Monique Rathbun vs. David Miscavige by the numbers

There have been published reports that seventeen lawyers have appeared in the Comal County courtroom on the Scientology side of the aisle in the case of Monique Rathbun vs. David Miscavige, et al.  In fact, twenty-two lawyers have made official appearances and/or physical appearances in the case for Scientology Inc.

Many of those lawyers have made multiple flights to Comal County from New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., or driven from Dallas, Austin and San Antonio to attend hearings on behalf of Miscavige and his co-defendants.

For some perspective consider these facts:

  1. The Scientology lawyer roster was roughly half of that for the nine-year, $30,000,000+ Lisa McPherson litigation. That litigation involved upwards of a half dozen lawsuits.  David Miscavige on many occasions lamented that McPherson constituted the greatest public relations disaster in Scientology’s history (including that created by 11 top Scientology officials being jailed for conducting the largest domestic espionage campaign in history against the United States government). Principal lawyers in the McPherson matter are visibly directing the big name lawyers recruited by Scientology Inc. to front in Rathbun vs. Miscavige.
  2. The Rathbun v. Miscavige Scientology lawyer roster is about double that employed to deal with United States v Hubbard (the aforementioned government espionage case).  That litigation involved at least a dozen lawsuits. Principal lawyers in the U.S. v Hubbard matter are visibly directing the big name lawyers recruited by Scientology Inc. to front in Rathbun vs. Miscavige.
  3. Scientology and Miscavige employed roughly half the number of lawyers he has so far in Rathbun v Miscavige during the take down by over-litigation and intimidation against the largest and most feared agency of the United States government, the Internal Revenue Service. That matter included more than twenty-two hundred lawsuits. Principal lawyers in the Scientology Inc. v IRS matter are visibly directing the big name lawyers recruited by Scientology Inc. to front in Rathbun vs. Miscavige.

I have come to learn through life experience that oftentimes the magnitude of force one musters to intimidate and overwhelm can serve as a fairly accurate measuring stick of the degree of the organizer’s cowardice.


189 responses to “Monique Rathbun vs. David Miscavige by the numbers

  1. What your donations buy…

    • singanddanceall

      I believe the big secret is that DM c/s’d Lisa.

      • That’s a pretty good educated guess.
        And just to spell it out again in a new unit of time for any newcomers: MisC/Sing by someone -David Miscavige- who dropped out of his Class IV auditor Internship for slapping a pc in session, who has never done a C/Sing course in his life.
        That is quite a few High Crimes all in one!

  2. There’s an old Texas saying: “There’s a paddle for every ass.”

    • Other old Texas sayings:

      He knows more ways to take your money than a roomful of lawyers.
      So crooked that if he swallowed a nail he’d spit up a corkscrew.
      So crooked you can’t tell from his tracks if he’s coming or going.
      Crooked as a dog’s hind leg.
      Crooked as the Brazos.
      Slicker than a slop jar.
      More twists than a pretzel factory.
      Crooked as a barrel of fish hooks.
      So crooked he has to unscrew his britches at night.
      He’s more slippery than a pocketful of pudding.
      He’s slicker than a boiled onion.
      I wouldn’t trust him any farther than I can throw him.
      He can strut sitting down.
      He’s all hat and no cattle.
      He’s all gurgle and no guts.
      He’s as yellow as mustard, but without the bite.
      Scared as a sinner in a cyclone.
      Scared as a cat at the dogpound.
      The time to kill a snake is when he raises his head.

  3. Excerpt from Scientology leader David Miscavige speech given at a New Year’s IAS event in 2000. Mirrored September 2013.

  4. Not only is Monique in a David and Goliath situation, but the fact that David has hired a legal team larger than O.J. Simpson, pushed forward upon the judge in an attempt to overwhelm, confuse, bully and intimidate him, has actually put the Judge on the same page with Monique.

  5. 1) Sociopaths Lack a Conscience
    Sociopaths know the intellectual difference between right and wrong. They understand society’s expectations. They understand what moral behavior is supposed to look like. They even understand that actions have consequences. The problem is, they do not care. They do not feel remorse or guilt. They have no inner compass to guide them, and so they do exactly what they want at any given moment. This lack of conscience means that it does not matter to them if they trample on the rights, feelings, or safety of others. It means that they have no limits and are therefore capable of anything; it is a recipe for endless cruelty and depravity.

