Deconstructing Scientology

The next book preview follows, working title Deconstructing Scientology: Mental Therapy or Thought Reform?  Reference,  Antidote to Scientology Slavery.

This book traces and contextualizes the origins of Scientology’s cosmology.

Topics of treatment:

How science fiction and fantasy writer L. Ron Hubbard drew from five central influences to create and market a self-proclaimed ‘modern science of mental health’.  Chiefly influenced by Sigmund Freud (and subsequent therapies derived from his work), Alfred Korsybski (and his brainchild general semantics), Aleister Crowley (and his black magic cult  Ordo Templi Orientis), smatterings of both Western and Eastern religions, and nautical/naval/intelligence training, Hubbard packaged and artfully peddled what he would ultimately claim to be the only road to total freedom.

How Hubbard spent the rest of his life attempting to make good on Dianetics’ promises to invariably deliver a perfect, or clear, mind. How that effort resulted in the formation of a pop psychology cult and how that morphed into a fatalist religion with a fascist bent.  How the insistence upon claiming 100% standard workability – in the face of roughly placebo range percentages of long-term satisfaction attained – necessitated the inculcation of belief and the implementation of strict discipline meted out against doubt or dissent.  Hubbard’s self-proclaimed messiah stature completed the conversion from the field of science to the field of religion. How the messiah metamorphosis was accomplished by methodically wiping out record of Hubbard’s five primary influences and claiming his revelations instead to have been derived, with himself, from an other-worldly provenance.

How Scientology amassed wealth and power by developing into an archetypal bait and switch operation.   New adherents were baited by claims of an heuristic, rational, secular approach to mental therapy and once enjoying some results were then switched into a monotheistic, bigoted, and vindictive religion.

The book demonstrates how inculcated fixation with ego (exacerbated by many levels of positive reinforcement), fear (compounded by a self-contradictory philosophy and formidable bureaucratic apparatus to enforce it), delusion (inculcated by hypnotism techniques), and paranoia  (instilled by continuous preaching of doomsday scenarios), resulted in a toxic mix of cognitive dissonance as the dysfunctional end product that the world today knows as Scientology.  The ‘only road to total freedom’ results in the adherent attaining certainty in his or her possession of super-human powers while at the same time maintaining just as certainly that he or she is at bottom a victim by virtue of attaining those powers.

Notwithstanding this ultimate result, the book argues that Hubbard and his work cannot be dismissed wholesale.  In spite of whatever flaws led to Scientology’s ends, Hubbard possessed practical genius. His determined drive to fame and fortune – before his precipitous fall – by following his own methodologies left some insights in its wake.  But, because of the totalitarian mind control mechanisms interwoven throughout the subject and its reliance upon mystery and secrecy to maintain loyalty and power, Scientology cannot survive the age of information.  In the end, it was Hubbard’s plentiful draconian policies calling for blind devotion, unflinching loyalty, monopoly and conquest that guaranteed the subject’s demise.

Ultimately, Deconstructing Scientology reveals the dichotomous nature of a subject offering some workable methods of expanding individual determinism and awareness at the self-defeating cost of demanding self-imposed ignorance and forfeiture of conscience.

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  1. I feel I did a worong by/commited an overt ? against mr, Hobson. Why I feel bad, not because of a beliefsystem like Scientology or another.

    Time to listen to wise words again.

    NYC Anonymous Annoys A Scientologist Until He Snaps

  2. It must be so hard for Scientologists to see the flawa in their Founder.

    I had to acknowledge this man was not who I tought he was:

    • Not Kennedy but Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands

      • Well, Kennedy himself had feet of clay. He was a womanizer and was probably a pain pill addict. Another great person, Mandela, started out as a violent communist revolutionary. Another American hero, King, was also a womanizer.

        All three of those men achieved greatness that has been broadly recognized despite their flaws.

        We know Hubbard had feet of clay too. Did he achieve greatness? I don’t think history has decided yet. Does a great man with the urgency to save the universe really end up spending his latter years writing sci-fi, being in hiding, and using drugs? Or was the greatness only an apparency no matter how compelling it seemed? Was there, or was there not, a real wizard behind the curtain?

        • Well the footage is of them talking about preventing war between Indonesia and The Netherlands at the time about a small part that was still in dutch hands. Alsoo it was feared communists would get in on the action.

  3. Marty, this sentence from your post caught my attention: “But, because of the totalitarian mind control mechanisms interwoven throughout the subject and its reliance upon mystery and secrecy to maintain loyalty and power, Scientology cannot survive the age of information.” Then, within this statement, this, in particular, really got me to pondering: “…reliance upon mystery and secrecy to maintain loyalty and power…” Marty, IMO, in this statement, you have managed to encapsulate into the proverbial ‘nutshell,’ the basic perpetuating modus operandi of this illusory world.

