The ‘Truth’ Rundown

The ‘Truth Rundown’ has made the news recently.  It seems it was utilized by David Miscavige in an attempt to control the mind and communication of Leah Remini.  

Some may recall that the St Petersburg Times (now, Tampa Times) groundbreaking series in June 2009 was entitled “The Truth Rundown.”   I believe that David Miscavige was the unwitting author of that title.

After the church of Scientology was informed about the facts that I disclosed to the Times, the Times was assaulted with ‘wheelbarrows’ of material extracted from my preclear and ethics files from the church.   One item piqued the curiosity of the reporters.  It was an ‘apology’ I had written to David Miscavige in 1994.  Someone might be able to find it on the Tampa Times website – it was once posted there, and was published in the original series, but I could not find it.

I explained that it was the ‘end phenomena’ of the Truth Rundown.   The Truth Rundown is not over until such a written apology is extracted from the person being subjected to the rundown.  And that is by order, and policy, of L. Ron Hubbard.   That that is the end phenomena is evident from my ‘apology’ to Miscavige.  If you find it, you can see that that is the end phenomena by my words in  the very first paragraph.  After dozens of hours of being interrogated I report that the interrogator found no ‘black PR’ (negative propaganda) had been harbored or spread by me about Miscavige.  Nonetheless, I was required to write the ‘apology’ in order to terminate the seemingly unending interrogations.  As you can see in the ‘apology’ itself, I used a little creativity in order to achieve the ‘end phenomena.’


When Hubbard was on the lam from lawsuits and grand juries in the early 80’s, he was flooding the Int Base (Scientology’s 500 acre compound near Hemet, California) with floods of orders to prepare for his return.  For a complete account of that era, read Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior.

Part of the orders to the Int Base included ensuring the several hundred personnel there were completely loyal to Hubbard, for security purposes.   All manner of security checking broke out in response.  That is, forced interrogations on the e-meter (a single component of a lie detector) testing the single-minded trustworthiness of adherents to Hubbard.

In the course of the mass security checking it was discovered that a long-term Sea Org member at the base had made a comment that he felt the technical training films directed by Hubbard were amateur in quality.  Of course, any intelligent person who has seen those original films would probably agree that this comment pretty well aligned with the truth.   David Miscavige certainly fit that category.  After all, he wound up spending on the order of one hundred million dollars to upgrade those films to ‘professional standards’ once Hubbard died.

But, Miscavige – and the rest of the Int Base staff – was more accomplished at keeping his true thoughts in order, and at the Int Base that means suppressed.    Miscavige, led the chorus of Int Base executives who were outraged that such black propaganda – that the films were amateur – was being spread about the Int Base.  When Hubbard received the reports, he responded with the terminated handling.  That would be the exact procedure for what would become packaged, marketed and delivered as ‘The Truth Rundown.’


Here is the truth rundown in my own words:

  1.   Security check a subject until you find a thought that is negative – by Miscavige’s definition – that is harbored by the individual toward someone of importance in Scientology.
  2.   Ask, ‘just prior to having that thought, did you commit an overt (a harmful act)’?
  3.  Then do the full security checking procedure – which includes forced, complete confession.
  4.   Then interrogate for an ‘evil purpose’ that prompted the overt in the first place.
  5.   When you’ve done this procedure for some time the individual finally comes to some level of realization and is happy for having completed that auditing procedure and that his ‘negative’ thoughts are prompted by deep, inherent evil intentions that have been implanted into him millions of years ago.
  6. Continue this process for as long as it takes for the recipient to originate something kind about the person he is being interrogated about.  That is, after being forced to introvert on one’s own shortcomings for up to hundreds of hours, somewhere along the line the person recognizes the objective is to make him feel remorseful for having harbored less than kind thoughts about the person in question.
  7. The subject originates – or more than likely is prompted to – to ‘apologize’ to the person he harbored a less than kind thought about.

In my two decades of experience in administering and being subjected to the Truth Rundown, more often than not I observed it being used not to establish truth at all.  Instead, it was used to enforce trusthworthiness and loyalty to the liking of the higher-up the subject had an unkind thought toward.   Generally, what occurs is the subject becomes contrite and forgets what he thought of or objected to in the first place and rejoins the group as an enthusiastic member of the Stepford (or Truman Show) culture.

Is ‘brainwashing’ too harsh of a label for this?

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  1. Sounds like brainwashing to me! It really upsets me that good people are put through this crap for having the gall to think for themselves.

  2. I have not seen a full copy of your “apology” on the intrawebz, but nor have I broken out the goggle-fu to find it. It may be out there, as you suggest. However, here is where the “apology” is discussed by the SP Times, and here is where you comment on it at this site. Your shift in viewpoints on the topic of “The Truth Rundown” (tech) is, IMHO, reassuring of an evolving conceptual understanding, but your description of the origin of “The Truth Rundown” doesn’t seem to encapsulate a wider view and, thus, full context.

    I agree with the SP Times in its contention that the origin of that rundown can be traced back to HCO BULLETIN OF 31 DECEMBER AD 9 – “BLOW OFFS”. In that L Ron Hubbard teaching the reader will find, inter alia, the idea that the better a person is treated within a situation the more likely they are to leave it. More to the point, in this discussion, is the passage:

    . . . People leave because of their own overts and withholds. That is the factual fact and the hardbound rule. A man with a clean heart can’t be hurt. The man or woman who must must must become a victim and depart is departing because of his or her own overts and withholds. It doesn’t matter whether the person is departing from a town or a job or a session. The cause is the same.

    Almost anyone, no matter his position, can remedy a situation no matter what’s wrong if he or she really wants to. When the person no longer wants to remedy it his own overt acts and withholds against the others involved in the situation have lowered his own ability to be responsible for it. Therefore he or she does not remedy the situation. Departure is the only answer. To justify the departure the person blowing off dreams up things done to him, in an effort to minimize the overt by degrading those it was done to. The mechanics involved are quite simple . . .

