Scientology Inc. Meltdown

It is ironic that David Miscavige’s best friend and ‘the most dedicated Scientologist’ he knows, Tom Cruise, has provided the tipping point event in the final meltdown of Scientology Inc.  What I find most disturbing about it is that Miscavige is doing all he can to bring everyone and everything down with him – from Tom Cruise to the subject of Scientology itself.

It is somewhat poetic justice that so many horror stories that Miscavige spent so many million suppressing over the past several years have suddenly been given wide currency.  It is unfortunate that there has not been time, nor the inclination on the part of media, to differentiate Miscavige’s cult and its conduct from the philosophy of Scientology.  But, Miscavige’s scorched earth, take no responsibility policy makes that differentiation process nearly impossible.

To understand the process, let’s take for example Miscavige’s response to the original Truth Rundown series by the Tampa Times.  Some former International Headquarters staff  attempted to check Miscavige from taking Scientology Inc. down in a Jonestown-like inferno by exposing dangerous, habitual conduct by Miscavige. Miscavige’s response was to accuse the accusers of perpetuating wholesale violence.  The result, two nights of ABC Nightline specials and a five part CNN AC 360 special on “Scientology: A History of Violence”, and an hour long BBC documentary all about a widespread ‘culture of violence’ at the highest ranks of ‘Scientology.’  It is the lying that perpetuates and exacerbates the situation and results in no effective differentiation being possible.  I remember predicting to Mike Rinder a month before Truth Rundown was published that until Miscavige takes a modicum of responsibility for the truth, the media exposes will become more frequent and more widespread.  Just look at how the Truth Rundown series has expanded since its 2009 inception.

Take the Cruise/Holmes debacle.  The absurd, pathetic blanket denial of the truth positions taken by Cruise and Miscavige are giving Scientology haters a seemingly unending  field day.

Look at the lengths Miscavige has gone in attempting to kill the story of the death of the son of Karen De La Carriere and Heber Jentzsch.   “OT VIII”, celebrity wanna be Stan Gerson has been used to send out a propaganda piece designed to divert Scientologists’ attention from the cover up of the ongoing Coroner’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding Alexander Jentzsch’s death, see Village Voice coverage.

My analysis of the ongoing meltdown of Scientology Inc is that the consistent, common denominator that is prolonging and exacerbating it, making rational discussion and differentiation near impossible, is the activity of corporate Scientology lying.  I place the responsibility for this dark chapter for Scientology squarely in the office of Chairman of the Board of Scientology Inc.   David Miscavige is the one who has created the current wholesale condemnation of the subject.  He has convinced Tom Cruise to eschew the advice I have been giving for three years here.  That advice is probably best summed up in an anonymous axiom I once quoted here:

If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.

The cummulative lies that Miscavige has directed Scientology Inc. and its corporate and celebrity spokespeople to vehemently pour forth for years are creating a dark future for Scientology.   Their lies give legs to stories seeking to shed light on corporate Scientology abuses, and their obfuscation of specific facts opens the door to lay the blame on ‘Scientology’ generally.  Their attack and lie reaction makes closure on any story about ‘Scientology’ impossible.  Ultimately, by their continuing dishonesty they are denying many people potential benefits from the subject in the future.

The only way this sick trend will ever begin to reverse is by the revelation of truth.   We ought not be discouraged in continuing to do what we can to purvey it.   But, those efforts will continue to be suppressed as long as the likes of Miscavige, Cruise and others blatantly continue to traffic in lies.

Make no mistake, Miscavige has proven over and over that he is incapable of honesty.   As I have spelled out before on this blog, Miscavige’s game is to make enemies for Scientology.  He will do all he can to keep the likes of Travolta and Cruise lying in public until they are so bloodied figuratively and confused that they lose the ability to differentiate the cause of their woes and become enemies of the subject of Scientology.  After all, Miscavige has accomplished that with dozens of former members – you can watch them all over the airwaves of late.  He has attempted to do the same with all of us.

Cruise, Travolta, and the less stellar soldiers of Scientology Inc can avoid falling into that dark, victim bunker.  All they need to do is heed the advice:

If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.

Whether the truth is in them remains to be seen.

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  1. News:Another death at Narconon Arrowhead. Per this article it’s the 4th death in a year’s time.

