I was a member of the Sea Organization for twenty-seven years. I learned how to audit and troubleshoot virtually any technical problem at every level of Scientology. For years prior to leaving the Church I was regularly called upon by its top-ranking members to resolve its toughest and, in many instances, most high profile cases.

Having dug myself out of the dark pit where many who leave the Church land, I began lending a hand to others similarly situated.

A lot of folks seem to be suffering from the inculcated idea that once they depart or cease to slavishly follow every arbitrary dictate they automatically forfeit any spiritual gains they may have attained along the road. Natively conscientious as most beings are, such an evaluation can begin a pernicious dwindlng spiral of self-invalidation and unhappiness.

I understand this phenomenon and the internal dichotomies extant within the organization that bring it about. In the process of reversing the decline in myself and in others certain lessons were learned that might be of some assistance to those who have experienced the same.

I offer a simple program of rehabilitation of previously recognized abilities and education on universal truths and principles of spiritual growth. I do not offer a substitute for Scientology nor am in competition with the Church. I am only offering to share all the skills I have learned – from a wide variety of sources – to help those in need who once formally participated in Scientology but who now hold no hope nor intention of ever seeking help from the Church.

My services cost whatever you think they are worth, within your means, after completion. I ask that you pay me one-half of whatever you determine that value to be when you head back home. Then, if after a month you believe your original estimation was correct you can send me the other half, or not. It is entirely up to you.

For reservations: rathbunmark57@gmail.com

marty 2

271 responses to “Welcome

  1. Hello:
    I’m hoping to get more information about my sister Debbie Koval, who has been in Scientology for the last 38 years. She apparently was the facility in Hemet, but has been moved to another facility in the LA area. I”m hoping someone else here might know her and have information about what she has been through and whether she is/has been trying to get out. Thanks Marty for your message to me, and thanks to anyone who might know of her status.

  2. Just watched your program on channel 4 in the uk! I’m 25 and found it very interesting! Keep up the good work bro!

  3. Just watched the documentary about you on Channel 4 in the UK. You have my support. The church tried to get me in the 80’s and I’ve disliked them ever since.

  4. scott goldwyre

    just wanted to extend a supportive “well done” after all of the negative people harassing you, you are able to have faith gives me hope. I am not a religious man but i do have faith in humankind and from.one soul to another keep the faith brother
    yours most sincerely, scott

  5. More power to your elbow my friend. May whatever power holds sway over this universe lend strength to you and ours.

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  7. Hello from Canada. I just watched ‘scientologists at war’ and I have to say your wife is amazing. For a woman who had no connections with the church to stand by her husband, while being under intense scrutiny, I just have to applaud her and I am sure you two are closer than ever. I was raised in a very strict Catholic household and although I am still quite young, I was shuned for marrying a non-Catholic, my 34 first cousins and 16 aunts/uncles have little contact with me. I truly believe whatever your faith is, scientology, catholisicm, Baptist, or Buddhist, making money, institutions and rules and laws that suppress people and fill them with guilt, would not be what any creator wanted for us. Jesus stated I could connect with him by a river, in the forest, faith has nothing to do with money, David M. is probably a very wealthy man, Jesus was dirty poor, he accepted all lepers, prostitutes and even those who turned away from him. What shocked me about the documentary was the vengeance, the way they tried to press down on Marty and his family, if they were open, honest, compassionate people, who lived and let live, why would they care that someone wants to practice scientology on their own? ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, and by the way, the squirrel busters were only mad because you stole all their nuts!! And boy are they nuts, the one woman screaming its all about Marty, my husband and I were open mouthed, mental health issues galore. I just want to commend you on not backing down and being your authentic self no matter what anyone else thinks, especially Tom Cruise and co. what a bunch of dweebs, little man syndrome, and David looks smaller than him, get some high heels boys and get over it!!

  8. P.S I am going to buy your memoirs book, I find this all fascinating! Just one thing, I think Mickey touched on it above, the main page has so many entries, videos, and links it takes a long time to find something in particular, mine kept freezing. My husband built our website for our little company here in Northern Canada (we run a dog hiking service which is awesome!! I saw on the doc your sweet dog) and I will give you the link, you can see how everything has its own section along the top, dog blog, pack pix, general info, etc, that way someone isn’t scrolling down hundreds of paragraphs. Have a videos section for just videos and if you reference a video in a blog just link it, also have an archives section, I tried scrolling the main page I had no patience. Anyhoo just a suggestion….dog lovers can check out http://www.sudburydogwalks.com…take care :)

  9. I have been following Marty for some time and would like to get some communication to him. I tried the “Send an E-Mail” and it didn’t “seem” to go through. Some advice would be helpful. Thanks, Mark R.