    It is the mystery that is never completely solved that traps and holds our attention in the mind’s projection (the physical experience that seems to exist outside ourselves). No matter what answer we discover or how many answers we discover, there are always more to discover. There is always more to learn, always more to know. And we go through lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime and so on searching for answers and understanding, but the ‘know’ in this world, that is really what we’re searching for, is not a real know it is only a belief. We only search through beliefs (illusory stories) in this world.

    Secrecy is a protection device that we all use from time to time to protect something or someone. Secrecy involves setting something apart, hiding it, keeping it concealed. And how do we hide what we have set apart? We erect a veil or multiple veils, between what we are protecting and that which we are protecting it from. The veils are holographic illusions in the form of stories. A few such stories in this world are…that if we keep looking in the experience, we will find what we’re looking for; that there is good and evil, that we are bodies; that there is life and death; that there is nothing outside the experience; that the experience is real, and so, so, so, many more. We live our lives, make the choices we make, and have the experiences we have, according to the stories we believe. This world i.e., the entire cosmos is, I believe, the ne plus ultra story that only seems to exist between the story we believe we are and the truth we know we are. And it is we, through our believing in the stories we are told and tell ourselves, that maintain this seemingly incredibly formidable veil.

    If you would be interested in getting some really basic stories, that many a person uses to decide upon what choices to make during their life journey, dismantled, I suggest watching a video on YT titled – Illuminati Exposed – The video Alex Jones won’t show or talk about. Note: other than for being able to find the video on YT, the title, IMO, was just used to grab viewer attention. It’s pretty much a non sequitur. Although, I did find the info presented to be most illuminating. :) (enough so that I spent 3 hrs watching it)

  4. Jean-François Genest

    This is awesome. Thank you very much for doing this.

  5. WOW! You have come a long way since I first started reading your blog! We left Scientology about the same time although I was a public “Scientologist.” Your comments on Deconstructing Scientology are very well thought out and written, You have nailed it! I came to a similar conclusion while listening to L. Ron on the SHSBC tapes. That’s when I confronted the fact that he was making it up as he went. I don’t recall what series of tapes I was listening to at the time but I came to the realization agreeing with this science fiction by a BS artist was “mind bending.” I could make a choice, 1. Continue to listen and go into agreement or 2. See it for what it was and call a spade a spade. I decided on the later as I knew it was BS. Funny how that realization can come so sudden and complete after all the years of living the “Truman Show.” I left and didn’t look back. For me and probably most everyone else who leaves, It is very difficult to leave all the old friends behind and a way of life that one has been following for many years. But, I was an “ot5″ and “class 5″ auditor so I knew what the consequences would be so there were few surprises in the aftermath. Once out, I started forming new friends and joined a more traditional church. BTW, Christianity also has it’s workability and It’s been around a long time, for good reason. Today my life is very good and I have many new friends. I have flourished and prospered without L Ron or his “church.” My family that is still in Scientology have disconnected from me but with so many members calling it quits, I am confident that they will discover for themselves what this “church” is really all about and we’ll be a family again.
    I understand that there are many injustices concerning the “church” and COB but at the root of it is L Ron and his craziness. No doubt he was a genius but non-the-less, also a nut case. I totally agree with you that after putting forth his ideas in Dianetics, “Hubbard spent the rest of his life attempting to make good on Dianetics’ promises to invariably deliver a perfect, or clear mind.”
    It was not to be.
    Congratulations, you are getting to the cause of all the problems and troubles of the group. I will be looking forward to your new book and hoping it comes out on tape.

    • burnedbutnotbitter

      So here it is again… There is no need to invalidate those of us out here who are Clear. Maybe we could split hairs over the “invariably” adverb, but I don’t like the direction this is going in. No thank you.

  6. It seems an Atheist like me can make it into heaven

  7. I have most of the pre-Miscavige Scientology books and tapes. In doing some “winter cleaning” I came across my “The Book of E-Meter Drills” by L. Ron Hubbard and compiled by Mary Sue Hubbard, copyright 1965, 1967.

    In browsing through it, I was struck by the detail. I think it is that richness of detail that reinforced so many of our beliefs: how could so much detail be worked out if it were not true and scientific?

    In looking over the “Sunday Funnies” on Ortega’s site, I was struck by something else: who the heck is proof-reading their flyers and publications? They seem to always have a sprinkling of typos and ungrammaticality. (Is that why everyone has to redo Student Hat? :-)

    And in deconstructing Scientology, it occurs to me that Miscavige et al have painted themselves into a corner: (a) having told such ongoing whoppers about Scientology expansion, they hardly can tell the truth now; and (b) if they did tell the truth, it would be one of global downstats, which would put Miscavige et al in a lower ethics condition.

    I personally suspect that at some appropriate and necessary future point, Miscavige will declare a Marcabian SP takeover of the church, and flee with his “loyal officers” to a Third World country, perhaps Colombia, with a billion or so in cash and the deeds to billions worth of property worldwide. Heck, you can buy a lot of protection in some of those countries for a lot less than a billion. Feliz año nuevo y viva la causa!

