John Travolta Thrown Under the Bus by Miscavige

In the following video the “JT” referred to throughout is John Travolta.

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  1. Absolutely, without a doubt, the worst movie ever! It’s a shame to, cause Battle Field Earth was the second book I had read by LRH and it is a phenomenal story. My kids could have put together a better rendition. It was just an awful movie! I felt sad for JT as I knew it would probably hurt his career. DM should stay out of the movie business!

  2. Well. That certainly explains a lot. Sickens me, but it’s good to know the truth. More crimes that punk needs to be held accountable for. Thanks, guys.

  3. Miscavige: “Never trust a blank!”

    Well, Anderson Cooper is a blank, too, so I think I know where DM’s hateful stereotyping is headed here.

    Of course, JT must be only half blank, seeing as how he and kelly just had a baby, assuming they didn’t do the artificial insemination thing.

    A tour of the all-time 6 worst movies ever made came through Seattle a couple years ago, complete with MC who would stop the film in certain spots, picking up his microphone to tell the audience things like: “Listen to just how many times the word ‘leverage’ is used in this next scene.”


  4. To clarify, Battlefield Earth was the movie I forgot to mention in the above post.

  5. I am only an egg compared to you two old birds, but that looks like a real good time. My wife is pushing for a beach vacation next year and Aransas is top of the list. Maybe I could stop by and ply you with a bottle of something nice.

  6. I remember when I saw BE in the theatre. From the opening credits it looked like a cheeseball production, IMO. The worst of it was the cheapness of the rubber hands that Travolta was wearing. I mean, really. I thought that they must have bought those at the costume section of the local Rite-Aid drug store.

    And then, back in those days, when I went to the org and was asked how the movie was, like the automoton I was, I said, “AWESOME!!!!” I knew the consequences for really saying what I thought.

    I really feel for JT these days. From losing his son to being knifed in the back by DM. One thinks of what he could really accomplish if he would get away from DM.


  7. Fantastic, the story, the setting… two thumbs up. In fact, this video beats Battlefield Earth.

  8. Let’s all make a postulate for the future — John Travolta, Marty and Mike discussing all of this on Jay Leno. I think it would be a great show. I’ve always liked JT since Vinnie Barbarino. You know what they say — don’t get mad, get even.

  9. I would like to see Dave do anything for charity! I would take JT as my friend any day over TC and DM. The biggest problem JT has is not standing up to Dave and his best friend.

  10. Can anyone here verify if the Sea Org was ordered to go and see the movie to push the stats during its opening?

  11. Of course he drove the bus (off the cliff) and of course he denies it! What I wanna know is, why didn’t TC pick up the phone, call up JT and let him have it?

    Does JT know about the natter? Does he put up with it if he knows?
    Did JT ever confront DM on all the bullshit that went down before, during and after the film? Will he, now that more truth is out?

    Sad thing is, now that this movie has been screwed up so brilliantly, I doubt anyone will ever touch it again to make a better telling of the story. Or any other LRH work, for that matter. Though I still think they should make Mission: Earth and have DM star as the snivelling SP dude: Soltan Gris. He’s perfect for the role.

  12. Amazing and totally disgusting.
    Battlefield Earth was horrible.
    Orientation was horrible.
    Can We Ever Be Friends? was horrible.
    I’m guessing these were all DM’s products!

    Now that I am out of the chamber of horrors I look back to when some of the first out points that I disagreed with or didn’t understand started appearing and actually have realization on these things daily.

    I hope John Travolta has a chance to see this video!
    Great post, Marty and Mike!

  13. Impartial English Girl

    Good vid.! Even the unfortunate s*ds in Guantanamo Bay aren’t forced to sit through Battlefield Earth every day (as far as I know)! DM has more faces than Mount Rushmore. Makes me actually feel very sorry for JT.

  14. When Battlefield Earth was in development, I was approached to write the screenplay by some folks at ASI. I immediately declined when it became quite apparent that the script and movie would be micro-managed to death by knuckleheads (upper management) who had no earthly idea what they were doing. Screenplay adaptations can be tricky. The writer must be allowed to capture the essence of a book, without interference. When writers are allowed to craft a good movie, you’ll get a good product, assuming the producer/directors ALSO know what they’re doing, too. It’s a shame. The movie really is one of the worst ever created but it could have been great had it been put in the hands of capable screenwriters, directors and producers. It had nothing to do with special effects.

    Of course, none of this was JT’s fault except for one thing. He should have insisted that the movie be written, produced and directed professionally with ABSOLUTELY no interference from anybody in the C of S (unless they happened to be movie professionals with impressive stats). The thing that bothered me most about this project is that the book was being treated like scripture, with absolutely no flexibility for proper screenplay adaptation. What ended up on the screen was a confusing, poorly integrated story complete with one dimensional characters (which came off cartoon-y, not scary), horrific dialogue (unintentionally hilarious in some places), painfully drab cinematography, terrible direction and (sorry, JT) terrible casting.

    I’m just glad I never got anywhere near that project.


  15. Oh, yeah, we all had to so see it three times on opening weekend. I fell asleep the 2nd and third times. Others sneaked out to see other movies. It was great to get a break from the daily drudgery of the base but it was a double edged sword having to sit through that film three times. Then it was back to “Everbody back on their heads,” business as usual.

    One other comment, DM’s description of Barbara Ruiz was completely accurate in my experience with her, though I have been told by another who knew her back in Mexico that she was a decent, sweet person at one time. Not in my experience.

  16. M&M,
    You brought up some memories on the subject of BE That film was released in May 2000 and the director Roger Christian, JT & Kelly were given a big red carpet tour of the Gold Studios and film facilities and a 5 course fancy meal at LRH’s mansion at the Int base, accompanied by Barbara and Javier Ruiz of ASI, while you guys were still at Clearwater. I remember going to watch the film at the San Jacinto movie theaters with DM, Shelly and entourage – all Int crew were ordered to see it 3 times. Most crew were happy to get out and watch a movie, I don’t think anyone really saw it 3 times, but went to other theaters. DM was really pumped up about the film though I never heard anything else about it after that, or that the ratings and reviews tanked. Only saw that after getting out. I can definitely confirm many aspects of the story – Dear Leader was into ethnic slurs though and many times referred to me as a F–king gook. On the other hand, one could not tell Polish jokes.

  17. Don’t know about the SO, but the entire Int base had to see it 3 times.

  18. I heard this too.

    Also, I was getting phone calls telling me to go see it by Flag Call-in Unit. When I told them I had already seen it, they said to go see it again and make sure I take family and friends. It was a sure stat push by upper management.

  19. martyrathbun09

    The Poles were the only protected ones.


  21. In before Harvey Levin, Perez Hilton and Larry King: Holy cow, Batman!

  22. I read Battlefield Earth and LRH’s ten volumn Mission Earth series twice given about a decade and a half interval between them. They are my favourite reads besides Stokers original version of Dracula.

    I am sure J.T. wishes he could have worked the film better than came out but I did’nt find the film too bad at all.. I enjoyed watching Johny Travolta play Terl.

  23. Thanks for this…BTW, two guys fishing is a great format for these stories!

    When I saw the film, after getting over the shock of how bad it was, I thought, “ASI had a hand in this, how could they not?” What struck me is that I saw in B.E. a great number of (now cliche) scenes from other movies. Like Harrier jets and the famous Star Wars’ point-of-view flight into the trench during the attack against the Death Star. I could just hear the survey questions asked to people on the street, “What stands out in your mind as the most memorable scene from your favorite science fiction movie?” Okay, tabulate those responses and make sure we get the top 5 scenes in there!

    A few years later, when Paul Haggis won his oscar, I remember thinking that perhaps in a few years, he might be interested to produce a TV mini-series that could tell the story of Battlefield Earth over a six or eight hours, really, the time needed to faithfully do that story. Done well, in that format, it could become a classic, like Roots or Lonesome Dove.It could be called Man the Endangered Species or something other than B.E. I also knew it would be a hard sell to Miscavaige who only wants a feature film blockbuster.

    As far as throwing JT under the bus: Congratulations, DM! You have at least mastered one trait of a big-time Hollywood producer…finger pointing!

  24. I was CLO WUS. Vans and buses were scheduled to take everyone to see it and see it three times.

  25. I can confirm that at Flag, the entire base had to watch the movie three times. It was paid for by the church and the crew list was checked off as each staff member entered the theater. This is yet another great example of misuse of tax exempt money so DM could stroke TC (not to mention the lost production time).

    The seats were comfortable, the theater was cool and dark and hundreds of staff caught up on much-needed sleep……

    I wonder — Is there anything DM has ever been involved with that he didn’t screw up?

  26. I can attest that David Miscavige’s vulgar language and name-calling was not limited to “dog staff members”, but included Scientology celebrities too.

  27. iMDB’s Bottom 100
    Number 84

    Only “Epic Movie” and “Meet the Spartans” had more votes than “Battlefield Earth.”

  28. Songbird,
    Perfect synopsis of the big miss on the film. The movie was a disservice to the book, didn’t capture the essences that made the book such a good story. The special effects were the last thing I noticed.

    Such a shame for JT, I think he really had a postulate to do it right. Hey, there’s always another chance. The first rendition of Dune sucked too. Similarly difficult books to bring to film.

  29. Brilliant, John Doe. The Battlefield really would have been better served had it been done as a mini-series….

  30. The movie wasn’t the best – but – DM meddling into it no doubt made it worse than it would have been. To then blame JT for his own meddling is so very wrong. To then natter with Tom about JT’s performance shows how low the little kids are in the real world. I would watch JT’s worst movie any day over a performance by the other to. JT can redeem himself. The others, well…

    The example of preferential treatment of DM’s buddies; the lack of any sense of civility toward another. I get a sick feeling that I even used to support this. DM – really setting an example of a leader of a world religion are you? Do you think this will attract more to the flock or what?

    I wish JT and his family all the best wishes for their future and to have a really nice holiday this year. For Mike and Marty you are already enjoying your holiday time. To see the to of you casually, without fear of DM, telling his dirty secrets and opening up the black coffin of his world to the sunlight – now that is a show worth seeing. This is like the trailer to it.

    The repeat, to John T and family, only the best of wishes. Sorry to even have to your name in the same post as the other two. You have class. They show they have none (actually they do but it is low class, if only because absolutes are unobtainable, so I place that in the category with none.)

  31. Ron Sr. had no such restriction. I’m no good at remembering jokes, but he had tons of them and every once in a while would let go a stream. Poor Dave, no ability to laugh at himself, or even the Genetic Line. Adam Miscowiecz (not sure of the spelling of the original name), a famous Pole, is an ancestor.

    I’ve got one, for my own Genetic Line. Where does a right handed Scot keep his money? In his left hand pocket.

  32. Ditto on Songbird. Like Shogun, another classic book that went to film, but done right and in a mini-series, 6-8 hours long.

  33. Yes, I was in CLO EUS and all the Sea Org members there were made to see it 3-4 times on the opening weekend. It was cruel.

  34. DM has once again made a mockery of LRH. Not only did he ensure the movie bombed, he made sure that no one would dare look at any future films based on LRH books.

    I am not a Sci-Fi fan but did read Battlefield Earth and was blown away by the book. Even more so with Mission Earth. LRH really captured the de-evolution of society and gave some wonderful handlings on dealing with corruption and SPs. An auditor friend had told me he reached for Scientology after reading LRH fiction books. I truly see this as another point of sabotage on Scientology dissem lines.

    I hope that John does look and see this video. I have only heard great things about him from others and he does not deserve this type of treatment (nor does anyone else). As long as JT allows DM to control him, he forfeits his freedom. I don’t think people care any more about past misdeeds. Hollywood is riddled with daily scandal and anything that DM has on JT would be temporary fodder that would be forgotten when the next scandal comes along. So he gets bullbaited in the media for a bit. I’d take that any day over enabling DM to continue his suppression of Scientology and Scientologists.

  35. OMG. I was in the retail business at the time. ASI demanded that I open a “BE/DMSMH cart” right in front of Universal Studios theaters for the premier of BE.

    I had to handle Universal Studios on getting a cart right in front of the theater and having done that I had to talk them into letting me put Dianetic Books along with BE books on the cart and promote it as the Battlefield Earth cart. Universal is a stickler about legal ruds so I had to prove that the owner of BE (LRH) approved of the cart. I finally got it all approved and had the cart open for the premier.

    The movie started and we waited. A couple came out 30 minutes after the movie started and walked right up to the cart. The man said to me; “Better close that cart, that is probably the worst movie ever made.” I thought he was a natterery dickhead so I ignored him. Then more people came out before the movie was over and some asked me where they can get their money back and some asked if JT had gone crazy and some asked if the Church had approved that piece of s++t mov ie.

    The movie finished and people walked out, walked around the cart and not one purchased a book. Got a lot of pointing fingers and laughs, but that was it.

