Holmes vs. Cruise – The End Game

The following is my opinion along with the facts I base it on.

The Cruise camp’s only three utterances since the divorce filing of Holmes were:

1) First, reports that Tom Cruise was ‘suprised’ by the filing and was ‘saddened.’

2) Next came a ‘source’ from Cruise’s camp expressing dismay that people would think Scientology had anything to do with the matter since Katie had nothing but wonderful things to say about Scientology.

3) Cruise’s attorney Bert Fields taking the incredibly childish swipe at Katie for allegedly orchastrating the international media storm of the past week.

2 and 3 above give strong indication that Tom Cruise is still listening to his best man, Scientology Inc. cult leader David Miscavige.   They both sound like vintage Miscavige.

As to the claim that they are so suprised because Katie only expressed ‘love’ for Scientology, that is right out of Miscavige’s well-worn strategy to use pressured, documented, positive utterances (called success stories) against former members in the following wise.  Success stories are required after every Scientology Inc service (counseling or study courses) in which the individual puts in writing how the counselling or course changed his or her life for the better.  Those succcess stories are the first thing that are mustered and organized for defense when a former member sues or speaks ill of Scientology Inc. to the media. Miscavige has Scientology Inc lawyers and hacks wave about previous success stories and claim that Scientology Inc. is shocked the person who wrote such stories has ‘suddenly’ had a change of heart.  Along with that comes their baseless, shrill charges that the person must have been ‘deprogrammed’ by ‘enemies’ with horrid, anti-religious motives.

As to #3, Miscavige and Scientology Inc can’t help but play the victim with  queer media conspiracy theories.  Has Katie Holmes made a single utterances publicly about the divorce in the past week?  No. Yet, the august, venerable Bert Fields snidely claims as a fact that Katie has been working the media against poor Tom.

Based on Miscavige’s white-collar-criminal/abusive-wealthy-corporation way of going about business of late, here is how I see Miscavige/Cruise dealing with this unprecedented public relations flap.

Well before the first court appearance, or next filing in the case, that could set off further media storms, aggressively and intensively negotiate the case to settlement.

Likely terms Miscavige/Cruise will obtain at an astronomical price (Miscavige may even need to dip into Scientology Inc’s war chest to help pay the price):

a)   Katie signs a document that indicates there is to be joint/equal custody of the daughter of Tom and Katie.  However, there will be a side agreement (that will sit locked up in their lawyer’s safes) that gives Katie sole custody, control over education, and some visitation rights to Tom.

b)  Katie signs a document that indicates that Scientology was never an issue nor consideration in the filing for divorce.

Miscavige and Scientology Inc hacks then make the media and their sources wrong for having allegedly jumped the gun to insinuate Scientology into the matter in order to bludgeon Scientology Inc, Miscavige and Cruise.

Miscavige, at bottom, loves the victim card and when his back is against the wall he always plays it, and plays it well.  He has, and will, pay untold sums of money to orchastrate the apparancy that he and Scientology Inc. were the victims.

The scenario I predict (buy silence at any price) is precisely what he did earlier this year when former member Debbie Cook testified that Miscavige ordered her to be tortured by associates (see post, Debbie Cook Tells The Hole Truth).  He has been doing it for thirty years.  The price to accomplish it keeps getting higher.  While the price will likely be in a whole new strata when it comes to Katie Holmes,  Cruise and Miscavige have plenty of cheese in their Scientology Inc. war chest to pull it off.

In the brave new world of Miscavige/Cruise’s Scientology Inc., image is the only thing.

Update: For those unfamiliar with the character of Miscavige, this just in from the BBC’s John Sweeney writing for the UK Independent,  Sweeney on Miscavige. 

UPDATE 7/9/12: Village Voice Acknowledges Accuracy of Prediction. 

