none of the top traditional doctors I consulted with, and who criticize this machine, was able to diagnose me.

    The underlying concept is a close correlation, which they have scientifically demonstrated, between the electrical conductivity of the meridians and the flow of Ki or Chi in these meridians. What the AMI does is monitor the electrical conductivity and capacity at specific accupoints at the tip of the fingers and toes. It measures the electrical conductivity, capacitance, and polarization of skin tissue and fluid, to evaluate the functioning of the acupuncture meridians and their corresponding internal organs.

    Using the AMI, the practitioner can see the conditions of all internal organs, whether your KI energy is deficient of excessive, conduct an objective analysis of your autonomic nervous system. You can also monitor the effects of meditation, exercise, acupuncture through continuous monitoring of the autonomic nervous system. You can also measure the activity of the Chakras and see which ones are functioning well and which ones are not. This machine, you cannot buy, you have to go there to their lab to be tested with it. See more about the AMI at

    You can’t buy the Ami (you need to go to Encinitas to get tested with it), but there is one machine that is quite similar, which you can buy. The “Meridian Energy Analysis Device” uses the body’s electric conductivity to measure resistance based on acupuncture and meridian points. You can test for nutritional deficencies, allergies, weak internal organs, and much more, and then the computer can tell you what supplements, herbs, or drugs will do the best for that particular patient The technology is also based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The machine is basically capable of doing what the ancient Chinese medicine practitioner found out when taking your pulse and meridians, of formulating a diagnostic, and of providing a treatment.

    Of course the FDA does not like these machines..;)

    In spite of the scientifically demonstrated effectiveness of energy medicine and of these machines, there is plenty of resistance not just from the FDA, but also from established religions. These approaches are discounted as “oriental” and “not scientific” and allopathy is preferred, at great cost and great damage to people’s health.

    Should religions not be vehicles to broaden people’s horizons and enlighten how people lead their lives? Instead they often seem to obscure the freedom to make choices.

    One more reason to emphasize how important it is, as you say, to integrate and evolve.

    There is only benefits to be had by opening up to all that makes us a more healthy, happy, fulfilled, more complete and enlightened! Every religion, every scientific approach, may have a little something for each of us. To painting a painting it takes many colors and many brushstrokes. Same to fulfill a human life. It takes many exposures to many currents of all colors sounds and shapes!

    Love to you all

    • “See how far back in the stone ages tone scale tech is in comparison to micro expression tech. See how far micro expression tech could go with a grounding in tone scale tech.”

      I wouldn’t say the tone-scale is in the stone ages in comparison to micro expression. The later isn’t even in the known of what makes people thick. The theta spect and its different reactions on the different points of the tone-scale are not even taken into consideration.

      Knowledge of the micro-expression tech can teach the different indicators and a skilled Scientologist could refine his tone-scale skills.

      At the other side, knowledge of the tone-scale could help the micro-expression tech to understand why people on different tone-scale levels react differently on specific buttons.

      Ron’s approach was to raise the tone-level to new realms, that’s why he developed the initial tone-scale (in the DMSMH the scale from death to immortality / pain and pleasure) in the first place and then in SOS he further developed the scale to help with auditing on different tone levels.
      Even the running out of an engramic incident goes trough the different tone-levels.

      The same approach is not given in the micro-expression “tech”.

      Both technologies have lots of potential to complement each other, for sure.

  3. gretchen dewire

    Oh man, Karens video brings back some memorys. Thank god I am no longer prey to the regs. I am a patron though, but not really proud of it. By the way, could someone tell me what lol stands for?

  4. Unless things have changed very recently, CCHR is begging crew. Their stat is income. Go on, ask your the next CCHR staff member that gives you a briefing, what his stat is. The “agendas” they present are to get people restimulated enough to pay up.

    CCHR is a Special Interest group admittedly (human rights). What they do not say is that the “special interest” is actually INCOME.

