Scientologists at War

A Roast Beef Productions presentation aired on channel 4 in the United Kingdom tonight.  Don’t know how long it will be up on You Tube (courtesy apparently of WWP) so you may want to watch it soon if you are interested.

Scientologists at War


256 responses to “Scientologists at War

  1. Between the video and the your current book which I have just finished I had no idea of your situation and what was really going on while I was away from the corporate church. Thank you and Mosey and thank all you auditors who keep at it. ARC Bill Dupree

  2. Dear Marty and Mosey, I am very happy to see that you found a beautiful and peaceful place for yourselves. I wish you all the best and thankfully remember your help.
    I am also leaving back to Russia, where my help is needed and wanted, and where there is a lot to learn, I look forward to rediscover the cultural roots, the original (before Cyrillic) language and original (before Christianity) Veda’s belief system. Thank you, guys, for been the incredible beings you are, for doing what you do. It is deeply appreciated!

  3. I watched the video and thought it was fantastic. I read all about the fair gaming you and Mosey went through, but seeing the look on your wife’s face and hearing about it first hand really made the horror sink in. My husband would have come unglued and done some serious bodily damage at a much earlier stage than the “waaaaah…he put a small scratch on my forehead” incident. That punk needs to man up. I am SO happy that his pussdom is on the internet for ALL to see and laugh about.

    I agree with Mosey’s assessment that you need to move forward, keep your head on straight and don’t dwell on the past. You’ve done what your conscience has told you to do. That is enough, you can’t please all the people all the time.

    Tony and everyone else featured in the video all contributed a great deal. i was fascinated.

    I am at the point in your book when you started your two day hitchhike back to Portland after your brother was committed. You had just shot putted the pear and put Roland the douche in his place. Life was good. I identified a lot with your early years…who wouldn’t??? It has made you a lot more human in my eyes and not so much the big bad “Enforcer”. I also am happy to report that I laughed out loud in several places, so far. I loved “Crazy” too…he sounds like he influenced your way of thinking at an early age that has stuck with you (Tao, existentialism, etc). I’ll continue to read and report back or ask questions. I’m glad I bought it.

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  5. A humbled Tom Gallagher


    Your video documentation of this issue concerning all the bads and all the goods are historically significant.

    For example:

    I wish you all the best, but I truly think your relocation is sanity demonstrated.

    • A humbled Tom Gallagher


      I think you and Phil speak truth. Actually I know it. I hope others come to these understandings Under 36 minutes…..

      Note 1952.

  6. Mosey…I just want to give you a big hug…you’re awesome! Marty is one smart guy to have found you…I hope you BOTH are happy in your new digs!

  7. I’ve watched your documentary twice now. Personally, I don’t think much of Scientology either as a faith or as an intellectual system. I’ve read enough of Hubbard’s books and heard enough of his lectures to make my mind up. At the end of her recent book, Jessica Miscavige Hill writes that the problem is not David Miscavige but Hubbard. The danger of resurrecting Scientology without Miscavige is the resurrection of the same authoritarian system. The same thing happened after the death of Herbert W. Armstrong – the WCG broke up, and those that wanted to follow Armstrong’s beliefs turned out to be as dictatorial as him in their new churches.
    Still, I regard you as a brave man – you have as much right as anybody else to believe and to do just what he wants. The question of whether you truly ‘repent’ of what you (and many others) did while you were in the ‘Church’ is a matter for yourself – and not for others.
    Best wishes.

  8. Hello Marty
    My name is Matt and I was a Sea Org Member at Saint Hill UK for six years. I was part of the golden age of tech. as a course supervisor. I joined Scientology to help people. But as I moved further up the ranks I realised that it was all motivated towards money rather than helping people. It was definitely not how LRH intended it to be. For that reason I left Scientology as it seemed to me just a money making racket with all the money going up lines to the people at the top ie. RTC/David Miscavage like a pyramid organisation. I have just seen the programme ‘Scientologists at War’, I remember you! I am very proud of what you have done and having the guts to stand up and go with what your heart really feels. I am now happily married and have a family, job and a normal life. I benefitted enormously from the initial courses and still think Scientology works. But only as LRH intended it. Not the warped version that is headed up by David Miscavage today. Thanks again and all the best for the future.

  9. Belatedly an immense thank you and big hug to you Marty and Mosey for your incredible fight and work to help get us to where we are now.
    What can be better than a huge revival of Theta! – Greta

  10. UK viewers who missed it can watch it here for the next 18 days:

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