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  1. Hey, I found this brand new video upload to be very inspirational, and it certainly applies to the tyrannical nature of David Miscavige:

    July 7, 2012 – “Mankind is at a crossroads. Humanity faces a decision: embrace the dreams of the universe and the fact that humanity is special and has potential, or succumb to the death of domination by a predatory elite bent on wrecking the species and limiting the paradigms of the mind.”

  2. A self-determined being will naturally grant beingness to another. So when you get a Scn dictating YOUR ethics and YOUR actions, you have someone who’s not much of a self-determined being themselves.
    Some will use it well, some poorly, but Scientology is NOT something to tell anyone what to do with their life. It’s a tool available for use if one cares to use it. It would make me a happier person if everyone in the world would get that straight, that Scientology is a science to be used. The heart of Scn is data about life and the use of that data is to audit someone so they can increasingly make up their own minds about their own lives and directions and purposes and so forth. Numerous studies have shown tht many are affected by authorities and by peers, and select thee as their ‘decision makers’. The idea in Scn is to be one’s own decision maker. Scn is all about self-determinism and an escape from uncertainties and from other-determinism.
    We do not know what life is all about. We try to look to others for ideas to direct us. We try to do the right things. The thing not to forget is our aspiration to see things for ourselves. It is possible to listen to others, and take advice, and it is possible to fall back on advice given, to read books, study philosophy, go to church, study psychology, read newspapers, follow opinion leaders, study laws, study law, follow authority, and a lot of other things. But the goal to not forget is the ability gained to analyze a situation and arrive at the right decision (exact consideration) for oneself, and know it is correct.
    Scientology provides all manner of tools to help an individual develop that studied ability for themselves. It is an acquired ability, but once acquired, is a perfect fit to the individual, and at that point, the help of Scn is no longer needed. Just do not give up your own self-determinism along the way. “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.”
    And I’m sure everyone can see this for themselves. L. Ron Hubbard states this in his books, and Mark Rathbun states this in his book, in other words, of course. Different beings, but somehow arriving at the same conclusions. Hmm. Isn’t that amazing? Maybe there is such a thing as truth? Maybe Scn is a science with accurate data about life? But that data isn’t there to enforce itself, or life, on anyone, it is just there to be read, compared, and used if one cares to. It’s a matter of choice.

    • Richard Royce

      I totally agree with you! Scientology is a toolbox of useful formulas and other items to help you arrive where you want to arrive. I had an art business for many years and to the degree that I either instinctively or calculatingly applied the Conditions Formulas I was successful! when I was low on paying clients I poured the coals on promoting. At the same time I realized my company didn’t exist for lots of artists so brainstormed, “who or where are some more artists that I haven’t contacted so far?” A-hah, artist clubs and groups- yellow pages “Hello, my name is —I do—-would you by any chance line to have me give a talk on—-to your group? Applying the Non-Existence Formula. When I was so busy I couldn’t take on any more clients switch gears to just staying in good communication with my existing clients etc. Power Condition. These Formulas, you say are just common sense. Right! But there they were to remind me and sometimes to help me figure out what to do when I was up against a brick wall. When I first got involved in the subject I was painfully shy and kept to myself pretty much. I was audited on Communication and the question was something like “If you could communicate to —-what would you say? I remember seeing in my mind a bunch of thoughts like in one of those toys globes that you shake and an answer to your question comes floating up to the top. Then the next and the next until I had said everything I wouldn’t or couldn’t say to —-. I felt immensely happier and found in life that I wasn’t so painfully shy any more! Over the years of being audited on simple questions like this I discovered I was becoming a better and better person and could become proud of myself. No one ever told me what to do. I just found myself making choices that were kinder, more loving, more effective than I had before I had used the tools. You say well you just grew up a bit there . My answer is true. But in evaluating my growth over time there was a coincidence of rapid growing up that occurred right around my auditing experience. In my mind I attribute it to the help I got from the tools. tools don’t do anything in themselves they just help you accomplish something better or faster that you were trying to accomplish.