    I went in for the next showing to see what the hell was going on. Ten minutes into the movie the horror started sinking in. Thirty minutes into the movie I was certain of sabotage and hated JT for doing this to LRH. I actually suffered through the whole movie in complete embarrassment and when it as over I came outside and close down the cart. I spent $10,000 on putting that cart there and had to pay another $5,000 to close it early. The execs at Universal laughed at me. They asked me if JT had gone crazy. They made fun of Scientology. Univeral Studios poking fun at Scientology.

    Then ASI wanted the stats and was all pissed at me for being CI to LRH because we sold no books and then I was really on the shitlist for closing the cart down. It was supposed to be opened for the rest of the month.

    I was really hurt. When I finally found out DM had his fingers in this it all made sense. Only a frigging lunatic would have passed dailies on that POS. It really does look like a product DM would put out.

    ML Tom

  36. John Doe,

    Yes, he has master finger pointing.

    Sounds like he is working on the other big traits of brown nosing and ass kissing. The only difference between these two traits is depth perception.

    He is probably working on his perception drills in between his groundings.

  37. Idle Org,
    David Miscavige is incapable of granting that beings make gains in Scientology. He doesn’t.

    On this earth, there is not one single ‘perfect’ person. Hell, there is nothing but hidden standards abounding on what that even means. I think that extends out to any other planet you want to consider, anywhere. I give a rat’s arse about what some guy did yesterday except to help him free himself, if he is restrained, by whatever it is he did, so he can live a better life in his own estimation and hopefully be a positive influence on the world around him.

    In any dealings I have had with Mr. Travolta, which were limited in my personal experience directly with him to several events he and I were on together, he has been the consummate gentleman and had as clean a space as any being I’ve ever communicated with.

    I have no doubt that he works everyday to live a better life than the day before. What ever I personally can do to assist him in that, I do. In my books, for whatever it is worth, he can be any kind of ‘blank’ he wants to be, to the aim of a better quality of life across the dynamics and which I’m very sure he works at with dedication and an every increasing awareness.

    JT makes case gain, something DM doesn’t and doesn’t credit. DM is an anti-social personality and one of the most Anti-Scientology, Anti-Scientologist beings I’ve ever witnessed. He hates LRH, Scientology, Scientologists, JT, TC, you me and inummerable others.

  38. I can read between the lines

    DM … send a text, bigger

    DM … shit can’t you do anything right, I said bigger

    DM … get it your ass in ethics, I said bigger, like the one I have

    And now we know why, to make up for perceived shortcomings in the film we see the codpiece the size it was. DM thinks of others by comparing to himself.

  39. Songbird, don’t know if you caught this article by the screenwriter, but it’s pretty amusing (and informative). Here is a nugget that I wasn’t surprised to see:

    My script was very, VERY different than what ended up on the screen. My screenplay was darker, grittier and had a very compelling story with rich characters. What my screenplay didn’t have was slow motion at every turn, Dutch tilts, campy dialogue, aliens in KISS boots, and everyone wearing Bob Marley wigs.

    From the screenwriter’s perspective, it was “John’s camp” that was calling the shots. Now, we know that “John’s camp” was really helmed by DM. Surprise, surprise.

  40. I’m sorry Tom but your post had me laughing out loud. I mean, imagine the utter surprise thinking that this was a great movie to then have the first person out the door, tell you to close down your cart!!

    Of course – it was a CI nattery nut UNTIL you watched the movie.

    I watched the movie in CW. Don’t remember if I went alone or with friends but I remember for sure thinking — THIS is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I would have walked but for all the SO members in the audience.

    And I loved BE, the novel — more so the Mission Earth by far.


  41. Songbird and Jim,
    Agreed. This book, along with Dune, create an entire world. It takes a while to create that in the minds of the viewers. Without that orientation the actions in the movie don’t have the impact, don’t flow, and break down the ARC. The conceptual essence of so much was lost. It can not be replaced by mere special effects, as a change in the MEST, without the thought in the communication. That is a vital component in art. We see in B.E. this component broken, inadequate or missing throughout. The final movie shows no understanding of ARC or live communication needed to make a good watch. The dead mest and special effects cannot make up for this flaw. This shows editing without understanding of art. Its in the quality of communication!

  42. Karen B,
    “As long as JT allows DM to control him, he forfeits his freedom. I don’t think people care any more about past misdeeds. Hollywood is riddled with daily scandal and anything that DM has on JT would be temporary fodder that would be forgotten when the next scandal comes along. So he gets bullbaited in the media for a bit. I’d take that any day over enabling DM to continue his suppression of Scientology and Scientologists.”

    Well said.

    JT will sooner or later have to confront fully the SP that DM is and his connection to him.

  43. I always thought that DM and TC might have privately bashed John Travolta over the BE movie. What irony (and karma), that TC’s damage to Scientology’s reputation was many times worse, just a few years later.

    That DM had such influence over both these guys during their respective debacles doesn’t surprise me.

    JT and TC. Wake up!!

  44. Tory Christman

    Thanks, again, for more info on all of this, you two!~What a riot, re DM~!
    “You can never trust a blank”. Did you both think, “right—and YOU, DM, are our #1 blank??
    For me……
    I will always have a fondness for Battlefield Earth….not because of the movie, (which we ALL, who were “in” thought it sucked, too)…
    but because it was part of what helped me in waking up.

    First: I was at the opening of BE, with OSA.
    After was a “Top Secret Party” for JT and OL’s. I was there, with Gavino and Yaude, to make sure it was “safe”. JT arrived, walked up to me (I helped supervise him on his second course, years ago, at CC). He gave me a big hug, and said, “I’ll never forget you or Vicki”.
    People were going in, who had passes. We were outside. I thought:
    Screw this, I want to go inside and talk with John. So I did. The security guard looked at me (like where is your pass?)
    I nodded to the tall guy inmfront of me, and he said, “oh—Ok”.
    I went in, said Hi to JT and Billy Bob Thornton, got some drinks for Gavino and Bill and said to Gavino:
    “Congratulations on your Top Security”. 🙂 It was one more part of my early waking up process. What a bunch of hooey.

    Second for me, re BE; I helped in getting the message board for BE cancelled. I didn’t do it for OSA, I was pissed at these people ragging on about JT–as I always liked him, so I called Warner brothers, talking to the person who ran the message board, to complain about all this “church” junk on the Message Board. The next day, to my shock, this man called from “NYC, Time Warner”.
    “We got your message and we ARE cancelling that message board”.
    Shock to me.

    Marty and/or Mike: Do you know if the attorneys were working on this, also?
    Either way, here’s what happened because of that:

    *I* missed the critics, the cowboys as I’ve mentioned before. The people who could talk, say what they felt, had no stops on free speech. So with that, I headed over to ARS to make my 4,000 posts, in 4 weeks–separate from OSA—just me, in my dining room, with my computer.
    (Sort of like Clue, eh: “It was Tory, in the dining room, with her computer!) 🙂

    “Criminal, out Ethics JT is?” Good God will one of his friends (Not in
    C of $) show him this video??? Tick Tock, Tick Tock……thank You ALL!~

  45. Thanks for the link, Margaret. I wish I had the chance to see the original script. It’s mind-boggling that a screenplay adaption could veer so far off course but it does happen, all too frequently. This is where a talented director will stipulate in his contract that HE has final say on how scenes are filmed and what cuts are used, which obviously didn’t happen with BE. All great writers and directors will tell you how they had to fight to film the movie they had in their heads. This artistic, professional ‘unreasonableness’ is what the public thirsts for and unfortunately do not often get.

  46. Mike & Marty, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your dockside chats. This is a microcosm of how Miscavige handles everything. Micromanage every little detail, while complaining about how he has to do everything and how he’s surrounded by incompetents and SPs. Then, when the project fails (which is pretty much inevitable if he has anything to do with it), blame the failure on others. He has perfected his own method of appearing to be in control while being utterly clueless and incompetent. I sure hope that JT sees this. He’s a talented, decent guy who got used.

  47. Ouch, Tom.

    I really felt for you as I was reading that account. I wonder how many people who saw that film equated it with the “quality” of Scientology, and made mental notes to avoid it as well.

    But, then again, perhaps that was what DM was shooting for??

  48. Tory Christman

    LOL! Well said, Just Me. 🙂

  49. Marty and Mike-

    Why do I get the feeling that this post is gonna cause some fireworks on a monumental scale in multiple locations? If I were DM I’d watch out for Kelly Preston once she catches wind of the actual behind-the scenes on her husband’s “screw up” with B.E. She could really light it up…….

    For a bit of comic relief: Why does DM remind me of Stupor Duck?

  50. When I saw the movie I was a bit depressed and in confusion and thought: What an horror movie! But I liked some scenes of JT where he put down some good acting and nice lines, which by the way, were literally from the book and the only good thing about it. I thought: How can such a good book be turned into a suicide plea? I was sure that the director was the cheapest failed Hollywood director they could have laid their hands on. I was not going to mention it to anyone, still in or out of the Church. Then I saw the ratings……… And now, a decade later, this blog finally explains everything.

  51. Tory Christman

    I’ve wondered that, too. “IS there anything that Davey boy has been involved in that he didn’t screw up?” Having been at Flag all throughout the 90’s, on OT 7, we experienced some of the most severe “out tech” and observed some serious abusive actions from this jerk of a leader.

    I remember once my auditor checking my grades.
    I asked him: “Let me guess: you got orders to check ALL of our “EP’s” from the bottom up, right?”
    He: “You got that one right”.

    Was this from DM himself, or were others able to just randomly enforce such out tech actions on a group? Also, was it HIS brilliant idea to change the F/N? I saw, Mike, that you mentioned he’d cancelled it. Can you tell us who created it? It was a *huge* flap for many of the OT 7’s, as anyone trained can imagine.

    Love the fishing, while telling the stories, too. A great backdrop 🙂

  52. IF JT had done anything in his life that classified as an act he could be blackmailed for by DM, the correct thing to do would probably be to simply write it up and publish it. Like, “when I was a young kid I got into trouble with …..” After this, the world would go, “Hunh, you too?” or whatever. But then he’d be done with the blackmail and just live his life.

    For myself, I would like JT no matter what, so maybe the shadows of “being found out,” are more shadow than substance.

    Or, maybe he really doesn’t care, and that’s his prerogative, just so long as he isn’t being hogtied by DM.

  53. I see DM’s aesthetic sensibilities are on par with his Technical prowess and administrative acumen…..dead movies, dead babies, dead parishoners…….

    Welcome to Miscavigeville.

  54. Guillaume du Houx

    there are two things here: 1. the film B.E. and 2. John Travolta.
    1. I was sooooooo disappointed in the film. Utter rubbish, it doesnot even come near the book, with the best intention of making a connection between the two.
    2. John Travolta as an actor, with a good script, is awesome.
    Let’s hope he joins Freezone soon and start expanding again.

  55. I didn’t think that “Battlefield Earth” was a very good movie but the deluge of scorn and outright hatred that decended from the film critics was, in my opinion, due more to the contempt they had for Scientology than short-comings of the film.

  56. Absolutely a “must see it 3 times” for FLO (now ILO) at that time. As Joe Howard said – everybody was happy to “having to go to the movie theater” but I didn’t see any enthusiasm about the movie. Everybody did his best to say it was a “good movie” – but everybody was heartbroken about the dilettante treatment of a great LRH story.

    During this year, Battlefield Earth showed on our national TV. My girlfriend had fallen asleep while the movie came on. I was glad she didn’t see the beginning as it mentions LRH but thought I watch it “in a new unit of time” (maybe it wasn’t THAT bad, after all). Some five minutes into the film she wakes up and watches for a minute or two and then looks at me and goes “what is T-H-A-T ???” – I forgot what what my reply was and switched channels – glad it was over. It was really T=H=A=T bad and I have this on a double-blind-test second opinion 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  57. 😆 Ahha!

  58. Who ?

  59. Thanks Songbird and all for the info on how the story in the film is practically unrecognizable compared to the original LRH story. It seems to roll back to Dear Leader’s insanity/vanity/irresponsibility/and pure bad taste characteristic. JT, LRH and others involved were definitely thrown under the bus by the SP supreme.

  60. Jim

    I’m with you 100% (and beautifully said, btw).

    Whatever a reader/listener dubs into the blank there is their own dub-in, anyway. It’s irrelevant, immaterial, and beneath us as a topic of discussion precisely because Mr. Travolta is a very SOCIAL personality. John Travolta has only my great admiration, based on my observations of how he has always conducted himself.

    David Miscavige, on the other hand, is a pathetic little weasel.


  61. Something I’ve thought about since the Travolta’s son died…how much was raising their kids influenced by church of Miscavige viewpoints?
    I know I was pushed to basically neglect my toddlers with excuses that I needed to go off and leave them for weeks or even months at a time. Leave someone else in charge who q

  62. Check out the link Margaret posted – the guy who wrote the original movie script (but not the one that was actually used) is very witty. Guess it could have been a great movie with this guy scripting it.