    So, no: the “Truth Rundown” is not brainwashing. Rather, the brainwashing is done much earlier in the implanting of the concepts upon which it is constructed. The “Truth Rundown” is one many pieces of the tech which reaps that earlier brainwashing and, in doing so, serves a primary purpose: the protection of the group. This is achieved through two main means. First, it makes Scientology “right” and the supposed malefactor “wrong”, and, secondly, it derives justification for the disposal (without sorrow) of those individuals who commit the greatest crime within Scientology: that of speaking truth about the subject and L Ron Hubbard.

    • You ignored a key sentence in “Blow Offs”:

      “One can treat people so well that they grow ashamed of themselves, knowing they don’t deserve it, that a blow-off is precipitated, and certainly one can treat people so badly that they have no other choice but to leave, but these are extreme conditions and in between these we have the majority of departures.”

      (Emphasis mine).

      Certainly being subject to gang sec checks, crush reg cycles, forced abortions, TRD’s and RB’s, yelling sessions and musical chairs… all of this, I would say, fall into the category of “extreme conditions” would you not agree?

      What we have are people willfully misapplying what Ron wrote, on people who are willingly bending over to take it. There is nothing in the “Blow Offs” HCOB that even comes close to “Brainwashing.” It is just a bulletin written on paper. I have personally pointed this one sentence out to MAA after MAA, SO member after SO member, and for whatever reason, they still ignore the “extreme conditions” clause and choose to be vindictive and justify their own bad behavior by saying the person who left is all bad.

      And here I am again, once again pointing out this sentence. Tell me: Is this sentence written in Greek? Is it somehow impossible to understand so simple a concept? I am facetious, yet serious: this is not hard to understand. And people using “Blow Offs” to justify their own bad behavior is not brainwashing, it is criminality on the person’s part, and complicity by those who accept it.


      • Grasshopper; Thanks for that reference. Amidst all this Ron bashing, I get the feeling that half the people commenting really hate him. Practically everything I’ve read by him made perfect sense and aligned with my observations. When I add something, it is usually anecdotal evidence of something he mentioned or was leading towards Can you give me the reference, I may need it in the future since I still have many friends in the church but am going to further my training in the Indie field.

      • You hear what you listen for and you believe what you agree with. I’m here, Grasshopper, and I see and understand. Thanks.

      • If we are going to discuss each other’s literacy and ability to understand, I would be grateful if you would, please, point to where I stated that the “Blow Off” HCOB itself has anything to do with brainwashing. You and I both know that you can’t and have simply applied another L Ron Hubbard concept: i.e., “always attack, never defend”. This explains the ad homs, obfuscation, and strawman. But I don’t blame you. It has already been well established that those who feel compelled to speak up on behalf of the “tech” find themselves in the forlorn position of having to defend the indensible and, thus, such sophistry is all that’s left to work with. Meanwhile, those who have read – and understood – my comment will see that what I have done is agree with a previous observation that ideas contained within the “Blow Off” HCOB stem from an antecedent and, by doing so, I addressed the question posed in the OP.

        Those Scientologists who have followed L Ron Hubbard’s instructions to carry out criminal acts (cf: “Operation Snow White”, et al) have done under so after having spent significant amounts of time absorbing (and very often writing success stories about) all sorts of justifications. In addition to the “people only leave due to overts” there’s also the: “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”, “man cannot be trusted with justice”, an SP “may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist”, “if possible ruin utterly”, “any person from 2.0 down on the Tone Scale should not have, in any thinking society, any civil rights of any kind”, “any person very high on the Tone Scale may level destruction toward a suppressor”, “there is the supreme test of a thetan – the ability to make things go right”, “command intention”, “a person who is PTS is often the last person to suspect it”, “a person who is critical of us is a criminal”, and “hitting them from as many directions as possible”. That’s just a few of them. In fact, its a matter of honour to a Scientologist that they “never fear to hurt another in a good cause”.

        It is the reverential, systematic and milieu-enforced relentless inculcation of “workable” concepts such as these which constitutes the “brainwashing” by which those under its influence justify to themselves the destruction of others. So, yes: extreme conditioning, indeed.

        • There is no justification for committing illegal acts. That people have done so in the name of the tech is a failure on the part of Scientology leadership, including L. Ron Hubbard, and a moral failing on the part of the Scientologists who did it. There is no doubt Ron and his followers crossed the line defending his creation, and in so doing, violated the very principles that underlie Scientology. And by the way, the core principles are not “if possible ruin utterly” or “any person from 2.0 down on the Tone Scale should not have, in any thinking society, any civil rights of any kind.”

          You quoted “Blow Offs” out of context as do so many others. You either missed or ignored a key piece of the bulletin – just as so many Scientologists have. People will latch on to a concept and then hold on to it until the bitter end – applying (or misapplying) it rotely, and without reason. Some people will latch on to the negative and push that, which unfortunately happened in spades in the church, so I understand your bitterness toward the whole subject. I guess I can’t expect you to separate the wheat from the chaff, and I doubt you want to anyway.

        • So is “justification” a bad word?

          1.the action of showing something to be right or reasonable.

          Law and “Justice” are based on it. Note the same root for “justice”.

          And being of the “Vietnam war” generation, viewing how the government sometimes behaved back then, I never saw “Snow White” as “criminal”, although I was not a participant. When the people who have the guns pass the laws, they criminalize whatever suits them, and are not necessarily just. Sheeplike submission and obedience are not necessarily the correct actions. Ask Gandhi.

          • Good point. While the means of “Snow White” were illegal and the act should not have been done, it is important to remember the times – MK Ultra is one of the the most heinous crimes against the human mind ever perpetrated, and it was funded by the government. Scientology was singled out – the FDA (FDA? Come on) raid in ’63, bans in Australia and England, the “enemies list” of Nixon. Nixon’s raid in 1956. Ah, Scientology – what a long, strange trip it’s been.