    2) Sociopaths Feel a Limited Range of Human Emotions
    Sociopaths are emotionally crippled. They feel anger, rage, and envy in full force, which fuels aggressive behavior in many of them. But the rest of their emotions are shallow and fleeting. Because of this disability, sociopaths are unable to truly connect with other people. They are unable to have real empathy for others, because they cannot relate to emotional pain. And, most ominously, they are unable to love. This emotional defect also means that they must spend their entire lives watching others and learning to imitate behaviors that they are unable to engage in naturally; in this way, they become demented chameleons. They are pathetic and empty, and this makes them chronically bored. The boredom is almost painful for them, and they will do anything to alleviate it. This contributes to their tendency to act impulsively and recklessly. And ultimately, they will do anything and everything to get rid of their boredom because, having no conscience and no empathy, they do not care who gets hurt in the process.

    3) Sociopaths View Everything in Life—Including Relationships—As Games to be Won
    Sociopaths have an insatiable need to win. This desire to win is so strong that they sometimes will take themselves down in the process of becoming the “winner.” Because they are unable to build real relationships, they view their interactions with others as games. Other people are simply pawns to be played. And because they have no conscience, they make up their own unethical rules for those “games.” They use tactics like mirroring, deception, projection, gaslighting, pity plays, and other forms of emotional and physical abuse to idealize, manipulate, confuse, and intimidate others, all in the name of “winning.”

    4) Sociopaths Live to Exploit Others
    The ultimate purpose of every sociopath’s life is to do whatever it takes to get what he or she wants at that moment. Since they do not understand love, they view other people as objects to be obtained, used, and then discarded. And so in all their interactions with others, they follow a particular pattern—idealize, devalue, and discard—over and over and over again. They are constantly scoping out potential targets and assessing them as sources of supply; they might want money, a place to live, sex, a cloak of normalcy, or a short-term thrill. They often throw people away suddenly and brutally, ignore them for days, months, or even years, and then contact them again as if no time has passed and all is well. Their desires change unexpectedly and abruptly, and nothing stops them from pursuing those desires in any way they can.

    5) Sociopaths Believe they are Superior Beings
    Sociopaths see nothing wrong with using people and then throwing them away. They feel completely justified in lying, cheating, stealing, and manipulating others. In fact, not only do they see nothing wrong with their behavior, they actually believe that they are incredibly superior to other people! Every time they are able to con their targets, they view that as evidence of the targets’ weakness. And, they do not suffer from low self-esteem or insecurities (although they often pretend to “feel” that way in order to manipulate others). On the contrary, they are egotistical and arrogant. And this makes it impossible for them to benefit from therapy, and it makes it impossible for them to change. Why should they change, when they believe they are already better than everyone else? This, I believe, is the main reason why there is no cure for sociopathy.

    (source -

  6. SadStateofAffairs

    On top of everything else, this is truly a colossal waste of Church funds. There is nothing 22 lawyers on this case are going to be able to do that 10 lawyers couldn’t. Ultimately this will lead to the joke: “How many lawyers does it take to keep David Miscavige from having to testify under oath?” Answer: “More than 22.”

    • Laughter! I don’t think 22 is going to do it.

      I don’t think that judge in Texas is going to be bullied or intimidated by the attorney circus David has created.

      • David isn’t so good at math.

        The judge has the entire U.S. Government justice department behind him.

        • David, and all of his attorneys are at the mercy of that.

          If David thinks because he was able to negotiate an offer and compromise with the I.R.S., he can bully a judge in Texas, his A=A is leading him into a hall of mirrors.

          Texas isn’t Washington. And that judge isn’t a tax collector. And this isn’t debt negotiation.

          This is about David Miscavige PERSONALLY engaging in domestic abuse and domestic terrorism. Against a WOMAN. In Texas. AGAIN. (Remember Debbie Cook)

          • All of these attorneys he has sent in there, is just HIS way of bending the judge’s finger back.

            Good luck with that Dave!

