Scientology Armageddon

This is a preview of the last of three books on my 2014 schedule, reference:   2014 schedule.

Scientology Armageddon: What Led America’s Most Vengeful Cult to its End Times

In the final chapter of Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior I concluded that chronicling the Scientology years after L. Ron Hubbard passed would largely be pointless. I gave David Miscavige the benefit of the doubt by writing off much of his criminal and sociopathic behavior as being to some degree ingrained by his lifetime programming in Scientology ‘us vs. them’ mentality. While I haven’t changed my view of the causation of his behavior, I have come to recognize that Miscavige’s continuing conduct requires that the entire record be set straight.

We spent the better part of this last year attempting to move on and settle into quietly helping repair the lives of people debilitated by Scientology mental slavery on a one to one basis.  In that regard, I planned on completing two more books for the relatively small community of Scientology refugees; one deconstructing the subject for deeper understanding, and the other a recommended manual on graduating from the cult and moving on up a little higher.  And then I would be done with the subject.

However, the Scientology Inc. response to my magnanimous ways has been an abject demonstration of Scientology’s inability to process forgiveness.  Factually, Miscavige’s conduct since is even more bizarre and fascist than before granting him some space within which to reform his ways.  He quite apparently has decided to turn a simple, civilized request to be left alone into ground zero for Scientology’s Armageddon.

It would appear that there has been continuing regressive ethics change (a dwindling toward extreme depravity of moral level) on the part of Miscavige and his minions.  He continues to spend millions of tax free money to exact vengeance and attain impunity for his criminal ways without the slightest sign of remorse. As a result, a great deal of my time of late has been forced toward reconstructing events explaining Scientology Inc.’s institutionalized abuse of civil rights and abuse of the judicial system.  Doing so led to my recognition that the racketeering ways leading to Scientology Inc.’s depraved condition requires full airing. Accordingly, I have pulled from the pending (indefinitely) basket my in-progress manuscript of the follow-up book to Memoirs.   Its working title is Scientology Armageddon.  It provides an insider history of Scientology’s second, and apparent, last generation. It is now back on the production line scheduled for 2014 completion and publication. Among other topics it will chronicle in detail:

-          How David Miscavige’s psycho-sexual obsession with celebrity and the world’s biggest star dictated the destiny of Scientology’s second generation.  Including the full stories of Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Greta Van Susteren, et al.  That is made possible and necessary by Miscavige changing the rules to ‘no rules’.

-          The complete story of Scientology Inc’s efforts to capture the minds of Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Bono and David Beckham – including meddling so as to engineer match ups and splits between marriage partners.

-          How the world’s most powerful talent/entertainment agency (Creative Artists Agency) was covertly converted into a Scientology censorship vehicle. How it has intimidated and bribed major television networks at the direction of David Miscavige.

-          How Miscavige fraudulently transferred the trademarks and copyrights of Scientology from Hubbard to corporations he secretly and illicitly controlled – and why that makes enforcement of intellectual property rights in Scientology material impossible.

-          How David Miscavige attempted to sell out Scientology to Big Pharma (Pharmaceutical companies) while continuing to bilk adherents of hundreds of millions by positioning himself as the nemesis of Big Pharma.

-          How Miscavige defrauded the United States government, and all American taxpayers, to obtain tax exempt status for Scientology and why subsequent history requires that exemption be rescinded.

-          How Miscavige caused and then attempted to cover up the death of Lisa McPherson at a cost of tens of millions of dollars.

-          The moral and cognitive breakdown that resulted in Miscavige’s near replay of Waco and/or Jonestown at Scientology headquarters. How that re-play was prevented by whistleblowers. And why that has resulted in Miscavige choosing the situs of the writing of this very book as ground zero for Scientology’s Armageddon.

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  1. Explosive stuff! Maybe this one should be next on the line-up?

  2. Marty – thank you! You and your wife are making history and there are probably hundreds of thousands of people that have been extremely hurt by Scientology and Miscavige….but think about the lives you will save by exposing the truth and helping this World rid of this evil cult! Take it all the way Marty!! It is time to bring down the cult of Scientology! You have the power to do it – you have KNOWLEDLGE and TRUTH! We love you and Monique…you truly are REAL humanitarians doing the right thing! You have so many people out hear praying for you – so…get er done! :)

  3. I’m glad you are going to do this, Marty. You have a big heart. And forgiveness is a wonderful thing that is very cleansing to the soul. But it is not possible to give forgiveness to someone who has not confessed and expressed some remorse tor their transgressions. You are totally doing the right thing.
    The truth is the only thing that will set people free….the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The process might upset a few people at first, but in the end it is the only and best way. The truth will set us all free.
    As Karen de la Carriere has often said, “Sunlight disinfects!”
    Can’t wait for this book.

  4. The making of the current regime. A bad copy of an earlier regime.

  5. Hold out David! Fight to the end! I want you to walk proudly into that courthouse in Texas, and I want to see the streets LITTERED with 2 to 5000 angry Scientologists who will seize the opportunity to be present at YOUR committee of evidence and have their say on the streets surrounding that building.

    • For the rest of you, do you want to live and die this way?

      I say, what better way to live and die than in the midst of this terrible magic? It has had more raw nerve crunching value, excitement, shock, surprise rewards and penalty , this , exploring of the super natural. This, being pushed down a hall of mirrors. Finding out who you really are. Is either a threat, or it is the greatest gift.

      I love every second of the life I have lived. And it has been spilling into an ocean where people only have their personal integrity as a platform left for any promise of a better tomorrow.

      Which of you will stand in Texas if David Miscavige is to be there? Do not tell here. Ask yourself and decide. Make this a personal decision. The common denominator of all losers is incorrect estimation of force. Are you a potent force? Can you get up and stand up for your rights? For what is just?

      In a study of the history of Greek mathematics, one will find a mastery of mathematics began, when one person saw them self as a number. Just a number. Once a person can see themselves as a number, they can think with math. Number one wife, number two son, number ________ clear. etc etc. You have a social security number. You ARE a number in some regard.

      We far out number the people who are complacent about their value, worth and honor, in servitude to this evil virus.

      Consider how you matter as a number. Numbers matter. You are a number in a family. You number as a citizen of your country. You number as a member to a cause.

      If David Miscavige is to walk into that courthouse in Texas , please try to be in the numbers that will be counted and evidenced as to the people who care enough to be counted as people who refuse to tolerate domestic abuse, criminality, fraud, domestic terrorism, perjury, hijacking of people’s dreams without regard, abuse of power, and all the rest.