  8. Marty, are you an auditor or what? Why do you then speak that badly of LRH. Sorry, I didn’t wanna read more of your article. I maybe missing the point. IF you are an auditor… well… I think you should know better. Unless I am very stupid and blinded and AS-ISed all I did myself just by my sheer imagination. I didn’t get much of auditing and I didn’t practice much of auditing others except for Book 1. But I did read Hubbard and had my cognitions and had my wins. It looks like there are a lot, a lot, a lot of misunderstoods even amongst… auditors. This is why they can’t get their act together. I am pro-Hubbard no matter what you say. I have, it looks like, though a foreign language speaker, less MUs than many. You turned to an enemy to Hubbard, Marty. The man who helped you the most. Why?

    • “The man who helped you the most. Why?”

      You have got to be kidding me – I guess you missed the EP – we’ll call it “Truth Discovered”.

      But don’t worry – I have the solution:-

      Please return to the first entry in Marty’s blog and start from the beginning again.
      Then read all his books in order of publication.
      Then read his recommended reading list.
      Then read the Daily Mail article.

      Should take you about 4 years. However, this is the “quickie” grade.

      If you’re still struggling, then maybe you’re going to have to bite the bullet and give about 25 of the best years of your life to the church, and then go back to the beginning again.

    • Theo, I expect from pro-Scientologists (and pro-humans and pro-thetans) to care about happens to Scientologists. That ‘duty’ is senior to the duty of defending any brand whatsoever. If you went to our local Church here and told them that something about it (specific) harms them and pointed out how it harms them, you would be accused of 3rd party, and entheta spreading, and being down the tone scale, and probably being an SP too. That would have a portion of truth, as you would be causing some enturbulence indeed. But if that enturbulence was to get that problem dealt with, in one way or another, it would be pro-survival enturbulence. If things were mostly OK and you went to the Church and caused enturbulence, you would be the bad guy indeed.

      The ‘avoid entheta’ and ‘stay uptone’ was used to cover/conceal suppression in my experience, which was the huge (in terms of quantity) entheta. If you noticed it or even pointed it out, you were accused for it.

      If a group is supposed to do something and does it, nobody has any business to mess with it. If the group does the opposite -or even partially the opposite- of what it claims, then there need not be any ‘bad guys’ to accuse it. The ‘bad guys’ is the group itself. If you consider Scientologists your friends then you simply don’t want them to be in such a group. And although they have the right to do whatever they please with themselves, you have the right to point out that they are dumbasses as well. That is part of what is called intergrity. Intergrity doesn’t necessarily mean to be in agreement with others.

      I personaly don’t have any problem with Scientologists being Scientologists in groups or outside, in general. But if Scientologists are entangled is some sort of a brainwashing that I have known by experience, it could even be an overt of ommision from my behalf to not point it out, if I was passing by, no? Sadly Hubbard’s name can be used for brainwashing as Scientologists like and trust him and if anyone would want to harm Scientologists, he would have to do it in Hubbard’s name. It’s all done in Hubbard’s name in Scientology groups. Whatever overt anybody does in Scientology, he says that Hubbard put him to do it. If you invalidate somebody as a thetan, as an OT, if you attempt to control like like a puppet, you say it’s Scientology –that Hubbard put you to do it.

      Well, that’s why Hubbard gets fired at by critics. If you don’t want Hubbard to get fired at, you can try to stop such ‘Scientologists’ from using his name to justify their overts. Or you can also do good things in his name as well. The second might work out better (accent on truth), if the Bridge wasn’t beheaded and everyone insisted that it’s all there can be because it’s called ‘Standard Tech’.

  9. Scientology cannot survive the age of information. You said that.

    And I say: Independents can.

    But you didn’t have the guts to follow that through Marty. Indies can survive the age of information and you kind of started that.

    Though there was a Freezone, long before you and there were Indies long before you. You just named them so, and then you trashed us.

    So be it… Sell your books Marty. But they are not going to sell like Hubbard’s. you ain’t the game maker here. I wish you could make some of those people here follow some of the rules of the game and do something. I wonder why you are still auditing if you so disbelieve the system. But I no wonder anymore why the so called “Management” (to which you belonged somehow at that time, 1999) trashed me when I spoke about HCO Bs on translations. It’s because you didn’t get it Marty, neither you nor the others in Management. Or if they did, it had NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Well, it’s called Standard Tech. So you know.

    Try your version of auditing procedures then and we will see how you are doing. Meanwhile you apply LRH and then you speak bad about him. What a joke! If you call that transcendetalism… I wish you could listen Marty. Outside a session. But it looks like no other viewpoint counts for you.