    We all know what Miscavige has done with the auditing & training tech at the orgs. What I’ve not kept up on is what has he done with the Narconon tech. Altered that too?

  2. Great post Marty. You continue to do us proud by your unflagging commitment to telling the truth and exposing the lies.

    Thank you, Brother.

  3. Eventually, DM is going to be called to account for his crimes and have to take the stand. I think his testimony will go something like this:

  4. Eventually, DM is going to be called to account for his crimes and have to take the stand. I think his testimony will go something like this:

  5. Marty — I am an ex who is skeptical of a number of things. For example, I consider from my experience that abuses did indeed happen pre-DM. However, I have no doubt from all the eyewitness confirmation including your own that DM is as you describe him — a true SP in that small, small percentage of humans who do indeed strive to suppress the well-being of others.

    I have come to the conclusion that you and people like you are the best hope that what is valuable in Scientology may actually be salvaged. And I remember well why I got into Scientology in the first place (in the 1970s), why I stayed for a decade, and the many many adventures and cognitions (realizations) I had as well as the things that were not that good even then about the organization.

    So thank you for all your are doing. I am looking forward to reading your book (which should arrive tomorrow), and I sincerely wish you the best.

    I especially like the truth of what you wrote when you said: “If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.”

    (P.S. I suppose since I do use some aspects of Scientology, I qualify as a sort of independent.)

  6. Back in the mid 70s an old timer OT friend of mine took me for a drive one day. He drove out to this place where stood the remains of a concrete building. It was chain linked with barbed wire running along the top. He said quite simply, “This is the future of Scientology .” At the time I had no idea what he meant by that and he would not elaborate….. I really didn’t understand at the time…. I now understand what he was trying to tell me. But that day has kept me always on the look out though for strange activities.

    The odd thing about this whole DM thing is even though enemies are being made, there is still no action being taken by the law for the children in the S.O.. And the IRS remains friendly ….as far as I have seen so far.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

  7. Andro Villans

    The suspicious death of Alexander Jentzsch is now listed as one of the lead stories on AOL.

  8. Marty, you know I’m new here, but I would like to let you know that you’ve helped me to open my eyes on so much issues regarding scn. All the yrs I’ve studied alone started to make sense now. THIS is what DM is afraid of-that people will find the truth! I also think that he will allow the whole building to go down in flames, he won’t let. In his crazy mind I assume he see himself as St. George who fights the Dragon. This Dragon is you and every indy out there. You know what is more desirable than money. Power is. It is all about the power. He is the king in his imaginary kingdom. But I have a news for him-no one can take away from me my power of the wish for knowleage.

  9. Marty, you can’t stop to amaze me… The past week was the most productive time for me regarding snt. I’ve learned more than I did on my own for 7 yrs. THIS is what DM is afraid of! Now I get it… got it all :)

    • Thanks Mia! I know just what you’re talking about! Reading Marty’s blog has done wonders for me, too. It has been like getting many hours of good professional auditing, or successfully taking a course from which I gained a lot of understanding.

      Listening to some lectures by LRH helped, too.

    • Li'll bit of stuff

      Wonderful news Mia, This is a most amazing school of
      life, and how to figure out just what makes people tick!
      In other words ….Scientology! (and it applies to each
      and every one of us, no matter WHO.
      Best, Calvin.

  10. Hi Marty,
    I really enjoy your blog and respect all that you and your fellows have been able to do. Wow – there seems to be bad PR stuff for CO$ every day now! Good work.

    Hey, just wondering – do you and your friends really believe that psychiatry is “not a science” and is evil, as Tom Cruise has said, and that no one can be helped by it? I agree that ADD/ADHD meds are probably overprescribed especially for little boys, who by nature tend on average to be more rambunctious than little girls in the classroom.

    That said, I ask because I have a medical condition that falls in this area. If I were not receiving the proper psychiatric treatment, including medications, I believe that I would most likely be dead. No exaggeration. Fortunately, I’m blessed to have a knowledgeable and compassionate doctor whose blend of the art and science of his craft truly has saved my life and given me hope. Patients with my condition, without psychiatric treatment, have great difficulty holding down a job and maintaining a happy marriage and other personal relationships, and statistically have about a 25% suicide rate. Pretty scary. Years ago, people like us were locked up or worse. These are serious illnesses we never chose to have – but have to live with nonetheless. And we can actually do well with the care from our wonderful psychiatrists, who work together with us so that we can have normal lives. It’s like the insulin for a diabetic, or a kidney transplant for a patient whose own kidneys have given out. I guess I would hope that you and your friends would agree that mental health care does have a place. Whatever your thoughts, I am interested to hear. Thanks.