      You do not need to report to anyone. You do not need to be part of any organized effort. You do not need to “sign up”. You do not need to report compliance for any stat. You do not need to make promises or commitments, You do not need to sign any contract. This must be a personal decision and effort based on your own desire to matter or not in that place and time.

      I only ask you to think ahead and make a plan one way or another.

      All you would need to do is “be there” to be counted. Your number would be a power. Just “being there” would be a power.

      • We can take the Scientology and make it into the beautiful thing we always wanted it to be. A game where everybody wins.

        • You get what you demand.

          • David Miscavige does not own the Scientology any more. He lost it, he never had it, he can’t think with it. It has been ours for years now. What he is selling is not Scientology. We took it with us.

            This is not about the Scientology. It is about our natural right to have that knowledge and not be taxed and tortured for it.

            • We have it. It is on the Internet. We have it all. We are not fighting him for that. We are fighting for him to knock off the domestic terrorism he launches when he does not get paid taxes on it anymore. Those people have nothing left to sell but a culture.

            • Oracle,
              ” It is about our natural right to have that knowledge and not be taxed and tortured for it.”

              Ja,Ja,Ja. That is funny!

            • Honestly, TO, I don’t think even L. Ron Hubbard ever “owned” or “had” Scientology. Whatever truth may exist within the paradigm of what may be called Scientology cannot be owned. Those who try to own Truth by attempting to name, harness, or otherwise monopolize it ultimately pervert Truth by distorting the perceptions of others into believing their monopolized path is the Only means to knowing Truth. Whether it is 2000 year-old gospels or 60-year-old KSW, any demand of adherence is a negation of Truth.

              Truth just IS.

              • Scientology only works at the top of the CDEI scale. It does not work in enforcement.

                Hubbard authored many tablets of knowledge. He sold or gifted that knowledge. He gave advice on how to use it.

                The word Scientology has come to mean so many different things to so many different people and the word is misused constantly. Sometimes even referred to as a person! “Scientology hurt me yesterday” and so on.

                When I use the word, I am referring to the tech. Not some bitchy staff member that yelled at me once, not some building I visited, not some community that has molded around the buildings, not someone playing Halloween and dressed up like a soldier.

                All of that knowledge is now available on the Internet or in public domain with expired copyrights.

                This is the only point I was trying to make.

                I disagree though about ownership. Truth and knowledge can be owned, and traded gifted or exchanged for other valuable goods.

                When I pay professionals I am paying for the knowledge they have come to own. When I get paid for professional services it is because of the knowledge I own.

                You can own things that are invisible. Many things, vast treasure and wealth travel as invisible.

                The only merchandise the Church of Scientology sells is books and meters. Everything else is invisible. That is why , the idea that, “We need a ship to give you something invisible” and, “We need a new cathedral to give you something invisible” and, “We need a new stadium before we can give you this invisible thing!” is so LUDICROUS!!!!!!!!!!

            • Τhank you. You speak right! You are one of the few with a warrior heart here. I wish I would see you leading them to that court that day. What Marty has done is of tremendous importance. Here is a chance for the rest of us to show that we do count. Maybe someone should open up a Facebook page saying “Be outside the Court when DM appears”. And people go and say “I will be there”. Thank you again for those inspiring words.

        • That Iz a very beautiful and very apt message, Oracle.

          Iz lives.
          And so do we all.
          Love can’t be killed.
          We hear the Call.

  6. My only regret, does this mean the end of what was a life saver of a community? that I originally enjoyed belonging to and benefiting from.
    It could have been one ethical organisation that had tax relief status for the benefit of mankind

    • Maximum creation, minimum destruction roger.

      • I got you roger. No more losses. The truth is, well, one little truth, is that the “mother church” has very strict standards of obedience one must adhere to, to be “let in” .

        In the Freezone, we don’t let go.

        • Scientology is not a one night stand. This is not a one night stand. This stuff is so electric and super natural steeped in magic…we get hand ups in present time! If you can’t think with it , hey, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can you take any responsibility for that? Why aren’t you attacking the Muslims for not tracking with them? The Catholics? The Jews? Why do you have to come up under my ass because because of Scientology when you could be attacking any other religions for the exact same thing? Because we are weak in numbers and you think we are fucking weak and you can be a bully.

    • The Co$ was built on lies and deceit, and has always been run as a commercial enterprise. If there is any hope for an “ethical” Scientology it must first ditch Hubbard’s “religion angle” and all of its trappings and admit what it actually is: a business. A self-help/therapy business. Follow Landmark’s very successful model. Or the psych model. Or get rid of auditing fees, become a charity and then you can say you are a public benefit.

      • I agree, mwestern. I believe the worst move Scientology made was to force its square peg of business-for-profit into the round hole of religion.

        The (Crowley — Ron’s good friend) cross, the minister collars, the contrived ceremonies made up overnight, etc. the “Sunday services,” it’s required “donations,” and so on were so patently false as to introduce a fundamental lie into the woof and warp of the organization, a deep dishonesty which has pervaded it ever since.

        What Scientology got was very non-spiritual: US government recognition as a religion and tax-exemption. The government gave them what they wanted. But Scientology seems to have forgotten this truism: a government that can give you everything you want can take away everything you have.

        • Crowley was never Ron’s good friend, he was a bit anoyed by him and parsons

          • In a taped lecture Ron refers to Crowley as his good friend. Are you saying Ron was fibbing? :-)

          • Main thing is, the Scientology cross is so similar to a Tarot cross of Crowley’s design that the odds would seem slim to null that the designs of Crowley and Hubbard had such commonalities due to mere chance.

          • W-w-w-WHAT????? But Ron SAID, “my good friend…” in reference to Crowley! [GASP]

          • CD, that is one of the lines that critics love to repeat. However, Margaret did some research on the subject, and it resulted in a very different picture than people are so eager to make of it. Here’s the link to her post:


            • Thank you for thev reference, I still thing Ron was still seen as a hang on by Crowley himself.

            • I’m not persuaded by Margaret’s research. Here is Ron in his own words. I do not hear in his voice that he is mocking Crowley. Rather he is citing him as the modern exemplar of magic(k) from past centuries, and even recommending Crowley’s book The Master Therion.