      So making a long story shorter the tools are what they are aids to getting the job done. They have nothing to do with opinions. They work or not. They have nothing to do with thoughts the mechanic has when he is using them on your car! Any evaluation or invalidation used with them are irrelevant at best and destructive at worst.

      • Yours is one of the most concrete long-term success stories I’ve read, showing how you use Scn. Most success stories are on auditing, or some current events, but yours answers people who want to know “How have you benefitted from Scn?” on a continuous basis. With specific and very understandable examples. Congratulations on your successes, too! The ‘continuous learning process’ does go faster with Scn.

    • Well said!

    • Carcha , thanks for that posting ..

  3. Tom Cruise, you are a disgrace to the expected behavior of a TRUE OT. Unless the LRH reference, “The Third-Party Law” has been bastardized too, start with M4 and M9 word clearing of this reference, and then a full clay demo of each main concept. Pass only from a Course Supervisor trained during LRH’s lifetime. Next, Repair of Past Ethics Conditions as regards the Second Dynamic (a. The sex act itself, and b. the rearing of children. (The definition was very mysteriously and strangely changed to CREATE in the Life Orientation Course. ) 

    If ANY other public on Solo NOTs with this kind of garbage being generated, on their 3rd failed marriage, how many intensives of out-tech Sec Checking would they be subjected to, with wrongly enforced ethics conditions, ad nauseum, until they were allowed to resume auditing on the level–for the next 8 years and can’t seem to complete it. Of course, as they are Cause, it’s all their fault–including their ability to come up the conditions, complete an auditing program, etc. , etc.

    • That is what David Miscavige wants. Everyone kicking Tom Cruise in the dirt. That will give them something in common. Then his old pal Dave will “be there” for him with his posse. Do you know how few Scientologists there are on this planet? David has us pitted against one another. Haven’t you read the reports of his sadism and abuse, ordering staff to harm attack and suppress one another? I am not going to inherit his enemies or create enemies because of David Miscavige. Please think about who you want to harm, attack, and suppress. Clearlyu, Tom Cruise has moved from being a potential trouble source to an actual trouble source. When do we start suppressing the PTS? They are already suppressed. Adding to that suppression you only further enable the S.P. on their case.

      • Oracle,

        Divide and conquer is DM’s strat.

        Presenting truths and observations and let others decide for themselves is ours.

        Carcha’s post above blew a lot of charge of mine from past bad ethics cycles. The old You Are Bad routine. Funny how one goes into agreement with it sometimes. Enlightening how we see DM’s Co$ being forced to deliver it and how good staff have gone into agreement.

        I was there once. I worked with DM personally on events & video & audio at various times. I can see how losing your own viewpoint can happen. Doesn’t make the person the scum of the earth. Once the suppression comes off one recovers. In my case I blew as I couldn’t see how to handle the forced disconnection from my family otherwise (I was up lines and they were not and never would be).

        David Lingenfelter

      • Oracle and David Lingenfelter,
        My words wrongly communicated my intention.
        I am not kicking Tom Cruise. And yes, he is utterly PTS. He needs to look in his own backyard. He dramos what DM does–“get your ethics in scum!”. Others accusing others that there ethics are out have their own out.
        This boy’s DATA needs to be sorted out. Can’t apply the data? GET THOSE MIS U’S FOUND AND CLEARED!

        Thank you, Brian Culkin, for your poetic insight: “Not knowing the laws and rules of life does not excuse one from suffering their consequenses.”

  4. God, I am so loving the internet. The cracking sound of clay feet is being amplified by the total unencumbered dissemination of accurate knowledge.

    Davey, you cannot hide behind the wall of secrecy anymore.

    How can you survive the weight of countless broken hearts and destroyed lives that freewheel in your brain like a festering blight in your numb and forgotten conscience?

    The world now knows. The secret is no more.

    Not knowing the laws and rules of life does not excuse one from suffering their consequenses.