            • Yeah, long strange trip indeed.

              Speaking of the 1960s, I wonder how many of the people decrying scientology’s “illegal actions” like Snow White, were actually faced with being forcibly drafted into the US Army and being sent to Vietnam, where your life expectancy in a combat zone was about 5 – 10 minutes? Tom Martiniano’s book about Vietnam, “Teenage Wasteland”, describes it vividly.

              So how come it was “illegal” to refuse induction into the Army, but it was not a crime to force people into the Army and then send them out to die by the thousands?

              I found another way out, but one of my alternatives was to refuse induction, which many actually did. That was an automatic felony conviction with 2 years in jail, for refusing induction. NIce, having a felony conviction on your record, yeah? For not wanting to go out and kill or be killed.

  3. Marty, do you think this influenced Hubbards actions in this time period?


    Miscavige accomplished his coup by commandeering the only line of communication to Hubbard during the last five years of his life, plying Hubbard with embellished and false reports of a dangerous environment to keep him out of communication with Sea Org members and his family. The reports falsely accused Hubbard’s family and lifelong friends of selling out to the enemy and that Scientology orgs had been infiltrated by psychiatric and government interests. He prevented true reports from reaching Hubbard in order to make his actions appear necessary and on policy and to solidify his position.”

    • Actually, if you read Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior you’ll see the broader context. Hubbard’s influence on Miscavige was far greater than Miscavige’s could ever be upon Hubbard.

      • Ok. Can I ask, how did you find out about what you wrote in “Five” above?

        This is from your affidavit:
        1. “I served with Mr. Miscavige in Scientology’s Sea Organization for 27 years. From 1982 to 2004, I answered directly to Mr. Miscavige. As Inspector General of Religious Technology Center (“RTC”), I was Mr. Miscavige’s second in command. Mr. Miscavige and I were the only Scientologists ever awarded Scientology’s “Medal of Honor” by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. In the history of Scientology, no other Church executive worked with Mr. Miscavige more closely, for a longer period of time, than I did.

      • The onley positive thing I can say about David Miscavige is that perhaps he is a made sociopath by circumstances.

        • I think Miscavige had a psychotic break to avoid realizing he had killed Lisa McPherson. It’s all been downhill for him since then. This indicates a feeling of guilt he cannot confront, and an intense terror of being found out.

          If this is true, it is also a kind of proof that even Miscavige is basically good. If he were a true 100% sociopath he would have no such feelings.

          • Hi Valkov,

            You write…”I think Miscavige had a psychotic break to avoid realizing he had killed Lisa McPherson. It’s all been downhill for him since then. This indicates a feeling of guilt he cannot confront, and an intense terror of being found out.” From A Course in Miracles perspective the killing, the death, the idea of going ‘downhill’ and the guilt are all illusory components in an illusory world. An illusory world made (not created) by an illusory consciousness referred to in the course as the Ego. The Ego is not an entity it is AC (artificial consciousness – artificial mind) and the world it has made is a world of duality where even all that is perceived to be ‘good’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘sublime’ has an edge of fear to it. Sin (occurred in the past), guilt (is held in the present), fear (exists as a future consequence) and bodies, existing as separate individualities, are all elements of control elements that the Ego mind uses to imprison Spirit’s attention which is fragmented and encapsulated in individual bodies. But, of course, it is impossible for Spirit’s attention to ever be imprisoned. However, Spirit can believe that it is.

            Individualities, believing the world they are in is real, carry enormous burdens of grievances, guilt and fear that, for the most part, exists below their level of awareness/consciousness (the ego projects its world from the bottom of the unconscious mind). Individualities, not being able to confront the magnitude of the unconscious grievances and guilt they carry, project these illusory components onto an imaginary world seeming to exist outside of Self. In this way, Self transfers all grievances and guilt to illusory ‘others’ (although Self very much believes the ‘others’ are as real as he or she is) and the ‘others’ then become the sinners and the guilty. Thereby, in the Ego world we experience a continuous enactment of the Karpman Drama Triangle (Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer) that serves to keep Spirit immersed in problems of varying magnitude and distracted from true perception. In the Ego’s world everything is always about the body. The body is the Ego’s domain.

            Interesting to observe where and how the illusory DM is projecting his illusory guilt.

            The way out of this mess, according to the course, is to use the illusion of forgiveness to undo the illusory sin, guilt and fear made by the Ego mind and thus eradicate the Ego mind and all the Ego mind has made. In this way, Spirit returns home from its exploration that never really happened, in what the course refers to as being “the tiny mad idea.”

            • I object to the word “illusory”. Yes, I think I understand how it is meant here, but it has other connotations. If the phenomenal world and all the action in it is merely “illusion”, why bother to to object to Miscavige’s conduct, or anything else that happens or that people do? Why object to torture and killing? After all, it might be argued, it is all an illusion and no-one is really being hurt, right?

              Some similarly object to the characterization that “Life is a game” or “Life is like a game”. LRH actually said “Life is best likened to a game”. I simply think “illusion” is a word that carries too much baggage at this point in time.

              • Valkov, I can understand your objection to the word ‘illusory.’ But while saying that I can understand, and I feel that I do, I can also say, with more than a little confidence, that whatever I think your objection is about that is not what it’s about. :)

                You write…”If the phenomenal world and all the action in it is merely “illusion”, why bother to to object to Miscavige’s conduct, or anything else that happens or that people do? Why object to torture and killing? After all, it might be argued, it is all an illusion and no-one is really being hurt, right?” Yes, IF the phenomenal world and all the action in it is merely ‘illusion’ why bother about anything, why object to anything because none of it is really happening? Well, we bother and we object because we very much believe that it is all real and that it is our responsibility to do something about it. There is so much ‘evil’ and so much ‘good’ in the world and there is so much ‘good’ that needs for us to save it from the ‘evil.’ And that seems to be “The Game of Life” in this world. But, one of the main purposes of this game is distraction. What is it distracting the players in the game from? What doesn’t it want the players of the game to look at? It doesn’t want the players looking at Source. It doesn’t want the players of the game discovering who and what and where they really are because if they do that then the game will be over.

