Viva Los Tres Hombres

As many folks know by now David Miscavige paid a tremendous amount of money in order to attempt to deprive Monique Rathbun of her constitutional right to the counsel of her choice against Scientology’s scorched earth assault upon her rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   The courts in America have consistently found that the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution applies to civil litigation, e.g. see this essay.   Sixteen lawyers were dispatched by Scientology to Comal County Texas last week fighting like wounded steers to attack Monique’s only possibility of legal assistance.  They came from Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas to join perhaps three of the priciest, most prestigious law firms in San Antonio to attack the integrity of the only three lawyers in Texas with the courage and determination to take on Scientology’s war machine.

This is a fact.  In the eight years we have lived in South Texas, I have come to learn a little something about the chances of retaining counsel.  Some of the toughest litigators in this state have approached Monique and I about the outrage visited upon Monique on David Miscavige’s orders.  To a one, when they did a little homework on Scientology’s scorched earth policies and history of attacking lawyers personally, they politely bowed out with comments such as, ‘life is too short.’

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of moral support for Monique that we have heard from folk from around the globe.   We firmly believe in the power of wishes, intentions and prayers (see Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment for scientific evidence that such can be effective).  So, our deepest appreciation to you all for those.

It just occurred to me though that perhaps lost in the fog of war that Scientology is so adept at manufacturing are the men who put their careers at risk to do the right thing on Monique’s behalf.  Miscavige is not only attempting to deprive Monique of representation, in his inimitable style he is attempting to destroy her lawyers by having a court of law brand them as ‘unethical and immoral.’   It is done pursuant to the firm Scientology policy to cause perceived enemies’ ‘professional demise’ or even to ‘ruin them utterly.’

If Scientology were successful in disqualifying her counsel, Monique assures me she is going to manage one way or the other, even if it means self-representation between her 50 hour work weeks, plus 10 hour per week of commuting.

But, Monique is just as concerned about the potential future problems disqualification creates for the members of her legal team.  So, we hope we can direct a measure of your good wishes, intentions and prayers toward the only three lawyers in the state of Texas who are willing to put their careers on the line to right wrongs they just won’t cotton to happening in their great state.

Hot, Blue, and Righteous:

Elliott Cappuccio

Elliott Cappuccio

Elliott Cappuccio,

Marc Wiegand

Marc Wiegand

Marc Wiegand,

Ray Jeffrey

Ray Jeffrey

Ray Jeffrey,

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    Holy Vatican City


    The practice of declaring people APOSTATE and HERETICS will cease. Execution by burning APOSTATES and HERETICS at the stake may not appear on any Inquisitorial Tribunal Orders. It causes bad public relations.

    This Papal Bull does not cancel any Papal Bull on the treatment or handling of an APOSTATE or HERETIC.

    POPE Innocent IV

  2. In this 56 min video uploaded today (the 19th) aprx 36 min in the subject of Monique, Marty and what’s going on in Texas is discussed.

  3. Well, how about some cheer, and some Rockabilly? Rockabilly , you know, you have to own a huge tribe of people from West Virginia and/or right across into Maryland, to understand Hill Billy and rockabilly. But it is all very very soulful. Someday Someway, we might hit some requilibrium as a tribe.
    Here’s to all you good people that have meant well. Every action counts. Never be dismayed!

  4. A Thetan that doesn’t mock up shit is in the end a serene Thetan (I am not a Thetan I am an earth Spirit)

  5. I hope this one isn’t in the cult

  6. Jim Henson had the power exchange of dictators pegged:

  7. Fucking LOL, Scientology lost a big one in him

  8. Since David Miscavige has testified in court as the authoritative head of the Church of Scientology, I wonder how thin his excuses of no involvement will get?

    Crimes outraged church trial told May 29, 1992, Peter Small , Toronto Star

  9. As a Scientologist in good standing, I really hope Monique wins this battle. Ethics is so far gone at the top of the org board that this technology’s only hope is by affecting the organization from the outside. And OSA is or has become worse than the GO ever was. For every bit of infiltration the GO did, OSA has taken on a worse valence.

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