            • DM knows that the longer he drags this case out in an effort
              to overwhelm with money and effort there is an increasing
              liability the sheeple will find out and all that Shermanspeak
              with all the twisting of the truth will not help to keep it under lid.
              Plus the judge is sharp enough to slam down the hammer
              and say “that’s it!”.
              Plus all the squirrel busters should also be indicted as co-
              conspirators and should personally pay for their atrocious

  7. (“He Didn’t Like Cats”)”
    ― L. Ron Hubbard

  8. When I first started reading about the church´s harassment of you, I was still a member of the church and I had no idea it was engaged in activities of this nature. How should I know? I didn´t read the internet. I was shocked, to say the least. I felt contaminated by its fundamentalistic approach. I mean, since I was a scientologist, this kind of behaviour was something I was in in favour of too. Suddenly I started understanding why other people find The Church of Scientology so repulsive.

    Paying 22 lawyers to defend DM´s disgusting behaviour is equally repulsive. How many scientologists are having sleepless nights because they have been pressurized into donating far beyond their means thinking their donations went to defend Scientology when in fact it is being spent to defend DM`s obnoxious and sick and twisted behaviour?

    DM has never earned a dollar in his life. Like a parasite he lives off other people´s money. For this reason he has no respect for money. This contempt of other people and other people´s money is what he is demonstrating in the court in Texas.

    I along with thousands of people around the world hope that the judge will put a final period to this menacing little bully´s Taliban regime.

    I wish you both VICTORY!
    And I hope he will be squashed like a bug!

  9. 1 lawyer and the truth > 22 lawyers and a pack of lies….. not even close.

      • Thanks Cat. I’d never heard these b4. Once I was not FORCED to go to these ‘events’ I no longer went. My big objection with DM was he rarely ever looked at the crowd just left and right and left and and and. I also did not like the crowds. There was never much room to crown in and out of these things. When I first went on leave (’96) I went to a few but then my husband was not allowed to sit by me (he was still in SO) – they put him on security watch at the events. So I quit going. Now to hear this knowing the story of Lisa I’m not a bit surprised at how he spins the tale.
        Thanks digging these out and posting CD.

        • You are welcome and thaks for adding a little “MASS” , Mostley when David Miscavige is talkinh, he is talking to himself.

          • Well for more ‘MASS’ we were also supposed to dress up. When the big IRS win event was held I actually cut my hair and had my ears pierced. I HATED to dress up because there was no shopping time for one and it was never comfortable to me. When I say crowds I mean it was so crowed one literally could not really walk just scoot along being pushed. The food tables were about as bad. I can’t think of one thing I really liked about these events except being able to sit next to my sweetheart for a few hours oh and I pretty much always managed to snitch some of the flower decorations to take home :)

  10. Jean-François Genest

    Wow! That’s horrendous!
    Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do.
    • The mere fact that 22 lawyers are needed against your 1 to attempt to overwhelm you speaks volumes of your strength and power. Bravo! Θ
    They don’t realize that you’ve only given them a tiny flake off the tip of the iceberg. They are in for a severe reckoning.

  11. Dear All

    One of the groups I am partial to is Unity, who I believe have quite a following in the U.S.A.

    This gentleman writes a blog which I subscribe to and this piece I thought very pertinent to the subject of Scientology.

    I love his closing sentence “and where there is no doubt, there can be no faith, but where doubt and faith are wed, a child is born – spirituality”.

    Doubt was actively discouraged in the CofS, but as this guy points out ultimately RELIGION IS A DREAM but like all dreams there is a need to WAKE UP. How much more so with “the religion of religions”.

  12. From Tony Ortega’s Blog on the Scientology legal team supplying false evidence during Monique hearing today:

    “12: 31pm’

    “J. Swift is out of the courtroom, and he says Ray Jeffrey showed the one minute, no audio video that the church had supplied, which showed Monique pulling up to her house. Then Jeffrey showed the complete 10-minute clip with sound.’

    “Monique pulls up, sheriff’s deputy arrives, asks the videographer who he is and what he’s doing. He says that he’s working for Eliot Abelson and Monty Drake.’

    “It’s very damaging, J. Swift is saying.’

