Scientology In A Nutshell

L. Ron Hubbard devised methods using Aristotelian and Newtonian two-value logic constructs that can and do sometimes create peak experiences of a non-dual, infinity-logic consciousness nature.   However, Hubbard also constructed a philosophy that is simultaneously inculcated into adherents that anchors them into two-valued logic thinking and living.  The philosophy includes as a senior element, an utilitarian ethics system.   The ethics system is made senior and precedent to the peak experience therapy techniques that otherwise could give glimpses of intuitive non-duality.  The utilitarianism of the ethics system is only apparent.  Its representation that it is based upon infinity-logic is false in practice.  It is corrupted by creating a central ‘utilitarian’ equation that always has what is good for the group (the Scientologists) weighing senior to all other considerations and thus is always considered what is best for all.  That fact makes the system, in fact and in practice, a two-value logic system.  What redounds to the benefit of the group is good; what does not benefit the group is evil.

The net result of Hubbard’s system was that he could create adherents who were given a taste of infinity-logic, non-dual reality, but were prohibited by his group ‘philosophy’ and ‘ethics’ from exercising or sustaining such reality.  The former serves as the glue that holds adherents to the latter.  The adherents could appreciate the possibility of intuition.  However, in practice only Ron Hubbard could exercise it consistently.  Against those constrictions of the Scientologists’ adopted philosophy and ethics, an inescapable result manifested.  To adherents Ron Hubbard was considered a special being from a higher universe as only he could naturally and consistently demonstrate intuitive powers. Scientologist were reduced to aspiring to be like Ron.  Ultimately that was an unattainable goal, when adherents were anchored to an ethics and philosophical system of thought predicated upon two-valued logic.

In effect, Scientologists who rise to the highest levels or otherwise adopt Scientology’s dictate that it is the only path to salvation, not only for the adherent but for all others, are trapped in a rather debilitating cognitive dissonance (the persistent attempt to hold two conflicting ideas in harmony).  On the one hand, they are thoroughly convinced that they are following a scientifically proven, utilitarian path that leads to transcendent consciousness.  On the other hand, in practice, they are prohibited from exercising transcendent, intuitive consciousness by their philosophy and ethics which are firmly grounded in two-valued logic.

223 responses to “Scientology In A Nutshell

  1. I think this point is one of the best points to make when talking to Sea Org members or staff that you’re trying to get out. Hubbard wrote that optimum survival means optimum survival on all dynamics, which is not what is happening in the organisation, where you are expected to suppress all desire for your own wellbeing or for a mate. When I was still more active protesting and having the chance to talk to Scientologists, bringing up this point with many people I could literally see those wheels turning by their expression on their faces, before they would regain control over their thoughts.

  2. I myself got swept up in the “greatest good is really for the church” insanity some years ago. The amount of mental acrobatics one has to do to work that out as a logical path was insane. When it finally settled in me how wrong I was to trust staff and SO personnel to help keep my family stable while I trained to be an auditor at FSO, despite all promises to the contrary, I was a very wrong being indeed. No, the prescribed philosophical balance of “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” forwarded by Hubbard, alone the concept of “pan-determinism” (a concept that I really liked) got short shrift when it came to actual application by all ecclesiastical personnel, for their own compliance to whoever was driving them. I experienced an enormous amount of betrayal and the loss of my children.

    Marty, you not only hit the nail on the proverbial head on this, you made it possible for those who would care to look, to understand some of the inculcated problems that were always present in experiences we have all had in present day Scientology.

    If you have a moment, I would be very interested in seeing your take on the subject of “pan-determinism”.

    • To AnotherThought:
      Someone once told me verbally that “Pan-determinism is the ability to both sides of chess without cheating.” THIS IS EXACTLY WRONG. This comes from early on the track and is denial of beingness, denial of responsibility. “That’s not me, I didn’t do that.
      I wrote a detailed outline of this from my own experience and ‘memory’. Just a couple of pages. It is very basic and not really that complicated. Let me know.

  3. LOL! “Nutshell”.

    I see what you did there…;)

  4. “Absolute certainty is a privilege of uneducated minds or fanatics” C.J. Keyser

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