    If you keep sending me those emails I will be responding accordingly. You had it all and you trashed it. I wish you and Mosey at least now can have Miscavige apologise in court. You are still making amends to Hubbard, boy, and you aren’t getting it. Stop speaking badly of Source. Cause you didn’t get it. We are not fanatics here as you called us. We have seen results. And all I have seen from You is your books and how you want to sell them. What’s the use? To make money? Or to give a new fresh viewpoint to people? There are so many books in the world. What’s the use for some more? Hubbard didn’t just write books. He guided people to certain results.

    You are playing with the church and Scientology. You made the differentiation between the church and Scientology and then you trashed Scientology.

    Take me off the mailing list if you dont’ want to get such messages.

    Otherwise get your act together and THINK. Who helped you the most Marty? Even with the TRs course you did and went exterior. Please. Let’s differentiate a bit here. Attack the church and how (including YOU) they made what Scientology is all about today. But don’t attack Scientology as such or Hubbard ’cause you aren’t going to arrive far enough.

    • I don’t send emails to you. You have subscribed to the blog. To discontinue email alerts you will need to unscubscribe.

      • ok, my mistake. I should have thought of that.

        However the confusion in our lives Marty is huge right now and instead of contributing to a motion you added more confusion now.

        I see you wouldn’t change a bit in what you think; attacking Scientology as a whole and not differentiating anymore between Indies and the Church.

        Take care and wishing you and Mosey good luck with the legal fight with the church.

    • Let’s do the math on this Theo. O.K., so what you are saying is this:

      Scientology always works +
      Marty is a trained auditor +
      Marty is an OT +
      Marty has had his grades +
      Everything Hubbard said is true +
      Scientology always works
      = Marty is all fucked up.

      • It just seems to me, that anyone doing this kind of math equation, has serious doubts about Scientology and it’s benefits.

        • This is the same as saying Scientology doesn’t work.

          • If Marty is all fucked up, all of the value you have placed on the addition, is false.

            Does it ever occur to anyone that when people get up the bridge they can start to form their own conclusions and ideas?

            The purpose of Scientology is not to make robots that can’t think for themselves! And come to their own conclusions!

            Even Hubbard said, “One day you will be free of Scientology”. But when people FINALLY hit that point they are declared suppressive!

            Well not everyone has a purpose to be a SLAVE or see through someone else’s eyes FOREVER.

            Get over it! Hubbard didn’t promise people that or insist on either! Stop making Hubbard out to be a fucking S.P. that never wanted anyone to think for themselves!

            • This is the biggest fucking alter is in this whole arena, and a major WHY.

              • “Someday you will be free. Free of me and Scientology too”. L.R.H.

                He PROMISED people that. HE set that goal up there.

                Yet, when people arrive, they are declared an S.P. and stripped of every honor and wound and scar they earned getting there!

                Who the fuck set that up? And why are you copying it? That is INJUSTICE!

                • T.O.

                  You: “Someday you will be free. Free of me and Scientology too”. L.R.H.

                  Me: I am glad you posted that.

                  There are several similar statements through out his work.

                  Another one is the article: How to study scientology ( or how to study a science). If a person read that article and properly understood it and properly applied it, ( not only the word, but the spirit of it) they would easily find their way out of the trap.

                  As I have been saying for sometime, scn was likely a complex set up. It was a freedom and a power for the wise and a billion yr trap for fools, to follow a carrot tied on a stick which was tied to their own backs.

                  The truth is not determined by man.

                  I think the evidence sates that Hubbard knew what he was doing all along.

                  I could often read between the lines or between his words what he was not saying, but meant.

                  For the most part he could only speak stuff that people below 2.5 could handle. They were sheep. They needed a savior in the flesh. They needed someone to think for them. And they got what they deserved.

                  This world is merciless, it will screw you, lie to you, steal from you, punish you until you smarten up and think for yourself and do things right.

                  God is not a respecter of persons. The sun shines on the good/ holy and the wicked. The elements of nature consume the good/ holy and the wicked.

                  But Hubbard left the keys, (the directions) to the way out of the trap hanging on the wall in plain sight, for those with eyes to see.

                  And said things for those with ears to hear the directions to the way out of the trap.

                  People who are spiritually blind and deaf would not see or hear those datums.

                  So in my opinion the evidence indicates that Hubbard is off the hook.

                  Read and study everything and glean and hold fast on to that what is good and chuck the rest up to experience.

                  And be thankful for all things good and bad. Being thankful for adversity tends to have a magical quality to turn adversity into a blessing pretty quick.

                  That follows or parallels Newtons law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


  10. Interesting discussions in this thread! I see these discussions as a valid form of third dynamic auditing. That’s why we have to go over the bad and the ugly as well as the good.

    If we do not confront (and if people who are “in” do not confront) the bad and the ugly of Scientology, in what sense can they possibly rise above the third dynamic totalitarian prison camp they are in?

    To work through what is false about Scientology is, on the third dynamic, analogous to getting a PC to work through alter-is and not-is to confront truth, to get in his/her own valence, to dismantle service facs, and so on.