    “The Special Interest Individual is a member of a group united by an idea fixed. He has a SOLUTION. Any other idea he considers a potential enemy of his solution.

    Thus his comm will occur, hidden or exposed, to forward special interests. When the comm is hidden it becomes disinterested or vicious as it is over the top of the withhold of his alignment with a special interest.

    The only “risk” one runs is some special interest group believing their prey are being stolen from them.

    One can easily make the error of believing special groups are interested in general betterment.”


  5. LOL = laugh out loud

  6. The Hubble telescope is showing us that there are more hundreds of billions of relatively earth-sized planets out there with the potential for sentient life than we can comfortably conceive of down here on our own, tiny little blue dot in space.

    Many of these hundreds of billions of planets have probably existed for billions and tens of billions of years.

    That’s a lot of real estate and it’s a lot of time to create all sorts of games.

    To think that a dude named Ron Hubbard has, for the first time ever, created the only workable tech for spiritual advancement, and on this very tiny blue dot in space is…….well………..let’s just say that for some, the world is indeed still flat.

    • Have you been reading my mind? That’s exactly my think. Not to mention that one would think that the engineer who designed the human genome would probably posses such knowledge and more. I think we are in the stone age. Here we are with our silly little silicon based clumsy computer technology thinking we are so advanced. LOL just LOL

  7. gretchen dewire

    I remember reading in one of lrh text where he said acupuncture etc. was primitive hogwash or some such thing. It was the first time I disagreed with anything lrh said, so It stuck with me.There is also facial diagnosis of physical conditions, also connected with certain emotional traits. I dont know exactly where I am going with this and it is probably off the subject a bit but I always have to put in my 2 cents worth

  8. Marty, when you wrote
    “See how far back in the stone ages tone scale tech is in comparison to micro expression tech. See how far micro expression tech could go with a grounding in tone scale tech.”
    Did you actually mean the tech of of spotting (PC) indicators, how to recognize them, interprete them and so on?
    It’s not clearly stated and I don’t want to make wrong assumtions.

    • martyrathbun09

      Scientologists tend to consider themselves expert in the art of predicting human behavior. Utilizing Scientology tech on that score would take the average Scientologist hours, days or week to accurately predict an imminent act of violence, or even to detect a lie with certainty. As Oral Mysticism says, ‘do the math.’

      • The arrogance of people who “already know all about it” is something LRH talked in the study tapes about (the so called first barrier to study).
        Thanks for clarifying.
        Using the tone-scale for that purpose is indeed less efficient than the micro-expressions.
        However I think that the tone-scale is not reducible to that purpose, hence it is not easy to compare both things in a statement like the one above.

  9. CCHR is such bullshit. They increase the number of Psychs
    like increasing the number of Police increases crime. I was threatened with being BEATEN UP if I didnt donate by a Top CCHR fund raiser then threatened with not getting up the Bridge ( extortion.)
    if I didnt pay up to CCHR first. That was it for me dont give these NAZI Cronys anything. Your stats will go up !

  10. As I see it micro expression technology and tone scale technology is two entirely different technologies. The tone scale has spirituality woven into it, micro expression is a pretty brain oriented technology, but that doesn’t make it bad, necessarily, it looks pretty precise.

    Where is the spirituality in micro expression technology? How do you spot a thetan below zero or above 4 in micro expression? Just asking.

    • Otto

      A few things that I would like to comment on here.

      Yes, I agree that tone levels have spirituality woven into them. But “tone” is likely the very carrier wave that bodies use to communicate internally and externally, for the most part. It appears to be emotional tone that determines the body’s response to various situations. Emotional tone sets the “tone” of the actions taken.

      I would also hazard a guess that it is more “emotional tone” than “the brain” that produces micro expression. I am pretty sure that you are looking at a sub awareness level when you look at micro expression, likely even body entity based. (note that body entities have the characteristics of Theta also.) Reason does not seem to come into it.