  63. Mat,

    Perhaps the most viewed Dear Leader personally produced video of Tom Cruise making him look really creepy, which started world wide Anon protest should be included on his product list:

  64. Oops…Leave someone else in charge who quite frankly, I had very little respect for and DID NOT WANT raising MY children. I was on staff for 5 years before my first baby, so it was a gradual push towards neglect – not an overnight thing. It was also the impetus (besides out-tech) for my leaving because I just wasn’t going to neglect them…PERIOD.
    I am thrilled that JT&Kelly are having another baby, but I do hope they disconnect from the SP! I can’t help but think their lives would be MUCH better instead of the gross roller-coaster ride it’s been, having been so controlled by antisocial personalities.

    I haven’t even seen Battlefield Earth, so David Miscavige gets a FLUNK for his promotions and orders too – never made it to my mission or me.

  65. Agreed. Peter Jackson wouldn’t screw it up like DM did. My only complaint with BE the book was that it was too short. I was just getting into it and 450 pages later it’s over already?

  66. I have briefly met JT only once, but have a very good impression of him. His space was very clean, as another poster mentions.

    DM, on the other hand seems to be described very well by the following. Itis a longish articel I have tried to edit a bit. It is well worth reading in it’s entirety.

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    While grandiosity is the diagnostic hallmark of pathological narcissism, there is research evidence that pathological narcissism occurs in two forms, (a) a grandiose state of mind in young adults that can be corrected by life experiences, and (b) the stable disorder described in DSM-IV, which is defined less by grandiosity than by severely disturbed interpersonal relations.

    — The incidence of NPD is estimated at 1% in the general population, though I haven’t been able to discover the basis of this estimate.
    — Narcissists rarely enter treatment and, once in treatment, progress very slowly. We’re talking about two or more years of frequent sessions before the narcissist can acknowledge even that the therapist is sometimes helpful. It’s difficult to keep narcissists in treatment long enough for improvement to be made — and few people, narcissists or not, have the motivation or the money to pursue treatment that produces so little so late.

    — Most clinical writers seem unaware that narcissists’ self-reports are unreliable. This is troubling, considering that lying is the most common complaint about narcissists and that, in many instances, defects of empathy lead narcissists to wildly inaccurate misinterpretations of other people’s speech and actions, so that they may believe that they are liked and respected despite a history of callous and exploitative personal interactions.

    The disorder begins by early adulthood and is indicated by at least five of the following:

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a pattern of self-centered or egotistical behavior that shows up in thinking and behavior in a lot of different situations and activities. People with NPD won’t (or can’t) change their behavior even when it causes problems at work or when other people complain about the way they act, or when their behavior causes a lot of emotional distress to others (or themselves? none of my narcissists ever admit to being distressed by their own behavior — they always blame other people for any problems). This pattern of self-centered or egotistical behavior is not caused by current drug or alcohol use, head injury, acute psychotic episodes, or any other illness, but has been going on steadily at least since adolescence or early adulthood.
    NPD interferes with people’s functioning in their occupations and in their relationships:

    1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

    2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    Translation: which is to say that they live in their own little worlds (and react with affront when reality dares to intrude).

    3. Believes he is “special” and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
    Translation: Narcissists think that everyone who is not special and superior is worthless. By definition, normal, ordinary, and average aren’t special and superior, and so, to narcissists, they are worthless.

    4. Requires excessive admiration
    Translation: Excessive in two ways: they want praise, compliments, deference, and expressions of envy all the time, and they want to be told that everything they do is better than what others can do. Sincerity is not an issue here; all that matter are frequency and volume.

    5. Has a sense of entitlement
    Translation: They expect automatic compliance with their wishes or especially favorable treatment, such as thinking that they should always be able to go first and that other people should stop whatever they’re doing to do what the narcissists want, and may react with hurt or rage when these expectations are frustrated.

    6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends
    Translation: Narcissists use other people to get what they want without caring about the cost to the other people.

    7. Lacks empathy
    Translation: They are unwilling to recognize or sympathize with other people’s feelings and needs. They “tune out” when other people want to talk about their own problems.

    8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him

    9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes
    Translation: They treat other people like dirt.

  67. My Husband and I had the opportunity to meet with JT. He was on the L’s lineup with my husband (late in the evening). JT seemed to get his auditing when there were very few people around. JT is a truly nice guy and is willing to talk with anyone. It was the COS that put out orders to the public not to engage in conversation. It became obvious that the COS took over the lives of the celebrities while they were at Flag.

    I do hope that JT and TC get a clue . From what I know of JT he is a caring individual and to not question what is going on surprises me.

  68. Marty and Mike, I remember when LRH was writing Battlefield Earth.
    It was sometime in 1981 or 82 and he was living in an apartment building in Newport Beach, Calif. with Pat and Annie Broeker. I was a ‘rover’ (wandered around doing backup as needed). I was living at the time in the back of my orange van. Pat would contact me via pager/payphone and give me assignments. I did some research on military vehicles and would forward that info to Pat. One day I got a call from Pat to meet him at the Holiday Inn in Santa Monica. We rented a room and Pat brought two bankers boxes with the B.E. manuscripts. From what Pat told me LRH had done an ‘eval’ on what was in common with ‘best sellers’. He found out that the ones that sold best were full of bad language (cuss words). So when he wrote B.E. it was full of some very ‘salty’ words. I’m sure Pat and Annie, after reading the manuscript, must have told LRH how out PR that was. Well, Pat and my ‘mission’ was to edit out all the bad language so as not to ARCx the Scientology public. I was told that LRH’s intent was to re-establish himself as a Science Fiction writer in order to help promote Scientology. He wasn’t supposed to be running the ‘church’ so he wanted to show that he was busy doing other things. Pat and I spent a few days at the Holiday Inn editing the manuscript and I could tell LRH was an old sailor.
    I know LRH liked John Trivolta’s movies but he never mentioned Tom Cruise. Love

  69. Very good link and it corroborates the general details of Mike and Marty’s conversation. Thanks for posting this.

  70. Wow. This is off-topic, but for those who missed it, Jeff just posted a doozie on his blog:

    If that list doesn’t capture “the areas that need reform” in the CoS, then I don’t know what does.

  71. I always loved LRH fiction, especially Battlefield Earth. The stories are uplifting and manage to highlight mans ability to make it go right and his nobility even in the toughest circumstances. This movie was a constant mockery of man. The scene where men were fighting over the right to eat green slop was degrading and disgusting. It certainly didn’t come from LRH or the book, but from the mind of a lunatic. The Phyclos weren’t even aliens. Just another mockery of humans. When I finished the book I felt exited and uplifted. After the movie I needed a shower.

  72. He must hate good movies, too.

  73. What’s so ironic is, around 2004 I was being pushed by a young, energetic SO girl, to join staff for the upcoming Idle Org.

    She wanted to know about and “handle” any and all doubts/reservations I had about the church in general.

    I brought up several things. One of them was how Battlefield Earth had been such a huge nightmare for PR and such a terribly overt product, on the world stage, no less.

    Her response?

    “SP’s were on the line.”

    Boy if that ain’t the truth!

  74. Ouch +1. I could feel your wounds Tom. SUX. 😦

  75. David Miscavige – Failed Renaissance Man.
    One more thing he can’t do – produce a movie.
    Add that to; can’t write (we’ve seen his ‘dispatches’ and bulletins), can’t speak/orate (seen his released work at Idle Morgue openings, events etc.), can’t play a musical instrument, can’t play baseball and lest it be left off the long list…can’t fish.

    Can’t even sit at a stocked pond, with a bobber and a piece of Velveeta cheese or a corn niblet put out for a stocked fish that will eat anything, and get a fish. Can’t do it.

  76. I can remember being told that LRH wanted to make a movie of B.E. and he wanted John Trivolta for the lead role. My personal opinion is that JT is an ‘actor’ while Tom Cruise is a ‘movie star’. DM screwed it all up! Damn!

  77. Pingback: John Travolta Thrown Under the Bus by Miscavige (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) « My LRH

  78. His quotes about celebs, staff and public should be compiled and published. They are bound to be stumbled into and revealed at some point to those who have been unknowingly tarnished by The Pukemaster.

  79. Tory,
    On the FN thing. I wrote something on this over on Scn Cult, under my name. DM wrote his very own bulletin, redefining an FN and completely altering an LRH authored HCOB that led to this gross out tech on FNs.

    In the comment section of that article, it is made clear that the ‘three swing FN’ arbitrary was taken directly from this bogus squirrel ‘HCOB’ that DM had written. It was enforced that in order to have the ‘same width’ on a swinging needle, (which is part of the bullshit re-write of an LRH issue that DM did) it had to go three times, once for the initial width, and back on the second swing, to hit the turnaround at the same width as the first swing to give the third swing.

    Utterly, completely and totally arbitrary squirrel, suppressive out-tech that thousands of people have been subject to overrunning to horrendous degrees.

    P.S. I love the fishing too. Says somethin’ about a man that he can fish. (Even if it is with bait…’wink, nudge’ and so on from a Flyfisherman. Apparently, according to Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It, author, all of the first-class fisherman on the Sea of Galilee, including it was assumed, Jesus’ disciples, were flyfisherman. Not that I’m snobby or anything 🙂 )

  80. Well said. Fully agree – even down to “I wasn’t a SiFi fan but read B.E. and was blown away”

  81. I saw an interview of the director not too long ago. Harvard University has a mock-award for the worst movie of the year, every year. Hallie Barry won for Catwoman, Sandra Bullock won for something, and she enjoyed accepting the award! Made a big to-do out of it. She’s a good sport.

    The Director for BE won for Battlefield Earth, and wanted to go. I don’t think he ever did. But the reason for not going wasn’t because they were wrong. He KNEW it was the worst film of all time, let alone the year. He didn’t accept the award because he had so little to do with the movie! JT’s “people” did it all, and altered everything he wanted to do. The director felt he had such little impact on the movie, he could not accept the award for it sucking… because he’s not the one that made it suck!

  82. Through the data on the Mastef (Marty-Steven-Jeff) blogs the actual psychopathic personality of David Miss Savage becomes overwhelmingly obvious. As a true psychopath he actually would do to B.E. and JT what he did. In case you think I’m “not surprised”: in a way it’s true, I’m not – but at the same time I go: WTF else is coming? Is his life a bottomless black pit?

    As to the accuracy of the data on this blog: not a single blog item was removed and no suits was filed for libel or slander – complete OSA black-out silence! Except for a few trolls that are sometimes allowed to play here to Tory’s tune of tick and tock. And I believe Marty would let us know if OSA did actually file a suit – would even make a good post too!

  83. Penny, you are so right … Now … in the context of having opened my eyes … It makes perfect sense that I never liked the Orientation film when it came out — I may have been on staff at the time/I probably though it was solid. I thought “Can We Ever Be Friends” was low-toned/tried to get myself to accept/justify it by “figuring” … well …. it must have been designed to match the supposed tone of PTSes — as if all are one tone anyway. And … sheesh … I didn’t simply see it as NOT LRH.

  84. Roger Ebert, who was the world’s most influential film critic at the time (I think Siskel had passed away), said about BE: This is a film that will be remembered for a very long time because future horrible movies will be helt up against it as to whether they were as bad as BE or not.

    That movie was a turning point for Scientology. To me it was the first time we became a laughing stock to the rest of society. My sister worked in ASI and prior to it’s opening she could not be more hyped about what was going to happen in terms of expansion and good-will once the movie was out. Later on I tried to ask her who’d been RPFed for the disgrace – believe me, if eyes could kill I’d be dead. Now I know why.

    Did anyone notice the similarity between BE and the editing style of the manic TC IAS video. DM really socks and it seems sure, when he has anything to do with anything, it socks.

  85. Mat, totally correct – I was wondering too how LOOSE the change was when it came to getting the funds for 3 movie tickets for all of FLO (now ILO). All in all, I would say 2,000 Sea Org Members “had to see it 3 times” at least. That makes for 6,000 tickets at 5 bucks a sea and you end up at USD 30,000 tax-exempt money spent on what? Demoralizing staff!

    Got to start a little search for all the waste of tax-exempt funds spent on non-tax exempt items … or is that just a bottomless pit ?!!?

  86. Tom, I like the analogy but honestly ‘Daffy’ is much more uptone than DM.
    Its hard to laugh at DM’s antics. Love

  87. I remember thinking the exact same thing when the 13-part TV Series of Dune flighted here about 7 years ago. The ’84 film was horrible for the same reasons people say BE was horrible[1], just not as bad.

    Some stories are just too big for a movie, they need 9 hours to do them justice. It worked for Dune, it worked for The Lord of The Rings, it could work for BE.