    The tsunami headed your way Dave is of your own making: all those hurts you are cause of, are spring loaded to snap back on you!

    And the lawyers that are on your side don’t have to be skunks to start smelling like one: the consequence of hanging with skunks!

    It’s time for this diabolical group of tyrants to fall under the weight of their own misdeeds.

    Crack crack crumble

    • Just remember this all started with the right to anonymity. This may not be in the constitution but if you know your history it was something the founding fathers used. Never knock an anonymous protesters, chances are there is a reason for their anonymity and that reason may likely have something to do with your rights.

  5. Quote from one of Tom’s movies, “The Firm”…his character was Mitch…
    “We know you’ll do anything to protect The Firm…wontcha Mitch?”
    In an eerie way, seems that Tom is living this character.

  6. Qustion With Boldness

    I spent 2 1/2 years fundraising for Superpower. During that time, I surveyed thousands of people. One of the questions on the survey was: How did you get into Scientology? I was very surprised how many people answered that question with: Tom Cruise.

    Well, my opinion is that Tom Cruise is going to get more people out of the “Church” than he got in. He is going to show what he is made of in the next few months. The overall public love Katie and Suri and TC has fallen out of favor.

    He is either going to step up to the plate as a father and a husband or he is going to go along with the dwarf running the show. Either way, as Marty said last month, the end of this year is going to be worse for the dwarf than Debbie Cook.

    Cindy Plahuta

  7. Cruise and DM knows how to play the game and they play it to the letter. Why mess with success? They know how to work the system and they are very good at it. Not sure how this will all pan out for TC, SCN and DM but they know the game and they play it well. Kudos to DM, TC and SCN for knowing how to play a great game of chess and most of the time coming out as winners. I’m not supporting their tactics but they are good at manuevering the chess pieces.

    • @Rory: Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao etc where amazing strategists. Your comment reminds me of someone giving the thumbs up to the efficiency of the likes of Auschwitz.

      “I don’t approve of Hitlers tactics but ya have to give the guy kudos for a smoothe running assembly line.”

      Peoples lives are being destroyed and you choose DM’s efficiency and strategy to praise? Odd

  8. Marty’s scenario fits in that Katie gets what she wants, and Tom can save face. But, the public is not gonna buy what DM dishes…you can tell that just by perusing comment sections on other sites. So even if he brings out these “win” stories, very few people will buy it. Or, they’ll say she was young and now she’s wised up, so those stories are irrelevant.

    Marty’s scenario may also get play if there is a settlement. People will link to it, or TMZ might do “a source says”. And the media will watch to see where Suri goes to school, how Katie & Suri’s relationship is, etc. So long term people will be able to work out what the “true” settlement is.

    Like I said last week, Tom has already lost in the public arena. Too much out there, too many media outlets, too much exposure. No matter what comes out, the public is on Katie’s side, and anti-Scientology.

  9. Katie or family, hope you’re reading this, don’t sign away your rights, don’t let them buy your integrity as that happens to be your most valuable possession. You’re dealing with a true SP with no other power than restimulation. By signing away your right to speak you’re actually granting power to an SP and not only is it not necessary, it’s a mistake of proportions. You can’t buy peace of mind, you fight for it. The Church lawyers will threaten you with eternal law suits, endless court cases and relentless hardship in and out of court and no peace whatsoever for you and your daughter. But, like all their lies, nothing is further from the truth. In fact, they will go through great lengths to keep you out of court at any price to avert more PR flaps. It’s you that can get everything you want and more by threatening them with eternal court cases. Try it, refuse their settlement offers and let it come to the 17th and see how far they go to propitiate, please try, don’t be shy. The reason we can speak freely is that we don’t fear them and fear is their only weapon. Only those who fear have to shut up and are thus (somewhat) under their control and PTS to that degree. If you love your family, never ever ever give up your right to speak as only through communication will you be able to set TC free (like you’ve been set free) and return your daughter her rightful loving father. Your integrity is what will make you happy, no matter how hard they try to make you think otherwise. Sorry TC, if this seems a bit ruthless as it puts you in sordid bind, but you do need a wake up call and a good one at that. One day, when the suppression is lifted, you’ll be Katie extremely grateful for ha, slamming your ethics in ruthlessly.