    To work through what is painful about Scientology on the third dynamic is analogous to helping a PC run through engrams, locks, secondaries, blow ridges, and so on.

    Scientology’s effort to help a PC work through the often painful and confusing convolutions of the mind should, by analogy, make Scientologists be more — not less — willing to really work through organizational, third dynamic issues with the church itself.

    Yet it is hard to take on a totalitarian regime that strives to make you believe your eternity is contingent on your loyalty to the church, that your departure will result in your very bad fortune, that your reading of certain materials out gradient will give you pneumonia or kill you, and so on.

    What has changed the balance so that now more and more people are speaking out? There has been an evolution in this too. At first, there were the legal actions and lawsuits against the church. But most people were stifled and controlled. They left quietly and kept shut up. When a powerful, litigious group declares you an enemy and fair games you — or threatens to do so, you tend to shut up. When an organization holds records of all the most intimate details of your life — your auditing “confessionals” — it has you by, shall we say, the “short hairs.” Most people then just shut up about their bad experiences, and do their best to move on from the loss of time, life energy, money, friends, and dashed dreams.

    But this outlook has sure changed over the years. Freezone and Independents emerged as valid options for many. Anonymous kicked the church in the teeth and got away with it. And the Internet has shown the absolute idiocy of the Kool-Aid drinkers: only Scientologists can make themselves look as bad as Tommy Davis did, as Mary of CCHR did, as the “OTs” did in robotically demanding to know “what are your crimes?” to various people, or, near the top of the cake — the inane Squirrel Busters with the stupidest get-ups seen on the Internet in quite awhile.

    Finally, people can talk. And like a PC who finally finds the voice to express his/her pain, the voices are roiling up on the third dynamic. Charge is blowing. Truth of people’s experience is coming out. Illegalities are being exposed. And (as Hubbard would put it), disorder is blowing off as a new level of order is seeking to emerge.

    Iff (and that is not a typo) Scientology goes through the painful process of getting clear (pun intended) on what is the bathwater to throw out and what is the baby to save, then it might reform and be of true service to all. If it does not do that, Hubbard will indeed still have smashed his way violently into history — but as a cult guru, and not the lofty savior he may have truly hoped to be.

    That’s a long way of saying that this forum is healthy. It is a means of accomplishing third dynamic auditing (in Scientology terms) or it is a means of spitting out the cyanide from the Kool-Aid and seeing what is left of value. And really, there may be lots left worth value, research, validation, and application.

    • FOTF 2012, I thank you for writing the above. Well stated. Because no one is taking away anyone’s “wins”. To those here who have expressed concern over bashing LRH or scientology, it may be rooted as a threat to their personal feelings of past success on the first dynamic. I ask them to look at the bigger picture across all the dynamics. That organization which previously held a monopoly and which helped you has morphed into a totalitarian thought control organization. The very opposite of what it stated were its goals, honestly or not. The good in the subject or its founder which helped you is not going away. Auditing and courses are available outside the church. No one is asking you to confront the remaining evil. Your free to hold LRH blameless. Your free to keep a copy of KSW under your pillow. But you look weak complaining about one of those who is willing to confront the evil. There has long been those attracted to and involved in scientology who are first dynamic focused. And if they joined staff it was to get free auditing and training. And there are those who were primarily motivated by achieving a better world. Marty is still on his 3rd and 4th dynamic mission. As long as he deals in facts and his opinions and conclusions are honestly arrived at, his work is incredibly valuable. If it bursts the bubbles of some, well, you can thank him later rather than sooner. I am thanking him up front.

    • FOTF2012, very good post.

      One question (not rhetorical): Do you (or anyone here) know if LRH himself said that “your reading of certain materials out gradient will give you pneumonia or kill you”?

  11. Roger From Switzerrland Thought

    Dear Marty,

    On the first page of Dmsmh it was written:
    ” Dedicated to Will Durant”
    I think you did not take this in your reflexions and researches.
    Many of the Ideas inherent in Scientology Philosphy and admin tech are derived from the books of Will Durant (Story of Civilization), but I think Hubbard stopped reading them in the sixties when Durant was a writing about the age of reason. There aren’t many Ideas of those times in the Scientology phisolosophy excepting utilitarian ethics principles.

    I found for example a description in Will durant books of some education principles developped by an educator around 1650 which were described as following:
    – Teach the pupils the words by looking them up
    – get a balance beetween theory and the real thing through application and showing them the real things
    – teach on the level of understanding of the pupils

    Another thing I found was the Definition of a static (by Montesquieu or Descartes, sorry can’t remember who wrote it) nearly word for word except it wasn’t called a static.

    Will Durant wrote his history with the Viewpoint of that Individuals Kings, Emperors. Artists, Philosophers or Scientists with some Ideas or actions changed the whole history. There are many accounts of a King or emperor that comes along and in very short times creates a huge affluence and big expansion etc…There is no account of a group of people changing the destiny of mankind, always only individuals. So there Ron got his ideas about the group only destroying.