                Valkov, what we refer to as ‘Life’ in this world has no meaning or value except for what meaning and value we assign to it (our considerations about, our belief systems about). And in a world of perception, in a world of comparisons, in a world of duality… we assign (based on our preferences) everything we perceive more or less meaning and the more meaning we assign to something the more value it has for us. The better it is for us. Conversely, the less meaning we assign to something the less value it has. It is less good for us.

                Because the world we perceive exists as a duality, we can simultaneously create special ‘Love relationships’ and special ‘Hate relationships’ that we assign much meaning to. Having special Love and Hate relationships is how we really spice up the game. It’s also how we really get ourselves attached to and stuck in, the game This is how, through our belief systems, we make the reality we experience. But is the reality we experience actually real? We seem to have free will, we seem to have freedom of choice but do we really have either?

                In the Matrix trilogy, at the end, Neo (‘The One’) meets the Architect and the Architect tells him what his two choices are. He can take the door on the right and return to Source and save Zion or he can take the door on the left and save the girl (a special Love relationship) and his species will perish. Neo doesn’t chose the door on the right. Instead, he chooses to save the girl. Neo has become so attached to the game, so attached to his special relationships, that he can’t let them go. Now, it does appear that Neo in his choice to save the girl does also ‘save the day.’ But, ‘saving the day’ in this case is really just restarting the game, albeit, restarting it in a condition of harmony, perhaps even nonduality. The harmony, of course, will not last. The game will inevitably become corrupt and split into a duality of good and evil (good versus evil), humans and machines (humans versus machines). In other words, the game just follows its original programmed purpose i.e., to keep the Spirit so caught up in playing the Game of Life that it will never be able to discover who, what and where it really is.

                The Architect told Neo that he was the sixth version of the program anomaly…I wonder how many versions of the ‘anomaly’ we are? How many times have we had the opportunity to choose to return to Source but instead made the choice to restart the game? Why would we chose to restart the game when we could return to Source? I suspect that we continue to chose to restart the game because, for us, the game has more meaning than Source. It seems that we cannot not conceive of Source except through perception and perception is based on a belief of more than less than.

                There’s a scene in the Matrix where Neo is meeting with the Oracle and the subject of choice comes up. Neo wants to know what’s the point of making a choice if his choice has been predetermined. The Oracle informs him that he has already made the choice. That’s not why he’s here. He’s here to find out why he made the choice he did.

                Valkov, if you have never seen the Matrix documentary Return to Source I highly recommend it. It’s about an hr long and you can find it on Vimeo. Just search: Philosophy and the Matrix – Return to the Source.

          • He doesn’t want to be found out okay , I am with mark Fisher who worked close to him. Wish he chimed in here more on tghis subject.

            Well why would a 100 % sociopath want to be found out than ?

            • That’s exactly my point. He is not “100% sociopath”. He is basically good like anyone else. The goodness is buried. In Christian terms, Man is created in God’s own “image and likeness”. If God is Good, as he is claimed to be, then Man is also basically good, if he is indeed “created in God’s image and likeness”. In the West, there is a lot of emphasis on how “sinful” Man is. This is the wrong emphasis, they are validating the later postulate. In at least some of the Eastern churches, there is more of an emphasis on “sin” being a secondary, temporary “stain” on the original, basic goodness. I think this is a healthier, more therapeutic view.

              As for DM, he has not had the opportunity to be released from his “SP case”. It is usually very difficult to get an SP to accept auditing, and he has reportedly refused it all down the line.

              • Actually I don’t mind whether or not DM is a 100% sociopath. Or 99%. Or only 5%.
                He may as well be high grade PTS. There would be no difference.
                Detrimental actions lead to decline without ethics change. And he is busy with it and he won’t change, as he can’t help himself.

                You know how it goes, if the person can’t put ethics in on himself consciously, he will do subconsciously.

              • I avoid auditing too. How about my csase than ?

              • Valkov, you write…”The goodness is buried. In Christian terms, Man is created in God’s own ‘image and likeness’. If God is Good, as he is claimed to be, then Man is also basically good, if he is indeed ‘created in God’s image and likeness’. ” There are some big ‘ifs’ there. Personally, I don’t think God created Man. I do suspect that God did create Spirit…what Christians refer to as Christ. Christ being an extension of God and exactly like God. But Man…that’s a different story. Who or what created Man and in exactly whose image was Man created? Man, I don’t think is anywhere near capable of conceiving a God that could extend itself as a Christ. However, I do think Man is plenty capable of being able to conceive of a God in Man’s image including all the dichotomies that seem to be inherent within Man.

                Genesis 1:26-27 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” [27] So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

                Interesting isn’t it…the use of the word ‘Our’ in verse 26 then ‘own’ in verse 27. Ever hear of the Anunnaki?

                To me, it is not likely that a perfect God (if there is such a thing) would extend itself as anything but perfection. However, a false God, being false, being an imperfection, making things in its likeness, would extend itself as imperfection. If Spirit is believing itself to be ‘Man’ then, in that belief what happens is…well, we know very well what happens don’t we?

                • Actually I was not stating what I believe, but what I understand basic Christian belief to be. I am not a “believer” myself, nor particularly interested in what the qualities of God, if such exists, might actually be. Logically speaking, IF God is truly “omnipotent”(all-powerful) as “s/he” is reputed to be, then S/he could have created us and the entire universe including the detailed memories of each and every one of us, the evolutionary fossil record and everything existing, just 5 minutes ago and we would never know it.

                  In short, I view discussions of “God” in that monotheistic sense, as a game.