  10. From reading some of the newspapers I get the concept theirs not many who are too sane on this planet ( including me) What gives?

  11. After reading martys book I had a realization that unless you have been in Scn you wouldn’t get.
    Its on disconnection. The church will state time and time again with utter conviction that there is no disconnection “Policy”. What that means in translation is that there is no LRH policy contained in any of the OEC volumes (the churches bible).
    Well this is very true. There is no direct LRH PL that states that one must disconnect.
    So if thats the case every time you ask them what the policy on disconnection is you will get with utter conviction the same answer.

    As you know the the practice of disconnection is applied all the time. Its happened to virtually everyone that ever did a course.

    So I realized that you are asking the wrong question. Don’t ask if there is a “Policy” ask if disconnection is ever “practiced” and under what circumstances.

    Here’s the mechanics. Hubbard said that if you were connected to a suppressive person your life would likely roller coaster. Therefore when you are in session you would lose the gains you had gotten. Therefore when it is found that someone is PTS they are sent to ethics and a PTS interview is done. The person is asked after spotting the SP if they would like to “handle or disconnect”. Note the word ASKED not TOLD.

    Now it has become if you are found to be connected to an SP or SP group then you are told that you cannot enter a scientology courseroom or get auditing until you do disconnect and if you remain connected you are also declared an SP.

    So this works on peoples fear of losing the tech and their spiritual freedom and all their friends and family and work etc.
    So whats the outcome. Well I feel that the underlying theme here is hold people in fear. No actual policy but the event that if they don’t conform that they lose their all.

    Well that’s suppression in itself. Does that mean these “practices not policies” were in fact invented by an SP?

    Ask the question next time “Do you practice” in any form the act of disconnection and watch them not answer the question directly. Then compile a huge list of people that have been told to write a disconnection letter or were told to disconnect by an ethics officer. You will catch them in their lie this way.
    Of course now the cats out the bag and there is an independent field where you can get real auditing that is no longer going to hold water and the fear of not getting gains is broken. The more that show themselves to not be subjected to the fear the less hold McCabbage will have. And soon as is happening now you will have an avalanche.

    • You make some very good points. excellent post. What are your thoughts on the Doubt Formula? This i think is about the only thing of Hubbards that i have studied that i personally never agreed with. The general idea of the Doubt Formula is fine. But i find one aspect rather intellectually unworkable, if not dishonest. This regards the step when deciding wether or not to leave an activity or group or whatever, if you want to remain with it your current situation, or leave it and “attack, harm, suppress” etc your former deal. I can think of numerous examples where you can leave a person or group without having to actively wish or render harm unto them.
      The only reason i can think of Hubbard wording it that way was to make anyone who wanted to leave staff or Scietology in general into an admitted SP, as only an SP wishes to harm Scietology.

      • Moonshot,
        Thank you for voicing your concern, so it can be clarified.

        The point 3 of the Doubt Formula is:
        3. Decide on the basis of the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped.

        It says: whether or not … or helped.

        Example: somebody leaving a non criminal group, based on “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” should keep helping the group after leaving as needed. After leaving a job some years ago, I kept helping, during months, the old job.
        Example: somebody leaving a criminal gang, based on “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”, should collaborate with the police (and suppress the criminal gang).

  12. “Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Reach Divorce Settlement”
    “Holmes’s attorney Jonathan Wolfe confirmed the deal in a statement to People: “The case has been settled and the agreement has been signed.” ”


  13. If you can believe TMZ and numerous other media outlets, Marty is uncanny with his Prophetic abilities to know the outcome of legal matters and settlements for all things CofS related. Because he knows the twisted mind of the Dark Lord.