      However, you ask: “Where is the spirituality in micro expression technology? How do you spot a thetan below zero or above 4 in micro expression? Just asking.”

      Well, it is possible that you can’t, but consider this. Do you consider that you could tell anything about the being living in a house, by looking at the house and garden? ( You are just looking at raw MEST. Where is the spirituality in that?)

      I suggest you might be able to surmise quite a bit, if you look deeper than just at the fact there is a structure and some plants. Look for the QUALITIES displayed. This is where you will get a glimpse of the qualities of the being who creates it.

      The state of a being tends to be reflected in the environment that he creates. A confused or chaotic being will have a confused and chaotic mind, and a confused and chaotic environment. It may be very obvious or very subtle, but when you look at how a being handles his MEST, you are looking at the beings “operating state”, getting a glimpse at his “emotional tone” and perhaps even his spiritual awareness.

      (It is easily demonstrable that, by nothing more complicated than having a being put order into his environment {his MEST} you can help him bring order into his thoughts or mind, and bring himself up-tone.)

      Did that do anything to help give some possibilities for an answer to your question?

      Eric S

      • Thanks, but not really. My point was that the tone scale has so much more in it, than micro expression, and that the two technologies are entirely different.

        • martyrathbun09

          If you think they are ‘entirely different’ then I believe your chances of finding the unification theory – or whatever it is you think the hubbell telescope is going to show us – are slim and none.

        • Otto

          Yes, I agree that “the tone scale has so much more in it, than micro expression,…” but obviously i do not consider they are entirely different. I do get however, that that is how you feel about it.

          Another point about micro expression and its relationship to theta, that I noticed, is that I figure that one could easily consider that when the needle on an e-meter responds you are looking at what might be considered a “micro-expression” though perhaps only observable through the use of electronic feedback.

          I would posit that with the use of an e-meter as a feedback tool, to monitor the electrical phenomena going on internally, while at the same time carefully observing the person being monitored (with micro expression in mind), one could likely become very precise at detecting many of the needle phenomena through micro expressions that show up.

          That thought has actually “brought in my indicators”. I will have to keep that one in mind when I have people on the meter. I suspect that even putting ones attention on this, as a meter operator, would almost certainly enhance the auditor’s observation of the preclear, and thereby improve his ability to duplicate the preclear, and potentially improve session results.

          Of course, once the skills are developed, they can be used in any social encounter to improve communication.

          Thanks for the food for thought.

          Eric S

  11. gretchen dewire

    Karen andSupere Aude, Thanks for the definitions. I am not very computer savvy.

  12. The C of $ and CCHR do not deliver whats promised.
    The real story is D.M. is out of Scotch and its the Publics fault.

  13. Make a person sane follows the same route to making a person insane.

    per L Ron Hubbard

    “Scientology management was a breeding ground for accomplished liars.’

  14. OT 8

    20 Jan 2007 (Sharon Begley, Wall Street Journal) Dalai Lama helps scientists show the power of the mind to sculpt our gray matter.

    Although science and religion are often in conflict, the Dalai Lama takes a different approach. Every year or so the head of Tibetan Buddhism invites a group of scientists to his home in Dharamsala, in Northern India, to discuss their work and how Buddhism might contribute to it.

    In 2004 the subject was neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change its structure and function in response to experience. The following are vignettes adapted from ‘Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain,’ which describes this emerging area of science:

    The Dalai Lama, who had watched a brain operation during a visit to an American medical school over a decade earlier, asked the surgeons a startling question: Can the mind shape brain matter?

    Over the years, he said, neuroscientists had explained to him that mental experiences reflect chemical and electrical changes in the brain. When electrical impulses zip through our visual cortex, for instance, we see; when neurochemicals course through the limbic system we feel.