                  But fundamental Christian beliefs are that 1. God is Good, and 2. that God created Man “in his own image and likeness”. So, IF God is Good, and Man is created in God’s own image and likeness, it follows that Man is also basically “good”, just as God is basically good. That is simple logic. It is not necessarily what I myself believe.

                  • As for the use of different terms like “Our image” in one place and “own image” in another, don’t forget that what you are reading is one translation of many. The Bible has gone through many iterations in different languages and was a synthetic document to start with. The Eastern Orthodox churches, of which I am nominally a member by birth, do not view the Bible as a primary source in any case.

                    • Yes Valkov, as you note…the Bible has gone through many iterations in different languages and was a synthetic document to begin with. This is why I have always regarded the Bible as a collection of metaphors open to as many interpretations as there are viewpoints. And definitely not anything to build a religion around. I have never viewed the Bible as being a primary source either. That said, I still believe that a person, if so inclined to look and has eyes to see and ears to hear, can find numerous metaphorical examples that reflect true perception scattered throughout its pages. To me, though, the Bible has much more to do with false perception (a false world) than otherwise.

                      Valkov, you mention that by birth you are nominally a member of an Eastern Orthodox church that did not view the Bible as a primary source. I’m curious, what did your church view as being a primary source?

                    • Actually Monte, the Eastern branches are more similar to Roman Catholicism which as I understand it also does not view the Bible as THE primary source.

                      The mysteries and meanings of the Christian beliefs are primarily contained in the rituals and liturgies, the initiative teachings, the actual vestments of the priests, the actual physical design of the churches, etc. It is an elaborate and detailed system of Symbols, interpreted by the initiated priests, and designed to create specific emotional and intellectual effects on the people participating.

                  • While I believe that it is impossible for me to exactly duplicate what you are saying I do understand what you’re saying as what you are saying is very familiar to me.

                    You know Valkov, for me, describing anything as being ‘basically good’ or, for that matter, ‘basically bad,’ implies a ‘but.’ For example, God is basically good but…

  4. The beginning of the end

  5. Dr. Robert J. Lifton’s Eight Criteria for Thought Reform

    Milieu Control. This involves the control of information and communication both within the environment and, ultimately, within the individual, resulting in a significant degree of isolation from society at large.
    Mystical Manipulation. There is manipulation of experiences that appear spontaneous but in fact were planned and orchestrated by the group or its leaders in order to demonstrate divine authority or spiritual advancement or some special gift or talent that will then allow the leader to reinterpret events, scripture, and experiences as he or she wishes.
    Demand for Purity. The world is viewed as black and white and the members are constantly exhorted to conform to the ideology of the group and strive for perfection. The induction of guilt and/or shame is a powerful control device used here.
    Confession. Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group. There is no confidentiality; members’ “sins,” “attitudes,” and “faults” are discussed and exploited by the leaders.
    Sacred Science. The group’s doctrine or ideology is considered to be the ultimate Truth, beyond all questioning or dispute. Truth is not to be found outside the group. The leader, as the spokesperson for God or for all humanity, is likewise above criticism.
    Loading the Language. The group interprets or uses words and phrases in new ways so that often the outside world does not understand. This jargon consists of thought-terminating clichés, which serve to alter members’ thought processes to conform to the group’s way of thinking.
    Doctrine over person. Member’s personal experiences are subordinated to the sacred science and any contrary experiences must be denied or reinterpreted to fit the ideology of the group.
    Dispensing of existence. The group has the prerogative to decide who has the right to exist and who does not. This is usually not literal but means that those in the outside world are not saved, unenlightened, unconscious and they must be converted to the group’s ideology. If they do not join the group or are critical of the group, then they must be rejected by the members. Thus, the outside world loses all credibility. In conjunction, should any member leave the group, he or she must be rejected also. (Lifton, 1989)

    • Yes, this is a perfect description of the Chinese/North Korean/Vietnamese – you name it – elements of their brainwashing basics.. Also apparently used extensively in the CoS today, from top to bottom.

  6. Reading these comments from people who have received the TRD from people who got decent, or at least non-life-threatening results, I think we can all assume that it is the manner of application that causes the problem, not the TRD itself?

    You can take a surgical scalpel and perform the surgery needed to save someone’s life. You can also take a scalpel and cut someone’s jugular vein.

    The problem here is that there are rules in place that protect people who use Scientology vindictively. And that there are people who have accepted this vindictive use of Scientology. This has been done to the point where “Scientology” became its obverse: The vindictive application of Scientology.


    • “I think we can all assume that it is the manner of application that causes the problem, not the TRD itself?”

      No. Any possible benefit is at the risk of far more serious harm as far as I can see.

      • You know, Martin, you give a guy two Tylenol for a headache, and it helps him. You give the same guy 8 or 10 Tylenol, and his liver fails.

        • Excellent , rational metaphor, Grasshopper. You know, all those bashers who keep saying “It’s all nothing but brain washing, no value to any of it.” etc, etc, etc. I have to put them in just a few categories.
          Those who received incompetent and/or intentionally harmful Scientology Now they are stuck with erroneous considerations that they cannot change. Funny, that Scn can bring one to a condition where he can see and evaluate info accurately in present time and can give one the ability to change his mind.
          Years ago I heard verbally that Ron once said or wrote ‘The biggest problem in Scientology is incompetent auditors.’ A very courageous statement coming from the father of auditing.
          Next are those who have not worked with any significant amount of Scn and have heard mostly negative things, whether true or not, and have formed an opinion they cannot change. Because of being wronged in the distant past and/or committing wrongs in other matters, feel they must speak out .
          Lastly are those who are just ‘no case gain’ cases. They just want to stop anything worthwhile and their comm should simply be shoved to the side. Wait, perhaps some of it should be heard so that we can understand what descent people are exposed to and to learn how to discount it.
          To look at Ron’s body of work in detail and to say it is all hogwash is just plain stupid. This statement is obvious in the extreme.
          I’m not the quickest dog in the pack, but even I can see the enormous potential in this science. As for picking out every imperfection and blaring it out loudly? Many have developed better light bulbs than Edison’s, but to call him stupid and evil would be retarded. And yes, it is a valid example.
          Even the ‘Turd’ RD has value when used wisely, skillfully, honestly and when it is actually called for. Come on people, THINK.