    Well done! This End Game synopsis is ringing true so far.

    • Just read the TMZ report, and from what I gleaned, this has played out exactly as Marty predicted it would.

      According the report: “…one condition Tom had for settling was “meaningful, significant” contact with Suri.”

      That would appear to signal that Katie got sole custody of Suri. Obviously Katie had to give up something for the other side to concede that win to her. I’ll bet Marty’s right on that, too. I don’t expect to hear a single word from Katie about DM or the Church of Scientology now.

      • Yes, Ronnie, that Katie will not speak about Scientology is foreshadowed in their joint statement about “respecting each others’ beliefs.”

      • Ronnie,
        It is uncanny how what played out was exactly as predicted by Marty!

        That alone will take any satisfaction out of the results for His Exhaulted Shortness and ………. since his every move can be predicted…….should get those copper rods into the overheated mode! Another very bad day for the Miscarriage.

        I wonder what the IAS briefings will be about? “The Katie Holmes buyout was so devastating it has left a gaping hole in our reserve funds so we need you to step up now, own the problem and make it go away! Can we count on you for say 50K today?”

        • I wonder what the IAS briefings will be about?

          One can only guess, but one thing’s certain – there’ll be a lot less bodies filling the seats, and the clubbed seals remaining will have an ungodly amount of pressure brought to bear on them. The Dark Lord probably took an enormous hit on ‘his’ finances this past week.

  14. Cha Ching, Cha Ching! Pay to play! Marty was right. No mention of joint custody, only “meaningful and significant” time spent with Suri. The out PR created by David Miscavige , I think cost Tom his marriage, his daughter, his favor with the public, and untold buckets of cash. This is when “help becomes betrayal”. It does not pay to be blind. Even Katie Holmes knows that. I am glad she chose to profit off of the blind leading the blind.

    • The real outpoint in this whole situation … the most GLARING outpoint that no one seems to recognize is the fact that a divorce is settled one week after it was initiated. That is omitted data, change of sequence in events, dropped time, and probably more all intertwined. I have NEVER heard of a quicker A to B divorce in my life. It truly makes no sense …

      This whole thing looks awful for Cruise and worse for the corporation. The corporation of Scientology is looking more and more like a Kafka novel each and every day … truly horrifying ….

      • …the most GLARING outpoint that no one seems to recognize is the fact that a divorce is settled one week after it was initiated. That is omitted data, change of sequence in events, dropped time, and probably more all intertwined.

        Yes, it is a glaring outpoint, Brian. There is only one reason that the Cruise/Holmes divorce was pushed through the normal process on such a rush basis, and that is PR. Specifically, the potential for catastrophic harm to the public relations of Tom Cruise, David Miscavige, and (sadly bringing up the rear), the CofS and the religion.

        You can bet that every imaginable pressure to end this, was brought to bear by the full weight and ‘command intention’ of Il Douchebag and his entire organization.

        The fact that it concluded so quickly also tends to indicate that Tom’s interests in the matter took a firm back seat to DM’s. He HAD to get this story out of the news, just as quickly as possible to salvage whatever good reputation he imagines he still has.

        • Certaintly I would think exactly on the same lines /
          TC has a lot to answer related to his status as a member of Scientology
          under Dm’s regime , if he get to be asked for an interview, or will he rabbit away to being once again silence ( He would be a coward ) Its a Waiting game.

  15. I still want to know how much money it took.
    same with Debbie Cook. How many hundreds of millions did it take
    to make them pop. Happy for Tom, sad for clubbed seals that will pay the bill.

    • A LOT! Someday we will know. For now we speculate but know this about that cycle………………..the Miscarriages knickers are in a knot and are likely in a spot where the sun does not shine!