    But something had always bothered him about this explanation, the Dalai Lama said. Could it work the other way around? That is, in addition to the brain giving rise to thoughts and hopes and beliefs and emotions that add up to this thing we call the mind, maybe the mind also acts back on the brain to cause physical changes in the very matter that created it. If so, then pure thought would change the brain’s activity, its circuits or even its structure.

    One brain surgeon hardly paused. Physical states give rise to mental states, he asserted; ‘downward’ causation from the mental to the physical is not possible. The Dalai Lama let the matter drop. This wasn’t the first time a man of science had dismissed the possibility that the mind can change the brain. But ‘I thought then and still think that there is yet no scientific basis for such a categorical claim,’ he later explained. ‘I am interested in the extent to which the mind itself, and specific subtle thoughts, may have an influence upon the brain.’

    The Dalai Lama had put his finger on an emerging revolution in brain research. In the last decade of the 20th century, neuroscientists overthrew the dogma that the adult brain can’t change. To the contrary, its structure and activity can morph in response to experience, an ability called neuroplasticity. The discovery has led to promising new treatments for children with dyslexia and for stroke patients, among others.

    But the brain changes that were discovered in the first rounds of the neuroplasticity revolution reflected input from the outside world. For instance, certain synthesized speech can alter the auditory cortex of dyslexic kids in a way that lets their brains hear previously garbled syllables; intensely practiced movements can alter the motor cortex of stroke patients and allow them to move once paralyzed arms or legs.

    The kind of change the Dalai Lama asked about was different. It would come from inside. Something as intangible and insubstantial as a thought would rewire the brain. To the mandarins of neuroscience, the very idea seemed as likely as the wings of a butterfly leaving a dent on an armored tank.

    Neuroscientist Helen Mayberg had not endeared herself to the pharmaceutical industry by discovering, in 2002, that inert pills — placebos — work the same way on the brains of depressed people as antidepressants do. Activity in the frontal cortex, the seat of higher thought, increased; activity in limbic regions, which specialize in emotions, fell. She figured that cognitive-behavioral therapy, in which patients learn to think about their thoughts differently, would act by the same mechanism.

    At the University of Toronto, Dr. Mayberg, Zindel Segal and their colleagues first used brain imaging to measure activity in the brains of depressed adults. Some of these volunteers then received paroxetine (the generic name of the antidepressant Paxil), while others underwent 15 to 20 sessions of cognitive-behavior therapy, learning not to catastrophize. That is, they were taught to break their habit of interpreting every little setback as a calamity, as when they conclude from a lousy date that no one will ever love them.

    All the patients’ depression lifted, regardless of whether their brains were infused with a powerful drug or with a different way of thinking. Yet the only ‘drugs’ that the cognitive-therapy group received were their own thoughts.

    The scientists scanned their patients’ brains again, expecting that the changes would be the same no matter which treatment they received, as Dr. Mayberg had found in her placebo study. But no. ‘We were totally dead wrong,’ she says. Cognitive-behavior therapy muted overactivity in the frontal cortex, the seat of reasoning, logic, analysis and higher thought. The antidepressant raised activity there. Cognitive-behavior therapy raised activity in the limbic system, the brain’s emotion center. The drug lowered activity there.

    With cognitive therapy, says Dr. Mayberg, the brain is rewired ‘to adopt different thinking circuits.’

    Such discoveries of how the mind can change the brain have a spooky quality that makes you want to cue the ‘Twilight Zone’ theme, but they rest on a solid foundation of animal studies. Attention, for instance, seems like one of those ephemeral things that comes and goes in the mind but has no real physical presence. Yet attention can alter the layout of the brain as powerfully as a sculptor’s knife can alter a slab of stone.

    That was shown dramatically in an experiment with monkeys in 1993. Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco, rigged up a device that tapped monkeys’ fingers 100 minutes a day every day. As this bizarre dance was playing on their fingers, the monkeys heard sounds through headphones. Some of the monkeys were taught: Ignore the sounds and pay attention to what you feel on your fingers, because when you tell us it changes we’ll reward you with a sip of juice. Other monkeys were taught: Pay attention to the sound, and if you indicate when it changes you’ll get juice.