              I certainly spent some years of my life as an apologist for Ron and Scientology. While it’s true that Parsons, Crowley, and Hubbard had history and fallings out, it strikes me as improbable that Hubbard was really a government agent infiltrating the Ordo Templi Orientis to bring it down. That supposed secret agent role seems like another of Hubbard’s tall tales, especially given that he then gives a positive review of Crowley. (Hey, and I checked out on that tape — if I would have told either a twin or a course supervisor that I thought that Ron was really putting Crowley down, I would have been flunked and sent to word clearing. What part of “my very good friend” did I not understand?)

              The only favorable interpretation I can see for Ron is that he was relating (in his tapes) other efforts at “OT” abilities from various parties (not just Crowley, but Blavatsky and others), with an aim to show that they maybe had some truth but it was Scientology that was the real deal.

              • Sorry — here’s the link to the excerpt from Ron’s tape:

              • And here’s a link to the Thoth deck Crowley tarot cross side by side with the Scientology cross. You have to scroll down a bit.

                Was this “crossed out cross” Hubbard’s symbolism for his explicit denial of Christ and Christianity, relegating an entire religion to being a supposed implant? (Hmm. Isn’t Scientology the church that protests shrilly about the need for respect of religions?)


              • FOTF2012, you wrote “I’m not persuaded by Margaret’s research. Here is Ron in his own words. I do not hear in his voice that he is mocking Crowley.”

                Actually, neither Margaret nor I said anything about Ron “mocking” Crowley when he called him “my very good friend.” In fact, based on what Margaret dug up in her research, I would say Ron was being rather kind. Here’s the pertinent part of her post, with her sources given at the end:

                “Crowley and his OTO team didn’t trust people – they didn’t trust Jack (to think for himself), they didn’t trust someone named Smith. They had endless back-stabbing drama amongst themselves. And their latest object of distrust was Ron. When Crowley (living in England, and having never met Ron) heard about the business venture [Ron and Jack’s], he decided that it was all a con by Ron and that he needed to brow-beat Jack, and with the help from other members of the drama-filled OTO, ultimately convinced Jack that Ron was swindling him.

                “In the meantime, Ron was busily carrying out the business plan (with the help of Betty) in Miami for about a month, had bought the boats and even hired the crews. But Jack had been convinced by Crowley and others that Ron wasn’t staying in touch with Jack enough, and therefore Ron must be onto something tricky. So Jack races across the country to find Ron and Betty doing exactly what they had all agreed to do. Ron had actually purchased three yachts! And worse, he had arranged the crews to sail them through the Panama Canal. The horror of it all!

                “Jack, having been all worked up by the OTO (and wanting to stay in good graces with Crowley), forced the partnership to be dissolved.

                “Hubbard and Betty were left thinking: WTF?

                “(Sources: “Strange Angel”, by Pendle; “Heinlein Biography, Vol 1″, by Patterson.)”


                • Maybe they had the same kind of personality.

                  suspicious of others to the brink of Paranoia

                • Thank you. It sounds like your position is that “very good friend” in reference to Crowley was quote-mined and that you have evidence that Ron meant his statement as being wry or ironic or whatever word you wish.

                  My position is that there is evidence that from a variety of sources that Ron was into magic(k) and performed certain rituals (like trying to create a “moon child” with Parsons).

                  Is it really likely that by chance Ron named his new Science “dian”etics, his daughter Diana, and chose a close resemblance of the Crowley cross for his church, when he was trying to create a “moon child” — and Diana was the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and virginity/birth?

                  (Yes, I’m aware that Ron’s public etymology of Dianetics means “through thought” or “through mind.” But it wouldn’t be the first time he had fibbed or slipped contradictory messages down the pipeline.)

                  Was Ron really into the Greco-Latin god thing? Well, guess who the twin of Diana was in mythology? It was Apollo.

                  One of the great flaws in Scientology is how it approaches language learning: with a single-minded focus on the denotation and connotation of words. There are many other layers of language that are not in dictionaries. How do you word clear a pun, an inside joke, a context-dependent utterance, tone of voice, implication, etc. etc.?

                  If Ron had not literally meant that Crowley was once his very good friend, I think he would have been smart enough to clarify that for the listener to the tape.

                  • Hmm. Just thinking. Would you ever have heard Bush or Obama referring to their “very good friend” bin Laden? Or Churchill to his “very good friend” Hitler? Or Al Sharpton to his “very good friend” David Duke? And so on. Even in such cases where pragmatic knowledge (another language layer left out of dictionaries) would tell us that the speaker was joking in some sense, it would still be very, very odd and would raise red flags and hackles aplenty.

                  • “One of the great flaws in Scientology is how it approaches language learning: with a single-minded focus on the denotation and connotation of words. There are many other layers of language that are not in dictionaries. How do you word clear a pun, an inside joke, a context-dependent utterance, tone of voice, implication, etc. etc.?
                    If Ron had not literally meant that Crowley was once his very good friend, I think he would have been smart enough to clarify that for the listener to the tape.”

                    FOTF2012, I would say that Ron was very well aware of the “other layers of language that are not in dictionaries.” In HCOB “The Misunderstood Word defined” (a Student Hat bulletin), he wrote:

                    “Mis-Understood” or “Not-Understood” are terms used to define any error or omission in comprehension of a WORD, CONCEPT, SYMBOL or STATUS.”

                    As you can see, in addition to the misunderstanding of a WORD or SYMBOL, Ron was aware of two other ways an error in understanding can occur – the additional two being a misunderstood CONCEPT and a misunderstood STATUS. I think those two would cover your list of “a pun, an inside joke, a context-dependent utterance, tone of voice, implication” and the other one you added on the second comment, “pragmatic knowledge.”

                    So I would agree with what you seem to be saying, that there needs to be an intelligent interpretation of the meaning of Ron’s words, rather than just taking them literally – or with prejudice (pre-judgement).

                    • “As you can see, in addition to the misunderstanding of a WORD or SYMBOL, Ron was aware of two other ways an error in understanding can occur – the additional two being a misunderstood CONCEPT and a misunderstood STATUS.”

                      Yes, if you work at it you can wring the specifics out of the general concepts, but the devil with language, as they say, is in the details. Concept and status are parts of semantics, and their inclusion in study tech is a direct consequence of Hubbard following Korzybski and his General Semantics school.

                      There are other tiers of language structure that are not captured by semantics, such as phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics, and so on.