    Another coup for David Miscavige! He has worked it now so every mother on the planet will hate the Church of Scientology. He has proven that all that could go wrong with Scientology, will go wrong with Scientology! He has declared all Scientologists the “blind leading the blind”.
    At the rate he is going Scientology will be a thing of the past in five years and he will be cruising on some yacht in the Caribbean, waited on and served by the former wives of his peers. Hubbard and all of his knowledge buried in tombs underground . You have to give the guy credit. As a closet anti Hubbard anti Scientologist he got the whacks in on Hubbard’s friends and devoted followers. Bitch slapping them directly and torturing them and ordering them to torture one another out in the desert. What all the anti Scientologists can only dream about, as they pound furiously at their key board never getting satisfaction of seeing directly the misery they inflict. Miscavige got to see it in the stunned eyes of the people he most hated. He will travel with those cherished memories as he moves on to the next target. Like the child molesters in the Catholic Church hidden behind a mask of love for a God while they torture people for having hope and needing faith, crimes of sadism which rock the corner stones of the faith, keep people away, and discount any good that had been bought before by well meaning people. In the create survive destroy cycle of Scientology, he rises to end the final chapter with blood shed violence and destruction that is sure to entertain those who hang on waiting for that final ending to come with sex, money, invalidation, big names and opposing forces! One must applaud the greatest director in Hollywood! He puts Apocalypse Now and Francis Ford Coppola into minute status against the back drop of his reality theater.


  18. I hope someone can find some of the court documents on Katie’s original reasons for filing for the divorce.

  19. Marty, you called it. “Give Katie whatever she wants.” And you were correct. Also, thanks for linking to Sweeney, I wish the general public had paid more attention to him years ago!

  20. I hope Katie hasn’t won the battle just to lose the war. In a abusive relationship, the most dangerous time for a woman is immediately after she leaves. What I have learned recently about Tom and his Scientology cult is that they both will do anything to protect their image and get what they want, which is Suri. I fear for Holmes safety. They have only signed a settlement agreement; the finalization of the divorce will take a few months. This sounds terrible but, what happens to Suri if Katie has a mysteriously fatal accident before all is legally finished?

  21. Tom Gallagher

    Well here we are witnessing another overall foot nuke from the psycho-dwarf, aka, David MissCabbige.

    It truly sucks to be such a world-renounced cowardly small man.

    Then again that forbidden door’s been opened in MSM. Such as where’s your wife and Heber?

    You better go grab those now famous copper rods POB and have another really stiff drink. At this point in your utterly fabulous career you’re really going to need them.

  22. Yes, Marty, that is my concern, too. Does Katie have reason to fear for her safety, now or in the future? If she should meet with an “accident,” would DM/COS be the first looked at, or is she too high-profile for them to try that? Also, is there any possibility of Suri going missing (Sea Org) – or would that be too high-profile as well? Any need for worry, or will DM/TC/COS leave them alone? You’ve called everything right so far – I trust your judgment on this.

  23. Can’t help but wonder if getting Scientology Inc out of the headlines was a major factor in Tom settling quickly. I’m happy for Katie and Suri but I will miss all those negative headlines this was generating. Kinda like with Debbie Cook, just when it was getting really good, it is settled and will disappear. But great damage has been done, no doubt about it. A few more big nails in the coffin.

  24. http://www.tmz.com/2012/07/09/tom-cruise-katie-holmes-divorce-settlement-suri-custody-scientology-nanny/

    TMZ has learned, the divorce settlement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is extremely complicated, outlining things both Tom and Katie can and cannot do with Suri.

    Here’s what we know.

    — Katie will have what amounts to primary physical custody, but Tom has significant custodial time with his daughter.

    — A report claiming that Suri must be in the presence of Katie’s bodyguard and nanny when she is around Tom is “absolutely, 100% false.”