    Naturally, dm will have to be fully out of the picture and the directory fully in.

    [1] Why the stilted grammar here? Well, I’ve never seen the BE movie.

  88. This is the BEST revelation of DM’s covert, turd-eating character since the publishing of his violence against staff. Perhaps someone at the next demonstration in front of Celebrity Center can play this video on a laptop strapped to their chest as they walk back and forth, with quotes on a picket sign from what DM said about JT.

    BE was the absolute worst movie ever made. Period.

    JT redeemed himself with LOVE SONG FROM BOBBY LONG.

    I don’t think there’s any way that Cruise could redeem himself for his role in Valkyrie, with his wooden stupid portrayal and American accent. DM must have coached him on that, too.

    DM likes the dirt, that’s why he grounds himself to it. He’s preparing himself for being six feet under it. If he’s ever able to be busted and miraculously expresses remorse or requests redemption, his punishment should start with being buried in the ground up to his neck, with just his head sticking out so that a pair of Sony Video Glasses can be strapped to his eyes, playing…what else…Battlefield Earth, over and over and over.

    All Int Base staff will be allowed the honor of dancing around his head while he repeats, “I’m a very bad leader and a horrible movie producer” continually. When he cries, you get to hit him on the head with one of his grounding rods, not too hard, just enough to cause a lump. There’ll be a point system where the lumps are counted and the person who produces the most lumps on his head wins a prize.

    After a month or two he should be let out and made to wear those cheesy rubber hands from the movie while he digs a ditch, drops in a copy of Battlefield Earth DVD, fills it in, then has to dig it up again, over and over, like in Cool Hand Luke.

  89. The irony is, I don’t think the public gives a flying hoot about JT’s past transgressions.

    Imagine for a moment the tabloid gossip is true. Think back to any point you have ever seen someone read that gossip. Did they ever comment about it? I’ve never seen anyone do it, because people mostly don’t care about that.

    But by god did they have a lot to say about the slimy sleazeballs running the church JT belongs to!


  90. Tory Christman

    Can you imagine DM today? It’s Wednesday—day before
    Thursday at 2:00—-Oh boy, I bet there are some Sea Org
    members rolling today.

    Keep fishing, please, and telling stories: they are awesome to hear,
    and fun to watch, too! 🙂

  91. Tory Christman

    Don’t give Stuper Duck such a bad image!

    Besides—DM may have a cape, but we know he cannot fly! 🙂

  92. Terl Toy from “Battlefield Earth” – Click for sound…
    “…Ratbrain!… …You wouldn’t last one day in (the hole)… …”

    Prior to the release of the film, public were regged to contribute funds to help with the promotion of the Battlefield Earth movie.
    Sea Org staff lined up Class V Org public to attend the local first day showings of the movie. I attended the showing with about 30 other local Scientologists. We were supposed to pretend that we were not Scientologists, but just regular folks in the crowd. I sunk in my seat with embarrassment as the film progressed. Afterwards, we were asked to fill out a survey. I was pissed as I wrote: “The film sucked!!”

  93. There’s a book called “Fiasco: A History of Hollywood’s Iconic Flops” by James Robert Parish that devotes a whole chapter to Battlefield Earth.

  94. Thanks Marty et al;

    I wondered what happened! It didn’t make sense to me that JT with his knowledge and experience would put out such a disaster product. I felt certain that the CofS to some extent was involved, had to be for the product to be so bad.

    I was also wondering what kind of ethics JT would have been put through as a consequence, since it was all on ‘his shoulders’. I actually felt sorry for him, because it was obvious to me he wasn’t the one controlling the fiasco.

    If there was any overt on the part of JT that is obvious, it is him compromising his integrity; he must have known from the ‘rushes’ how bad it was turning out.

    I like JT, and this is one of the worst things that has happened to his career. I hope he gets a chance to make things right again. I’ll watch any movie he makes.

    As far as BE the book is concerned, the first half was fine, up to the point where the planet was blown up. The part after that was just an add on, or so it seemed to me.

    By the way, how many of you got the little dig LRH made against shrinks? Remember, he referred to ‘Catrists’ as part of the Psychlo’s mental health doctors.

    LRH often injected subtle little gems of humou in his writings. I think they were his own private little chuckles.

  95. Wow this video explains a lot for me. Even when I was in I thought the movie was terrible. John Travolta is a really good actor and I have seen everything he’s ever done but not even he was able to turn this stinker into a good movie because David Miscavige was f*&@ing it all up. I was laughing a lot as I watched the video when you tell how little Davey was so proud of his “Major Motion Picture” until it was criticized as one of the worst movies of all time. Then he goes and blames others when the whole thing was his baby. Thank you Marty and Mike. I will pass the link on to all my connections.

  96. I gave the BE to my non-Scn brother to get him interested in LRH and Scn. He was a bit antagonistic but then complaint only about that the book (first part) stopped at an exciting point. Years later he was complaining about how horrible the movie was and saying that he couldn´t understand that JT would let himself be used for such a cause. It was really be PR!

  97. You are so right about His Satanic Majesty Tory,

    The guy definitely has the reverse Midas touch!

    Of course it’s always someone else’s fault!


  98. sorry: bad PR!

  99. Moving Forward

    I read Battlefield Earth well before the movie came out and loved it. Great book, great sci-fi. I recall DM specifically talking about the making of the movie at an event and how they had finally gotten a script that was ‘close to the book’.

    When I saw the movie, it barely resembled the book. The problem wasn’t the special effects, it had more to do with the awful script and terrible two dimensional characters. The very heart of the book had been tossed out. And no Robert the Fox! I was VERY vocal about how much I hated the movie, how it wasn’t anything like the book. I couldn’t understand how things had gone so awry. I really felt it trashed LRH’s otherwise decent reputation as a writer. John Travolta seems like such a good guy that I didn’t find it likely that he was the problem. It was clear that church management was involved to some degree and now I feel I should have put 2 and 2 together.

    Others who said they liked it pretty much one for one had never read the book. I guess they thought it really was true to LRH’s story and therefore that they had to like it or some such thing. I didn’t get why people thought they would have to like some fiction stories by LRH regardless, but I do remember being disturbed by the level of automaton I saw. I also heard about people going to see the movie multiple times as a ‘stat’ push and was just infuriated. The same thing happened when LRH’s fiction books were re-released; people were asked to buy the books and I thought ‘what the hell is going on?’. I’d read something by LRH specifically saying to not do that sort of thing, too, and yet here it was happening.

  100. Fellow Traveller

    Jim, I do so appreciate the way you have made the principles LRH codified your own including especially the way you convey and practice them. Very nice.

    On this occasion, you wax a just a tad verbose, eg, “He hates LRH, Scientology….” I now see it is simply “He hates.” How much do you think he despises the charade he puts on to hide that?

    Bruce Pratt

  101. “How can such a good book be turned into a suicide plea?” That reminds me of Film 2000 – UK film review show, when Jonathon Ross introduced the review of BE with the words “and now – a moments silence for the death of John Travolta’s career..” Ross was usually able to find some saving grace in any film but concluded that it wasn’t even in the “so bad it’s quite good” category as it took itself too seriously. Does anyone know why it was all filmed at some weird unwatchable angle? 17 degrees I think it was.

    As I recall the film was previewed at the New Years 1999 event – DM was obviously immensely proud of it. Also, EG staff and public had to go see it. Few even tried to pretend they enjoyed it.

  102. Fellow Traveller

    M&M&M&C —

    This is very nourishing soul food. Thank y’all muchly.

    Guys — Don’t be hoggin’ all the video and let the ladies have their turn too. Please.

    Bruce Pratt

  103. In my humble opinion, the person who got thrown under the bus was LRH. Remember, this movie was supposed to show what a great writer LRH was and get people on the Bridge. Instead, the movie was probably one of the worst PR disasters that ever happened to LRH. It’s a good thing he had already moved on to target two by that point. Otherwise, DM would be in a dark blue boilersuit cleaning out the bilges.

  104. I think once Barbara learned that acting like DM, was the way to success, she adopted the style.

    With me, only my last 3 months under her, when I was her junior at ASI, did she become a living hell.

    Yes, she was very nice most of the time. She comes from a real upper class family, and knows upper class ways for real, she’s the real deal upper class daughter.

    I heard she blew, and I hope she someday gets her thoughts sorted out on DM, so she see it was not the right thing to play to DM’s style. DM’s was NOT the winning valance.

    On BE, it is SO SAD.

    Because if LRH’s despatch traffic on what LRH wanted for the BE movie could be in the public domain, the really one great thing JT did, was make the BE project his. JT tried to do what ASI could NOT do, which was get BE into a movie.

    Susie Watson Taylor, for years, tried and liased with JT, and others, trying to get BE into a script.

    It just couldn’t be worked.

    What the bigtime Hollywood producer people saw was that the script could NOT be like the book, it just wouldn’t work. That was the problem all along, Susie Watson Taylor told me, for years.

    I don’t know how much influence DM had on trying to unreasonably try to keep the script close to the book, but that’s the big problem.

    The scriptwriter just had to make the movie work, and change some things.

    I’m not sure what LRH would have done, but likely had he had more time to invest in the project, he’d like have to do some scriptwriting assistance.

    But to me, because there are those orders from LRH to ASI, to MAKE BE into the movie, that someday, someone else can take another shot at it.

    I don’t hold it against JT for making this his project though, which is pretty clear.

    Oh, another thing Susie Watson Taylor told, me, and this was ALL back in 94 and 95, was that the Hollywood backers for a shot at the BE movie HAD to include JT in the movie. With JT in the movie, then they’d back it with the money.

    I saw the movie again, just last weekend on TV, one of the local stations played it. I didn’t remember most of it. It’s a little too fast paced ,and I can’t follow it. And I doubt I’d be able to even follow it as well as I was able to, if I hadn’t read the book BE a few times.

    I wish LRH’s full private ASI despatch traffic, and all his BE traffic could be in the public domain. DM pushing ASI to get that movie produced, if someone were to lay out ALL of the non-complied LRH orders to ASI, the BE traffic/orders would stand out. So that’s why JT spent so much time trying to make it happen.

  105. I agree with every word you wrote Karen.

    The word sabotage came to my mind as well when I read the reviews for that turkey.

    (Personally I couldn’t get through watching the trailer without feeling nauseous.

    So I never saw the flick.

    Besides I was still getting over being suckered into watching “Dinner with Andre”.)

    I think it beat out Kostner’s Water World as the all time worst movie ever made!

    Though it’s an object lesson in a way.

    Very instructive on how something BOTWO (Based on the works of) doesn’t have any relationship to what it is derived from.

    Like the current version of “Scientology” being practiced in the Orgs these days.

  106. Tony DePhillips

    Somebody had to….

  107. Tony DePhillips

    Compare that to this Science fiction masterpeice.

  108. This image says it all:

    Tell me David Miscavige does not have small penis syndrome. David Miscavige made quite possibly one of the worst movies ever made in history.

  109. Man, I’m amazed that TC would just chime in agreeing with DM’s natter and not even spot the outpoint.

    As for the movie, I went with my wife at the time – gosh … about 2 minutes into it, I was embarrassed – it was so poorly done and thought this was going to be one big PR fiasco – That, or I just didn’t understand Hollywood

    Outside the theatre I tentatively asked my wife “So … what did you think?” She said “Wow, that was great!”. I thought to myself ‘Holy crap! What the hell was she seeing?’ I couldn’t believe it … I even tried to assume her viewpoint – “scary”, I thought. 😯

    Then in a blazing cognition, I noticed her glasses under the streetlamp … a small Coke logo on the side of the lens. Eureka! Sanity restored!

    Okay, well maybe not the Coke logo, but she did have a pair of those big aviators and her eyes did fill those lenses 😀

  110. Public at my Class V Org were recruited to see the film on opening night. A couple advance Sea Org folks were running the line and were there at the theatre entrance. Public were briefed to “not be Scientologists” in order to further the ruse that the broad public wanted to see it. About 30 Org public came during the showing I went to. We were excited!
    I was embarrassed and pissed off during the first 10 minutes…and got more and more pissed as the movie progressed. The film was a humiliation.

    Prior to the film release, public were regged to donate towards the promotion of the film. I wasted a big chunk of change on that donation.

  111. Tony DePhillips


  112. Tony DePhillips

    Correct viewpoint IMHO for anyone to take but particularly a MOQ.

  113. Yeah, I was in a podunk town on the east coast in the early 80s, and I got a call from someone in the Church asking me, using the Church’s money, to go to the local bigchain bookstore and buy up a bunch of BE books. I was a kid at the time, and I did it. How embarassing.

  114. Tony DePhillips

    We knew that. 🙂

  115. Sarge and Tory,

    I searched and searched but I couldn’t find a low-toned cartoon character who personifies the Lil’ Demonic Midget. Hence, Daffy, as the comedic personality, filled in. Apologies extended

    Mel Blanc, et al, no disrespect intended or implied.