    I found in those volumes 100ds of Ideas that Ron adapted to Scientology and when I finished to read them the first time I was OUT OF THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, as I was able to understand what a main Source of Scientology was and that many of the so called ” Discoveries” weren’t original, but known since 1000ds of years and history was just repeating itself !

    I read also some other history books which were looking at the incidents from a different viewpoint and one sees then that it is not only a matter of individuals but trends, evolution and things developping in a natural way.

    The downfall of the roman empire was not a lack of technology about the mind or ethics but in fact a normal consequence of the barbars not having the same resources in their cold regions and wanting the same wealth as the romans, so they kept coming down from the north and overwhelmed them !
    The same as people from 3rd world countries try to flee to the western world and are ready to die for it and I don’t think that auditing them or distributing the way to hapiness will hinder them in fleing their miserable lifes and dreaming about a new life in a western world.

    The “Pax Romana” dured several 100ds of years while the “Pax Scientologia” never existed. They had a hell of technologies which we are using today and improving.

    Also in the books of Durant there is the idea that many great things of individuals were only achieved trough their religious faith and that without faith they wouldn’t achieve such great deeds, while at the same time he describes how religion is used to control people by the people in power and themselves not believing in it.

    Will Durant didn’t take his work too serious;
    As Durant says in the preface to his first work, Our Oriental Heritage:

    I wish to tell as much as I can, in as little space as I can, of the contributions that genius and labor have made to the cultural heritage of mankind – to chronicle and contemplate, in their causes, character and effects, the advances of invention, the varieties of economic organization, the experiments in government, the aspirations of religion, the mutations of morals and manners, the masterpieces of literature, the development of science, the wisdom of philosophy, and the achievements of art. I do not need to be told how absurd this enterprise is, nor how immodest is its very conception … Nevertheless I have dreamed that despite the many errors inevitable in this undertaking, it may be of some use to those upon whom the passion for philosophy has laid the compulsion to try to see things whole, to pursue perspective, unity and time, as well as to seek them through science in space. … Like philosophy, such a venture [as the creation of these 11 volumes] has no rational excuse, and is at best but a brave stupidity; but let us hope that, like philosophy, it will always lure some rash spirits into its fatal depths.

    —Will Durant, Our Oriental Heritage, preface

    but LRH did take his own work deadly serious. But his interpretations of many things about our civilization and it’s history are very simplistic – the way any religion interprets the world- and are aimed at people that don’t reflect too much. It’s sad but true, i failed for it as I just was 16 and lacked an education and the Internet.

    I doubt that LRH ever read Voltaire or Rousseau.

    I admire your work Marty and as I have foreseen on your Blog 3 years ago you have achieved a lot and you’ll be remembered in History while DM will be a tiny remark.

    • Thanks for pointing this out, Roger. The 3 barriers of study from 1650 – that’s quite amazing !

    • Fascinating post, Roger!

      I grew up with Will Durant books in the house, especially The Story of Civilization volumes. They were easily the most browse-able books in my dad’s library, for a young sponge like me. But I hadn’t made the connections you have, as far as how much LRH may have adapted from them. Or to put it more charitably, how much he may have been inspired by them.

      I tried googling for the 3 Barriers quotes you mentioned- and haven’t found them as yet. But I came across some interesting quotes from Will Durant, that I think are pertinent, for example:

      I know how unfashionable it is now to acknowledge in life or history any genius loftier than ourselves. Our democratic dogma has leveled not only all voters but all leaders; we delight to show that living geniuses are only mediocrities, and that dead ones are myths. … Since it is contrary to good manners to exalt ourselves, we achieve the same result by slyly indicating how inferior are the great men of the earth.

      In some of us, perhaps, it is a noble and merciless asceticism, which would root out of our hearts the last vestige of worship and adoration, lest the old gods should return and terrify us again. For my part, I cling to this final religion, and discover in it a content and stimulus more lasting than came from the devotional ecstasies of youth.
      – Will Durant – The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time

      Also this:
      Power dements even more than it corrupts, lowering the guard of foresight and raising the haste of action. – The Reformation, by Will and Ariel Durant, (1957)

      Best, Randy Merry Christmas!

    • Roger, you wrote: “I found in those volumes 100ds of Ideas that Ron adapted to Scientology…I was able to understand what a main Source of Scientology was and that many of the so called ‘Discoveries’ weren’t original, but known since 1000ds of years and history was just repeating itself !”

      There is another thing to consider, which LRH pointed out in several places in his works. Here is one way he stated it:

      “You can have a million interpretations and one truth. What makes the road hard to travel is that the interpretations (or alter-ises) are, every one of them, liable to be given the same importance as the truth. There can be an infinity of «facts» and only one truth, so that one truth gets lost like a drop of water in the ocean. Which is the drop of water? I’ll tell you what the drop of water is: it is the point of observation.” (HCOB “Auditor Beingness”)

      The point I’m making is that LRH should be given credit for being able to correctly evaluate, first of all, and then assemble so many truths.