    • Hi Sally,
      I can’t speak for Marty, but I will give you my own take.
      The Scientology philosophy has things in it that can help anyone that is interested. Even if you read the books you can learn things that can help your life.
      If you feel that your psychiatrist is helping you then that is great.
      I believe that the medical profession has it’s place and I think most Scientologists do also.
      As an example, if a person had a terrible upset from a divorce or something like that, I have seen through Scientology auditing (counceling technology) that person totally recover from it and be happy again. That same person could have gone to a doctor and put on drugs to numb the pain that was inside of their mind. Getting a person to mask internal problems with drugs can be very damaging. Scientology is an applied technology to use communication to resolve internal trauma without the use of drugs.

      • Hi Tony,
        Thanks so much for your response and comments. I can understand how someone going through a divorce could resolve their trauma through auditing or traditional counseling, as opposed to automatically being prescribed antidepressants, which may only mask or numb the feelings.

        In my case, the meds are definitely not masking, because it is a medical condition — rather, they allow me to function as a normal human being, do well at work and in my personal relationships. My treatment team includes my psych doctor (MD), primary physician (FP), therapist (MFT), and me. Even though each member has their own expertise, they talk to each other so we can all understand the full picture together.

        So I think it really makes a difference whether it is medical illness vs. negative feelings that need to be talked out.

        Cheers, Sally

    • Hi Sally. I would like to comment. I do not think its a black and white issue. One thing you said is this;

      “Fortunately, I’m blessed to have a knowledgeable and compassionate doctor whose blend of the art and science of his craft truly has saved my life and given me hope. ”

      Fortunately, there are those who can do what you relate. And unfortuantely there are those who proscribe medications before anything else and cannot see beyond the body. So to the extent that the doctor views the patient as simply a biological case or if they take a more wholistic approach which embraces the spiritual nature of the person, that difference is important to the patients chances.

      There are neurological and biological conditions which are best treated in consultation with a medical doctor. I do not believe scientology can deal with them or wants to deal with them. And shouting out blanket statements that psychs are evil is itself stupid,short sighted and a disservice to the public.

      But i urge anyone to check out well a doctor whom your going to entrust your body and soul. They are not all alike. This is not dentistry. And you do not want the doctor whose philosophy is devoid of the spiritual nature of his patient. Folks should do a little research and possibly look for a referral from a religious person in their life. There are Jesuit Psychs and probably Buddhist ones as well. Find someone who does not think that man is mud.

      A good book is “Care of the Soul”, by Thomas Moore.

      • Hi JF,
        Thanks for your reply and thoughts.

        Yes, my doctor is holistic in his treatment, and is known as one of the best in the area. And he is compassionate. He accepted me as a patient into his closed practice (!), sight unseen, because a social worker friend of mine who understands the illness interceded for me during a crisis when my previous doctor in essence dumped me, because he was out of ideas. I was overmedicated for several years by this previous doctor whose first thought in treatment was medication, and who I feel really did not care for me as a person. There definitely is a difference between physicians and other members of the medical profession.

    • Sally,
      I think if you read Marty’s book your questions will likely be answered.

  11. Marty,
    Thanks for calling BS on this PR move by the COS.
    I checked out the Village Voice coverage where Tony printed the email from Alexander’s god-father announcing after the fact that a memorial had already taken place at CC Int. Just two of many outpoints I noted were:
    (1) NO mention was made of his MOTHER, Karen.
    (2) In the posed picture taken at the memorial, the “godfather”, his wife, and Heber are all SMILING. Smiling. Smiling, as if they are at a banquet and are the guests of honor…..

    To most people, I don’t think these would appear to be appropriate emotions for such an occasion. It was (supposedly) a memorial, a wake.
    But of course, if one is a part of Miscavige’s “brave” new sea-org world of cold hard steel, then these expressions might be perfectly appropriate.
    To me it just a photo of some small, beaten, mean, self-centered people who are being overwhelmed by an SP.
    Sorry, Heber Jentzsch. The truth is that he was your son who you didn’t have time for. This wasn’t a $1000 per plate gala. It was your deceased son’s memorial. Stop being a coward and own your actions and in-actions.
    You have done a lot of good things in the past. I will ALWAYS respect you for those many good deeds done in support of our religion.
    However, now is now.
    And a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Please, Heber Jentzsch, find out who YOU really are. Hint: YOU are not a small, beaten, mean, confused, self-centered man. YOU are not your your overts. You are a great spirit.
    Damn the cold, hard steel.
    I pray that you can find a way to Live UP to yourself.