    — The custodial provisions of the agreement are extremely detailed, and religion is one of the topics. We’re told there are restrictions on what Tom and Katie can discuss with Suri on the subject of religion, including Scientology, however, those restrictions are eased the older Suri gets.

    In short, we’re told the agreement is extremely detailed and outlines a course of conduct for years to come.

  25. Karin Pouw (DM in drag) just released a statement. Not worth the effort to copy and paste but this much is true: The Lady Doth Protest Too Much.

    • Karin Pouw’s “Church of Scientology” public statement is the pinnacle of smug, arrogant and knowing dishonesty.

  26. Shows how OT Marty truly is . TV new just had a trailer Cruse and Holmes divorce is settled this is July 9th 2012 one day after above post. Bright

  27. Perfect call Marty…thanks for the heads up!

  28. I don’t know how accurate this article is, but it reports that part of the terms of the settlement is that Suri may not be exposed to Scientology while visiting with Tom. http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2012/07/katie-holmes-fired-tom-cruise-daughter-bella-clothing-company-two-months-ago

  29. Reuters say Katie and Tom settled yesterday. One can only assume Katie got full custody of Suri.

    There was mention of how poor Suri would suffer if it were a messy divorce, no mention of the Church of Scientology or David Miscavige suffering which my cynical side feels had at least as much to do with it.

    And so the dust will settle and Tom, if he’s to continue the pattern spotted by one beloved tabloids, needs to find a wife 11 years younger than Katie.

  30. Message to Webmaster.

    Please fix this bad weblink:

    Web page: http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/holmes-vs-cruise-the-end-game
    Weblink: UPDATE 7/9/12: Village Voice Acknowledges Accuracy of Prediction.
    Current bad web address: http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-07-02/news/32511987_1_scientology-managers-katie-holmes
    Correct web address: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/07/scientology_katie_holmes_tom_cruise_divorce_rathbun.php

  31. FYI: http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/leute/scheidung-von-katie-holmes-und-tom-cruise-beendet-geruechte-nicht-a-843339.html

    A paragraph in this article reads translated:

    “These last days, the outcome to the divorce affair that has now come to pass has been predicted. The prominent Scientology breakaway Mark Rathbun had conjectured, that Scientology and Cruise will do everything possible to avoid a negative thematisation of Scientology in public. For it was quickly said after the divorce petition that above all the actress wanted to keep her daughter from the influence of the cult.”

    I tip my hat to you.

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  37. I was told by the “Ethics Officer” at Flag that if I resigned from Scientology I would be declared a “Suppressive Person” based on HCO PL March 17, 1965 entitled “Organizational Suppressive Acts”. It reads as follows: “If a group member rejects the group, he rejects everything about the group and no further question about that. Certainly there is no question in his or her mind of salvaging or helping the group…So, in Scientology, anyone who rejects Scientology also rejects, knowingly or unknowingly, the protection and benefits of Scientology and the companionship of Scientologists.” This quote and the reference to the policy letter are included in my SP declare which I have a copy of. I also have an audio copy of my meeting with Church officials for my “Committee of Evidence”. It would seem based on the above policy letter that Katie should in fact be declared a suppressive person as she apparently has rejected Scientology based on the joint statement they released.

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  41. Message to Webmaster.

    Don’t forget to fix this weblink:

    Web page: http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/holmes-vs-cruise-the-end-game
    Weblink: UPDATE 7/9/12: Village Voice Acknowledges Accuracy of Prediction.
    Current bad web address: http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-07-02/news/32511987_1_scientology-managers-katie-holmes
    Correct web address: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/07/scientology_katie_holmes_tom_cruise_divorce_rathbun.php

    • martyrathbun09


    • I might be wrong but clicking on the ads on the Posts’ web page gets them revenue, I don’t know if the advertiser pays more though. Either way the “who is Marty Rathbun” ones are a hoot, some real howlers like how a close up of Marty reveals a psychotic gleam in his eyes. It defies parody and relects more on the authors than the subject.

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