        • BOTTOM LINE, You are an immortal being who has been around for a very long time.You have picked up a lot of wrong ideas (postulates, considerations) that are causing you a lot of undesirable problems. OF THIS THERE IS NO DOUBT, These problems can be repaired. The methods may be an area of debate. The only individual to make progress toward this during this very long time are Ron Hubbard and a few people who used his methods. He didn’t finish or perfect the methods, but it’s a good start. “The only true freedom is the ability to handle anything to come along.” That may take a little work, but it is well worth it. Further research will continue one way or the other. Thanks to everyone who has the wherewithal and courage to push forward. Looking forward to working with you. Mark

  10. Marty, I’m reading your blog with sincere and deep interest. Years ago I had some really really bad times with scn upon exiting (see http://www.madvillelaw.net ) It involved young children, parental rights, personal & professional harassment, and vast litigation excess — all very damaging and costly on so many levels.

    I have a child who will be at the U.S. Navy aviation base there in Corpus Cristi, TX as an officer, pilot, and aircraft commander for the military — she herself an ex-scieno. I plan on many trips there during her tenure. Would you be willing to meet with me and discuss past, current, and future scn issues?


  11. Christoph Brunke

    “Who before did live carelessly but lives not careless later on, shines above this world like the moon free of clouds” -Buddha; Dhammapada
    I had to translate this from german by myself so if anyone more wise finds any missspelling in the cite, feel free to correct me :] As a matter of fact the buddha encouraged us to have a look at all the other religions we can get hold of. so i stumbled uppon the church of scientology and your story. The little bit of knowlegde i could grasp upon about what scientologist believe in, in some ways is not that different from what we believe. And as a matter of fact i think it is right to discipline ones “reactive mind” which we would just refer to as “mind” an cleanse it of destructive reactions, even towards unpleaseant situations, and look at its true nature. And it can be helpfull to have someone with, greater capabilities of this, teach you on how it may work for you. but i totally disagree with the notion of having a “priest” of any kind making a sellout out of wisdom. a wise man would never charge someone for his teachings because a wise man would be happy to teach wisdom and that would be enough of a wage for him. You and others bringing that concept to scientology was such a happy discovery for me that i just had to come here and post this dhammapada cite for you because it instantly came to my mind when hearing your story. indeed i would reccomend you to get a copy of the dhammapada (no need to buy you can also listen to it @ YT ;D ) and read it at least once (can be a little painfull to one self here and there looking at once youth :/ *lol* imagine a not even 30 year old boy telling you that ;) ) there is much wisdom in it in a very clear,understandable and memorizable way for those who seek wisdom. I really hope you are successfull on your quest to liberate your religion from the fangs of greed, hate and fear. Also i want to add this little prayer that thousands of us regularly cite for all of you:
    “May all beeings experience happines and the causes of happines.
    May all beeings be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.
    May all beeings never lose touch with the great bliss that is free of suffering.
    May all beeings live in great serenity, free of adherence and reluctance.”
    Be shure that as long as you fight the good fight in a wise way you will have all wise beeings of the Multiverse on your side :) now at last again; i am german so i hope my english is even understandable and i managed to translate my cites correctly ( in addition it is almost 2 am here and my “nightwatch” is getting long ;) )
    May happiness be with you and wisdom guide you !

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  13. Repeal2ndAmendment

    To end Scientology slavery, we must END SCIENTOLOGY. Slavery has been a part of the ‘faith’ since Day One.

    *EVERYTHING* you complain about Miscavige’s rule was present during Hubbard’s time. You are acting like a good cult member, pretending that Hubbard was good but Miscavige is bad. Read the truth about Hubbard and the cult during his rule!

    Family disconnection? LRH disconnected from L Ron Hubbard, Jr!!! Disconnection is NOT an invention of Miscavige.

    Abuse of children? 12-year-olds worked 100 hour weeks, serving Hubbard as Messengers on the Apollo.

    Lying, cheating, stealing in the service of the cult? Very prominent during the time of Hubbard. Operation Snow White and the abuse of P. Goddard, for example.

    Money hungry exploitation of Scientology members? Pioneered by Hubbard!! The goal of Scientology, according to L.Ron Hubbard: MAKE MONEY. MAKE MORE MONEY. MAKE OTHERS PRODUCE AS TO MAKE MONEY. (1972 letter)

    Physical abuse of staff members for petty infractions? Hubbard sent out orders to hit certain people who displeased him!

    Good luck to you in truly pulling away from the cult of Hubbard; best wishes that you become a thinking human being with normal compassion and empathy.