          • @ MarkNR,

            I think there is another one too, with a shade of difference from your first one of those who have received incompetent or intentionally bad auditing. If the preclear has not made an effort to study the tech, yet got a lot of auditing, he inevitably will not understand things about what is happening to him and will be more likely to be unhappy with his auditing. Not all the time, but more likely. It would take a very seasoned auditor to catch this each time it happened during a session.

            The co-audit is what LRH pushed, train as you go up the Bridge, and of course the crush demand for income eventually nuked that out of existence. “Training is a lot less expensive than auditing, so why sell THAT? What a waste of a Reg’s time.” One of the most ignorant things to say. It’s the smartest thing and the safest and most helpful thing you could do for a pc–get them to train.

            As a trained pc I once knew that a Grade 0 auditor was really going the wrong way and I told him so. He insisted he wasn’t, he wouldn’t let me out of the auditing room, so I sat it out with him, got out, and refused to go back with him until he was corrected on his obvious mistakes. I never did go back in with him just to be safe. The session was so off the wall that I suspected he’d falsify his worksheets too. If I hadn’t known about what he was doing I could’ve suffered more and more things that seemed disagreeable to me, maybe felt it was my fault for misunderstanding, wasted more and more money and felt worse and worse. I can’t tell you how many times being a trained pc helped me understand what was going on and it made it go faster and more effectively as well.

            Didn’t mean to ramble quite so much–but this thought was triggered by the very sour comments of some people who spent crazy amounts of money on auditing without getting a good foundation in training first or along the line. With the method of extracting money from people I am sure they never even had a clue they could’ve gone a more economical and effective route. That is what’s disappointing to me and actually pretty suppressive.

            • Back in the 1970s, where I was, one did not call himself a “Scientologist” until one was an auditor or training to be one. This was reflected in the names of the courses – HAS, HQS, HSDC. You became a Scientologist by DOING, by which I mean auditing others.

            • Back when this all started, there were more auditors than there were non-auditor PCs. To be a scientologist was to be an auditor. Hence the term, HAS, Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist, HQS, Hubbard Qualified Scientologist, etc, etc.
              When you are a trained PC, you know what you are looking for. There is a built in danger to this, of course, you can be told what to look for. But that is a danger that cannot be helped. To remove this possibility completely is to bar most from the bulk of the gains available. We, most of us, are trying to get people up to the point where they can be responsible for their own case as quickly as possible. It’s not the auditor who pecked out your eyes or ran you through with a spear and locked in all the emotions connected with it. Its not the auditor who talked you into slapping your kid or burning off that planet with all it’s inhabitants. The auditor is the one who spent years busting his ass to learn how to help you release yourself from these things. And these guys, at least in the Ind. field, receive far less exchange than the value of their help.Thanks, Rojo and sorry it led me into another rant………Mark

              • @ MarkNR and Valkov, Yes, I did the same. Started with HQS in 1973. Still some of the best stuff I experienced. And I give all my training the credit for being able to keep myself out of a lot of trouble, see through all the crap, then calmly plan/maneuver leaving for three weeks, taking all my possessions too, and got the heck out. Mark–that was a great rant! We don’t talk enough about the training on this blog IMO, so I love it when someone talks up the value of an auditor (pre-GAT) and their accomplishments. I sure had a TON of them as an auditor and those are as great or greater moments for me as some of the Bridge I’ve done. In the absence of the Auditors Day event this year, let’s take a minute to validate the work auditors have done to study, deliver auditing, get themselves corrected when necessary and carry on with the proper intentions in their hearts–to get gains and abilities recovered for their pcs only, and for no other reason.

                • ROJO, thanks. There are hundreds of thousands of us who enjoyed giving and receiving auditing and our lives are much better for it. Sorry to harp on this again but it needs to be said. The time is right for auditors to organize, train and audit en-masse. The church isn’t going to get better any time soon and PR is at an all time low. Growth is a good thing, no matter what some say about such esoteric things as balance and illusions and false realities.
                  Get those failed purposes rekindled and DO. There are enough of us now to advance a conglomeration of organizations of ethical people who can and will help themselves and others. I have not been a leader in the past, but perhaps a leader is not what is needed now. That has not worked out to well lately. But maybe I’m taking on the hat of ‘Enthusiasm I/C.
                  The dream world fantasy of all the good things about Scn. without any of the bad, doesn’t have to be a dream. Just do the good things and not the bad. If you think it’s more complicated than that, then a few hours of honest training and skilled auditing can bring your enthusiasm back. Without making robots or moon bat cultists. As I said before, I don’t want to spend another lifetime walking behind a mule or as a slave, building monuments. That’s my reality, and many others as well. Let’s come up-tone and do it. I deserve it and so do you. Come on, it’ll be fun…. again.

                  • Hi Mr Enthusiasm I/C

                    I like it! “Get those failed purposes rekindled”. I work on the principle if it didn’t kill me it made me stronger,
                    and since we are still communicating is evidence our involvement with the Church of Scientology didn’t kill us, so in fact we must be stronger for the experience.

                    I am in Portsmouth, England, where in the world are you?

                    Pip –

  7. Couldn’t help but notice David Miscavige is smearing Monique in the press again against the backdrop of his restraining order. Maybe someone should send that critter a dictionary so he can understand the words in that decree and how his flippancy for legal doctrine and ritual disregard for the demands of civil law are flagrant violations upon the social intercourse the rest of the nation deems valid and useful.

  8. Tony DePhillips

    It is brain washing.
    I was subjected to a slightly different version with sec checks and fprd to make me more docile. It is mental manipulation in some of its worst forms.