    • There is a good possibility that photo was not taken at the memorial. Gerson does not say that it was in his email. It may be some earlier pr fluff.

    • I have never seen, heard of, or can imagine taking photos at a funeral or memorial service of grieving family members or friends. Completely inappropriate. And completely suspect in this case. Are we supposed to believe that CO$ folks do not grieve?? That is not normal, nor is it healthy.

  12. scilonschools

    “It is unfortunate that there has not been time, nor the inclination on the part of media, to differentiate Miscavige’s cult and its conduct from the philosophy of Scientology”

    The complexity and secrecy of the Church makes that inevitable initially, the general public could never take it in, As a critic, in general public circles i too use that simplification.
    That is the importance of separate ‘branding’ of Scientology ‘Indie’ style,Scientology and for the public to ultimately realise that the exposure of abuses (and eventual downfall) was spearheaded by Indie/Freezione etc Scientologists, that REAL Scientology addressed the abuses of the RCS, the truth will out in the end!

  13. Claudio Lugli

    I am a magician myself.
    Slight of hands and micro magic.
    Quite good actually!
    My teacher was Stan Gerson on the Freewind while was doing some Maiden Voyage, and I met him several other times while in LA, went to the Magic Castle with him and so on.
    He is not a bad guy but is a MASTER at one of the BASIC actions of magic:
    This time he did not do a good job at it!
    Stan, Flunk!
    Restudy MISDIRECTION: is the big movement that hides the small one……….
    So sad you are still in that cult, please WAKE UP and smell the fresh air.
    The “statuses” and the “names” will get you no where

  14. Reactivity and Failed Mimicry

    Stan’s e-mail on the “Theta” sendoff for Alexander is a graphic example of the failed mimicry of the “church”. It cannot create anything good or beautiful, it can only try and imitate and “out-create” genuine life, in reaction to it. The e-mail was only sent out after Karen had held her memorial for Alexander.

    It is clear they viewed the videos of the genuine Memorial, and then tried to “out-create” the genuine love and beauty of the Memorial held by Karen with their fake PR stunt. It is also clear that had Karen not held that Memorial, and had it not been so public, there would have been no “church” memorial for Alexander.

    In Scientology terms, Karen was “at cause”, and the “church” was “at effect”.

    Karen’s memorial was genuinely beautiful. She displayed amazing grace in the face of the cruellest blow delivered to her by the “church”. Her loving and genuine friends rallied around her, and together, they created a loving send-off, filled with beauty and genuine tribute that touched the hearts of many around the world. The magnificent aesthetics of the voices of the Terzis and Joy Grayson, the rose petals, the sea, the sadness, the love. As Marty said previously, in the end, Karen and her friends were Alexanders’ only true friends.

    The obscene fake reactive mimic PR stunt can be seen through by anyone who still has a modicum of functioning awareness and intelligence.

    All this “church” is capable of is reactivity, failed mimicry, thuggery, and hate. There is no life force, decency or creation left in that “church”.
    The above observations come from one whom Marty probably would categorise as a “hater.”These observations are nethertheless offered here because regardless of differences in stance on the source of “aberration” in all this, there ARE areas where we all converge and agree.

    • Ooops, sorry, I meant the Lugli’s, not the Terzi’s (was thinking of some other Italians I know.) Not sure if you can edit my post to correct that, but if not, making the correction here. Thanks.

  15. Extract from Stan Gerson email:
    “Heber and Alex were both extremely proud of each other and understood how busy each were in helping mankind, AND YET, both would play the game of tracking each other down, NO MATTER THE DISTANCE OR LOCATION, just to say a simple “Happy Birthday”, each year.”


    Even though to this outsider, the whole email oozes non-authenticity, reading the above statement felt like meeting someone from an entirely different planet.

    That the author is so disconnected from what is normal human behaviour, that he could even write such a statement – thinking it provided reassurance rather than it screaming massive dysfunctionality – is desperately sad.