    After six weeks, the scientists compared the monkeys’ brains. Usually, when a spot on the skin receives unusual amounts of stimulation, the amount of cortex that processes touch expands. That was what the scientists found in the monkeys that paid attention to the taps: The somatosensory region that processes information from the fingers doubled or tripled. But when the monkeys paid attention to the sounds, there was no such expansion. Instead, the region of their auditory cortex that processes the frequency they heard increased.

    Through attention, UCSF’s Michael Merzenich and a colleague wrote, ‘We choose and sculpt how our ever-changing minds will work, we choose who we will be the next moment in a very real sense, and these choices are left embossed in physical form on our material selves.’

    The discovery that neuroplasticity cannot occur without attention has important implications. If a skill becomes so routine you can do it on autopilot, practicing it will no longer change the brain. And if you take up mental exercises to keep your brain young, they will not be as effective if you become able to do them without paying much attention.

    Since the 1990s, the Dalai Lama had been lending monks and lamas to neuroscientists for studies of how meditation alters activity in the brain. The idea was not to document brain changes during meditation but to see whether such mental training produces enduring changes in the brain.

    All the Buddhist ‘adepts’ — experienced meditators — who lent their brains to science had practiced meditation for at least 10,000 hours. One by one, they made their way to the basement lab of Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He and his colleagues wired them up like latter-day Medusas, a tangle of wires snaking from their scalps to the lectroencephalograph that would record their brain waves.

    Eight Buddhist adepts and 10 volunteers who had had a crash course in meditation engaged in the form of meditation called nonreferential compassion. In this state, the meditator focuses on unlimited compassion and loving kindness toward all living beings.

    As the volunteers began meditating, one kind of brain wave grew exceptionally strong: gamma waves. These, scientists believe, are a signature of neuronal activity that knits together far-flung circuits — consciousness, in a sense. Gamma waves appear when the brain brings together different features of an object, such as look, feel, sound and other attributes that lead the brain to its aha moment of, yup, that’s an armadillo.

    Some of the novices ‘showed a slight but significant increase in the gamma signal,’ Prof. Davidson explained to the Dalai Lama. But at the moment the monks switched on compassion meditation, the gamma signal began rising and kept rising. On its own, that is hardly astounding: Everything the mind does has a physical correlate, so the gamma waves (much more intense than in the novice meditators) might just have been the mark of compassion meditation.

    Except for one thing. In between meditations, the gamma signal in the monks never died down. Even when they were not meditating, their brains were different from the novices’ brains, marked by waves associated with perception, problem solving and consciousness. Moreover, the more hours of meditation training a monk had had, the stronger and more enduring the gamma signal.

    It was something Prof. Davidson had been seeking since he trekked into the hills above Dharamsala to study lamas and monks: evidence that mental training can create an enduring brain trait.

    Prof. Davidson then used fMRI imaging to detect which regions of the monks’ and novices’ brains became active during compassion meditation. The brains of all the subjects showed activity in regions that monitor one’s emotions, plan movements, and generate positive feelings such as happiness. Regions that keep track of what is self and what is other became quieter, as if during compassion meditation the subjects opened their minds and hearts to others.

    More interesting were the differences between the monks and the novices. The monks had much greater activation in brain regions called the right insula and caudate, a network that underlies empathy and maternal love. They also had stronger connections from the frontal regions to the emotion regions, which is the pathway by which higher thought can control emotions.

    In each case, monks with the most hours of meditation showed the most dramatic brain changes. That was a strong hint that mental training makes it easier for the brain to turn on circuits that underlie compassion and empathy.

    ‘This positive state is a skill that can be trained,’ Prof. Davidson says. ‘Our findings clearly indicate that meditation can change the function of the brain in an enduring way.’

    • Cat Daddy

      Very interesting indeed!