  14. Real V Nordic Light


    I wonder if there is a forum where I can “vent” all the stupid, childish Scientologists behaviours the “top” in their org makes them do. I cant believe it, it is almost as they have the intent to hurt Scientology and give it a bad name. It is that stuuupid ! I no longer believe it is an “accident”, they do this to hurt Scientology.

    But I think only psychicwarfare dot is the way to treat those walkin entities.
    I dont like those parasites at the top all…!!!

  15. Marty. I just saw the documentary & I am happy you have been causing Sci some substantial damage. Sci almost ruined my youth. I am constantly gathering funds. I have multiple mils by now, heading for bils. I will crush Sci under my foot. Might call you 4 support but you will have to have decided to dump it for good. Later /F

  16. Hey Marty,
    I’ve been following your story on you tube, books on scientology, and on this site and really support you and your cause. Keep up the good work and stay strong. I cant imagine having to deal with these creeps directly. Anyways, good luck with everything.


  17. I just have question as far as Hubbard is concerned… I just recently bought a book on Scientology and as I was reading, it seemed to me like Hubbard was a racist man. Just wondering what your thoughts on that are?

  18. I’ve heard some about your legal wrangling with CofS, I wish you success.
    I left the CofS in 2001 after suppressive spiritual difficulties started persuant to a letter I wrote to Senior CS AOLA regarding some case changes that had occurred while on the SHSBC for 3 1/2 years. I felt that some high up SO personel started to attack me personally.

    Since you left in 2004 as stated in your welcome, I thought you might have heard something of that situation at that time and perhaps shed some light on it.

    I was never SO but a 27 year veteran of S, with a Clear number around 800.

    Thanks so much
    Leland Imler

  19. Marty, I’m watching the tv program scientologists at war here in far Sourh Africa. Thank goodness program’s like this get to people / layman like me.

    What you are doing is great. What those fools are doing is an embarrassment to human life and a disrespect.

    Tom cruise? What an embarrassment!

    You’re wife appears to be an amazing supportive woman.

    Use each other’s strengths and leave the idiots in your wake.

    Life is so great, purposeful, full of amazing surprises and always challenges.

    From someone who is completely non religious, yet respectful of everyone’s place in the world.

    Much love

  20. Football coach

    Teo laus

  21. In the process of reversing the decline in myself and in others certain lessons were learned that might be of some assistance to those who have experienced the same.

  22. I never joined the Church of Scientology, but was bullied into paying $30 for a “Communications Course” in their centre. That was the only way they would let me leave the centre. Once out, I asked for my money back, because I had no intention of affiliating myself with those cretins. In order to request my $30 back, I had to fill out eight 8″ by 14″ (legal) forms. And after they had received the forms, they wanted to discuss them in person. I was too smart to ever enter that building (without an army, that is) so let them keep the money and chalked it up to having paid that minimal price to learn to have a backbone. I should have just walked out of the place! I was young and naive. Now, after all this time, the Church has tracked me down and is harrassing me with telephone calls. I have asked them repeatedly to remove my name and number from their list. Of course, they do NOT listen to anyone else. Their mission is to get their message to me. I was told all that time ago, that I was to be put on their “Enemies List.” I was fine with that. Is there anyway I can arrange to be put back on the list? Apparently, they don’t bother their enemies, or so I’ve heard.

  23. Hi Marty, I hope my email reaches you (without interference or tampering of the message itself).

  24. Nice summary. which is really good..thanks to share it..please keep updating .

  25. Hi Marty,

    When will your books be available at public libraries?

  26. You are a kindred spirit to me, Marty. I have never read anything by LRH. I have never stepped foot into a Scientology org. I’m a female from the USA born in the ’80’s. But, after becoming an ‘orthodox’ Evangelical, then seriously devoted Catholic Christian, and finally leaving 12 years later, I’ve found your insights poignant and incisive! Whether on mind-control, psychology and religion, or general humanisism your reflections resonate deeply. Indeed, I’ve become a ‘Scientology Watcher’ because so many ex-scientologists are my fellow journey men and women on this road to regaining independent thought and autonomy.

    I think there will be a greater exodus from the fundamentalist expressions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. in the coming decades and there will be a great place for helping escapees recover themselves, sifting truth from fiction, and establishing new meaning in their lives without the fear that dictated every minute belief for them.

    Keep it up!

    p.s. I have to wonder if your obscure post last week might be related to a future as a professional therapist, counselor, or psychologist? (I realize the irony) Can’t help noticing your increasing use of the concepts. Seems you’d be great at this or as a (I know, laugh here, but seriously) minister in a free non-authoritarian or dogmatic, exploratory, spirituality like Unitarianism.

    Wishing you the best! I’ll continue to be a faithful reader!

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