    ML, Tom

  116. LOL!! Priceless Jim!

    Velveeta … Hahahahaha

  117. LOL. I never noticd that before. *sigh*

  118. Sorry Tom….

    I couldn’t restrain myself….

    Replace Margarita with Miscavige…

    (My apologizes to Jimmy Buffet 🙂 )

  119. Are you referring to the screenwriter? If so, I posted a link above to his article in the NY Post in March of this year. Here it is again:

    I didn’t see anything from the director, but if you have a link, I’d love to see it.

  120. Tony DePhillips

    I guess we know why you aren’t together anymore…. 🙂 either the differences in movies or you being critical of her… 🙂

  121. Tony DePhillips

    I think Terrel is to dm the ideal Being. Something for him to aspire to.

  122. Actually, she dumped me … hmm … maybe I *was* critical 🙂

  123. Bob, that was my thinking too. If folks remember, FACTnet (Arnie Lerma) had put out a “press release” right before movie release that warned audiences to be careful of “secret subliminal pro-Scientology messaging”. The mainstream media picked up on the story, and it took on a life of its own.

    I always suspected that some of the over-the-top negative response to the movie was to some degree spurred on by the FUD created by that “press release”. Then again, if the CoS and DM had kept their meddling hands out of it … and just let a film maker/producer who was genuinely in love with the book make a movie out of it on their own terms … I’m sure we would have had an entirely different result. With or without the Lerma warning.,,85197,00.html

  124. I read in an article that talked about the Razzies that JT didn’t even know that BE had received an award and had made a comment about having people who keep that kind of stuff off his lines.

    Though I find it hard to believe that he really doesn’t know what’s going on, there was this reference to him having people who censor comm for him.

  125. I remember being surprised at the language and some slightly erotic scenes when I read it. At first I was taken aback but after I thought about it, it actually raised my ARC for LRH as he really became more human to me which brought things into a better perspective since I had somewhat deified him prior to that.

  126. Actually I have fonder memories of the whole BE campaign.

    Me and this musician dude hangin’ in the CCI Cafe (long before it was given the chi chi and pretentious LA Renascence name and they let people in who didn’t look like penguins) and the President of CCI comes in and says something like “You boys into some action?”

    Needless to say a million thoughts came to our minds all probably the wrong ones (Suzette was a real looker back then) but the hook was in so we bit.

    Next thing you know.

    We are both transported to Muscle Beach near Venice (the one in California) by Suzette’s assistant and we’re looking at this huge Terl balloon suspended by a cord over this bookstand (sorta like the pig in the Pink Floyd Animal Tour) that has all these BE books on it manned (well actually manned and womaned) by probably two out of work actors.

    Anyway she tells us to hang till these other two are finished their shift.

    So we both hang at the local Cantina and imbibe till it’s our turn for whatever since Suzette and her assistant never told us what we were supposed to be doing.

    Probably because it was obvious that we were supposed to be promoting Battle Field Earth.

    However by the time we left the Cantina it wasn’t all that obvious.

    I do have some vague recollections after that of promoting the book to people who were just as blitzed as we were and having a good time doing it.

    (Amazing how ethnics works!)

    It was all pretty surreal but fun.

    A few hours later Suzette’s assistant (wished I got her name) comes back.

    So me and the musician dude (whose name I forgot) detach Terl from the book stand so we can tear it down and we spend the half hour or so chasing this huge inflatable Terl down the beach trying to hook onto its cord which was quite comical from an exterior point of view.

    (this was back in the days when being ext and having fun weren’t considered high crimes)

    We eventually stuffed Terl into the back of this Sabaru or something and throw the book stand in the back somewhere and head back to LA just as the sunset on PCH.

    Well that’s my BE promo story 🙂

  127. Sarge,
    Another fine Sarge story. Wow, that was as engaging as BE!! Yo -Sarge 🙂

  128. Hey, Quicksilver…don’t you make fun of Velveeta cheese. Trout love it.
    I caught my first fish when I was about 7 years old using a stick and Velveeta cheese in a stocked pond. I couldn’t keep the fish off my hook, they loved it. There were a dozen other men fishing with their poles who offered me a pretty penny for my stick and cheese. 😉 🙂

  129. Scott Campbell


    How did the Poles cross the ocean to America?

    David Miscavige walked across and the rest followed on the scum trail.


  130. Scott Campbell

    Dry fly or wet fly?

  131. Hi Tory , I managed to get through a small window and finished to an undeniable OT7 EP before all the bear traps were set by the dwarf and his fearfull slaves in this area.I can see that the intention to create a” lost on the level” effect on Solo Nots has succeeded beyond the dwarf’s dreams.
    This is how this lowlife of lowlife’s operates he throws it out there to see if he can get away with it all the while giving the the illusion of the “Sword of Domacles” is above all the heads below him.
    At one point these acts of butchery will be isolated and The New Era Diantics for OTS “NOTS” will become fun and easily attainable I dare say.
    I also want to say that I really,really liked your “Anonymoose” in the Thanks Giving video !

  132. Scott Campbell

    Blade Runner has to be my all time favorite Sci-Fi movie!

  133. Scott Campbell

    Sorry Tony, posted comment in wrong location. –Scott

  134. As a side comment, Polish jokes originally got their impetus from the guards in the German concentration camps who made ethnic slurs and jokes about the Poles, their arch enemies. Polish and German animosity goes way back. Speaking of movies, a very interesting movie is Orson Welles’ “Mr. Arkadin” which is based around the “Aryan” or white-slave trafficking that was prevelant in Poland for years. This was just one of the motivators the Germans had against the Poles who were far more aggressive against the Germans than history tells.

  135. Scott Campbell

    My wife and I saw Battlefield Earth when it first came out. DURING the movie we both agreed that it was a piece of crap.

    Shortly thereafter we were urged to see it again by Karry’s on-lines parents who were absolutely gushing over it. OMG.

    Marty and Mike,

    Tell the truth now… Do you guys sometimes just go into absolute glee when you are talking about this shit? I fuckin’ crack up just watching you talk about it. The knowing glance, the ridiculousness of the situation, the cartoon like absurdity of Miscavige’s villainy. It’s too much. Tell me you don’t laugh your asses off… I won’t believe it.


  136. I know LRH liked John Trivolta’s movies but he never mentioned Tom Cruise.

    Well, no wonder, Tom Cruise only made his breakthrough in Hollywood the year Hubbard died.

  137. I agree with you about Dracula being a great piece of literature. I liked BE too but never read Mission Earth. The crash on the English coast was based on a real vampire story that occurred in England but they changed the location in the book so as not to create problems in the town.

  138. What irony (and karma), that TC’s damage to Scientology’s reputation was many times worse, just a few years later.

    You’re so absolutely right with this. I actually laughed.

  139. This film clip is a good representation of what went wrong with this film. There is no physical or emotional intimacy between these two characters, though they’ve known each other for ages. The “on the nose” dialogue is a big ‘no no’ in screenwriting…no subtlety, just back and forth banter (like a ping pong ball) so the audience easily sees what’s coming next. Amateur, amateur, amateur. A 6 year old kid could have done better.

  140. Boy! That experience was something akin to clay-table de-PTSing.

  141. Oh, Blade Runner! Such a masterpiece. Notice the intimacy between the 2 characters, created by the actors, the dialogue, the cinematogrphy and the pouring rain. (Also, the music is soooo apropos!)

  142. I first hear of the BE movie when Roger Ebert commented on it on his show. He said something else besides what Bodil mentioned. Paraphrase: “If one had a choice of watching BE or sitting on a bus riding across the country with someone who had terrible B.O., I would rather take the bus.” When I heard that, I thought it was a deliberate belittling of LRH. I told that to some lady I met and she said, “No. It really was a truly horrible movie.”
    One time, I saw it on tv but only watch about 35 minutes. As I knew the story, I was interested in seeing it. I didn’t think that it was so bad except the cinematography looked off. Then, I heard from a Hollywood agent friend of mine who saw the original pre-screening for Hollywood types. She is not a Scientologist but knows JT and she said everyone in the audience was very uncomfortable because they all really like JT because he is a very nice guy and they could not do anything else but be polite.
    The most revealing aspect to me of Marty and Mike’s very entertaining chat is the part about TC and DM nattering about JT being a blank. This truly sounds like similar overts of their own.
    One thing that helped me understand TC and JT is that, in astrology, the movie business is ruled by Neptune, the god of the sea which is highly illusory and deceptive. Neptune rules deception, illusion and mysticism. In other words, actors are paid to be phonies. The better they are at it, the more they learn they can get away with in real life. I have heard that they can both be real nice to work with. That was a long time back for TC.
    Remember, the universe is based upon a lie. Some people choose to capitalize on it.

  143. Freedom Fighter

    Man, I’m amazed that TC would just chime in agreeing with DM’s natter and not even spot the outpoint.

    My thought exactly. TC, that’s what’s known as a big fat red flag, buddy. Should have taken the cue and exited stage left at that point.

  144. Agreed JB!

    After that lame turkey called “Battlefield Earth” was released I felt for the Ol’man.

    As far as I’m concerned it was a total betrayal since Ron prided himself on being a writer.

    The movie isn’t anything like the book which is well written and very suspenseful.

    However I think his best was Mission Earth which I consider a classic of satire.

    I just think we’re fortunate that Miscavige and Co. didn’t try to do a movie based on that series!

  145. How about that little character in the armor suit – with a sward? You could only see his eyes. Someone here must surely remember ? That little pecker would physically fit the bill.

  146. Tony DePhillips

    LOL. You’re a good sport!! 🙂

  147. Tony DePhillips

    You scared me Scott, I thought you were in love with B.E. I was going to have to run you on some lowers…

  148. Tony DePhillips

    I hear you Songbird. The music by Vangelis was perfect and eerie. Love, love, love that movie.
    Check this out <3. (that means love) Where is my puppy and hot choclate??

  149. Freedom Fighter

    I don’t know John Travolta personally, but he has always been the one celebrity in all of Scientology who I’ve truly admired as a genuinely good person — actually he and Kelly both. That DM would throw him under the bus like this speaks volumes about DMs character, IMO. Volumes.

    DM is just a punk bully who has to go around trying to knock others down to make himself feel like a big man. Well, there’s an army of us out here now who refuse to let him and his bootlickers get away with bullying anyone anymore.

  150. Yes!! These products are all horrible. They all made me feel ashamed of being a Scientologist. When I listened to the ‘Can we ever be Friends’ cassette I vowed that I would never ever send that cassette to anyone. Ever! When I saw Orientation I thought that the film was out-PR. How could one show this film as an introduction to new people? If I had been shown that film when I was new, I would have run as fast as I could. We had to see Battle Field Earth 3X. The first time I was so disappointed that I almost cried. The other times I caught up on my sleep. So Dear Leader had his hands in all these products? Really shows the bad taste this man has. He is actively destroying the reputation of Scientology.

  151. DM reminds me of Lord Farquaad.

  152. Thanks!

    I’ll tell you the real story when I come visit you 🙂

    You’ll get a kick out of it.


  153. All is good … I’ve used Velveeta myself although it tended to fall off, so I changed to good old Canadian cheddar, or coloured raw dough. 😛

  154. Tony DePhillips

    You’re coming to visit me?? Do I know you?
    That’s fine either way, come and visit.

  155. Thanks for answering my “WTF?”.

    I couldn’t believe what I was watching when I went to see that movie it was so bad.

    It finally makes sense now.

  156. After my original viewing of BE I used peoples reactions to the movie as a barometer of their taste but more importantly their robotism and sycophancy. When I would look at someone and say you have got to be kidding me, “You think this is a good movie? ” Some would blush and admit it was bad. My prediction at the time was that it would eventually become a cult favorite like Plan 9 from outer space. I think if may come to pass.

  157. Mark McKinstry

    I worked on LRH fiction lines for almost 20 years while at Bridge under ASI. There are numerous advices from LRH on how to market his fiction works and Battlefield Earth book and movie was the key. It was supposed to be the “kite” with the other books riding along as the tail.

    Don Arnow (Bridge staff member) and I toured the US for 8 months to sell 750,000 copies of BE to every retail outlet in the U.S. Such a monumental waste.

    Thanks to Mike and Marty for telling this story. It blows a lot of charge for me and now makes sense.

    John Travolta did a 10 day tour promoting the movie before it released and we set up BE book signings for him in 10 major cities. I organized the events and did the tour with him and others from ASI.

    For the record, JT is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. And so supportive of LRH. If DM had no other crimes than the comm cycles that he had about JT, that is enough to throw him out on his ear. Let alone the destruction of the BE campaign.

    The damage that he did to LRH as an author is beyond words.