      That is all very real to me. I am of the “use it or lose it” school. I also extend this with a liberal dose of “function monitors structure”. (the body tends to become what is needed to carry out the activities demanded of it. For instance, weight training produces muscle mass so that it is easier to lift heaver things, repeatedly slamming your finger in the door produces scar tissue and callouses in order to limit damage in the future.)

      It is interesting to have “scientific evidence” confirm this. The only thing that stopped them before now was their own fixed ideas.

      It is the same thing that is crippling the current regime of the Church of Scientology. To the degree that they will not look at or acknowledge anything “new”, they are unlikely to find anything “new”, and thus will be unable to change or adapt to a changing environment.

      Eric S

    • Thank you for writing this up. These studies are quite interesting. The culture of western science continues to be limited by a perspective which separates the body from the mind. Realize that, until recently, western medicine’s knowledge of the body was founded on the dessection of dead bodies. There is not a big platform for understanding how the less tangibles – the such as mind, energy, vibration, tone, harmony – effect the more grossly physical. Taoism points to how the power of water shapes and moves rock; so too the fluids of our body ( we are mostly fluid) shape and move muscle and bone; so too vibration moves these fluids. We are that vibration. We are many vibrations, which combine into tone, and tones. Sometimes, mostly actually, tones are not harmonious. Sometimes a being, without awareness, compensating for a low tone somewhere else in the body, like in an organ, like in the stomach (as in “I can’t stomach much more of this “) will tense muscles in the back as an unconscious balance.
      I believe beings, all beings, seek harmony, seek equillibrium, seek homeostasis, thus are always moving, adjusting in this turning gravity world. Vibration is movement, a contraction and a release; or more mindfully stated, a withdrawal and a reach. Yin Yang. A heart beat.

  15. One who is knowledgable about the Tone Scale and noticing where potentially someone they encounter is on the Tone Scale would certainly stand to gain from any additional useful knowledge and/or insight that enables them to more accurately perceive and classify. I don’t necessarily feel that one applying knowledge, insight, discoveries outside of what LRH wrote in regards to reading people’s mental/emotional state a la the Tone Scale automatically means a squirrelling of LRH Tech. No more than taking time out of your day to meditate the old fashioned Buddhist way means you’re squirrelling Tech on TRs. I think it comes down to whether one set of tech works along side another or instead functions to interfere, dilute or otherwise serve to diminish.

    One always has to consider source of such knowledge, in and about reading people’s mental/emotional state, and weigh in with their own logic and scientific appraisal of the usefulness of such knowledge (actually this goes for all, both LRH Tech and non). This includes whatever limitations this knowledge has in application as well as the possible misuse and misapplication of such knowledge. The science of reading a person’s mental/emotional state, is of course limited to the abilities of the reader as well. You don’t want “OMG! I asked that person what time it was and they wiggled their nose to the left and…I KNOW NOW THEY’RE AN SP!” or similar nonsense. I think whatever knowledge and scientific discoveries that are out there in reading body language and facial expressions should be taken as a rough guide that will hopefully lead you to a more accurate analysis. But by no means an absolute 100% accurate method of judging and/or stigmatizing others.

    As for electronic facial recognition software being used in the process of intel gathering, well I can almost guarantee you such technology is already in full unabated use by certain divisions of certain governments and has been covertly, and in some cases not so, for some time. There is currently commercial software that does the same, and many people suscribe to it under the idea of social networking and organization of personal data. The TV show Person of Interest is not that far off from reality as one would hope. I’m no fan of this technology due to it’s high potential of abuse of the rights and freedoms of law abiding citizens. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Irregardless the tech is there, it’s going to be used whether we are aware of it and condone it or not.

    • Eli

      Yes, it is always a danger for most any technology that those of ill intent will use it for ill. That is what they intend in their use of every tool.

      However, with that in mind, I can definitely see the benefits of this tool. I see this tool in somewhat the same light as I do some of Scientology technologies. They also can be used (misused) to harm, but when used appropriately, can assist in the freeing of beings.

