1. Body, Mind and Soul

Spirit is the invisible-to-the-eye animating agent that brings vitality to otherwise lifeless matter.

A soul is an individual unit of sentient life.  It is the spiritual being.

Souls, so far as we can tell, are of the same quality as spirit. Souls seem to be distinguishable from spirit by carrying the notion of individuality or demonstrating it through operation of, and identifying with, an organism and exercising some measure of sentience.

Thoughts are those considerations, ideas, intentions, and similar units of mental creation of other descriptions that are produced by souls.

Mind is the combination of, or repository of, thoughts generated by souls, including mental mechanisms and systems devised by individual souls to satisfy interest, curiosity, and convenience.

Physical matter reality consists of the observable, measurable components and combinations of energy and matter in space and time.

The body is the physical human organism that is distinguishable from soul or spirit, but which is animated and operated by spirit or soul.  When imbued with soul or spirit the body is alive.

Spirit, soul and thought can only be measured indirectly.  That is because they do not apparently consist of energy and matter located in space and time.  However, they can be observed to create effects in physical matter reality. They can only be objectively evaluated against those effects that they create in the physical matter reality universe.  Because soul and spirit cannot be observed directly through the five senses nor measured by physical matter reality instruments, they have largely been ignored or denied by many sciences.  That ignorance is more recently being challenged by modern thinkers conversant in both advances in science and traditions of spirit.

Whether souls are actually separate units or individual manifestations of a greater, all-encompassing body of spirit is a philosophical question that has been argued through the ages.  Since neither can be measured and directly scientifically evaluated nor described precisely by words, ultimately that question is answered by each individual in accordance with his or her own perceptions, awareness, experiences, knowledge, beliefs, and conscience.

This work is designed to assist an individual become more acquainted with soul and spirit.  It is based upon the idea that increasing such familiarity can lead to more spiritually fulfilling states of awareness or consciousness and more meaningful lives.

A soul is capable of the creation of effects on other souls and physical matter reality.  It does so through animation, the as yet scientifically inexplicable process of bestowing life.  It also apparently does so through thought.  A being’s considerations are so effective that they seem to dictate how others and the world itself appear and how they affect the individual.  Wayne Dyer has said, ‘when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’   That would serve as a fine exercise to test for yourself to determine whether the ideas conveyed here have any validity or appeal for you.   Before you continue reading try it for yourself.   Alter your own viewpoint in any fashion you choose, then go out and take a walk or a ride or a drive and see how the world appears from that new viewpoint.   If you are undecided on how to change your viewpoint, try to assume a more optimistic, positive outlook; then take your walk or your ride with that attitude.  From this new point of view talk to people you have talked to before from an earlier viewpoint or outlook.  See whether your change of viewpoint and outlook creates an effect upon others and whether it changes the way things look to you; even if only ever so slightly.

If and when you see that your considerations can change the world and even the people in it, you may wish to continue reading.

180 responses to “1. Body, Mind and Soul

  1. This one is for David Miscavige.

  2. Hello Mosey, my mother will love you to death, my father is an introvert like me. You are a gem. Marty and You have stirred me to a decicion.

  3. ‘A soul is an individual unit of sentient life. It is the spiritual being.”

    Well that means I am a soul and i am going to get the most out of life I can.

  4. Marty, LRH suggested something similar to your idea of personally experimenting and making up your own mind. You wrote: “See whether your change of viewpoint and outlook creates an effect upon others and whether it changes the way things look to you; even if only ever so slightly.”

    Here is another quote from LRH lecture 7 April 1959 Universes (which I found on David St. Lawrence’s website: http://workabletechnology.com/?p=424):
    “Let’s start in where we should start – which is a thetan. Anything that is alive either has or shares a thetan. When I say ‘shares’ I’m thinking of these vast ant armies and things like that. And every once in a while, why, you’ll look into this – you’ll puzzle over this one too – is this vast bunch of ants being run by one thetan or does each ant have a thetan or what’s this all about? And there are a series of experiments that you can actually conduct that lead you in the direction of making up your own mind concerning it.

    “One of them is take an ant as he scurries along and make him turn around by putting a match or something in front of him and you keep turning him around and annoying him and annoying him. After a while, you become aware that something, someplace is getting angry. It’s quite – it’s quite odd.”

    I personally experienced something quite like the above one time. I had discovered a snake in the corner of my enclosed porch and I wanted to get it out, so I kept nudging it towards the door with a stick. At a certain point – wow! I really did feel that snake’s anger – and it was pretty strong. This was years ago before I had the awareness that one could “feel” even another person’s anger, let alone an animal’s – so I certainly wasn’t expecting it.

    • I had another personal experience of having a student in a word clearing session one time tell me about her having created another thetan. Much later I came across the following from lecture of 20 October 1954 “The Parts of Man, Overt Acts and Motivators”:

      “Now, this mustn’t be confused with another function of the thetan, another action, another ability. He can actually create another thetan, just like that, bang! He can duplicate himself. That is to say, he can give birth to or create or bring into being an entirely different life unit – an entirely new, different life unit-which in its turn can have a full personality, which can have full determinism, which can do everything and anything that he himself can do and can be as powerful as himself, or more powerful than himself, according to its endowment.

      A person is totally capable of doing this. A man can get himself thoroughly haunted by living beings – living, breathing beings – simply because he can duplicate himself. This is not machinery, and it is not part of the thetan, by definition. But it is the thetan moving outward through the second dynamic of creation into a third dynamic of becoming a group.

      “You would have, let us say, a hundred million souls on earth during one period of its ability to advance, and at another period you would have a couple of billion. Well, how could they possibly disappear? Do they ever become less? Do they just always become more and more and more and more and more? No.

      An individual could repostulate himself back into his original creative entity – you know, he could just say “I am no longer myself…” Nobody else would influence him to do this, you see. He’d say, “I am no longer this unit. I am now another unit which created me in the first place.” You see how he could do that? […]

      “You recover an individual’s knowingness, one of the first things you would recover is the fact that he has occasionally multiplied himself.”

      More of the above lecture transcript can be found on David St Lawrence’s blog post, “Supplementary Information on Entities – part 1 extended” http://workabletechnology.com/?p=424

  5. I read and commented on your later post then came back to this one to catch up on it. In reading the statements and comments about whether we’ve been “one” or not, it’s interesting to see that I can now reject an idea that I just simply feel ain’t true for me from my experiences (http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/1-body-mind-and-soul/#comment-273100) where Cece quoted Vinaire who quoted LRH. I disagree with what he says there and my experiences have shown me otherwise.
    And it’s become crystal clear to me by the unwillingness of some to view the bigger picture, just how constricting the construct can be.
    Just another ability/awareness gained from my trip to your place… :D

  6. Here’s a short video by Foster Gamble (Thrive Movement) that fits right in on this blog. It’s titled Journey and the question being asked is, “Who are YOU, Really?

  7. Very Nice, i read the article, its good. Its very good for book. The name is very effective “Body Mind and Soul” by reding the name everyone want to see what is actually written in this. All The best Marty.

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