    I sat through the initial screenings with execs from Barnes & Noble and other opinion leaders and allies that we had set up. It was painful. People walked out of the screenings en masse.

    When I got back to LA, my wife wanted to know how it went. I was completely enturbulated and told her… “I can’t believe that nobody watched this movie in advance and did not predict the outcome”. She wrote a KR on it and I was in an ethics interview at ASI shortly thereafter, and soon enroute to the RPF.

    Mike and Marty, you don’t realize how much charge you blow by these postings.

  158. hilarious! I’d even listen to DVD commentary of this video.

  159. Both. Like I said I’m not snobby 🙂

  160. Scott Campbell

    Don’t do it Tony!

    I haven’t had the pleasure of someone “putting my ethics in” since I left the S.O..

    “I’ve done… questionable things.” –Roy

  161. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I think CatDaddy said it best in another post: Me Needs EyeBleach!!!

    I loved the book, HATED the movie. Now I know why. DM stuck his “Director of the Gold Kind” fingers into it.

  162. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Margaret,
    I have been wanting to tell you that I really enjoy your postings. Ever since I started reading your comments at Geirs site you have been a very consistent intellectual and realist. I appreciate you very much.

  163. Barney Rubble


    “He hates LRH”. No shit. He does indeed. Well stated sir.

  164. Marvin the Martian.
    A “Looney Tunes” cartoon…lol

    …totally useless, clueless, no sense of responsibility, and about 2 feet tall. No similarity there.

  165. Freedom Fighter,
    Superb. Thank you for posting that.

    My ex-wife, working in Films and Equiptment at Gold developed the photos of JT and Kelly’s pregnancies. The pix spoke of the love and care they have for each other and their family. That’s something DM cannot tolerate.

    I’m positive, JT, his wife and their family, as beings of good will, will long outlast the SP and continue to live as beings of good will.

  166. Marvin the Martian? But in reality he was a milquetoast.

  167. Barney Rubble


    That is a good spin on the theory that DM is a “fag”, and yes it is the worst move adaption from a great book, made yet.

  168. Super good revelations, thanks Marty and Mike.
    Interesting to see what occurred behind the scenes.

    I think that the biggest flaw in the movie is how out of ARC it was. Even in a movie with alot of harm bad things happening, lightening it up with moments of goodness and ARC as in Paul Haggis’s CRASH. The balance of ARC with disaster is a good COMBO.

    BE was just bad news. I walked out in the last 1/2 hour.
    I will not pay AND sit through suffering and boredom.

  169. Theo Sismanides

    Marty and Mike,

    This is good fishing!!! Actually, you let the fish out of the bag, one by one.

    I love the “Fishing” Series… it’s a good series… we get to know things and get some BIG fish! LOL!!

    DM’s aesthetic is… shallow and disgustingly artificial! I have said that before! I personally cannot stand it. The film and its failure is his OP.

    On JT! I think John is far less PTS than TC. Now, is his chance to show the “bad character” he plays in the movies. TC, only plays the “good guy”. He is fixated on “good”… which is his problem, whereas JT can be a “bad guy” which is right now needed.

    We are also the “bad guys” and I personally like that now. Only the “bad guys” will bring it off. To hell with that church-enforced morality of being “good and helpless”. Remember something LRH said? The more dangerous you are to the environment, the healthier you are. Actually I haven’t seen that quote for a while, so it could be a bit different. But definitely being dangerous and “bad” is a sign of health.

    JT be the dangerous, ruthless and bad guy as we saw you in “Pulp Fiction”. Then we are ALL going to be much better and healthier. JT this is YOUR chance now. Your real life audience is expecting you to ACT big time on that. Join the group of the “bad, dangerous and ruthless”! Be free again my friend!

  170. If one single Hollywood A-lister mega-star steps forward and exposes DM on the world stage, it might just be enough.

    I’d love for Travolta to be that guy.

  171. Rutger Hauer, a dutch delight.

  172. Off-topic for this entry yes, but not off-topice for this blog. Jeff does a good job of exposing out-nesses, he even understands some of it and he found a WHO. As soon as he comes up with a WHY (anyone? Mike?), the doors to a handling can be opened.

  173. Tory Christman

    Thank you SOOOOO much for telling me that.
    We, especially we who were trained, KNEW it was *totally* squirrel—but when you’re trapped at Flag, on OT 7—ahhh—-I know,
    I should have just walked out, and I finally did.
    I got a “C/S” to “See how far you can walk down the street, without
    thinking about your case”. (Don’t think about an Elephant, right?)

    I went by 2 driveways, above the Sandcastle, and literally stood outside in the street: I did a criss- cross above my head, telling any and all entities that may be hanging around me:
    “I AM DONE WITH THIS_____FOREVER. Go find a new location, I recommend St. Thomas—but find somewhere besides me”, if there were any—which I doubt.

    I was done with auditing, forever, from that day–for the rest of this lifetime, and lifetime after lifetime. That’s how over run and F**d up I was by 7 years of sick shit run on me, trying to “make it go right”.

    So are they still using DM’s squirrel “F/N”? Good God, IF you’re reading this, and still “in”—-PLEASE WTFU!

    Thanks, Jim—and Marty for posting and letting me chat with all these nice folks. It’s meant a TON to me. Way more than you can imagine. 🙂

  174. I know. He was in London circa 1886, attempting to develop a anti-thirst formula under the yoke of the Queens Physician I am to believe.
    it was not completly successful and not without casualties. Or so it is whispered around these parts.

    The Count


    Yes, the upstat FSO staff were taken to see the movie to increase the opening box office stats.

  176. Yes, there was a stat push at FSO. All upstat staff were taken in buses to see BE it’s opening Weekend. Public were “encouraged” as well.

  177. DM’s potty-mouth would be a great subject for a future post. Although my friends and family know how appropriate at times I find the f-word to be, I was really taken aback at David Miscavige’s combined ethnic and gender slur of Barbara Ruiz.

    I think that particular epithet demonstrates how David Miscavige has no capacity for affinity or respect for others. He must think he’s “the only one.” Someone with such a psychological and spiritual self-image who holds a position of unchecked authority is extraordinarily dangerous.

    Just Me

  178. Your humble servant

    Battlefield Earth is a book that truly would have needed a blockbuster budget and great special effects to effectively tell this lengthy and complex story in cinema form. The attempt to do it on the cheap was just pathetic. The finished product was a huge embarrassment for Scientology and was horrible PR for LRH. I took my daughter to see it and we couldn’t believe how bad it was. The portrayal of the Psychlos as humanoids who just needed campy breathing tubes didn’t work at all. Except the JT, the acting was bad. The plot line was much too condensed and altered to give any real idea of what the book was about.

    Thank you, Mike and Marty, for this beautiful video. It really tells the story of how the film came into being and why it was just awful. David Miscavige is one delusory suppressive person.

  179. Mark,

    You still married to her? One of the things I do not miss about the church is having friends write you up for speaking your mind. What a totalitarian nightmare.


  180. Should have been turned into a TV series, on the order of quality exhibited in “The Walking Dead.” That would allow for the story’s development, and for the characters to become fleshed out. In the movie the relationships weren’t explored. And what good is a story if you can’t identify with the characters?

    You really could have gotten several years of programming out of this book.
    Every chapter would have yielded an episode or more. It could have been so gritty and real.

    Just think of what a magnificent concept the title evokes: “Battlefield Earth.” It could have rivaled or surpassed the later version of “Battlestar Gallactica.” Now the title is forever associated with this piece of crap movie. Who would want to revive it? Who would want to redo it?


  181. John Doe,

    Ooops! I made a similar comment before reading yours. Sorry for stepping on your idea.


  182. Jim, Not snobby. What about poppers? Don’t they count? Sheesh on both of you. But, enjoy your fresh dinner either way!

    ps: Scott, the day you catch Charlie on a Fly Rod I will deliver you some bubbly! And we’ll sit, eat and smoke our ceeegars and think of poor ole Jim – freezing his arse all alone with a can of tuna. (Well, he probably has some can pink salmon to help him dream.)

  183. Karen,

    In the Briefing Course, LRH talked about how things we deified and made sacred became sources of other-determinism for us. These things couldn’t be communicated with or attacked. He said (if I remember correctly) that he was aware of how people felt about him, but as long as you could communicate with that thing you held in high esteem it wouldn’t make you other determined. He said he was one of the easiest people in the world to communicate with, so we had no reason to make him sacred.

    Man, I’ve got to track down that tape. So many notes stashed in boxes to go through. It’s on my list of things to do this week. I think this factor of making Scientology sacred and not allowing people to two-way communicate with it has made the subject other-deetermined for many Scientologists. But the purpose of Scientology is to make a person self-determined and pan-determined.


  184. Speaking of Susie Watson-Taylor, I heard the story that she was the inspiration for Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” She knew or worked with the band around the time she discovered Scn and when they found out about the money for services someone wrote the song. Can anybody out there corroborate this?

  185. Sarge,

    If you ever need help writing a book about your experiences with LRH and with Scientology, I would give you some serious assistance. I don’t need the money, so my only motivation is to get the story out. Hearing the stories would be exchange enough.

    David LaCroix had responded to an earlier comment I had made about positive books about LRH being needed and wanted, but I wasn’t able to get through the email addresses he posted. I’m just an old fart, a technological idiot, so too many hurdles in cyber space leave me heading to the sidelines.

    Jim can give you my e-mail if you’re interested.


  186. Margaret,

    It’s about as off-topic as “pass the potatoes” at a family get together, and “by the way, did you hear about…?”

    Enquiring minds want to know.


  187. ABUSE is engrained in staff at the church from top to bottom. It’s a tough nut to crack. They are taught all the silliness you said in this post. GI is KING no matter how u do it. C of S are the KINGS of being MONEY MOTIVATED!!! GI GI GI GI GI is always on their minds and the funny thing is the people who make it for the church see none of it. It all gets sent up lines to the dwarf.

  188. How about “The Conversation” with Marty look-alike Gene Hackman? The lowest randomity movie ever filmed. Popeye Doyle sitting in a truck with headphones on for 90 minutes doesn’t do it for me. Popeye Freaking Doyle!

  189. Jim,

    Yeah, but he looks so damned handsome in designer T’s with them bulgies bulging, with his hair coiffed, with his cologne just so, with his posture so elegant and commanding. He’s so metro. Renaissance is so passe. If you weren’t such a brute, you would recognize the gentle and genteel soul burdened with saving the entire universe all by his lonesome.

    I listen to LRH tapes and think, “Holy Christ! That’s incredible.” I can only imagine how listening to LRH’s mentor would make me feel.

    “Mentor!?” you scoff. Don’t be fooled by linear time. DM can bend time to His Will. Der Leader, in his Great Wisdom, has placed the True Source of Scientology later on the track (an inspired piece of alter-is-manship) so that real Scientology will persist for infinity.

    I await the day when I can hear the True Source’s rich and sonorous voice telling me all the secrets of the universe so that I can become all that He wishes me to be.

    Even though I’ve taken to wearing designer T’s myself and flexing my biceps at every occasion, I’m not gay. Really. Seriously. I’m merely patterning myself after the greatest being ever. I want to be so Metro.

    If I had any money left after all my donations, I would buy myself a huge motorcycle and get a righteous custom coloring so I could straddle that beast and glare magnificently at all the lesser beings attending the art fair.

    But, since I have no money left, I had to build one from wood and use spray paint to give it that magnificent gloss after weeks of careful molding and sanding. Now, I spend hours astride my fashioned beast, glaring at mere mortals as they drive by to their garages. The police, enamored of my greatness, drive by frequently, laughing with me at all the lowly creatures of the planet who I plan to help save.

    That is, if they are worth saving.

  190. Tory,
    I read about this ‘C/S’ you got and cringed. It is nowhere in any NOTs materials or any OT review materials that I have ever seen.

    It is completely squirrel and out-tech.

    The very definition of Reverse Scientology.

    Please forgive any evaluation the next comment may be, but, your handling of this gross out-tech makes perfect sense to me. I’m on that level, and if I’d experienced the kind of bullshit you did…well, even the cross-flow reading your account is enough for me.

    Jesus, you are one tough thetan.

  191. Tony,

    This scene from Bladerunner is on my list of ten most memorable scenes from movies. An incredible bit of film. Funny thing is, when I first saw the movie I was disappointed and not impressed. It wasn’t until I had watched it several times on Laser Disc that I realized the full import of the work.


  192. Karen B,
    You CAN fish. Says a lot about a person, in my book.

    Dave can’t. He can’t be there comfortably, and just be there and do nothing. His mind is racing in a continuous determination to destroy.

    He cannot enjoy sitting by a pond, fishing. Sucks to be him. Busily, continuously, calculatingly destroying any and all.

  193. GREAT comment, Michael!
    Just Me

  194. Steve,

    I’ve heard there is a correlation between shoe size and, uh, “size.” Does Der Leader even wear adult-size shoes? Is that why he has clothes custom made: so he isn’t embarrassed shopping in the boy’s section?