                      Korzybski did not have it all nailed on language, and by following him, Hubbard’s work showed the same narrow focus — some would say myopia. We are after all talking about the language expertise of a man who could not pronounce “galaxy” correctly and who could or would not use English to describe his concepts, and so created his own language, Scientologese. Of course, specialized language is also one of the hallmarks of a cult, as it reinforces identity, difference from others, and a mistaken belief that those outside the group do not understand the “truth” because they cannot communicate with the group’s language.

                      Ron did have skill in producing torrential flows of words. He may be the person now credited with writing more published words in English than any other English author. I’ve enjoyed many of his words — fiction and non-fiction alike, and I’ve grappled with some of his denser verbiage and obtuse turns of phrase, too.

                      He had great talent, and he had great flaws. To me, one of his greatest flaws was leaving his followers with the impression that he was an authority on every subject from photography to radiation to language. By giving this impression, and drilling it into people, he violated one of his own rules of study: that believing you know the subject already is barrier to learning.

                      I would be the first to agree that Hubbard’s work merits objective analysis and review through rigorous social and scientific peer-reviewed research, double or triple blind studies, and so on. I would be the first to agree that in his mix of things, he had some great concepts. I use a number of them regularly. However, I would not agree that Hubbard’s work on study should be more than an adjunct to overall pedagogy and androgogy — at least not without some robust objective studies.

                    • Hi FOTF2012,

                      You wrote: “There are other tiers of language structure that are not captured by semantics, such as phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics, and so on. Korzybski did not have it all nailed on language, and by following him, Hubbard’s work showed the same narrow focus — some would say myopia.”

                      I would be surprised if what you’re saying is that Ron should have included in Scientology a scholarly study of language, or that a person has to be a linguist in order to adequately (for his own purposes) understand the written and spoken word. But, I would also be surprised if you didn’t agree that the Key to Life Course (assuming you’re familiar with it) includes enough of the elements of language to make an able student. If not, what would you say is missing from it? Certainly not being an expert in morphology. :) (Obviously, personal ability and educational background factor into the picture too, but these are different issues.)

                      On another note, it’s interesting to me how a convincing case can be made for opposite viewpoints on so many things! Like, for example, the pros and cons of creating specialized language. On that topic, you took the “con” viewpoint in your post; but a good case for the opposite point of view could also be made. This is just one example of why, on so many topics of discussion, we all go round and round and don’t get too far. And the fact that there are opposite viewpoints about the value of specialized language shows it doesn’t just apply to Hubbard quotes. Anyway, it took me a while, but I finally caught on to this. :)

          • I have considered people I have never met to be a good friend of mine.
            There are several definitions of friend. Some you might not be familiar with are here:

            3. an ally in a fight or cause; supporter
            4. a fellow member of a party, society, etc.
            5. a patron or supporter, ” A friend of the opera”.

            I consider people who are making the world a better place good friends of mine.

            I have never read anyplace that Crowley was annoyed by anyone except abusive parents, and people that dabbled in black magic:

            “Black magic is not a myth. It is a totally unscientific and emotional form of magic, but it does get results—of an extremely temporary nature. The recoil upon those who practice it is terrific.

            It is like looking for an escape of gas with a lighted candle. As far as the search goes, there is little fear of failure!

            To practice black magic you have to violate every principle of science, decency, and intelligence. You must be obsessed with an insane idea of the importance of the petty object of your wretched and selfish desires.

            I have been accused of being a “black magician.” No more foolish statement was ever made about me. I despise the thing to such an extent that I can hardly believe in the existence of people so debased and idiotic as to practice it.”

            “The true magician is above spite and venom. He tries to bring about the results for which he is working, not by sudden and disruptive interference with the existing order of things, but by slow natural processes.”

            • “But I am a white magician, not a black one. I belong to a secret order which has representatives all over the world; we are all working for the good of humanity, not for its downfall.”


              Why wouldn’t he be considered a very good friend to everyone?

              • Magic Today—Science Tomorrow

                If an Englishman of a generation or two ago could have been shown a little black box and told that if he turned a knob the President of the United States would talk to him, he would have laughed at the idea.

                If one could have convinced him that the voice was actually that of the President that Englishman would have been forced to the conclusion that the black box was magical.

                And yet we know now that the feat is quite possible, and that the box is only that kind of magic now revealed to the profane as “radio.”

                What is magic today is science tomorrow. The Hindue “worship idols.” Yes? But what exactly do they mean by that? As I myself have observed: they get very interesting results from their “worship.”

                We, the enlightened West, say that their worship is ignorant superstition and the results coincidence. But are we not in the position of our mythical Englishman listening to the noise from the black box?

                In my textbook, Theory and Practice of Magick will be found the definition of the word magic, or magick, as I prefer to spell it, to distinguish the real from the fake.

                It is “the science and art of causing change to occur in accordance with the will.”

                We magicians are men of science who, by the practice of our craft, keep just ahead of popular understanding. The result is that we are misunderstood and blackguarded all our lives.

                After we are dead—sometimes centuries after—the world catches up, and discovers that we were benefactors and not villains.


            • I think that the “my good friend” comment takes on it’s meaning for people within the context of Ron’s fabulist tedencies. It is quite possible that this statement “my good friend” would not even be of interest.
              But because of the reality, repeated discoveries, of Ron’s overblown self marketed PR, this comment “my good friend” becomes yet another revelation of form over substance, labels over principles.

              A need by Ron to be perceived as a superman who was friends with other “superman.”

              Declaring himself the only savior of the universe is one of the many psycho-looney statements that put the statement “my good friend” under the microscope of reasoned scrutiny.

              There are so many of these. And that is what creates the context for the meaning of “my good friend.”

              • I have listened to the audio that FOTF posted. To me, he is saying that he is his friend. Similar to him saying that his definition of space being a viewpoint of dimension saved some explosion from happening upon him mentioning it to some rocket scientist.

                Similar to him claiming being a neuclear physicist.
                Similar to him claiming to tame broncos at 3 years old.
                Similar to him claiming to be Buddha
                Similar to him claiming to be the only person to save the earth
                Similar to him claiming to be a charmer of vestal virgins
                Similar to him claiming the movie Mr. Roberts was about him
                Similar to him claiming he went to heaven and dissed it as low rent.

                Fabulist: a person who composes or relates fables.
                A liar, especially a person who invents elaborate, dishonest stories.

                In this audio of Ron’s he is obviously touting the fabulous virtures of magicians from various cultures. His voice does not in anyway, in my view, sounds sarcastic.
                It sounds like he is associating himself with someone he respected and looked up to.