  16. Is Miscavige to blame for everything that goes wrong in Scientology?
    Sometimes I get that impression from reading the postings here. I want to bring in some nuances.

    I remember clearly from the end ’70, when a Sea Org mission came to take over our small Org, the atmosphere changed drastically. I myself got physically atacked by the D/CO. Also she ordered to give a process to someone who was not on auditing lines, without any CS. Musical chairs were going on. Hard selling started, overregging. Shouting at staff members. When someone got a bit emotional, the reaction was nearly always: stop your ‘bank’! Children of staffmembers put away in the basement with no daylight. Upstairs, doors locked, the Gardian Office did its secret practices, like interviewing people who had no clue why.
    I cannot but think that the differences then and now are not so basically different. Amongst friends we used to talk about how we liked the tech, but had big troubles with the organization. And that was end ’70! We hated it.

    My (humble) opinion is that it is the culture of Scientology from the start, that is to blame. It is that culture that gives room to a certain type of leader and staffmember who are not necessarily sociopaths. I’m not using the Scientology term ‘SP’, because that has several meanings, depending too much on your point of view. I would say that a type as Miscavige might for a big part be a product of this culture. Or at least that this culture has accentuated over the years some personality traits. Nobody dared to correct him. So he went completely wild.

    If he was a real sociopath how could people like Rathbun, Rinder and many more work with him for so long? Twenty or thirty years even. How can that be explained?

    Just calling him a ‘SP’ will not do.

    • I have similar views Tessa. Yet, dissent has never been allowed in any past Scientology context as far as I remember.
      It seems to me a more benevolent form of Scientology is emerging here with Independents.
      At times I think I should not post any “Ron had some responsiblility in this mess” views and let these guys get on with liberating Scientology one step at a time.
      No matter our disagreements, I am inspired by the integrity of these people here and I believe good things are emerging from the ashes.

    • Tessa, your question below seems reasonable

      “If he was a real sociopath how could people like Rathbun, Rinder and many more work with him for so long? Twenty or thirty years even. How can that be explained? ”

      Why do people stay in bad and abusive relationships and marriages? There are lots of reasons. I am sure you have heard and are familiar with many of them. A common one is staying together for the children. In this case lets add the goal of clearing the planet when you believe you are responsible for the only technology which gives the world a chance. And your families chances are at stake as well if you do not toe the line. And DESPITE that, people leave by the hundreds and thousands.

      But i get your point about the nature of the organization. DM didnt create it or set it in motion And it had and has serious flaws. But it suited his style and he has thrived in it. He has taken some of the worst features to the next level rathen than eliminate them. He has focused on the MEST. So he has transformed the organization away from its original purpose. As that becomes more and more real, more and more leave. I will bet my last dollar that had the church stayed on purpose, Mike and Marty and many others who did the 20 and 30 years would still be there.

      • Vicar: I think you are right. Thanks.

      • Vicca, I spent a few years researching within myself why I stayed in abusive relations. I found a few key reasons for me: 1) working out this life time family imprinting 2) in deep states of meditation the whole film unfurled and the causitive links that brought me into those relations opened up. I knew that I had found the cause because my relationships after my realizations changed for the better.

        And I found yet again, some basic spiritual principle broken.

        Within all experience there is an underlying theme of learning spiritual principles. Even the worst of suffering, when dealt with without victim mentality, will yield liberation itself.

        “Pain is the prod to rememberance” Paramahansa Yogananda

        Those irritants in our life become that which frees us from them, when we congnize their exact nature, through introspection, auditing, meditation, self analysis etc.

        • Brian, your reasons, or better yet, understandings, for staying in abusive relationships are well stated. My examples included some obvious worldy justifications, while you hit on important underlying issues.
          We do find ourselves in situations necessary for our growth. Often they are not nice situations. And we repeat them until we learn the intended lesson. They are opportunities for growth. Your points are very valid and i am glad you reminded me of the bigger game at play, of which scientology, the tech and/or the organization, is or was just a via point.

    • What was the “culture” of your org before the Sea Org mission came in? Was that not also “the culture of scientology”?

      • iamvalkov:
        in my opinion one of the key points of this management culture is the policy that upstats have ethics protection, ‘they can get away with murder’. If the stat is up, ethics reports are just filed, if one writes one at all. Nobody can criticize an upstat. Collateral damage (especially on Wogs) is neglected.