  9. I know for a fact that a few OTs (40-year veterans and highly classed) when called in for a rollback and investigation by Freewinds missions have been intimidated into handing over their personal laptops for inspection. Obviously to inspect their email address books and the content of their emails to and from friends and to look for other heretical stuff.

    They tend to lose many friends immediately after that breach of personal trust is found out about and will never be trusted again. Fact. Life is too short for friends like that.

    “You mean you colluded with the Nazis against your good friends and neighbors?” Same theory.

    Part of the version of the Freewinds OT8 “field interrogation” that I know about consists of the OT reading down the list of suppressive acts in the PL one by one and being asked if “you had ever done that.” Might be asked to do an informal A to E (in secret) after that.

    A whole “field interrogation” off meter can take up to two weeks . . . if you’re that willing and have the time.

  10. Great post. Helped me with some stuff I was trying to figure out. Thanks ;)

  11. Not harsh enough.

  12. agnostic reader

    I do believe that such a procedure could be called brain washing, especially if you factor in the sleep deprivation and crappy food. You may say that one had to be sessionable. CRAP. i was never sessionable whilst in the SO. Doing one all nighter a week is enough to wreck your sessionability for the month considering the crap you eat and the little sleep you get. I now know I was not sessionable ever since I am out I get every night sufficient sleep and I eat healthy food and I feel great!

  13. gretchen dewire

    I just read Nancy Monys book ” My billion year contract” where she describes a psychotic break she had as a result of some of this stuff and it makes me sick. It is inhuman.I am so glad I am no longer in the church.

  14. After reading through all the comments tonight I watched a movie (a sci-fi thriller) that I had first watched four years prior to my coming out from under the spell of SC. I recall that when I first watched the film I was quite impressed with it being such a revealing metaphor for the human story and condition. My interpretation of the movie, though, was very much influenced by my rigid SC belief system I had at the time so I missed a lot. Wow! What a difference a shifting of belief systems will do for how a movie can be interpreted! Tonight when I watched The Island, perhaps because I had just read Marty’s blog and all the comments…I just kept seeing this incredible metaphor of my SC experience being played out in front of me. It was wild!

    If you haven’t seen the movie, The Island (starring Ewan McGregor), or if it’s been awhile since you have…I would say give it a go and see what you think. It’s damn entertaining and if you have eyes to see and ears to hear…well, it’s not just entertaining, it’s a classroom.

  15. Another SICK situation:

    “CLAIRE: Yes, this is the version as I knew it. There are a few things to cover in regards to OT Preps:

    If you are a stalled Clear, you will be programmed for the False Purpose Rundown (FPRD), also known as “evil purpose sec checking.”

    A stalled Clear is defined as someone who went Clear but who did not then immediately continue on to their next level.”

    Since when? Not when I was around! Someone who does not buy their next action upon going clear is deemed evil? FPRD in the non interference zone? Can this be true? Can this really be true?

    • They have had the staff parked off the bridge since the day they route onto the EPF. Most of them for decades. But if you are a public and you can’t cut a check for 30 grand for your OT preps and OT levels, you are put on FPRD while in the non interference zone! That group is really tripping!

    • While doing a little bit of false data stripping on myself a while back I discovered that the original bulletin “The Non-Interference Zone”, which allowed almost NOTHING except for solo auditing to be delivered between Clear and OTIII, had been altered in the 1990’s to allow all kinds of things to be run on Dianetic Clears, including sec checks and even Ls. (In the original bulletin Ron had said very emphatically “No Ls”. )
      Anyway, it is apparent that the little 3-swing F/N rat has been busy gnawing away at the pillars of the Bridge for some time.
      The source of the most of the Out Tech in the COS is hidden in plain sight and appears on stage at every church event.
      If only more people will wean themselves of the “cool-aid”, open their eyes, see what they see, and decide what is true for themselves then perhaps conditions could be applied.
      But until then, the death spiral continues and ground zero is approaching fast.

  16. I was thinking more about brainwashing. In doing some Googling, I came across the following link on cults and brainwashing:

    Several theories are discussed. Without going into the detail, the key elements are summarized as follows.

    Eight conditions of thought control: Milieu Control, Mystical Manipulation, The Demand for Purity, The Cult of Confession, Aura of Sacred Science, Loading the Language, Doctrine over Person, and Dispensed Existence. Scientology employs all eight.

    Marks of a destructive cult: Mind Control (undue influence), Charismatic Leadership, Deception, Exclusivity, Alienation, Exploitation, and Totalitarian World View. Scientology employs all these.

    Changing to conform with the group: New Identification, Behavior Modification Techniques, Mystical Manipulation, Mind-altering Techniques, and Eliciting of Confession. Scientology seems to fit this pattern, too.

    BITE, what is a cult: Behavioral, Informational, Thought, and Emotional control. Scientology does these.

    I find myself with a dismal thought. Can the good, workable parts of Scientology be proven and separated from the cult organization?

    • Sure I think they can be separated out. I think Marty and some others do it. It takes a great deal of restraint to make sure you have your Act One in, and not use what you know for selfish ends.

  17. No, brainwashing is NOT too harsh of a term for the TRD. It is too MILD of a term. It is directly opposite of the concept of Forgiveness as covered in Marty’s last post. Manipulating someone’s mind for hours on end until they “apologize” is a revolting, base practice. The TRD is just one example of the Spiritual Terrorism which is woven into Scientology. And that is the term I would apply to the TRD, not brainwashing. For more on Spiritual Terrorism, I invite you to read the book by Boyd C. Purcell of the same name.

  18. Yes, this certainly fits the definition of brainwashing.

    The “Truth RD” is an oxymoron. Rather it’s a total mind control to overwhelm the being into saying what they need to-just to stop the pain!