    “It was a shock in the courtroom, he says. Ray asked if he found any other discrepancies, could he submit those, and Judge Waldrip replied, if you find any other time bombs, you can”.

    How can former Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson justify working for a legal team that does this?

    I would hope that we see some heads rolling on that team after this.

    This has to be a criminal act.

    Is it?


    • “But Nick says Judge Waldrip was very resistant to Ray about the presentation. How did it address the anti-SLAPP motion?

      But he was equally unhappy with the editing job by Scientology.

      Nick says Ricardo Cedillo tried to justify it by saying they had people working 18 hours a day to produce this information for the court.

      Waldrip’s answer, Nick says, was cutting: “What you’re telling me is that you have people 18 hours a day cutting stuff.”

      • What does David do? He uses Gold staff (Who else is cutting 18 hours a day?) for destruction of evidence and accomplices to PERJURY. This is why the “religious leader” takes home the big bucks! He perverts the staff into criminals.

  13. I do not see that their activity on Monique was “protected” and “privileged” no matter how much they invoke 1st amendment.

    If a Jehovah’s witness repeatedly came to my home uninvited and urinated in my patio and paddled in a canoe in my pool, the correct thing for me to do is to call the police and /or use the courts such as a TRO.
    I cannot just shoot him with a gun and take the law into my own hands That’s why Law enforcement and Courts exist. So that vigilante justice isn’t carried out.
    The harassing Jehovah’s witness cannot say they are protected as a religion, therefore they have the right to do non-religious things and claim they have the RIGHT as a religion.

    It is Miscavige ordered ACTIVITY that is the basis of the lawsuit.
    If the “Church” needed to protect trademarks then they should have sued.
    They did not.
    Miscavige knew how he would be drawn right in so they avoided protecting “trade marks” via the courts and took to vigilante justice.

    I think the strongest part of Monique’s law suit is that the “church” who considers themselves above the law, took the law into their own hands.

    Spying and Stalking is not religious
    Screaming and yelling and intimidating and covertly surveilling is not religious.
    Hiring videographers “to make their life a living hell” is not religious
    Making a hate web site stating Mosey (Monique) is a transgendered male is not religious.
    Sending a male penis (dildo) to Mosey’s workplace is not religious.

    I would think the very first thing one does in a new court with new judge is to TRY to establish credibility with the new Judge.
    I cannot think of more instances of blowing all credibility with this Judge than how the Church with their 22 Lawyers have acted and played and lied in this law suit in New Braunfels

  14. I agree, this embarrassing behavior from Scientologists, is nothing but religious fundamentalism out of control.

    David Miscavige and his minions need to be confronted with the law, as it was done before with the main religious cults in the West, Scientology needs to be forced back to its appropriate place within civilized society.

    Scientology and Scientologists need to integrate and abide by the current mores and laws of society.

    I think that 60 years of deception, civil rights violations, and megalomania, under the color of religion are enough.

  15. I’ve met a lot of really good, local level Scientologists. It seems that the scum often does rise to the top.


    There are three important defamation decisions that have been made in Ontario, Canada, that clearly indicate that the courts will not be hesitant to award large damages awards, particularly in situations where someone’s professional reputation is destroyed. In Hill v. Church of Scientology of Toronto et al,8 Hill, who was a criminal prosecutor, brought an action against the Church of Scientology of Toronto, defendants in a criminal matter in which Hill was prosecuting. The Church of Scientology accused Hill of aiding and abetting other Crown Counsel in improper conduct regarding the sealing of documents and misleading a judge. The Ontario Court of Appeal found that the church’s allegations against Hill were unfounded and were made through the church’s legal counsel. Mr. Hill was awarded $300,000.00 in general damages, in addition to $500,000.00 in aggravated damages and $800,000.00 in punitive damages.

  17. Monique, this is your lawsuit right?

    22 lawyers vs Sugar Ray.

    It seems DM has not attained the Grade 0 auditing process, although he is the leader of the greatest and most expansive religion on Earth in the 20/21st century.

    The great DM requires 22 lawyers to keep him from telling the truth and communicating freely about anything. LOL

    With enough money you can buy yourself out of any game you do not wish to play.

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  19. Margot Diaz Learned

    Bravo Monique and Marty.

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