                • Brian,
                  I agree with your assessment.
                  Also LRH and Parsons were called “two louts” by Crowley, for their Babalon Working Rituals.
                  It looks like Crowley was pissed off and did not like what they were doing with the rituals.


                  • I have read that before also Conan. My take on the significance of the Crowley/Hubbard association is illustrated in Ron’s statement ,” I am not interested in wog morality.” Crowley was to a great degree about the development of psychic powers and the use of astral beings for personal gain.

                    From some of my readings of Crowley I am sure he also was not interested in “wog morality.”

                    When the aquisition of power be it spiritual, political, religious etc trumps the development of Dharma or moral duty, we have a great chance for the development of an indecent person. Whose only moral compass is “what is true for them is the only integrity.”

                    A person who bows to no higher power whose universal wisdom dictates adherence to common standards of decency. The development of a TR-L, a training routine to lie is unquestionable evidence of that indecency.

                    Power without humility is destructive to self and destructive to others.

                    The legacy of these two men is no biased misinterpretation of overly zealous religious rubes, not understanding their advanced understanding of the human condition.

                    The legacy of these two men was categorically created by their distaste for common standards of “wog morality.”

                    Having no attunement with a divine blueprint of behavior, Ron was attracted to magic: power.

                    Without the intelligence of a divine compass, human action and behavior is captained by personal desires and prenatal influences.

                    Their legacy demonstrates their lacking attunement to such a compass.

                    Martin Luther King demostrates a clinging to that compass.

                    And Christ was the Master Mariner.

                    No wonder Christianity was decried by both. A higher calling, higher than selfish motives is required.

                    Dharma is anti “do as thou wilt.”

                    Dharma is “Thy will be done.”

                • It is my wish that all people find exactly what they are looking for. Each person is on his own search and discovery. Each person has their own goals, wants and needs. What I may be seeking to find in someone else, may be of little or no value to others.

                  Two people dropped on a deserted island may very well begin to search for different adventures on the island, and different resources. That you find what you need in your searches and wants, is my wish for you also.

                  In my wanderings through this dynamic called “Scientology”, I have stepped over many invitations and situations that were not articles of interest or importance to me, and it is clear so have many others.

                  I am curious with the magical dynamics only. The rest is ordinary goings on that are not unusual to me. It is not unusual for a man to lie. It is not unusual for a man to dream. It is not unusual for a man to falter, hesitate or mislead. Forget, embellish, complain, or need applause. If Hubbard dabbled in these activities it is not unusual for me to hear about it. He was a man. He did these man things. So? What’s the point?

                  It is some type of magical spell that people become free from their own past, and then get stuck in someone else’s. I am very curious about this magic.

                  Perhaps “The Past” needs to be run on different flows for people to stop mocking it up?

                  It is important to revisit when explaining a current situation. But the amount of people stuck in Hubbard’s past seems astounding. Although people like Elvis Presley really have it going on.

                  There is a price to pay for being extraordinary, that everyone has to pay a tax on.

                  • “It is important to revisit when explaining a current situation. But the amount of people stuck in Hubbard’s past seems astounding.”

                    Spot on, Oracle.

                    • T.O. : “Perhaps ‘The Past’ needs to be run on different flows for people to stop mocking it up?”

                      The trouble is – it doesn’t seem to be running out. It seems to be grinding. Maybe this is the phenomenon:

                      “Charge is held in place by the basic on a chain. When only later than basic incidents are run charge can be restimulated and then bottled up again with a very small amount blown. This is known as ‘grinding out’ an incident. An engram is getting run, but as it is not basic on a chain, no adequate amount of charge is being relieved.” (HCOB 8 Jun 63)

                    • “The trouble is – it doesn’t seem to be running out. It seems to be grinding.”

                      Unfortunately, the majority of people in Scientology have not seen or run the Clearing Course Platens. “The Past” is something that gets addressed there. But only the person’s past that is running it. Unless the person running it has a panoramic view. “The past” is not the only thing a person address’.

                      The Clearing Course book is something everyone should see. I did run these platens after going clear although advised not to and forbidden by Hubbard. It says right on the front not to run on clears. Well, it worked out great for me. I saw the first line in the book and I knew I was going to run them.

                      It is a list of issues. I tend to think of it as the “list of issues”. Mocking up the past is as habit forming to some people as smoking cigarettes. It is all over television 24/7. It read to me like the program, the programming of humans. Which is exactly what it is.

                      Scientology requires great disciplines. It is upon the people not to continue with bad habits because there is no nanny service in Scientology except the M.A.A..

                      If a person has been mocking up the past for lack of something better to do, and a person can rise above that habit, the person can then mock up brighter habits, such as for instance, mercy.

                      I think it has been a huge mistake to audit people up the bridge and never once have them at least look at the Clearing Course platens.

                    • T.O.: “If a person has been mocking up the past for lack of something better to do, and a person can rise above that habit, the person can then mock up brighter habits, such as for instance, mercy.”

                      Wow, another quotable from The Oracle. And I would add that mercy is supposed to be striven for by Christians, Buddhists and others.

                      You also wrote: “The Clearing Course book is something everyone should see. I did run these platens after going clear although advised not to and forbidden by Hubbard. It says right on the front not to run on clears. Well, it worked out great for me. I saw the first line in the book and I knew I was going to run them… I think it has been a huge mistake to audit people up the bridge and never once have them at least look at the Clearing Course platens.”

                      Dexter Gelfand, Independent auditor, said the same kind of thing about Power processing, which he got as a Clear. That part starts at about 5:00 into this video:

                    • Oracle: “If a person has been mocking up the past for lack of something better to do, and a person can rise above that habit, the person can then mock up brighter habits, such as for instance, mercy.”

                      Mark: I try not to dwell on the past, there’s no future in it.

                      But to avoid or ignore the past is to be forever enslaved by it. Examine your past, laugh, and move on.
                      “Those who forget their past (history) are doomed to repeat it.” Those who dwell on it are crippled by it.
                      Any method of gain, enlightenment, clearing etc. which is said to be avoided, indicates an additional problem which needs to be addressed.
                      “No pictures after Clear” doesn’t mean you don’t have any more pictures, it means don’t look for them or you could pull in stuff you haven’t learned to handle, or you could validate you’re bank, or worse, you can pull in others facsimiles whether real or imagined.
                      Learn to create and discard pictures easily, then you can really get moving. Convert your past to useful knowledge and operate in present time.