    I wonder if his secretary/bodyguard/confident reassures him with murmurs of “oh, darling, size doesn’t matter. Why don’t we play some Battlefield Earth and you can wear that big something extra and make me go ‘grrrrrr’ like a slave girl.”


  195. Michael,
    You mean Real Source. In keeping with the manifestation. The Real Source of Radical Scientology. The R/S of R/S. An R/Sers R/Ser.

    It’s a whole new category of ‘Metro’. Uniquely qualified is our li’l friend.

    Seems to me, the reddish tint of ‘THE BIKE’ is apropos. A circle enclosing it.

    (NOTE: For those of you reading not familiar with technical points of Scientology, Rock Slams, the meter read indicating an intention to destroy, are circled in red.)

  196. Jim, nicely said.

  197. I don’t think 20 million is very much in terms of special effects. Terminator 2 was around 90million total budget made in 1991 and it’s special effects limited to the technology of a decade earlier still blows away BE. Starship Troopers, which I liked, had an estimated budget of 105million and that was 1997. Then there’s avatar at $300 million and if you’ve seen that then you know what 300million can buy in special effects today.

    10 million is nothing but even if Travolta took no pay 20 million is still nothing for a good Sci Fi budget. Even 1984’s Terminator at 6.4million dollar budget STILL blows BE out of the water. Who was smoking what to think they could give BE, the novel, any justice with a 20 million dollar movie budget? Lord knows the Church has the funds to pay for an epic …

    And now I wonder what bonus DM took for his micro-managing of that film? I hope I am there when DM begs LRH for OK to be cleared after handing in his compliance that the Rats, Monkeys and Cockroaches have attained OT first.

  198. OnceUponaTime — Really need a photo of this, please: “I had to build one from wood and use spray paint to give it that magnificent gloss after weeks of careful molding and sanding. Now, I spend hours astride my fashioned beast … .” Thanks! H

  199. I forget to say that the Mission Earth is my favourite read of recent tomes ( times)-error. “-Most of my errors communicate better than my intended spelling”-. I leave the spelling to Morgana.

    Then I would say that the Original Dracula novel and Battlefield Earth as book preferences would be off course neck and neck.


  200. Here’s another horror film:

    “The Case He Couldn’t Crack”.

    When that came out in the late 70s, there was a fair amount of push to get students & staff to go see it. I remember sitting in the dark theatre, embarrassed as hell, not for myself, but for the amateurish quality of what I was seeing. Especially after all the hype about how great it was.

    I seem to recall LRH wrote & directed this celluloid monstrosity. While it’s hard to surpass me in terms of admiration for LRH, maybe movie making just wasn’t an area where his genius shone.

    I wonder if Joe Howard has any commentary on this piece of work.

  201. FOS: Personally, it sends shivers up my arms when people on this blog (very rarely actually) and other blogs wish harm to anyone.

    While wishing isn’t DOING, it is the first step in doing.

    Rather than wish dm harm etc., why not wish that he be happy and free from suffering? (I know that’s a tall order considering how much harm/damage he has wrought on others – but hate/anger/aggression are OLD unworkable emotions that don’t do anything but keep that cycle going)

    IF he were truly happy and free from suffering he COULD not cause harm to others.

    Not possible.

    It’s simply a shift in the way our minds deal with aggression.

    Our own and others.


  202. Tony DePhillips

    “But you’ve done magnificent things too…revel in your time.”

  203. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Jim! It kind of brings into 3D the whole picture,
    eh? Thankfully, early on when I first escaped out, one of my X-Sea Org friends had a reunion of many Executives who had left, as well as techies. They ALL were *Totally* Grossed out, also, and said exactly what you said.
    I only wrote it as some “in” may be lurking, and experiencing similar “Out tech”. Please know it IS just that. Actually, it’s more than “out tech”….it IS reverse auditing, which most “in” have never heard of. I hadn’t …until I left. Sick stuff, for sure.
    Thanks for understanding, Jim. 🙂

  204. Your are right that most good books loose a lot of their richness when made into a movie. I enjoyed reading battlefiled earth, it was good, but not great. LRH was considered by the sci-fi editors as an OK writer, not a great one.

    As far as JT taking one for the team on this, he certainly did. Not only did he take a cut in his usual salary, he played a role in which he was undistinguishable and unrecognizable. It cannot have helped his career. He had to have swallowed some pride on that role.

    Travolta is likable. There will come a point when he disconnects from the church and embraces independents. And he will do it because its the right thing to do. But he will need to feel safer. We are close.

  205. I think the WHY was the CoS applying KSW to Every – Single – Thing that LRH ever wrote — every policy, every idea, every opinion — instead of just to the processes and procedures of auditing (see RJ68).

    It created massive Altered Importance and loss of judgement in the CoS. It created a cult.

    It was already being done to some degree in the 60s and 70s … but it went into overdrive in the 80s, apparently in response to the stepped up “emergency handling” caused by the GO/IRS/FBI/etc.

    It could have rightfully been corrected in 1993 after the IRS decision and the “War was Over” (had Miscavige been an experienced leader with a social personality). Instead, DM failed to accept responsibility for his and the organization’s mishandlings and out-ethics through the 70s and 80s. Not surprisingly, the situation only got worse when the former-members-turned-enemy (many of which the CoS had created) came out of the woodwork when the Internet came around.

    The solution/handling is to strip back the application of KSW to just auditing processes and procedures (as intended), and implement updated and workable organizational policy that really creates honest, ethical and long-term growth and expansion, also as intended (references “The Structure of Organization, What is Policy?” and “Expansion Theory of Policy”).

    That would be the application of real Scientology to the situation.

  206. Tory Christman

    Thank you, OldFox! Yes, Jesse Prince also told me DM and gang used to do the same, re $$$. They’d pitch out an amount and see if anyone would fall for it. When they did (*and donated their hard earned money)—DM and gang would laugh.
    “Lost on the level” is a perfect description. You cannot get off, and you cannot win. We used to try, over and over, to give “EP’s”. All we’d ever get is “Thank you, continue”. ((spit!)) Now do you see why I speak out?
    No one—–No one should have to live through such abuses. And that’s not even getting into the families broken up, free speech stopped, medical abuses, etc. Sorry—-I have great passion about these abuses and people getting educated and speaking out against them. Thankfully, more and more are! TLC (My initials)
    PS: I love your nick 🙂

  207. Thanks Tony. I appreciate that! 🙂

  208. Jean-François Genest

    David Miscavidge:
    ↑ Up your nose with a rubber hose !!

  209. M & M,
    Thanks for this very interesting and informing fishing party.

    I hope someday you’ll have other fish to fish – and to fry, of course 😉

  210. sarge,
    Were the autographed “Battlefield Earth” books really signed by L Ron Hubbard?
    I saw this…

  211. Right on!


  212. Thanks for the video. When I saw the movie my 1st thought was, “What the hell was DM thinking?” Of course, I have learned since that he is just a walking, talking, reactive mind. No analytical thought has crossed his mind in a millennium …

  213. Actually Publius I kinda liked the film “The Case He Couldn’t Crack”.

    Sure it wasn’t slick but it communicated its message well.

    So did the ‘Secret of Flag Results”.

    Admittedly both of them were kinda campy in places but they were fun to watch!

    Also I liked the original Tech Films better than the too slick remakes done by Miscavige and Co. which totally somehow managed to draw any life out of the subject matter.

    Sure none of them would have gotten an academy award but I don’t think that was their purpose.

  214. “Look at what *I’m* doing while you guys are doing blah blah blah.” OMG how many times have I heard him bloviate that kind of crap! This really brings it all back. Now that I am no longer connected to him, it’s painfully obvious what a big baby this guy is. He has to work soooo hard to make people forget he is a short, vulgar, asthmatic, uneducated, un-cultured little high school drop-out. Compared to JT, he is just an insignificant little piss ant. I pray that this post helps JT wake up and realize he no longer needs to please the little thug and then act accordingly.

  215. Were the devil in Fata Morgana’s unjust realm might your Organization of tech and ethicial firm lines exist for J.T. to belong? You have no organizations. How can you be strong?

  216. re: “…perhaps that was what DM was shooting for??”

    I’m beginning to think we have given davey too much credit for intelligence.

    Consider how he was bragging to Marty, Mike and others during film production about how great the movie was and how much input he had in it. A smart SP would have been totally covert, careful not to leave his fingerprints on the act. Any misdirections would not have been so blatantly traceable to him. Then, when he later slams the production he can say “If I’d have produced it I would have …(blah blah) instead.” and if that made sense then maybe people would have thought him smart. But he didn’t do that.

    This is just one instance of him getting it wrong. He also did it with Lisa McPherson (declaring her Clear); GAT (declaring it a requirement instead of a remedy); the 3 swing F/N; and on and on. The instances of what he has pushed or promoted being ultimately damaging are as numerous to mention as the blame he subsequently puts on others for his failures.

    All of which beg the question “How could an intelligent being keep on doing things that are so stupid?” The smart answer has to be “He keeps on doing stupid things because he is, simply, stupid.” In fact:

    He’s so stupid that he thinks force and brutality are going to win out for him.

    He’s so stupid he can’t think beyond the self-centered delusion of grandeur he’s stuck in.

    He’s so stupid he thinks the world is a ball of mud that he can personally shape into a servant bowing to him.

    He’s SO stupid he thought that others were too stupid to ever see that he’s stupid.

    A year ago I ceased giving him credit for sanity. I’ve finally gotten smart enough to cease giving him credit for intelligence.


  217. You’re right Joe!

    There is a striking resemblance between Marty and Gene!

    I’d elect Marty anytime for a remake of ‘The French Connection’ 🙂

    Actually I’m embarrassed to say that I liked ‘The Conversation’ and ‘Other Peoples Lives’ which is very similar because I was doing all this research for a novel and I was interested in surveillance techniques so I really didn’t notice the lack of randomity.

    It was kinda what I expected anyway so I didn’t mind.

    But ‘Dinner with Andre’!!!!

    I mean I was hanging on the edge of my chair waiting for something to happen through out the whole fricking movie and then at the end the main character pays the bill!!!!

    Fade out roll the credits!!!!

    What a waste of two hours of my life!!!!!

    It was like that famous Warhol flick of the Empire State Building where a bird flies over the camera lens near the end.


    I mean how bored do you have to be to watch that thing to the bitter end 🙂

  218. Joe,

    I heard a similar rumor myself.

    Not about the person involved but that “Stairway to Heaven” was about Scientology.

    Anyway anyone out there know who Leonard Cohen is singing about in Famous Blue Rain Coat?

    That song was definitely about Scientology.

  219. 😆 Nose too. 😆

  220. I agree 2ndxmr.

    Personally I think people assign the little brain dead moron too much intelligence.

    I’ve thought that ever since I saw the little rodent on Night Line with Ted Koppel.

    My first thoughts when I saw this guy deny the fact that the lecture ‘Between Lives Implants’ existed means either 1) He’s never heard the lecture which is huge out point since he’s supposedly the “Chairman of the Board RTC” yet is an untrained ignoramus or 2) He has no familiarity with the PR series or is too stupid to know that lying in PR is a big no no.

    Anyway my big mistake was assuming that there was a functioning “board” at RTC to keep such a moron in quarantine and infecting the Organization with such blatant stupidity.

    In fact I think Marty and the rest did a good job of keeping the idiot emperor in line until he claimed “victory” over the IRS and then all bets were off since he felt he elevated to some kind of Godhood.

    Especially after that puff piece in the “SP Times” entitled the “Man Behind Scientology” which caused his stupidity to go virtually malignant.

  221. Tory Christman

    Well said, EISM and others!
    I saw JT live last year at the showing of “Hairspray” at the Aero Theater, in West LA. He stayed
    to do a Q and A, and after I went up, gave him a big hug and just said, “Great
    Job!” He gave me a hug back and smiled.
    C of $ has lost this guy. He may still roll over for them, but his day is coming.
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock….you TRY to suppress him, Davey boy. Go on—work it, baby, work it. Isn’t workin’ it? I think many here have explained why.

    Sad part is I doubt ol Davey boy can actually read much text. And the vast majority of his old Executives who used to brief him are either gone,
    or locked up in the SP Hall. Trick—-very tricky. One man, one uneducated
    tiny, wimpy guy trying to hold up that image? As I’ve said many times, to anyone lurking: Bail while you still can: I’m not kidding. Love to ALL 🙂

  222. Jim,

    R/S! Real Source! What a fucking awesome comparison. You are so friggin’ funny.


  223. Tara,

    Nose? Hmmmm. Any personal research?