        So in order to get the statistic up, the way you get to it, does not matter so much. So, all kinds of unusual solutions appear. The upstat is rewarded (rightly so), but the way he did it is also rewarded in a way! Out-tech, out-ethics gets rewarded. The pressure on the stats is enormous: ‘the heat from above’.
        This is further stimulated by the system of the conditions, which is mostly appreciated as kind of punishment (less money, no auditing). This enforces again the need to be upstat, no matter how. It becomes a ‘vicious’ circle.

        In such a management culture somebody can become ‘untouchable’ and enabled to do as he pleases. He is so upstat, ‘makes things done’, the boss is so happy with him (his stats also being up as result), that he becomes ‘king’.

        This kind of management style is also that of a company as Goldman Sachs. (I just read a study about this.) In stead of conditions, bonuses of course.

        There are other things of course.

        • Thanks tessa, now I get where you are coming from. I have not experienced it much myself, but from what I’ve seen and heard and read, there is definitely a problem with the “management culture”. And it does go back to the 1970s at least.

          However I think back then there was the existence of the “ARC culture” opposed to the “cold chrome steel” no-sympathy culture, and the no-sympathy culture has prevailed. The fact that this culture won out over the ARC culture, I do attribute to DM’s presence at the top. He is the one who has been making sure the better culture is stamped out.

          I’m saying it could have been different, if someone(s) other than DM were in charge. In the beginning, it could have gone either way.

          I keep thinking no-sympathy is pretty low on the tone scale…..

    • Thank you for your comment Tessa.

      While I never got much into the blame game of this whole issue, Miscavige has equated himself as the “ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology Religion,” “equivalent to the Pope.” IMHO, I certainly believe that he has the power to change the situation if he wanted to.

      I was in the Sea Org. I was not in long, but it is an interesting culture. A lot of staff joined when they were young, and had never lived in the real world. Their parents and rest of their family may be SO, so that is their world, and all that they know. They face situations similar to that one that we have seen with Alexander if they leave. I was in a different position when I joined the SO. I am very well educated. I have lived life, and have seen the world. I’ve worked with a variety of people from around the world. I was successful in business, and had money in the bank. The rest of my family was not in SCN. I love the tech, and like most people, I wanted the rest of the world to have the benefits and gains that I had.

      When I joined however, I saw anything but that. An Essay on Management was one of my favorite references, and I rarely saw that being applied. There were few Execs that did, and the ones that did, were loved. Debbie Cook was Captain when I was there, which is why when I read her letter, it had an eye opening effect. The culture is one ” You are SO, and we live this way due to the “high level of ethics” necessary for us to do our job. While I have no problem with that, I saw that attitude become a justification for the violation of basic human decency. I couldn’t wait to leave, and it wasn’t easy. It was even more difficult for me to get my wife out after I was out.

      Anyway, what does this have to do with Miscavige? Everything. While there are a number of staff in the SO, the Org board in my opinion is for show. Miscavige micromanages every aspect of what goes on without a doubt. While on Staff, I witnessed RTC reps routinely running production programs, and bypassing area seniors and yelling and threatening the person to get their “ethics in,” meaning they need to sell or produce more. Interestingly, RTC’s stated mission is to protect the technology, and keep KSW in. Most of what I observed was RTC reps bypassing the area’s seniors, and yelling to get more production in areas, like book sales, congresses sold, and lectures sold. While I am not sure what that has to do with RTC’s stated mission, that never the less is what I observed. I grew up pretty poor in a big city, and I would often see “pimps” slap their “ho’s” when they didn’t make enough money. Their used fear and intimidation to get them to produce. While different products, I observed the same attitude to be the same. If you did not use “fear and intimidation” then you must have some “false purpose” or “counterintention” to command intention which = COB.

      The point is, I have witnessed this behavior myself. I have seen it in 14 year old CMO girls who would arrive at Flag from Int, and I would watch them give SRA (Severe reality adjustments) to people for literally no reason at all. Where did they learn that? I have done quite a lot of Admin training, and I have never read that policy. I also witnessed messengers who operated with ARC and were well liked, to seeing them in the galley months later doing dishes, as they were “not effective,” or considered “soft.” There was no ARC-just fear. When you’re in, the fear of loss, being offloaded with no money or place to go, separated from your spouse, lack of sleep, food, heavy MEST work, beans and rice, are all used as motivators to keep you in line. They also happen to be suppressive in my opinion- slavery. One can not duplicate fully, until you’ve lived it.