                    • It is reasonablele to consider it stuck in past. I consider it prying open a forbidden vault of lies for others to view. As this diaspora evolves, many have not been allowed to view or think with a critical eye.

                      There are many who have not read or known about the blatant lies.

                      It could also be considered that those critical of these criticisms are stuck in the past.

                    • Brian, not everyone is stuck in the Scientology past. Some people are in PT and contributing to the motion – that is, the positive motion of Scientology. Others are improving upon the positive of Scientology – and out-creating the negative.

                      Also, consider the possibility that those who are trying to counter-create the negative may be inadvertently contributing to its persistence.

                    • The Clearing Course. There is a brief summary about it (which I didn’t read) , the platens are via a link on the left.


                      TO BE NOBODY

                      TO BE EVERYBODY

                      TO BE ME

                      TO BE YOU

                      TO BE MYSELF

                      TO BE OTHERS


                      These are purposes. Having been in the Sea Org I can tell you I watched the staff bounce around through all of these as daily ritual.

                  • The importance of “Ron’s past” has to be placed in its proper context: the behaviors and habit patterns of a spiritual teacher that you have picked for yourself.

                    When you picked Ron as your spiritual teacher, his connection to Crowley, and how much of Scientology came from Crowley, was hidden by Ron, to the point of deception.

                    Deception here means knowing something is one way, but hiding the truth about it so as to produce a false perception in another’s mind.

                    This type of intentional deception was a repeated behavior pattern by L Ron Hubbard throughout his creation, development, and maintenance of Scientology. And that deception was waged ON SCIENTOLOGISTS

                    Is this pattern of deception something you want a spiritual teacher of yours to have?

                    When you picked him as your spiritual teacher, you did not know anything about this pattern of deception because it was actively and intentionally hidden from you.

                    Now that you know it, you still keep picking him as your spiritual teacher?

                    I think that is a mistake. But it is a mistake that is yours to make.

                    At least you know the truth now.

                    Do with it what you will.


                    • Well, right there we are not on the same page Alanzo. I never picked Ron to be my “spiritual teacher”. We have seen the results of obligatory and enforced education haven’t we? I know Scientologists are referred to as “students” . But there are only course supervisors among them. I don’t want to write a book here about “learning” because that could really take people off a cliff too steep to survive. If everyone in Scientology was able to learn we would have a much different landscape than the one we have now. I will say, learning is NOT believing. Reading is NOT being taught. “Knowing” is the product of learning, NOT “know about”. And just because something is true for someone else does not mean it is true for you.

                      Marvin Gaye was my spiritual teacher.

                    • To The Oracle:
                      Brilliant. Take responsibility for your own knowledge.
                      If you’re going to use it, (knowledge) own it.

                    • I’ve now seen it all, Oracle: a Scientologist who denies that L Ron Hubbard is their spiritual teacher.

                      Such tortured, twisted convolutions!

                      For what?

                      To keep being right? No matter what evidence just keeps being presented to you that you were deceived about Scientology? Day after day, month after month, more and more factual evidence that Scientology is a spiritual deception.

                      It is not a shame to have been deceived.

                      The shame goes to the deceiver – not to the deceived.


                    • martyrathbun09

                    • Marty, good point!

                    • I should have added – and very funny! Here’s some more hilarious Bush lines just for laughs:

                    • You look at these court cases in our society with the Church. What do you think the PURPOSE of these are? The PURPOSE is to bring about UNDERSTANDING. Understanding in our society about what is going on. And UNDERSTANDING that acts of domestic terrorism against people practicing their own religion ARE happening. And to create a new UNDERSTANDING that these acts of domestic terrorism are a VIOLATION of our human rights. WE understand that already. OTHERS do not understand that. We have a situation now where we are seeking the help of non Scientologists to bring about understanding in the Church.

                      What does this tell you about learning capabilities over there?

                      These people who face the forces of confusion and work to BRING ABOUT UNDERSTANDING here today, are making the world a better place.

                    • Alanzo, The Church of Scientology is A STORE O.K.? They sell information. That does not mean anyone working in place is on higher ground than anyone else or fit to be anyone’s “spiritual leader or teacher”. It is a store front just like Ralph’s grocery store. I went in there to buy some information. The same way I walk into the grocery store to buy a head of lettuce. I saw them as purveyors of information. The same way I walk into tourist info centers looking to buy road maps. When you pay someone for something they are supposed to be PRVIDORS of something, NOT RULERS of your mind or destiny.

                      That some have taken it upon themselves to position themselves as leaders or priests with higher awareness, is comical. That other customers shopping agree to this kind of hallucinatory social intercourse to the point of asking one of them permission to leave a building or marry, is hysterically funny for me.

                    • Typo: Meant to write, PROVIDERS. The staff in the Church are supposed to provide. NOT steer, rule, judge, monitor, scam, beg, prosecute, pimp, and all the other activity it has morphed in to. That THEY are so confused about what they are, who they are, and what purpose they are there for, does not bleed into MY awareness of what is real.

                    • Alanzo: “I’ve now seen it all, Oracle: a Scientologist who denies that L Ron Hubbard is their spiritual teacher.”

                      YOU have a list of items of what Hubbard could be. “Spiritual Teacher” is one of YOUR items on a list.

                      Please do not push an item on me that is not mine. I have my own lists and my own items. They are different than yours. If that was my item I would say it is my item. It is not my item.

                      I believe the only way people learn is through living. By reading you can only form possibilities. What I have learned in Scientology I have learned for myself, by living it. My auditors have helped me to think of things I could possibly know. Look at Greg Wilhare, Class Xll, living in the hole. He has read everything there is to read in Scientology. I wouldn’t trade my knowledge for his any day of the week. I met the guy and I think he is one of the dumbest people I ever met. What did Hubbard teach him? He was raised inside the walls of one compound or another. By reading something from someone else, you can only learn about THEM and THEIR IDEAS. To learn about the things I am curious about, magic, this only comes from oneself and ones own magic. This is a singular universe capability. I did not come into Scientology looking for a teacher or someone to build up my spirit. I was happy with own views of life. I was happy with my own codes. I was happy with my own path.

                      Sorry if I don’t fit in some bag you already have “labeled and figured out” for easy identification.

                      You don’t know what my items are. I know what my items are not.

                    • The guy running the Church isn’t any rocket scientist either! There is NOTHING spiritual about the Sea Org!

                      You probably still think there are only 8 dynamics too! Because that is all anyone has ever pointed out to you. Yet, the Sea Org live on one dynamic, and think there are 8! I guess they just imagine the other seven? What have they been taught? To obey.