      Btw, in the Student Hat lecture “Study and Intention,” he gave the following credit to Will Durant:

      “For instance, Will Durant in writing ‘The Story of Philosophy’ and attempting to clarify philosophy, and so on, if he’s still alive, actually spent the entire latter part of his life in seclusion in California in shame and horror because so much hell was raised with him for writing that textbook to make philosophy simple and comprehensible to others.”

      And I believe he did read Voltaire and Rousseau, but I don’t know the references offhand.

    • Noah Webster, (Of Websters Dictionary) taught his students by having them clear the major words and then read the text. In 1806 he published his first dictionary. He was instrumental in world clearing for a planet. He was also accomplished along many other avenues of putting order into education and into society.

  12. Thanks Marty, I’m tracking with you and it helps align parts of my past experience while inside in the cult and as I continue with the subject out here in the real world. Look forward to reading it.

  13. From a 1986 interview of David Mayo. The below excerpt concerns the time when David Mayo was working directly with Hubbard, circa 1978:

    “What worried me was when I saw things that he did and statements he made that showed his intentions were different from what they appeared to be. I began to realize he wasn’t acting for the benefit of Mankind, it worked partly that way, and it may have started out like that, but in later years, in his own words, he had ‘an insatiable lust for power and money’. He told me he was obsessed by an ‘insatiable lust for power and money’. He said it very emphatically. He thought it wasn’t possible to get enough. He didn’t say it as if it was a fault, just that he couldn’t get enough.”

  14. Jesse Prince, ‘The Ever Changing Tech of Scientology':

    “…all these actions were taken to increase income… But I want to make it clear that the whole idea came from LRH not Miscavige. Miscavige was continuing to carry out LRH’s orders…”

  15. To Theo Sismanides,

    My friend, you live close to that part of the world, which became ground zero for the Christian apocalypse that I’ve written about before.

    A nasty implant took roots in the West, circa 1350-1550 AD. It significantly altered the human mind, and thwarted human reason and our innate sense of spirituality for many centuries afterwards.

    The first effect of that collapse, was to implant on human beings, the idea that ONLY ONE BEING had the truth, ONLY ONE GOD existed, and ONLY ONE BOOK spoke his eternal and universal words.

    The second effect of that collapse, was to implant on human beings the idea that NO PARITY would ever exist thereafter, between all beings and this SON/GOD/HOLY GHOST construct.

    It carefully implanted the idea that human beings could ONLY transcend (that is, to die to our animal self and be reborn as our spiritual self) by accepting this new Mystery as a fait accompli; so PARITY to GOD, or the possibility of personal transcendence, was forever barred from the human psyche in the WEST.

    The psychotics went to great lengths, once they consolidated power, to obliterate all sources of knowledge, and most of the accumulated wisdom of thousands of years and millions of people, was vanquished or significantly altered to suit their new implanted meme of ONLY ONE SOURCE.

    It created in the West, for many centuries, a VACUUM of most of the diverse ancient sources of human wisdom, so we lost all perspective that Mind and Reality belong to each one of us.

    Then, in the last century or so, the pendulum swung heavily to the other side, now effecting the perception that ONLY matter exited.

    It is in that stupefied, amnesic and conflicting state, that many of us walked into Scientology, never suspecting for a moment we were entering the kingdom of a powerful Magus.

    Theo, you need to not only understand and use LRH technology, but at some point, you will be developed enough to view yourself on a PARITY with Hubbard. That is all my friend.

    Merry Xmas and best wishes to all the wonderful people that post on this Blog!

  16. Mary Rathernotsay

    Hey Marty
    My first impression of your synopsis for Deconstructing is that it’s going to be a dark subject. And that you have a huge ability to confront by taking on such a dark subject. If you can confront this enough to research and write it, then I can confront it enough to read it.
    I have long puzzled over how so many otherwise sharp people not only got pulled into this mess, but then remained in it for so long despite the numerous red flags flying all over the place. I almost do feel the possibility of some dark magic at work in Scientology.
    If you were to complete the book Deconstructing, it will surely be a help in assisting folks in figuring out what happened and why.
    There are many of us who would like to believe that years of our lives were not totally wasted, and that sacrifices that we made were not for nothing.
    I would like nothing more than to leave it all behind me, but there is still something there which just does not want to let go.
    Here’s hoping that your next book, whether it’s Deconstructing or one of the other two you mentioned, helps to bring closure to folks.
    Also, please do not doubt that you are helping many folks with your writing.
    If not for you, Mike, and a handful of other brave souls there might only be silence where there is now free speech.
    I am very grateful.
    Peace & Love

  17. I might suggest “The Self Beyond Itself” by Heidi Ravven. This book deconstructs modern ethics and brain science. It’s pretty dense reading, but if you want to know how people operate individually or in a group, you can’t pass this up.