  224. Tory Christman

    PS: I have to say I love you guys fishing, and telling stories! I grew up with my Grandfather, a Doctor, who any time he could…would take off to go “Fly fishing”.
    My parents, being Catholic, would go twice/year for two weeks, catch TONS of fish we’d have every Friday night. (argh–can’t say I loved that, but I do
    love guys fishing!) 🙂

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  226. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Sinar, for posting this! For years before this, C of $ was doing nasty tricks on me. I used to post on ARS, to DM:
    Some day, some way, Karma *is* going to hit—and that day it will be
    THE least way you’ve ever suspected. It’s called KARMA.

    So when this was leaked and Anonymous rocked, I got tons of media
    calls from Inside Edition, CNN, German TV, on and on. I did many interviews—and each time I’d thank Tom Cruise for showing the world
    what a member of C of $–what their “OT” is like. They sent a PI, Eugene Ingram, who said he was sent by Elliot Ableson, over to 2 of my friend’s homes, to “see if Tory is slandering TC”. How ironic! They lie through their teeth about me, and that’s OK.
    Happily, the 2 friends were X-Sea Org, and both asked, “What if what Tory is saying is true?”
    TC: “Wow–SP’s—one day maybe they’ll just read about them in the history books”.

    You got that one right, pal. More people are reading about we “SP’s” here on the Net than they can stamp out—ever. 🙂

  227. Perhaps you mistake me. I don’t wish DM harm – he’s already doing that to himself. But it’s gonna take one hell of an amends project before I sign his Liability. 😉

  228. I remember when this movie came out. At the PAC base, everybody was so excited. CMO ordered everybody to watch that movie (5x). The first showing was on a Sunday for us (ASHO). Note that I read that book 8x, so I was excited to go watch that movie. At the end of it, I was so shocked. This was one of the worst movie I had ever seen. I started nattering about it saying that it was not good and I did not like it. Immediately I had MAA on my ass telling me to stop nattering…. I told them I had read the book many times and that Iwas disappointed about it. They did not care. Well I saw the critics later on in the papers…. We (SO members) were told that it was SPs who were trying to suppress the beauty of that money. Well I never believe it.
    We were told to see it again and again. I spent most of my time sleeping in the theater….
    JT is a great actor and I can’t believe DM behavior. Well hoping that guy gets out fast from Power.

  229. Student: “Rabbi,is there a Blessing for David Miscavige?””

    Rabbi: “Why, yes!

    “May God Bless and keep David Miscavige – far from us!”

    (My Thanks and apologies to “Fiddler on the Roof”.)

  230. BE was a TECH DEGRADE. LOL! And we all know what’s up with that.

    But seriously, once I saw that it received the Raspberry Award, it was fun to watch! It defined a whole new level of horrible in filmmaking and I learned a lot from that. Once again, DM helps define new levels of “horrible.”

  231. Whoa! Eman?? The Eman of ASHO fame? I KNOW you have a story. All French people do. Dude I was wondering what happened to you. Talked to your ex-wife recently but she didn’t let on.

  232. I do know that he personally signed copies of BE but I am not sure how many. I can remember carrying cases of them on the com lines. Love

  233. Sarge~How can you account for your stories taking up at least 24 to 36 inches on MY screen then? 😉

    I would DEFINITELY love to read a personal story book about LRH and friends.

  234. Righto Margaret!

  235. Because stats in the 70’s were up, complete and workable Tech and Policy must have been around. KSW was part of it and thus something must have happened to get it misapplied. And if misapplication of KSW brought us into emergency which then never got corrected, I still wonder how it could have been misapplied to start with. For sure something in Qual and Ethics must have been out as well, because those were set up to correct wrong conditions and applications. That means that multiple factors must have been out which makes KSW not the single most major outpoint. Another reason I can’t see it as the WHY is that it doesn’t open the door to a handling. If we now say; we’ll update Policy, we’re guilty of the same alteration overts as Davey and there’s no guarantee that misapplication won’t happen in the future. I think any correction must be done in the direction of reinstating original HCOB’s and PL’s the way they were in the upstat 70’s, but that’s still not a WHY. Mike, Steve, Anyone?

  236. I’ll give it a go.

    The visible outpoint is KSW inappropriately applied to all situations and facets of life indiscriminately – I’m certain KSW only applies to technical theory and the doingness thereof. Applying wrong tech or policy to the wrong situation is out-tech and it is Qual that corrects this together with HCO which verifies it is repaired. Both of those functions must have been omitted in spite of the fact that persons were posted in those Divisions. We presume they at least had some hatting as evidenced by good stats in the 70s.

    But Qual and HCO failed, which all looks remarkably similar to a large-scale eval that has already been done. It is “A talk on a Cont” giving the WHY for Africa: “Insufficient Ethics Presence to Maintain Technical Integrity” or words to that effect. PTS technology is a major part of the handling for that.

    We could ask “Ethics presence over whom?” and “Technical Integrity about what?” as applied to this situation. This is where I get out of my depth but it appears to me that the push came from the top of the Org Board reinforced by this thing called “Command Intention”. RTC was elevated above HCO and Qual and that is dynamite when combined with the idea of obedience and duty in the S.O. We could investigate Power and why Man cannot be trusted with it, why so many people just went along with ideas that are now obviously wrong and many other things, but it seems to me the basic Admin tech that was not applied is the Admin Scale.

  237. Last time I checked, the Norsemen weren’t big on organization. They worked in rather small groups, with the leader being someone they respected because of his skill, prowess and wisdom as manifested by success.
    Michael A. Hobson

  238. You’re really onto something: that Qual and HCO could fail is indeed a big outpoint and it was caused by lack of presence to maintain integrity. The push came from the top (RTC) that exerted more presence. I don’t think that we should go into questions of power struggle, trust, blind obedience, etc because it won’t give us the WHY of many tremendously stable powerful executives and expanding mission holders yielding to something they knew was Out Tech and Off Policy. I’m much more interested in where the huge and unwarranted presence of RTC came from because I can’t imagine it was LRH who had written orders against following illegal orders, busting from post and a host of other Out Tech.

  239. Has David Miscavige ever taken responsibility for anything that has gone wrong?

  240. Erwin,

    I did have more to say but decided not to post it because it’s all just possibilities in my mind and I don’t have data to do a real eval.

    But Marty’s latest post on eternal overwhelm probably holds the key to how DM managed to pull it off eventually. That. and a great big heavy dose of bullshitting in the beginning. I suspect he relied on the tendency of many Scientologists to grant “believable status” to data that is claimed to come from Ron himself. The tendency would have been to go along with the RTC plan, thinking it was legit.

  241. I think CD, Marty and you are hitting as close as can get. It’s true that some data is missing but I think enough data can be retrieved as we’re looking for the most major out point and that’s not easily missed. Overwhelm is definitely the reason of the collapse in the early 80’s; nobody could fight the suppression. It was done by lies, falsification, deception, misrepresentation of LRH and force, done in a way that even the most stable terminals had to give up, even though they knew it was bull shit. Unwilling to go along those heroes got themselves declared, rather than toeing the line. The cripples stayed, compromised their integrity in fear and sold the last portals of freedom to the slave master. The most major out point is of course that power ED’s who had build their Orgs from scratch and stable mission holders that had bought their Mission with their own money and got it expanding to ever increasing heights, didn’t show Davey and his highjack team the door the minute they smelled gross Tech and Policy violations like dismissal w/o comm. ev. But they couldn’t show him the door because they didn’t own the joint they themselves had bought and build up. Just before Davey stepped in, he’d have them sign a waver with SMI or some outfit that belonged to the new corporate structure (owned by him) that they’d forfeit their mission at his sole decree. He turned a franchise into a holding and has been using that legal trick till this day to overwhelm stable mission holders who, if they’d legally owned their own mission, would have called the cops at the first attempted hint of Out Tech or SRA. Executives, highly trained, permanently posted, high affluence and never to be busted from post by Scientology policy, were shown the door because they’d signed a blank resignation letter, to be filled out at Davey’s convenience. The corporate restructure was not to protect LRH or his legacy but to rip off both. Possessing full ownership of all of Scientology, he could legally fire, sue or call the cops on any staff he wanted. I think legal ownership of all Scientology subsidiaries by one entity is the WHY which opens the door to a handling.

  242. Good points Erwin. I can’t comment either way as I wasn’t there and have no data. The question I would like answered is something like:

    “What caused those Mission Holders to sign their missions away?”

    I feel this is important as if we simply remove Davey, then everyone else is still susceptible to being conned by the next shyster that comes along. If we take it further and find out what are the factors in SELF that allowed this circumstance to happen to SELF, then a real handling is possible. These factors are not isolated incidents, they must form a 3D Engram Chain as way too many SELFs all made the same error.

    And something else too – once the beings involved had been overwhelmed, Davey could start playing his tricks. Before that, he could not. Before that, the beings were not overwhelmed. So Davey must have found a way to get a foothold into what would become overwhelm.

    What was that foothold? What weakness did we, as a group and individually, have that made the foothold? And how do we audit it out?

  243. Davey’s foothold was that LRH had real trouble with authorities and needed to be written out of Church leadership. The (wrong) solution was a corporate structure and in the fine print (still used to rip-off missions) must have been something that in case a mission holder doesn’t perform (become PTS or SP) they’d lose their rights. Thinking the legal papers were fully approved by LRH, they signed, convinced that was the best way to protect him (they weren’t weak but just didn’t have the knowledge we have now). Fortunately LRH can only be taken off lines once and thus the emergency move from franchise to holding to protect him won’t ever happen again. Also, now everybody knows he’s dead and misrepresentation like: you should sign these papers which are only a legal procedure to protect LRH and he says so himself, can’t be used anymore. It really looks like this is the basic on the Scientology group engram chain, especially as the data string was followed to the breakpoint just before upstats went down (early 80’s). On this blog we’re only interested in group auditing; the individuals involved will have to solve their own problems with their auditors. When all materials are restored to the 70’s preferably by people like Steve or Dan, all franchises legally returned to their rightful owners and all busted staff offered their old position, the group engram will have to be audited out further by events, video and books in wide publication. During danger handling the group engram should be taken up in Scientology’s history (and WIS) with emphasis on what signing illegal and blank papers (for whatever, ever, ever reason) can do to Scientology, at least to be studied by all executives.

  244. Tory Christman

    Had you (or anyone here) ever heard of “Reverse Auditing” before
    you left C of $? I’m just curious as I literally never had. It totally shocked me, as do many of their bogus things, to this day.

  245. Tory Christman

    That had to be difficult, owning a retail store and having them on your lines.
    Just FYI: Recently I went to *a* store (won’t name) for something other than books. On their front table was a stack of Dianetics books. I asked the lady:
    “Are you a Scientologist?” She said, “I used to be”. So I asked, “Why are you still pitching their books, if you’re aware of the “church’s” abusive actions? (as of course on the back is C of $’s stamp).
    The next time I went in, ALL the Dianetics books were G O N E. 🙂
    That was her doing, not mine. Mine was a simple question. I always ask people—as often their own common sense gets whited out by this Cult of Abusers.

  246. martyrathbun09

    I am not trying to get in a fight over even make you wrong, but I’d like to mention that I think to curtail LRH books getting into people’s hands ain’t so pro survival. I that situation I would have likely worked toward getting her to take the damn C of S stickers off the back.

  247. Very interesting. Makes sense though.

    I remember having to see the movie at least 4 times on the opening weekend. It was one of those that you were “convinced” was incredible as you internally cringed. I think I was just excited to have the opportunity to get out of the building and go to the movies! 😉

    Another interesting tidbit: Remember the sweepstakes that was launched with the release of the movie? When you bought a ticket for the movie you received a scratcher and could win a grand prize of 100,000.

    Well someone from CMO IXU won it, I was standing right next to her when she scratched off the winning ticket.

    Any guesses on whether she was allowed to claim the prize?! haha.

    Of course not, nor could she give it to anyone outside of the Sea Org.

    So the whole sweepstakes was a farce too.

  248. Tory Christman

    Well, since the address and phone number are printed on the back
    of the book—you know where people are going to end up, who buy
    those books. To me, I got into Scientology—the “Church” of $cientology, after reading 3 chapters of Dianetics. The address was on the back, of St. Hill, England, OR American St. Hill, in LA.
    SO? I hitchhiked—(1969!) from Chicago—–to ASHO in LA.
    But hell, I’d love to get into a fight with you, Marty! Come on—-dukes UP. 🙂

  249. Sorry Tory.

    I read “Chicago to LA” and couldn’t resist…….


    Happy Holidays

  250. “The weasel is prone to violent killing sprees. Weasels are notorious for killing entire coops of chickens. The killing instinct in the weasel is thought to be brought on by the smell of blood. Nothing that is injured and in its vicinity is safe from attack. Siblings and even their own young can be killed and eaten. It is a common misconception that weasels will suck the blood out of its victims. This fabled ability stems from the fact that weasels being seen with blood on their snout after they have killed.”

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