    It’s sickening that this was/is used on others in the name of “Spirituality”.
    What evil purpose lies behind this rundown? This methodology is the antithesis of making the able more able! What kind of “treatment” introverts the being so as to cause a shift of their own viewpoint to one that is enforced upon them? Thus causing this now caved-in soul to relinquish their personal integrity and any remaining self-respect, in order to hopefully survive.

    Marty, I thank you for giving us this blog & your books which have so clearly delineated and exposed the “things that shouldn’t be” that most of us knew but couldn’t put our fingers on.

    You have created a place of healing!!!

    Hugs to you and Mosey.

  19. “Is ‘brainwashing’ too harsh of a label for this?”

    Answer: No!

    Sadistic torture, though, comes to mind.

    The cult defenders will none-the-less cheer, “Hip, hip, hooray!” Ugh…..

  20. After reading a few of these responses I have to beg the difference.
    Brainwashing, NO. The way I had it done on me or applying it to Pre-
    OT’s. Folder work, with culling enemy lines/black PR could take many
    days but the rundown took maybe 3 – 4 days, that was it. I had some
    great wins and the people I gave the TRD to were also happy with the
    results. I had maybe 2 or 3 things I had said (we did not take up
    thoughts) and the apology letters were responded to with mostly;
    “I do not remember you saying that but your apology is
    definitely accepted”.
    HOWEVER, on the RPF, after you were done with the full program,
    you had to get through a final assessment with a clean needle.
    That’s were a lot of RPF’ers got stuck. The assessment had COB
    and INT and other irrelevant items on it and this video had to
    be approved by 5 C/S’es, the last one being an RTC C/S. So you
    can imagine these C/S’es were more than meticulous in finding
    any little minuscule quiver of the needle before it went up to the
    next C/S or they would get a cram. Even a slowed F/N was of
    course stomped upon.
    Taking up thoughts goes against all confessional Tech. But it
    would not be surprising if that is/was done.

  21. Jean-François Genest

    Yes it is brain/mind/thetan washing indeed. It sure does not make sense. Sorry you and others had to endure this. :-(

    As my Scientology involvement straddles two lifetimes (as do several others who also post here), I enjoy reading the information that continues to surface, as the Evaluation unfolds.

    “two facts don’t jibe → pull the string” The two sides of the metaphoric scales have been going back & forth in my mind. Auditing Tech vs Admin Tech with the KSW construct as you pointed out a few months ago. Eye opening. Simplicity.

    • Now this: “Part of the orders to the Int Base included ensuring the several hundred personnel there were completely loyal to Hubbard, for security purposes. All manner of security checking broke out in response.”

    How can the alleged Master OT of all OT, be SOOO concerned and obsessed with loyalty, commitment and security of the Sea Org staff in his entourage? Why? Was LRH afraid that someone would leak info, or of some withholds of his being missed? Make sure nobody pulls on the Wizard-of-Oz curtain? I am interested.

  22. AS far as the current smear campaign the Church is running against Marty, all I can ask is this:

    If Marty Rathbun is the one violating people, why is the restraining order on David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology?

  23. Hi Marty

    I have been thinking about the title of your blog “Moving on up a little higher” and particularly in relationship to this video “The Shrinking Cult of Scientology”. I for one consider myself worse off out of Scientology for the simple fact that I no longer have a viable 3rd dynamic.

    When I was a Scientologist I had “help Ron clear the planet”, when I was a Christian I had “go preach the Gospel”, now I have nothing going on the 3rd dynamic. Scripture says “without a vision the people perish” Proverbs 29:18, and every person on this video appears not to have “Moved on up a little higher” but have moved sideways if not downwards. Many people who have become spiritually aware are quick to report that there is no going back. So for me it is about settling a new goal – having a new vision. That saying from Scientology “Never regret yesterday, life is in you today and you make your own tomorrows” seems to me good counsel.

    I suppose what I am really enquiring about is, how do you see your future now you are no longer a Scientologist, what constitutes for you “Moving on up a little higher”?


  24. Final analysis from me is this. Wild animals put their children and the species as a top priority. Here is David Miscavige, paying gas for women to be hauled to the local abortion clinic, to kill their own children, so they can continue to serve him. And he had the gall to accuse Leah Remini of being self absorbed.

    When your priorities fall below those of wild animals you have a situation.

    When wild animals, who can not even read have a higher mercy and regard for life than humans do, I don’t care what they are selling. And I don’t care who is selling it. There are people that are on a lower ladder of awareness than animals living out in the wild.

    I’ve seen a lot of people blame the Church for their sorry assed parents. Throwing them under the bus for some belief system. For the record I do not blame the Church for the parents that can not carry this simple trust of raising a child. I don’t even blame the parents. There are handicaps born in every species. But the fact is as a group, it does not get more self important than declaring children a liability. If you can fair game an unborn child you will have no problem running over adults. If you can fair game your own kid, there is something very very wrong with you. If you are willing to set your kid up for a loss, there is something wrong with you. And the thing that is wrong with you is very serious. Because wild animals have risen above that purpose.

    I really do not have to tune in another day to understand how sick this culture has become and how sick some of the people are who are in it.
    People with the purpose to put ethics in killing their own children. How fucking self absorbed can you get? More self absorbed than a wild animal turned loose in the jungle.

    That shalt not kill is one of the ten commandments. When people can’t think with that, the simple ten commandments. they are not going to be able to think with what ever advise came after that.

    • On top of that just consider that David Miscavige bears false witness 24/7/. And instructs his volunteers to do the same daily. He can’t even master the ten commandments! And he thinks he is on higher ground!
      I don’t need any other evidence that he is gone!

      • O.K. David you took down the Church of Scientology and all that it had to offer. Not sure who you are reporting to but take my commend with you. You accomplished something the rest of us were not privy to. Hidden agendas. Evil intentions. Covert battle plans. Whatever. You took down Hubbard. Go on home now and report back.

  25. Excellent post Marty – thank you!!

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