      I have been in business, and I have seen highly skilled people that operate with ARC, who are very effective. I have also seen sociopaths and antisocial behavior, and to survive in the SO, you must have the latter, if you are going to be considered “effective.” If you don’t, as was the case with Debbie Cook, you’ll find yourself in “ethics” trouble.

      Looking back there were two things that I learned-

      1. Nothing in the SO happens by accident. There is an intention behind everything. The staff are not allowed to do much on their own self determinism.

      2. So if nothing happens by accident and it is intended, then who’s intention is it? Who benefits by this? As I have pondered this for years, the evidence points to one place. Since I know for sure that nothing happpens without his knowledge, even if he didn’t start it, he certainly could fix such glaring outpoints, if that is what he chose to do. As we have seen, no such thing has been done.

      The SP/PTS tech explains most of the answer to your question. Individuals join the SO and stay because of the love and wins they have had with the Tech. They join for LRH, but get COB instead. Most people have to do some crazy things in order to get there, and usually have very little personal assets when they arrive, in order to qualify for staff. After being there, your comm lines with the outside world are cut, as there is no time for such comm, as it is considered “out ethics.” If you have any cash, they regges certainly take their shot at it, because “why would you need it that money, now that you’re in the SO?” After a while, this is all you know, and the goal becomes “to make it through the day.”

      The life of a staff member is a trap, and it is one that is very difficult to leave and decompress from. If you’re antisocial, you probably will rise to the top, as you “have what it takes,” and have no consideration for those around you. The social personalities however, which are the majority, are in the situation described above. Most have a great purpose and want to help. I have met some of the greatest beings EVER while in the SO. They are very special people. You are willing to put up with a lot, to try and help and be with the guy next to you, as you have become group members. But under heavy suppression, they do what they have to do to get through the day. To be able to sleep, see their spouse, or eat dinner with them, or not get RPF’d, can make you do and put up with a lot. It sounds crazy, but not something you can understand unless you lived it.

      While I can not say for sure that he started it, I can say for sure that he is creating it currently. LRH has been replaced with “command intention.” So if what you have observed does not seem “quite right,” realize that it is created and comes from one place only- Guess who?

      • Great post,
        thank you.

      • Nocaseonpost: thank you very much for your extensive and interesting comment. Your observations are mine, but then not in the Sea Org, but in Europe, in a small org. The Essay on Management was also one of my favorites. (The Admin Tech was kind of my speciality.)
        My observations date from 1977 onwards. So quite some years before Miscavige was in full power.
        I agree with you though that ‘he’ is continually creating it (didn’t he learn it while he was in the CMO, working directly under Hubbard?) and is now totally focused on the wrong statistics.
        My opinion is also that this culture attracts certain people or at least people that can thrive in such an atmosphere (SP-like types). With that kind of people in the top the culture gets more and more intensified. It is a self-enforcing (is that the right word?) process, like entropy. They make themselves more crazy every day. The endresult will be a total madhouse, if you ask me. Probably it is that already. Heber Jentzsch is afraid of being killed if he tries to escape … (see Tony Ortega.)
        Again, thank you very much.

        • Thank you for your reply Tessa.

          I do agree, that Miscavige was not held in check back in the day, and certainly is not being held in check now by anyone within the organization. It seems he removed anyone with personal ties to LRH, that was highly trained, or had the ARC and comm lines of the public, as they would be a threat to him and absolute power. And every time I tried to be reasonable and assume the “viewpoint” that he is not that way, the evidence is overwhelming that he is. Things are the way they are, because that is the way the he wants it that way.

          As I’ve stated before, I have worked in business. I have met some pretty high powered people. Some of them were complete sociopaths. They pump out nothing but overt products, use fear, intimidation, the legal system, threats, extortion, coercion, and politicians, to muscle people into what they want. Sound like anyone we know?

          How could people put up with it for 20-30 years? Part of being on staff, or even a public for that matter, is doing your job and following orders. What happens if you question? More sec checks, as you have “disagreements,” are “PTS,” etc. You have to put up with the BS, or suffer financially, or with out gradient ethics condition, to “adjust your thinking.” Before you know it, you are a robot operating on “other determinism.” Just a shell of who and what you use to be.