      Eric S

  16. Tom Gallagher

    Yep Marty, the way out is the way up.

    Here’s some young men who haven’t been subjected to the wholesale New World Order system of things. Enjoy!

  17. need to post tjhis because I can, and I may nod agree but he deserves covarage, not many people understand that about me

  18. Monte writes, and I agree: “Marty, this blog has evolved into a remarkable forum. You and your creation serve as a beautiful demo of the law of attraction. It is uplifting to visit and engage here.” In the 2 months since I’ve known this site I’ve seen it grow in the aspirational qualities of the content and conversations. Its comforting that people who leave new religious movements find their own way to be inspired, lead noble and inspired lives, and keep “climbing higher”.

    I know from personal experience that its tempting to keep[looking back at the religious movement one left, and to endlessly rave and rant. But this creates more misery (I’ve done that and my anger was destroying my mental and emotional health). At some point one has to move on and find one’s path “out and up”. The challenge is in discovering and embracing a new journey is more balanced, inclusive, accepting, harmonious. A journey rooted in humanness and empathy. A journey filled with harmony, beauty, peace. A journey that nurtures the soul, the mind and the body. A journey where we can find our true self. A journey that brings an inner smile into our life.

    Monte further writes that we can “discuss and debate on your blog….. without having a need, want, desire or compulsion to change one another’s mind or interfere with another’s trajectory in life, we can come together to openly, and void of onerous restrictions, wonder about all manner of stuff. Thus, stretch our perspectives for all they’re worth.”

    That’s also my experience. If you can keep growing this blog in the direction it seems to be organically growing now, it will keep becoming an even more valuable space. Like a garden where a person can go every day and read some inspiring new writings, get exposed to new ideas, see new perspectives and get nurtured by clarity coming from all kinds of different angles.

  19. This is an area extensively researched by Grinder and Bandler in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Google NLP submodalities for more data.

  20. What about The Joy of Creating? “Force yourself to smile and you’ll soon stop frowning,” “A being causes his own feelings,” etc. Do you think that’s valid? Or is one ultimately stuck in one’s tone unless “valid therapy” is applied?

  21. I see how application of the Chart of Human Evaluation (CHE) in accurately obnosing individuals could be enhanced by knowledge of micro expression tech, and how application of micro expression tech in obnosing individuals could be enhanced by a knowledge of the CHE.

    Application of micro expression tech alone – without also observing the plethora of other indicators given in the CHE as well as within the book upon which the CHE was based (Science of Survival) – leaves one thinking only with preconceived and, in some cases, specious “stable” data rather than direct observation of all indicators. Accordingly, such a non-holistic approach could in fact lead to wrong conclusions. Moreover, relying upon such stable datum alone could indeed INDUCE a lack of holistic observation and thereby be used as a non-confront mechanism.

    For example, the datum as mentioned in the posted TED Talk by Pamela Mayer that if a person says “I did not” instead of “I didn’t” = a lie. This is not necessarily a reliable, stand-alone datum. When people are being emphatic, they often don’t use contractions. Similarly, one episode of Lie to Me stated, for example, Clinton’s use of a pointed index finger when denying his involvement with Ms. Lewinsky to be another indicator that he was lying. Does that mean that Pamela Mayer, pointing her finger at the end of her talk when saying, “And that’s the truth” was lying as well? Another questionable datum I’ve personally observed to be unreliable is that when one looks up to the left to find an answer to a question, they’re lying. I think where one looks may have more to do with where one hangs one’s mental pictures.

    Accordingly, I believe micro expression tech could be enhanced by incorporation of the CHE and accompanying drills. Doing so would itself be an application and integration of Scientology, rather than an evolution of the latter, however. If done in full compliance with empirical procedure, such a study could be of sufficient merit to be accepted for publication in the appropriate medical journal.

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