                    • Obama can’t hold a candle to Bush for bloopers :D

                    • Alanzo: Day after day, month after month, more and more factual evidence that Scientology is a spiritual deception.

                      T.O.: Day after day, month after month, I am still getting auditing. It is working out great for me. Better than I hoped for or thought possible. Not to suggest everyone out here selling auditing is going to make someone happy. There are some BAD people running around out here too! I just chose to keep it moving Alanzo. It’s a little wild in this arena. Not everyone is comfy taking a walk on the wild side. Alright? Not everyone can drive with out insurance. Not everyone can drive with out a drivers license.

                      I went for my drivers license when I was 21. Waited in line three days at DMV in New York City. That’s how bad the line was. Decided to drive with out a license. Seven years later I was in some small town in another state visiting someone, drove by the DMV, noticed there was no line. I went in and got my drivers license.

                      That’s the way I roll Alanzo.

                    • marildi, More laughs and high comedy. Enjoy.

                    • marildi, More laughs and high comedy. Enjoy.
                      OBAMA BANNED THIS VIDEO – GEE, I WONDER WHY!.flv – YouTube

                    • marildi, More laughs and high comedy. Enjoy.

                    • Okaaaay. But I’m not much into far right conspiracy theories. :)

                  • I agree Oracle with your assesment. The only thoughts I disagree with is the stuck in the past. The doctrines and dogma of some of Ron’s philosophy are unfortunately stuck in the present.

                    And it is these ideas that are on present time pages, present time CDs, that inform present time people to present time actions.

                    You may be well evolved past needing to house clean out of your consciousness those indecent doctrines I confront and address.

                    But there are hundreds if not thousands who have not been allowed to think these essential life affirming criticisms.

                    I applaud anyone who uses any philosophy to help relieve human suffering.

                    But I am a mad warrior when it comes to exposing dangerous dogmas: unrelenting actually.

                • That sure feels like a fit to LRH’s narcissistic personality: he generally wanted to be perceived as tightly in the loop with everyone who was an expert or dominant figure in every subject. That was one way he built himself up.

                  • (The preceding was in reply to Brian.)

                    • Ha ha ha ha! Too many lines to this thread and no reply buttons! Nice volley you all. Blessings and thank you for participating in a communication which would have had GO thugs on your ass by the man you defend! Lol

                      Peace out bros and sisters.

                      Ain’t it grand we can talk this way: beautiful!

      • Non-profit would seem to be the way to go.

      • The most successful run has been in the Missions. I agree with you on this. The missions, left alone, did very well with the Scientology. They were not pushing themselves off as a “Church”. They were neighborhood joints.

        • It is a simple matter. There are field auditors right now who have policy, just audit. And they have waiting rooms with more people in them than the A.O. in Los Angeles. They don’t need to be in soldier gear or hospital buildings to get a product. I know one who is doing sometimes 14 sessions a day right now. He just runs a can have with the Scientology.

  7. Marty,
    This could be your breakout book to a wide mainstream audience. I hope you have the backing of a publisher committed enough to provide wide marketing and circulation. This sounds like the “big kahuna” and it needs to treated as such. If your content does capture the attention of a wide audience then the demand for media interviews and personal appearances will naturally follow. No doubt you are already aware of all of this and preparing to take it on. Release the juggernaut within. Peace&ARC

    • Marty, I think a mainline publisher would be interested in this. Lawrence Wright’s book, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief was published by prestigious publisher Knopf. Granted, Wright is a well-known journalist and a Pulitzer Prize winner, but he does not really know anything! You are a rarity, a Scientology insider who is a good writer. You would need an agent to approach these mainline publishers. The Writers Market (at libraries) and have info on how to find an agent.

      • Wright’s book was listed by Time and Entertainment Weekly as one of the best books of 2013 and by the New York Times on its list of 100 notable books for the year. There is an audience for this. A general obsession with Hollywood continues as a feature of American life.

        I can only credit an inner desire for self-destruction in David Miscavige to antagonize someone who knows where the bodies are buried as you do, Marty.

  8. Wonderful timing Marty.

  9. If thetans hadn’t been parts in a bluff they had got the overall picture of the scam and not been limited in their thinking.

    What is a human beings I?

    A thetan, a part in a bluff, or is a human beings I the whole world?

  10. Yes I will definitely buy and read this book. I posted a link to this blog post on the comment section of Tony Ortega’s blog, The Bunker.
    COS has got to go. For those who lament this, I used to say that whatever may be good and useful in the Tech will live on. The Buddha said truth is always rediscovered.
    However, recently Marty seems to be saying that there is too much of a preponderance of negative in the whole package. I was never a Scientologist, so I have only what I read to go on. What Marty said has made me reconsider my earlier opinion. Not sure how I feel about it now.
    Jason Beghe had a powerful spiritual experience early in his COS involvement. I don’t doubt the reality of his and others’ experience. But I believe that a person or a group may have advanced techniques, without necessarily being spiritually advanced.

  11. Roger From Switzerrland Thought

    Wow !

  12. Oh, my. Oh, my, my, my!
    This is gonna be a good read.
    Really good.
    Really looking forward.
    And a happy new year to you too!

  13. One other thought. Marty, you are definitely in the right state. Don’t mess with Texas! Miscavige should take heed.

  14. If there is ONE thing I have learned about Marty in these past few years, it is that he NEVER loses. EVER.

  15. A sincere, thank you Marty!

  16. SadStateofAffairs

    Well this situation is a perfect example of how Miscavige creates enemies and is busy electing his own executioners. You attempted to disengage from an escalating conflict with Miscavige, as the only sensible thing to do, but he just could not leave well enough alone. So be it. The story this book will tell, in my opinion, is better off being told than not.

  17. I love the smell of fresh Cult roasting on an open fire!

    Yo Dave,
    I’m thinkin we need some new fresh marinade to baste with today. Can you help with that?

  18. Mary Rathernotsay

    Of the 3 book possibilities which you have presented, this is the one!
    I definitely vote for Armaggedon! This is the one that I feel positively enthusiastic about! It feels like a book which is calling out to be written, and which can only be written successfully by you.
    Also, I feel that this is the book which can do the most good. The other two, while worthwhile, are as you’ve mentioned, for a more limited readership.
    This book idea, Armaggedon, will have broader appeal and broader implications. It is surely a story which needs to be told.
    And, I cannot wait to read it! Awesome that the whole story can now be told. I am definitely feeling the positive vibrations here.
    How brave of you to tell the tale! The tale that will surely open everyone’s eyes at last. I salute you, Marty!
    This story is bound to be therapeutic to all who read it. I am grateful.