          For staff, it is even worse. Forget “keeping Miscavige in check.” For anyone that could possibly be a threat, has been removed. The LRH designed checks and balances has been removed. Exec strata, WDC, CSI Int, ED Int- they’re all gone! Who removed them and why? In the SO, we would often see individuals “busted” down from Int, or were Senior Execs, no washing dishes in the galley. It serves as a reminder, similar to how African Americans were hung from trees here in America not to long ago, as a reminder to not step out of line. You have so little in the SO. Not eating dinner with your spouse is quite a loss of havingness. Being busted off of a post for all to see, is quite a loss of havingness as well. Beingness is all you have when you’re there. After you’ve had some ethics cycles, your attitude becomes ” Making it through the day, and staying out of trouble.” It is quite cruel, suppressive, psychological warfare. For those that have experienced so little of the world, and have such little education, and life experience to draw from, the viewpoint becomes- “it’s just the way that it is.”

          I completely understand what people like Marty, Mike, and so many others speak of, and can attest to it. While the gradient and individuals involved were different, the situations basically are the same. For those that have been there, no explanation is necessary. We’ve been there and understand. For those that haven’t experienced it, no explanation is possible, that will make any sense. It won’t make sense, because psychosis doesn’t make sense. You cannot apply logic to it.

          Hopefully, I’ve communicated to you the “why” someone can be in there for so many years, despite the environment. It takes “an experience” to snap you out of it, to the point where you say- “this is just crazy- I gotta get out of here!” For some, that means walking away from moms, dads, children, spouses, etc. For some, it is walking away from everything and everyone that they have ever known. And most importantly, you are led to believe that you are walking away, destroying, and suppressing Scientology. Kind of hard for someone to confront who is social and joined and dedicated their life to the expansion of Scientology. You put up with the insanity because you love the tech, had wins with it, and want others to have it too. Somehow having that, means that you have to put up with insanity. Kind of ironic, but nevertheless true.

          • Thanks again. It helps to understand.
            I conclude more or less that, the longer you are ‘in’, the more difficult it is to get ‘out’, because of having family, friends, your way of life. Leaving would be giving it all up, It is like cutting off your whole life. Unless someone reaches a tipping point somehow. But that can take years, if at all.
            Then it is essential that newcomers stay away and go to the Independents and/or the Freezone. I think that this flow is already in place and will grow. Then the Madhouse bleeds to death, with a screaming Miscavige carried away by a psychiatrist …

            • That is spot on. I am living proof of that. In for 37 years, 35 of that on staff and/or Sea Org. Boy did I resist doing my own investigation, though fully trained in the Data Series to do so. I actually thought the Indies were an SP splinter group and DM the greatest man on earth, even went to sites and posted positive comments to defend him! My comm lag on going public is mainly knowing I will loose just about every comm line I have – hundreds all connected to the Church due to the totally squirrel, off-policy disconnection enforcement. Our friends in the Church are so blinded it is really scary. To send anyone new into the Church would be to set them up for a fall. It would an overt no matter how you look at it.

      • plainoldthetan

        “IMHO, I certainly believe that he has the power to change the situation if he wanted to.”

        Not only does he have the power to change it; he has the responsibility to change it.

  17. Two well known quotes come to mind today, the first is always true and the second is coming soon for all of us!;

    “Know thyself—and the truth shall set you free.” from My Philosophy by L. Ron Hubbard January 1965

    “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream

  18. Why aren’t some of you “ex” sci’s not in prison?

  19. DM you cannot escape the truth you are going down!

  20. “The absurd, pathetic blanket denial of the truth positions taken by Cruise and Miscavige are giving Scientology haters a seemingly unending field day.”

    You may thank Terril Park for being the being that he is moving amongst any crowd

    For me I do not hate Scientology but I DAMN WELL WILL SEE ITT WILL HONOUR ITS SOURCES

    Great men stand on the shoulders of other great men

    AS WE MUST ALSOO PAY HOMMAGE TO SCIENTOLOGY FOR BEING THE FATHER OF METAPSYCHOLOGY (aswell as being the child of the thechings of freud, younng, jezus , Budha and many others)

    Cat Daddy

  21. Scientology Inc. Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

    David Miscavige Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

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