  18. Marty, sometimes when I read your posts they feel like a punch right in my face. I really need to calm down my TAA and then I look at your post from a completely different angle haha. My charge -in your posts- is not about SCN, but LRH. Because I like the guy. I have separated him from SCN. But I do understand why you put COS and FZ in one bucket (‘Scientology’). I can understand it because I am out of the SCN game now, and I can have a more neutral point of view, and I don’t need to defend my 3D. Moreover, I make no monies out of SCN, nor do I try to dominate the world through SCN, so, if people quit using it, it wont make any 1D difference to me either. So, I’m free to write whatever I want, and change my mind as well. And when I write something, I do it mostly for people that I care for to read, and hopefully it may have some good impact on them.

    I have seen a bit too much the things i disliked (to put it lightly) in the COS be repeated outside of the COS, and so that has made me say ‘Scientology’ too. I never met Miscavige, so I never disliked anything about him directly. It was tons of stupid ideas, dominative attitudes, and brainwashing techniques that I disliked in the Church. The notion that if DM was gone, things would be OK, sounds like sci fi to me. It’s most probably the desire of somebody (or plural) to become Miscavige in the place of Miscavige. The notion that LRH was the originator of the things I disliked, is not true for me either. BUT yes, for some people it would be best to discard SCN altogether than to experience that thing…And people should understand, if they think LRH was a good man, he wouldn’t want them to suffer for Scientology either. I mean persistence and loyalty is good, but to suffer is the christian way to go about it (yeah I know, you disagree :P ) He wouldn’t want you to dump your friends and family to follow his ‘right’ way, nor believe and obey some bloody ‘ethical’ idiot like sheep. That’s what I think, as so I have read by him. And the more independent I tried to be, the more those people hated me, because they were very knowledgeable and ethical. What Miscavige? I never met the guy. I met many such guys though. How can you blame a man you never met (well, most of you) and ommit to observe the obvious? Is that Scientology?

    No, I don’t mean everyone. I mean ‘where the shoe fits’. Good people should not be offended by things that i say. I know there are many. I don’t hint anything about such people.

    There can be many ways to go about Scientology and spirituality and the Bridge and all possible Bidges, but if it doesn’t lead where it should, screw it. Never accept suppression/oppression, unless of course you’re natural born Churchies, so then enjoy your independent Churchying. But those who don’t like it, should not follow like sheep.

    I would love Scientology to be used for help and spiritual freedom. To the degree that it is, I support it. To the degree that it is for the opposite, I destroy it.

  19. Wow, Marty.

    I probably have not looked at your blog in a year.

    What a change! Very impressive deconstruction of Scientology!

    Congratulations and welcome into the light.

    I never fit into the Scientology mold because I felt and thought many of the things you do now throughout my career in Scientology. I was always a problem that Qual and HCO tried unsuccessfully to “solve”. I got involved in a Mission in 1978 and tried to make it work. It was a friendly and loving place. When I got to an org in 1981, joined staff, and saw the madness wrought by Miscavige and the “Finance Police” in 1982 or so, I had a major WTF moment. I read “Scandal of Scientology” at the public library but Cooper’s misunderstandings and misrepresentations looked nothing much like my perception of Scientology so it was not much help. Kind of like the folks that get all fixated on the “yelling at the ashtray” thing while missing the simple point that it to teach that intention not equal volume.

    I knew Hubbard was a bullshitter from the first time I listened to him in depth on the Student Hat. I had been raised my a bullshitter and recognized the type. Of course, Hubbard was world-class while my dad was simply a journeyman. But just as I did not discount my dad because of this flaw, neither did I discount Hubbard. I was still willing to try and make it work. After all, all the folks around said it worked, right? I just had to keep my opinion of Hubbard to myself. Ergo, problem.

    Still and all, I think there is a lot of good in Scientology and would be happy to be a part of it if the the good could divorce itself from the bad. I see Hubbard as an imperfect tool (LOL) that developed something of value but contaminated it with his imperfections. I like to say that God does all his work with broken tools.

    Anyway, major congrats on your new life and especially on your new addition. All the best to you and Mosey.

    (now you really know what that means)

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  21. I just watched a good documentary on CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) The Passionate Eye:

    Scientology at War

    Click here to watch:

    Well done Passionate Eye


    • If anyone has not watched this doc that I posted, i highly recommend that you do so.

      To the best of my knowledge (TTBOMK) it is the first quality, objective public doc made by a major network that gives an honest balanced and intelligent viewpoint on scn.

      TTBOMK It is the first to tell the public about the independent field.

      TTBOMK It is the first to separate the subject of scientology from the COS. It is well done and features Marty, Monique and Tony Ortega.

      Watch it and tell me what you think.


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