    • +1. And once ethics are gotten in, then maybe tech can follow with the deconstructing scientology book isolating and validating that which has lasting value.

  19. Marty
    I think this is the book we´ve all been waiting and hoping for.
    Can´t wait to read it.
    Very well done already!
    Best wishes to you and your family from Denmark.

  20. Scientology is the BIGGEST SCAM on EVERY level that has hit America and the World. It has traps and trickery at every stop and people are trained to deceive you and take your time and money!!! It is truly a dangerous cult you must avoid. Run for the hills as this group is a soul killer!!! Find out for yourself!!! I know thousands of people who have been sucked in in the name of help. OMG run, run SCN will kill your spirit, your mind and for sure your bank accounts!!!

  21. Brian,
    “Without the intelligence of a divine compass, human action and behavior is captained by personal desires and prenatal influences.
    “Their legacy demonstrates their lacking attunement to such a compass.”

    So true. Thank you.

    Now that I finally have an overview and sort of the whole picture of Scientology, I realize how deeply UNBALANCED Scientology is.

    The goals of enhancing Q1-Q5 or “Do what you will shall be the whole of the law” for all beings, is fine by me, as long as it is equally BALANCED by Buddha’s discoveries and realization of Enlightment, as summarized in his four Nobel Truths.

  22. Thank you, Marty. Please let me know if you need financial help. I am not extremely wealthy, but I can send you something. I am sure others will want to contribute, too. The leadership of the cult needs to be we can get on with it. Your courage is amazing. I am waiting for your book..

    • “I am sure others will want to contribute, too.”

      I agree, Kathy. I don’t think there is much doubt that Marty and Mosey could use financial help – in such a situation, I imagine only someone very wealthy wouldn’t need it. So anyone who wants to contribute can just do so without having to ask. A lot of even small contributions would add up.

    • The donate button is at the top of this page. Anyone who wants to contribute or can, you are not just contributing to a person, you are contributing to cause. Justice. Assisting things that assist survival makes the world a better place for everyone. Nobody connected to the Church is informed and they are very misinformed and mislead. It has come down to us. I am not bitter. I am not defrocked. I am happy with my adventures in Scientology. I am grateful for the people I have met that truly work to create a new chapter and to make a better world.

      But David Miscavige has enturbulated way too many people, and has generally devalued any good to be had through ill will he has created. He currently has a non enturbulation order issued on him by the state of Texas. (Restraining order). Monique is the first person to manage to get a non enturbulation order on this man. Let’s all contribute what we can to this effort to rid this arena of one man’s three decade tirade with treason, domestic abuse and domestic terrorism.

      •       Thank you. Now I know what the “donate” button is for and will use that opportunity. I want the cult destroyed. It may be impossible to revoke their “Church” status but free from tax exemptionis enough.  Looks like you are the guy who is doing it.       DM belongs behind bars for a very long time.       Go Marty!!!!!!                                                                                            Kathy Orem


    • ahhh miss orem. Thanx SO much for forwarding this HUGE meal. It may take a while to digest but I WAS starving. Cannot WAIT to read this book for dessert. What do you think about a road trip to TX for the hanging?

      • Hi, Yes. I am glad to be able to send you a meal. Will consider a road trip toTexas. Looks like we may have a shot at killing the cult. Rathbun and Rinder seem to be acting in concert, somewhat. In fact they are looking increasingly well organized. I am certainly going to do everything I can to follow and contribute to the motion. It has been a lot of years of waiting. When I encountered this subject in 1968 I knew the Tech. was something wonderful but kept being puzzled by the structure of the organization. It was very hard to discern who was the enemy. Thanks to Corydon, Rinder, and Rathbun it is finally becoming sickenly clear. The beginning of clarity was the meetings you and David used to have at your house. Those were greatly important. They gave us comraderie and courage. when most of us needed a lot of both.Many thanks for what you did for all of us.



  23. Marty,

    Expose all DM’s crimes… all of them.

    As we discussed, if a sociopath won’t reform, then the only way to handle is to make sure the whole world knows their crimes!

    Can’t wait!! Wake up this sleeping planet, and especially those still drinking the cool-aid, who are complicit in keeping this wacko DM going.

    As you already know, Randy & I are here to support you in any way you need.

    ML, Midge

  24. Thank you both for your courage and enlightening discourse Marty and Mosey. A happy new year blessing and wish doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude for my sane resolution of that intense and perhaps misplaced focus on Ron and his writings.

    On my own, I realize that no one has a monopoly on enlightenment or ‘sanity’.

  25. Happy New Year!!! Your book on deconstructing Scientology will no doubt be the definitive book on the subject. Bent Corydon gives a very good cursory breakdown in Messiah or Madman, however your experience is far more broad than his. Thanks to Mosey, David Miscavage will have to answer a few questions in 2014 and maybe, just maybe the fountain of hate will finally run dry.

  26. I recently read this quote by Carl Jung … reminds me of the journey that Marty has taken:

    “One cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning; for what was great in the morning will be of little importance in the evening, and what in the morning was true will at evening have become a lie.” Carl Jung — The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche


  27. Where can I pre-order? :)

  28. Marty, Writing this latest book with some of the things you’ll cover could be dangerous for you. I can imagine DM trying to kill the whistleblower who knows where the bodies are buried. So please watch your back and maybe go into seclusion to write the book if need be. And I agree with other posters that you should get a major main line publisher to publish the book. It will be that big that it deserves to have major pr and advertising for it. And if you do that, your name will be nominated for all those awards that Lawrence Wright got for his book. His book wasn’t even as good as yours. Go main line with a big publisher so that it gets much more exposure and thus sheds light much further. Good luck and I’ll donate to your cause because any money given is a flow to justice and what’s right as well as to you. Thank you for fighting and standing up to the ogre and paving the way for all of us.

  29. One problem with a mainstream publisher is that they may demand a lengthy legal vetting of the book to avoid lawsuits.

  30. The darkness is screaming out for love Marty. I am happy to see that you are going to give the dark just what it’s asking for. The only way the dark can remain dark is because no one opens the door, turns on the light and reveals all the secrets that, like vampires, disintegrate in the light.

    God speed Marty!

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